Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/12/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/12/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At her place, Sami backs out of one of the bedrooms slowly as Rafe comes in, announcing that he has breakfast. Sami shushes him, saying Grace’s fever finally broke, and she just got her to sleep. Sami admits she is relieved she is feeling better, and says she really needs the rest. Rafe reminds her of the baby’s doctor’s appointment. Sami says she called to push it back, then stops, saying that guys never remember things like doctor’s appointments. Rafe scoffs, saying that is an unfair generalization. He says it’s sexist, too, right up there with the statement, ‘guys only want one thing.’ Sami, hands on hips, demands to know if that one isn’t true. Rafe admits it is and Sami moves in for a kiss, jokingly wondering what that one thing is.

Nicole comes down the stairs at the DiMera mansion with Sydney, saying that she would never say the baby wasn’t worth it, but she has caused a lot of problems. Nicole sighs, saying that actually, Sydney hasn’t caused any problems, and that this is all her own fault. She was the one that let Dr. Baker into her life, and now she has to find a way to get him out of it--permanently.

At the hospital, Baker hands a man the letter he was writing the day before. The man reads the envelope, which dictates it is only to opened in the event of Baker’s death. The man whistles, guessing that Baker is in a lot of hot water. Baker nods, saying that he had a hand in the situation himself, but one thing is for sure: if he dies, that bitch isn’t getting away with it.

In the living room of the DiMera mansion, EJ looks over the contract Victor gave him that will transfer all the DiMera assets over to the Kiriakis family. Just then, his phone rings. Victor is on the other line, smirking and asking how he slept the night before, since the pier can be rather damp. EJ doesn’t respond. Victor, who is with Stefano, is surprised EJ hasn’t asked after his father. He tells EJ that Stefano is in the same condition as he was yesterday. EJ doesn’t answer. Victor sighs, saying he will let him get back to work since he isn’t talkative, but he does want to know when it is that EJ will have DiMera Enterprises ready for him to take over. EJ doesn’t answer. Victor asks again when he plans to sign on the dotted line, or in other words, when his father will be allowed to wake up. EJ grimaces, but doesn’t reply. Victor shrugs and hangs up. He sits by Stefano’s side and jokes with the comatose man, saying that his son isn’t much of a morning person. Stefano vegetates.

Phillip sits out on the patio at the Kiriakis mansion and looks through the paper. Stephanie comes out and says good morning. He responds, but Stephanie says she was speaking to the armed guard nearby. Phillip shrugs, hoping she will eventually get used to them. Stephanie says she is sure she will. He asks how she slept, and she says she tossed and turned. After all, she did make a huge, life-altering decision last night. This really cute guy she knows with a lot of baggage asked her to marry him. Phillip, faking amazement, can’t believe she accepted. Stephanie shows off her engagement ring and chuckles, saying ‘cute’ beats out ‘baggage’ every time. She heads over to Philip and the two kiss.

Nicole heads into the living room with Sydney and greets EJ. He turns around and Nicole sees the cut on his cheek. She gasps, asking what happened. EJ explains dryly that he was involved in negotiations with Victor. Nicole gasps, asking if Victor did this. She calls him an SOB and threatens to go talk to him herself. EJ stops her, saying he appreciates that she wants to jump to his defense, but she mustn’t have anything to do with any member of the Kiriakis family. Nicole asks again what happened. EJ explains that Victor kidnapped Stefano and is holding him for ransom. Aghast, Nicole asks what Victor wants. EJ sighs, saying he wants everything.

Stephanie and Phillip kiss. He tells her how happy she makes him and she says she feels the same way. She gets up and sighs, admitting that she never thought the first person she’d tell about her engagement was her fiancé’s body guard. Phillip jokes that they could name their first son after him. Stephanie says his name is Marion, so they could name a daughter after him, too. The two chuckle and Phillip can’t believe how lucky he got with Stephanie. He’s amazed she can go through all this and still make friends with the body guard and talk sports. Stephanie says he is cute, but jokes that he had better not lose his looks. Phillip grumps that he thought she liked him for what was on the inside. She shrugs. Phillip chuckles and suggests she go call her parents and go show her ring off to her grandmother. Stephanie agrees to do so and heads off, bumping into Victor. The two exchange a peasant greeting and Stephanie heads off. Victor notes that the two seem to be in a good mood today, and Phillip tells Victor about their engagement. Victor says it’s all rather sudden. Phillip hopes he approves and Victor say he does. Stephanie seems to be intelligent, and while she’s also a bit combative, he’s sure that will fade over time. He says that he is happy as long as Phillip is. Phillip says he is, and that he loves Stephanie very much. Victor sips his orange juice, noting that it’s a good morning all around. Phillip asks what that means and Victor says it means that very soon, the DiMeras will be neutralized--powerless. Then Phillip and his new wife can live happily ever after. Phillip nods and grins.

Nicole gasps and puts Sydney in her crib. She tells EJ that she knows he is upset, but Victor can’t do anything to Stefano or he’ll face murder charges. EJ explains that Victor isn’t exactly hurting Stefano--he is just depriving him of insulin. All he has to do is dump him off somewhere and Stefano will technically die of natural causes. He shows Nicole the contract Victor gave him detailing the hand-over of DiMera Enterprises to Titan. Nicole scoffs, saying Victor made a huge mistake, then. EJ is confused, but she reminds him that this is a legal document, and he’s a lawyer. Nicole is sure EJ can find some way to stop Victor using this--she knows he can.

Sami and Rafe kiss. She thinks she hears a noise at the door and pulls back, startled. Rafe asks what’s wrong and she apologizes, saying she is paranoid they’re going to get interrupted again. She apologizes for that and Rafe shrugs, asking what he is supposed to do. She suggests he could leave, but Rafe insists he isn’t going anywhere. She sighs, saying most guys wouldn’t do whatever it is Rafe is doing with her. She’s like the old woman in the shoe with all these kids and exes running around. Rafe asks what she means and Sami says she would have called what they are doing dating, but dating is fun and usually just involves two people. She sighs, saying it probably seems to Rafe like all they ever do is baby-sit, and afterwards he just gets some unremarkable benefits. Rafe grins, saying he likes the benefits. Sami suggests they take a nap together later when Grace goes back down, but not for too long, because she has to take the twins out. She chuckles, saying Rafe could join her and her sullen teenaged son for dinner. Rafe insists that he is enjoying himself. He likes watching Sami trying to juggle everything, and he also likes helping out. Sami promises some day in the near future, they’ll have at least a few hours alone together. Rafe says that will be great when it happens, but until then, he just wants her to relax. He hands her a coffee and some breakfast and urges her to sit down and eat. Just then, Grace wails. Sami suggests jokingly they have breakfast together next month and heads off.

The man asks Baker if this has anything to do with his gambling debts, but Baker says it doesn’t. He adds it was nice when he only had to worry about those debts--after all, all he could have ended up with were a couple of broken kneecaps. The man demands to know who in the hell Baker has gotten himself mixed up with this time. Baker says it’s a woman who is the most determined person he’s ever met--in fact, she makes Stalin look easy-going. Baker sighs, adding that this woman won’t let anything or anyone stand in her way. Baker scoffs, asking the man if he can guess where he’s standing right about now.

EJ asks Nicole if she is really so sure he can handle this, and she insists she is. EJ chuckles, wondering where his mercenary wife went. He tells her they’re going to lose everything and she barely bats an eye. Nicole says that firstly, she knows they won’t lose everything, and secondly, even if they did, she’s lived on a lot less. She insists that the money isn’t what makes her happy--it’s EJ. EJ smiles and strokes her hair, telling her he loves her. Sydney coos from her crib.

Caroline heads onto the patio of the Kiriakis mansion joking with Victor that getting in here is like going through airport security. She greets Stephanie and Phillip and asks everyone what is going on. Stephanie tells Caroline that Phillip has asked her to marry him--and she said yes. She shows Caroline her ring. Caroline gasps, “You didn’t!” Stephanie, shocked, says that she thought her grandma would be happy for her. Caroline retorts that she thought wrong, then. Caroline suggests she and Stephanie go into another room for a chat and Stephanie heads off with her, sighing. Phillip says dryly that that went well. Victor, amused, asks if he is really surprised. Phillip admits he is a little ticked, actually. He says that all Stephanie wanted was to be able to tell someone in her family the news of her engagement. It wouldn’t be too much for them to act happy. Victor says he had better realize right now that the Bradys aren’t going to pretend to be happy about anything for his benefit--especially Caroline. Phillip grumps that he doesn’t care for his own sake, but he wishes they’d act happy for Stephanie’s sake. Victor asks if he really feels that way.

In the living room, Stephanie grumps that she thought Caroline would be happy. Caroline sarcastically says she is thrilled. They just need to get Stephanie a veil and a bullet-proof vest. Stephanie sighs, claiming she is perfectly safe, but Caroline says she only is while she’s within this prison. Caroline demands to know what Steve and Kayla said, and Stephanie admits they aren’t happy either. She says that she loves Phillip, however, and wants to marry him. Caroline wonders why she doesn’t put off the wedding, wondering critically if Stephanie has to marry Phillip. She looks at her stomach and Stephanie gasps, saying it’s not that she has to, she just wants to because she loves him. Caroline asks her if she really wants to hand her life and her youth over to a Kiriakis. Stephanie asks if this is what this is really about--it’s not that she is getting married, it’s that she’s choosing to marry a Kiriakis, right? Caroline nods.

EJ works on the computer, telling Nicole that he is doing his research, but if there is a loophole in this contract, it isn’t obvious. Nicole assures him that she knows he will be able to find it. EJ sighs, saying that after what Nicole said about not caring for the money, he is thinking he ought to just hand everything over to Victor, get his father, and then go live with Nicole and Sydney on some deserted island. Nicole asks him if that is what he really wants. EJ says he isn’t so sure about the deserted island, but he does know he doesn’t want to be a target anymore, and that he just wants to be a family with Nicole and Sydney. However, he can’t just do that. He can’t let Victor bring him to his knees. Nicole asks EJ if he remembers how Victor is always blathering on about being Greek. EJ does. Nicole says that Victor knows EJ’s Achilles’ heel is his father. Victor, however, has one too. He feels that his only shot at immortality is through his children and grandchildren. EJ asks her if she thinks Victor and Stefano fight so much because they’re so similar. Nicole isn’t sure, but she is glad EJ isn’t like either one of them. She agrees to give him some space and let him figure this out, but she reminds him not to lose sight of the fact that he can win this war on his own. She heads into the foyer. EJ sighs. Nicole grabs her purse and heads off, telling herself that she is going to give Baker one last chance. EJ stares at Stefano’s portrait, wondering what he would advise him to do.

The camera pans in on Stefano lying on the gurney. He mumbles that EJ must listen to him.

Caroline tells Stephanie that of course she isn’t happy she is marrying a Kiriakis. Caroline reminds her angrily that Phillip was just shot. And those guards out there? They’re not some temporary thing. This is going to be her life. Caroline adds that it isn’t just the danger--it’s the mind-set. She says that she Kiriakis family is driven, ambitious, and also ruthless. Stephanie has to know that Phillip isn’t going to change. Stephanie asks what she is talking about. Caroline says they both have something in common--they both fell in love with a Kiriakis. Stephanie thinks Caroline should understand her, then, and Caroline claims she does. She pleads with Stephanie, saying she must know deep down that her love isn’t going to change Phillip at all. Stephanie claims that she doesn’t want to change Phillip, and that he isn’t anything like Victor. Caroline thinks she is lying to herself. Stephanie bursts into tears, saying she is sorry she feels that way. Caroline chuckles. Stephanie asks what is so funny, and she says that she can hear her mom Kayla, saying the same thing to her many years ago. She sighs, asking Stephanie if what she says makes a bit of difference. Stephanie slowly shakes her head and smiles ruefully. Caroline congratulates her. Stephanie’s eyes well with tears, saying that Caroline doesn’t mean it. Caroline says she doesn’t, but she is going to fake it beautifully. Stephanie laughs through her tears as Caroline tells her that she just wants her to be happy. Stephanie says she will be and insists that Phillip isn’t anything like Victor. She swears he isn’t.

Phillip asks why Victor would say that and he explains that Phillip asking Stephanie to marry him in the middle of a war doesn’t exactly scream ‘thinking of her.’ Phillip reminds Victor that he said the two would live happily ever after. Victor says they will, because fortunately, the war is almost over. He is sure EJ is at home right now, wrapping up the last of the DiMera assets. Stephanie walks over just as Phillip tells Victor that everything will be fine as long as the DiMeras are eliminated. Stephanie gapes.

EJ sighs, saying that Nicole is wrong. There’s no other way out of this. He walks over and sits in front of the contract, toying with a pen. EJ flashes back to him and Stefano talking about the first time Stefano beat him in chess. Stefano reminded EJ then that he must always stay three steps ahead of his opponent. EJ comes back to the present, saying that was what went wrong. Stefano wasn’t even one step ahead of Victor.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Sami that Grace appears to be fine. She probably just had a low-grade viral infection. Lexie suggests that Sami just keep an eye on her, and bring her back if she has another fever. Sami agrees, and adds that she has been eating well. Lexie is glad, and coos at Grace. She excuses herself. Sami tells Rafe that she is glad nothing is wrong with Grace. Just then, Nicole walks into the waiting room with flowers. She sees Sami and Rafe and turns towards Dr. Baker’s room worriedly. She sees Baker at the nurse’s station, and Nicole panics, saying that this isn’t good at all. Just then, Sami catches sight of Baker. She flashes back to her giving birth and him encouraging her to push because the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen. Sami stares. Nicole notices her staring and groans, saying it’s too late. It’s all over for her. Sami turns her back hurriedly on Dr. Baker and tells Rafe that she has to get out of here. She tells him to tell Lexie to send over any prescriptions and rushes off. Nicole turns her back as Lexie comes over, asking Rafe what that was all about. Rafe says he isn’t sure, but then catches sight of Baker, saying he may have an idea. He heads off. Lexie shakes her head and turns to Baker, telling him she’s going to release him after a quick check-up. Nicole sneaks over to the nurse’s station, avoiding the two as they head off. Nicole breathes deeply, telling herself that she knew this was going to happen sooner or later. The only thing she has going for her is that it seems that Sami was as upset about seeing Baker as she was. Nicole narrows her eyes and considers this.

Victor apologizes to Caroline as she comes back onto the patio. He is sure they took her by surprise, but he wants to assure her of Stephanie’s safety. Phillip quietly tells Stephanie that he is sorry Caroline upset her, but she says she didn’t. Phillip asks her what is wrong, then, but she says she doesn’t want to discuss it now. Henderson comes out with champagne and Victor gets ready to propose a toast. Just then, a weed whacker starts up nearby. Stephanie is startled and spills some of her champagne down her dress. Victor demands to know what is going on. Just then, Own comes over, apologizing and saying he didn’t know anyone was here. Stephanie says it’s fine and that she’s just a mess right now. Phillip admits jokingly that she is probably just jumpy because they’re engaged. Owen congratulates them. Victor jokes that that is his line and asks Henderson and Own to join them in a toast. He toasts Stephanie and Phillip, welcoming Stephanie into the family as the newest Kiriakis.

EJ says there was something else, though. Stefano said a second thing. EJ flashes back to Stefano asking him if he remembered the second thing he told him. EJ comes back to the present, saying that Stefano told him that after he is three moves ahead of his opponent, he must make sure to never let the opponent know.

Caroline helps Stephanie wipe her dress, saying that the good thing about fine champagne is that it doesn’t stain. Stephanie says it is fine and Caroline says quietly she jumped about a foot. Considering what just happened to her and Phillip, does she really think this is the right time to be making such a decision? Stephanie asks her not to push the matter as Victor comes over, telling Caroline that they’ve run out of champagne, and he needs her help to select another bottle. She says she isn’t any expert, but Victor say he’ll take any opportunity to get her alone. She chuckles and the two head off. Phillip tells Stephanie again that he is sorry Caroline upset her. Stephanie tells him that her grandmother just says what she thinks. She actually likes that about her. Phillip reminds her that Caroline is biased when it comes to his family. Stephanie agrees, saying she can’t listen to what her grandma says about him. She has to judge him for herself.

EJ says there must be something else. A DiMera always has one more strategy--one more move. EJ says Stefano wouldn’t leave the country without something--without--EJ breaks off and flashes back to Stefano telling him that no matter what happens or where he goes, he will always be with EJ in spirit. He will always be looking out for him. He asks EJ to remember that. EJ comes back to the present and considers this statement. He catches sight of the portrait of Stefano and heads over to it. He takes it off the wall and begins to open the safe behind it. He suddenly stops, thinking of something else. He takes the portrait and grabs a letter opener from the desk. EJ begins to cut open the backing on the portrait. Behind the paper, he finds a manila envelope.

Victor pours Caroline a glass of champagne, saying that he thought it would be best if they had a private conversation. Caroline says she isn’t sure how that will change anything. Victor tells her that he wants her to know that he is sincere in saying that he will treat Stephanie like a member of his family. Caroline scoffs that he keeps them all on a short leash, but Victor reminds her that Brady and Phillip came back to him and asked to be a part of the family on their own. Caroline sighs, saying that Stephanie is so young, though. She doesn’t want her marrying into a family that still acts like they live in feudal Greece. Victor retorts that Greece wasn’t feudal and Caroline says she just means that Phillip is older and has made choices about things that Stephanie hasn’t even had to face yet. Victor says he knows Phillip, too, and he loves Stephanie. He isn’t going to try to control her. Caroline sighs, saying they will never agree, but she can’t change Stephanie’s mind. She’s a Brady, and she is going to do what she wants to. Caroline also tells Victor that she wants to talk about this war. He says there isn’t one, but she knows there is one going on and this is all Stefano’s doing. Victor agrees, saying he tried to kill Phillip. Caroline says that what she needs to know is that these guards are just for protection. She needs to know that Victor isn’t going to retaliate and that he isn’t going to stoop to Stefano’s level. Victor swears he isn’t.

We pan in on an unconscious Stefano.

Stephanie says she heard Phillip and Victor talking about the DiMeras. She had just finished telling her grandmother that Phillip wasn’t like his father and then she walks in on him saying the DiMeras have to be eliminated. Phillip reminds her they tried to have him killed. Anyway, he didn’t really mean he wanted them eliminated, he meant he wants them neutralized. His father is trying to work out a peace agreement with the DiMeras right now. Stephanie says her grandmother told her life would always be like this, but Phillip vows it won’t be. He puts his arms around her, telling her that he loves her and that he won’t let her live like this for long.

EJ opens the manila envelope. Inside, he finds some passports and a list of men’s names and phone numbers.

Caroline tells Phillip and Stephanie that she has to get back to the pub, but she wishes the both of them every happiness. She hugs Stephanie and says she loves her. Victor offers to walk her to her car and the two head off. Phillip says he has a new mission in life--to make Caroline like him. Stephanie says she does like him, but she doesn’t trust him. Phillip asks if Stephanie trusts him. She says she does, and Phillip asks her to let him know if that ever changes. He admits that Victor thought it was a bit selfish of him to propose considering what has happened. Stephanie says her grandma thinks things are never going to change around here. Phillip vows again not to let her live like that and then grins, saying he has two missions, then--to get Caroline to like him, and to prove her wrong about his family. He stops, saying he means ‘their’ family. He kisses her and hugs her. Stephanie sighs.

Sami rushes into her apartment with Grace, telling Rafe that she can’t believe Baker is at this hospital. She goes on to say that he is the only one that knows she really gave birth to Grace. She panics, saying that hospital is like gossip central, and Lexie is EJ’s sister. What if EJ finds out about Grace? Rafe tells Sami to calm down, saying that he is going to take care of this and that she shouldn’t worry.

Lexie finishes Baker’s exam and says he is free to go, but needs a ride home. He says he will call a cab, and she cautions him that he’ll be stiff for a few days and that he needs to use the hand rails on stairs from now on. Baker agrees and Lexie heads off. Nicole comes in after her with a wheelchair, telling Baker that cabs are expensive and unreliable. She offers him a ride home. He groans.

EJ calls one of the numbers on the list and Owen answers. EJ says he is calling on behalf of Stefano. Owen calls EJ ‘sir’ and says he is listening. Stephanie and Phillip giggle nearby.


EJ tells Owen, “My father’s life is in danger. Unless you do exactly what I’m telling you to do, he’s going to die.”

Phillip makes a call, “I want an update.” Stefano’s nurse answers, “He’s alive--barely.”

Dr. Baker asks Nicole, “What do you want me to do?” She replies, “Get the hell out of Salem and never come back.”

Rafe tells Sami, “Dr. Baker will not be a problem.”

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