Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/1/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/1/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Sami picks up toys around the living room of her place as a knock sounds on the door. She opens it to find Lucas, and tells him how glad she is he is here. He says he got her messages, and heard from Will that she wanted to see him. He assumes it must be urgent. He asks if Allie is alright, but Sami says she is fine. This is actually about Grace and EJ. Lucas assumes she didn’t tell EJ the truth and Sami nods, asking how he knew that. Lucas jokes that he would have heard the explosion across town. Sami asks him to continue keeping Grace’s paternity a secret. Lucas wonders if this has anything to do with Phillip, and Sami says it does. She knows he had nothing to do with Tony’s accident, as Phillip is no murderer. Lucas says the DiMeras don’t agree with her. She nods, adding that Lucas wouldn’t believe how cool and collected EJ acted when they all the heard the news about the shooting at the church. Lucas shakes his head, reminding Sami that this man is the father of two of her children. She says that he must never know the truth, but Lucas informs her that someone else knows. Sami explodes, assuming he told Chloe. Lucas says he was referring to her FBI friend, Rafe. Can he be trusted? Sami guesses so. Lucas says he thought the two were an item, but Sami isn’t sure what they are.

Arianna and Rafe stroll along the pier. She says it has been a while since she saw the sun rise, but Rafe reminds her they had a lot of catching up to do the night before. Arianna smiles and agrees, saying she has missed him. He asks if this makes up for everything, but she says he has to buy her breakfast first. He jokes that she always did drive a hard bargain. She hugs him, saying she is just so happy to have him back in her life.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate that he really doesn’t have time for this. He heads off in a huff. Kate flashes back to catching Daniel and Chloe kissing and smiles to herself, wondering if Daniel really thinks this is over. She smirks, saying they’ll just have to see about that. Later, Kate comes out of Phillip’s room and runs into Chelsea, asking if she heard anything else about Billie. Chelsea nods, saying she spoke to the doctor, and her mom is stable. Kate asks what else he said and Chelsea fights back tears, saying Billie’s injuries are pretty severe, and she’s going to have a long road to recuperation ahead of her. Kate says she is planning on flying to London tonight to be with her, but Chelsea reminds her of Phillip. Kate sighs, saying Phillip is expected to make a full recovery, and she needs to be there with Billie. Chelsea huffs, saying Kate isn’t flying to England, especially with Phillip in the hospital. Kate says that Billie is her daughter, and she has no choice, but Chelsea says she does. She suggests Kate stay here, and she will go be with her mom instead.

Chloe sits with Will at the Java Café, asking if she can join him. He nods and she asks him how school is going. Will sighs, saying that everyone seems to hang out in cliques. Chloe reminds him he is on the baseball team, so he probably has a lot of friends, but Will says he hates being classified as a jock. It’s like all he’s allowed to care about is sports and God forbid he ever try to talk about a book or something. Chloe says she and Will have something in common, as she hated all the cliques, too. Will reminds her she was prom queen, but Chloe says she still didn’t have that many friends. Besides, her being prom queen was a total fluke. Will asks if that was when she was with Uncle Phillip, and Chloe smiles, saying that is when they met. Will asks if she knew his dad back then, but Chloe says she didn’t, really. Will nods and sighs, saying his dad was really into his mom at that time. Chloe’s smile fades.

Lucas says he thought things between Rafe and Sami were going well. She sighs, saying they were--for about two hours. Lucas sarcastically adds that he is surprised, considering all of Sami’s other relationships have been so tranquil and boring. Sami asks him to stop joking and Lucas gets serious, asking if they can really trust Rafe. Sami says they can when it comes to Grace, but it’s a different story when it comes to EJ. She explains that Rafe almost left town when she told him she planned on telling EJ the truth about Grace. Lucas adds sarcastically that he is surprised an FBI guy would have problems with EJ. Sami sighs and explains that after she decided not to tell EJ the truth, she convinced Rafe to stay. They were having a wonderful time, and then EJ showed up. Lucas asks what happened, but Sami isn’t sure. Obviously, Rafe isn’t here. She sighs, telling Lucas that she thinks she may have scared him away.

Chelsea says she has already made up her mind to go, but Kate says she must stay here for her school, her work, and for Max, too, after all Chelsea has been telling her. Chelsea refuses to sit around here when her mother needs her. Kate reminds her that Billie could be in the hospital for a long time. She doesn’t think she would want Chelsea to put her life on hold to take care of her. Chelsea insists that she wouldn’t be putting her life on hold. Daniel comes over just then, asking what’s wrong, and Kate tells him about Billie’s car accident. Kate turns to Chelsea, saying that Jack and Jennifer are in London. She could have them stay with Billie until she arrives later tonight. Chelsea insists she is going. Kate huffs, saying she is going to call the two, and when she gets back they’ll discuss this further. Kate heads off. Daniel tells Chelsea how sorry he is. She sighs, saying she meant to call Billie all week, but got too busy. Daniel tells her not to blame herself, as that won’t help anything. Chelsea adds that she wanted to call her mom to tell her how happy she and Max are together. Daniel smiles, saying he is glad she is so happy. He asks about her and her grandmother arguing, and Chelsea explains that she is the one going to London, not Kate, and she refuses to back down. Daniel chuckles, saying she is exactly like Kate. He asks what hospital Billie is in, and when Chelsea tells him, he is shocked, saying he has a friend on staff there. He offers to make a call and see how Billie is doing, and Chelsea thanks him. He adds that if she does go, he will really miss her around here. Everyone will. She thanks him and the two hug as Kate comes back over. Kate glares at Daniel.

Sami explains to Lucas that Rafe seems to think her life is too complicated and that she is difficult. Lucas scoffs sarcastically. Sami sighs, saying she knows those things are true, but that doesn’t mean that she has the feelings for EJ that EJ claims she has. Besides, what does he know, anyway? Lucas says he doesn’t understand, and Sami explains to Lucas that she interrupted EJ’s wedding to Nicole to tell him about Grace. Lucas sarcastically compliments her on her discretion. Sami sighs, saying that she changed her mind when she learned about what happened to Phillip, but she could no longer tell EJ the real reason why she interrupted the wedding. He with his huge ego concluded that she did so because she still had feelings for him. Lucas says she’s weaved quite a tangled web for herself, but Sami scoffs, saying anyone would stop a guy from marrying Nicole. It’s like saving an animal from a trap. She goes on to say that not only does EJ think she loves him, but he also seems to enjoy announcing it to people around town. When Rafe heard him say so, he was furious and demanded that Sami be honest with him. She told him she didn’t love EJ, but Rafe walked out anyway. Lucas says he has one question for her--when she says that she doesn’t have feelings for EJ, is she really being honest with herself? Sami sighs.

Chloe sighs, saying that all of their conversations seem to lead to Sami. Will says he is sorry, but Chloe says she is the one that is sorry. She’s sorry she and his dad got close while Will was gone. She adds that although Lucas and Sami had Allie, Chloe really had nothing to do with breaking them up. Will says he knows she didn’t, but his mom did. Seeing her in action now, what with her new baby and her new body guard, he has stopped wondering how his dad could have left his mom and has started wondering how his dad put up with her for as long as he did. Chloe reminds him that his mom has been through a lot lately, and Will agrees, but he still thinks his dad is better off with Chloe. Chloe is glad he thinks so. Will adds that his dad can count on Chloe, and that means a lot.

Sami chucks toys into a basket, angrily telling Lucas that she isn’t in love with EJ, and she is sick of trying to convince people of that fact. Lucas thinks she’s protesting a bit too much. After all, she was planning on telling EJ about Grace before she found out about Phillip’s shooting. Doesn’t she remember that she said she felt compelled to do so? Sami says she did, and Lucas should know why better than anyone, especially after what she put him through with Will. Besides, Lucas is married to Chloe now, but that doesn’t stop the two of them from spending ample time with Will and Allie. Lucas wonders if Rafe can understand what she is going through, but Sami says EJ is the only one that has a problem understanding things. She groans, saying she could have killed him. Lucas sighs, saying if he was a better shot, she wouldn’t even have to deal with this. She tells him not to joke, but Lucas warns her to be sure of her feelings. Sami says she is sure. She and EJ share two children and that is the extent to which she cares for him. Lucas sighs, saying she had better be sure. After all, they don’t want history repeating itself.

Rafe and Arianna sit together at the Java Café. He asks if she wants coffee, but she wants to peruse the menu first. She adds that Rafe hasn’t changed a bit. They spent the entire night talking about what she has been doing, but any question she put to Rafe about his own life, he deflected. He says that his own life is boring, but she reminds him they make TV shows about witness protection. Rafe says it’s actually a boring job in real life. He tries to change the subject back to coffee, but Arianna says that that won’t work. She wonders what it is he doesn’t want to tell her, and she asks if has something to do with his job. Rafe explains that he isn’t with the agency anymore. He thought he needed to mix things up. Arianna doesn’t buy it, assuming he got canned, since he would never leave the FBI voluntarily. Rafe admits that they didn’t see eye-to-eye on how he handled his last assignment. Arianna chuckles, guessing his last assignment was young, female, and beautiful. Rafe smiles and shrugs. Arianna laughs, guessing that Rafe fell for her. She says that some things never change.

Kate heads over to Chelsea and Daniel, saying she didn’t think her day could get much worse. Chelsea asks what has happened now and Kate explains that Jack and Jen are visiting Bill in Africa. Chelsea asks Daniel to call his friend at the hospital and let him know that no one from Billie’s family can make it there, but she’s going to try to make it by tomorrow. Kate says she is the one that is going. Daniel decides to let the two discuss this alone and heads off. Chelsea confides in Kate that Daniel was really nice and made her feel better. Kate scoffs, saying that making women feel better is Daniel’s specialty. Chelsea asks what that is supposed to mean. Kate ignores her, saying she is very busy and has a lot to do before she flies out later. Kate gets a call just then and answers, telling the person she is Billie’s mother. She listens and gasps, practically bursting into tears. Chelsea puts her arms around her as Kate tells the person she understands.

Father Matt runs into Chloe at the pier and notes that she looks happy. He guesses married life is agreeing with her, and Chloe says it is. She asks him if he thinks it’s a sin to tell a kid you’d love to learn all about baseball when you actually find it to be torture. Father Matt chuckles, guessing that she is talking about her husband’s son, and tells her that what she did wasn’t a sin--in fact, it was a brilliant idea. He is glad to see everything worked out for Chloe. She smiles, saying it has really been smooth sailing for the past month, and she thinks it is going to stay that way.

Sami asks Lucas not to be so smug, but he says he’ll take the risk if it means he’s right. Sami reminds Lucas that EJ tried to have Phillip killed. She could never love anyone like that. Lucas thinks that her head may be telling her she shouldn’t care for EJ, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t. Sami threatens to freak out if Lucas addresses what her heart is telling her, but Lucas says he was thinking of another body part. Sami glares and chucks a stuffed animal at him. Lucas shrugs, saying people make mistakes in love. After all, he ended up falling for her. Sami tells him to get out, but Lucas says he is just kidding. Besides, she entrusted him with one of the biggest secrets she’s ever had, and he honored that. Sami agrees, but says again that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with EJ. Lucas says he understands, but he cares for her, too, and he realizes that she isn’t going to be able to help seeing EJ, considering he knows that Johnny is his son. She might still be tempted by EJ. Sami asks why he is saying things like this, and Lucas explodes, reminding her that EJ just tried to kill his brother. Lucas vows not to let EJ hurt anyone else he cares about.

Chelsea speaks on the phone with someone about Billie, saying that she has some training in occupational therapy, so she will probably be able to assist in her mom’s recovery. She tells the person she looks forward to meeting them and hangs up. Chelsea tells Kate that she knows it seems bad, but she really thinks her mom is going to be ok. Kate sighs, congratulating her on how strong she was over the phone. She seems really capable, and Kate has decided that if Chelsea wants to go to London to be with Billie, then she should. Kate says that she will come with her, but Chelsea wants her to stay here until Phillip fully recovers. Kate agrees that he has been through quite an ordeal, and Chelsea agrees, adding that she will be right by Billie’s side, and she’ll call Kate with an update everyday. She starts to head off to let her supervisor know that she is leaving, but stops to assure Kate that she can be with Billie when the time is right. Kate sighs and agrees as Chelsea leaves. Daniel comes over just then and tells Kate that they need to talk. She says she was just coming to look for him because she agrees. They do need to talk.

Chelsea runs into Abe, Theo, and Lexie as they head in to see Mark for Theo’s appointment. Chelsea says she is glad she ran into them, and tells them about Billie’s accident. She says Billie will be ok, but will need several surgeries, so Chelsea is flying to London to be with her. Abe and Lexie both say how sorry they are, and Chelsea kneels down to tell Theo that she is going away for a while. He asks her how, and she hands him a paper plane she made, explaining that she is flying to London to see her own mommy. Lexie thanks Chelsea for all she has done for Theo, and Chelsea thanks the two of them for allowing her to be like a part of their family. She hugs Theo and says goodbye.

Sami apologizes to Lucas for even bringing this up, considering what EJ did to his brother. Lucas sighs, saying he is just sick of hearing Sami struggling over her feelings for EJ. The last time she told him this tired story, she was pregnant with EJ’s child for the second time. He personally hates that his daughter has to be a part of that family, but he has no choice since Johnny is her brother. Lucas demands that Sami be honest for once and ask herself how she really feels about EJ. She can’t afford to make another mistake. After all, his brother was almost killed and his mother is a basket case. Every time he takes Allie over to the mansion to see Johnny, there are armed goons lurking around to make sure the kids don’t get shot. So he didn’t come here to discuss Sami’s love life--he came here to ask her to grow up for once.

Rafe says he hates it when Arianna pretends to know him better than he knows himself. She claims that anyone that knew him for five minutes would know him better than he knows himself. She just wonders if this woman was really worth losing his job over, as Arianna knows how much Rafe loved working for the FBI. Rafe says he isn’t sure. Aghast, Arianna asks if the relationship is already over. Rafe shrugs, saying he isn’t sure. Arianna thinks she found Rafe just in the nick of time.

Daniel tells Kate that he wants to talk to her about Chelsea. He tells Kate that he thinks she should let Chelsea go be with her mother. Kate sighs, saying she and Chelsea discussed it, and Chelsea is going to London while she stays here. Daniel says he is sorry for butting in, but he’s glad Kate made that decision. Kate says he isn’t butting in at all. After all, he has become like part of the family, and they all tend to lean on him for support--especially the women. Daniel asks what she wanted to talk to him about and if she is feeling alright, but he gets a page and says he has to go. He promises to talk to Kate later and she smiles, telling him not to worry. She’ll tell him what’s going on when the time is right.

Chloe tells Father Matt that she is getting along better with Will, and she just loves Allie to pieces. Father Matt asks how things are going with Lucas, and Chloe says he has a lot going on right now, explaining that Phillip, the man that was shot, is Lucas’ half-brother. Father Matt says he sympathizes with the family and Chloe nods, admitting that she is glad she and Lucas married before all of this happened. It’s actually made them a lot closer. Father Matt assumes she hasn’t told Lucas about her affair, and Chloe shakes her head, thanking God she didn’t. Lucas has been hurt enough as it is, and the last thing she wants to do is cause him more pain.

Sami assures Lucas that she understand what he is saying, and that she is being careful. Lucas sighs, reminding her that because of Johnny, he can’t just pack up and move away with Allie. He counsels Sami to be sure to be careful, and really be honest with herself and with him. Sami swears she is. Lucas says that when it comes to Rafe, he doesn’t like the idea of him challenging EJ. They all need to keep the kids in mind and try to keep things as calm as possible. Sami says she isn’t sure what is going on with Rafe, and Lucas suggests that she find out. She agrees and thanks Lucas for being there for her. She hugs him, saying that he has been a good friend to her, and that she knows her secret is safe with him. Just then, Will walks in, asking what that is supposed to mean.

Chelsea comes over to Kate, saying that having to say goodbye to her is going to be murder. Kate jokes that she should just focus on all the times she was justifiably angry with her. Besides, she is just going to London, and she won’t be gone forever. Chelsea begs Kate not to cry. Kate says she isn’t, but she wishes the exchange rate was better so the two could go shopping together. Chelsea laughs, calling her a liar for saying she isn’t upset. Kate smiles through her tears, telling Chelsea that denial is a good defense mechanism. Chelsea sighs, saying she had better go, as she has a lot of stuff to do. Kate agrees, asking Chelsea to be sure to call her when she lands, and to tell Billie that she will be there as soon as she can. Chelsea promises and the two hug. Chelsea adds that she may not be very conventional, but Kate is still the best grandmother ever. They say that they love each other and Chelsea heads off. Kate says to herself that it’s a good thing Chelsea is leaving. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Will lays into Lucas, asking him how he could let Sami drag him into another one of her crazy schemes. Lucas warns Will not to talk about his mother that way. He adds that he can’t wait until Will reaches the age when he realizes he doesn’t know everything. Sami reminds Will that Lucas has a lot on his plate right now and asks him to cut Lucas some slack. Will suggests she do the same. What’s this big secret of hers that she is forcing him to keep? Sami says that Will has a right to know the truth and tells him that she and Lucas were talking about her and Rafe, and how she doesn’t want anyone else to know there might be more between them than friendship. Lucas suggests Sami go talk to him, and Will says he is at the Java Café. Sami asks Will if he will baby sit and he scoffs, saying she really ought to start paying him. Lucas agrees to take care of it, and Sami thanks him, heading off. Lucas hands Will some cash and says he needs to go find Chloe. Will explains that she is down at the pier, and admits he invited her to one of his baseball games. He is pretty sure Chloe is trying to worm her way into his good graces and she is actually pretty good at it. He even likes her. Lucas says he is glad to hear it and starts to head off, but Will stops him. He asks if Lucas tells Chloe about the secrets he has with Sami. Lucas says that he is pretty sure Chloe has some secrets of her own and he heads out the door.

Chloe tells Father Matt that she isn’t presuming to tell him how God works, but she knows that the day of the explosion, that Lucas died, and that her prayers brought him back to life. It was a miracle, as was the fact that Lucas didn’t remember anything that Maggie told him about her affair with Daniel. She thinks that even Maggie realizes that God had given her a do-over, and that she couldn’t very well interfere with His plans. Father Matt thinks Maggie sounds like a smart woman and Chloe agrees, saying that Maggie decided that telling Lucas about the affair would only hurt him, so she decided not to. Finally, Chloe has some peace of mind for once.

Daniel comes over to Kate, telling her that he is all hers. She is glad, because she has a problem, and she thinks he is the only one that can help her. Daniel asks what is going on, and Kate tells him that she now knows for a fact that Chloe was having an affair while she was engaged to Lucas. Daniel gapes as Kate tells him that she is shattered.

At her apartment, Chelsea leaves a message for Max, telling him that things are a lot worse with her mom than they thought, and that she doesn’t want to talk to him about it over the phone. She asks him to come see her right away. She hangs up, sniffling.

Rafe tells Arianna that him losing his job isn’t a big deal. She asks him sarcastically if he plans on being a security guard, but he says he got offered a job with Homeland Security. Arianna says she didn’t know they had an office in Salem. Rafe fidgets. Arianna groans, guessing he turned the job down. She rails on him, saying she can’t believe he has turned his life upside down for this awful woman he just met. Rafe reminds her that she doesn’t know Sami, but Arianna says she doesn’t have to. She’s seen her handiwork, and how she has turned a guy employed by the FBI into just another loser in Salem. Rafe accuses her of being jealous, but Arianna claims she isn’t. Sami walks in behind the two and listens in as Rafe tells Arianna that he loves her, and that no one could ever take her place in his heart. Sami’s lower lip trembles.

Chloe tells Father Matt that Nicole’s wedding was beautiful for the most part, and it made her sorry that she and Lucas weren’t married in a church. Father Matt tells her it isn’t too late, and Chloe agrees to consider a church wedding after Phillip has recovered. Chloe adds that she is still glad to be married, however. It made her feel like she has a clean slate and like the past doesn’t matter. Lucas approaches and listens in as Chloe admits that there are some secrets a person needs to keep--even from their spouse.

Daniel thought Kate had just chalked up Chloe’s affair to an ugly rumor, but Kate says she now knows for a fact that Chloe was whoring around on her son. Daniel says he still can’t believe it. Kate is surprised that he can’t, since after all, he was the man she was whoring around with. Daniel gasps.


Stephanie tells Phillip, “I love you, but I can’t live like this.” He yelps, “Stephanie, wait! Stephanie!”

Chloe tells Lucas, “And I’m happy just the way we are.” He replies, “Are you really?”

Kate yells at Daniel, “She lied! She betrayed my son!”

Sami asks Rafe, “Were you ever going to mention that you’re in love with someone else?”

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