Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/5/09


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At the hospital, Hope comes over to Melanie, asking if she has seen Mr. Barrows, head of security. Melanie says she doesn’t know who that is, nor does she care. She grumps that she doesn’t get paid enough to sit around here and wait. Hope rolls her eyes and starts to head off as Melanie complains about how she was supposed to bring a pillow in to Phillip an hour ago, but the new nurse has been in there for a while. Hope turns on her heel and gasps, asking Melanie about the new nurse in astonishment. Melanie stares.

Inside Phillip’s room, the new nurse in question gives Phillip a sedative via IV. He asks what it is, and she claims that it is just an antibiotic. Phillip starts to protest, but falls asleep. The woman grins and wishes him a good night. She picks up a pillow and places it over Phillip’s face.

At the pier, Kate tells Chloe that she just had a long talk with Daniel. She told him how much she owed him for all that he has done for her family. Chloe on the other hand--well, Kate doesn’t owe her a damn thing. Astounded, Chloe says she doesn’t understand. She asks Kate if she is mad at her. Kate angrily reminds Chloe of how she donated her bone marrow to help save her life. At the time, Kate thought of how selfless and generous she was. Chloe stammers, saying she didn’t do it to impress Kate. Kate ignores her, saying that afterwards, Chloe proved herself to be the selfish bitch she really is. Kate accuses her of having no morals or feelings for anyone besides herself. Chloe is flabbergasted, saying that she has never seen Kate like this before. Kate narrows her eyes, saying she is just getting started.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells someone over the phone to check all the internet gambling sites. As Nicole walks in behind him, he explains that he needs to find out if Dr. Baker has lost any more money. He hangs up. Nicole demands to know why he is investigating Baker.

Hope asks Melanie how a nurse got clearance to enter Phillip’s room on her first day. Melanie shrugs, saying she isn’t security. Hope moves fast, drawing her gun and calling for the guard outside Phillip’s room. They rush inside and find the nurse trying to smother Phillip. Hope barks at her to put her hands behind her head and back away from the bed.

EJ tells Nicole that what he is doing in regards to Baker is business, and is therefore none of her concern. She reminds him that Baker delivered Sydney and took care of her, but EJ warns her again to keep out of it. She sternly says that Baker was a part of her life for several months, and she wants to know what kind of business EJ is involved in with him. She picks up a sheet of paper on the desk and glances it over. She gasps, “OMG.”

Stephanie heads into her apartment, muttering to herself that she hopes Chelsea is home. She is, and she’s on the couch crying. Stephanie sits next to Chelsea, asking what’s wrong.

The nurse backs off of Phillip and claims she was just treating her patient. Hope scoffs and pushes her toward the guard, instructing him to cuff her. Melanie tells Hope that Phillip isn’t breathing. Hope picks up the syringe, demanding of the nurse to know what was in it. The woman says coldly that she wants a lawyer. Melanie fusses over Phillip and begins to panic, telling Hope loudly that Phillip isn’t breathing.

Chloe tells Kate that if she is upset, they can go get some coffee and talk about it. Kate scoffs, saying Chloe is playing this pretty well, what with the big eyes and sincere look. Chloe begs Kate to tell her what she did wrong. Kate can’t believe that she is pretending that she doesn’t know. Chloe swears that she has no idea what could have happened. Kate glares, telling her to think really hard. She needs to look at her life and what she’s done, and then tell Kate what happened. Chloe stares in shock.

Stephanie asks Chelsea if she got any more news about her mom, but Chelsea says that there hasn’t been any change. She has just been so busy packing and saying goodbye that she hasn’t had time to process what happened. She went into the kitchen to make a sandwich and it hit her all of a sudden that her mom could have died, and she never would have gotten to see her or speak to her ever again. Stephanie reminds her gently that her mom is going to be ok, though. Chelsea says that Billie has a long road of recovery ahead of her, though. Stephanie thinks Chelsea will feel better about things once she arrives in London. Chelsea sighs, saying she will also feel a lot worse.

Melanie starts to give Phillip CPR as Hope rushes off for help. She begins the chest compressions and Phillip opens his eyes, asking if she is enjoying herself. Melanie gapes as Phillip accuses her of taking any chance she can to kiss him. Just then, a doctor and Hope rush in. Maxine the nurse follows with a respirator, but Phillip says he is fine and she heads off. Melanie grumps, saying she wasn’t trying to kiss him. She gave him the breath of life. He scoffs, asking if that is what she calls it.

Nicole says that the paper is a printout of all of Dr. Baker’s debts, and she had no idea he had so many. EJ tells her to put it down and forget what she heard and saw. She complains that she isn’t a computer. He can’t just delete her files. EJ sighs, saying it’s a nice day. He suggests that Nicole take Sydney for a walk. Nicole says that the baby is still asleep. She adds that she isn’t buying EJ’s excuse that he is investigating Dr. Baker based strictly on business interests. She thinks this is personal and that she has a right to know what is going on. EJ sighs, explaining that he isn’t the one investigating Baker; Stefano is. Nicole scoffs, but is clearly worried, wondering why Stefano is interested in him. EJ isn’t sure, but thinks Stefano probably has a good reason. Nicole huffs, reminding EJ that Baker isn’t even Sydney’s doctor anymore. She fired him. EJ asks her why she did that, anyway. Did it have something to do with his gambling problem or is there something else he doesn’t know about? Nicole sweats. She covers, saying that she just now learned that he gambles. As she explained before, she fired Baker because EJ didn’t like him. Anyway, there are a dozen other pediatricians in town, and since he isn’t treating Sydney, she doesn’t see the need to dredge up ancient history. She urges EJ to let this go. He asks if Nicole is suggesting he cancel the investigation into Dr. Baker and scoffs, wondering why he would do that.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she is having trouble accepting the fact that she is leaving town. Stephanie assures her that she won’t be gone forever, but Chelsea says she could be gone for months to a year. A lot of things will change. Stephanie admits that it will be lonely here without Chelsea. Chelsea chuckles through her tears, saying that at least she and Phillip can have the place to themselves. Stephanie isn’t so sure Phillip will help her pick out clothes and shoes. Chelsea agrees and sobs a little, wondering how they will survive. Stephanie suggests they get webcams. Suddenly, her phone rings and she answers. It’s Melanie, who gives her the news about the nurse and the second attempt on Phillip’s life. Stephanie says she is on her way and hangs up. Stephanie hurriedly tells Chelsea the news and the two head off together for the hospital.

Hope heads into Phillip’s room, asking how he is feeling. He grumps that he feels like someone tried to kill him and asks her how it happened. Hope explains that the woman stole an ID from a nurse at the hospital this morning, which was how she was able to gain access to his room. Hope says that they still don’t know who she is, but Phillip says it doesn’t matter. Hope asks him why he doesn’t want to know who tried to kill him, but Phillip explains that he already knows. It was the DiMeras, of course.

Chloe is completely dumbfounded, asking Kate what it is she has done. Kate still can’t believe that she can’t figure it out. Chloe asks if this has something to do with the taping of the show and her having to fly back and forth to Vancouver. She says she has to be honest about that. Kate explodes, interrupting her and saying she couldn’t be honest if her life depended on it. In fact, the only thing Chloe is good at is lying consistently. Chloe, fed up, tells Kate to tell her what she is talking about, or she’s leaving. Kate shrieks that she is referring to her affair with Daniel. Chloe gasps.

Hope says that she understands why Phillip feels the DiMeras are behind the attack on him by the nurse. Phillip says she also can’t forget that they were the ones behind his shooting at the hotel. Hope sighs, saying she knows both Phillip and his father feel strongly about the DiMeras being behind all this, but she has to go on facts and find proof. Right now they don’t have much. Phillip tells her not to worry about that, but Hope warns him not to overreact. She doesn’t want to be the one that has to arrest him for getting revenge. She adds that there is new protocol for his visitors. Only twelve people are allowed in his room, and Hope knows them all personally. Phillip jokes that he feels better already. Hope warns him to get some rest and she heads off. Phillip gets out of bed as Melanie walks in, asking what he is doing. He mumbles that he is walking. Melanie catches him just as he sinks to the floor. She struggles to get him back into bed as Stephanie walks in. Melanie looks at her guiltily and squeaks out a greeting. Stephanie stares.

Nicole shrugs, telling EJ that he can waste his money on Dr. Baker if he wants to. It’s not her concern. She figures Stefano must have been investigating him from back when she was going to the clinic. EJ tells her that Stefano considered having that place investigated, too. Nicole scoffs, saying it would be a waste of time since Baker closed the place. She adds again that Baker isn’t important enough to warrant an investigation and EJ agrees to drop it for now. He warns Nicole that Stefano may want to start the investigation back up again once he returns. Nicole shrugs, pretending to be unconcerned. She asks if EJ knows when Stefano plans on returning, but EJ isn’t sure. He says Stefano should be in touch soon. Just then, Sydney wails. Nicole picks up the monitor, saying she must be hungry. EJ kisses Nicole, asking her to give a kiss for him to the baby. She agrees and heads off to tend to Sydney. EJ shuts the doors of the living room and paces the room, sighing. He sits down, wondering why Nicole is so intent on stopping this investigation into Baker. After all, he could be useful to them.

Chloe’s eyes fill with tears as Kate tells her not to dare try to deny it. She already confronted Daniel with what she knows, and he admitted the affair happened. Chloe stammers. Kate nastily adds that she knows Chloe was with Daniel the night of the explosion, and she also saw them kissing in the park. So not only is Chloe selfish, she’s stupid and careless. For all she knows, everyone in town knows she was cheating on Lucas with Daniel. Chloe gasps and sobs. Kate angrily reminds her of the way she eloped with Lucas, as if she really loved him. Chloe claims she does. That’s why Kate must never tell him what happened. Kate scoffs, saying she isn’t, but it isn’t because her slut of a daughter-in-law asked her not to. It’s because she actually loves Lucas, unlike Chloe, and she doesn’t want him to learn the truth and start drinking again. Chloe bawls, saying she knows she has to prove herself to Kate. Kate seethes, telling her not to bother. She doesn’t want any more to do with Chloe than she has to. Kate groans, saying she still can’t believe she had to take her marrow transplant and still has a part of Chloe flowing through her bloodstream. Chloe cries as Kate adds that for starters, she is no longer host of the TV show. She’s fired, effective immediately. Lucas comes over just then, having overheard the last, and demands to know what the hell is going on.

Nicole stands in the foyer with Sydney’s stroller, asking if the baby is ready to take a walk. She stealthily takes out her phone, calling Baker and asking him to meet her at the Java Café. Baker says he’s at work, but Nicole insists that he take a break. She hangs up and yells for Marco, saying she is leaving. He obediently follows her out the door.

Melanie tells Stephanie that she knows this looks weird, but Phillip was only on top of her because he was trying to get out of bed when he’s too weak to walk. Phillip grumps that he isn’t too weak; that nurse gave him something that made him dizzy. Melanie explains to Stephanie that the nurse apparently drugged him before she tried to smother him. She’s sorry for not fully explaining what happened when she called. Phillip groans, saying he can’t believe Melanie called Stephanie about this. He insists it wasn’t important, but Stephanie shakes her head, asking if he really thinks she wouldn’t care if he died. Phillip says he is fine, but Stephanie reminds him she got him to the hospital when he was shot. He really doesn’t need to protect her from any bad news. Melanie heads off to get a nurse to put the IV back in Phillip’s arm, asking Stephanie to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. She agrees and thanks Melanie for everything. Phillip grumbles to Stephanie that he can’t take lying here helplessly anymore. That nurse just walked in here and put something in his IV. He was out like a light and couldn’t protect himself. He needs to get out of here so he doesn’t have to be a sitting duck anymore. Stephanie claims that what happened was her fault. She should have been here to protect him. Phillip shakes his head.

Chelsea comes over to Hope, who asks for news about her mom. Chelsea says she is going to be fine, but that her recovery is going to go slowly. Chelsea adds that everyone is talking about how Hope saved Phillip’s life. She asks if they know anything about the killer nurse, but Hope says the woman refuses to say anything other than that she was paid to do it. She picked up some envelope with instructions and cash and did the job. Chelsea doesn’t think that is very helpful. Hope agrees, but says Chelsea’s dad got a lead on the envelope and is on his way to Chicago to follow up. Chelsea yelps, saying he can’t go. What if she doesn’t get a chance to say goodbye?

Lucas tells Kate that she can’t fire Chloe. Kate says that she can and that she just did. Lucas reminds her angrily that they have the guests lined up for next week’s show and Maggie has already agreed to let them use Chez Rouge. He demands to know what the hell is going on here. Kate asks Chloe if she wants to tell Lucas what is going on, or should she.

EJ talks to Masi on the phone, angrily asking what he means by going into Phillip’s hospital room. He listens, then flies into a rage, screaming that Masi is damn right, he’s angry. He shouts that Masi is going to have to deal with him. EJ hangs up and punches the desk several times, furious. He catches sight of the list of Dr. Baker’s gambling debts and examines it.

Phillip reminds Stephanie that she is supposed to be cheering him up. She sits by his side and sighs, apologizing. Phillip assures her that the DiMeras putting a hit out on him isn’t her fault. Stephanie still thinks she could have prevented it if she had been here. Phillip reminds her there was a cop outside his door that didn’t see this coming. He asks her to stop blaming herself and she agrees, kissing him. Phillip grins, saying he needs more of those to begin the healing process. Stephanie attempts to smile, but sighs, saying she hates feeling like she is sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop. Phillip assures her that everything will be fine, but Stephanie isn’t so sure. Suddenly, she gets an idea and rushes off, asking Phillip to stay there. He calls after her, asking what is going on, but Stephanie is already out the door.

Hope assures Chelsea that Bo will be back from Chicago soon, but she tells her it might not be in time. She was supposed to leave for London this weekend, but she couldn’t find tickets cheap enough, so she bought a ticket for a flight later on tonight. Hope assures her that they will call Bo and ask him to hurry back. She adds that everything is gong to work out, and tells Chelsea that Bo was just telling her how fortunate it is that Chelsea has had all this training in therapy. Chelsea nods, saying she is just glad she can finally give back and the idea of helping her mom recover helps, too. She adds that she is glad she got to say goodbye to Hope and thanks her. Hope asks what she has to thank her for, and Chelsea says she just wants to show gratitude for all that Hope has done for her--even after all the things she did to Hope.

Chloe hurriedly explains to Lucas that she really didn’t want this job hosting the talk show anyway. Lucas asks if this is because of her gig in Vancouver and Chloe says that it partly the reason. She and Kate also did some on-screen tests for the show, and they both discovered she just wasn’t very good at hosting. Lucas is suspicious, saying he didn’t seen any of these tests. Kate explains she erased them. She goes on to say that Chloe was stiff and every word that came out of her mouth seemed insincere. Lucas sarcastically asks her to be more harsh next time, but Chloe says Kate is right. She would have been a real disaster. Lucas isn’t so sure. He thinks Chloe is great with people and great at getting them to open up. He reminds Kate that she was the one that pushed Chloe into accepting. He demands to know what is going on, but Kate says she just changed her mind. Besides, Chloe made it clear that he has other priorities. Chloe agrees, looking desperately at Kate. She says that she wants more time to spend with Lucas and Allie, and now she can also focus on her singing career. Kate smirks, saying that always has been important to her. It will probably be her first priority since she cares so much for herself. Lucas glares, saying Kate has never been this negative about Chloe’s singing before. He says he wants the truth. Chloe shakes her head behind him worriedly. Lucas demands to know what has changed Kate’s attitude towards Chloe.

Nicole waits in the Java Café with Sydney as Marco eyes them from a few tables away. Baker comes in, complaining, but Nicole stops him, pretending to be surprised to see him here. He is confused as she tells him through her teeth to sit down and act naturally. He does so and Nicole explains to him quietly that she has a bodyguard because of the feud between her family and the Kiriakis family. Marco can’t know that she asked Baker to meet her here, because he would tell her husband. So they have to act as if this is an accidental meeting. Baker still isn’t sure why she asked him here at all. If this is more of the same about how he needs to quit the hospital and leave town, then she knows just where to stuff that suggestion. Nicole says she is sorry to hear that. She suggests he change his mind if he really wants to live.

Kate says that she changed her mind because of Chloe’s lack of talent and because she obviously wasn’t interested in the job. She was showing up late, and unprepared, and she just wasn’t focused. Lucas says that’s a load of bull, and that Chloe worked her tail off. Kate says she was the one that worked. Chloe just phoned it in. Chloe agrees with Kate, telling Lucas that this is for the best. Kate smiles, saying she and Chloe agree about this, so it’s beyond her as to why Lucas is having such a hard time accepting it. She says she has to find a replacement ASAP and heads off. Lucas starts to follow, saying that it doesn’t make sense, but Chloe grabs his arm, sternly telling Lucas to let it go.

Chelsea doesn’t understand how Hope could have forgiven her after all she did to hurt her. Hope explains that she knew that Chelsea was going through a hard time herself. Chelsea thanks her for all she has done, saying she wouldn’t be the person she is today if not for Hope and all her help. Hope says that everybody needs a little help sometimes. She is just glad Chelsea is able to help her mom now. She adds that she is so proud of the person Chelsea has become. She hugs her. Chelsea sniffles, saying that saying goodbye to Hope is the hardest thing she has ever had to do.

Baker asks Nicole to explain herself, and she tells him that he is being investigated by Stefano. Nicole saw the printout of the list of his gambling debts. Baker worriedly asks if he knows anything about the clinic and his work there, but Nicole doesn’t think Stefano knows Baker was a baby broker--at least not yet, anyway. She goes on to explain that Stefano is away and she convinced EJ to kill the investigation until Stefano returns. She tells Baker he has a few days or maybe a week to get out of town. Baker says he can’t. He needs this job to pay off his debts. Nicole tells him that when Stefano returns, he’s going to find out about Baker selling babies. When he hangs that hammer over Baker’s head, he’ll get him to do or say anything to keep it a secret. Baker guesses he will just deal with Stefano when the time comes. Nicole scoffs, saying she isn’t going to let him tell Stefano about Sami’s baby, not after she worked so hard to keep it a secret. Baker scoffs, saying he thought she was worried about him at first, but she’s clearly just worried about herself.

EJ answers the door at the mansion. Stephanie is on the stoop, sobbing hysterically. She screams at EJ that this stops now. He stares at her in shock.

Chloe explains to Lucas again that Kate was right to fire her. Lucas still isn’t buying it. He tells Chloe that Kate was particularly nasty about doing so, and wonders why. Chloe just thinks Kate was uncomfortable with Lucas there, and had trouble finding the right words. Lucas is pretty sure Kate hurt her feelings. Chloe admits no one likes being fired, but she is really glad this happened. She wanted her life back with Lucas and Allie, and now she has it. Lucas agrees it will be nice to see her more often. He says he has to make some calls for work, but wants to meet her at the pub for coffee. She kisses him and agrees, heading off. Lucas waits until she leaves and calls Kate, leaving her a message saying that he wants the real reason as to why she fired Chloe.

Hope tells Chelsea how sorry she is about her mom, but she knows Billie will be thrilled when she sees her walking through the door. Hope adds that she is really going to missed around here. Hope has enjoyed watching her grow into such a beautiful, caring person. She tells Chelsea that she inherited her father’s good heart, and Hope is going to miss her terribly. She whispers that Chelsea is her daughter, too, and she hopes she knows that. Chelsea hugs her tearfully, telling Hope that she loves her.

Melanie heads into Phillip’s room, asking how he is feeling. He says he is ok. Whatever that woman gave him didn’t make him worse off than he already is, not that that is saying much. Melanie asks if he is in pain, but Phillip says he is just focused on getting out of here as soon as possible, and doing what needs to be done.

EJ says that Stephanie seems upset. She tells EJ curtly not to play games. They both know he and his father blame Phillip for what happened to Tony, but he fell. Even EJ’s wife testified to that fact. EJ tells her sternly to get to the point and Stephanie demands that he stop sending people to kill Phillip. She knows he sent that man to shoot Phillip, just like he sent that nurse today to smother him. EJ says he did no such thing. Stephanie ignores him, warning him that revenge isn’t going to do anyone any good, and is just going to lead to more acts of violence. He wonders how Stephanie even dares to come into his home and accuse him of attempted murder. She tells him to just stop it. EJ counters, saying that she is the one that needs to stop before he calls security. Stephanie stomps off. EJ sighs and makes a phone call, leaving Stefano a message to return his call immediately. He explains that the ‘package’ was never delivered and hangs up. He picks up a photo of Tony and stares.

Nicole tells Baker that of course she is worried about herself, but he is in danger, too. Stefano could come home tomorrow, so he doesn’t have a lot of time left. Baker sighs, asking if his only option is to run like hell and never look back. Nicole says he just needs to leave town and lose himself in some other hospital. Baker asks what century she is living in. What with computers and social security numbers, no one can really disappear these days. If Stefano wants to find him, he will. Nicole explains that she is just as worried about him running into Sami here in town. Baker shrugs, saying that he isn’t worried about Sami. He’ll just tell her that he won’t say anything to anyone about Grace and let that suffice. Nicole fears that Sami may eventually put two and two together. Besides, what if EJ were to casually mention to Sami that Baker was the one that delivered Sydney? Baker tells her that he isn’t leaving town no matter what she says. He suggests that she keep a lid on this whole thing by keeping EJ from learning the truth. After all, if he goes down, so does Nicole. He tells her to have a nice day and heads off. Nicole sighs.


Bo tells Chelsea, “You’re my daughter. You’re part of my heart. I love you.” She replies, “I love you.”

Brady says, “Killing more people is not the answer here.” Victor yells, “Shut up and stay out of it!”

Nicole tells Sami, “I don’t want you within a mile of my daughter. Do you understand me?”

Arianna tells Rafe, “You cannot be with that woman. Are you out of your mind?”

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