Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/22/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami’s place, Sami tells Will angrily that Rafe is trying to do something wonderful, because he loves Grace. She wishes Will wouldn’t try to turn it into some evil plot. Will scoffs, saying she just met Rafe. Sami reminds him they have known each other for months, but Will doesn’t care. He retorts that Rafe and Sami aren’t married and have no plans on getting married. Sami doesn’t see how that makes a difference. Will throws his hands up, saying it seems to him like Rafe and Sami are scheming. He asks Sami to admit it, but she refuses. Will sighs, asking her if she is just going to keep lying.

At the pub, Arianna tells Rafe that Sami is trouble. Rafe disagrees, saying she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He refuses to defend his feelings for her to Arianna. Rafe says they’re through here and starts to storm off. Arianna stops him, reminding him that this is just like what happened before. Max comes up behind the two, asking what happened before.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ talks with Phillip over the phone about the swap. Phillip, who is at the Kiriakis mansion, tells EJ that he and his father are ready to return Stefano in exchange for Stephanie. Phillip suggests they go ahead and get started, but EJ refuses. Phillip asks why not and wonders what the problem is.

At the morgue, Owen stares at an unconscious Stephanie and sighs, saying it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. He adds tenderly that she is gorgeous and promises to fix up the cut on her head. He takes a tiny paintbrush and works on the wound, saying he has practice doing this from being around his father, the mortician. He promises that she will look as good as new.

EJ tells Phillip that there isn’t a problem, but the swap will take some time to arrange. It’s not as if they’re meeting each other in a field. EJ says they’ll have to get together with their people and decide on a neutral location. Phillip agrees, but demands that EJ hurry. EJ says he will do his best, but Phillip suggests he do better than that. He reminds EJ that Stefano received his last dosage of insulin several hours ago. EJ grimaces, saying he hasn’t forgotten. He reminds Phillip that he still has Stephanie as well and says he will be in touch. He hangs up. Nicole congratulates him on getting the deal done but EJ worries, reminding her that while the Kiriakises don’t have Stephanie, he isn’t sure he does, either. After all, Owen still hasn’t returned his call. Nicole tries to soothe him, hoping he will find out soon. EJ sighs, saying his father’s life depends on it.

Owen finishes covering Stephanie’s cut and strokes her hair, marveling at how soft it is. He sighs and gazes at her lips, saying he can’t do this. After all, Mr. DiMera might hurt her. He can’t let that happen, so he isn’t going to hand her over to EJ like he is supposed to.

Sami asks Will if he really wants to believe that his mom is some liar that constantly manipulates people into doing things they don’t want to do. Will says that isn’t what he meant, but apologizes anyway. Sami assures him that she didn’t manipulate Rafe into wanting to adopt Grace. He came up with the idea on his own. She also happens to think that it’s wonderful. Will asks her again if there is any scheming going on with this whole thing. Sami flashes back to telling Rafe that EJ can never know about Grace because of who he and his father are. Will interrupts her reverie. Sami tells him that there isn’t any scheming or lying going on. Will accepts this, saying he is ok with the adoption, then.

Max asks Arianna if everything is alright. She says everything is fine, joking that she is having difficulty getting her stubborn brother to listen to her. Max says he didn’t know Rafe was her brother and introduces himself. He asks if Rafe is the FBI agent, and Rafe nods, saying he was, formerly. Max asks if he is Sami’s Rafe, then. Rafe nods. Arianna asks sarcastically if the news has already spread all over town. Max explains apologetically that he overheard Caroline talking about Sami and Rafe. He was just putting a face with a name. Rafe snorts at Max calling him ‘Sami’s Rafe’ and heads off to make a call. Max sighs, saying he really put his foot in it this time. Arianna tries to soothe him, but he says he overheard her saying that it was happening all over again. She brushes Max off, saying they were just having a typical sibling argument. She asks Max to do her a favor, though, and forget he heard anything. Rafe takes out his phone watches the two suspiciously from the bar.

Phillip tells Victor that EJ is ready to make the trade, so he needs to get Stefano ready. Victor agrees and instructs Phillip to make sure the men he takes with him know the signal to move in. Phillip says he will, but hopes that won’t be necessary. Victor warns him that it may be, since he is dealing with EJ. Phillip promises to let Victor know more details as soon as EJ calls him back. Just then, Brady walks in, asking the two what is going on.

Owen tells Stephanie that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to hand her over to EJ. Owen frets that he may do something horrible to her, and since he has now gotten to know her, he can’t let that happen. He swears to find out what EJ is going to do to her before he hands her over to him. He wonders where her phone is. Owen grabs his coat and heads off to look for it. Stephanie vegetates.

EJ tries to call Stephanie’s phone again, but it rings in the woods, where Owen left it after his and Stephanie’s struggle. EJ sighs and hangs up. Nicole worriedly asks him if he still isn’t getting an answer. EJ shakes his head.

In his cell, Stefano clutches his chest and says to himself that Elvis won’t fail him.

Sami comes out of her room and asks Will if he would mind watching Grace while she runs a few errands. Will agrees, but wonders where she is going at this time. Sami says she has to go to the pub.

Max says that amazingly, he just forgot what Arianna and Rafe were talking about. She chuckles and thanks him, admitting that Rafe is kind of private and doesn’t like his personal life being butted into. She adds that she does that every chance she gets, however. Max laughs, saying he has siblings, too, so he understands. He says he has to go, as he wants to see if Chelsea is awake yet to talk. Arianna asks how many hours London is ahead of Salem and Max says it’s about six hours, so Chelsea should be getting up soon. He says goodbye to Arianna and heads off. Rafe comes back over, and she assures him Max is going to forget he overheard anything. Rafe gives her a sarcastic smile.

Outside, Max runs into Bo, who is on the phone, telling someone thy need to move on getting some warrants issued. He hangs up and greets Max, who notes it’s a little late to be chasing bad guys. Bo sighs, saying these aren’t just ordinary bad guys. Max guesses he is talking about the DiMera and Kiriakis families and Bo nods. Max groans, wondering when this whole thing is going to end. Bo assures him it will end soon. He’s going to make sure of that.

Brady asks Victor and Phillip if either of them plan on answering his question. Victor tells Phillip he’ll get to work on what they were talking about and heads off, excusing himself to Brady. Brady looks at Phillip, asking if he has anything to say, and he explains that all he can tell Brady is that he and Victor are taking the high road in the war against the DiMeras, and they’re going to end it peacefully. Brady starts to say something, but Phillip interrupts, saying he also wants to apologize to Brady. He was right, and Phillip was wrong. Brady stares in shock.

Owen searches in the woods for Stephanie’s phone, saying it must be around here somewhere. Suddenly, he hears it ringing and picks it up. He checks the caller ID and answers when he sees that it’s EJ. EJ is angry, glad he finally picked the phone up. He asks what the hell happened and Owen explains that Stephanie gave him a bit of trouble when she woke up. EJ asks worriedly if Owen still has her, and he says he does. EJ thanks God for that and demands to know what took Owen so long to answer. Owen replies that he lost the phone and had to go looking for it. EJ groans, guessing that he isn’t with Stephanie right now. Owen admits he isn’t, but assures EJ that Stephanie is in a safe place--somewhere no one living could find her.

Stephanie lies in the morgue, unconscious.

Arianna tries to assure Rafe that Max is a good guy, and won’t say anything to anyone. Rafe is glad, since he likes to keep his private life private. Arianna reminds him she is his sister, and has a right to comment when she thinks he is making a mistake. Rafe yells that he is tried of hearing her diss Sami. Arianna claims that isn’t what she is doing. Rafe wants to go before they both say something they’ll regret, but Arianna says she has one last thing to say. Doesn’t he see that after what happened before, Sami could totally destroy his life? Sami walks up behind the two just then. Rafe fidgets. Arianna whirls around in surprise. Sami smirks.

Phillip gazes at a picture of himself and Stephanie, explaining that Brady was right. They should have gone to the police when the DiMeras tried to have him killed. Brady agrees, asking if Victor nixed the idea. Phillip shakes his head, saying they were both just worried the cops would screw something up and leave them more vulnerable. Phillip also admits that he was angry, and he wanted revenge. Now he sees that Brady was right all along, because he really screwed things up. But now he is going to make things right. Brady asks how he plans to do that, but Phillip says he doesn’t need to know the details. Brady scoffs, saying the hell he doesn’t.

Victor and a guard head into Stefano’s cell. Stefano says Victor looks well, but Victor replies that Stefano looks like hell. He instructs the guard to help Stefano get out of bed, saying that he is going on a little trip. Stefano chuckles, saying he knew EJ would outfox them. He smiles, telling Victor he knows how much it pains him to lose. Victor glares.

EJ tells Owen that he needs him to do something else. Owen asks what it is, and EJ explains that he wants Owen to secure Stephanie, and then bring her to the place where they first met. Worriedly, Owen asks EJ if Stephanie is going to get hurt. EJ scoffs, saying it is his job to carry out orders, not ask questions. He tells Owen to be there within the hour with Stephanie and hangs up on him. Owen sighs and frets, worrying that EJ has something bad planned for Stephanie.

Stephanie begins to regain consciousness.

Will invites Mia inside and hands her the chemistry notes she wanted. She complains about the test she has as Will assures her she will do fine. She asks Will what’s wrong, sensing that he is upset. He explains that he got in a fight with his mom. He called her out because he thought she was lying and keeping secrets, but she denied it and got really upset. He guesses he should believe her, but a big part of him still feels like she is lying.

Rafe tells Sami that he didn’t expect to see her here. She says that’s obvious. Arianna uncomfortably offers to get out of their hair and says it was nice to see Sami. She heads off. Sami grumps, saying Arianna doesn’t know her well enough to refer to her as ‘that woman.’ Rafe assures her that Arianna doesn’t mean half the things she says, and that everything is cool. Sami sighs, saying Arianna meant what she said, but she gets that from her perspective, she looks like some bitch that is out to ruin her brother’s life. Rafe assures her that that isn’t true. Sami grumbles that Will thinks she’s some horrible, evil mother. Rafe protests. Sami interrupts him, saying Rafe, on the other hand, always makes her feel better, no matter what his sister thinks. Rafe assures her that everything is going to be alright, and asks her not to worry about what Ari and Will say. Sami sighs, saying Will called her a liar, and he was right. She is one. She feels like she is lying every time she opens her mouth, and she just can’t stand it anymore.

Bo talks to someone angrily over the phone, telling the person to get on those warrants. He hangs up with a sigh, explaining to Max that they put a tail on Victor last week, but he lost the surveillance team this evening and disappeared. Max guesses he is up to something. Bo nods, saying he has to find out what.

Brady yells at Phillip, reminding him that he said he was right, and now he is shutting him out all over again. Phillip thinks the less Brady knows, the better. Brady angrily guesses that Victor and Phillip have something big and illegal planned. Phillip waves him off, telling him that everything is handled and that he needn’t worry. Brady thinks Phillip needs help. What if he can’t handle this alone? Just then, Phillip’s phone rings, and he asks Brady to leave him alone. Brady ignores him. Phillip answers and it’s EJ, telling him everything is set, and they’re to meet at the pier in an hour. He warns Phillip that if anything even seems out of place, he will never see Stephanie again. Phillip smirks, saying “Right back at you, pal.” He hangs up, telling Brady he has to go. Brady asks him to stop, saying he has finally figured out what is going on here.

Owen paces around the morgue as Stephanie wakes up. He walks over and smiles, happy to see her beautiful eyes open once again. She asks what happened and Owen explains that she hit her head in the woods. He shows her in the mirror how he fixed the cut. She groans, noticing her hands are tied. She asks Owen to untie them, vowing not to try to get away again. He says he believes her, because she’s a good person, but they have to be leaving soon. He has to take her to see Mr. DiMera. Stephanie gasps, saying the DiMeras will kill her if he turns her over to them. Owen asks her not to be scared. The DiMeras might not care about her, but Owen does, and he isn’t going to let anything happen to her.

Rafe brings over a couple of coffees and sits next to Sami, hoping that she feels better. She says she does, but she’s upset that his sister hates her. Rafe assures Sami that Arianna is one of those overly-protective types, and that she’ll come around eventually. He asks what happened with Will and Sami sighs, explaining that she told him about Rafe wanting to adopt Grace. He didn’t take it well and accused her of tricking Rafe into agreeing to adopt Grace and added that she was probably lying about something. Rafe insists those things aren’t true, but Sami says she is lying. The worst part is that Will is upset because knows if she gets caught, she’ll be the one that gets hurts the most. Rafe shrugs, saying that Will is just being protective of her. That isn’t exalt the worst quality a kid can have. Sami agrees that he’s a great son, and she is paying him back by lying to his face. Rafe reminds her that she is lying to keep Grace safe. Will is lucky to have her, because she’s a great mom. He thinks all her kids are lucky. Sami gives him a half-hearted smile.

Nicole comes downstairs as EJ prepares to leave. She asks if everything went as planned, and he nods, saying the swap is on. He finally got in touch with Owen, and he’s going to meet him. Nicole kisses him, saying she’ll be thinking of him every second. She says she loves him, the two kiss, an EJ leaves.

Phillip tells Brady he’ll fill him in later, but Brady stops him, asking him if he found Stephanie. Phillip says he did, and that she was just off running errands while he got some rest. Suspiciously, Brady asks if Phillip talked to her, and he claims he did. He says he doesn’t have time to discuss this now, but they’ll talk later. Phillip hurries off.

Owen claims that he cares very much for Stephanie, and that she has become a unique and special person to him. She says that if that is true, then he will untie her. She doesn’t think he wants her suffering lying on this awful table. Owen corrects her, telling her it’s a body drawer. Stephanie fights back tears, asking if Stefano was the one that ordered her kidnapping. Owen shakes his head, saying he hasn’t spoke to the father in weeks. Stephanie asks if he is dealing with EJ and he nods. She frets, saying that EJ is going to kill her if she is turned over to him. Owen admits that he is rather cold, but he says he doesn’t have a choice but to follow orders. Stephanie says he always has a choice, and frankly, she is shocked that a guy like him could get mixed up with the DiMeras. She begs him to do the right thing now, even though he made a bad decision before. All he has to do is untie her.

Victor tells Stefano that if he keeps quiet, he’ll live to see his beloved son and his slut of a wife again. Stefano chuckles, reminding Victor again that he lost. Stefano wonders what EJ did to finally get Victor to back down, but Victor ignores him, saying that they’ve been going at this a long time, and they just decided to end things. Stefano laughs, saying he still won. Just then, he collapses. The guard grabs him and supports his weight. Victor smirks.

Sami thanks Rafe, saying he always knows the right thing to say. He assures her that Will is a good kid. He’s going through some changes, but he knows that Sami loves him. He adds that Grace is safe and home with her, so she should be happy. Sami says she is, and all that she ever wanted was for her kids to be safe and to love her. Rafe assures her they are and they do. He knows she is going through a hard time right now, but he wants to be there for her. He wants her to be able to lean on him. Sami smiles and thanks him.

Will tries to quiet Grace, telling Mia that she won’t take her bottle. Mia takes her and cuddles her, asking if Will is still upset about his mom. She asks what they were fighting about, and Will says that it was actually about Grace. He explains that his mom’s boyfriend, Rafe, wants to adopt her. Mia doesn’t see the problem, but Will says the two haven’t known each other long. Mia asks if this is also about him thinking his mom is lying to him. Will nods, explaining that all Sami has done is lie since he was a little kid. If he had a friend that did that, he would never forgive them. Mia gulps.

Brady calls Bo, asking him if they can meet somewhere. He says that there is something important Bo needs to know about. Bo agrees to meet him.

EJ waits in the woods for Owen. He checks his watch and grumbles, wondering where Owen is.

Owen frets, saying he doesn’t know what the right thing to do is. Stephanie says it’s making sure EJ doesn’t get his hands on her, but Owen reminds her he’s been working for the family for years. She asks about the Kiriakis family, but Owen says he was secretly working for the DiMeras the past two years he’s been around. Stephanie says Victor will be angry with him, but she agrees to make him a promise. If he lets her go, she won’t tell Phillip or Victor that he had anything to do with this. She begs him to do this for her. Owen considers it.

Sami says it’s very tempting to just let Rafe take care of her. He suggests she just do it, then. She sighs, saying she should be able to take care of herself. Rafe insists no one is strong enough to go through what she has lately, and besides, she’s been under a lot of stress. He asks her again to let him take care of everything. She smiles and the two kiss.

Will compliments Mia on how good she is with Grace, and she asks him if he is still upset about his mom. He says he isn’t really. He knows his mom is a good person, and besides, if it weren’t for her, there’s no telling where Grace would be. Mia asks about her real mom. Will asks what she means and Mia sighs, wondering if Grace’s mom lies awake at night and thinks of her and how much she missies her.

Bo meets Brady at the Java Café, asking if he has a lead on Phillip and Victor and where they are. Brady says he doesn’t--but he knows something worse. Bo gapes as Brady explains that he thinks something happened to Stephanie.

Phillip calls Victor, letting him know that he has arrived at the pier. Victor asks if his ‘package’ arrived and Phillip says he did. Victor says Stefano looked cadaverous when they loaded him into the van. Phillip admits that he is hanging on by a thread now, but he couldn’t care less. All he knows is that Stephanie is going to back in his arms, safe and sound, soon enough.

EJ tries to call Owen again.

Stephanie says that she knows Owen is a good person, and he has her best interests at heart. Owen agrees fervently, saying that she is very dear to him. She begs him to let her go, then. Just then, her phone rings. Owen says he is sorry, but he must answer it, as it’s EJ. She sobs and bawls as he shuts her back into the drawer. We pan to a four-way screen showing Stephanie, Owen, EJ, and Stefano. The first is crying, the latter is unconscious, and EJ demands that Owen meet him now, as someone‘s life is at stake.. Owen says he is sorry, but there’s been a change of plans.


Lucas tells Maggie, “It’s like they’re keeping something from me--it’s something big. Really big. I can feel it.”

Bo tells Brady, “No, you stay put. I’ll handle this.” He replies, “ Bo, come on. I can’t sit here.” Bo retorts, “I’ll handle this!”

Phillip attacks EJ, “You didn’t bring Stephanie. You son of a--”

Stephanie asks Owen, “Where are we going?” He replies, “Wherever we go, we’ll have a happy life together.”

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