Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/6/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Victor storms over to the guard outside Phillip’s room and lays into him, calling him an incompetent moron. The man tries to assure Victor they are doing everything they can, but Victor demands to know how an assassin dressed as a nurse got past this highly trained pack of clowns and attempted to murder his son. The guard stammers. Victor insists that security be doubled and stomps into Phillip’s room. He sits by his bedside and tells Phillip that he looks better. He asks if he needs anything, and Phillip says that he wants answers. Victor sighs, saying they know the nurse was an assassin, but they haven’t been able to trace her back to the DiMeras. Phillip grumbles that they’re all bastards. If the DiMeras want him dead, they should come after him themselves. Victor vows that they won’t get away with this. He won’t let them.

At the Java Café, Nicole flashes back to asking Dr. Baker not to take a chance with Stefano. He tells her that he isn’t leaving town, and advises her to keep EJ from the truth if she really wants to keep a lid on things. After all, if EJ finds out the truth about him, he’ll find out the truth about her, too. Nicole comes back to the present and sighs. She gets ready to leave, but when she picks up her purse, she notices that Dr. Baker left his keys behind. She groans, wondering why the man just won’t go away. Just then, Sami and Rafe walk in. They head over to the counter, talking about how Will is too cool to hang out with his mom. Rafe is just glad he is spending time with Grace. Sami says she is, too. In fact, she’s so happy she doesn’t want to jinx it by talking about it. Rafe rolls his eyes, saying he thought it would never happen, and Sami jokes that it is all his fault. After all he was the one threatening to leave town, and she had to spend hours talking him out of it. He admits that she does like to talk. She thinks he likes to drive her crazy. She kisses him and sincerely thanks him for agreeing to spend the day with her and her kids. Rafe grins, saying there’s no place he’d rather be.

Phillip tells Victor that he wants the DiMeras to pay--no negotiations or deals will suffice. Victor swears they will pay in due time. Phillip grumbles that he just hopes it happens before they try to kill him again. Just then, Brady walks in. He asks if he is interrupting something. Victor and Phillip exchange looks and Victor says they were just having a spirited conversation. Brady scoffs, guessing it had to with which DiMera they plan on killing first.

At the airport, Chelsea sits with Max and fidgets, worrying that her dad isn’t going to make it in time. Max assures her he will just as Bo rushes in. He hugs Chelsea and she thanks him for showing up, saying she was worried she wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Bo shushes her, telling her he’s here now. Chelsea buries her head in his shoulder.

Sami jokingly lambastes Rafe for all the trouble she had to go to to get to the airport in time. Rafe is sure she would have tracked him down in New York if he had gone. Sami says she might have, but she’s just glad he’s here in town for now. The two kiss and canoodle. Nicole walks over, saying the two make a cute couple. She always heard opposites attract, but in Sami’s case, she’d say that’s not true for liars and schemers--they tend to stick together. Sami scowls. Nicole grins, saying the two are a match made in heaven.

Victor says that he thought Brady was in a meeting, but he says it was brief. He added that things went well, and as soon as he learns more, he’ll call Victor and let him know. He asks how Phillip is feeling, and he says he’s surprisingly alright. It turns out he’s both bullet-proof and pillow-proof. Brady asks when he gets out of here, and Phillip says in a couple of days, barring any unforeseen catastrophes. Brady nods knowingly, saying that this is usually the part where the violence escalates. After all, only one man is dead, and that isn’t enough. He sarcastically suggests that all three of them go on a killing spree. Victor begins to lay into him, but Brady says he just wants to know when this is all going to end. Victor lays into him for coming in here and spouting this sanctimonious crap. He’s heard it all before about how he should forgive and forget and love his enemies. Brady asks if he has heard the proverb about digging a grave before you embark on a mission of revenge. Victor curtly asks him if he his on drugs again. Brady tells him to go to hell and starts to storm off, but Phillip asks him to wait. He explains that Victor is just lashing out because he is worried. Victor turns on Philip viciously, demanding that he stop apologizing. He lashed out at Brady because he is sick of his lectures. Phillip begs Victor not to do this, and he begrudgingly apologizes, saying he can appreciate the fact that Brady has strong opinions. Brady asks the two what the plan is, but Phillip isn’t sure he wants to know, even if they had one. Brady insists that the DiMeras didn’t just attack Phillip, they attacked the family. He has a right to know what is going on. Victor says he is either in this with them or he isn’t. Brady reminds Victor that he already said he wanted to help. His loyalties are to this family, but he knows murder and revenge isn’t the answer. Victor tells him to go look for the answer then, and to come back when he figures out what it is. Until then he needs to shut up and stay out of this.

Chelsea gives Bo an update on Billie, telling him that while she has lost a lot of blood, her injuries aren’t too serious. She doesn’t have any spinal cord damage, so she’ll walk again. Bo assures her that her mom is a fighter, and she’ll get through this. He adds that he also knows Chelsea is doing the right thing by going to be with her. She says she knows she is, too, but she is going to miss him and Hope and Theo and Max. Bo assures her she will be home soon, and besides, they will all be sure to keep in touch. Chelsea agrees. Bo also adds that she has built an nice life for herself here. Her mom knows that and she’ll want Chelsea to return to it as soon as possible. Bo tells her how proud he is of her, and she admits that is all she has ever wanted--to make him proud. He hugs her.

Rafe tells Nicole to get lost. She scoffs, saying Sami has found herself a great guy--a scheming liar with no manners. Sami says she heard Rafe--she needs to get out of here. Nicole chuckles, wondering how that works. She is here in a public place, and Sami is telling her to leave, even though Sami crashed her wedding and forced her and EJ to waste time listening to her ridiculous shenanigans when they were supposed to be getting married. Rafe says he is going to ask Nicole one more time--She interrupts him and says they were never properly introduced. She thinks she deserves to know his name since he was spying on her and EJ for Sami. Sami wonders why Nicole is in such a foul mood. She asks if EJ finally wised up to her and asked for a divorce. Nicole says the two are blissfully happy, actually, In fact, EJ constantly reminds her nice it is to finally be with an intelligent woman instead of a shallow airhead like Sami. Rafe suggests he and Sami go outside, but Sami says she isn’t going to let Nicole bother her. She asks Rafe to get the drinks and heads off to get a table. Rafe turns his back on Nicole, but she taps him on the shoulder, saying she isn’t finished with him yet.

Brady retorts that this involves him, too. If Victor goes after the DiMeras, he’s going to be part of it whether he likes it or not, and he refuses to stand by quietly. Victor says that he knows what he is doing here, and he knows how to do it, too. He refuses to sit here and be chastised by a recovering drug addict. Brady says he feels sorry for Phillip having to have Victor for a father. Victor snaps at Brady to go back to work and do something useful. Brady says he will, but first he wants Victor to know that he admits he’s a recovering addict. He has twelve steps he follows every day, and one of them involves taking a moral inventory of his life. He wonders if Victor has ever examined his own life and the choices he has made. Maybe he should concern himself with making amends to the people he’s hurt instead of causing more pain. Besides, kindness is nobler than revenge. Victor scoffs. Brady tells Phillip that Victor is set in his ways, but Phillip still has a chance to do the right thing here. Brady says he prays to God that Phillip does and heads off, slamming the door. Phillip sighs.

Bo tells Chelsea that Ciara has insisted the three of them come visit Chelsea in London soon. She says she would like that and asks Bo not to wait too long. He promises he won’t and sighs, saying it feels like he just found her. Chelsea says they’ve come a long way. After all, there was a time a few years ago when he would have been happy to ship her off. Bo insists that isn’t true, but Chelsea says she knows how much of a pain she was when she first moved in with Bo and Hope. Bo says that time just made them all closer to each other and their bond stronger. Chelsea cries a bit, thanking Bo for loving her even when she gave him every reason in the world not to. Bo takes her face in his hands, saying that she is his daughter, and she’s part of his heart. She always will be. He says he loves her. She sobs, saying she loves him, too.

Sami heads over to Sydney, who is being guarded by Marco. She explains that she is a friend of Nicole’s and asks if she can speak to the baby. Marco says she can as long as she doesn’t make her cry. Sami kneels down and Sydney fusses. Sami takes her out of the stroller and holds her.

Rafe suggests that Nicole get a life. She says he needs to learn to heed his own advice. After all, he was the one that broke into her and her husband’s home to spy on them. She wonders if he found what he was looking for. Rafe smiles, saying he sure did.

Max comes back from the gift shop and finds Chelsea alone. He hands her some tissues, and bag full of water and magazines for her flight. She thanks him and he asks how things went with her dad. She says that everything went well, and that he and Hope and Ciara might come visit her this summer. She thinks she ought to come here instead, since the flight will be cheaper. Max advises her to just focus on her mom for now, and Chelsea agrees. He adds that Billie might be better quickly. Chelsea says her dad thinks so, too, and her mom might, but she warns him not go on thinking she might be back in a few weeks. Her mom is totally immobile. She can’t even feed herself. Chelsea says that she’s going to be gone for a while, and they both have to accept that. Max says he can’t. He sighs, saying that doesn’t want her to go.

Bo meets Brady at the pier and says that his message sounded urgent. He asks what is going on, and Brady says it concerns his grandfather and Phillip. He tells Bo that there is something he needs to know.

Victor tells someone on the phone to let him know and hangs up. Phillip asks him what’s going on, and Victor tells Phillip not to worry. Everything is going on as planned.

Rafe tells Nicole that acting like a bitch isn’t really a good PR move. It doesn’t make him too eager to answer her questions, either. Nicole puts on a fake Southern accent and asks him to please tell her why the lovely Samantha Brady had him break into her home under false pretences. Rafe smirks, saying that he actually wasn’t spying for Sami. He did it on his own. She can either believe that or not, he doesn’t care. Nicole starts to reply, but then notices Sami with Sydney out of the corner of her eye. She storms over, asking Sami what the hell she is doing. Sami tries to explain the baby was fussy, but Nicole tells her she doesn’t want her within a mile of her child. She whirls on Marco, threatening to have him fired. He explains that he thought Sami was a friend of Nicole’s, but she lambastes him, reminding him that Sami crashed her wedding. Marco apologizes and Nicole adds that the only thing Sami wishes on her is harm. Nicole then warns Sami to stay away from her daughter and to stay out of her life. She turns to go and sees Baker outside on his phone. Nicole stares in horror.

Chelsea says that she thought Max knew that she had to go. Max says he does understand that, and it was a stupid thing to say. Chelsea says she understands, too. He sighs, saying he wanted to be cool about her leaving. He just wants her to know that he didn’t try to make this harder on her than it already is. He wonders however, how he is going to be able to say goodbye to her.

Brady tells Bo that he overheard a conversation between Victor and Phillip, and he is pretty sure that they’re planning on taking matters with the DiMeras into their own hands. Bo says that he isn’t surprised and asks Brady if he has something more concrete. Brady sighs and shakes his head, explaining that the two are freezing him out. Brady admits that he is afraid. The violence is escalating, and there have been two attacks on Phillip in as many days. He just worried about what might happen next. Bo tells Brady not to worry and that he will take care of this. He hurries off.

Baker starts to head into the café and Nicole shrieks that she has lost her keys. Sami tells her to stop shouting and starts hunting around on the ground. Baker sees the commotion and Sami and heads off. Nicole sees him leave and breathes a sigh of relief, saying she must have left her keys at home. She heads off with Marco. Rafe brings Sami some coffee and shakes his head, saying Nicole is a laugh-a-minute. Sami thinks she’s certifiable and that she can only imagine what her and EJ’s married life is like. Rafe thinks the two are compatible and Sami agrees, since thy are both selfish, immoral, and sadistic. She grumps that she can never seem to get away from Nicole. She’s always around the corner somewhere and getting in her face. Rafe admits that he can understand why she doesn’t want her kids around Nicole.

Nicole runs into Baker at the pier and explains that he left his keys at the café. He thanks her, saying he has been looking for them everywhere. Nicole lowers her voice, adding that what happened before was way too close of a call. Sami almost saw him. Baker scoffs, saying that Salem is a small town. It’s inevitable that both of them are going to run into the mother of Nicole’s child from time to time. She glares.

Bo heads into Phillip’s hospital room, asking how he is feeling. Phillip says he is ok, and asks for progress on the case. Bo explains that they have the second assassin in custody, so if she has any connections to the DiMeras, they’ll find it. Philip scoffs, saying he’ll believe it when he sees it. All the cops are good for is stringing crime scene tape. Bo insists that they are going to find the people that did this and put them away for life. Victor asks if Bo has come here to lecture them, and if he has been conferring with Brady. Bo doesn’t answer, and says that he came here to warn the two of them. He tells Victor that if he really cares about himself and about Phillip, then he will stop this insanity--now.

Sami sits at a table with the twins on her lap. Johnny and Allie watch as Rafe produces a quarter from Johnny’s ear. They babble delightedly as Arianna comes in. She hugs Rafe, asking if he is up to his old magic tricks. He says he is, and asks if the kids are ready for the fair. The both yell that they are. Rafe smiles and starts to introduce his sister to Sami, but Arianna says she already knows her. She turns to Sami, asking if she isn’t the famous Samantha Brady.

Baker tells Nicole quietly that she has every right to be in a panic. After all, he’s pretty sure Sami’s first words to him when she sees him will be, “Holy cow. Nicole has my baby. She switched it with Mia’s.” Baker chuckles at his joke and Nicole hisses that he must want the truth to come out, otherwise he wouldn’t be so cruel. Baker says that he doesn’t want the truth to come out. Nicole worriedly tells him that other people besides him know bits and pieces of what happened with the miscarriage and the baby switch. Baker says that isn’t his problem, but she shakes her head, saying he doesn’t get it. He tells Nicole that he isn’t leaving town. She retorts that every day that he stays in town is one more day that those people have to get together and know a lot instead of just parts of what happened, and that would ruin everything. She says she can’t let that happen. She just won’t.

Victor asks in surprise if Bo is insinuating they would circumvent the law. Bo sighs, saying what ever they have planned, they need to drop it. The police will handle everything from here on out. Phillip says angrily that he is a marked man, and he will be a dead one if something isn’t done quickly. Victor asks Bo if this were Ciara or Shawn or Chelsea in Phillip’s place, would he be telling himself to be sensible? To let the police handle things? Bo doesn’t answer. Victor demands that he do so, and Bo says he can’t. He adds that he cannot protect Victor and Phillip if they go out on their own here. He asks if they understand that.

Sami says that she didn’t know she was famous, and Arianna explains that she works at the pub, and that Sami’s family talks about her a lot. She assures her that they say mostly nice things, like that she’s a firecracker, but an amazing mom. Arianna smiles, saying she can see the last for herself, and adds that Sami’s kids are adorable. Rafe says that she should meet Will and Grace as well. Arianna asks if she can talk to Rafe alone and pulls him aside. Sami rolls her eyes. Arianna asks Rafe quietly what he is doing. He asks what she means and she tells him that he can’t be with that woman. She wonders if he is out of his mind.

Nicole tells Baker that they need to start acting naturally, but Baker says she is the one panicking, not him. As he said before, if they just keep their mouths shut and act as if nothing is wrong, then nothing bad will happen. Nicole disagrees, saying that people might find out what happened even if they do keep their mouths shut. Sami is no genius, but she and EJ aren’t stupid. Sami is going to question a coincidence like the fact that Baker delivered both of their babies on the same day. Baker says that all it is is a coincidence, actually. He adds that he doesn’t have time for this and starts to head off, but Nicole stops him. She asks him if he gets that he is just as screwed as she is if the truth comes out. Stefano and EJ are going to investigate him once Stefano returns, and they’re going to learn all about his baby brokering, the malpractice lawsuits, and everything else. Baker says that it isn’t his job to make sure that doesn’t happen--it’s hers. Since she goes down if he does, she has to make sure that investigation on him doesn’t turn anything up. Nicole sighs.

Max asks Chelsea to call him when she lands and she agrees. They announce the final boarding call for her flight over the loudspeaker. Max tells her she is doing the right thing, and that she needs to go and take care of her mom. She agrees and the two kiss goodbye. Max vows that he will be here waiting for her when she comes back. She jokes that he better be through her tears and heads off, waving one last time. Max sighs.

Victor scoffs, asking if that little speech was supposed to scare him. He never even asked for Bo’s protection. Victor gets a phone call just then and heads off, saying that he will take it outside. Bo sits by Phillip’s bedside, saying that he has to listen to reason. Phillip says sarcastically that it is hard to reason when you’re under a pillow. Bo tries to warn him that going after the DiMeras is only going to put his life in more danger, but Phillip doesn’t care. He’ll do what he has to to protect himself. Bo tells Phillip that he just needs to keep in mind that when it comes to police matters, he is the commissioner, not his brother. Bo heads off.

Victor flies into a rage and yells at the person that called him that he needs the information when the market closes, not so late that everyone else already has it. He hangs up angrily as Brady comes over, telling him he closed the deal they were working on, and that the other company agreed to their terms. Victor congratulates him and changes gears, asking him how his little chat with his son, the police commissioner went.

Sami comes over, asking if everything is alright with Rafe. He puts on a big grin, saying everything is fine. Sami says they should probably get going, and Rafe agrees. Arianna asks to talk to him later and he agrees. Sami says it was nice to meet her and Arianna says the pleasure was all hers. Rafe glares at her and then heads off to collect the kids with Sami. He asks her to go out on a date with him later if she isn’t too busy. She agrees and asks where they are going, but Rafe says it’s a secret. It’s also the most romantic place he knows. She beams, saying she can’t wait. The two head off with the twins. Arianna glares.

Baker reminds Nicole once again that he is not leaving town, no matter what. He adds that she is overreacting, and again tells her that as long as the two of them, the only ones that know the truth, don’t say a word, then no one will be the wiser. He advises Nicole to go home and try to relax. He heads off. Nicole sighs and takes Sydney out of her stroller. She says that Dr. Baker doesn’t know what he is talking about. The truth is going to come out eventually, and when it does, she is not going to give her baby up. She refuses to let her go. If Dr. Baker won’t help her to tie up loose ends, then she will just have to take care of this herself.


Will tells Mia, “She said you went to rehab for drugs. I want the truth. Is that really why you left Salem West?”

Rafe tells Sami, “You’re the only person I’ve ever brought up here--or would ever want to.”

Victor tells Phillip, “Phase one of our plan is complete. Everything is as it should be.”

Dr. Baker tells EJ, “I had nothing to do with your father’s disappearance, but I think I know someone who might.”

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