Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/11/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/11/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chloe heads into the hospital and finds Daniel with his head buried in his hands. She walks over, noting that he looks worse than she feels. He apologizes for not returning her call, but she says she knew he was busy working .The nurses told her he might have some free time tonight, and she couldn’t wait for him to return her call to speak to him. He asks if this is about Kate and Chloe nods. She sighs, saying that Kate was playing with her like a cat with a mouse. She practically had to beg to get Kate to admit what she knew about the two of them. Daniel says he is sorry that happened, but Chloe admits she had it coming. She adds that Kate told her that she wouldn’t tell Lucas anything. Daniel says she told him the same thing, but Chloe wonders if they can really trust her. Daniel shakes his head, saying he and Chloe are in the unenviable position of having to trust Kate’s word.

Lucas heads into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Kate in the foyer, packing some things into a purse. He tells her Henderson has her things packed in the car and asks if she is going on a trip. Kate explains that Billie has had a setback with a secondary infection, so she is going to London to be with her and Chelsea. Lucas asks if Chelsea is alright, but Kate isn’t sure. She tells Lucas Chelsea seems very upset, but Kate is hoping it’s just jetlag. She admits to Lucas that she’s very worried about what is going on. He hugs her, apologizing, and she thanks him for being so capable. She knows she can leave everything in his hands without concern. Lucas wonders if she was even going to tell him she was leaving, but Kate says she was, of course. Lucas isn’t so sure, and accuses her of avoiding him for the past few days. Kate scoffs, saying she has done no such thing, but Lucas says she has--and he wants to know why.

Dr. Baker wakes up in his hospital room to find Nicole there. He asks her what happened, and she says he had an accident. He scoffs, “Accident? You tried to kill me, bitch.” Nicole says that isn’t true at all. He tripped and fell down the stairs at the mansion. Baker huffs, saying the only mistake he made was turning his back on a cobra like Nicole. He knows she hit him with all she had. Confused, Nicole reminds him cobras don’t have arms. Baker ignores her, claiming that she tried to kill him, and that she still wants him dead. He grabs for his call button, but Nicole snatches it from him.

In the room Victor locked him in, EJ finds a light switch and flips it. He looks horrified when he sees he’s sharing space with a body under a sheet on a gurney. He heads over and snatches the sheet away. He gasps when he sees it is Stefano, and that he is unconscious. EJ shakes him, begging Stefano to wake up. Victor walks in just then with one of his goons, assuring EJ that Stefano is alive. EJ growls, asking what Victor has done to him. Victor tells EJ that this is no time to let emotion cloud his judgment. EJ starts to go after him, but the goon grabs him and starts strangling him. EJ chokes and gasps for air. Victor grins, saying he thinks it’s time for them to begin negotiations.

Bo and Hope head into the pub. Hope thanks someone over the phone and hangs up, telling Bo that the nurse that tried to kill Phillip is being put into a cell with an informant. Bo is glad, but is upset that someone tried to kill Phillip under his watch. He wonders what he will tell Victor. Hope worries about what Victor might do now that he knows Stefano tried to have Phillip killed a second time. Max comes over just then with coffee for the two, and asks if they have heard from Chelsea. Bo says he hasn’t, not since she landed in London. Max admits he is worried. Bo tells him to join the club. Hope shakes her head.

Kate tells Lucas not to be ridiculous. Billie is in the hospital, and she’s been packing. She hasn’t been avoiding him. Lucas doesn’t buy it, saying things have been off ever since he caught her and Chloe going at it at the pier. He says angrily that Kate attacked her. Kate wonders if they really have to do this now and Lucas says they do. After all, she fired Chloe, and he wants to know why. Kate scoffs, saying Chloe never even wanted to host the show. She was relieved when she was fired. Lucas huffs, saying that he might have time for her games at another time, but she is going to London. He insists on having the truth right now. He wants to know what really went down between Kate and Chloe.

Daniel tells Chloe that they have to remember that Kate knows better than anyone how fragile Lucas is. Chloe asks him to stop, but Daniel says it is true. Perhaps if Lucas hadn’t had mommy cutting his meat for him all the time he could have grown up. Chloe says that isn’t true, but Daniel says it is. You just have to accept that sometimes, life happens. People get engaged and then fall in love with someone else. Chloe says that isn’t what is going on here, but Daniel says it is. The reason she decided not to be with him is because she was fearful of how Lucas might react. And Kate, who could hunt bears with a switch, somehow managed to raise a son like--he breaks off then, telling Chloe how sorry he is. She bursts into tears, saying that Lucas didn’t do anything wrong--she did. She sighs, saying she feels like everyone is staring at her. Daniel says no one is but him. He sighs, reminding her that this is a hospital. People are sad all the time here.

Nicole tells Baker not to be stupid. He reminds her that if he’s dead when she leaves here, someone will figure out what happened. She scoffs, saying she isn’t here to kill him, but Baker isn’t too sure he wants to take her word for it. She reminds him she could have left him at the foot of the staircase, but he says there were too many people around to do that. He winces and clutches his head. Nicole says angrily that he is just as responsible for what happened as she is. Baker calls her crazy and says she was the one that pushed him. That makes her responsible, not him. Nicole suggests that a person like him, that threatens to take away everything that means anything to her, might avoid staircases in the future. He glares, accusing her of admitting that she pushed him. Nicole says that isn’t it at all. She wanted to kill him when he showed up on her doorstep after Sydney was born. She thinks, in fact, that since he made her want to kill him in the first place, it’s his job to not put himself in a position to give her the opportunity. Baker says that this conversation is over, but Nicole says they need to talk. Baker scoffs, saying the only talking he is going to do is to the police.

Victor’s goon releases EJ and he slumps to the floor, choking. He asks Victor weakly what he did to his father. Victor says he didn’t do anything. Stefano has diabetes, so he is just letting nature take its course. EJ retorts that he needs insulin. Victor nods, saying that was going to be his opening line in regards to their negotiation. If Stefano doesn’t get the insulin, he could lose a limb, his eyesight, or he could even die. EJ curses Victor. Victor tells him not to worry, saying he has insulin on hand. All he and EJ have to do is agree on a price.

Kate tells Lucas that she has never really liked Chloe ever since what happened between her and Phillip. She admits that she never wanted Lucas to be with Chloe in the first place. Lucas scoffs, asking Kate if that means Chloe is good enough to donate bone marrow, but not good enough for her son. Kate sighs, reminding Lucas that he is forcing her to say these things. She scoffs, wondering if a narcissistic bitch doing something nice for once really changes her personality. Kate says all it did was change her perception of Chloe, but only briefly. Kate says she was just blinded by science, because Chloe is the same person she has always been. Lucas angrily reminds her that Chloe is his wife and that he loves her. Kate says that all that tells her is that Lucas has once again made a terrible mistake.

Chloe tells Daniel that he can’t speak to her that way. She loves Lucas, and is married to him. Daniel says he is just tired and has been dealing with Kate. Chloe angrily reminds him that this is important to her. After all, she made a promise to God. Daniel sighs, and she asks if that makes him angry. Daniel admits it does. He says that she thinks she made some kind of sacrifice to save Lucas’ life, but marriage isn’t supposed to be a sacrifice. Chloe says that isn’t what she said, but Daniel thinks that is what it has become. He wonders if her marriage really makes her happy. He doesn’t care if it makes Lucas happy--he wants to know if she is happy. Chloe sighs.

Nicole asks Baker what good he thinks going to the cops will do. He’ll tell them she pushed him down the stairs, and she’ll tell them what he has been up to. Baker claims that he will cut a deal with the prosecutor and then they can use her to get to the DiMeras. Nicole retorts that Baker has no idea what Stefano and EJ might do if they find out about him and what he has done. Baker scoffs, saying she was the one that duped them. He just helped. Nicole laughs, doubting EJ and Stefano will see it that way. If he goes to the cops, he’s going to end up wishing that he had never woken up.

Victor tells EJ that he thinks they got off on the wrong foot. EJ lunges for him as the goon grabs him. He struggles, saying that if Stefano dies, then so does Victor. Victor tells EJ that he is going to offer him an olive branch. He’s called in a nurse to make sure Stefano doesn’t get too sick. Victor opens the door as the goon holds EJ back. A woman walks in with a syringe. EJ panics, demanding to know what is in it. Victor wonders sarcastically why he would be afraid of a nurse. She injects Stefano with the syringe and Victor explains that she gave Stefano insulin. She objects that it isn’t a sufficient dose, but Victor says it will do for now. He tells her to go put her feet up and relax and the woman heads off. Stefano moans. Victor asks EJ if he understands what is going on. Victor has arranged for Stefano to get his insulin, but he hasn’t had enough. EJ says he is listening. He asks Victor what he wants. Victor chuckles, saying he wants everything.

Bo asks Max about this secondary infection Billie has, since he is planning on attending medical school. Max sighs, saying it isn’t good. It will compromise Billie’s immune system and make her recuperation time longer. Bo groans, sorry that he asked, and gets up, saying he has to head back to the office. Hope says he is doing no such thing. He’s going to eat, they’re going to wait on Ciara to get here, and then he’s going home to get some sleep. Bo sits back down, saying he is too tired to fight. Max sighs, saying he should have gone with Chelsea. She shouldn’t be going through this alone. Hope asks Bo what he is thinking and he sighs, saying every time they haven’t heard from Chelsea in the past, it’s been bad news. Max sighs.

Kate claims that Chloe used the bone marrow donation to worm her way into the family, but Lucas says she did no such thing. She would have been a part of this family regardless of what Kate thought of her. Kate laughs nastily, remembering that Phillip was pretty fond of her. Lucas says this has nothing to with Phillip or the past. This has to do with what is going on between Kate and Chloe right now. He asks if Chloe said or did something to make her angry. Kate admits that something did happen, but it wasn’t between her and Chloe. It happened between Lucas and Chloe.

Chloe refuses to answer Daniel’s question, because he won’t believe her even if she tells him she is happy. She reminds him that this is her life, and what she decides to do with it is none of his concern. She says she would be more than happy to discuss Kate, but Lucas is off-limits. Daniel sighs, warning her that just because Kate can’t afford to tell Lucas the truth doesn’t mean she is going to let this go. Chloe claims that she doesn’t care what Kate does as long as she keeps the truth from Lucas. Daniel accuses her of going all martyr on him. He can’t believe that she somehow thinks everything is her fault or her responsibility just because she made a promise to God. Daniel warns Chloe that Kate is going to come after her, and she won’t play fair. She’s like a bloodhound that can sense insecurity, and she will use Chloe’s guilt to totally undermine her. Chloe starts to interrupt, but Daniel tells her not to dare say that she deserves this. Chloe bursts into tears and Daniel tells her angrily that if what they had together was a sin, then she has atoned for it. Even if she hasn’t, there is no way God has appointed Kate as her judge and executioner. He urges Chloe to fight like she does with him. She can’t let Kate do to her what she has done to someone else. Chloe asks who he is talking about. Daniel sighs.

Baker accuses Nicole of having a rotten bedside manner, but she says she is just trying to get him to focus. She doesn’t want him to go to the cops for his own sake as well as hers. Baker sighs, admitting that she is probably right. She tells him that she is going to find out when he can be transferred, and they’ll put him in a hospital somewhere warm and secluded where he can recuperate. Baker asks if it will be a place where a murdered tourist won’t cause much comment and Nicole agrees. Realizing what she agreed to, she says that isn’t what she meant, but Baker says he knows she won’t stop trying to kill him--unless he gets some insurance. Nicole asks him what kind of insurance he means. Baker says he is going to tell EJ everything.

Victor heads over to Stefano, saying that he looks better. With the right dose of insulin, he may even wake up. EJ asks what he meant when he said he wanted everything, and Victor explains that ultimately, he wants peace between the two families. However, since he is dealing with the DiMeras, he knows the only way his family will be safe from them is if they are totally disarmed. He pulls out a contract, telling EJ that after he signs it, Stefano will get his insulin, and DiMera Enterprises will wholly belong to Victor. EJ glances at Stefano worriedly.

Hope jokes that this is what she loves about the Irish--their optimism. She adds that she can’t believe they both concluded it must be bad news since Chelsea hasn’t called. Hope reminds the two that Chelsea just got there and is probably exhausted and jet-lagged. Bo insists the Irish aren’t like that, but Hope says he is, at least. Max offers to get the two food and agrees that Hope is probably right about Chelsea being tired. Just then, his phone rings and Max answers. It’s Chelsea, obviously, because he asks how her mom is. He listens for a moment and lights up, “Great.” Hope smiles, relieved. Max tells Chelsea to tell Bo herself, since he is here and wants to speak with her. Bo gets on the phone and greets Chelsea, asking if her mom is doing better. He listens and grins, saying he is glad to hear it. Max and Hope look on hopefully.

Kate zips up her bag as Lucas tells her that she doesn’t have any idea what his relationship with Chloe is like. What goes on in their personal life is private. He asks her to please stop interfering in all of their lives. He doesn’t want her hounding Chloe, or bothering Phillip, either. It’s just time that she butt out for once. Kate says sarcastically that she was waiting on this chance to say goodbye to him, so she is glad they’re having this conversation. Lucas tells her that he doesn’t want to say anything at all to her. He asks her to tell Billie that he hopes she feels better and Lucas starts to head off. Kate asks him to wait, and that she doesn’t want things to be like this. Lucas says they will be until she starts treating Chloe with love and respect. If she can’t do that, then she won’t be getting any love or respect from him. Lucas storms off.

Daniel reminds Chloe that he isn’t supposed to discuss Lucas with her. He says that Kate has no right to throw any stones. He walks over to Chloe and stands very close her, saying quietly that if Kate gives Chloe any trouble, he’ll--He breaks off, telling Chloe that she just needs to threaten to tell Lucas the truth herself if she refuses to back off. He leans in as if to kiss her, then backs off and hurries away. Chloe takes a deep breath and sighs.

Nicole heads over to Baker and he threatens to call a nurse if she comes one step closer. She scoffs, saying she was just coming over to make sure he didn’t have a fever. He must be delirious to consider telling EJ the truth. Baker says he isn’t delirious. He knows that if he gives Nicole up, then she won’t have a reason to want him dead. Nicole says she’ll have a reason alright--pure, unadulterated hatred. She would actually love to kill him, but she won’t, because he isn’t going to tell EJ the truth. The two of them are going to work this out. Baker shakes his head, saying they can’t. Nicole sits on his bed and grins, saying they certainly can.

EJ scoffs, saying he isn’t going to sign the contract. Victor says he is signing his father’s death warrant, then. EJ tries to go after him, but the goon leas forward and twists his arm. EJ sinks to the floor, groaning in pain. Victor reminds EJ to control his emotions. He adds that to show this transaction is in good faith, he has attached a check for five million dollars to the document. After all, they wouldn’t want people to think he was stealing the company. EJ laughs, asking if he thinks a check is going to make this legal. It’s extortion. Victor says he knows EJ went to law school, but he needs to remember that paid assassination isn’t legal either. Doing that didn’t seem to bother him at all, after all. Victor adds the terms are what they are. He has 72 hours to get the DiMera affairs in order and hand them over. In the meantime, his father will be given enough insulin to stay alive. If EJ doesn’t deliver within 72 hours, then his father dies. EJ sighs. Victor says it’s his choice.

Lucas heads over to Chloe at the hospital, asking how her checkup went. She says it was fine and asks him what’s wrong, noticing that he is agitated. Lucas tells her that he had it out with his mom. Chloe is alarmed, but Lucas says that the good news is that she is going to London to be with Billie, so they’ll have some peace and quiet for a while. Chloe admits that is nice, but asks Lucas if there is any bad news. Lucas says there is. He tried to get Kate to tell him why she and Chloe had it out, but she wouldn’t say anything. Chloe advises that he just let it go. Lucas says he can’t let it go. It’s not ok to treat Chloe the way Kate has. He told her as much, too. Chloe insists that it is alright, but Lucas refuses to see things that way. He says that he really wants to know what is going on between the two of them, and since Kate won’t say, he is begging Chloe to tell him the truth. She fidgets. She glances at Daniel, who is watching the two from across the waiting room.

Nicole tells Baker sweetly that she is sure they can work through whatever their issues are. Baker scoffs, saying they are not going to be able to work through the fact that she tried to kill him. She glares, saying that he slipped and fell, and calls him a clumsy idiot. Just then, Daniel walks in, asking Nicole what the hell is going on. Nicole stammers, explaining that Baker wanted to make a phone call, and she thought he was too weak to do so. Daniel angrily tells her that he isn’t too weak, and besides, she isn’t a nurse. He asks Nicole to leave and she huffs off. Daniel asks Baker what that was all about and he explains that Nicole is just excitable. Daniel warns him that he needs to try to stay clam and keep his blood pressure down. Baker says he’ll handle this situation. He asks Daniel to hand him the phone.

Outside his door, Nicole tries to call EJ again, but gets no answer. She curses, wondering where he could be.

EJ says that if the feud is to end, this isn’t the way to do it. Victor disagrees. EJ insists that his father will never accept this. He’ll retaliate. Victor scoffs, asking what he will retaliate with. As far as he knows, Stefano only hires mercenaries, and he won’t be able to afford those anymore. EJ glares and gets to his feet, saying that Stefano will come back. He always does. Victor smirks, saying he won’t this time. He’s a sick old man, and it’s the end of an era. EJ frets.

Chloe sees Daniel coming back out of Baker’s room and sighs, telling Lucas that she really doesn’t want to talk about it. She just had a checkup and she is tired. Besides, if his mom wants to take it out on her because she upset about Billie and Phillip, then that is ok. Anyway, Kate is going to London so things will be fine. Lucas seems to accept this and tells her he won’t question her about it anymore. He says he is ready to go, but needs to speak to Daniel first. Chloe tells him not to.

Nicole sneaks back into Baker’s room and he threatens to call security. She promises to stay by the door and assumes that he didn’t get in touch with EJ. Baker asks if she tried to get through, too, and she nods, saying that his phone goes straight to voicemail. She adds that this gives Baker time to figure out what he is going to do. She sits down and tells him about an acquaintance of hers, Phillip. He got in a fight with Tony, EJ’s brother-in-law, and Tony was accidentally killed. Nicole witnessed the whole thing and went to EJ and Stefano, telling them that it was an accident, but they didn’t care. Phillip was off in hotel with his girlfriend and one of Stefano’s men busted down the door and shot Phillip. He managed to survive, but Stefano sent someone else to kill him in the hospital. Now he is probably on the run, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before Stefano succeeds. She says that Baker can tell EJ everything, but he knows that it’s his life if he does. She adds that he knows she is telling the truth about that. Baker seems to agree, and tells her that he will keep her secret if she agrees to stay out of his life and never come back to this room. Nicole agrees, asking if he will agree not to tell EJ anything. He nods and the two shake hands, saying they have a deal. She tells Baker to get well soon and heads off. Baker sighs.

Victor tells EJ again that it’s really the end of an era. After, all, EJ isn’t nearly the adversary his father was. EJ insists his father ‘is,’ not ‘was.’ Victor scoffs, saying he understands EJ’s need to think Stefano is still powerful. After all, he doesn’t measure up at all. EJ glares, saying he is going to remind Victor of his words one of these days when his hired thugs aren’t around. Victor ignores him, warning EJ not to hide any assets. Otherwise, he will know. He adds that he wants every stock and every piece of land they own. If EJ tries to double-cross him, then Stefano dies. Victor adds that this concludes their negotiations. His goon knocks EJ out with a blow to the head and EJ slumps to the ground. Victor tosses the contract onto his chest and the goon lets Victor outside.

Ciara sits with Bo and Hope and tells them that Grandma took her to the park. Max nods, saying that Caroline planned on taking her to the lake there. Bo looks at Ciara’s teddy bear critically, saying he looks as if he had a fun time. Hope tells him not to take the bear, and that she’ll wash him when Ciara goes to bed. She adds the they all need to turn in for the night and she and Max say goodbye. Bo stares at Ciara’s bear as Max offers to take Ciara to the zoo sometime. Bo gets a vision of himself walking through the woods, calling out for Ciara. He finds her bear on the ground. Bo comes back to the present and tries to shake off what he saw.

Lucas asks what the problem is, as he just wants to let Daniel know Kate is going to London, but Chloe says one of his patients isn’t doing well and he’s in a bad mood. She doesn’t think this is a good time to talk to him. She kisses Lucas, asking if they can just go home and Lucas agrees. The two head over to the elevator. Chloe steps inside. Lucas hesitates, staring at Daniel, but follows. Daniel sighs.

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion. She puts her purse down and notices a spot of blood at the foot of the stairs. She flashes back to Baker falling and sighs, saying that perhaps it would have been better if he had died. Alive, he is just one big liability.

In his hospital bed, Baker writes a letter, saying that if someone is reading this, it means he’s dead. Nicole DiMera is the one that killed him, and she did so for the following reasons. Determined, Baker writes on.

EJ wakes up at the pier alone. He touches a cut on his cheek and winces. He tries to get to his feet, but his shoulder hurts too badly. He groans, telling his father aloud that this isn’t over yet.


Victor tells Phillip, “It means that very soon, Stefano and all the DiMeras will be neutralized--powerless.”

Stephanie tells Caroline, “Phillip isn’t like Victor. I swear he isn’t.”

Nicole tells EJ, “Well, they just made a huge mistake. You will find a way to stop him--I know you will.”

Rafe says, “Leave? I’m not going anywhere, Sami.”

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