Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/15/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/15/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At her place, Sami holds Grace and assures her that Rafe is going to take care of Dr. Baker for them, and make sure he never tells anyone about Sami giving birth to her. Sami smiles, saying EJ is never going to find out the truth.

EJ sits in the living room of the DiMera mansion. The butler brings Johnny down, and he rushes into EJ’s arms. EJ hugs him, asking if he has had a bath and brushed his teeth. Johnny nods. EJ says Nicole will read him a story upstairs, but if he wants to be read two, he just needs to tickle her. Johnny giggles as EJ shows him how to do it. The butler notices Stefano’s portrait on the ground and asks what happened. EJ says nothing important, but the butler thinks Stefano will be furious when he returns. EJ grins, saying that he thinks Stefano will be just fine when he sees the portrait.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie heads out onto the patio. Owen startles her, saying that it’s too chilly to be out in her nightgown, but Stephanie says it feels nice to her. She asks what Owen is still doing here. He pulls out a screwdriver, saying he just has a few loose ends to tie up. Stephanie thinks it’s too dark to garden, but Owen gives her a knowing look, saying she’d be surprised at what a man can do when he has to.

Sami puts Grace in her crib, and wonders where her big brother is. Sami picks up the phone and dials.

EJ tells Johnny that Nicole bought him some movies about monkeys as his phone rings. He sighs, seeing it’s Sami, and answers. She asks if he is running late, but EJ says he has decided not to bring Johnny by her place tonight. Sami fumes, saying that tonight is her night with Johnny. She made plans. EJ shrugs, saying plans change. He’s sorry, but Johnny isn’t coming over there right now. Sami huffs.

Melanie comes downstairs into the kitchen at Maggie’s place and greets Maggie, who is baking quiche. Melanie asks what’s going on, and Maggie explains that it’s her turn to host the local twelve-step meeting. She hands Melanie a piece of quiche and invites her to join them, but Melanie makes up an excuse about having to go to the library. While Maggie’s back is turned, she shoves the quiche in the fruit bowl. Maggie tells her to have fun and heads off. Melanie smirks, saying she’ll have a lot more fun than Maggie will. Just then, Brady walks into the kitchen. Melanie tells him about the meeting and suggests they take off for the Java Café. Brady says he can’t, as he is actually here for the meeting.

Will heads into the Java Café and spots Mia. He heads over, asking if she got all of his messages. She nods. Will huffs, asking why she never called him back. He asks her if they aren’t friends anymore.

Stephanie tells Owen that she doesn’t understand. Owen says he is sure she doesn’t, but he thinks he can explain it. Just then, Phillip walks out, asking Owen what the hell he is doing.

Mia tells Will that they are still friends, it’s just that--She breaks off. Will asks what she means. She doesn’t answer. Irritated, he raises his voice. Mia gapes and Will sits down, apologizing for yelling. He tells her he is going to be straight with her and admits that when he returned to Salem, he wasn’t sure if he was staying or not. Then Mia came along, and she was someone he could talk to, so he decided to stay. Now she won’t even return his calls. Mia smiles, embarrassed, and apologizes, saying she thought Will was mad at her. Will asks if she means about the rehab stuff and she nods. Will shakes his head, saying that what happened or who she was last year doesn’t matter. She’s different now. Mia asks if he is sure he won’t be worried with her around his sister, but Will wonders why he would care. After all, Grace lights up every time Mia holds her. Mia asks if that is true, and he nods, asking if they are cool. Mia says they are, and asks if Will is sure he doesn’t judge her for what happened. He says he doesn’t but wonders what it was she was hooked to. Mia claims she did drugs, but she mostly drank a lot. Will tells her that his dad is an alcoholic, too. He was sober for years, but then took a drink one day and nearly died. He adds that his dad says not drinking is a battle every day, but he doesn’t think Mia seems like she is battling anything. Mia explains that she goes to a meeting every single night. Will asks if he can go with her tonight. Mia fidgets uncomfortably.

Sami angrily tells EJ that he doesn’t get to make the rules. Irritated, he says he is sorry, but something came up. She asks what came up. EJ sighs, saying he isn’t at liberty to discuss it, but he needs Johnny here tonight and for the next few days. Sami refuses to let that happen. EJ asks her quietly not to fuss. He will explain everything to her later, but for now, he is waiting on a phone call and he needs to put Johnny to bed. Grace wails. Sami huffs, saying that Grace has a fever, and is crying, and she really doesn’t have time for all this. EJ says that is all the more reason for Johnny not to come over, since Grace isn’t feeling well. He says goodbye and hangs up on Sami. She fumes.

Brady explains to Melanie that by the time he got clean and sober, he had almost died, had wasted years of his life, and had ruined his marriage. He explains that these meetings keep him centered and remind him that is still a recovering addict and always will be. Melanie asks if he goes to a meeting every night, but Brady says he only goes to a couple a week. Sometimes he goes more often when he is under stress. Melanie assumes he is stressed out now, considering what is going on with Phillip. Brady nods. Melanie assures him Phillip will be ok. She wonders if Brady knows that, too. He doesn’t answer, and changes the subject, saying Maggie could probably use some help setting up the chairs. Melanie brushes the suggestion off, saying she knows why Brady is worried, After all, hearing the news that Stephanie and Phillip were engaged was enough to make her an addict, too. Brady gasps in surprise.

Phillip reminds Owen that he was dismissed hours ago, but Owen claims he was just getting his tools in order for the morning,. Phillip chuckles, telling him to get out of here and go get a life and Owen laughs good-naturedly, thanking Phillip. Phillip suggests he and Stephanie head back inside and the two leave. Owen curses, saying Phillip ingested the drugged lemonade hours ago. How is he still awake?

Phillip and Stephanie head into the living room. Phillip pours more coffee, saying he can’t sleep. Stephanie doubts he needs more caffeine, but Phillip gets angry, slurring his speech and saying that he can’t sleep because of her. She asks what he means and he growls that he thought she was happy to be marrying him. She says she is, but Phillip doesn’t believe her.

Owen gets a call from EJ, asking why their plan is taking so long. Owen tells him that it’s happening right now, in fact.

Mia tells Will that she goes to the meetings alone all the time, but he says he really wants to go with her--unless she doesn’t want him to. Mia says she does, and says it’s nice that he wants to be there with her. Will says again that he does, and adds that he needs to drop some stuff off at home before they go. Mia sighs.

Melanie asks Brady if he knew about the engagement. He stares in shock, asking if they are just talking about it, or if Phillip and Stephanie really got engaged. Melanie nods, saying it happened today. Her ring is the size of a planet, too. Brady shakes his head, saying he’ll be damned. Melanie nods, saying it’s the worst news ever. Brady stares at her in surprise. Melanie asks Brady why he was worried about Phillip if he didn’t know about the engagement. She asks if this has to do with the DiMeras. Brady advises that she let this go. She says she is just worried because Phillip was almost killed, but Brady gives her a look. She asks if he thinks she is jealous of Stephanie and he nods. She claims she isn’t. She’s maybe a little jealous, because Phillip is so handsome and rich, and because Stephanie won and she lost, but it’s not about her and how she feels. She claims that there are other reasons why she doesn’t think their impending marriage is a good idea. Brady shrugs, saying the two seem happy. Melanie admits that they do love each other, but it won’t be long before Stephanie becomes unhappy, and then Phillip will be unhappy, too. Melanie adds that Stephanie is never going to accept what Phillip does, who he is, and how he acts and she never will.

Phillip says he meant to tell Stephanie all this before he went to bed, but he didn’t, so he is saying it now. Stephanie insists that she wants to marry him. He goes ballistic, yelling that he heard what she and Melanie were talking about. Stephanie, taken aback, says that he is scaring her. Phillip goes on slurring that he is in love with her, and he put a ring on her finger. He thought she was happy. Stephanie claims she is. Phillip counters that she only pretends, because when others are around, she admits it might not work out. Stephanie bursts into tears, saying that Melanie said those things, not her. Owen walks in the front door and overhears as Phillip shouts that she didn’t exactly call Melanie out on it. Phillip demands that Stephanie tell him that she wants to be with him, and that she can handle living like this. Stephanie sighs, saying he knows she can’t tell him that.

Will and Mia head into his place. Sami says they are just in time, and says she has to run an errand, asking if they can watch Grace for a little while. Will explains they have something to do. Mia says they can forget about that, since his mom needs help, but he reminds her that it’s important that she go. Sami interrupts, saying she doesn’t mind taking Grace herself. She already has her in the stroller, anyway. Will heads off to drop some things off in his room. Sami collects her phone and keys while Mia gushes over Grace, saying how special she is in comparison to other babies. Sami agrees and thanks Mia for saying so. Mia holds the door for Sami and she heads off with Grace. Mia closes the door and hurries over to the computer, looking up locations of AA meetings in Salem.

Melanie asks Brady why he has to act like he’s her psychiatrist. She asks him if he thinks that she can be worried about Stephanie and Phillip’s future without having an ulterior motive. Brady thinks she’s too smart to ask that, and Melanie isn’t sure if that is a compliment or a putdown. Suddenly, she notices that she lost her bracelet. She groans, saying she must have dropped it at the pub when she was talking to her brother. Brady asks if it was expensive and she says it was for the dumb guy that bought it for her. Brady shakes his head disapprovingly. She adds lamely that the guy was sweet, too. Just then, Maggie walks in, asking if she is interrupting. Melanie stammers that she isn’t and heads off, flustered. Brady and Maggie exchange looks.

Stephanie suggests that Phillip get some rest, and that they discuss this in the morning, but Phillip says that he wants an answer now. Stephanie scoffs, saying she can’t give an answer to a hypothetical question about how she’ll feel about him in a decade. Phillip leans on the table and breathes heavily, telling her that he wants an answer. She starts to storm off, but he grabs her. Stephanie bawls, saying she can’t tell him that she is very happy with their lives right now, because she isn’t. Phillip says that she probably shouldn’t marry him, then. Angry, Stephanie agrees that she shouldn’t. She storms off to the patio. Phillip tries to follow, but he stumbles and collapses onto the sofa. His eyes close. Outside, Stephanie says to herself that things will be better tomorrow. She sits down on one of the chairs and sighs. Owen pops up out of the bushes and claps a rag over her mouth. Stephanie shrieks, but the rag muffles her cries.

Will comes out of his room and asks Mai if she is checking her email. She says she was, and he asks if she is ready to go. She nods, and the two head off.

EJ hears a knock at the door and Marco is there, saying that Sami dropped by, and since he had seen her before, and she has a kid with her, he let her in EJ nods and Sami hurries in with Grace, saying she has come to get her son. EJ says that he already explained that he wasn’t bringing him by and Sami nods, saying that is why she is here. She asks if she needs to call the sheriff to back her up, but EJ says that won’t be necessary. This will all work itself out in a few days. Sami retorts that the two of them are going to work this out tonight. EJ says that she needs to understand--Sami interrupts, saying all she needs to understand is that she wants to be with her children, and she is taking Johnny home with her. EJ shakes his head, saying she isn’t.

Maggie tells Brady how proud she is of him. He thanks her, saying that she really helped him during some of those tough night in rehab. He would think of her, and know he could make it since she did. Maggie’s eyes fill with tears, and she tells Brady how much it means to her to hear him say that. Just then, the doorbell rings. Brady heads off to answer it with a tray of refreshments. Maggie starts to follow, but someone knocks on the back door. Maggie opens it to find Mia. Thinking she is here to talk, she tells Mia that this isn’t really a good time. Mia stammers and Maggie figures out that she is here for the meeting. Mia nods. She adds that she is bringing a friend with her, but he isn’t--Maggie cuts her off, saying she understands, adding that it’s an open meeting. Mia thanks her for being so nice to her at the café the other day, but ask Maggie not to mention it to her friend. Maggie agrees, reminding her this is an anonymous meeting, after all. Mia thanks her and hugs her. Brady comes back into the kitchen and stares, recognizing Mia.

Melanie is at the pub, talking to Max over the phone. She explains that the waitress hadn’t seen the bracelet, and she was wondering if Max picked it up. She listens and sighs in disappointment, thanking him anyway. She hangs up and gasps, “Phillip’s house!”

Stephanie shrieks and struggles. Owen holds her, shushing her until she finally passes out.

Henderson wakes Phillip up, saying that he doesn’t seem well and asks if he should call a doctor. Phillip insists that he is fine and tells Henderson to go back to doing whatever he was doing. Henderson shakes his head, saying he will be in his room if Phillip needs him. He heads off. Phillip gets a call just then from Melanie. He answers, and she begs him not to hang up, saying she thinks she lost an expensive bracelet at his house. Phillip mumbles that he saw it, and it’s on the patio. Melanie wonders what it is doing out there and asks Phillip go check and see if it is still on the patio.

Brady heads off before Mia sees him. Will comes in the back door just then, and Mia says she hopes it’s ok if her friend joins them. Maggie says it is of course, and asks Will how he has been. He says he’s alright. Mia asks if the two know each other and Will explains that she is his Aunt Maggie. Mia looks at him, flabbergasted. Maggie assures Mia that everything is alright. They can talk later if she wants, but these meetings are mainly about support. Nothing that is said here leaves these walls. Maggie adds that that goes for Will too, and he agrees. The doorbell rings again and Maggie offers to give the two a minute alone, but Mia says she needs some time to herself. Will and Maggie head off, carrying trays. Mia sits at the kitchen table and sighs, wondering how this day could get worse. She tells herself that she’ll just ask Will if they can leave, and then she can get out of here. Just then, Brady walks in. He asks Mia what she is doing here. She sighs.

Phillip tells Melanie to go to hell, and that he isn’t getting her bracelet for her. She sighs, asking if she can come get it herself. Phillip ignores her and launches into a lecture about her talking to Stephanie. He ends by mumbling that she’s a bitch. Melanie says he sounds funny and asks if he is feeling well. Phillip ignores her, yelling that he loves Stephanie. Melanie says she gets it and hopes the two will be happy. She asks again if she can come get her bracelet, but Phillip tells her to forget it and hangs up on her. Melanie shakes her head, wondering what s going on with him. Phillip tries to get up off of the sofa and collapses on the floor.

Stephanie lies in a bin full of leaves, unconscious. Owen looks around worriedly and piles more leaves on top of her.

Mia groans, asking if everyone in Salem attends twelve step meetings. Brady says he normally wouldn’t ask this of a person, but considering the circumstances, Mia needs to talk. After all, Nicole thinks she has a perfectly healthy baby. Mia is aghast, saying she would never do that to a baby. Brady reminds her she is at this meeting. That means she has either been abusing drugs or alcohol. Mia starts to protest, but then says she doesn’t have to talk to him. She starts to leave, but Brady says she isn’t going anywhere. For Nicole’s sake and for that baby’s sake, he needs to know what drug she is addicted to.

Sami tells EJ angrily that he is turning into his father. She adds that she and EJ share custody of Johnny. This her night, and she’s taking him. EJ reminds her Grace has a fever. Sami says he doesn’t get to decide if Johnny is around Grace or not--she does. EJ sighs, asking if he can look at the baby, but Sami stands in font of her stroller, saying she doesn’t want him anywhere near her daughter. There’s no telling what he’s already done to Johnny. EJ sighs, reminding her that she told him herself that he was a good father. He admits the real reason he wants Johnny is around is that he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Sami gasps, asking if he is afraid for his life, and if that is why the bodyguards are everywhere. EJ doesn’t really want her to know anything, but Sami heads into the living room, saying that if their son’s life could be in danger, she isn’t going anywhere. She sees Stefano’s ripped-open portrait on the floor and asks EJ what the hell is going on here.

Owen covers Stephanie’s face with leaves and starts to head off with the bin, but runs into Melanie and one of the Kiriakis guards. He stammers, saying he is just working overtime since the spring has been so busy for him. Melanie stares, saying she doesn’t care, and reminds the guard that her bracelet is on the terrace. He says she told him ten times already and the two head off. Owen breathes a sigh of relief and pushes the bin away.

Mia says she has to go, but Brady says it’s only fair that he know what is going on so he can have Nicole take Sydney to the doctor. Mia insists again that she has never touched drugs, and she hates alcohol. Brady, confused, asks why she is here then, and Mia explains that she told a friend she went to rehab. Brady asks why she would do that. Mia says she had to keep him from finding out the truth. Will walks into the kitchen just in time to hear Brady ask her what truth she had to keep secret.

EJ tells Sami that he and Stefano just had a little argument, and it’s no big deal. She asks if Stefano is gone, and if that is why EJ is fearful of Johnny’s life. EJ says he’d rather her not jump to conclusions. He pours a drink as Sami goes nuclear, saying that she has every right to know what is going on here. She demands some answers.

Phillip tries to get up off the floor. He calls out for Stephanie, wondering where she went. He slumps against a chair, mumbling that he is sorry.

On the patio, Carlo tries to put Melanie’s bracelet back on as she gives him a hard time. He finally gets it back on and offers to show her the way out. Melanie suddenly notices that one of Stephanie’s earrings is on the ground. She picks it up curiously.

Owen has brought Stephanie to what looks like an autopsy room. She lies on an exam table as he folds her hands over her stomach. Owen wheels her over to some gigantic drawers built into the wall and slides her into one, shutting the door and leaving her in complete darkness.


Mia says, “I lied, Will. To Brady and to you.” Will asks, “About what?”

Arianna says, “She’s just going to break your heart, Rafe.”

EJ vows, “I’m going to get you free from those Kiriakises, father. Just hold on a little longer.”

Daniel inspects an unconscious Phillip, “I need an ambulance at 13201 Glen Oaks Drive. No, a man has passed out. Phillip!”

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