Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/30/09


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Stephanie heads into the hospital, speaking to someone over the phone about booking a flight to Greece. Stephanie says the arrangements sound perfect and hangs up. She heads into Phillip’s room, greeting the guard. Phillip is struggling to fluff his pillows and grumbles that he is ready to get out of here, as he has things to do. Stephanie kisses him and grins, saying he isn’t the only one.

EJ carries Nicole into their bedroom at the mansion. The two begin to make love, and EJ tells Nicole he loves her. She replies that of course he loves her. EJ is taken aback to see Sami lying in his arms instead of Nicole. Nicole interrupts his reverie, asking if something is wrong. She says he went pale. EJ shakes his head, saying nothing is wrong He moves back in for a kiss, but Nicole stops him, saying that if something is bothering him, he should just tell her.

At her place, Sami explains to Rafe that EJ is a classic narcissist. Even her mom, who is a shrink, says so. Rafe shakes his head, saying he is sorry, but he can’t live like this. Sami can’t believe he is just going to leave. Angrily, she reminds him of all the things she said at the airport, and how she practically killed herself to get there. She asks him if he really thinks she would have done all of that if she were in love with another man. Rafe shrugs, saying that perhaps this was her way of making EJ jealous, and trying to get him to leave his new wife and baby for her. Sami scoffs, asking if he is serious. Rafe doesn’t answer. Sami angrily tells him to get out if he really feels that way.

EJ moves back in on Nicole, but she reminds him he didn’t answer her question. He says that he doesn’t feel like talking and advises her to drop it. Nicole says that that statement makes her more worried than ever. Besides, she is sure they can work through whatever is wrong together. EJ says they can’t, because it’s none of her business. Nicole is taken aback.

Rafe scoffs, telling Sami that he was going to leave anyway. He shrugs on his coat as Sami begs him to wait. She agrees that she should have kicked EJ out before he had the chance to say those things about Rafe, which aren’t true, anyway. She insists that she only went to EJ’s wedding to tell him about Grace. Rafe wonders what she would have done if EJ had forgotten all about Nicole and told her that he loved her and wanted her instead. Would she have considered being with him?

At the pub, Max heads over to Arianna and tells her she can take off early. She thanks him and starts taking her apron off. Max asks if she has seen Chelsea, but Arianna says she hasn’t. Max sighs.

At the hospital, Chelsea stands at the nurses’ station, working on a computer. She flips through some records, looking for information on medical school applications. She says to herself that she might be able to find something out for Max. Melanie walks by and looks at Chelsea, calling her naughty and saying to herself that Chelsea is busted.

EJ scoffs, asking Nicole if neither of them are allowed to have a private thought now that they are married. He says the thought of the two of them being one of those couples that are joined at the hip sounds torturous to him. She asks if he is done. He asks if she is. Nicole complains, saying she doesn’t want to get into an argument. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. He says it’s business and that he has to take it. Nicole gets up and sighs, saying she will go check on Sydney. She heads off. EJ answers his phone. It’s Masi, wanting to know where Stefano is, as he has been trying to reach him. EJ reminds him that he is to report to him from now on, not his father. Masi explains that the job Stefano hired him to do is about to be finished.

Sami sarcastically tells Rafe that she had a wedding dress stashed in Grace’s diaper bag just in case EJ asked her to marry him right then and there. Rafe tells her not to joke, but she claims his question was a joke. Rafe wonders why Sami was leading EJ on, then. She says she wasn’t. She came to the wedding to tell EJ about Grace, and of course, when she found out about Phillip being shot, she changed her mind. Rafe explodes, telling Sami that the only reason EJ thinks she is in love with him is because she interrupted his wedding. Sami wonders why Rafe cares what he thinks, and Rafe explains that he doesn’t want EJ coming around here sniffing around Sami. Sami reminds Rafe that EJ is married now, but Rafe says his excuse for coming over was pretty lame. Sami sighs, saying that perhaps he really just wanted to drop off those applications. Rafe snorts, saying EJ wouldn’t have come over here the day after his wedding unless he were interested in Sami. Sami sighs, saying that she isn’t in love with EJ and that she doesn’t want to have a relationship with him. If she did, she wouldn’t do this. Sami moves in and kisses Rafe passionately.

Dr. Baker stops Melanie, asking her to make sure one of the rooms gets cleaned up, since one of their patients had another accident. Melanie groans. He thanks her and starts to head off, but Melanie stops him, saying she needs to tell him something, but doesn’t want to sound like a tattletale. Dr. Baker looks at her questioningly and she explains quietly that she saw one of their trainees doing something unethical. She thinks she needs to report it. Nearby, Chelsea peers at the computer.

Nicole brings Sydney downstairs, telling her that she is now Sydney DiMera, legally and in every other way. She carries Sydney into the living room and talks about her future. She imagines that Sydney will attend cotillions on the arms of handsome suitors. Nicole says she never had any suitors, and she isn’t sure what a cotillion is, but Sydney will know. She’s going to have a fairy tale life, and it all begins right now. Nicole hugs her, promising that the three of them will have plenty of adventures together. Just then, Mary comes in. Nicole thought she had the night off, but Mary explains that she booked a fishing charter, per usual, but the boat left without her. She jokes that Cook will be unhappy that there isn’t any pike for breakfast. Mary makes small talk with Nicole about the wedding. Suddenly, Sydney wails and Mary asks Nicole if she’d like her to feed the baby and put her back down. Nicole thanks her and hands Sydney over to Mary. The two head off. Nicole sighs and heads back upstairs.

EJ’s call with Masi begins to break up. EJ asks if he is there as the phone crackles. Masi says he is, and EJ tells him that they aren’t going to take any further action until he is sure Masi is out of the country. Masi scoffs, saying he can handle this. EJ tells him that whatever he has planned, he needs to stop it. The phone crackles. Masi doesn’t answer. EJ yells, asking if he is there. Masi doesn’t answer. EJ hangs up, frustrated. On his end, Masi asks if EJ is there, but he’s gone. Masi hangs up, saying it doesn’t matter. This time the job will be completed. EJ tries to call him back as Nicole heads back into the bedroom. EJ puts the phone down and takes her into his arms, asking where they were before. Nicole grumps, saying she isn’t sure. EJ decides to begin by kissing her.

Phillip assumes Stephanie is up to something by the look on her face. She assures him he will find out soon enough and takes some newspapers and magazines out of her purse that she brought for him. Phillip picks up the paper and rifles through it. He stops when he sees an article about EJ and Nicole’s wedding. He huffs and throws the paper down on the bed. Stephanie asks what’s wrong, but Phillip says that he just wants to get out of here. He has work to do. Stephanie reminds him he can go home when the doctor says it’s ok, but that doesn’t mean he can go back to work right away. Phillip picks the paper up and stares at the article, saying he can take care of his enemies just as easily from home.

Dr. Baker comes up behind Chelsea, saying that he wasn’t aware trainees has access to the admissions records. Chelsea stammers, saying that she can explain. Melanie watches and grins as Baker tells her she had better do so. Melanie takes out her phone and calls Max. She says she knows he is at work, but she has something important to say. Max asks what it is, but Melanie isn’t so sure Chelsea would want her to say anything. Max demands she explain what is going on, and Melanie tells him she’s watching his girlfriend get grilled by a doctor. She isn’t sure, but she thinks Chelsea might have ruined his chances of getting into Salem University’s medical school.

Stephanie grumps that it didn’t take long for Phillip to get back into revenge mode. She adds sarcastically that he should just forget about being happy to be alive and focus on spreading more misery in the world. After all, they don’t have enough of that already. Phillip reminds her that the DiMeras tried to kill him. He can’t just forgive and forget. Stephanie thinks he needs to get away from all of this anger and hatred and forget about the feud. Phillip sighs as Stephanie explains that she has a way for him to do just that. She pulls some plane tickets out of her purse and hands them over to Phillip, saying that she wants him to run away with her. Phillip scoffs.

Nicole and EJ kiss as his phone rings. He answers, saying it is one of his father’s associates. He listens briefly, promises to take care of the matter, and hangs up. Nicole grumps, asking if he really has to deal with this now. EJ says it’s important, but Nicole begs him to let it wait. She pushes him down on the bed and lies on top of him. The two kiss.

Rafe and Sami kiss. He breaks it off, saying that he doesn’t want to be her rebound guy. She groans, saying those were EJ’s words, not hers. Rafe reminds her of when EJ called her in the safe house to tell her he was moving on with Nicole. Rafe remembers how upset Sami was. Sami huffs, reminding Rafe that the only reason she went into witness protection was to get away from EJ. Rafe says that he is now back in her life, front and center, but Sami says she doesn’t want him to be. He just keeps turning up. Rafe thinks he might keep turning up because Sami turned up at his wedding unannounced. Besides, she invited him in earlier and the two had a nice long chat. Sami snorts, saying she didn’t invite EJ in at all. She demands to know what exactly Rafe is accusing her of. Rafe says that he thinks Sami likes EJ’s little come-ons and enjoys making him jealous. He also thinks that EJ showing up here when they were getting ready to make love was just a little too perfect, timing-wise. Sami scoffs, saying if he really thinks all of this, then they do have a big problem.

Chelsea explains to Dr. Baker that she wasn’t trying to change any records. They were written in code, so she couldn’t have even if she had wanted to. Max walks in behind the two and listens in as Baker asks Chelsea why she is so interested in their medical school admissions. Chelsea bites her lip, admitting that her boyfriend applied. Baker guesses she was trying to see if he had made it in. Chelsea nods and insists that she didn’t see anything. She apologizes profusely, begging Dr. Baker not to tell her boss. Baker says he will let it slide this time, but he has his eye on her, and he had better never catch her doing anything like this again. Chelsea vows that he won’t. Baker says he hopes not and heads off. Max comes over. Chelsea greets him as he asks her what that was all about. Chelsea swears it wasn’t as bad as it looked or sounded, and asks why he is here. She asks if someone called him. Max fidgets. Chelsea groans, saying she bets it was his sister.

Phillip hands Stephanie the plane tickets, saying that he can’t run away with her. Stephanie asks him to think of it as R&R. He won’t have to deal with phones or fax machines--he can just focus on getting better. Phillip asks if that is really what she wants, or if she is just more interested in getting him halfway across the world from Stefano. Stephanie sighs and agrees that that is true. She takes Phillip’s hand, saying they both need this. They could start a new life in Greece, maybe open a business, or travel. She asks him if he doesn’t think that sounds nice. Phillip smiles, asking if this means never coming back to Salem. Stephanie nods, saying if that is what it takes to protect him. Melanie approaches the door outside with dinner trays. She shows the guard her badge and heads into Phillip’s room. Phillip tells Stephanie that her proposal is out of the question. Melanie interrupts, asking him lightly if he’s in the mood for goulash. Stephanie’s phone rings and she says it’s her parents. Phillip tells her to take the call, assuring her he’s fine. She heads off. Melanie grumps, asking if Stephanie ever smiles. Phillip jokes that she doesn’t whenever Melanie is around. He isn’t sure he should be eating anything she serves him, and she sarcastically tells him the pepper is really arsenic. Phillip says he wouldn’t be surprised. After all, she did business with the DiMeras before. She sighs, saying that now she is serving food and juggling bed pans, so they both lost. Phillip glares, saying she didn’t get shot, and she apologizes for joking about it. Phillip asks for another pillow, and she puts it behind his head, saying she is really sorry about what happened. If she had known what the DiMeras were capable of, she never would have messed with them.

Nicole and EJ lie in bed after making love. She says that she knows he loves her, but she’s still not happy. EJ groans, asking what is wrong, and she tells him to forget it. She doesn’t want to bother him. He says it will bother him if this is about him unburdening himself to her. Nicole huffs, saying that it doesn’t feel right to her that he refuses to tell her what he and his father are up to. EJ says sternly that she knew what she was getting into when she decided to get involved with this family. Nicole snorts, saying she isn’t involved anymore, they’re married. EJ sighs, saying one of the things he loved about her the most when they met was how independent she was. Nicole wonders what that has to do with him needing to explain why she has a bodyguard or why Stefano suddenly left town. She reminds him that it feels like her life and her daughter’s life is in danger. She asks EJ if he just plans on leaving her in the dark about everything. EJ kisses her, saying that that is exactly what he plans to do. If she can’t accept that, then this marriage is going to fail. Nicole gapes.

Max and Chelsea head into the pub, with her complaining abut Melanie. She’s also upset that Max is disappointed in her, insisting that she didn’t go looking for those files. They just popped up. Max says he isn’t upset she looked at his application, he’s upset that she felt she had to. He already told her that he isn’t leaving Salem, no matter what happens with medical school. He insists that he wants to be with her. Chelsea grumps that if Melanie really deliberately tattled on her, then they have problem. Max says he doesn’t want to talk about that. He wants to focus on the two of them. He kisses her.

Nicole angrily tells EJ that that sounds like an ultimatum. He says it is. If she wants this marriage to fail, then the best way for her to make that happen is to keep interrogating him about things that don’t concern her. She huffs, asking him to imagine if she spoke to him the way he is speaking to her. EJ chuckles, saying she has. He reminds her of when he confronted her about her work with those teens, and she told him what she did in her free time wasn’t any of his business. Nicole says that is different. Her volunteer work doesn’t affect his life or Sydney’s life. His business interests, on the other hand, affect all of them. EJ shushes her, saying that this conversation is over. EJ says he is going to get some more champagne and heads off. Nicole says to herself that something is distracting EJ, and it has nothing to do with his business. She flashes back to finding the envelope of preschool applications EJ made up for Sami. She comes back to the present, telling herself that this must be about Sami. She worries what would happen if EJ found out about Sydney being Sami’s daughter. She laughs, telling herself to stop worrying, because that is never going to happen.

Rafe tries to leave, but Sami stops him, asking what happens now. Is he going to New York? Rafe reminds her that he lost that job when he didn’t show up. Sami asks if he regrets that decision. Rafe says he isn’t sure. He adds that he will see her later and heads off, bumping into Will as he comes in the door. Will asks Sami what just happened. She fights back tears.

Max and Chelsea kiss. Her phone rings and she answers, telling Max it’s a strange number. She listens and tells the person that Billie Reid is her mom. She listens some more, then gasps, asking if Billie is alright. She grabs a pen and writes down an address in Mayfair. She hangs up in shock and tells Max that her mom has been in an accident. Max hugs her as Chelsea’s eyes fill with tears.

Nicole calls Dr. Baker. He groans when he sees the caller ID and answers, telling her he is busy and doesn’t have time to chat. She tells him to make time, because she has something important to say.

EJ heads into the living room with some champagne and stops in front of Stefano’s portrait. He assures him that their friend isn’t going to making any moves without their permission. The last thing they need is some finger pointing at them.

Masi makes a call, telling someone he needs them on a job in Salem, at University hospital.

Melanie asks Phillip if it hurts and he chuckles, saying it hurts like hell. She says she is sorry again. She went crazy thinking he might not make it, and for what it’s worth, she thinks what the DiMeras did to him was horrible. She hopes he kicks their butts in return. Phillip smirks, saying that not everyone shares that sentiment with her. She reminds him that she has been on the wrong side of the DiMeras, so she would love nothing better than to see them all fry. She says that if he has something planned, then she thinks he should go for it.

Outside the door, Stephanie gazes at the plane tickets. The guard asks her if she is going back into Phillip’s room, but she says she isn’t. She heads over to the trash can and rips the tickets up, asking herself who she is kidding. Phillip is never going to change.

Masi tells the person on the phone about an envelope of cash left for him under one of the crates at the pier. As he gives instructions, we flash to the pier. A gloved man takes the cash from the envelope and studies a picture of Phillip.

Melanie tells Phillip that she has to go finish delivering meals, but wishes him luck. She really hopes everyone gets what they deserve in the end. Phillip assures her they will, and thanks her for her support. Just then, Stephanie comes in. Melanie heads off and Phillip tells Stephanie that he hopes everything is ok with them, since he nixed the idea of them going to Greece. Stephanie claims everything is fine and sits on his bed. He takes her into his arms and hugs her. Outside, Melanie passes by the garbage can and sees the plane tickets. She picks them up and looks at them. She looks suspiciously back at Phillip and Stephanie through the window of the room.

Sami asks Will about his studying and if he got it done, but Will wants to know why Rafe was here, as Will thought he was leaving town. Will asks Sami if the two are getting back together. Sadly, she tells him that she isn’t sure.

Rafe stands near the pier. He checks his phone and curses Sami, throwing the phone into the water. Just then, Arianna walks over and greets Rafe, saying she thought she’d never see him again. He says he thought the same and the two hug.

Baker tells Nicole that he just delivered Sami’s baby. That’s as far as their relationship goes. Nicole worries that EJ and Sami might get to talking, and EJ might discover Baker delivered both her and Sami’s babies. Baker isn’t sure how this is his problem. Nicole fumes, telling him that he must resign from University hospital before it’s too late. Baker hangs up on her.

EJ hears a beep from his laptop and heads over, wondering what Stefano has for him now. He checks something on the computer and shakes his head, saying he knew there was something up with Dr. Baker. Apparently, he has more than a few skeletons in his closet.


Chelsea tells Kate, “This is my mother we’re talking about. I’m not just going to stay here when I know she needs me there.”

Will tells Chloe, “Look, I was wrong. My dad’s better off with you.”

Sami says, “Rafe’s not here. Lucas, I think I scared him away.”

Arianna tells Rafe, “Looks like I found you again just in the nick of time.”

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