Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/21/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/21/09


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At Sami’s place, Rafe sits on the couch with Grace and Sami. Sami asks him what he meant when he said he wanted to make a commitment. Rafe explains that he wants to be Grace’s father--in every way. Sami still doesn’t understand, and Rafe says that he wants to be her father legally. He adds that he wants Grace to know that she has a father in her corner, and a mother and a father that are together. Sami isn’t sure what to say. Rafe urges her to say ‘yes.’

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip scoffs. He tells Victor that he wasn’t asking permission to trade Stefano for Stephanie, he was saying they’re going to do it. Victor refuses, saying he isn’t going to let the DiMeras get away with this. Phillip sighs, saying that EJ has Stephanie. There’s no telling what he will do. Victor is sure EJ is just bluffing, and that he won’t really hurt Stephanie. Phillip shouts that EJ already has hurt her. Victor sighs, reminding Phillip that he has done this before, and that he knows what he is doing. Phillip insists they are talking about Stephanie’s life here. He refuses to let Victor use Stephanie this way, and adds that if Victor won’t help him get her back, then Phillip will do it on his own.

In the morgue, Owen asks Stephanie if she is alright. She knees him in the groin as her phone rings. She rushes over and answers, screaming for Phillip. Owen grabs her and tackles her. Stephanie shrieks into the phone. EJ is on the other line and he hangs up quickly, clearly angry.

Sami thanks Rafe for saying that he wants to be Grace’s father, but Sami reminds him that Grace has brothers and a sister, plus a lot of extended family. She warns Rafe that he wouldn’t be her father in a vacuum. Rafe says he doesn’t mind that, and Sami goes on, adding that she is a full-time mom herself. If Rafe decides to be Grace’s legal father, then he will have to put up with her for the rest of her life. Rafe says he gets that, and in fact, actually likes the idea. Sami asks him if he is trying to say that he wants to marry her.

Owen struggles with Stephanie, saying that he can’t let her have the phone. He gets it away from her and she sobs, saying she is scared. Suddenly, she turns around and drives Owen into the wall, grabbing the phone. Owen clutches his head as Stephanie rushes out the door. He groans and gives chase.

EJ tries to call Owen again, but he gets Stephanie’s voicemail. He hangs up and sighs worriedly. Nicole walks in just then with Sydney. Nicole sees the look on his face and asks him what is wrong.

Sami tells Rafe that he is sweet, but she thinks he’s generalizing things. He asks what she means and she explains that while it’s great that he wants to be Grace’s father and her husband, she can’t marry him. She adds that she might want to in the future, but for now, it’s too soon. After all, they just started their relationship. She sighs, saying she hopes she hasn’t hurt him. Rafe says she hasn’t. Sami start to explain herself, but is surprised he isn’t hurt, since she turned him down. Rafe smiles, saying he would have had to propose for her to turn him down. Sami’s face falls, asking if that was what he was doing. Rafe laughs, asking if she thinks he is crazy.

Nicole assumes that something must have gone wrong, but EJ claims that he has everything under control. She wonders why he is acting like everything isn’t. EJ changes the subject, noting that Sydney is up past her bedtime. Nicole explains that she wasn’t tired, and asks EJ not to change the subject. She says she knows him too well to actually think that everything is ok right now. EJ says he just overreacted to a small problem, but to answer her question, nothing is going to be alright until his father is safe at home. Nicole sighs, saying she knows EJ doesn’t want her involved in all this. She even agrees to go upstairs and pretend as if everything were alright--but there’s something EJ needs to know first.

Phillip tells Victor that he isn’t asking, he’s telling--they’re going to release Stefano. Victor tells him that the men guarding Stefano will only take orders from him, but Phillip says he has his own loyal guards. He asks Victor if he really wants to start a civil war over this. Victor scowls, saying that Phillip can’t beat him, and besides, them returning Stefano won’t ensure Stephanie’s safety. Phillip angrily reminds Victor that he took Stefano first. EJ didn’t cave as expected, he retaliated. Phillip warns Victor that if they don’t do something about this now, EJ could go even further. Victor doesn’t think that makes sense, but Phillip reminds him that EJ doesn’t care about making sense. He is just trying to prove to his father and himself that he’s a real man and a warrior. Phillip explains that he knows all this because he has been there before. When he was feeling way EJ is feeling now, Tony ended up dead. Thinking like that makes people turn up dead--and he is not going to let Stephanie be next.

Stephanie flies through the woods. She stops in a clearing and takes out her phone. She dials, begging the person she called to pick up. Just then, Owen rushes over and grabs her. Stephanie shrieks and pleads with him to let her go.

Sami folds her arms angrily, asking Rafe if he is saying he wasn’t proposing. Rafe admits that is what he is saying. Sami huffs, surprised that he doesn’t want to marry her. Rafe reminds her that she doesn’t want to marry him, either. Sami glares, saying she never made it sound like she was proposing. Rafe says he never said anything like that either, and shakes his head, chuckling. He asks if she is really mad at him for not proposing when she wouldn’t have said ‘yes.’ Sami admits that she might be. She huffs as Rafe asks her if he should pretend to propose so she can turn him down. She says this isn’t funny and Rafe agrees. He adds that they need to be sure when they get married, since it will affect the kids, and besides, Rafe plans on being with Sami for a long time. She smiles, softening, and says she gets it. He wants to take things slow with her, but he’s ready to be Grace’s father now. Rafe nods. Sami says she would love nothing more, but she isn’t sure how they can work it out. How can they go to court and have Rafe adopt Grace without anyone finding out Sami is her mother?

Nicole asks EJ if he remembers their wedding, and the way Stefano asked her if she knew what it meant to be a DiMera. EJ remembers. Nicole adds that she wants to be loyal to the family. EJ thinks it is easier for her to do so if she doesn’t know exactly what is going on, but Nicole disagrees. She tells EJ that she knows that everything he is doing right now is out of love for her and Sydney. She also knows that he is doing all this to protect his family. EJ asks if that means the right motivations excuse every bad deed. Nicole sighs, saying she was just trying to say that no matter what EJ has done, she loves him. There are no conditions to her love, and she assures him he can tell her anything.

Victor assures Phillip that Stephanie isn’t going to die. Phillip agrees, saying she won’t because they are giving Stefano back to EJ. Victor sighs, saying EJ only took Stephanie because he knew Phillip would feel guilty. Phillip sarcastically says that EJ must be some shrewd judge of character. He snaps that of course he feels guilty. He never should have asked Stephanie to marry him considering what was going on his life. Victor tells him that now is not the time to make any rash decisions. Phillip scoffs, sarcastically suggesting they be cold-hearted and calculating. He adds that they ought to just go ahead and kidnap Theo. That will prove to everyone they have no feelings whatsoever. Victor ask him to calm down, but Phillip refuses, saying they ought to be screaming. When Tony died, all that mattered was that he got off. Perhaps if he had been more of a man--Victor interrupts, saying he is just beating his breast, not trying to help Stephanie. Phillip sighs, asking Victor if he really doesn’t see that this has to end. Victor says he does, but he also knows caving in to the DiMeras isn’t the answer. He adds that it is unfortunate Stephanie got mixed up in this war, but unfortunately, sentiment in war leads to more casualties. Phillip asks Victor if he really thinks the DiMeras would keep Stephanie even if they returned Stefano, and Victor nods. He reminds Phillip that Stephanie is a witness, and is very dangerous to the DiMeras alive. Phillip groans.

Stephanie struggles, kicks and screams. Owen yells at her not to make him hurt her. Stephanie flails.

Rafe suggests Sami sit down, since he has something shocking to say. Confused, she does so. Rafe clears his throat and quietly tells her she was right. Sami stares in astonishment, asking him to repeat himself. He says she was right again. Sami grins, saying she thought she’d never hear him say that. He admits he never thought he would either, but she is right about this adoption thing. Sami tells him that she thinks he would be a wonderful father to Grace. Rafe says he would love to try, but a legal adoption is going to be problematic. Sami nods, saying they haven known each other long enough for him to be the father, and if EJ found out Grace was hers, he’d know he was the father. Rafe nods, admitting that EJ can probably count to nine. Sami chuckles. Rafe just wishes he would have known her back then and that he was Grace’s father. Sami says that would make things simpler, but simple just isn’t her. Rafe suggests there is something they can do. He does want to be with her and Grace and he wants them to be a family. Sami says that him adopting Grace and being her father would mean more to her than anything. She really thinks it was meant to be. Rafe asks if she is saying his plan is ok, then. Sami says it is more than ok and calls him Papa.

Nicole comes back downstairs and tells EJ that Sydney and Johnny are both sleeping soundly. He makes a crack about the ‘sleep of the innocent’ and thanks her. Nicole asks if she can get him a drink. EJ sighs and shakes his head. Nicole wonders if there is anything she can do, but EJ says there isn’t. She urges him not to keep everything bottled up inside. EJ reminds her of when she said that nothing he could do could keep her from loving him. She says she meant it, but EJ thinks he may have crossed a line. She asks what he means and he tells her that Phillip just got engaged to Stephanie. Nicole nods, confused. EJ tells Nicole that he had Stephanie kidnapped. She gapes.

Phillip scoffs, saying Victor sure knows how to make a guy feel better. Victor explains that he is just trying to do what is in Stephanie’s best interest, but Phillip isn’t so sure Victor knows what that is. He explains that Stephanie ebbing there when he was shot was really traumatic for her. Victor saw the way she jumped when that gardening guy turned on the leaf blower, and she’s been having nightmares, too. Phillip explains that he doesn’t think Stephanie is in good shape. They’ve got to help her because honestly, he doesn’t think she can handle this.

Stephanie struggles with Owen. She pushes him away, but loses her balance. She falls and hits her head on a rock on the ground. Stephanie lies on the ground unconscious as Owen worriedly calls her name.

Sami comes out of the bedroom to find Rafe putting his coat on. She asks if he is leaving, and he tells her that they discussed this earlier. She reminds him that Will is out bowling, and says that she hoped he’d stick around a little longer. She offers to make him something to eat, but Rafe declines, saying all she has in the pantry is juice boxes, formula, and oatmeal. Sami apologizes, but Rafe chuckles, saying it isn’t her job to feed him. She begs him to stay five more minutes and he agrees. Sami lies in his arms on the couch and tells him how grateful she is to him for handling everything with Grace and coming up with that fake birth certificate. Rafe says that he wants Grace to be safe. Sami sighs, saying she just wishes Johnny were, too. Rafe tells her that he doesn’t think much of EJ, but he does know that he would never let anything happen to his kid. Sami thinks he is just saying that to make her feel better, but she admits it’s working. The two kiss. Just then, Will walks in, groaning and asking if he should wait in the hallway. The two jump up and Rafe explains that he was just leaving. Sami thought Will was bowling, but he says they canceled the outing since the bowling prices went up. Rafe gives Sami an awkward half-hug and says goodbye to her and Will. He heads off. Sami tells Will she is glad he is home and offers to make him something to eat. Will says he ate already. He asks Sami if Rafe would have spent the night if he weren’t around.

Victor assures Phillip that they won’t let anything happen to Stephanie, but Phillip snaps that they already have. He adds angrily that Victor keeps saying he is going to do something about it, but so far, he hasn’t done anything. They have all these guards, and all this security--but for what? He was drugged in his house and EJ somehow made off with Stephanie, anyway. Phillip accuses Victor of blowing it and adds angrily that he has screwed up everything. Victor sighs and apologizes. Phillip says he doesn’t want Victor to apologize. He wants him to see that they don’t have the upper hand here. All they have is a sick old man on his last leg. If Stefano dies, they’ll have nothing EJ wants, but he will still have Stephanie. Phillip adds that if he loses her, he will never forgive Victor.

Nicole asks EJ in astonishment if he took Stephanie. EJ nods, saying that since she is Phillip’s fiancée, she is his greatest weakness. Nicole doesn’t answer. EJ sighs, saying he knows she is thinking Stephanie is an innocent in all this. Nicole shakes her head, saying that what she is thinking is that she hates and despises the man that did this to Stephanie--more than she ever has before. EJ sighs. Nicole goes on to say that she hopes Victor rots in hell. EJ stares in surprise.

Owen kneels down by Stephanie and examines the gash on her head. He pleads with God, praying that she isn’t dead. With shaking hands, Owen checks her pulse.

Sami says she didn’t know she and Will were close enough to discuss their personal lives in such a manner. She grabs him and ruffles his hair, asking jokingly if he scored with Mia or maybe got to second base. Embarrassed, Will shakes her off. Sami reminds him that she is his mother, so he can ask those questions, but he needs to be careful as to how he phrases them. Sami adds that she and Rafe were talking, and they both agreed that this is Will’s house, and they don’t want him feeling uncomfortable in it. She adds that Rafe also understands that Sami’s children are her propriety. Will sighs, saying he just doesn’t know how to act when Rafe is around because he never knows when he is going to be here. Sami sighs, saying Rafe understands, that too. Will asks if the two are really serious about each other and Sami nods. She says that Rafe is in town now, and he’s going to be around a lot more often. She really hopes Will is ok with that. Will wonders if what he thinks really makes a difference.

At the pub, Arianna stops by Rafe’s table and steals a couple of his fries. She notes that he is in a good mood and asks if it has anything to do with Tammy. Rafe glowers, saying her name is Sami. Arianna chuckles, saying she knows, but it’s easy to get a rise out of him. She asks if things are really serious between the two and Rafe says they are--like he has never been serious about anyone before. Arianna asks if this means marriage, but Rafe shakes his head. She sends a thankful prayer heavenward as Rafe explains that he is going to adopt Sami’s little girl. He’s going to be her father. Arianna asks if he has lost his mind.

Victor asks Phillip if he really thinks that he doesn’t completely blame himself. He adds that he wants to do anything he can to help Stephanie, but they have to think things through first. Phillip angrily says that there isn’t any time for thinking. A clock is ticking here. Victor snaps that he knows that, but he also needs to know where they stand. He asks Phillip to calm down and tell him exactly what happened. Phillip sighs, saying that is the worst part. This had to be an inside job. Victor stares in surprise, wondering who could have done this.

Back in the morgue, Stephanie is lying in the exam table. Owen ties her hands, saying that what she did was dangerous. Stephanie, still unconscious, doesn’t answer. Owen adds that he has to do as he is told, as he is working for very dangerous people. He puts a sheet over her, saying he wishes he had a blanket. He chuckles, saying that she really gave him a run for his money back there. If she had had just another minute with that phone--Owen suddenly remembers Stephanie answered it and worries that Phillip was the one calling her. He searches for the phone.

Back in the woods, Stephanie’s phone lies on the ground and rings.

EJ asks Nicole if she really thinks this situation is Victor’s fault. She nods, saying EJ would never have gone to the lengths of kidnapping that poor girl if Victor hadn’t taken Stefano first. She adds that Victor is subjecting Stefano to torture, and EJ took action, so good for him. EJ is shocked she thinks so. She says she just understands that EJ doesn’t want to hurt Stephanie, he just wants use her as leverage. EJ nods, and Nicole asks him to tell her everything. He sighs and explains that Stefano had an inside man at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole asks if he kidnapped Stephanie and he nods. EJ goes on to explain that the man has been calling him using Stephanie’s phone, but the last time he called, Stephanie answered. EJ worries that she might have seen the caller ID. Nicole wonders if she has escaped. EJ isn’t sure, but he knows that if he doesn’t have Stephanie, he doesn’t have anything to exchange for his father. His father’s life is in Victor’s hands, and EJ worries that he has just made Victor very, very upset.

Sami says that if Will had a legitimate problem with Rafe, she would talk to him about it, but if his problem is that Rafe isn’t his dad, then he has to know that that isn’t fair to her. Will agrees, but asks Sami if she really thinks this relationship isn’t moving too fast. Sami says that Will needs to know something. She tells him that Rafe has asked if he can adopt Grace, and Sami agreed. Will scoffs, asking Sami how she talked Rafe into it.

Arianna scoffs, asking Rafe how Sami talked him into it. He claims the adoption was his idea. Arianna asks if he is Grace’s biological father or something. Rafe says he isn’t, but he may as well be. He adds that he really thinks this is meant to be. Arianna admits the little girl is lucky, and Rafe thanks her for saying so. Arianna adds that she doesn’t care if he gets mad at her, but she is really worried about him. She doesn’t want him to have any ties to Sami’s life.

Victor starts to make a call but Phillip stops him, saying all they need to do is call EJ and tell him they have Stefano for him. Victor isn’t so sure it’s a good idea, but Phillip says it isn’t his call. Victor retorts that he is still head of the family. Phillip sighs, saying he saw how Victor looked at Caroline earlier, and he knows Victor still loves her. If the DiMeras had her, then this would be Victor’s call. But they don’t--they have Stephanie, the woman Phillip loves more than anything, so it’s his call. Phillip adds that Victor knows he is right about this.

Nicole tells EJ that he can’t assume the worst. Victor won’t let Stefano die. EJ thinks he may have pushed Victor to it, but Nicole doesn’t think he’ll do anything as long as EJ has Stephanie. EJ grumbles that he isn’t even sure if he still has her. Nicole tries to reassure him, saying that Stefano would never handpick a guy that couldn’t handle a scared young woman. Also, Victor would have called by now if Stephanie had shown back up. Nicole isn’t sure why EJ can’t get in touch with the guy, but she insists everything is probably fine. EJ kisses her and thanks her for being so optimistic. She sighs, saying that she knows he is anticipating something bad happening because he is so worried about his father, but for now, he just has to sit and wait a little longer.

Sami retorts that it was Rafe’s idea to adopt Grace. Will scoffs, saying he is sure every ex-FBI macho guy is roaming around looking to adopt. Sami angrily says that Grace deserves a father. Will agrees, but wonders why it has to be Rafe. Sami says she is sorry he feels that way, but Will thinks she is just sorry he is starting to figure out something big is going on here--something his mom doesn’t want him to know.

Rafe says he was stupid to ever think Arianna could be happy for him. She claims she is just worried about him, but Rafe doesn’t want to hear it. He says sarcastically that it was nice seeing her and starts to head off . She grabs his arm, asking him if he really doesn’t see that it’s happening all over again.

Victor says that Phillip is right and that this is his decision. Phillip thanks him, but Victor tells him not to bother. They need to get moving on this.

Owen tells Stephanie that he has to go look for her phone, and starts to push her back into the refrigerator, saying he hopes she won’t be too cold. He frets, worrying about leaving her here alone.

Nicole assures EJ that she knows this is hard, but he can do this. He just has to wait. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. It’s Phillip, and he says he and his father are ready to accede to EJ’s demands. They’ll trade Stefano for Stephanie. EJ grins at Nicole.


Stephanie tells Owen, “EJ--that man is evil. If you turn me in to him, he’s going to kill me.”

EJ tells Phillip, “If anything even seems out of place, you’ll never see her again.”

Will tells Mia, “She still says she’s telling the truth.” Mia interrupts, “But what?” Will sighs, “I still have this feeling she’s lying.”

As Sami listens in, Arianna tells Rafe, “What happened before--I’m warning you that woman could destroy your life.”

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