Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/18/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/18/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Sami demands to know where Stefano is and why EJ is afraid for Johnny’s life. EJ asks her not to jump to conclusions, but Sami says she has the right to know what is going on. She angrily asks him why there are guards outside. EJ says it’s none of her business. Sami says it most certainly is. They’re talking about her son, and she wants to know what is going on here.

At the pub, Rafe sits at the bar and orders a dozen roses over the phone. Arianna walks over and glares, asking if he could be any more of a suck-up. He sighs, saying he had a feeling he would run into her here. Angrily, she asks him what’s next--a diamond bracelet or a ring? Rafe asks her when it was she started hating Sami--before they met, or after? Arianna claims first impressions can be pretty telling, and Sami seems like a bitch on wheels. Rafe says he has heard enough and starts to head off, but Arianna calls after him that Sami is just going to break his heart. It’s only a matter of time. Rafe sighs.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Brady demands to know what drugs Mia was using while she was pregnant. She groans, saying she doesn’t use drugs or alcohol. She’s here because she told a friend she was in rehab. Surprised, Brady asks her why she would say something like that. Will walks into the kitchen just as Mia tells Brady that she didn’t want her friend to learn the truth about her. Brady asks her what it was she didn’t want him to know. Will listens in curiously.

Phillip stumbles around the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. He tries to sit down in a chair, but collapses on the floor. He gasps for air, calling out for Stephanie. He whispers that he is sorry and loses consciousness.

In what looks to be a morgue, Owen takes Stephanie out of one of the drawers in the wall. She appears to still be unconscious. Owen tells himself that he did what he had to do, and that he had no choice. He decides it’s time to call EJ and takes out his phone.

Sami tells EJ that she has a right to know if Johnny is in danger, but EJ scoffs, asking her if she really thinks he’d let Johnny stay here if he thought so. Sami asks what the guards are for, then. EJ ignores her question, assuring her again that Johnny is perfectly safe. Just then, his phone rings. He starts to answer, but Sami snatches the phone away, saying she isn’t giving it back until she gets some answers. She again says that she has a right to know what is going on, since she is Johnny’s mother. EJ sighs.

Rafe angrily tells Arianna that he doesn’t want to hear a word out of her mouth about Sami. She backs off, saying he doesn’t have to yell, but Rafe wonders how he is supposed to react when she keeps insulting the woman he is involved with. She vows that she is just looking out for him, but Rafe says this is none of her business, and that she needs to stay out of it. He starts to storm off, but Arianna asks him to stay and eat, promising not to say anything else disparaging about Sami. Reluctantly, Rafe takes a seat at a table and looks through the menu. Arianna asks Rafe if Sami is rich. He refuses to answer the question. Arianna guesses Sami isn’t and asks if she is some rock star in the bedroom. Rafe gives her a look, saying he is not going to discuss their sex life with her. Arianna smiles, saying she guesses he wouldn’t--especially if he and Sami haven’t even slept together yet. Rafe groans.

Owen tries to call EJ, urging him to answer the phone.

EJ tries to get his phone from Sami, but she asks him how he dares to try to take a phone call when they’re having a discussion about their son. EJ angrily gets the best of her and gets his phone away from her. Livid, Sami attacks him. EJ drops the phone and it breaks into several pieces when it hits the floor. Triumphantly, Sami tells him not to ever ignore her again. EJ glares.

Will walks over and greets Brady. Mia is surprised the two know each other, and Brady explains that Will’s mom, Sami, is his step-sister. Will, in turn, asks Mia and Brady how they know each other. Mia stammers. Will figures it’s private and heads off, saying he will let the two talk. Mia sighs. Brady asks Mia how she knows Will and she explains they go to school together. Brady guesses that Will is the friend Mia was speaking of and asks if he knows about her baby. Mia says he doesn’t, which is why she at this meeting to begin with. Brady asks her what she has been lying about to Will and Mia sighs, saying she’s lied about rehab, the baby, and just about everything else.

Daniel heads into the Kiriakis mansion, looking for Phillip and Victor. He walks into the living room and sees Phillip on the ground. He rushes over and checks his pulse, urging him to wake up. Phillip doesn’t respond. Daniel calls 911 and asks for an ambulance, saying a man is unconscious at the mansion. He continues to shakes Phillip, trying to rouse him.

Rafe says again that he refuses to discuss his sex life with his sister. Arianna guesses that Rafe is waiting for the perfect moment to sleep with Sami. He groans, telling her to get him a salad or he’s going to another restaurant. Besides, she promised not to talk about Sami anymore. Arianna says Sami is obviously important to him, since he doesn’t think about anything else. He grumbles, asking how she knows that, and she claims she can read him like a book. She accuses him of being obsessed with Sami and says she wishes she knew why.

EJ angrily asks Sami to look at what she has done. She apologizes. EJ refuses to accept it, and angrily tells her to get out. She folds her arms, saying she isn’t going anywhere and leaving Johnny with him. He flies into a rage, saying she is the one that is out of control here, not him. Sami scoffs, saying it’s just a cell phone, and she’ll buy him another one. She wonders what she big deal is, anyway.

Owen tries to call EJ again, but gets no answer. He wonders where the hell he is. Suddenly, Owen panics, guessing that EJ got caught. He groans, saying that now is going to get caught, too. We pan in on an unconscious Stephanie.

Daniel tells the 911 operator that Phillip isn’t dead, but he is unconscious. Just then, Phillip comes to. Daniel asks how he is and he says he is fine. Daniel repeats the address to the person on the phone, but Phillip says he isn’t going to the hospital and that he isn’t leaving this house. Daniel insists he must, since he just passed out. Phillip says it’s just a bad reaction to his medication and claims his head hurts. Daniel asks if he has been drinking , but Phillip explains that he is just tired. Daniel cancels the ambulance, but says that he needs to examine Phillip himself. Phillip sighs and agrees reluctantly, but says that Daniel mustn’t tell Stephanie about this.

Rafe asks Arianna if she wants to hear the real reason he is attracted to Sami, and she says she does. Rafe explains that Sami was going through a rough time while she was in witness protection, but she toughed it out. She’s also a great mother and she makes him laugh. Arianna says he forgot to mention that she’s beautiful, and Rafe says that is just icing on the cake. Arianna guesses that he is a goner when it comes to this girl and Rafe agrees. He notes, however, that Arianna hasn’t liked Sami from the start. He demands to know what Arianna has against Sami.

Owen groans, saying to himself that he knew in his gut that doing this was wrong. He never should have agreed to this plan. Owen flashes back to talking with EJ in the woods. He is hesitant about kidnapping Stephanie. EJ says he isn’t ‘kidnapping’ her, he’s ‘removing her from the premises.’ Owen sighs, saying that she has always been nice to him. He adds that she isn’t even a Kiriakis. EJ tells him that she is important to Phillip, who is a Kiriakis. EJ adds that Owen can’t back out of this scheme now. He agreed to the terms, and he must abide by them. Owen still isn’t sure and EJ adds that if his father learns of Owen’s betrayal, he won’t have long for his earth. Owen sweats, saying he’ll do the job. EJ asks Owen where he plans on taking Stephanie to, and Owen says he thinks he knows a place. Just then, Owen’s reverie is interrupted by an older man. He walks into the room, asking Owen what he is doing here.

EJ starts to call Sami an SOB as he continues to try to fix his phone. Sami scoffs, saying there are a hundred phones around the house. He can call the person back on one of those. EJ says angrily that he can’t exactly do that. Sami gasps, asking if the phone she broke was a untraceable line. She fumes, asking what EJ and Stefano are up to. EJ doesn’t answer. She demands to know what is going on. EJ explodes, saying the only thing she needs to know is that her and her little orphan will be safer the more quickly they get out of this house. Sami gapes.

Mia tells Brady that she hates lying to Will, since he is such a nice guy. Brady asks why she made the story up about rehab, and Mia tells him about a former friend from Salem West that told Will about her dropping out of school, and the rumor that she was on drugs. She honestly thought that if she told Will she was an addict, he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her. Brady says that Will is a good kid, and that he isn’t like that. In fact, the thinks Will would be understanding if Mia told him the truth about her baby. Mia asks Brady excitedly if it is really ok that she tell Will she gave her baby to Nicole. She adds that she would love to do that, as she doesn’t want to lie anymore.

Daniel asks Phillip why he can’t say anything to Stephanie, and he explains that she would just worry. Daniel asks Phillip how many pills he took, but he isn’t exactly sure. He thinks he took whatever Daniel prescribed. He admits he doesn’t remember much after he took them and asks Daniel if that is normal. Daniel says it could be a side effect or--someone could have tried to drug Phillip again.

The man leans over and peers at the floor as Owen hurriedly shoves Stephanie back into the refrigerator. He greets the man as Dad as he complains about the floor being dirty. Owen says he thought his father had gone to the Ozarks, but he explains a mortician’s conference came up, so he had to push his trip back a few days. He adds that he is leaving for the conference at dawn, and Owen suggests he get home and pack. His father wants to know what he is doing here, and Owen says he has been thinking of a career change. He wants to be a mortician like his father. His dad is surprised, saying he didn’t think Owen was interested, but he says he is. After all, this feels like home to him. We pan in on Stephanie, unconscious inside the morgue’s refrigerator.

Arianna reminds Rafe that Sami’s family owns this restaurant, so she has heard things. Plus she’s met her twice now. Rafe asks what she has heard, but Arianna doesn’t remember specifics. She just knows that Sami seems needy, clingy, and high-maintenance. Rafe scoffs, saying that Sami is none of those things. Arianna accuses Rafe of trying to play the hero by riding to the rescue and helping Sami, but Rafe doesn’t think she needs rescuing or help. Arianna sighs, saying that Sami is a single mom with four kids. Of course she needs help. Rafe starts to storm off, but Arianna asks him to wait, saying that she just wants him to be happy. If Sami does that, then that is great, but she wants him to really think about what he is getting himself into. Rafe says he has, and that this is what he wants. He heads off. Arianna sighs.

Sami screams at EJ to get her son--now. EJ tells her that they are surrounded by security. Nothing could possibly happen to Johnny as long as he is here. Grace wails. Sami heads over, saying she needs her bottle, but notes ruefully that she forgot to bring it. EJ thinks that is all the more reason for her to head home. Sami glares, saying she will be back for Johnny in the morning. She adds that she doesn’t ever want to hear EJ speak about her beautiful little girl the way he did before. She is her daughter, not an orphan. EJ reminds Sami that Grace is not his daughter, and given Sami’s antipathy toward him, he sees no reason to be courteous to either of them. He tells Sami to get out. She says she will, with pleasure, and storms off with Grace.

Brady says that he can’t tell Mia what to do here. On the one hand, being honest is important, but on the other, she made a promise to Nicole. Mia asks him what he would do, and he says he would keep his promise, even thought he knows it will be difficult to keep this from Will. He reminds her, however, that Will could slip up and EJ could find out. Then everyone’s life will be a nightmare, Sydney’s most of all. Brady doesn’t think Mia wants that. Mia agrees, shaking her head. Brady also reminds her that she promised to keep her pregnancy and Nicole’s adoption a secret. Those were the terms of the deal she made. Mia sighs.

Phillip asks Daniel if he thinks the DiMeras might have tampered with his medication. Daniel isn’t sure. Phillip hands over the pill bottle, and Daniel says he will have these tested in the lab, and he’ll also prescribe Phillip something else. He insists Phillip be checked out at the hospital, but Phillip refuses to go, saying there’s no way the DiMeras got in here with all the guards. He is sure he just had a bad reaction to the medication.

Owen’s dad hugs him and heads off, warning him to stay out of trouble. Owen sighs and pulls Stephanie out of the refrigerator. He tries to call EJ again and gets no answer. Worriedly, Owen wonders what he is going to do.

EJ searches through the manila envelope Stefano secreted behind his portrait. He finds something he is looking for and grins, telling Stefano out loud to hold on a little longer. EJ is going to free him from the Kirakises soon.

Rafe shows up at Sami’s place with roses. He says they are for the ruined date the night before, but Sami squeaks that the date was perfect. The two kiss. He asks what has happened to her voice as she lets him in. Sami ruefully explains that she got in a shouting match with EJ when he wouldn’t let her take Johnny for the night. Rafe says he has to give Johnny up if it is her night, and Sami explains that EJ thought Johnny was safer at the mansion. She sighs, saying she just wants her son out of that madhouse. Rafe suggests she do something about this. Sami asks what, and Rafe hands her the phone, saying she should call the police.

Brady hands Mia a glass of water as she says she will just keep Nicole’s secret. After all, she’s kept it this long already. Just then, Will walks in, telling the two that the meeting is getting ready to begin. Brady says he has a work thing that he forgot about, and asks Will to tell Maggie that he will be here for the next meeting. Will agrees and Brady tells the two goodbye as he heads out the door. Will asks Mia if something is wrong. She doesn’t answer. Angry, Will demand to know if Brady said anything to make her upset.

Phillip insists that if someone tampered with his medication to kill him, then they obviously failed, since he is feeling better already. Daniel still thinks Phillip ought to go to the hospital, and offers to drive him, but Phillip refuses, saying he wants to spend time with his fiancée. Daniel gapes. Phillip grins, saying it’s official. He asked Stephanie to marry him, and she said she would.

Owen tells Stephanie with a grin that they may be alright. Even if Mr. DiMera gets caught, he has no idea where they are. He smiles, saying that Stephanie is going to have to put up with him for a little longer. His smile fades as he notices one of Stephanie’s earrings is missing. He gasps, wondering where the other one is.

EJ searches through the desk for a phone with which he can call Owen.

Sami tells Rafe that she can’t just call the police. For one, she doesn’t want to put Johnny through something like that, and for the other, the mansion is crawling with guards. She’s afraid something big is going down. Rafe thinks that is all the more reason to get the police involved, but she tells Rafe that her dad said he couldn’t screw this up, and that he needs evidence and a search warrant before can think of busting the DiMeras. Rafe says the DiMeras will never let that happen. Sami sighs, saying she isn’t even sure what the police could look for--all she knows is that EJ scared the hell out of her. Rafe vows to go have a talk with EJ himself. Sami tries to stop him, but Rafe heads off determinedly.

Outside the pub, Brady calls Nicole and tells her to call him back, as there is something she needs to know about Mia. Arianna walks out just then and pauses, rummaging through her purse. Brady hangs up, irritated, and asks Arianna who the hell she is and why she is listening in on his phone calls. Arianna scoffs, reminding him she works here, and that she got him the ice pack the night he got himself beaten up. She explains that she was just heading out to her car, and that he ought to stop yakking in public places if he doesn’t want to be overheard. She starts to head off, but Brady stops her, demanding to know what it is she overheard him say.

Mia tells Will that Brady didn’t say anything to upset her, and that this is about her. This is all her fault. Will asks what is her fault, and she says she lied--to him and to Brady. Will asks what she lied about, and Mia says her addiction.

Arianna asks Brady to let her by. He refuses, reminding her that he asked nicely what she overheard him saying. She huffs, saying she wasn’t eavesdropping on him. She was just walking out to her car. She agrees, however, to answer Brady’s question if he answers hers. He agrees and she asks him if he is always this rude, or if he saves it for special occasions. He apologizes, admitting he has had a rough week. Arianna nods, saying she didn’t overhear him say anything. She doesn’t tend to eavesdrop in on conversations of people she doesn’t know. Brady apologizes again, asking if they can start over. He introduces himself. Arianna scoffs, saying she doesn’t exactly want to be friends since he started out treating her so badly. She says goodnight. Brady says goodnight, too, adding ‘until next time.’ Arianna asks what that is supposed to mean.

Phillip doesn’t think Daniel is too happy to hear the news of his engagement, but Daniel says that he is just surprised, considering the recent attempts on Phillip’s life. Phillip shrugs, saying that it just made him realize that life is short, and that he and Stephanie love each other, so they shouldn’t wait. Daniel says that he wishes Phillip and Stephanie every happiness. Phillip flashes back to arguing with Stephanie earlier, and accusing her of not being happy being engaged to him. He comes back to the present and sighs, telling Daniel that he can let himself out. Daniel asks where he is going, and Phillip says that he is going to find his fiancée.

Owen panics, searching for the earring around the room. He flashes back to EJ telling him not to ask any more questions about the motives for Stephanie’s kidnapping. EJ tells him that the less he knows, the better. Owen comes back to the present and sweats, worrying that the earring may lead the DiMera’s enemies right to him and Stephanie. He frets, burying his head in his hands.

EJ heads over to the safe and finds a phone in a box inside. He smiles, quietly thanking Stefano.

Sami tells Rafe that he can’t just go over to the DiMera mansion and get into it with EJ. Rafe snorts, asking if he is just supposed to be ok with it every time EJ treats her like crap. He says he won’t tolerate it, and that he is putting EJ DiMera on notice. If he hurts Sami, then EJ is going to have to answer to him.

Will asks Mia if this means she isn’t an addict, but she says she was. What she meant when she said she was lying was that she doesn’t come to these meetings at all. In fact, this is her first one since rehab. Will asks why she would lie about such a thing, and Mia says she didn’t want him to judge her. She thought that if he thought she was being a good girl and doing all she could to get clean, then he would want to be friends with her. Will says that he just wants her to get help. Mia assures him she hasn’t taken any drugs since she went into rehab. Will still thinks she should go to meetings and asks if she is ready to join the one beginning in the other room. Mia says she is, as long as he is still her friend. Will says she is and smiles, heading off to the living room. Mia sighs and follows him.

Brady says that he meant he would see Arianna soon since she works here, and he is somewhat of a regular. He introduces himself again and she does the same, shaking his hand. She asks jokingly if he is named after the pub or something. Brady chuckles, saying he isn’t, but it’s family-operated. Arianna sighs, saying she ought to find a new job, then. There’s no telling what he will say to Caroline. Brady insists that Caroline makes up her own mind about people. Besides, he wouldn’t really say anything bad about her. He admits that he likes the feisty types. She grins, saying he hasn’t really seen ‘feisty’ yet.

Phillip comes out onto the patio and finds Daniel pouring coffee. He explains that he was hoping to catch Victor and asks if Phillip found Stephanie. Philip shakes his head, saying he can’t find her anywhere. Daniel gets a page just then, and says he has to go, but urges Phillip to call him if he has any more side effects. He also asks Phillip to congratulate Stephanie for him and heads off. Phillip sighs, saying he would if he could find her. He flashes back to Stephanie crying and saying that she can’t pretend to be happy with everything that’s going on right now. Phillip suggests that they not get married, then. Stephanie agrees and storms off. Phillip comes back to the present and gasps, “Oh, no.”

Owen paces around frantically as his phone rings. He takes it out of his pocket and looks at the caller ID, hesitating.

EJ does his own pacing at the mansion, hissing at Owen to answer the phone.

Rafe calls EJ a jerk, but Sami says it really isn’t like that. Besides, she’s used to EJ. Rafe gets angry, saying that the guy is practically kidnapping her child. He fumes, adding that EJ thinks he can get away with whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and Rafe just won’t accept that. He asks if she can understand that he is doing this for her, and that she isn’t alone in all of this. Sami cuts him off, pulling him in for a kiss. Rafe responds.


Victor asks EJ, “You have all the documents signed, or is your father going to die tonight?”

Brady tells Phillip, “Something happened to Stephanie.” He replies, “Nothing could have happened to Stephanie with all those guards at the house.”

Owen tells Stephanie, “Nobody can ever know that you were here--instead, if they find out--we’re both dead.”

Rafe asks Sami, “What do I have to do to convince you that I’m not going anywhere?”

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