Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/20/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Sami kiss in bed. Rafe jokes that this is such a waste. Sami asks what he means, and Rafe says they could have been doing this the whole time they were alone in the safe house. Sami chuckles, saying they were fools. Rafe says he always kind of knew it would come to this. Even though Sami was driving him crazy, it was a good kind of crazy. She says she hopes she won’t do that anymore, but Rafe laughs, saying he is sure she will. He adds that he wouldn’t have it any other way, though. The two kiss again.

At the Java Café, Brady strips off his shirt as Arianna apologizes profusely. He excuses himself, saying jokingly he’s going to need to go get a skin graft after the burns he suffered from her coffee, but Arianna asks him if she can get him some ice instead. Brady refuses, but she sits him down in a char, saying she’ll be right back. She adds that she is going to take care of him and heads off.

In Stefano’s cell, Victor congratulates him, saying he is getting his color back. Stefano thanks him, adding that Victor doesn’t have to worry. He will be alive for many more years to come. Victor scoffs, saying the power of positive thinking can do wonders. Stefano snaps that it isn’t positive thinking he has faith in--he has faith in God and his family. Victor suggests he be realistic. He has received the last of the insulin they have, so unless EJ turns up soon with the contract handing DiMera Enterprises over to Victor, then Stefano is going to be resting in peace. Stefano insists that his son will come through for him. He adds that EJ has the DiMera strength. Victor scoffs, asking if he also has the DiMera self-destructiveness. Stefano ignores him, saying again that he knows EJ won’t let him down.

Phillip asks EJ if he heard him right. EJ nods, saying he did. He has Stephanie. EJ grins, asking if she isn’t the love of Phillip’s life. Phillip accuses EJ of bluffing. EJ laughs, asking Phillip if Stephanie is back at the now-fortified Kiriakis compound, reading a book. Phillip scowls. EJ guesses she isn’t and wonders where she could be. He asks Phillip if the two had a lover’s quarrel and if Stephanie gave him the boot. Phillip growls, saying he doesn’t have time for this. EJ scoffs, asking him if he is too worried about the contract he and his father want EJ to sign. EJ adds that it’s a pretty sweet deal, since they get everything for five million dollars. Phillip starts to storm off, but EJ calls after him,, telling him not to worry about Stephanie, as she is safe--for now.

In Owen’s father’s morgue, Stephanie bangs and yells from inside the refrigerated drawers, sobbing and begging to be let out. Owen caves and pulls her out of the drawer, saying he had no choice since she tried to attack him earlier. She bawls, saying she shouldn’t have done that. She was just confused and scared. Owen sighs, saying he knows this isn’t any fun for her, but he is just following orders, so she shouldn’t take it out on him. He adds that she either has to shut up and stop screaming, or he will do it for her. It’s her call.

At the pub, Melanie sits at the bar, holding Stephanie’s earring and examining a flyer that advertises selling your old jewelry online. Melanie tells herself that Stephanie is probably searching for the earring, but doesn’t think that she needs it. She’s shacking up at the Kiriakis mansion now, anyway, and Melanie says to herself that she could probably sell this earring online for a couple of hundred dollars. She sighs, saying she could sure use the money.

Stephanie promises Owen not to try anything else so stupid. He thanks her, adding that he hates being the bad guy, especially with her, since she is so kind and beautiful. He sighs, saying that Phillip is a lucky guy. Stephanie thanks him and asks him why he brought her here. She reminds him that earlier, he said he had orders. Owen nods, saying he did. She asks if he was told to bring her to the morgue, but Owen says that was his idea. He adds that’s it’s a good one, too, and no one will think to look for her here--not Phillip, the cops, or even his employers. Stephanie guesses that he must be working for the DiMeras. Owen scoffs, saying he never said that. Stephanie says he doesn’t have to. She knows they are the ones that wanted her kidnapped. Owen sighs.

Phillip whirls on EJ, asking what that is supposed to mean. EJ thinks it’s fairly obvious. Phillip hisses, saying what goes on between their families stays between them. They don’t need to drag innocent people into what is going on. EJ grins. Phillip curses and threatens him, warning him to stay away from Stephanie. EJ laughs loudly, saying it’s a bit too late for that.

Sami smiles, telling Rafe that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She just wishes she could find a way to deserve him. Rafe asks her to stop saying that, adding that she is everything he has ever wanted in a woman. He smiles, saying that he thinks he’s a pretty smart guy, so he’d appreciate it if she stopped acting as if he chose someone that wasn’t deserving of him. Sami grins, saying she will, and asks him to shut up. She rolls over on top of Rafe and kisses him.

Arianna applies an ice pack to Brady’s shoulder. He winces, saying it’s better, but his arm still hurts. He jokes that things have just gotten better and better since he has met Arianna. She reminds him that he started it. She was just minding her own business at the pub and he demanded to know why she was eavesdropping in on his conversation. Brady admits that he was a jerk and apologizes. Just then, Melanie comes in and greets Brady. He introduces the two, but they already know each other from the pub. Melanie asks about his arm and Brady accuses Arianna of throwing coffee on him. She gapes and he laughs, admitting it was an accident. Melanie asks to look at it, as she is training to become a nurse, but winces when she sees the burn. Melanie tells him to just put some aloe on it. She heads over to the computer, winking at Brady and giving him the thumbs-up in reference to Arianna. Arianna tells Brady that he owes her another coffee. He agrees, but says they’ll stick to iced coffee this time. She laughs as he heads over to the counter.

Phillip asks EJ not to be so cryptic. EJ asks him to forget he said anything, but Phillip thinks EJ really does have Stephanie. EJ comes closer, saying that is how things work. Phillip’s guard steps in menacingly and EJ backs up, saying they took his father, so he, in turn, took Phillip’s fiancée. EJ says that he proposes a swap--an exchange. Furiously, he demands that his father be brought here tonight.

Stephanie guesses again that Owen is working for the DiMeras and tells him that they are just using him, and he doesn’t have to do this. She knows he is better than that. Owen says he is sorry, but he can’t let her go. His employers wouldn’t be happy. She asks about his other employers--the Kiriakis family. Owen says he can’t worry about them, but Stephanie says he had better start to do so. If they find out he’s a spy for the DiMeras and he kidnapped her, he’s a dead man. Owen says that won’t happen. They’ll see that he kept Stephanie safe from harm, and they’ll understand. Stephanie scoffs, saying that when they find out what he did, Owen will be the one lying in here on a slab, not her.

Rafe tells Sami that he thinks he has it all figured out. She says she does, too, and asks him if this is real. Rafe jokes that it isn’t, and he is just scamming her so he can have his way with her. Sami laughs, saying she is trying hard to come off like she isn’t desperately in need of reassurance, but it isn’t working. Rafe compliments her, telling her how sweet, smart and beautiful she is. He smiles and adds that most of all, she’s a smoking hot pain in the ass. Sami chuckles.

Phillip tries to convince himself that EJ doesn’t have Stephanie. EJ scoffs, saying it was quite easy to take her. He always thought a man was supposed to protect his woman. Phillip gasps and curses, accusing EJ of drugging him. He starts to go after him, calling him an SOB, but the guards intercede. Phillip backs off, breathing heavily, and agrees to broker a deal with EJ. EJ smiles, saying he wants his father released immediately. He gestures toward Phillip’s phone, telling him to make the call. Phillip grins, saying he is sorry, but he can’t do that.

Owen is sure Stephanie wouldn’t let the Kiriakis family hurt him, since she isn’t like them, but she scoffs, saying she wouldn’t get a say in it. He thinks she is just playing him, but she asks him about the cops, telling him that her uncle is the commissioner. She suggests that he turn himself in before something terrible happens. He sighs, reminding Stephanie that she told him he was a good guy. He insists that nothing bad is going to happen and adds that thinks that she would even like him under different circumstances. Stephanie says she already likes him. Owen is surprised, but Stephanie smiles, asking him if he really couldn’t tell.

One of the waiters at the café comes over to Brady, asking if they are still on for baseball on Sunday. Brady says they are, and adds that he has some extra bats and gloves if they need them. Brendan says they do, and Brady says he’ll have to pick them up from Sami’s place with the rest of the stuff he is storing at his dad’s old place. He says he’ll see Brendan Sunday and he heads off. Brady asks Arianna what the look is for, explaining that he joined a community baseball league. Arianna asks if he is related to Sami. Brady explains that she is his step-sister and asks if Arianna knows her. She nods, explaining that she isn’t a fan of Sami.

Sami gets indignant at Rafe calling her a pain in the ass. This prompts him to compliment her some more, and she wonders why he gave her such a hard time in the safe house if he likes her so much. Rafe says that he gave her hard time because she kept trying to escape. Sami reminds him she was she was just trying to protect Grace, and Rafe says he understands. One of the things he respects most about her is how protective she is of her children. Sami asks if he really respects her. She leans in for a kiss. Rafe kisses her, but gets out of bed suddenly, saying he has to split. Sami protests.

Phillip says that EJ must be joking. He asks if he really thinks he and Victor are going to hand Stefano over based on EJ’s word that he has Stephanie. EJ scoffs, saying he has proof, if that is what Phillip needs. He pulls out his phone and shows Phillip the picture Owen took of Stephanie. Phillip demands to know what EJ has done to her. EJ says again that she is safe. As long as his father is returned to him tonight, he’ll be happy to hand Stephanie back over to Phillip.

Owen asks Stephanie if she really likes him. She nods, saying she doesn’t exactly care for the circumstances they are in. Owen promises her that he isn’t like this normally. This whole kidnapping thing is a first-time thing for him. Stephanie says she knows that, but wishes he hadn’t brought her to a morgue. She asks him if they can go somewhere else, but Owen says this place is safest, since no one knows she is here. Stephanie asks if EJ knows, but Owen says he doesn’t either. In fact, he could probably keep her here forever if he wanted. Stephanie tries to smile but turns her head, grimacing and holding back tears.

Brady puts his shirt back on, asking jokingly if Sami and Arianna are like oil and water. Arianna shrugs, saying she has met Sami a couple of times, and she seems like a phony. Brady is surprised she can pass judgment so quickly, but Arianna says that she is a good judge of people. She asks if Sami is Brady’s favorite person or something, but he admits she isn’t. He adds that he thinks Sami means well. Arianna guesses that the two don’t get along, though, and Brady admits that is true. She changes the subject, thanking him for the coffee. He thanks her for the grievous bodily injury. She laughs, hoping his girlfriend won’t be too mad. Brady says he doesn’t have one. Arianna smiles, saying she won’t be mad, then. Brady says he has to go, but will see her around. She grins and says goodbye. Brady heads off.

Nearby, Melanie gazes at Stephanie’s earring and sighs, saying she would have sold this earring for a lot of money back in the old days, but her conscience is bothering her now. She grumbles, guessing that Maggie has been rubbing off on her. Melanie sighs and takes out her phone, saying she had better do the right thing and return the earring.

Stephanie tells Owen that she could really use some water, as she is dying of thirst. He says he is sorry and grabs a bottle of water. She asks if she can sit up to drink it, and Owen agrees, pulling the morgue drawer out and allowing her to sit up. He apologizes about her missing earring. Stephanie shrugs, saying her grandmother gave them to her, but what can one do? Things get lost. She sips the water. Just then, her phone rings. Stephanie asks if Owen is going to answer it, but he says whoever it is will leave a message. He checks the caller ID as Stephanie thinks to herself, praying that Phillip saves her.

Now alone with the nurse, Stefano tells her that she is working for an amoral man. He thinks she can do better. She isn’t so sure, considering the job market. Stefano asks her if she will be honest with him if he poses a question. She nods and Stefano asks about the last dosage of insulin he had. She sighs, saying that since he has been getting low doses all along, his body will absorb the full dose faster than normal. He asks if this means he doesn’t have much time left. She says she is sorry, but that’s true. She heads off. Stefano sighs, telling Elvis to come on. He adds that he is counting on him.

Phillip tells EJ it isn’t that easy. He can’t just snap is fingers and have Stefano released. EJ advises him to talk his father into doing the right thing if he really cares about Stephanie. Phillip growls, saying he will see what he can do. EJ takes out the contract Victor gave him and rips it up, telling Phillip that it’s now null and void. He tells Phillip to call him and heads off with a smirk. Phillip goes ape on a pile of crates, punching, kicking, and throwing them around.

Stephanie asks Owen who called and if it was Phillip. He says it wasn’t his contact, and that is all she needs to know right now. She asks what they do now, and Owen says they wait until his contact calls back with further instructions. Suddenly, Stephanie groans and grabs her back. Worriedly, Owen asks what is wrong. Stephanie says she needs to walk around for a few minutes or the pain will get worse. Owen is hesitant, but Stephanie turns on the charm, sure that he can do this one little thing for her.

Melanie sends Stephanie a text, saying she called about her earring and asks her to call back. Melanie snaps her phone shut, grumbling that she’s going to auction the thing off if Stephanie doesn’t call back soon. Brady comes up behind her, noticing that she is perusing a website that purchases gold. He asks if she is selling someone’s jewelry, but Melanie says she isn’t. Brady spots the earring and says it looks familiar. Melanie says of course it does. It’s Stephanie’s, and she’s the only girl around here that wears earrings the size of tennis rackets. Brady chuckles. Melanie admits that she thought about selling it, but then her conscience got the better of her. Brady mocks being shocked, saying that he can’t believe she is finally becoming a human being. Melanie scoffs, telling him not to get used to it, as she hasn’t completely reformed. Brady says he understands, but tells her that he is proud of her. She laughs and rolls her eyes.

Sami asks Rafe where he is going, and he says he is going back to his place. She asks if this is because of Will and he nods. Even though he knows Will is ok with them dating, he says that it still isn’t right for him to stay the night here. Just then, Grace wails. Sami grins, saying the baby doesn’t want Rafe to leave, either. She begs Rafe to stay a little longer, reminding him that he has the magic touch. Rafe grins and agrees. He heads off. Sami turns on the baby monitor and listens in as Rafe soothes Grace in the other room. He vows to take care of her and her mommy forever. Sami smiles blissfully. Later, she heads out into the living room and finds Rafe cuddling Grace on the couch. He sings her a lullaby, laughing and saying he only knows one. Sami comes in behind him, asking him to stay for the night. He wants her to talk to Will first, and she agrees to do so. She adds that she can’t wait to tell Will that Rafe is going to be around a lot more and that the two of them are together. Rafe says he has a good idea. He explains that since he is staying in Salem, and since the two of them are a couple, it’s time for him to do the right thing and make a proper commitment. Sami is taken aback.

Melanie says that that means a lot coming from Brady, since he is such a stand-up guy. Brady chuckles, saying he is just glad to see that Melanie has moved on from Phillip and is extending an olive branch to Stephanie. He asks how it feels, and she says it feels about as good as it did for Brady when he had to give up Nicole. She sighs, saying they should both open up a yoga studio and spread their good cheer around. Brady laughs. Melanie sighs, saying that she really is totally over Philip. In fat, she hopes he and Stephanie have a bright future together.

Phillip tosses back a shot at the pub and looks over the contract EJ ripped in half. He crumples it up and calls Victor. He answers, saying it’s late, but Phillip explains that this is an emergency. He asks where Victor is and he says he is at home. Phillip says he will be there shortly and rushes off, vowing not to lose Stephanie.

Owen asks Stephanie why her back hurts, and she explains that she has a history of back problems. This metal surface isn’t really the best thing for her, so she needs to walk around. She asks Owen if he understands that.

EJ heads back into the DiMera mansion and pours a drink. He heads over to Stefano’s portrait and smiles, saying he finally has the upper hand again. He tells Stefano that he is going to be coming home soon .

Owen reminds Stephanie that she tried to stab him before, but she says she was just disoriented and scared. She vows not to do it again. Owen accepts this and starts to help her down from the table. Stephanie thanks him.

Sami asks Rafe why he feels the need to make a commitment, and he says he and Sami have already been through a lot together, so it makes sense. She agrees, asking what kind of commitment he had in mind. Rafe tells her that he wants to be a father to Grace--in every way.

Now alone, Melanie spins her phone on the table and sighs, saying Stephanie probably isn’t going to call her back. She guesses that Stephanie might not need the earring, since she is going to be a Kiriakis soon.

Phillip rushes into the Kiriakis mansion, telling Victor that EJ has Stephanie. He adds that EJ had her kidnapped from the estate. Victor asks how he knows this, and Phillip says that EJ showed him a picture of her. Victor shrugs, saying it’s unfortunate. Phillip scoffs, reminding Victor that this is the woman he is about to marry. He adds that EJ wants to exchange Stefano for Stephanie, so they have to release Stefano right away. Victor refuses.

Stephanie gets off the table and pretends to stretch, all the while eyeing her cell phone.

EJ takes out his phone and calls Owen. Stephanie hears the phone ring and takes her chance. She knees Owen in the groin and makes a dash for the phone, grabbing it, answering it, and screaming for Phillip. Owen grabs her and holds her as she struggles and shrieks. EJ listens in and shakes his head, burying it in his hands.


Sami asks Rafe, “Are you asking me to marry you?”

Phillip tells Victor, “Thinking like that gets people dead, and I will not let Stephanie be next.”

Stephanie struggles, “Let go of me!” Owen shouts, “Don’t make me hurt you!”

Nicole asks EJ, “Something’s gone wrong, hasn’t it?”

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