Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/19/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami’s place, Sami and Rafe kiss. He jokingly asks what they were talking about. She laughs, saying that they were arguing. She puts her arms around his neck, asking if he’d like to finish the fight now or later. He suggests they never finish it and goes back to kissing her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip stands in the foyer and calls for Carlo. The man comes downstairs and Phillip asks him when he saw Stephanie last. Carlo says he saw her on the terrace a few hours ago, but that was the last time. Phillip flies into a rage, wondering what he pays the guards for. He adds angrily that they are supposed to keep track of who comes and goes at the mansion. Carlo tries to apologize, but Phillip doesn’t want to hear it. He orders Carlo to start searching the mansion for Stephanie. Carlo nods and heads off. Phillip takes out his phone and calls Stephanie, begging her to pick up.

At his father’s morgue, Owen’s phone rings. Stephanie lies on a table nearby, still unconscious. Owen frets, saying that the call can’t be from EJ, as he doesn’t recognize the number.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ curses, telling Owen to answer the phone. EJ hangs up in frustration, telling himself that Owen probably doesn’t recognize the number. He decides to send Owen a text message instead and does so. EJ sighs, telling his father to hold on a little longer.

Victor walks into Stefano’s cell. Stefano lies on the bed, gasping. Victor flashes back to EJ vowing that Stefano will get his revenge eventually. Victor scoffs, saying that Stefano is a sick old man, and that this is the end of an era. Victor comes back to present and surveys Stefano. He grins.

Owen’s phone rings again and he answers. This time it’s Phillip. He says he knows this is a long shot, but he’s called and asked the rest of the staff and hasn’t had any luck. He asks Owen if he has seen Stephanie. Owen hesitates. Phillip asks if he is still there. Stephanie begins to wake up as Owen stares in horror.

Outside the pub, Brady speaks over the phone with a client, explaining that he is handling things for Titan since Victor is semi-retired and Phillip is busy. He listens and explains to the man that he looked over the projections for his company next year, and he didn’t like what he saw. The man says goodbye and Brady hangs up with a sigh. Arianna comes out just then, apologizing for seeming like she always eavesdrops on his calls. She hands over a black credit card, saying that Brady left it behind. She adds that she has never actually seen one of the cards and Brady explains it’s just a corporate account. She chuckles, saying he must be cute and rich, then. His wife is a lucky girl. Brady is surprised she is complimenting him, considering how angry she was yesterday. She shrugs, saying she’s both feisty and honest. Brady asks suspiciously if this has anything to do with his credit card. Arianna scoffs, asking if he really thinks she is being nice to him because he has money.

Owen stammers, saying he hasn’t seen Stephanie. Phillip explains that he hasn’t felt well and lost track of the time, and the next thing he knew, Stephanie was gone. He thinks she may have gone for a walk on the grounds, but Owen says he hasn’t seen her. Just then, Stephanie groans. Owen claps his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and stares. Phillip listens in, confused.

Owen hurriedly shuts a moaning Stephanie back into the refrigerator. Phillip apologizes for calling him at home, but Owen tells him it’s ok. He advises Phillip not to worry about Stephanie since the mansion is as heavily guarded as Fort Knox. Phillip says he can’t help but do so, but Owen tactfully reminds him that he and Stephanie got into an argument earlier. Perhaps she took off on her own. Phillip considers this.

Johnny’s screams fill the living room of the mansion via the baby monitor. Nicole comes in, telling EJ that she and Mary have done everything they can, but he won’t calm down. EJ flies into a rage, saying he can’t concentrate with this incessant screaming. Furious, he wishes Johnny would just shut up. Nicole quietly switches off the baby monitor, saying that Johnny probably misses his mother. EJ agrees, saying that he probably shouldn’t have brought Johnny here. Nicole disagrees, saying that he’s much safer here than he is with Sami. She says she wishes there were something she could do for EJ, as she knows he is worried about his father. EJ hugs her, telling her she’s his rock and thanking her for being so supportive. She notices his phone is broken and asks what happened. EJ curses, saying he never should have let Sami in the house. Nicole asks if she did this and EJ nods. He says that if that stunt screwed things up for his father, then he is never going to forgive himself--or Sami.

Rafe lays Sami down on the couch and kisses her. She groans and pulls a plastic dinosaur out from underneath her. She chuckles. Rafe starts to kiss her again, but she stops him, worrying that Grace might wake up. Rafe says they don’t have to do this if she doesn’t want to, but Sami says she does. She is just worried that Rafe is going to come to his senses and realize that she looks and acts like she has four kids. Plus, she has so much baggage. Rafe assures her that he loves the fact that she has kids, and he loves everything else about her, too. She thinks he is too good to be true, but Rafe claims he isn’t.

Victor makes a motion towards the nurse. She comes over and sits down by Stefano’s side, preparing a syringe. Victor smiles, saying that EJ should be calling soon--or maybe not. Either way, this is finished.

Arianna scoffs, asking Brady who he thinks he is. She isn’t impressed by his money, his good looks, or if he has something huge packed away in his pants. Brady gapes. Arianna sighs, saying she meant the checkbook sticking out of his back pocket. Chuckling, Brady accuses her of checking out his butt. Arianna groans, saying she was just trying to do the right thing by a paying customer. Now, however, she is sorry she crossed paths with Brady again.

Rafe again tells Sami that he isn’t too good to be true. Sami sighs and explains that a lot of bad things have happened in her life. She’s resilient, sure, but she also usually ends up alone after all is said and done. She’s just afraid that she is going to end up pushing him away like she does with everyone else. In fact, she can hardly believe he is here right now. Rafe says he wants to be, but Sami doubts he could look her in the eye and tell her there isn’t a million places he would rather be. Rafe claims that there isn’t. There’s nowhere he’d rather be than with her. He adds he is happy, and asks if she is. She kisses him, saying he has no idea. Rafe break off the kiss, saying she doesn’t seem very happy. Sami sighs, saying she just wishes things were simpler. Rafe insists that he likes her life as it is, complications and all. He wouldn’t have it any other way. The two start to kiss again but Grace wails. Sami says she needs a bottle, but will go down for the night afterwards. She promises to be back in ten minutes. Rafe smiles, saying he will be right here waiting.

Carlo comes into the living room to tell Phillip that Stephanie isn’t in the house or on the grounds. Phillip asks him to check again, but to check her room first and see if her things are still here. Carlo agrees and heads off. Phillip takes out his phone and tries to call Stephanie again.

Stephanie’s phone vibrates by her side. Owen starts to get her out of the refrigerator, but his phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number and hesitates to answer, once again.

EJ hisses at Owen to pick up. Nicole says she is confused, as EJ’s operative should know his phone number by now. EJ fumes, explaining that Owen is a few cards short of a full deck. Nicole is sure everything will be alright, but EJ explodes, saying this is a complete disaster. Just then, Owen answers, asking who is calling. EJ hisses that it’s him and asks if Owen has her. Owen wonders how he can be sure this is EJ. EJ, furious, gives him the numerical pass code and explains he will be calling from this line from now on. He asks if their mission has been accomplished. Owen says it has, and asks EJ what he wants him to do with Stephanie. He listens, and says that isn’t a problem. Inside the refrigerator, Stephanie begins to wake up. She opens her eyes with a sob.

Sami comes out of the bedroom, saying that Rafe should have seen Grace. Sami stops short, noticing that Rafe is no longer in the room. She calls his name, sighing.

Phillip leaves Stephanie a voicemail, saying that he is sorry for their fight earlier. He asks her to call him, and tells her he loves her.

Stephanie sobs as her phone vibrates. She wonders where she is.

Carlo comes downstairs and tells Phillip that as far as he can tell, all of Stephanie’s belongings are in her room. Phillip asks about her engagement ring, but Carlo says he didn’t see it.

Stephanie sobs and cries out for Phillip. Wondering where she is, she reaches for her phone in her robe pocket. She sobs loudly.

EJ asks if Owen understands his instructions, and Owen says he does. He asks EJ if he wants to know where Stephanie is, but EJ claims he wants plausible deniability. He tells Owen not to do anything until he calls again. Owen agrees and hangs up. Stephanie sobs and dials a number on her phone. Owen opens the drawer and slides her out, snatching the phone from her. She sobs and stares in shock as she recognizes him. Owen says he is sorry, but he can’t let her make that call. He hopes she can understand that no one can know she is here. If anyone finds out, they’re both dead. Stephanie whimpers.

Sami sits on the couch and flashes back to Rafe telling her that he wants to be a bigger part of her life than she wants him to be. He adds that neither of them want that to be true, but it is. Sami’s reverie is interrupted by Rafe. He gently strokes her cheek with a rose. She is surprised to see him and kisses him. He picks her up and carries her into the bedroom where he has set up candles. Sami asks when he did this, and he explains he did it while she was feeding Grace. Sami admits ruefully that she thought he left. Rafe wonders what he has to do to convince her he isn’t going anywhere. The two kiss.

Brady accuses Arianna of flirting. She denies it. He says that he could tell that she was fishing when she made the comment about how lucky his wife is. It prompted him to say whether or not he was really married, and it wasn’t very subtle on her part. Arianna scoffs, asking if he is always like this with women--accusing them of trying to come on to him when they are just making polite conversation. Brady apologizes, saying he is divorced, actually, and hasn’t dated in a while, so he’s a little rusty with all this. Arianna asks what he means, and he explains that he was flirting with her. She chuckles, saying they already established that that wasn’t what was going on here. She adds that he doesn’t have to apologize, as she is pretty testy herself today. Brady smiles, admitting that he does think she is cute. She smiles and heads off. Brady grins. Phillip comes over just then. Brady is surprised to see him alone and asks about the guards. Philip stumbles, explaining that he asked them to keep their distance. Brady asks if he is ok, and Phillip says he is just a little woozy from the pills Daniel gave him. He asks Brady is he has seen Stephanie at the pub. Brady says he hasn’t, and notes that Phillip really ought to get home, as he looks awful. Phillip snaps, saying he isn’t the one Brady should be worried about. Brady asks if something has happened to Stephanie.

Victor calls EJ, saying he is surprised he hasn’t heard from him. EJ asks what Victor wants. Victor looks at Stefano, saying they gave him a large dose of insulin, and he’s awake and alert. The problem is that they’re now fresh out of it, and they have no plans on restocking. EJ calls him an SOB. Victor says it would behoove him to rein in his temper. He asks EJ if he is ready to sign the documents giving Victor control over DiMera Enterprises, or is his father going to die tonight?

Stephanie asks Owen with a sob where she is. Owen apologizes for the accommodations, saying it’s the best he could do on such short notice. She cries, accusing him of kidnapping her. She wonders why she is so weak, and Owen explains it’s the effects of the chloroform. He assures her it will wear off soon. She looks over and sees a tray of instruments. She gasps, noticing she’s in a morgue. Owen tries to comfort her, telling her to look on the bright side. At least she’s not dead and in the morgue. Stephanie wails. Owen tries to calm her down, saying he’s sorry, and that he didn’t want to do this. They made him. He adds that everything will work out if she just follows his instructions. She ask what he means and he explains he needs her to smile and look beautiful for a picture he is going to take, which shouldn’t be hard for her. Stephanie sobs as Owen arranges her hair and tries to soothe her. He takes out his phone to take a photo. Stephanie bawls.

Inside the pub, Phillip yells, wondering where the waitress is. She was supposed to get Caroline for him five minutes ago. Brady tries to calm Phillip down, asking again if something has happened to Stephanie. Phillip says nothing could have happened, since there are so many guards at the mansion. Brady says that isn’t an answer. Phillip wonders why Brady even cares, and what he suggests Phillip do, anyway. Brady thinks he should call the cops. Phillip scoffs. Brady wonders what else he is supposed to say when Phillip is acting this way. Phillip says Brady lost the right to weigh in when he went to Bo and ratted out his own family. Brady starts to interrupt, but Phillip tells him not to dare try to deny it. First he was a Kiriakis, then he was a DiMera, and now he’s a Brady. Brady retorts angrily that Phillip knows where he stands. After all, he has been keeping the company afloat while Phillip and his grandfather work on who’s going to be the next person murdered. Phillip glares, saying Brady is always looking out for number one. He adds that Brady only does the right thing because he’s afraid of getting caught. Brady sighs, saying he doesn’t want to argue, and that he just wants to help. Phillip retorts that Brady would be the last person he’d ask for help from and tells him to get out. Brady rolls his eyes and heads off.

EJ tells Victor angrily not to worry, and that he is going to be hearing from him soon. Victor asks if EJ has any last words for Stefano, but EJ tells him that he’ll say those words to Stefano himself. Victor scoffs, asking if EJ is planning to say them to Stefano’s face, or in his eulogy.

Owen asks Stephanie to try to smile for another picture, as she looked sad in the first. She cries and tells Owen he doesn’t have to do this. He says he is sorry, but he had no other option. He adds that he would never hurt Stephanie. He looks at her like one of those wild peach blossoms out in the garden. He would never lay a finger on them or on her. She sobs as Own asks her to try to smile. She says she can’t. Owen sighs, saying he’ll take what he can get, then. He takes her picture as she cries.

EJ speaks with someone over the phone, asking if they are sure he is there. The person answers and EJ tells him to leave it for now. He hangs up as Nicole walks in, saying she finally got Johnny down after reading him the same story ten times. EJ kisses her and thanks her. He says everything worked out and adds that he has to go take care of something. She kisses him and congratulates him, wishing him luck. He laughs, saying he doesn’t need it. He adds that someone’s eyes are about to be opened in a very big way. He kisses Nicole again and heads off.

Sami and Rafe drink champagne and make love to musical accompaniment. Afterwards, they talk. He chuckles, remembering their time at the safe house. He admits she was pretty hostile. She thumps him on the arm, saying he wasn’t very charming himself. He sighs, saying every time she turned on the tears, he couldn’t stay mad at her. He adds softly that Sami is all he has ever wanted in a woman. Sami bursts into tears.

At the pier, Phillip calls Max, asking him if he thinks Stephanie might have gone to visit her parents. He listens and thanks Max, asking him to call if he hears from Stephanie, but saying he is sure she is ok, and just went to see Steve and Kayla. He hangs up. EJ walks over with one of his goons in tow, noting that Phillip looks happy. He smirks, asking if things are going Phillip’s way.

Owen thanks Stephanie for letting him use her phone, saying his died. He should have been prepared, but he says he’s not used to doing these kinds of things. He sends EJ a text, telling him to contact him at hits number from now on. Stephanie stealthily reaches for a pair of scissors on a nearby table.

Phillip tells EJ everything is going well. He’s just happy to be alive. EJ scoffs, reminding him Tony isn’t. In fact, the scene of his death is right nearby, but Phillip just walks blithely by as if nothing happened. Phillip claims he thinks about Tony all the time. EJ asks if he thinks about Stefano, too. Phillip doesn’t understand. EJ hisses, asking if Phillip thinks he is an idiot. His pathetic father is holding Stefano hostage, and EJ has a message for Victor. Phillip asks what it is. EJ takes out his phone, saying neither Victor or Phillip are going to win.

Stephanie prepares to stab Owen in the back with the scissors.

Brady pays for coffee at the Java Café. Arianna walks up behind him, asking jokingly if she scared him away from the pub for good. He says she didn’t, and she admits that she thinks the coffee is better here, anyway. Brady agrees. Arianna says she wants to say something to him about what happened earlier. He turns around and jostles her. She spills her coffee down his shirt. Brady yelps in pain.

Sami tells Rafe that her tears aren’t manipulative this time--in fact, she has never been this happy. She says she has never felt this way before, either. The two kiss and begin to make love again.

Phillip thinks EJ is pretty cocky. He jokes with his own guard, asking if he thinks EJ is losing it, too. EJ thinks Phillip is the one that is about to lose it. Phillip chuckles, asking what he means. EJ grins, saying this is about Stephanie. Phillip’s smile fades. EJ grins, telling Phillip that he has her.

Victor asks Stefano how it feels to be the pawn instead of the king. He adds that he is interested to see which EJ values more--Stefano’s money or his life. Stefano scoffs, telling Victor to keep talking, but he trusts his son. Victor shrugs, saying it makes little difference to him what EJ does. He wins either way. Victor chuckles, saying that if Victor thinks EJ is going to play by his rules, he’s mistaken. In fact, if this were a game, Stefano would place everything he has on his son coming out victorious.

Owen whirls around and grabs Stephanie’s arm before she can stab him. He struggles for the scissors, saying he didn’t know she was the violent type. She says she isn’t and sobs as he gets the scissors from her. He says he isn’t either, and adds that he is her friend. She bawls, asking if he is crazy. He sighs and shuts her back into the refrigerator. Stephanie shrieks and cries, begging him to let her out.


Arianna asks Brady, “You’re related to Sami Brady?” He replies, “Yeah, she’s my step-sister. Why, you know her?” Arianna nods, “Yeah, not a fan.”

Rafe tells Sami, “I should do the right thing-I should make a proper commitment.”

Stefano says, “Come on, son. I’m counting on you.”

EJ tells Phillip, “I propose an exchange--a swap. And I want my father here--tonight.”

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