Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/7/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/7/09


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Victor heads into the hospital with two bodyguards. He walks into Phillip’s room, asking if he is ready to go home. Phillip, who is in a wheelchair, says he is. He asks about their plan and its status, and Victor grins, saying that phase one is on the verge of being completed. Phillip smirks.

At Sami’s place, Will thanks Mia for helping him baby-sit. She says it is no problem as Sami comes out, asking the two how she looks in her new dress. Mia and Will both say that she looks beautiful, ad Mia asks what the occasion is. Sami explains that she has a date. Mia says she thinks she looks great and Sami thanks the two for babysitting Grace for her. Will tells her they’ll be at the Java Café and the two head off with the baby. Sami considers changing and panics a little about the date, since she hasn’t been on one in so long. Just then, the bell rings. Sami opens it and Rafe is standing there. He whistles appreciatively and compliments her dress. Blushing, Sami asks him to stop.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ calls Dr. Baker, telling him that he knows his shift ends in a few minutes. He asks Baker to meet him at the mansion in half an hour. Baker snorts, asking how EJ knows when his shift ends. EJ chuckles, saying he makes it his business to know things that interest him, and right now, he is interested in Dr. Baker. He hangs up. Behind him, Nicole asks him what he thinks he is doing. She demands to know why he invited Baker over to the house.

Rafe tells Sami that she looks great. Nervously, she reminds him he told her they were going someplace romantic. Rafe says they are, for him, anyway. She notes that Rafe looks like he is going bowling or something. He looks ruefully at his own outfit and tells her that he forgot to say that she doesn’t need to dress up. Relieved, Sami says she is going to change, then, but Rafe stops her. He thinks that everything will be fine as long as they’re careful. Worriedly, Sami asks what that is supposed to mean. Rafe hands her a small yellow flower, saying that this is a hint as to where they are going. He adds that she needs a sweater and maybe some bug spray. Sami gives him a look and he admits he is joking about needing the bug spray. He puts an arm around her and the two head off.

EJ tells Nicole that Dr. Baker is a man whose company he’d like to share right now. Nicole demands to know why he didn’t ask her about him coming over, and EJ says dryly that he wasn’t aware he had to clear everything by her first. She huffs, saying he lied to her. EJ sternly says he did no such thing. She knows that Stefano is having the doctor investigated. Nicole reminds him that he promised to cancel the investigation until his father comes home. EJ sighs in frustration, saying he has no idea when Stefano is returning. Nicole asks what he is talking about, and EJ admits to her that his father has gone missing.

At the Java Café, Mia plays with Grace as Will brings them a couple of coffees. He jokingly asks her if she’ll be able to concentrate on her studies with Grace smiling up at her. Mia admits it will be hard. Will says that Grace is a wonderful baby. She hardly ever cries and she’s just so mellow most of the time. Mia smiles, saying she is glad to see she isn’t the only one that has fallen in love with her. Will admits he has, and he really owes Mia a lot when it comes to his relationship with Grace. Mia asks what he means and Will reminds her that he wasn’t too thrilled when his mom brought Grace home. But after he talked with Mia and saw how great she was with the baby, he changed his mind, and realizes they’re lucky to have Grace. Just then, Tad, Will’s friend, walks in with another girl. He points Mia out to her and she nods, saying that is definitely the girl she knows from Salem High. Tad confides in her that Mia was very reluctant talk about that time in her life and the girl scoffs, wondering why she would ever want to.

Stephanie waits at the Kiriakis mansion for Phillip. She has set up some balloons and a ‘welcome home’ banner. Phillip walks in just then and she hugs him, saying she wanted to pick him up at the hospital, but Victor insisted on doing it himself. Victor heads in just then, explaining that he wanted to give the two some time alone, but he really needs to speak to Phillip alone for a few moments. Stephanie asks what he means, reminding him that she has been waiting here all day for Phillip to come home. Victor, shocked, says he isn’t going to negotiate with her on this. She scoffs, asking if she is supposed to just be a good little girl and leave while they discuss manly topics, like killing people. Phillip tries to stop her, but she tells Victor she is sorry. He has the wrong girl if he thinks that is going to happen.

Nicole asks EJ if Stefano has really vanished. EJ scoffs, saying sarcastically that she is probably beside herself. She asks him what happened to Stefano, but EJ isn’t sure. His phone is turned off, so it’s possible he’s just flying under the radar. Worriedly, Nicole asks him he thinks Victor could have had something to do with this if anything happens to Stefano. EJ tells her not to talk that way, and that nothing is going to happen. She asks if he thinks Baker had something to do with this and EJ says it’s a good possibility. He tells Nicole angrily that Baker is a low-life--just the kind of person that could be turned by the Kiriakis family. Fearfully, Nicole asks if he is going to pump Baker for information. Furiously, EJ shakes his fist, saying he is going to grill the man. By the time he leaves, there isn’t anything he won’t know about Dr. Richard Baker. Nicole sweats.

Victor asks sternly if Stephanie has been hitting the vodka. Phillip tries to stop him but Victor says she has never been this insolent before. Stephanie scoffs, asking if he really thinks a person has to be drunk to stand up to him. He accuses her of acting like a spoiled brat and wonders how she dares to speak to him this way in his own house. Phillip asks them both to stop and tells Stephanie this will only take a minute. She whines that she has been waiting here all day, but Phillip assures her they’ll have plenty of time alone. She huffs off, agreeing to give him two minutes. Victor grumbles, wondering who the hell she thinks she is. Phillip reminds Victor that Stephanie found him in a pool of blood and nearly got shot herself. It’s gong to take her a while to process all this, and he thinks the two of them need to cut her some slack. Victor grudgingly agrees and Phillip asks him about their plan. Victor explains that phase one is complete, and that everything is as it should be. Phillip smiles and nods, saying that it’s time for him to strike. Victor nods.

Mia tells Will that she is grateful for him, too. She knows attending Salem High would be a lot harder without Will around. He thinks she would fit in just fine on her own, but Mia disagrees. She admits that she isn’t exactly friendly by nature, but he’s made her feel like she really does fit in. Just then, Tad and his friend walk over and greet the two. He introduces the girl as Kinsey, one of his friends from Salem West. Mia smiles uncomfortably. Will says he thought Tad was bringing someone from class to study with them. Kinsey interrupts, asking if Mia remembers her. Mia stammers. Kinsey folds her arms and glances at the baby. She scoffs, noting that Mia has certainly been busy since the last time they saw each other.

Rafe brings Sami to a blanket in the woods surrounded by candles. Sami can’t believe he set all this up. He says it didn’t take long and that he has plenty of wine and cheese for them to enjoy. Sami glances around, saying it’s beautiful. She adds that she has lived in town her whole life, but has never been up here. Rafe jokes that it’s on his side of town and guesses that Sami didn’t visit the south side too often. He goes on to say that he used to come up here a lot as a kid with friends or by himself. Sami gives him a look, asking how many girls he brought up here. Rafe jokingly rattles off a list of names and Sami chuckles, admitting it wasn’t a fair question. Rafe says that he would love to make her jealous, but he can’t. The truth is, she is the only woman he has ever brought up here--or would ever want to, for that matter. The two kiss.

Baker rings the doorbell and Nicole hurries over to open it, greeting him with a glare. She invites him in and EJ suggests she go check on Sydney. She says she has the baby monitor, and everything is fine. Besides, she wants to be a good hostess and see if their guest needs anything. EJ says pointedly that he doesn’t. Nicole heads off as Baker and EJ head into the living room. Nicole stops near the stairs and listens in as Baker asks EJ what this is all about. EJ says this is about him not being who he says he is.

Phillip tells Victor that he is ready to get started, but Victor says that they must completely plan phase two of their plan first. Phillip thought they didn’t have time to lose, but Victor assures him everything is fine, and advises him to go spend time with Stephanie. Victor heads off as Stephanie comes back in. She asks where Victor is, and Phillip says that he is going out for the night. She asks how their conversation went, but Phillip is sure she was listening in. She huffs, saying she wouldn’t do that to him again, not after what happened at Titan a few months ago. She starts to storm off, but Phillip asks her not to fight with him on his first night home. She grumbles that he needs to take back what he said and he agrees, saying he knows she wouldn’t spy on him. The two kiss. Stephanie begins to unbutton his shirt, but catches sight of the bandage on his chest. She flashes back to begging a bleeding Phillip to pull through for her. She comes back to the present and stares at Phillip in horror. Her lower lip trembles.

Sami and Rafe lie on the blanket and sip wine. Rafe points out Orion’s constellation to Sami, and she asks if he has always been so interested in astronomy. He says he is and he also is interested in the myths surrounding them. He explains to Sami that according to Native American tales, Orion’s belt was made by the god of the fleas after his three wives left him. He flew up into the sky and left the footprints in Orion’s belt for each wife. Sami chuckles as Rafe assures her this is serious stuff. She asks why he never pursued a career in astronomy, and he explains he wanted to be an astronaut, until he learned NASA has thousands of applicant and only a few spaces to fill. So he decided to choose a career that had a better success rate. Sami is glad he isn’t an astronaut, as they never would have met if he had been. Rafe thinks them meeting must have been fate, then. She asks if he really thinks so and he says she does. The two start to kiss again but Sami hears a splash and gasps, asking what that was. Rafe explains that it’s just trout jumping in the river. Sami wants to go see them and Rafe agrees. He says he’ll meet her down there, but calls after her to be careful around the bank, as it’s slippery. Just then, he hears a shriek and a splash.

Baker tells EJ that he isn’t sure what Nicole told him, but EJ interrupts, calling Baker a fraud. Neither him or Nicole had any idea what he was capable of until his father, Stefano, started looking into Baker’s background. EJ adds that he is pathetic. EJ was always suspicious of him and the way he made house calls, and wonders why he was coming over here to see Nicole all the time. Baker starts to answer, but EJ interrupts, saying he knows all about Baker’s gambling debts and IOU’s. His father did a check on Baker’s background, and now he’s disappeared. He fell off the radar just as Baker popped onto it. Baker claims he had nothing to with his father’s disappearance, but he thinks he knows someone who might. In the foyer, Nicole listens in and sweats.

Sami yells and splashes. Rafe runs after her, telling her he’s coming.

Mia tells Kinsey that she remembers her, of course, and introduces her to Will and Grace. Tad asks who the baby belongs to and Will tells the two that Grace is his sister. He asks Kinsey if she and Mia had classes together, and she smirks, saying they took English and Drama together. Mia says she didn’t take drama, and Kinsey grins, saying she sure caused enough if it, though. Mia looks at Will uncomfortably as Kinsey says she is totally kidding. Mia excuses herself to the restroom and Tad asks Kinsey if Mia was the one she was telling him about before--the popular one. Kinsey sits down and agrees, nastily saying that that was all before, though. Will asks what happened and Kinsey is surprised he didn’t know. She says that Mia dropped out of school suddenly in mid-term and never returned.

Stephanie collects herself and apologizes to Phillip for speaking to his father the way she did earlier. She is sure he said some nasty things about her after she left. Phillip swears he didn’t, and that Victor probably actually respected her for standing up to him for once. Stephanie sighs, saying she just hates feeling like she is too fragile to know what’s going on or too dumb to understand. She sighs, saying she sometimes thinks Phillip feels that way about her. He swears he doesn’t. She adds that he would be angry if she kept something from him. He says she wouldn’t do that, but Stephanie says she has. Phillip chuckles at first, but then gets serious, asking to know what she is hiding. She says she doesn’t like secrets, and she is proud of herself for doing this, so she’ll tell. She explains that she went and saw EJ. She gave him hell for what he did to Phillip. Phillip gapes.

Nicole rushes in, telling EJ that Sydney is asleep. He explains that this is a private conversation. Baker tells EJ that he was just going to say that those people from the paper--the Kiriakis family--seem like the most obvious place to look if EJ wants to find his father. EJ asks Baker suspiciously how well he knows the family. Baker says he only knows what he has read. EJ tells him sternly that it is his job here to explore the obvious options and the not-so obvious ones. Baker clearly falls into the latter category. Just then, EJ gets a call. He answers and Victor is on the other line. He’s at the pier with his body guards and tells EJ to meet him--now. EJ stares.

Will asks Kinsey in surprise if Mia really dropped out. He asks why she did so and Kinsey suggests she ask her himself. He says he will, but Kinsey shakes her head, doubting Mia will tell him the truth. She obviously dropped out because she was on drugs. At least, that is what they all figured out. Tad asks her to cool it, but Kinsey says it’s true. Will reminds her she doesn’t know Mia was on drugs for a fact, but Kinsey says it couldn’t be anything else. After all, she disappeared one day and showed up a few months later at a different school. She was clearly in rehab. It happens all the time. Will says that Mia doesn’t seem like the wild type, and Kinsey agrees. She adds that Mia did hang out with some kid who were though, and they said that she got hooked on meth. Or maybe it was coke, she really can’t remember. She says it might have been some kind eating disorder, but something definitely happened to that girl. Will lays into her for speaking about his friend that way and saying she went to rehab when she isn’t even sure. Miffed, Kinsey says she is 95% sure. She thinks Will must be in love with Mia. Will tells her to shut up and adds that she is 95% bitch, too. Kinsey gapes. Tad says it’s time for the two to leave, but Kinsey tells Will to face it. No one just drops out of their past life without contacting anyone unless there’s a reason. Will suggests that Mia wanted to get away from Kinsey. She calls him a jerk, saying that it isn’t her fault his girlfriend is a druggie. Tad tells her that they have to go and she huffs off. Tad shrugs apologetically at Will and follows. Mia comes back just then, asking where everyone went. Will shrugs. Mia asks what happened.

Phillip shouts that he can’t believe she went to EJ’s house and called him out like that. Stephanie says she would do it again in a heartbeat and calls EJ a pompous creep. Phillip tells her she shouldn’t have done that and that she must never do it again. She glares, saying she hasn’t done anything he hasn’t done, and besides, she had a better reason. Phillip yells that the reasoning behind it is irrelevant. Stephanie asks him to stop shouting at her. He calms down, explaining that he loves her. What she did was not only not safe; it was also reckless, given certain possible future events. Stephanie asks what he means. Phillip hesitates. She asks him to please tell her what is going on and what his plans are.

EJ tells Victor that he will be right there and the two hang up. He tells Baker to stay there and heads off, saying he will be right back. Nicole waits until the door closes and whirls on Baker, asking if he sees now what she was warning him of before. He has to get out of town now, and go somewhere where he can’t ever be found.

Rafe carries Sami back to the blanket and lays her down on it. She coughs and comes to, shivering. Rafe wraps the blanket around her and Sami struggles to get out of her wet dress. Finally she succeeds and pulls the blanket tighter around her. Rafe wraps his arms around her, trying to warm her.

Will tries to focus on schoolwork, but Mia says he hasn’t even looked at her since Tad and Kinsey left. Will tries to change the subject to Grace, but Mia demands to know what happened and why he seems to be ignoring her. Will sighs, asking if she really knew Kinsey. Mia says she did, but not well. Will explains that Kinsey told him Mia dropped out mid-term. She says sarcastically that it was really nice of Kinsey to talk about her behind her back that way. She demands to know what else she said, and Will admits that Kinsey told him Mia was a drug addict and went to rehab. He asks if that is really why she dropped out of Salem West, or if there is another reason.

Phillip says that this isn’t about the fact that she was standing up for him, it’s that what she did was a mistake--a huge one. He can’t let her be casualty to all of this. Stephanie wonders where he has been. She has been a potential casualty since the moment she fell in love with him. She insists that they are in this together now, and she isn’t going anywhere, not now and not ever.

Baker asks Nicole to stop panicking. After all, he didn’t give her up. She scoffs, asking if she is supposed to be grateful. If he had done that, they’d both be dead. Baker shrugs, saying that he ought to take up with the DiMeras, come to think of it. They probably pay well, and it could help him absolve his debt. She says he could also end up buried under a turnpike. Aghast, she says she can’t believe he thinks he has the upper hand here. The DiMeras play for keeps, and when they want information out of someone, they get it. She says they will eventually find out about the baby switch, and when they do, they won’t show up at his door with money, they’ll hand him a shovel to dig his own grave. Baker sighs. Nicole is glad she is finally getting through to him, but he explains he can’t just pack up and leave. He doesn’t have the money to relocate. Nicole says that lucky for him, she can take care of all of that since she married into money. She tells Baker to follow her, and she’ll show him the answer to all his problems.

EJ and his bodyguards show up to the pier and find Victor with his own bodyguards. Victor smirks. EJ glares.

Rafe holds Sami and tells her glumly that this is some first date. He should have warned her about the bank. She laughs, saying she is just clumsy. Rafe apologizes again for the date having turned out so badly, but Sami claims she is having a wonderful time. The two kiss.

Mia gazes at Grace and flashes back to Nicole helping her give birth. She tells Will that Kinsey was right, and that she was in rehab. Will asks what kind of drugs she was doing, but Mia says she’d do anything and everything. She starts to get up, saying that she understands that Will doesn’t want her anywhere near him or his sister. Will says that he never said that, but she says he doesn’t have to. She says goodbye and heads to the door, stopping to look back at Grace longingly. She heads off. Will sighs.

Phillip accuses Stephanie of romanticizing this whole thing. She thinks that if she stands by her man, everything will have a happy ending, but life doesn’t work that way. Stephanie asks how it works, then. Phillip sighs. Stephanie says she knows he doesn’t know how things are going to turn out, but he can be sure of one thing. She refuses to stand by on the sidelines and pretend that she isn’t a part of this. Phillip says that he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but she says he can’t keep her in the dark any longer. She put her life on the line for him, and by the way his father and him have been acting, she knows something is in the works. There’s a plan and she wants to know what it is.

EJ asks Victor why he wanted to see him. Victor smirks, saying it’s because they have him. EJ asks who they have. Victor tells him to guess. EJ hangs his head, guessing they have his father.

Nicole heads up the stairs, but Baker stops her halfway up, asking how much she plans on giving him. She says she can give him fifteen thousand in cash, but Baker scoffs, saying he was thinking more like fifty thousand. She says she doesn’t have it, and Baker threatens to take his chances with EJ if she doesn’t hand it over. Nicole says EJ would be suspicious if she gave him that much. Baker says the deal is off then, and turns to go. Nicole starts to put her hand on his shoulder, demanding that he not walk away from her, but Dr. Baker trips and tumbles down the stairs. Nicole gasps as he lies on the floor below, unconscious.

Sami and Rafe kiss passionately. He tells her that he really didn’t mean for this to happen, and she chuckles, saying she is pretty sure he didn’t plan for her to fall in the river. She thinks it’s just right that this happens now. She says it feels right to her, anyway. The two kiss and begin to make love.


EJ screams, “Where is he? WHERE IS HE?!” Victor replies, “The phoenix is not going to rise from the ashes--not this time.”

Nicole tells Mary, “Call an ambulance.” She replies, “What happened?” Nicole panics, “He fell. I don’t think he’s breathing.”

A man shines a flashlight on Sami and Rafe, “Restricted area. You’re under arrest.”

Phillip says, “If that son of a bitch ever laid a finger on you--“ Stephanie interrupts, “You’d kill him? Is that what you were going to say?”

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