Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/13/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Sami’s place, Sami frets about Dr. Baker, worrying that the truth might come out about her really giving birth to Grace. Rafe assures her that he will take care of Dr. Baker, and that he won’t be a problem anymore. Sami huffs.

In Dr. Baker’s room at the hospital, Nicole stand behind a wheelchair, offering to give Dr. Baker a ride home. He scoffs, saying he neither wants or needs a lift from her. Nicole insists, but Baker reminds her they had a deal--he wouldn’t tell EJ the truth, and she would stay away from him permanently. Nicole jokes that he is just too irresistible. Baker doesn’t buy it. Nicole tells him they need to talk. If he won’t listen, then the deal is off.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ calls Owen and tells him they need to meet face-to-face in regards to Stefano. Owen agrees. He glances worriedly at Stephanie and Phillip as they canoodle on the patio of the Kiriakis mansion. Philip tells her that he has a couple of missions to accomplish--one of which is getting her grandmother to trust him and his family. Stephanie asks what the other is, and Phillip tells her he would like to set a date for their wedding. Stephanie kisses him, saying she is more than willing to discuss it. She says that he needs to add something else to his list of missions, and that is to stay safe and get stronger. She asks when Phillip’s first physical therapy session is, and he says it’s tonight. Stephanie asks when, and Phillip checks his watch, saying he has a little time. He asks what plan she has in mind until then and she kisses him. The two kiss as Owen sneaks around, talking to EJ. EJ wants to meet him, but Owen asks how he is to be sure that EJ is really a representative of the DiMeras. EJ says he already gave him the box number, but Own wants to hear it again. EJ gives him the number and Owen seems to accept this. EJ tells him to meet him in a clearing off the highway in about twenty minutes. EJ goes on to warn him to come alone and to take precautions to ensure he isn’t followed. The camera pans over an unconscious Stefano as EJ warns Owen that lives could depend on his discretion.

Sami grumps, saying that Rafe makes it sound easy, as if he will just tell Dr. Baker not to say anything and all her problems will disappear. Rafe says it is that easy, actually. Sami isn’t so sure, but Rafe reminds her that Baker would be breaching doctor-patient confidentiality if he goes around blabbing that he delivered Sami’s baby. Sami sighs, saying he doesn’t know she’s trying to keep the birth a secret. All he knows is that he delivered a baby and the girl ran off on him with her child. She frets about him saying something that might get back to EJ. Rafe tries to soothe her, saying that she worries too much. He adds that he is going to talk to Dr. Baker and take care of everything. He asks if Sami trusts him and she says she does. Rafe nods, saying she just needs to trust that Dr. Baker will no longer be a problem for her, then. The two hug.

Baker calls Nicole crazy and threatens to call security. She, in turn, threatens to call in EJ’s guards. She tells him angrily that Sami Brady saw him. Baker shrugs, saying he doesn’t see what the big deal is. Nicole scoffs, saying this is turning out just as she said it would. Baker reminds Nicole that Sami fled when she saw him. Obviously, Sami wants as much to do with him as he wants to do with her, so the problem has been averted. Nicole says that problem is just beginning, actually. Her boyfriend, Rafe saw him, too. Baker asks what difference that makes. Nicole explains that he’s an ex-FBI agent that will start asking questions. And once he starts asking questions, he’ll get answers, and the whole sordid truth will come out about her miscarriage and the baby switch. Nicole sighs, saying it will all be over. Baker asks what she wants him to do. Nicole tells him to get the hell out of Salem and never come back. Baker scoffs, saying he isn’t leaving town. Not a chance.

EJ sighs and talks to Stefano’s portrait, wondering how he is supposed to trust this guy Owen with Stefano’s life. EJ sighs, saying he’ll have to find out if he can, because he must do everything possible to keep these jackals from stealing their business.

Phillip asks Stephanie what she is thinking and she sighs, saying the more she falls in love with him, the more she knows she can’t live without him. Phillip assures her that they are going to grow old together. He jokes that she’ll be wheeling him into the Brady pub eighty years from now. She grumps, telling him not to joke. Phillip tries to assure her that he and his father are working out a peace agreement with the DiMeras, and soon this feud will be ancient history. Stephanie still isn’t so sure. Phillip assures her that he loves her, and all he wants to focus on is her happiness. Stephanie smiles and kisses him.

Nicole tells Baker that he is in serious trouble. Not only does he clearly have a mental deficiency, his baby brokering is about to be front-page news and loan sharks are breathing down his neck. Baker says that this conversation is over. He starts to head off, but Nicole says it’s his life that’s really over. Baker turns to her angrily, warning her to think twice if she is considering making another attempt on it. Nicole glares, saying his tumble down the stairs was an accident. Baker warns her that if he has another ‘accident,’ he’s taking her down with him. She asks what he means and he tells her he’s written a letter detailing every single one of her misdeeds. It’s to be sent to the authorities in the event of his death. He grins and heads off. Nicole shakes her head in disbelief.

Stephanie reminds Phillip of when she was talking about their future with Chelsea. She says that they haven’t talked about it much on their own. Phillip says he sees himself spending the rest of his life with her, but she says she meant she wanted to know if he wants kids. Phillip nods, saying he’d like six or seven. She asks him to be serious, but she says he is, and that he wants a big family. Stephanie guesses she could be talked into that. She adds that she wants at least two kids. She adds most girls her age are putting off having families until they have established careers, but Stephanie says she can just imagine her kids running around with Phillip’s cute dimples. He smiles, asking if she knows how hot she is when she’s happy. She asks him to show her, and he lays her down on one of the patio chairs, kissing her.

Rafe heads into the hospital, asking one of the nurses if Dr. Baker is around. She says he just left and Rafe asks where he lives. She says she can’t release that information. Rafe makes up a lie, saying Baker and his father are good friends. Rafe claims that he is a resident at a hospital in New York, and wanted to ask Baker some questions. She seems to buy this story and heads off, promising Rafe that she’ll see what she can do for him. He thanks her. Arianna calls Rafe just then from the café, asking him to meet her for coffee. He says he can’t, and that he is busy. She asks if he is busy with Sami, but he doesn’t answer, saying he has to go. Rafe hangs up. Arianna sighs. The nurse comes over, handing Rafe a slip of paper. He looks at it and sees that Baker is staying at the Salem Inn. Rafe thanks the woman, calling her a saint, and heads for the elevators.

Owen meets EJ out in the woods. EJ asks if he knows why he is here, and Owen says he’s here to help Mr. DiMera. EJ explains that he needs to know more about Owen. Owen explains that he has been working for Stefano for two years as a gardener at the Kiriakis mansion. He’s been taking note of the Kiriakis family--their comings and goings, daily routines, things of that nature. Owen adds that he puts the notes he takes in a safety deposit box for Stefano. EJ nods, saying he understands. Owen asks if there is anything else he can do for him, and EJ nods, saying there is something else he must do.

Baker strolls along the pier, telling a man over the phone that he’ll have his money in a couple of days. The man starts yelling, and Baker asks him to calm down and not be that way. The man hangs up on Baker. He sighs. Just then, two men come over, one of them with a baseball bat. They sternly tell Baker that there’s a problem. Baker weakly jokes that times are tough. The men move in angrily. One of them thinks Baker has a smart mouth. He asks them what is going on and one man explains that he owes their boss a lot of money--money he doesn’t seem to want to pay. The other man nods, saying they are here to collect. Baker protests, saying they can work this out. They back him against some boxes, telling him that it’s too late for all that.

Sami sits in the Java Café and talks to Grace, telling her that they have to hope Rafe succeeds in getting Dr. Baker to keep quiet. Grace fusses and Sami remembers it’s time for her bottle. She heads over to the counter to ask for some hot water. Nicole comes in just then with Sydney and notices Grace by herself. She sits down and greets her, wondering aloud where her mommy is. Sami walks over, demanding that Nicole get away from her baby. Nicole looks from Sydney to Grace and makes a face.

Phillip and Stephanie kiss passionately. She says they can’t do this, since he just got out of the hospital, but Phillip says he can. She reminds him one of the staff could walk in on them, but Phillip claims he sent them all home. He tells her it’s just the two of them now. The two kiss again.

Owen tells EJ about Phillip and Stephanie getting engaged and adds that Stephanie is one tough cookie. She gives Victor a run for his money pretty often. EJ bets she does, and asks Owen if he is aware of the bad blood between the DiMera and Kiriakis families. Owen scoffs, saying he couldn’t miss it. There were two attempts on Phillip’s life, after all. EJ asks him if Stefano has ever asked for anything more than information. After all, the Kiriakis family trusts him, and that goes a long way. Owen shakes his head, saying that he is just an intel guy. He doesn’t go in for all the violence, and he isn’t some hit man or hired gun. He can handle being Stefano’s eyes and ears, but that’s it. EJ says he may have to think about changing his mind about that.

The men sit Baker down on a crate forcibly as he insists that he will have the money tomorrow. The man with the bat says that won’t do. He takes aim at Baker’s knees and takes a few practice swings with the bat. Just then, Rafe walks over, asking what is going on. The men tells him this doesn’t concern him, but Rafe says it does. Baker explains that he owes the boss of these men money. The men demand to know who Rafe is, and he says he is a friend. He adds that they can work this out and buy an extension. Baker nods, adding that he said he could pay tomorrow. The man with the bat scoffs, saying they’ve been hearing that same song and dance for months. He calls Baker a deadbeat SOB. The other man says they should just mess both guys up and get out of here. Rafe says he can’t let them do that. The man with the bat scoffs, telling him to get out of here. Rafe says they’re going to leave, actually. Then everyone will be happy. The man lunges for Rafe, swinging the bat. Rafe ducks and takes him out with one punch. The other man rushes forward and Rafe kicks him. Both men lie on the ground near some crates a few feet away. They groan. Baker gapes, “Whoa.”

Nicole gets up and Sami takes Grace from her stroller, preparing to feed her. Nicole tells Sami not to throw a fit. She huffs, saying she thought the two were going to try to get along for the kid’s sake. Besides, she didn’t know where Sami was and she was keeping the baby company. Sami says she just wanted to show Nicole how it felt when she was shrieking at her the other day to let go of Sydney. Nicole says she only shrieked because Sami was holding her. She admits she doesn’t care to let Sami have physical contact with her child. Sami rolls her eyes and begins feeding Grace. Nicole says Grace is so sweet and innocent, everything Sami isn’t. She adds that that makes sense though, since Grace isn’t Sami’s child. Sami glares.

Phillip and Stephanie head back into the mansion, fastening their clothes. She hopes that she didn’t hurt him, and Phillip says it was very healing. In fact, he doesn’t even need physical therapy. Stephanie says he has to go, and offers to accompany him, but Phillip says he has a surprise for her upstairs. He says she can hang out here and enjoy it while he goes alone. Stephanie can’t believe he has another surprise for her and he nods, telling her it’s in the bedroom closet. Stephanie tells him to have fun at his appointment and heads upstairs to see her surprise. Phillip takes out his phone and calls the nurse watching over Stefano. Phillip asks for an update. The woman grins, saying Stefano’s alive, but barely.

EJ tells Owen that he has done such a good job that EJ is thinking of giving him a promotion. Worriedly, Owen says this kind of thing is way out of his depth. EJ grabs his collar, saying that Owen is their best hope. He explains that Stefano’s life is in danger. Unless Owen does exactly what EJ tells him, Stefano will die. Owen groans, asking what it is he has to do.

Sami angrily tells Nicole that she has crossed a line. Just because Grace is adopted doesn’t mean she loves her any less than Johnny, Will or Allie. Sydney squalls. Nicole picks her up and apologizes to Sami, saying that she hurt her when she pushed her away from Grace. Sami asks if she is kidding and reminds Nicole that she treats her like she has an infectious disease every time she comes close to Sydney. Nicole vows that she has learned her lesson and promises to be more tolerant in the future. Sami agrees, saying they both have to work on that. No matter how they feel about each other, they can’t let it affect the way they treat each other’s children. Nicole agrees with her. Sami admits that Sydney is beautiful and that she really has a soft spot for her. Nicole says everyone does. Sami says there’s just something about the way Sydney looks at her, though. Nicole interrupts uncomfortably, saying she gets it. Sydney’s a baby and she’s cute, but Sami doesn’t need to go overboard. She adds that Sami is too over the top with Sydney when she gets plenty of love form her parents. She doesn’t need some stranger hovering around, so Nicole wants Sami to keep her distance. Sami scoffs, saying Nicole has just done a complete 180. She accuses Nicole of being more psychotic than she thought. Nicole sighs and gets up, saying she needs coffee. Sami follows her, saying the only reason she is so attached to Sydney is because she is worried about her. She’s going to grow up with Nicole for a mother, after all. Nicole scoffs, saying she is a great mother. Sami thinks she is confusing possessiveness with maternal instinct, but Nicole explains she doesn’t have other kids like Sami does. All she does all day long is try to keep Sydney happy. Sami doubts she could be very happy in a house with two parents arguing all the time and a psychotic grandfather. Nicole thinks she is just jealous that she and EJ are in love, but Sami claims she could have EJ if she wanted him. However, she has no desire to trade places with Nicole. The two glare as Arianna comes over. Sami introduces her to Grace, saying quickly that Nicole is an old friend and that they were just catching up. Nicole thinks Arianna looks familiar, and Arianna explains that she is Rafe’s sister. Nicole nods, telling her that Sami lied before when she said they were friends. They actually can’t stand each other, partly because Sami is a sadistic, cold-hearted witch. She warns Arianna to make sure to tell her brother to stay as far away from Sami as he can. Sami stammers and looks helplessly at Arianna.

Rafe grabs the baseball bat and jumps on top of one of the men, threatening to crush his windpipe if the two don’t get out of here. They agree and Rafe lets the man up. The two slink off. Baker thanks him, saying he really saved his butt. He asks if he can repay Rafe in any way, and Rafe tells him that he can start by telling him how he got mixed up with those two guys. Baker claims he just had a string of bad luck, but Rafe says he isn’t stupid. Baker admits that he has a gambling addiction. Rafe scoffs, asking if he is supposed to feel sorry for him. Baker says he doesn’t give a damn what he thinks. He starts to walk off, but Rafe calls him ‘doctor.’ Baker demands to know how Rafe knows he’s a doctor. He asks Rafe who he is. Rafe says he is just a guy that needs a favor.

Owen tells EJ that he would do anything for Mr. DiMera, but this just doesn’t seem right. EJ asks if he is having a moral dilemma, and Owen admits he is. EJ shrugs, saying he’ll just find someone else to do the job. After all, jobs are few and far between these days, and he knows plenty of people that would jump at the chance to work for his family. He wishes Owen luck and starts to head off, but Owen stops him, telling him he’ll do whatever he wants. EJ grins.

Sami tells Arianna that she can obviously tell she and Nicole go way back. Arianna changes the subject, telling the two they have gorgeous babies. They both thank her, and she notes that they look about the same age. She asks when they were born and Sami and Nicole both reply, ‘January 28th’ at the same time. They both look at each other and Arianna wonders what the chances are. Nicole explains that the fact that Sami has another child with her husband, Sydney’s father, makes it more complicated. She tells Sami she had a swell time, and says it was nice to meet Arianna. She suggests sarcastically she and Sami do this again some time and heads off with Sydney. Arianna apologizes to Sami for butting in, but Sami says it was Nicole’s fault. Arianna compliments Grace, saying she can see why Rafe talks about her so much. She asks Sami if she knows where Rafe is, but Sami isn’t sure. She says that Rafe is a really great guy, so he is probably just out helping a friend right now.

Baker asks Rafe what he can do for him, and Rafe explains that he has a friend named Sami, and Baker delivered her child. She is back in town now, and in a delicate situation. She’d prefer it if Baker didn’t talk about her, her baby, or the fact that he delivered her baby to anyone. Baker shrugs, saying that is an easy enough secret to keep. He doesn’t usually discuss his patients with others, anyway. Rafe says sarcastically that he does seem like the noble type. He wonders why Baker isn’t curious as to why Sami doesn’t want him mentioning her giving birth, and Baker says he doesn’t care to know, as it is none of his business. He adds that those two guys just tried to kill him. He doesn’t want to give them a second chance. Rafe asks if he is leaving town. Baker nods, saying he doesn’t plan on coming back, either.

Phillip stands with the nurse in Stefano’s cell. He says she was right about him barely being alive and excuses her. Phillip walks over to Stefano and flashes back to their confrontation at the pub, where Stefano accused him of killing Tony, and Phillip, in turn, blamed Tony’s death on Stefano. Phillip comes back to the present and tells Stefano it won’t be long now.

Stephanie heads out onto the patio in her new negligee, wondering where Phillip is. Just then, Owen pops out of the bushes, startling her. She pulls her robe around her, saying she thought the staff had been dismissed for the night. Owen explains he had some loose ends to tie up and tells Stephanie he brought her a glass of lemonade. It’s fresh-squeezed and the staff has all had some. She thanks him just as her phone rings. She says that is probably Phillip and heads inside, putting down the glass. Owen stares at the lemonade, saying he is doing this for Stefano.

Sami paces around her living room. Rafe knocks and she rushes over, flinging the door open. She sees how dirty he is and asks what happened. Rafe says he is fine and tells her not to worry. Her little problem with Dr. Baker has been taken care of. She asks him what happened and he explains that not only is Baker not going to say anything, he is also leaving town. Sami can’t believe it. She thanks Rafe and kisses him, hugging him joyfully.

Nicole arrives at the DiMera mansion. Baker calls her, telling her that he has decided to leave town. She is shocked, and asks what changed his mind. He says that doesn’t matter, but he wants to let her know so she can sleep easier at night. He asks her about the fifteen grand, and she promises to have it wired opt his account in the morning. He thanks her and reminds her again of their little insurance policy. Nicole thanks him sarcastically and tells him goodbye. She hangs up on him. She kneels down to Sydney, telling her that her mom has managed to dodge another bullet. She sighs, saying she is so lucky to have EJ and Sydney in her life. She vows not to ever lose either of them.

EJ sits in the living room and sips a drink, telling Stefano’s portrait that this is going to work. He vows not to let his father down.

Owen arranges some flowers on the patio as Stephanie comes back. Phillip walks in just then and Owen ducks behind some bushes. Stephanie hugs Phillip, thanking him for her present and saying she missed him. He jokes that he was only gone for an hour, but she says it felt like forever. Phillip spots the lemonade and asks if it is Stephanie’s. He claims to be thirsty and picks up the glass. Owen watches nervously as Phillip prepares to drink it.


Victor says, “Your illustrious son is running out of time, Stefano.”

EJ tells Nicole, “It’s going to be a cold day in hell before that man touches any of my father’s estate.”

Hope tells Bo, “You’re the only one that’s going to lose here.” He replies, “I’ll take my chances.”

Stephanie shakes Phillip, “Phillip, wake up. Oh my God.”

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