Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie lies next to Phillip in his hospital bed. She flips through the channels on the TV as Phillip sleeps. She grumbles about not being able to find anything on. Suddenly, Phillip flat lines. Stephanie shakes him, begging him to wake up.

Outside Phillip’s room, Kate tells Daniel that she knows for a fact that Chloe was whoring around on her son, and it’s killing her. Daniel finds it hard to believe. Kate scoffs, saying she can’t believe that at all. After all, the man she was whoring around with was Daniel. Daniel sighs, asking what Kate is up to, and what she is going to do now. Kate grins slyly, betting that he would like to know.

At the pier, Lucas approaches Chloe and Father Matt and listens in as she tells the priest that there are some things you should keep a secret--even from your spouse. Father Matt says he can see how she feels that way. She asks if he agrees, but Father Matt says it isn’t that simple. Lucas walks over, saying it seems pretty straightforward to him. Is Chloe right, or is she wrong? Chloe looks at Lucas, shocked, then turns to the priest, looking at him worriedly.

At the Java Café, Sami listens in as Rafe tells Arianna that he loves her, and that no one can take her place in his heart. Sami glares as Arianna hugs Rafe.

Stephanie shakes Phillip in a panic, begging him to wake up. Suddenly, we flash to Stephanie sleeping and mumbling Phillip’s name. He wakes her up, and she tries to throw herself in his arms. Phillip recoils, and Stephanie apologizes. He says it’s ok, but says she has to not be so spontaneous. He rearranges his IV as Stephanie explains that she dreamed that he wouldn’t wake up. She lies down by his side carefully and Phillip puts an arm around her. He says that everything is ok, since she is with him now. She asks him to promise never to leave her. Phillip promises.

Arianna says goodbye to Rafe and heads off. Sami storms over, arms folded, asking if Rafe is feeling awkward. He says he guesses so. She glares, asking if he is wondering how long she has been standing there. Rafe seems confused. Sami fumes, saying that she can’t believe she trusted him. She can’t believe that after he interrogated her over her feelings for EJ, he could go and do something like this. She snorts, saying EJ is looking better and better. At least she knows what she is getting into with him. Rafe asks what she is talking abut and Sami explodes, saying she really believed him when he said he just needed to think things through--but then she saw him with that woman. She also heard him tell her that he loves her, and the two were all over each other. Rafe tries to interrupt but Sami barrels on, sobbing and saying that he wasn’t thinking about her at all. She can’t believe she fell for his act. He tries to stop her again, but she tells him not to touch her or saying anything to her. She was up all last night thinking of him, but he clearly had better things to do. She wonders when Rafe was planning on telling her that he was in love with someone else. Rafe smirks and shakes his head.

Chelsea wheels her luggage to the door of her apartment and lets Max in. He hugs her and asks if there has been any more news concerning her mom. She says she is still in the same condition. Max thought something else had happened since Chelsea seemed so upset. She sighs, telling him that they need to talk. The doctor in charge of her mom’s case said that she would need a lot of operations and therapy before she fully recovered. Max asks what she is trying to say and Chelsea tells him she is leaving, and she isn’t sure when she is coming back. Max nods and Chelsea asks if he is upset. He says he isn’t, of course. This is her mom, after all. She has to go take care of her. Chelsea throws herself into Max’s arms, thanking him for understanding and admitting that she was afraid he wouldn’t. She adds that leaving him is the worst feeling in the world. Max says that she might not have to feel that way. He could come with her.

Phillip assures Stephanie that everything is going to be fine. She asks how he knows that, but Phillip just says that she doesn’t need to worry about anything. Worriedly, she asks him what he plans on doing.

Daniel asks Kate if she knows all about what happened, and she says she does. Daniel assumes she knows it is over, then. Kate scoffs, saying she certainly hopes so. Daniel says he knows she is aware nothing is going on. He is positive that she has been watching both him and Chloe. She wouldn’t find out something like that and just let it go--she’d take action. Kate can’t believe he is implying that she did something wrong after what he and that--Daniel interrupts, reminding her that Chloe risked her life to save hers. Kate thinks Chloe just did that to get on her good side, but Daniel huffs, saying complimenting her wardrobe would be attempting to get on her good side. Lying on a table and having her marrow extracted is another thing entirely. Kate says she is aware of what Chloe did for her, and she is also aware of what she did to her son. Daniel explodes, saying Chloe did nothing to Lucas except protect him from the truth. He adds nastily that it seems to be a pattern with Lucas--him not being able to handle the truth and all. Kate can’t believe that Daniel is trying to pretend Chloe did nothing wrong. He angrily demands to know how Kate can take the moral high road here. She usually only cares for herself and a few choice blood relatives. Chloe, on the other had, is just trying to do what is best for everyone. Kate shrieks that Chloe lied, cheated and betrayed her son. Daniel retorts that Chloe feels horrible about what happened. If Kate needs vengeance, she can take it out on him. But if she does anything to Chloe, so help him God, he will make her pay. Kate scoffs, accusing him of still being in love with Chloe.

Chloe tells Lucas that she didn’t see him standing there and he says that is obvious. He asks the priest if Chloe is right, assuming the two were talking about Nicole and EJ. If anyone knows about Nicole’s capability to keep secrets from her husband, it’s him. Father Matt asks if Chloe has told Lucas about their idea. Lucas asks what he is talking about, and Father Matt explains that if Chloe and Lucas want a church wedding, he would be more than happy to officiate. He asks Lucas if he would like to do so. Lucas shrugs and looks to Chloe, who fidgets nervously.

Sami can’t believe she came to the airport and said all the things she said. Rafe was probably laughing at her the whole time. She adds that she hopes he didn’t meet this woman after he left her place last night. Rafe says he didn’t. He’s known her forever, in fact. Sami glares, saying that is sweet, and wonders when Rafe was going to tell her about this woman. She asks if she knows about her. Rafe says they talked about Sami, and Arianna actually has reservations about her. Sami fumes as Rafe explains that Arianna doesn’t think his over-protectiveness of women makes for long-lasting, stable relationships. She also blames Sami for him losing his job with the FBI. Sami flies into a rage, asking how dare this woman judge her and give him advice about her when they don’t know each other. Rafe talks over her, saying that his sister can be overprotective at times. Sami stops short, asking if Rafe said Arianna was his sister. He nods, saying that he actually hopes the two of them will have a good relationship, but he’s not really holding his breath. Sami groans.

Phillip takes Stephanie’s hand, saying that he promised not to leave her, and he won’t. However, he thinks it’s best that she doesn’t know what he is planning to do next. Stephanie sighs, guessing this isn’t over yet. Phillip shakes his head, saying that he and his family have to make sure this ends permanently. Stephanie says that is just it--it never ends. There is always one more retaliation, which is why she wanted to go to Greece. It’s the only way. Phillip says he can’t run away when he is the reason all of this is happening. Stephanie says she can’t either--but breaks off suddenly. Phillip asks her to finish her sentence, but she says there is no point. He is always going to do what he wants to do despite what she says, and that is never going to change.

Chelsea reminds Max that he has to go to medical school, but he says he isn’t even sure if he will be accepted. If he is, he can just defer classes until he returns. Chelsea reminds him of Melanie and Max scoffs. Why should he stay here and keep an eye on Melanie when she never even listens to his advice? Chelsea stammers. Max’s face falls, assuming that she doesn’t want him to come with her.

Sami accuses Rafe of enjoying himself, adding angrily that he should have stopped her before she humiliated herself. Rafe says he tried, but she wouldn’t listen. Sami huffs, saying that this is entirely his fault. While they were in the safe house, she told him about her entire family, and he never breathed a word about his sister. Rafe explains that they had a falling-out a while back, and that it made him sad to talk about her. Sami doesn’t think they looked like they had problems, but Rafe explains they were up all night talking. Sami admits that she is glad. Rafe seems lonely sometimes, so it’s great that he has a sibling around to confide in. Rafe agrees and Sami changes gears, glaring and suggesting he talk to his sister about what a jerk he is for he listening to the word of EJ over hers. Rafe scoffs, saying he doesn’t give a damn what EJ thinks. Sami asks what the problem is, then. Rafe says there is one thing he needs to know--is she honestly through with EJ?

Daniel tells Kate coldly that she can go home since Stephanie is in with Phillip. Kate chuckles, betting that he would love that. She adds that he is just uncomfortable because she finally knows what kind of a man he really is. Daniel says he wants her to go because he fears she might do something stupid--like hurt Chloe. Kate asks if he means the way Chloe hurt Lucas. Daniel says she did no such thing. The two of them are together, and Lucas seems pretty happy. Unfortunately, Kate has put herself into a position where she can only make things worse--not only for him and Chloe, but for Lucas as well. She scoffs, saying Daniel’s concern for Lucas is overwhelming. Daniel admits that he doesn’t give a damn about Lucas, but that is all he has to contain Kate. If she thinks she can hurt Chloe while Lucas floats around in some bubble, she can think again. If Chloe hurts, Lucas will, too. Daniel can assure her of that.

Phillip sighs, saying he knows the idea of Greece seems appealing. Stephanie says it is more than appealing. They’ll get to keep their lives, and they won’t have to look over their shoulders every other second. Phillip says that isn’t entirely true. Running away won’t end this war--it will just move it to a different location. She asks if he is saying that it doesn’t matter where they go. Phillip nods. Stephanie says she is sorry, but she can’t live like that. She heads out the door. Phillip gets out of bed and chases after her, calling her name.

Chelsea tells Max that she would love for him to come, but she is just thinking of what is best for both of them. Max doesn’t understand. Chelsea explains that she is going to be wrapped up in caring for her mom and that Max won’t have anything around him that is familiar. Besides, the two of them broke up two times in Salem when everything around them was normal. She wouldn’t be able to live with it if Max came to London and gave up everything and the two of them didn’t end up working out. She asks if he understands. Max says he doesn’t at all. She sighs.

Sami tells Rafe that the answer to his question isn’t so simple. After all, she has two children with EJ. Rafe says this has nothing to do with the kids, and she knows it. He wants the truth--when she was at EJ’s wedding, was she really wishing that she could take Nicole’s place? Sami admits she did want that. Rafe starts to get up and leave, saying it was nice knowing her, but Sami demands that he sit back down and do her the courtesy of listening to her entire answer. He does so reluctantly and she explains that she hasn’t been able to give her kids a lot. She has always wanted to give them a fantasy life with a nice house and a two-parent household. She hasn’t been able to do that for her other kids, but she wanted that lifestyle for Grace more than anything else. Luckily, reality stepped in and smacked her around before she was able to do something stupid. She vows that she now realizes the kind of person EJ is, and she realizes something else, too--that she doesn’t want her past to ruin her future. She doesn’t want to screw things up with Rafe. He’s a great guy and she’s really into him. She adds that he is smart and strong, and makes her feel safe. Rafe thought they were discussing EJ. Sami sighs, saying she knows Rafe wants her to say that she hates EJ as much as he does, but she can’t do that. Sami doesn’t think she will ever be able to, either. Rafe sighs.

Chelsea tells Max that she doesn’t want to spend their last moments together fighting. Max doesn’t see why this has to be the last time they see each other. Chelsea sighs, saying she thinks it’s for the best. Max starts to head off, saying he has some books and CD’s of Chelsea’s in his car. She tells him to keep them, but he doesn’t want to. Chelsea adds that she needs to pick up her last paycheck from the hospital. She asks him to wait here until she gets back. Max explains that he has to get to work and Chelsea huffs, asking if things are really going to end like this. He says that that is up to her and heads off.

Kate and Daniel hover over Phillip as Kate demands to know what Stephanie did to make him so upset. Phillip claims she didn’t do anything. Kate doesn’t buy it, saying she is going to talk to Stephanie about it. Philip glares, telling her not to dare do so.

Stephanie heads into her apartment, looking for Chelsea. She finds Max there instead, and sees the suitcases, asking if the two are going somewhere. Max explains that Chelsea is going to London to take care of her mom. She’s at the hospital picking up her last paycheck now. Flabbergasted, Stephanie asks how long Chelsea plans on being gone. Max shrugs, saying it might be months. Stephanie slams her purse on the table and curses, asking Max what’s going to happen next.

Daniel urges Phillip to get some rest, and Phillip asks him to keep an eye on Kate. She grumps, saying she wasn’t going to say anything to Stephanie--. Daniel interrupts, saying they need to let Phillip relax. The two head off as Phillip thanks Daniel.

Lucas thinks a church wedding is a great idea, and tells Father Matt that his mom had been pushing them to have one. Chloe tells him that they need to talk about it first, and Father Matt heads off for a meeting, telling the two to have a good day. Lucas says that the priest seems nice, and Chloe agrees. Lucas assumes she isn’t too wild about getting married in church, and Chloe reminds him that they are already married, and adds that she is happy with the things just the way they are. Lucas asks if that is really true.

Rafe can’t believe that Sami still sticks up for EJ after all he has done. Sami sighs, saying she knows exactly what EJ and his father have done to people. However, she also knows that EJ tries very hard to be a good father. Rafe scoffs, asking if he schedules assassinations around the kids’ bedtime. Sami says that she knows Rafe wants her to hate EJ, but she can’t. She knows exactly what that family is capable of, but like it or not, her son is part of that family. Johnny has to spend half of his time there, and she can’t do anything about that, except try to see the best in his father for his sake. Rafe doesn’t answer. She sighs, saying she realizes how dysfunctional she seems from his point of view. She suggests that what is best for Rafe is for him to get up and leave right now.

Chloe says that she is happy, of course, and asks Lucas if it seems as if she isn’t. Lucas shrugs, saying no, but she once broke off their engagement when he had no clue she was upset. Chloe sighs, saying that was all her fault for not letting him know she was having problems. She insists that she is deliriously happy now. She’s happy waking up next to him, deciphering Allie’s baby talk, and doing this--Chloe pulls Lucas in for a kiss.

Stephanie apologizes to Max for seeming so selfish. She is sorry about what happened to Chelsea’s mom, and it’s only right that she go be with her right now. Max asks what happened to her at the hospital, noting that she was upset before she even found out Chelsea was leaving for so long. She tells him about someone wanting to murder her boyfriend and her plan to go to Greece. Max asks why she wants to go, and Stephanie explains that after what happened with both Phillip and her mom, she just wants to run away. She adds that Phillip nixed the idea. Max reminds her that she can always go on her own.

Chelsea sits by Phillip’s bedside as he chats with Billie over the phone. He hangs up and tells Chelsea that Billie seems excited to see her. Chelsea sighs. Phillip asks what’s wrong. She says she doesn’t want to burden him with her complaints, but Phillip says it’s fine. He assumes that Max didn’t take the news of her leaving the country so well. Chelsea changes the subject, saying she needs to talk to Stephanie. She asks Phillip if he knows when she will be back. Phillip shrugs sadly, guessing never. Chelsea looks at him questioningly.

Lucas and Chloe sit at the pub as Arianna takes their order. Chloe doesn’t want feta cheese on her Greek salad. Arianna makes a joke that it isn’t a Greek salad then, but Chloe says that’s what she wants--with dressing on the side. Arianna mutters that she isn’t surprised and heads off. Lucas tells Chloe that all that talk about secrets and lies got him thinking. Chloe thinks thought is too tiring, but Lucas says he is serious. He thinks it’s time they really be honest with each other--no more secrets. He sighs, adding that the two of them have a lot of them. Chloe sweats.

Sami says that the bottom line is that she will never be through with EJ. She adds that that is Rafe’s version of a ‘get out of jail free’ card. She tells him to email her whenever he gets a job, and starts to head off. Rafe stops her, saying he isn’t going anywhere. In fact, he would have to be crazy to let a wonderful woman like her go. Dumbfounded, she asks him to repeat himself. Rafe says he knows she heard him. He grins and asks her to pass the butter. Sami beams.

Chelsea heads into her apartment and finds Max packing CD’s. She is surprised he is still here and Max jokes that he just got here. He asks lightly where she is going and Chelsea says that she has to go to London to visit her mom. She thought he was upset about it. Max says only a real jerk would be upset about that. He adds that he thought he could just pretend all this never happened and not have to apologize, but he is sorry for the way he acted earlier. He wasn’t being a very good boyfriend. She hugs him, saying she is going to miss him. He promises to wait for her, but she isn’t sure that is very fair to him. Max says it isn’t her call. He says again that he is going to wait for her. She kisses him.

Stephanie heads into Phillip’s room and he jokes, asking if he is dreaming. He just told Chelsea that she wasn’t ever coming back. Stephanie smiles, saying he isn’t as smart as he thought. He says she isn’t too bright herself. Leaving was a smart thing to do--coming back here, not so much. She tells him that she meant what she said earlier. She doesn’t like living like this, but she realized it’s better than living without him. She adds that she loves him, and he says that that is the best thing that has ever happened to him. She crawls into bed beside him and kisses him. Phillip wraps his arms around her.

Outside Phillip’s room, Kate tells Daniel that he was playing a dangerous game earlier. He assures her that it was no game. Kate scoffs, saying that before he rushed to Chloe’s defense, she was going to say that as long as it is over between the two of them, she’s willing to give them both a pass and consider what happened ancient history. She adds that that was before Daniel attacked her and denigrated her son. Daniel asks if this means the pass is rescinded, but Kate says it isn’t. After all, she does owe him for saving both of her son’s lives, and besides, she has lost her taste for vengeance after what happened with Phillip. So he and Chloe dodged a bullet this time, but she warns Daniel to make sure there isn’t a next time. Daniel reminds her that Chloe is doing everything she can to make Lucas happy, and that she saved Kate’s life. Kate isn’t doing anything virtuous by deciding not to screw up Chloe’ life. Chloe is a better person than either of them can ever hope to be. He heads off. Kate scoffs, saying they’ll see about that.

Lucas tells Chloe that he has been keeping some things from her. She guesses they have to do with Sami. Lucas says that isn’t what he meant. He was just talking to Will, and he suggested that Lucas try to stay out of Sami’s craziness. Chloe notes that he is wise beyond his years as Arianna comes over with their drinks. Chloe begs Lucas not to talk about Sami anymore. Arianna hears the name and listens in curiously as Chloe tells Lucas she just wants to talk about the two of them. Arianna heads off as Chloe winks, saying she’d rather to talk at all, actually. Lucas and Chloe kiss.

Sami jokes that she never thought she’d fall for a guy that liked croissants. But since she has four kids and a ton of issues herself, she supposes the croissant issue kind of balances things out. Rafe chuckles, saying that this must be the real deal, then. Sami says it certainly isn’t a rebound relationship. Rafe says he knows that now. Sami says there is one more thing, and it has to do with Grace. She starts to say that she might end up screwing things up, but Rafe interrupts, assuring her that he is Grace’s godfather, and he will be a part of her life no matter what happens. Rafe finishes his croissant and says that he is on to his next mission. Sami asks what that is, and he tells her that he wants to make her forget all about EJ. Sami thinks he has a good chance of succeeding. Rafe grins and moves in for a kiss.

Chloe strolls alone at the pier. She calls Daniel and leaves him a message. Kate comes up behind her, telling her that Daniel is in surgery. Chloe insists the call wasn’t important anyway. Kate grins slyly, saying she was just talking to Daniel about how much she owed him for what he has done for her family. Chloe agrees and Kate snarls, saying Chloe on the other hand--well, she doesn’t owe her a damn thing. Chloe is taken aback.

A nurse comes into Phillip’s room, asking Stephanie to leave, as Phillip needs some meds and his rest. She sighs and agrees, heading off and telling Phillip she loves him. The nurse heads over and puts something into his IV. Phillip asks her to wait, mumbling something about what Dr. Jonas said. The nurse ignores him and smiles as Phillip drifts off to sleep. She wishes him a good night and picks up a pillow, laying it over Phillip’s face.


Kate yells at Chloe, “You know your best quality? Your best quality is lying convincingly.”

Hope pulls Chelsea into a hug, “Come here.” Chelsea sniffles, “Saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

EJ goes postal, “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I’M ANGRY!”

Nicole tells Dr. Baker, “I suggest you change your mind--that is, if you want to live.”

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