Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/29/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Rafe and Sami make out in her apartment. Rafe lays her down on the couch and the two kiss passionately.

Chloe heads into the hospital with some shopping bags. She starts to head into Phillip’s room, but the guard stops her. She tries to explains that he is her brother-in-law, but the man takes her by the elbow and leads her away from the door. She demands that he let go of her. Brady comes over and snaps at the man to get his hands off of Chloe.

Outside the pub, Hope gets a call from Bo. She listens and exclaims over the fact that someone they’re looking for is heading to South America. Hope sighs, saying they haven’t even caught the guy that shot Bo’s brother yet. She listens again, then tells Bo not to worry. She has an idea as to how to get the information out of Stefano herself. Hope hangs up and heads off.

EJ strolls along the pier and calls Nicole, who is at the mansion with Sydney. He explains to her that his father has gone away for a few days, but she mustn’t tell anyone about it. Nicole agrees, saying she doesn’t have anyone to tell, anyway. EJ says he will be home soon, and just has to run a few errands. Nicole tells him she loves him, but EJ has already hung up. She sighs and picks up Sydney, flashing back to Mia demanding to hold her baby. Nicole warns her this is the last time. Nicole comes back to the preset and cuddles Sydney, saying that at least one of her problems is solved.

Rafe and Sami continue to make out on the couch.

Mia and Will study together at the Java Café. Mia is lost in her own thoughts, and Will asks if anything is wrong. Mia says she was just thinking of Grace and how cute she is. Will sighs, agreeing that she is a pretty cute baby. Mia blushes, adding that she was also thinking of how much fun she is having spending time with Will. Will stammers, saying he is having a good time also. In fact, he was thinking of something else they could do for fun. He wonders if Mia is interested.

Rafe and Sami kiss. He breaks it off, wondering if she knows how long he has wanted her. She breathes heavily, reminding him that he never said anything to her about it. He explains that he didn’t think she was interested. Sami moves back in for a kiss, saying she definitely is.

Will tells Mia that his games will begin next Thursday. He knows they joked earlier about her not liking baseball, but he’s on a really killer team this year, so the games shouldn’t be too boring. Mia doesn’t reply. Will stammers, saying that he understands if she isn’t interested, but he thought this might be a good way for her to meet some more kids from school. Mia agrees that it sounds like fun. Pleased, Will adds that he could either pick her up or meet her at the field. She agrees that they can go together, but reminds him they have a whole week to figure it out. Will agrees that they’ll discuss it further next week and turns back to his books. Mia grins.

Nicole opens the door of the mansion and finds Hope on the stoop. Hope asks for Stefano, but Nicole says he isn’t here. Hope asks where he is. Nicole jokes that it’s Wednesday, so he must be bowling. Hope glares, saying they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Nicole groans and lets her inside. She assumes Hope is here to question her about Phillip Kiriakis. Hope ignores her and asks where EJ is. Nicole says he is at the office, and reminds Hope that if she is looking for evidence against EJ, she can look elsewhere. She knows she isn’t compelled to say anything against EJ since they are married. Hope remembers that the two are newlyweds and asks why they aren’t on their honeymoon. Nicole says the trip was postponed. Hope is surprised they didn’t postpone the wedding, too, seeing as how Tony just died a few days ago. Didn’t that cast a pall over her big day? Nicole insists it was perfect, but Hope tells her that people normally put things like weddings off when a close family member dies. Nicole explains that all three of them have had ample time to grieve. Part of the reason they went ahead with the wedding was because Stefano was so shattered. They wanted to break up the cloud of sadness looming over the house. Hope starts to make a sarcastic comment, but Nicole flies into a rage, saying she is ecstatic to be Mrs. EJ DiMera. Her and her husband are very much in love and are very happy to be raising their daughter as husband and wife. Nicole vows that they will be together forever. Hope shakes her head and clucks, telling Nicole, “You poor, poor, thing.”

Rafe picks Sami up and starts to carry her into the bedroom as someone knocks on the door. Rafe kisses her and whispers that they should ignore it, but Sami says breathlessly that Will might have locked himself out. She grabs her shirt and throws Rafe his. Sami struggles to put it on, but gets tangled up and flings the door open. EJ is standing there. Sami gapes.

Chloe pours coffee and glares at Phillip’s guard. Brady comes over, saying he spoke to the guard’s supervisor and got her on the list, so this won’t happen again. Chloe thanks him, then notices his bruised face. She gasps, asking what happened. Brady says it’s no big deal and changes the subject, saying that Phillip has had a lot of visitors today and is sleeping. Chloe says she had probably better come back tomorrow, and Brady agrees that that’s probably best. She says that she could have handled the situation with the guard herself, but Brady reminds her that they are friends and that friends stick up for one another. He looks through the bags Chloe brought for Phillip. She says she brought him some Mad Libs and The Onion. Brady laughs, saying he loves that paper. Chloe says Phillip does, too. She still can’t believe they almost lost him. Brady curses the DiMeras, but Chloe reminds him Nicole is one of them now. She thinks that must be hard for Brady. He says it isn’t, but Chloe accuses him of being in love with Nicole. Brady insists he isn’t.

Nicole asks Hope how she dares to insult her like that. Suddenly, Sydney bawls. Nicole huffs and heads into the living room, cuddling the baby and saying she’s sorry for raising her voice. Hope compliments Sydney, saying she is beautiful, and Nicole agrees. She puts her back in her crib, telling Hope to get on with this, because she needs to fix her daughter a bottle. Hope asks her if she noticed anything unusual about Stefano at her wedding. Nicole says she didn’t. Hope asks if she is sure, reminding her that Phillip nearly died the night before. Nicole sighs, saying she is sorry about that, but she really doesn’t know anything. Hope accuses her of lying. Nicole insists that she get out. Hope thinks that EJ would probably feel differently. He knows better than to tick off the police, especially under these circumstances. Nicole doesn’t know what circumstances Hope is referring to. Hope checks her watch, saying it’s dinnertime. Nicole and EJ have married for less than a day, but he’s out and about instead of here with her. What could be so important that he had to tear himself away from his new bride and his daughter?

Sami demands to know what EJ is doing here. EJ explains that he brought over some preschool applications for Johnny. He was hoping they could look them over and make a decision about which one to send Johnny to. Sami huffs, asking if he is kidding. Couldn’t he have at least called first? He says he tried to, several times. He asks if he can see the kids while he is here, but Sami says they’re not here. She starts to shut the door in his face, but EJ sidles inside anyway, greeting Rafe. He says he is surprised he is still in town, but he is glad, as he has a business proposition for Rafe. Rafe says he isn’t interested, but EJ asks him to humor him. He goes on to explain that his family has received a lot of bad press recently, and they’re looking for additional security. Sami moves nearer to Rafe and he puts his arm around her as EJ explains that his wife needs a bodyguard, if Rafe is still looking for work. Sami scoffs, saying it isn’t ever going to happen. EJ asks Sami to let Rafe speak for himself. After all, he’s well-qualified for the job after the work he did with Sami, and besides, EJ heard that Rafe is already acquainted with the layout of the mansion.

Mia and Will work on their Spanish, but Will isn’t doing so well, ruefully admitting that he sucks at learning the language. Just then, Tad, one of Will’s teammates, comes over to tell Will that the star player of the team they’re competing against next week is out for two weeks with an injury. He’s sure they’re going to kick butt in the game. Will agrees and introduces him to Mia. He explains that Mia transferred to Salem High. Mia nods, saying she attended Salem West before. Tad recognizes her name, asking if she was on the cheerleading squad. Mia doesn’t answer. Tad nods, saying he knows all about Mia. She fidgets.

Nicole tells Hope angrily that she doesn’t keep tabs on her husband. Hope and Bo may act differently, but Nicole happens to trust her husband. Hope scoffs, saying this has nothing to do with trust. Nicole says that her five minutes are up, and asks Hope to leave. She’ll have to dig for dirt elsewhere. Hope says they already have their lead on who shot Phillip, and she thinks Nicole knows who it is just as well as they do. Nicole says that even Hope can’t be dumb enough to think her snide little remarks are effective. There is no way Nicole is going to tell her anything about EJ. Hope says that what she is trying to do is get Nicole to realize that she has someone to think of besides herself these days. She gestures to Sydney, but Nicole says that she is EJ’s daughter, too. Angrily, Nicole tells Hope that she had better not be insinuating that Sydney isn’t the most important thing to her. Hope says that if she were, Nicole wouldn’t be living in this God-forsaken house. She adds that EJ isn’t worthy of Nicole’s loyalty or her love. She wonders if Nicole really sees what is in the cards for her. If she stays here, this family will destroy her. They’ll chew her up and spit her out--along with her daughter. Nicole fumes.

EJ tells Rafe that if his work as a guard doesn’t pan out, he can always turn to the cable company. Rafe gapes, and EJ smirks, saying he is surprised Sami didn’t tell him. Sami looks at Rafe apologetically as EJ says sarcastically that Rafe must be busy these days--what between him having to keep Sami warm and giving himself guided tours of EJ’s home. He wonders if Rafe found what he was looking for, but assumes he can’t tell him, since it must have been official FBI business. EJ gives him a sly look, asking if it was really official business. Rafe gets a call from New York just then, and heads off, saying he has to take it. Sami glares at EJ, asking why he picked this time to confront Rafe when they are obviously busy. She lays into EJ for waltzing in here like he owns the place. EJ says he will leave, and Sami is glad, suggesting that the next time he’s desperate to come over, he needs to have a better excuse than some stupid brochures she could download off the internet herself. EJ scoffs, saying she’s right, and that he is desperate to see her. After all, she’s just so charming. Sami nastily tells him to give her best to his witch--she means ‘wife.’ EJ whirls on her angrily, saying he is the one that deserves an explanation here. Has she forgotten the way she interrupted his wedding? Sami grumps, saying she can’t believe he is still harping on this. EJ laughs in her face, reminding her that not only did she make a fool of herself, but she intentionally tried to ruin the most important day of his life. Despite her bizarre explanations, he has no clue why she did it. If it doesn’t have anything to do with him or Sami’s feelings for him, then he can only assume it has something do with their child. Sami glares.

Chloe wants to talk to Brady about his feelings for Nicole, but Brady says he just feels anger towards her. In fact, if he never hears the words ‘Nicole DiMera’ again, he’ll be better off. Chloe is surprised to hear that after the way he was talking at the wedding, not that she doesn’t think it’s for the best that Brady has decided to let Nicole go. He shrugs, saying he has a lot of other stuff going on right now. Chloe asks what he means, but Brady doesn’t want to talk about it. Chloe reminds him that they are friends. It’s her job to try and stop him if he is going to do something stupid. Brady sternly tell her that it doesn’t concern her. She says that this isn’t like him--that cold, hard look in his eyes. Chloe begs Brady not to be like Victor, and to let what happened to Phillip change him.

Nicole wonders who in the hell Hope thinks she is, speaking to her that way. Hope scoffs, saying someone has to--for her daughter’s sake. Nicole tells her to get out. Unless she is planning on arresting her, she needs to leave this instant. Hope wishes her luck and heads off. Nicole follows and locks the door behind her. She sighs and heads back into the living room. She picks Sydney up and hugs her, apologizing for all the commotion. She swears that everything is going to be alright.

Sami reminds EJ that she already told him the reason why she interrupted his wedding, and EJ chuckles, remembering that she said she just did it for the thrill of it. Sami nods, saying she is just a thrill seeker. She adds that she doesn’t owe him an explanation, and EJ says he can’t believe he has to let this be some big unsolved mystery. Rafe comes out of the bedroom and listens in from the hallway as EJ tells Sami that he is worried about her behavior. He isn’t just talking about the wedding, but her recent behavior in general. She asks what he is talking about, and EJ says he thinks she is having trouble weaning herself away from him. Sami’s jaw drops as EJ tells her that he can’t help but think that she tried to stop his wedding because of her feelings for him. Sami says she doesn’t know how many ways she can say this--she doesn’t love EJ. Whatever was between the two of them before is now over. EJ says he isn’t talking about him and her, he’s talking about her and Rafe. Can’t she see that this is just some rebound thing? EJ says that he can see it, and Sami can see it. The only person that is obvious to the whole thing is Rafe. Rafe grimaces in the hallway. Sami asks EJ what the hell is the matter with him and tells him never to speak like that about Rafe. Just then, Rafe comes out, saying he’s sorry for interrupting. Sami says he isn’t and glares at EJ, adding that he was just leaving. EJ heads off, telling Rafe to let him know about the job offer. Sami apologizes to Rafe for EJ’s behavior. She asks about the phone call , and Rafe claims he was getting bad reception. He asks if he can use her land line and Sami hands the phone over, saying that he doesn’t need to ask. Rafe heads back to the bedroom. Sami sighs.

Tad asks Mia if she knows Brett Winters, as he used to talk about her all the time. Will asks who she hung out with there, and Mia says she just kind of hung out with anyone. Tad scoffs, telling Will that Mia was high school royalty and was even homecoming queen. Will gapes. Mia fidgets uncomfortably. Will remembers their geometry teacher transferred there and asks Mia if she knew him. She says she didn’t. Will is surprised, asking if she really went to Salem West, and she defensively says that she just went there for a little while. Tad is sure she must remember Brett. He was a skateboarder and he had a huge crush on her. Angrily, Mia snaps that she doesn’t remember him at all. Will stares at her, shocked.

EJ heads into the mansion and drops the folder for Sami on the table. He greets Nicole with a kiss as she comes down the stairs. EJ asks if Sydney is awake, but Nicole says she is asleep, saying she had a big night. They head into the living room and EJ pours a drink, asking what happened. Nicole says that Sydney just picked up on the fact that she was upset. EJ wonders what she has to be upset about and Nicole explains that Hope stopped by. She asked a lot of questions about him and Stefano, but she didn’t tell her anything. EJ thanks her, calling her a good girl, and Nicole reminds him that he still hasn’t told her where his father is. EJ explains that he went away for a bit of medical treatment, but that has to stay between them. Nicole huffs that everything in this house is one big secret. EJ shushes her, asking if she hears that. Nicole says she doesn’t. EJ says it’s the sound of complete silence. His father is gone and Mary has the night off. Nicole asks what he wants to do and he grabs her, whispering something in her ear. She giggles as he asks her if she wants to give it a whirl. Nicole agrees and the two head into the foyer. EJ goes to lock the door and Nicole notices the folder for Sami on the table. Since it has Sami’s name written on it, Nicole assumes that was where EJ was earlier. She asks him snidely if he had a nice little visit with Sami.

Rafe comes out of the bedroom and Sami asks if he told the guys in New York that he had changed his mind about the job. He says they figured it out when he didn’t show up. Sami hopes he isn’t having second thoughts. Rafe asks her why he would. She says she is glad and puts her arms around him, suggesting they go back to what they were doing before they were interrupted. Rafe scoffs. Sami asks him what is wrong. He suggests that she tell him what’s wrong.

Tad tells the two goodbye and heads off. Mia apologizes to Will for overreacting. She says that she really didn’t know who Tad was talking about. After all, a lot of kids went to Salem West. Will says he understands and Mia suggests they get back to studying. Will says he wants to ask her something first. He doesn’t want her to take this the wrong way, but why is she so closed off? Will adds that Mia doesn’t seem to want to discuss anything that happened to her before she met him. Why is that?

Brady gets off the phone with someone, asking them to keep him posted. Chloe comes over, asking if that was Victor. Brady doesn’t answer. She sighs, saying that he isn’t anything like Victor, who can be mean and vindictive. He also has a dark side that Brady just doesn’t have. She hopes that what happened with Phillip won’t change him. Brady tells her that he is upset about what happened to Phillip, but he also isn’t going to shoot first and ask questions later. He tells her that he wants Phillip’s shooter and the people behind him punished by the book. Chloe wonders what happens if they aren’t.

Nicole demands to know what EJ was doing with Sami. He explains that the envelope is full of preschool applications for Johnny. Nicole sighs, saying she doesn’t understand why he had to do that tonight. EJ stops her, coming over behind her and telling her that he just wants to focus on her right now. He has her close her eyes and describes a peaceful beach scene. Nicole sighs. EJ kisses her neck and picks her up, carrying her upstairs. Nicole giggles.

Sami assumes Rafe overheard her and EJ’s conversation and tells him not to worry about what EJ said. He is just an egotistical manic that thinks he’s the only important person in the world. Rafe can’t really care what he thinks. Rafe says he doesn’t. Sami is glad and reminds Rafe of all the things they said to each other earlier. Besides, if she wanted to be with EJ, she’d just tell him about Grace, and she isn’t going to do that. Rafe agrees that that is true and Sami says that they don’t have a problem, then. Rafe says that they have a big one, actually.

Mia tells Will that it isn’t as if she is deliberately keeping something from him; she’s just private. Will thinks there must be something to tell, but Mia says there isn’t. What happened to her before she met him isn’t important. None of it is. Will sighs.

Brady asks Chloe how married life is treating her, jokingly asking if Lucas does things wrong, like leave shower curtain out of the tub. Chloe says he’s perfect, actually, and even squeezes the toothpaste out of the bottom of the tube. Brady thinks he’s a keeper, then. The two laugh. Chloe can hardly believe she and Lucas have been married for a month. Time has flown by. Brady is just glad to see her so happy. He’s glad Lucas treats her so well, because she really deserves it. She thanks him and the two hug. Brady starts to head off, saying he has some work to do at Titan, but Chloe stops him. She asks him to really think about any plans he and Victor might have to avenge Phillip. She begs him not to do anything.

EJ carries Nicole into the bedroom and lays her on the bed. He kisses her and the two begin to make love. He runs a hand up her body, telling her how much he loves her. She leans in, saying that of course he loves her. EJ is taken aback, because his vision isn’t of Nicole--it’s of Sami.

Rafe angrily tells Sami that he thought her interrupting EJ’s wedding was all about Grace. She insists it was, but Rafe doesn’t buy it. He thinks Sami was hoping EJ would leave Nicole at the altar and propose to her. Sami huffs, saying that is the stupidest thing he has ever said. Rafe explodes, asking if he is now stupid and oblivious. Sami sighs, saying EJ shouldn’t have said that. He is just a stupid jerk anyway, and Rafe knows what he said isn’t true. Rafe says the lines of truth are pretty blurred right now. If Sami telling EJ the truth about Grace was really all about the baby, then why did she wait until EJ’s wedding ceremony to do it? Sami explains that she didn’t make up her mind to do it until just then. Rafe scoffs, saying the only thing confusing him right now is why Sami thought EJ would leave Nicole for her. After all, she just has another kid with him. What’s the big deal? Nicole has a kid with him, too. He adds that the only way EJ would leave Nicole for Sami is if he is really in love with her. Sami says that EJ clearly isn’t. Rafe gets that, but adds that EJ is under the impression that Sami is in love with him. Why is that? Sami sighs.


EJ tells someone over the phone, “You listen to me. Whatever you have planned, stop it!”

Stephanie tells Phillip, “I want you to run away with me.”

Chelsea tells Max, “My mom was in an accident.” He hugs her, “Oh, my God.”

Sami tells Rafe, “You’re right. I guess we really do have a big problem.”

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