Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/8/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In the woods near the river, Sami and Rafe lie on a picnic blanket and kiss. He tells Sami that he didn’t plan any of this and she laughs, saying she didn’t think he was smart enough to know in advance she’d fall in the river. Besides, she thinks this is right, and she adds that it feels right to her, too. The two kiss and begin to make love.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie tells Phillip that she refuses to stand by on the sidelines while this all goes down. He doesn’t think she deserves any of this, but she says that what she doesn’t deserve is to be kept in the dark. She put her life on the line for him, and she has the right to know what is going on. Phillip sighs. Stephanie adds that from the way he and his father have been acting, she knows some kind of plan is being carried out. She demands to know what it is. Phillip agrees to let her in on the plan, but asks first if she is ready to sell her soul.

Down at the pier, EJ and Victor, flanked by their bodyguards, glare at one another. EJ asks Victor why he called him here. Victor smirks, saying it’s because they have him. EJ asks who they have. Victor grins, telling him to guess. EJ quietly guesses his father. Victor smiles, “Bingo.” EJ says he is bluffing, but Victor wonders if he is really willing to risk his father’s life on that foolish assumption.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole hurries up the stairs. Baker follows, but stops her halfway up, asking her what amount of money she plans on giving him to get out of town. She says she can give him fifteen grand in cash, but Baker chuckles, saying he’ll need fifty grand at least, or he’ll take his chances with EJ. Nicole hisses that she can’t hand out that much money. EJ would get suspicious. Baker says the deal is off, then, and heads back down the stairs. Nicole starts to grab him, telling him not to walk away from her, but Baker trips and falls down the stairs. Nicole gasps and rushes after him as he lies on the floor, unconscious. She kneels besides him, calling his name, but he doesn’t answer. She grabs his wrist and feels for a pulse. She gasps, wondering if she killed him.

Sami and Rafe make love. Just then, a flashlight is shined on both of them. Sami squeals. A man tells the two sternly that this is a restricted area, and that they’re both under arrest.

Nicole tells herself that she didn’t kill Baker. He fell, and what happened was an accident. Having convinced herself of this, she starts to worry that Baker may have evidence that she switched Sami and Mia’s babies. She wonders where he might hide such evidence and begins poking around his pockets, looking for his wallet. Just then, Baker reaches over and grabs her arm. Nicole shrieks.

Maggie walks into the Java Café and greets Will and Grace. Grace is fussy, and Will hands her her bottle, complaining that he isn’t very good at this. Maggie assures him he is, since he got Grace to quiet down. She asks if he is babysitting, and Will says he is. Maggie thinks his mom is very lucky to have him around. Will sighs, saying he was supposed to baby-sit with one of his friends, but she bailed on him. Maggie asks why and Will explains there were some kids from school that were saying stuff about her. Will flashes back to Mia telling him she was in rehab and tells Maggie that it doesn’t really matter. It’s probably best that she left, anyway. Maggie asks if his friend is in some kind of trouble, but Will isn’t sure. He explains that he expected his friend to deny everything those other kids had said about her, but she didn’t. Maggie says she is sorry to hear that, and adds that it seems to her that this girl is an important friend. Will shrugs, saying she isn’t. He adds that he hasn’t known her that long, so he’ll get over it. Maggie offers to stay and help him with the baby, but Will says he ought to be getting Grace home, as it is past her bedtime. Maggie says goodbye to both of them and the two head off. She gets a call from Brian at the restaurant, who is looking for gift cards. Maggie instructs him where to find them as Mia walks in behind her. Maggie hangs up and notices Mia sniffling. Maggie hands her a handkerchief, saying that Mia can tell her to mind her own business if she wants, but she wants to know if something is wrong with her.

Sami and Rafe hurriedly get dressed. Rafe jokes, wondering what the penalty is for indecent exposure. Sami tells him not to joke, and says she had no idea they were on sacred ground here. She shrugs, saying at least she has something to tell her grandkids. Rafe laughs, but she says she is serious. She plans on telling them all about how this was the most perfect first date she has ever had. It was romantic, unpredictable, and ended up being a heart-stopping adventure. He thinks she likes it that way, but she says he must like it, too, or he wouldn’t be with her. Rafe agrees and the two kiss.

Stephanie asks angrily why she has to sell her soul, but Phillip says he was kidding. All he and his father are planning is a way to keep their family safe, and that includes Stephanie. After all, she said herself that she was a part of this. Stephanie insists on knowing what their plan is exactly. Phillip agrees to tell her, but says she needs to know a couple of things. First, Phillip insists he has a conscience. The memory of Tony’s death still haunts him, even thought it was an accident. He feels guilty and responsible, but that isn’t enough for the DiMeras. Phillip reminds her that they instigated this war. She nods and asks what the second thing is she needs to know. Phillip tells her that what he and is father are planning is for the greater good. He asks her to think about what the DiMeras have done to her family. Doesn’t she honestly think that the world would be a better place without them in it?

Victor hands EJ Stefano’s ring, saying this should prove the validity of his claim. EJ calls him an SOB and snatches the ring from him. Victor reminds him that Stefano would never part with such a prized possession willingly. EJ angrily demands to know where Stefano is. Victor scoffs, saying that the phoenix isn’t going to rise from the ashes--not this time. He’s going to need the help of a mere mortal--his son.

Nicole sobs and begs Baker to let go of her. She shakes him off of her, asking him angrily why he couldn’t just leave town. Dr. Baker slumps back into unconsciousness. Nicole stares at him worriedly as Sydney begins to wail.

Rafe thanks the officer off-camera and heads over to Sami. He sighs, telling her that her dress is ruined and her hair is all wet. She thinks she probably looks like a mess, but Rafe says she is beautiful. He guesses she is uncomfortable, however, and suggests they cut the date short. Sami scoffs, wondering if he is kidding. She says the best part of the date is yet to come.

Stephanie can’t believe that Phillip said that the world would be a better place without the DiMeras. She adds that Phillip doesn’t get to decide who lives and who dies. Phillip thinks she is just afraid and says he thought she trusted him. She says she does, but she doesn’t trust EJ, Stefano, or his father. She sighs, saying she is just tired of all the hatred and anger. She reminds Phillip that he was almost killed because of it. Phillip vows to be prepared next time, but Stephanie says there won’t be a next time. She won’t let anyone try to hurt him again. Phillip tries to interrupt, but Stephanie reminds him that he also vowed to keep her safe. She is going to do the same for him, even if it means going back to confront EJ. Phillip gets serious, telling her that she must never do that again. He swears that if that SOB ever lays a finger on Stephanie-- Stephanie interrupts, asking if Phillip would kill him. She asks Phillip angrily if that was what he was going to say.

EJ puts on Stefano’s ring and checks his fury, asking Victor what he has to do. Victor says that this ends tonight. He wants EJ and Stefano to stay the hell away from Phillip. EJ angrily reminds Victor that his brother is dead. If Victor lays a finger on Stefano-- Victor interrupts, saying he will take EJ to Stefano right now. EJ scoffs, saying that Victor most likely plans on murdering both of them. Victor tells EJ to get rid of his guards. EJ stares in shock as Victor assures him he won’t be harmed. Victor gives him his word. EJ laughs and sarcastically tells his guards to go ahead and leave. After all, he has Victor’s word. Victor scoffs, saying this is up to EJ. Does he want to see Papa DiMera, or not?

Nicole looks at Baker and listens to Sydney screaming. She hesitates, not sure what to do. Finally she starts to head up the stairs for the baby as Mary comes rushing in, asking Nicole what happened. Nicole says she isn’t sure. She asks Mary to call an ambulance, telling her Baker fell. Mary kneels by the doctor, asking if Nicole knows CPR. She says she does and Mary says she’ll start on the chest compressions if Nicole can do the breathing. Nicole hesitates. Mary insists she hurry. Nicole leans down and makes a face. She puts her hand near Baker’s mouth and leans over him, gently blowing in the general direction of his mouth. Nicole grimaces.

Mia thanks Maggie for the tissue, saying she is fine. Maggie asks if she goes to Salem High, saying her two daughters went there a long time ago. Mia nods and Maggie suggests the two have some hot chocolate together. Mia says she really wouldn’t be good company tonight. She hasn’t felt herself in a long time, but tonight has been particularly hard. Maggie asks if she wants to talk about it, but Mia doesn’t want to. Maggie thinks it might help things, and Mia admits that some people from her former school were saying some pretty nasty things about her. She adds that she let a close friend believe the things were true. Maggie, surprised now that she realizes Mia is the girl Will was talking about, guesses that the things those other kids said weren’t true. Mia nods and Maggie asks why she would let a friend think they were true when they weren’t. Mia sighs, saying it’s because letting people think what they want is better than having them know what really happened. She says that no one can ever know. Maggie stares in surprise.

Rafe and Sami stumble into her apartment, kissing. Grace wails in the background. They hear her as Will comes in with her. The two break off kissing and Sami says she is surprised to see Will here. She thought he and Mia were both babysitting. Will says something came up. Sami takes Grace from him and says her cheeks are all red. She wonders why Will didn’t call her when she got fussy, but Will says he didn’t want to bother her. Sami and Rafe fuss over Grace. Rafe gets her to laugh, and Sami notices that she is running a fever. Will says she hasn’t felt warm to him all night. Sami thinks the fever might have just come back. She puts her hand on Grace’s forehead worriedly, wondering what is wrong with her.

The paramedics get ready to take Baker away as a police officer questions Nicole. She says that it all happened so fast. One minute he was on the stairs, the next he was on the floor. Nicole thinks that he must have tripped. The officer asks if there were any witnesses, and Mary comes over, telling the officer nervously that she saw everything, and it’s just as Mrs. DiMera says. Nicole smiles gratefully as Mary heads off. The officer asks Nicole why the doctor was here, and Nicole explains that he comes by to see her daughter from time to time, since he delivered her. The officer is shocked that he makes house calls. Nicole shrugs, saying she and her husband are very blessed. She just hopes Baker makes it. The officer seems to accept this and heads off. Nicole heads over to the paramedics, asking them how Baker is doing. One of them tells her that the CPR may have broken a rib, but it saved his life. Nicole smiles, relieved.

Stephanie asks Phillip if he really just threatened EJ’s life. Phillip doesn’t think that she wants to know the answer to that and Stephanie agrees. He asks her to stay with him. She asks if he means for the night, but he says he means forever. She wonders if he thinks that she isn’t safe, or if he’s worried she might go back to see EJ, but Phillip says that it is because he loves her. He wants to go to bed with her and wake up with her. He asks her what she thinks and if she will move in with him.

EJ asks what happens once he dismisses his guards and sees his father. Victor says that is up to him. He doesn’t usually negotiate with terrorists, but in this case, he thinks a little diplomacy might benefit everyone. EJ scoffs, asking if this is his idea of diplomacy. Victor reminds him that Tony was the one that turned on his family. EJ doesn’t owe him any loyalty. However, his father is a different matter. EJ sighs and dismisses his men with a motion of his hand. They head off. Victor’s men grab EJ’s arms. EJ protests. Victor grins.

Maggie brings back some cocoa and cookies for Mia, hoping she likes chocolate chip. Mia wonders who wouldn’t, and Maggie tells her that one of her daughters hates chocolate. Mia asks about her daughters, and Maggie explains that they are both grown up and have moved away to start their own families. Mia thinks she must be lonely, but Maggie says that she has a young woman living with her now that is like a daughter to her, so she is never lonely. Mia says she is lucky. Maggie asks gently if she is close with her parents, but Mia says she isn’t. Maggie asks if they live close by. Mia sighs, saying she isn’t in Salem because of her parents, if that is what Maggie is thinking. She is here for an entirely different reason.

Sami takes Grace’s temperature as Will apologizes. Sami assures him this isn’t his fault and reads the thermometer, seeing that Grace has a fever of 101. She says she has to call the pediatrician, wondering what is wrong. She adds that he said it was just teething, but Sami isn’t so sure. After all, this didn’t happen with any of her other kids. Will reminds her that Grace is adopted. Sami says she is, of course, but she worries mostly because Grace didn’t get a lot of medical care right at birth. She decides she has to call the doctor and find out what is going on.

At the hospital, Nicole stops a doctor, asking for news on Dr. Baker. The doctor says he has a couple of broken ribs, but what really worries him is how long it is taking Baker to regain consciousness. Nicole asks if his memory might be affected and the doctor nods. He says that based on the injuries sustained to his brain, he may not remember much of anything at all when he wakes up. He heads off as Nicole whispers to herself that that is tragic.

EJ struggles, reminding Victor that he gave him his word. Victor says he intends to honor it. However, he doesn’t expect the same from EJ, so he will be blindfolded and taken to Stefano. Afterwards, he’ll be brought back here. Victor comes over and takes EJ’s cell phone from his suit pocket. EJ says he just wanted to call his wife, but Victor scoffs, saying Nicole probably hasn’t even noticed he’s gone. And if something did happen to him, all she’d see is dancing dollar signs. EJ struggles more violently as the men head off with him. Victor grins.

Stephanie thinks it’s a big step for the two of them to move in together. Phillip asks if she hasn’t thought about it. She admits she has, but not lately. Too many other things have been going on for her to think about them taking it to the next level. She groans, saying she can’t believe she said that, but Phillip says that is what they would be doing--if she says yes, and he hopes she will. He moves in for a kiss, telling her he needs her by his side. Stephanie breaks off the kiss, smiling and saying she will move in with him. Phillip grins and kisses her again. He says he guesses that ‘welcome home’ banner is for the both of them. Now this is her home, too. Stephanie wonders if he should run this by his dad first, but Phillip says that Victor won’t be a problem. He’ll understand that Stephanie’s parents are out of town, and her room mate just moved to London. Phillip adds that they are going to be her family now. He says he knows how she feels about the Kiriakis name, though. Stephanie says she loves him and it is his name. She adds that she is proud to be a part of the family. Phillip grins and suggests they celebrate. Stephanie heads off for champagne glasses. Phillip takes out his phone. Stephanie walks back in just in time to hear Phillip ask if it is done. He listens and grins, “Good.” Stephanie stares.

Nicole tries to call EJ, leaving him a message and wondering why he isn’t picking up. She tells him that there’s been an accident, and that Dr. Baker is in the hospital.

Sami asks Will if he can watch Grace while she runs to the pharmacy, but Will says that he would rather go himself. He asks if he can use Sami’s car, and she chuckles, saying he can, of course. She hands him some cash for the prescription and her ID in case they need to see it. She thanks Will and he heads off. Sami heads over to Rafe, marveling that he was able to get Grace to sleep. She asks how he did it, but he claims it was magic. She asks how he did it seriously, and he explains Grace is just like his sister was when she was small. They both have the same tickle spot. He goes after Sami, tickling her. She collapses onto a chair, laughing. Rafe leans over her and the two kiss.

Will heads into the café and greets Maggie, who is now alone. She is surprised to see him here again and he explains that he is killing time while he waits for Grace’s prescription to be filled. Maggie gasps, hoping everything is alright, and Will explains that the baby has a fever. Maggie tells him that she has to go before Mickey worries, but asks him to have Sami call her if she needs anything. Will thanks her and she heads off. Will then takes out his phone and calls Mia, saying that he wants to apologize for what happened earlier, and that he wishes she hadn’t run out that way. He sighs, asking her to call him later. He hangs up. Mia comes out of the bathroom and sees Will with his back turned towards her. She hurries to the door, looks back wistfully, and then hurries off.

Sami and Rafe make out on the couch. Grace fusses. Sami gets up, checks on her, sees that she is ok, and goes back to kissing Rafe. Grace cries more insistently. Both Sami and Rafe hurry over and stand over Grace’s crib.

Stephanie huffs over to Phillip, asking if that phone call was about the DiMeras. He pulls her into his arms, explaining that he wants to show her what that phone call was about. She asks what he means, and he grabs her hand, leading her out onto the patio, where a romantic dinner is being set up by Owen, the DiMera’s ‘inside’ man. Phillip thanks him and he heads off. Stephanie gasps in surprise, saying ruefully that she was supposed to be surprising Phillip. Her banner doesn’t look all that impressive right about now. Phillip smiles, admitting jokingly that he had some help. Stephanie asks if the phone call was to Owen and Phillip nods. He kisses Stephanie. She smiles and responds.

Victor’s bodyguards manhandle EJ and push him into a dark room. They close the door and lock it. EJ demands to know where his father is. No one responds. EJ sighs.

Phillip and Stephanie sit at the table and Phillip proposes a toast to her, telling her that he has never before wanted anyone in his life as much as he wants her in his. He adds that he likes who he is when he is with her. Stephanie tears up, but Phillip asks her not to cry. He says he doesn’t have any regrets except that he hasn’t always been able to be there for her. She starts to interrupt, but he stops her, saying that he knows she hasn’t approved of everything he has said and done, but the important thing is that she stood by his side and is still here. Stephanie says that she isn’t going anywhere. She wants to be with him. Phillip says that if that is true, then this is the beginning of a new life for him. He gets up and stands by her side, telling her how beautiful and perfect she is. He lists a string of compliments, calling her witty, funny and wise, and then gets down on one knee. Stephanie sobs as he pulls out an engagement ring and asks her to be his wife. She says she will, of course. He slips the ring onto her finger, and the two kiss.

Will approaches the apartment and hears Sami and Rafe inside, giggling. He opens the door cautiously, but is surprised to find the two playing Scrabble. They invite him to join in, but he says he has a lot of homework and heads off. Sami and Rafe continue to play, with Sami using the word ‘date’ and Rafe adding ‘first’ to it. She says that she is sorry his perfect evening got ruined by her falling in the river. She adds that then Grace got sick and they ended up playing a board game. Rafe says he is having a great time, as he loves Scrabble. Besides, the two of them are going to have a lot more perfect nights together. Sami smiles and the two kiss.

Nicole calls Mary to say goodnight to Sydney, telling the maid that she won’t be longer than a half hour. She says she just has one thing left to do and hangs up. The doctor comes out of Baker’s room and Nicole asks how he is doing. The doctor says he is stable and that Nicole can see him if she likes. She heads in. Baker moans and asks her where he is. She explains that he had an accident and is in the hospital. Baker says he didn’t have an accident. He calls Nicole a bitch and accuses her of trying to kill him.

EJ finds a light switch in the room and flips it. He turns pale as he sees there is a covered body on a gurney in the room.


Lucas asks Kate, “Tell me. What went down between you and Chloe?”

Daniel asks Chloe, “Does your marriage make you happy?”

Nicole tells Dr. Baker, “You go to the cops, and you’re going to wish you didn’t wake up right now.”

EJ asks Victor, “What exactly is it that you want?” He replies, “Everything, Elvis, everything.”

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