Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/14/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/14/09


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Victor heads into Stefano’s room/cell and watches him. Stefano vegetates.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ gazes at a photo of Owen, wondering if he is up to the job.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Owen lurks behind the bushes near the patio and watches Phillip and Stephanie. The two kiss and Stephanie asks Phillip how physical therapy was. He says it was fine, but claims he’s thirsty. He picks up the glass of lemonade that Owen brought for Stephanie. Just as he begins to drink it, Owen rushes out from behind the bushes, yelling that the vase of flowers is going to fall. He stumbles against the table and knocks it over. He falls to the ground and Stephanie giggles. Phillip looks on angrily as Owen apologizes profusely.

In the foyer of the DiMera mansion, Nicole wishes Dr. Baker good luck over the phone and says goodbye. She hangs up, adding ‘good riddance’ and says to herself that he had better never call her again. She kneels down and talks to Sydney in her stroller, confiding in her that she has dodged another bullet. Nicole tells her that her mommy is the luckiest woman in the world.

Owen continues to apologize, telling Phillip that he didn’t mean to knock the flowers over. He curses himself for being so clumsy. His phone rings as Phillip tells him Henderson will take care of the mess. Stephanie reminds him he gave the staff the night off. Phillip grumbles, asking Owen to answer his phone, as it’s loud. Owen steps a few feet away and answers. It’s EJ, and he wants to know if everything is going as scheduled. Owen tells him that roses need more water than that. EJ is confused at first, then gets that Owen can’t really talk right now. EJ says he just wants to know if their plan has gone into effect. Owen looks over at Phillip, who is drinking the lemonade intended for Stephanie. Owen groans, telling EJ that he may want to consider changing his order.

Max cleans a sign outside the pub as Melanie comes over. He asks if she is off work, but she says she is just on a break. She complains that the hospital is boring. She jokingly suggests that she start working here, but worries that Max would just yell at her all the time--which is sort of like her experience at the hospital thus far. She chuckles and notes that the pub isn’t busy. Max shrugs, saying it has off days sometimes. He figures they’ll get a little bump before closing , but that’s it. Melanie compliments him, saying it sounds like he really knows his stuff. Max shrugs, saying he has to. It’s the family business, after all. He sighs, admitting that he thinks of his Pop every day he works. Melanie sighs, saying she’s just glad their own father, Professor Scum-sucker, handed Max over to the Bradys. She sighs, wishing he hadn’t kept her. Max gives her a look and she apologizes, saying she just gets sad sometimes. Max sighs, saying he wishes she had been around when he was a kid. Melanie says she wishes that, too. She wipes back tears and laughs, saying she was a holy terror as a child. Max jokes that she isn’t much different these days. She thumps him on the arm and says that Bo and Hope’s daughter is an angel, on the other hand. Max agrees, saying she’s had to stay with Caroline a lot lately since Bo and Hope are so enmeshed with this feud between the DiMera and Kiriakis families. Max sighs, saying he is just glad Melanie isn’t involved with either one of those families anymore. She looks at him guiltily. Max asks her suspiciously if she is involved with either family. Melanie fidgets.

Inside the pub, Hope tries to get Bo’s attention. He apologizes for being such a bad dinner date, and she sighs, knowing that he is just worried about the war between Stefano and Victor. Bo admits that’s it been quiet for a week, but after the attempts on Phillip’s life, he knows Victor is planning on ramping things up. Hope wonders if there is any way to stop him, but Bo says he can’t unless he knows what is going down. All he knows right now is that something is going to happen. Bo adds that someone is probably going to get hurt or killed very soon.

Owen tells EJ that the flower he ordered may not be available. EJ says he doesn’t understand, and tells Owen sternly to say what he means. Owen says he is sorry, but he will have to call him back. He hangs up. Phillip asks if he had some kind of gardening emergency, and if it happens often. Owen chuckles worriedly, saying things can very wrong when you least expect it.

Nicole tends to Sydney in the living room, saying that EJ sounded annoyed on the phone. He sighs, saying it was just business. She tells him that she has good news. EJ asks what it is and she explains that Dr. Baker left town. EJ, confused, asks why that is good news. Nicole says she just wanted him to know Baker wouldn’t be a problem. She breaks off suddenly, noticing Stefano’s portrait on the floor. Nicole asks who did this. EJ says he did.

Stefano moans. Victor sits by his side, saying that his son hasn’t called yet. He guesses that EJ doesn’t care about Stefano as much as he thought he did. Victor chuckles, saying that perhaps EJ just wants the money and power for himself. Stefano comes to and reaches out for Victor, but Victor tells him not to bother. He says that Stefano is as weak as a kitten and getting weaker.

Max demands to know if Melanie is involved with either family. She isn’t sure what he means, and explains that she gave Phillip CPR at the hospital and saved his life. Max says that was a good thing, but that isn’t what he meant. He meant that he didn’t want her shopping the fuels project around to either the DiMera or the Kiriakis families. Melanie scoffs, reminding Max that she doesn’t have anything to sell to either one of them. Besides, he needs to give this advice to his ex-girlfriend. Max says that Stephanie isn’t his business anymore. They broke up. Melanie thinks they would be together if it wasn’t for her. Max says it just wasn’t meant to be, but Melanie accuses him of still worrying about Stephanie. Max sighs, saying that anyone close to Phillip is in danger right now.

Phillip asks Stephanie if she wants anything to drink, confused as to why he is so thirsty. Owen, who is again hiding behind the bushes, winces as Phillip takes a giant swig from the glass of lemonade. Stephanie suggests Phillip get some rest, since he seems tired, but Phillip says he wants to celebrate the fact that they are engaged. He stumbles and nearly falls. Stephanie grabs him, asking him what’s wrong.

Nicole looks at Stefano’s portrait, asking EJ why he ripped open the back. EJ says that he needed to get at the information inside. Nicole asks what it was and EJ explains that he found resources to use in the war against Phillip and Victor--resources they don’t know about. Nicole says that is terrific. EJ grins and agrees, saying the balance of power has finally shifted. She asks if he is going to pretend to hand the company over, but EJ says that’s just a possibility. Nicole grins, saying she knew he would never abandon his father. She kisses him, saying she loves the fact that family comes first with EJ. She asks again if he is going to pretend to hand over the assets to Victor to get Stefano back, but EJ says he isn’t. It’ll be a cold day in hell before Victor touches his father’s estate. Nicole, confused, asks how EJ plans on getting his father back home. He grins, telling her he has a plan.

Owen works in the garden. EJ gives him a call, and Own says he can speak freely now, apologizing for what happened earlier. EJ asks what is going on, and Owen tells him there was a problem with putting the drug in the drink. EJ interrupts him, saying he doesn’t want to know details, so he can use plausible deniability later. He adds that if the job isn’t finished, Owen needs to get it finished. EJ hangs up. Owen frets, hoping that EJ will take Phillip instead of Stephanie. He groans, wondering what he is going to do now and why he just didn’t say no to EJ in the first place.

Stephanie helps Phillip to a chair and asks him what is wrong. He yawns, saying he just needs some coffee, but Stephanie thinks he needs rest. Suddenly, Phillip passes out mid-sentence. Stephanie shakes him, calling his name.

Melanie stand at the nurse’s station in the hospital. One of the nurses comes over with some flowers, noting that Melanie is leaving early, per usual. Melanie claims she got here early and asks if the flowers are for her. The nurse says they’re for a kid in the pediatric unit and asks Melanie to deliver them. She agrees, but when the nurse turns her back, Melanie throws the card away and leaves with the flowers.

Stephanie shrieks for help. This rouses Phillip, who seems more alert. He claims everything is fine and that he just needs coffee. He gets up and pours himself some. Stephanie thinks he should see a doctor. Phillip refuses. She grumps, asking him why he is fighting her on this. He jokes that it’s because he’s a man and kisses her.

Victor heads into the pub, telling Bo and Hope he got a call to meet him here. Bo groans, asking Hope if she called him here. She apologizes, saying she should have told him, but she wasn’t sure that Victor would show up. Bo wonders if Victor actually agreed to abide by what they say, or if he just agreed to show up. Victor suggests he ask him himself, but Bo says he already knows the answer. He asks about Phillip, and Victor says he is doing better. Bo proposes a toast to his health, and Victor says they can at least agree on that. Bo smirks, saying he is upholding the law, while Victor acts as if this is the Dark Ages. Victor scoffs, saying Bo doesn’t always uphold the law when it comes to the real world. He’s a renegade through and through, and he inherited that from his father. Hope suggests they all start over and order dessert. Bo ignores her, saying that it is his job to make sure Victor doesn’t harm anyone, and he intends on doing just that. Victor claims that what he is doing is going to save lives, but Bo isn’t so sure. He demands to know what Victor is planning. Victor claims that it will all come out in due time. Bo gets up, saying he will have to take Victor down to the station, then. Hope gapes.

Nicole knows that EJ doesn’t want her to know the whole plan, but she wonders how he knew to look in the back of the portrait. EJ says he didn’t--he just remembered that his father always told him to think like a DiMera. So he did. Nicole looks at him questioningly as EJ tells her all will be forgiven by his father once he comes home.

Stefano wakes up with a gasp.

EJ stares at his phone. Nicole asks if he is waiting for good news, but EJ says it could be bad. Nicole assures him it won’t be. He says that he never thanked her before for her kind words. He appreciates that she said she had faith in him, and that she convinced him that Victor wasn’t as invincible as he thought. He adds that if it weren’t for Nicole, he never would have remembered what his father said, and would have never looked behind that portrait. Nicole nods, saying that now he will come out a winner, and Stefano will come home. She notices that EJ is wearing Stefano’s ring and asks why. EJ tells her that it’s because he is his father’s heir. He will do anything to protect Stefano and the rest of his family. He smiles at Nicole.

Stephanie and Phillip admire her engagement ring. She gushes, telling him how much she loves it and him. She asks him again if she should call Daniel to come look at him, but Phillip insists that he is fine and just needs some rest. He kisses her.

Hope tells Bo not to do this, but he scoffs, saying sarcastically that he is a renegade that flouts the law. Hope excuses them both to Victor and heads off, tugging Bo along after her. She hisses at him that he doesn’t have a thing to charge Victor with. Bo says he will come up with something--anything, to keep Victor off the streets and unable to put out a hit on someone. Hope asks what happens the day after that, or if Victor has already ordered the hit. Bo says he’ll take his chances, but Hope reminds him is the only one with anything to lose. She wonders what Ciara will say if she sees her grandfather in handcuffs. Bo’s phone rings as he asks Hope if she has any better ideas. She thinks she does and asks him to give her a minute with Victor. He wishes her luck and heads off to take the phone call. Hope heads over to Victor and lays on a guilt trip, saying that Bo is under a lot of pressure because of Victor. He’s not eating or sleeping the way he should, so he isn’t performing well at work. Victor asks her to reassure Bo that he can take care of his own affairs, but Hope says she can’t tell Bo that. Victor has to drop all of this for Bo’s sake, if not for anyone else’s. She begs Victor to let Bo handle things. Victor says that Bo couldn’t ask for a better wife, and that he appreciates her gesture, but he insists that everything is going to work out and that he is going to handle it. Hope is suspicious, but thanks him.

Stefano lies in bed, unconscious again.

Melanie heads onto the patio of the mansion, saying she brought Phillip flowers. She hands him the bouquet she swiped from the hospital, joking that she thought one of his guards was going to ask her on a date, he was so thorough in searching her. She chuckles and adds quickly that she didn’t think Stephanie would be here. She asks Philip if he has his own live-in nurse, but Phillip says Stephanie is more than that. He shows Melanie her ring, telling her that Stephanie is his fiancée. Melanie’s smile fades, but she quickly recovers. She stammers. Phillip says that she ought to congratulate Stephanie.

Max brings Ciara downstairs and over to Hope, saying they have a big problem. Ciara has lost her bear named Tommy. Hope asks where she had it last, but Ciara can’t remember. Max explains that Caroline doesn’t know either, since Ciara is has been over the place. Victor chuckles, saying he’s never known a little girl that didn’t like to be everywhere at once. He tells Ciara to make sure someone finds her bear and heads off, telling her and Hope to take care. He and Bo exchange stern goodbyes at the door and Bo greets Ciara. Hope tells him about her losing her bear. Bo flashes back to the vision he had of finding the bear in the woods. Bo tells the two that he thinks he knows just where the bear is. Ciara grins.

Melanie stammers and congratulates Stephanie, saying that she thinks this engagement is awfully sudden. Phillip says life is too short not to be with the one you love. Stephanie offers to get coffee and Melanie insists on going with her, saying she is hungry. The two head off. Phillip tries to shake off the effects of the drugged lemonade. He shakes his head, trying to clear it, but loses his balance, and collapses onto a chair with a groan. Inside, Stephanie points out a tray of vegetables to Melanie and pours some coffee. Melanie compliments her negligee, saying it’s hot, but it’s not really her. Stephanie sighs, saying she thought they were going to be nice to each other. Melanie claims she is just trying to be a good friend. That’s why she’d rather say ‘best wishes’ to Stephanie as opposed to ‘congratulations.’ After all, she’s going to need it considering she’s marrying Phillip when she’s so good and nice in comparison. Stephanie glares. Melanie sighs, saying she is happy for Stephanie if Stephanie is really happy, and Stephanie claims she is. Melanie scoffs, asking Stephanie if she really thinks she can change Phillip. Stephanie doesn’t answer. Melanie tells her it is never going to happen.

Nicole tells EJ that she loves it when he is feisty like this. She was really worried at first that he didn’t have faith in himself to be able to run things while his father was gone, but she is glad he proved her wrong. The two kiss. Nicole sees Stefano’s portrait and winces. She asks EJ to hold that thought, covers the picture with a blanket, and leaps back into EJ’s arms. He lays her down on the couch and kisses her.

Victor checks Stefano’s pulse and starts to pull the sheet over his face. Stefano grabs Victor’s arm, hissing that he isn’t dead yet. Victor chuckles, saying he is glad, because he isn’t finished with Stefano yet.

Max brings over some ice cream for Ciara as Bo asks her if she left her bear at the park. Ciara shrugs. Hope doesn’t think Ciara was outside much today, and Max adds that he is positive Ciara had the bear when she came in. He offers to go check upstairs again and heads off. Bo sighs. Hope guesses that he had another vision. Bo admits that he did, and wonders how he is supposed to tell when they are true or not. Hope says that all he needs to know is that she and Ciara are here right now. Bo agrees, and thanks her for going to bat for him with Victor. She says it was no big deal, and that Victor seemed to understand.

Victor tells Stefano that EJ is running out of time, and that he might need to be reminded as to how much he has to lose here. Stefano gasps for air.

EJ and Nicole finish making love. They kiss and canoodle. EJ’s phone rings. He answers, and it’s Stefano. EJ gets up in a hurry and Stefano tells him weakly that Victor said he hasn’t acceded to his demands. EJ assures Stefano that he has everything under control, and that Stefano will be coming home soon, safe and sound. Stefano smiles and gasps for air, saying he knows EJ is a DiMera at heart, and that he trusts him completely with his life.

Owen walks onto the patio, telling Phillip he left some of his tools. Phillip sits up and mutters that it’s no problem. Owen asks if he is alright, but Phillip claims he just needs some rest. Owen offers to help him inside the house and puts Phillip’s arm around his neck.

Max comes back downstairs with Ciara’s bear, saying he found it tucked into the crib. He guesses Allie wasp playing with him. Hope and Bo thank him and Bo says he’s just glad he didn’t lead them all on a wild goose chase to the park. Hope guesses this is one of those visions that just isn’t going to come true. Bo agrees, but he and Hope both look worried.

Nicole hurriedly gets dressed as EJ assures Stefano that everything is going to be fine. Suddenly, Victor is on the line instead of Stefano, telling EJ that his father’s supply of insulin is running very low--just like the time EJ has left to make the deal. He thinks EJ is cutting it close, but EJ says he needs every minute Victor gave him to make this happen. Victor warns him to use his time wisely and says that he will be in touch. Victor hangs up. EJ smirks, saying he’ll be in touch, too.

A guard comes out to help Phillip and dismisses Owen. Owen protests, but the guard insists he will take it from here. Phillip thanks him and mumbles something about Stephanie as the man helps him inside. Owen groans and throws up his arms, heading off.

Melanie tells Stephanie that she saw the plane tickets she threw away. Stephanie insists that is none of her business, but Melanie claims again that she is trying to be a friend. She knows she would personally love living here and ordering around the staff, but Stephanie isn’t like that. Besides, isn’t she scared for her life? Stephanie claims she isn’t. Melanie says she can’t mean that and besides, what about a month from now or a year from now? The DiMeras aren’t going to give up, and Melanie doesn’t think Stephanie and Phillip can make a good life or marriage out of this situation. Stephanie says firmly that it is time for Melanie to leave. Phillip walks over, agreeing. He tells Melanie never to come back. She protests, but Carlo the guard takes her by the arm and leads her into the foyer. She jerks away, saying she can show herself out. She heads off. Stephanie sighs, saying she thinks Melanie means well, but she doesn’t seem to know what is out of bounds to say to people. Phillip calls her a dumb twit and says he doesn’t need this right now. Phillip shakes his head quickly, trying to clear it. Stephanie asks if he is ok, saying his eyes look crazy. Own peeps around the corner of the living room. The two head outside later. Phillip angrily demands to know what Stephanie and Melanie were saying that whole time. She gives him a look and he apologizes, saying it’s these damned pain pills. They’re making him act funny and say things he doesn’t mean. Henderson comes in just then, telling the two the movie was dreadful, so everyone came back early. He hands Stephanie a bracelet he found in the living room, but she says it must be Melanie’s. Phillip takes it and drops it into the ashtray, saying that is where it belongs. Henderson heads off. Stephanie asks what has gotten into Phillip and he apologizes, saying he really needs to go to bed. She offers to go with him, but Phillip says he will be dead to the world in another minute or so. He kisses her. Stephanie sighs.

Victor wishes Stefano a good night, saying this could possibly be his last night on earth--unless his son can pull off a miracle. Stefano sighs, saying he believes in EJ and in miracles, too.

Nicole finishes reading Sydney a bedtime story. EJ comes back with coffee, saying Sydney clearly enjoyed herself. Nicole says she likes happy ending, and he chuckles, saying moms do, too. Nicole agrees. EJ asks her if she likes happy endings even if you can’t let your children know how you got there. Nicole agrees with that statement, too, saying you have to do what you have to do. EJ is glad they have an understanding.

Stephanie asks if Phillip is sure he doesn’t want her to come to bed with him, but Phillip says he is. He heads off. Owen comes over, saying it’s awfully chilly for Stephanie to be out. She jumps, startled, but says that it feels nice to her. She adds that she thought Owen was going home. Owen plays with a sharp screwdriver, twirling it around in his hands. He says he was going to, but he has a few loose ends to tie up here first.


Mia asks, “You two know each other?” Will replies, “Yeah, she’s my Aunt Maggie.”

Melanie tells Brady, “Stephanie doesn’t accept what Phillip does. And she never will.”

Phillip tells Stephanie, “Well, then maybe you shouldn’t marry me.” She replies, “Maybe I shouldn’t.”

EJ says, “Samantha, don’t make this into something bigger than it is.” She retorts, “EJ, what the hell is going on here?”

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