Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/28/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie heads into the hospital and over to Phillip’s room. A police officer outside his door asks for her name. She gives it to him, adding that she was here yesterday, and that she’s on the list of approved visitors. He says he’ll need some picture ID. Stephanie huffs, but pulls her ID out of her wallet and shows it to him. She starts to move past him into Phillip’s room, but the officer stops her, saying he’s going to have to search her before she goes in.

In his room, Phillip tosses and turns in his sleep. He dreams of Masi shooing him. As the gun fires, Phillip jolts awake.

In Stefano’s room, EJ asks Lexie what Stefano was poisoned with. She says firmly that he wasn’t poisoned, but something is seriously wrong with him. Stefano sighs, asking what it is that Victor has done to him. Lexie huffs, saying Victor didn’t do anything to him--he did this to himself.

At the airport, Sami tells Rafe that she wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t sure she wanted him in her life. Rafe sighs, saying that is all well and good until she changes her mind again. An announcement sounds over the loudspeaker, saying that the flight to New York is boarding. Rafe says he has to go, but Sami flings her arms around his neck with a sob, saying he can’t. She vows that they will work this out, and that she can change. Rafe says he doesn’t want her to change. She sobs, but then dries her eyes, saying she knows her tears are just going to make him angry. He says they aren’t this time. Sami begs him for a chance to convince him not to leave town.

Chelsea heads into the pub and greets Max. He gives an order to the kitchen and distractedly asks her about Phillip. Chelsea explains that he is still pretty doped up, so he isn’t in any pain, but he is doing better. She asks why Max is so frantic, and he explains that one of the waitresses is sick, and Caroline is still caring for the twins. Arianna is on her way, but he isn’t sure when she will get here. Chelsea says she is glad to have something to do for the rest of the day and moves behind the bar, putting on an apron. Max asks what she is doing, and she says she is getting ready to help sling some hash. Max shakes his head, saying she isn’t.

Stephanie heads into Phillip’s room, grumbling about his guard. She knows she should be thankful that he is protecting Phillip, but he went through her purse like she was some lowlife criminal. Phillip groggily asks her what is going on. Stephanie explodes, saying she can’t take this anymore.

Rafe sighs, saying he was trying to get out of town before Sami knew he was leaving for just this reason. Sami sighs, saying she knows he is angry at her, and this is all her fault, but Rafe says that isn’t true. The two of them just don’t work together, and that is no one’s fault. He says being in that safe house with her seemed like a dream. He breaks off and Sami agrees, saying it was like a dream. Rafe sighs, saying that that wasn’t reality, though. Being there together tricked them both into thinking they could be alone like that forever. Sami agrees that it was wonderful, even though someone was trying to kill her. Rafe shakes his head, saying it’s over now. Her life is here, and his isn’t. He starts to walk off, but Sami grabs his arm, reminding him that he was stabbed and that he went through a lot for her and Grace. She can’t believe that he is just going to throw in the towel. She glares at Rafe determinedly, refusing to let him give up.

Lexie tells EJ and Stefano that the blood work she ran confirmed that Stefano has Type II diabetes. Stefano chuckles gratefully, saying he thought it was something serious. Lexie, taken aback, says it is very serious, actually. Stefano scoffs, saying if he doesn’t feel well, he’ll just have a glass of orange juice. He assures Lexie everything will be fine. She asks if he will take this seriously once it starts affecting his sight, liver, and heart. EJ asks her if they can’t just give him some insulin. Lexie admits that that helps, but Stefano is going to have to do more than just take insulin. He’s going to have to make an about-face when it comes to the way he lives his life. Stefano sighs.

Stephanie rambles, apologizing for going off on Phillip just because the guy protecting him is doing his job. She says she is actually grateful that someone is guarding Phillip, despite the inconvenience for her. Phillip shakes his head, asking what is going on. He has never seen her lose it like that over something so insignificant. Stephanie says she is just being self-indulgent, but that part of her problem is that she is so worried about him. Phillip curses, wondering what he has done to her.

As Max comes out of the kitchen with a sandwich, Chelsea asks him why he doesn’t want her to help out. He says it would be fine until she made a mistake, and that wouldn’t be good for either of them. She surveys the tray Max brought out critically, and tells him he has already made one himself. The sandwich is going to someone named Jean Blevins and Chelsea knows that she doesn’t like ketchup with her fries; she likes horseradish. Max scoffs, saying this sandwich isn’t for her, but Chelsea knows it is, because no one else likes Swiss cheese on their tuna melt. She adds that Jean is getting impatient, so she’ll correct Max’s error and deliver the food. She heads off. Max sighs and picks up an envelope addressed to him that was behind the bar. He glances at it and sighs worriedly.

Rafe says he isn’t giving up, but Sami wonders what he calls his plan to sneak out of town without saying goodbye. Rafe groans, saying that he was just trying to do what is best for the both of them. Sami says that is a load of crap, and accuses Rafe of being scared--scared of her. He scoffs, but Sami knows it’s true. She came here, just wanting to tell Rafe how she felt about him, but he has done everything he could to make sure that didn’t happen. Rafe tries to deny it, but Sami grabs him by his collar, demanding that he look at her. He does so, and she says that she has never felt this way about anyone before him. She adds that she would do just about anything to stop him from getting on that plane. Rafe smiles.

Lexie warns Stefano that if he tries to treat this disease with orange juice, then the diabetes will bring him to his knees. Lexie says she is going to start the process to admit Stefano into the hospital. She suggests that he think about what she has said and heads off. Stefano asks EJ to go after her and apologize to her on his behalf. EJ agrees and heads out. Stefano gets to his feet and starts unhooking the monitors attached to his arm. He curses.

Stephanie says that she came here to make Phillip feel better not worse, but he says he knows it is his fault she was put in so much danger. Stephanie says that isn’t true and that she blames Stefano and his hit man for doing that. He insists this never would have happened if she hadn’t been with him at the time, but she says that was her choice. She adds that he always pushes her away when he feels guilty, and he can’t do that right now, because she needs him. He is surprised, but Stephanie says it is true. Yes, what happened was scary, and she feels all alone sometimes, but not when she is with him. She asks him to just let her sit with him for a while. He smiles and agrees.

Chelsea comes over to Max and looks at the envelope, seeing it is from the medical school he applied to. She is surprised they responded so quickly, and Max says he is sure it is a rejection letter. After all, they get applications from students making top grades in top schools all over the country. All he does is sling beer for a living. Chelsea reminds him that he received straight A’s in all the courses that are important to aspiring doctors, and thinks he must have made it in. Besides, it isn’t a bad thing that he working to put himself through school. She urges him to open the letter. Max warns her that if he has been rejected, he’s taking off to the parking lot where he can kick and scream and rant and rave. Chelsea chuckles, telling him to quit stalling and open it. Max does so and quickly reads the letter inside. Chelsea asks what it says.

Rafe tells Sami to stop it. Things like this happen all the time--couples go through intense experiences together, and then decide that things just aren’t going to work out. Sami says he is wrong, and that she can prove it. Rafe asks how she will do so, and Sami says she is going to say something that she doesn’t want to say. She tears up, saying that she is only telling him this because she knows he is really leaving. Tears roll down her cheeks as she tells him she is sorry.

Max tells Chelsea that he didn’t get in, but he didn’t get rejected, either. This is just a letter stating that they received his application. Chelsea laughs, saying she can’t believe they went through all that for a letter saying they got his application. Arianna comes over just then, saying she is sorry she is late. Max says he is glad to see her, but she thinks he and Chelsea must have been having an intense conversation. Max swears everything is fine, but Arianna isn’t so sure. She heads off. Chelsea tells Max that waiting is the hardest part, and that she is sure the next letter Salem University sends him will be an acceptance letter. Max fidgets, saying this letter isn’t from Salem. He applied to schools in Chicago, too. Chelsea says he will have to move there if he gets in. Max says that is what people normally do. She huffs, asking what it going to happen to them as a couple if he does so.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano takes a box from the safe behind his portrait. Breathing heavily, he heads over to his desk. EJ rushes in just then. Stefano warns him that he isn’t to be put under any stress, but EJ lays into him, saying that after all he and his sister have done for Stefano, he tricked them to get himself out of the hospital. Stefano explains that once Lexie got her medical team assembled, it would have been difficult for him to leave without attracting attention. EJ yells that he isn’t supposed to leave--he is supposed to stay in the hospital until he gets better. Stefano says that wouldn’t work out for him, and EJ sternly reminds him that he could lose his vision, or that his heart could give out. Stefano scoffs, asking if EJ really expected him to be a patient there considering all that is going on right now. EJ asks what he plans on doing, and Stefano says he is planning a trip to Brunei. Once there, he will take care of all the pesky health concerns that Lexie has for him. He’ll return once he is feeling well again. EJ asks if he really plans on taking care of himself and Stefano nods, saying that EJ, for his part, will take care of Kiriakis.

Stephanie wonders if she would be allowed to bring in some books to read to Phillip. He chuckles, saying he knows how to read, but Stephanie thinks it’s nice sometimes to have someone read to you while you are sick. Just then, Lexie comes in, apologizing for interrupting. Phillip glares, telling her to get the hell out of his room. Stephanie stares at him, shocked by his outburst.

Rafe says Sami doesn’t have to apologize, but she says she has a lot to be sorry for. Rafe doesn’t understand, and Sami explains that she usually avoids being honest with herself, but she can’t this time. Any time she needed his help before, she just told him how great he was, and how grateful she was, but anytime she disagreed with him, she changed her tune. She cries, guessing that using people is her default mode. Rafe jokes that he hadn’t noticed and coaxes a smile out of Sami. She admits that he was just trying to warn her about how dangerous EJ was, but she wouldn’t listen. Just then, an announcement sounds over the loudspeaker, warning passengers that the final boarding call for the flight to New York is beginning. Rafe says that he should go. Sami nods through her tears and Rafe heads off. Sami’s lower lip quivers.

Max tells Chelsea that he isn’t moving across the globe. Besides, there are these new inventions called phones and planes. She reminds him that everything is going to change. He says he is going to medical school, so things are bound to change anyway. She admits she knows he is entering a demanding profession, and they’ll be spending less time together, but if he moves to another city, they’ll never be able to see one another. Max suggests that she move to Chicago with him.

Phillip scoffs, asking Lexie if she really thinks he’ll allow a DiMera to be his doctor after he was shot by one of them. Lexie says she isn’t here as his doctor, and that she understands that he is upset. Phillip snaps that he isn’t upset--he is trying to stay alive here. Stephanie whirls on him, shocked. Lexie says it’s ok, and that she understands. She heads off, cowed. Stephanie angrily reminds Phillip that Lexie didn’t try to have him killed. In fact, she helped save his life. Phillip says she is still a DiMera. There is nothing she can do about that.

Stefano makes a call to the Sultan of Brunei, telling him that he looks forward to seeing him. He hangs up and tells EJ that everything has been arranged for his departure. EJ suggests sarcastically that he call Bo Brady and ask for a ride to the airport. Stefano asks him not to be so sarcastic, but EJ sighs, reminding Stefano that Victor is also hunting him down, and it worries him that Stefano thinks he can just fly off into the sunset. Stefano tells EJ to just worry about things at home. He’ll focus on how he is going to get out of here. Besides, does EJ really think that he wants Victor to think him a coward? This trip is necessary. EJ insists that he doesn’t care what Victor thinks. Stefano adds that he isn’t worried about leaving EJ in charge of things. He has proven himself worthy of the responsibility. Stefano puts his hands on EJ’s shoulders, saying that he is very proud of him. EJ sighs, saying that makes one of them, then.

Stephanie buries her face in her hands, and Phillip asks her what is wrong. She claims she just has a headache and starts to head off to get some aspirin. Phillip asks what is going on, and Stephanie admits that she is sad. Tony died, Phillip almost died, and now he hates Lexie. When does it end? She huffs off. Phillip sighs.

Chelsea tells Max that she can’t move to Chicago. He wonders why not, reminding her that there are hospitals who need people like her, and there are nice apartments overlooking the lake. Chelsea says that her family is here. Max says his is, too. They’ll just visit. Chelsea reminds him that she just signed a lease with Stephanie. Max yells over to Arianna, asking her if she is still looking for a place. She says she is. Max asks if she or if anyone she knows would be interested in sharing a two-bedroom apartment. Arianna says she’s interested, and she won’t tell the eleven other people she knows who are looking for a place about it, either. Max chuckles as she heads off. He gives Chelsea a pointed look, and she says that he just has everything figured out. She thinks the idea sounds fantastic, but she says angrily that it would be even better if he had just asked her about it first.

Stephanie comes out of the room and apologizes to Lexie, saying that Phillip isn’t himself right now. Lexie says she completely understands, adding that she is just as angry as Phillip is, actually. She asks Stephanie how she is holding up, reminding her that she witnessed something brutal. She says she knows some doctors Stephanie could talk to about it, if she wanted to. Stephanie sighs, saying she is just fine, but Lexie doesn’t buy it. She puts her arm around Stephanie’s shoulder and the two walk off together.

EJ says that he made some mistakes running the business, and if he had been a better brother to Tony, none of this ever would have happened. Stefano tells EJ to leave the regrets and recriminations to him. All he needs to do right now is focus on what needs to be done here. EJ says that regarding Phillip, their plans are going to have to be put on hold, seeing as how tight security at the hospital is right now. Stefano shrugs, saying it isn’t a problem for right now. After all, it isn’t as if Phillip is lying around a pool sipping drinks. He’s in pain, and he is lying there, knowing what will be in store for him. EJ says he is still worried about Stefano’s trip. After all, Bo has his passport, and all the airports have been alerted to be on the lookout for him. Stefano insists that it isn’t a problem.

Sami paces the airport glumly. Suddenly, she feels a tug on her sleeve. It’s Rafe, and he says that he has missed his flight. She jokes through her tears that he needs to learn to be more punctual. She asks if he is waiting for the next plane, but he slowly shakes his head, explaining that there’s a woman he cares about here in town that can’t go to New York with him. At first he thought he could leave her, but now he knows that that would kill him. Sami sobs, saying he should call this woman and let her know. It will be the happiest news she’s had in her whole life. She throws herself into his arms and the two hug. Rafe says that he was so happy to se her earlier. She is surprised, saying that he acted as if he were angry. Rafe shrugs, saying he was just being a guy. Sami fumes, saying that doesn’t mean he has to be rude and make her grovel. Rafe says he knows just how to shut her up. He takes her into his arms and kisses her.

Max asks Chelsea to let him speak. He goes on to say that it’s so early in their relationship that they’re not even sure when they’re headed, yet this stupid letter turned into an argument. He says that the argument made him realize something . Chelsea asks what that is. Max says that isn’t sure that he can leave her behind.

Lexie brings Stephanie a glass of water, saying that she checked Phillip’s chart and that his prognosis is good. Stephanie is glad, but Lexie thinks it leads to a big question--namely, what is Stephanie going to do once Phillip leaves the hospital? After all, the Kiriakis and DiMera families carry a lot of baggage. Stephanie adds that they carry guns, too. She really isn’t sure what she is going to do. Lexie says that she knows Phillip doesn’t trust her, but if Stephanie ever needs any help, she is here for her. Just then, Lexie gets a page and says she has to go. She urges Stephanie to call if she needs her, and to really think about talking to someone. She needs to take care of herself. Lexie heads off. Stephanie sighs and heads back into Phillip’s room. She finds him sleeping and brushes the hair out of his eyes. She takes out her phone and makes a call, quietly telling someone that she needs their help.

EJ asks Stefano if he plans to walk to Brunei, but Stefano says he won’t be the one going through airport security. He hands a passport over to EJ, saying that he bears a marked resemblance to Mr. Rossi. EJ looks the passport over, saying it’s well-done. Stefano admits it had better be, since it cost a fortune. EJ says that he still wants Stefano to take his guards with him, but Stefano thinks that would attract too much attention. He tells EJ that he has to go pack, and asks him to take plenty of pictures of Sydney, as he is really going to miss her. EJ agrees and Stefano reminds him that he will be in total control in just a few minutes. He winks, tells EJ that he has earned it. He heads upstairs. EJ sighs, telling Tony that he wanted this, but not in this way.

Rafe and Sami kiss. She suggests they get out of there and head home. Rafe says that that is a great idea. He grabs her hand and the two rush off together.

Max says that he isn’t sure that he can do this without Chelsea, but she thinks he can and that he can do anything he puts his mind to. Besides, if he gets accepted to school in Chicago, then he has to go, if not for himself, then for his family. He has to know how proud Grandpa Shawn would be. Max tells her that he might get into Salem U. Then he doesn’t have to leave and they can still see each other often. Chelsea admits that she was shocked when Max mentioned moving to Chicago. She says she feels pretty strongly about the Cubs, so she would move with him. She isn’t sure when it happened, but she knows she doesn’t want to be in Salem without him. He says that this is a big step, but she hopes he doesn’t think it is too big. He says it isn’t for him; after all, he asked her to go, and he wants her to. He asks if she has ever thought about them living together. She says she has, but most people think that when a girl feels that way, she just wants to tie the guy down. She jokes that she hasn’t picked out curtains or anything. Max says that he has thought about it too, but he doesn’t care about curtains. He just wants to wake up with her beside him. She says she does, too. He vows to hold her to that and the two kiss.

Stephanie thanks the person she was speaking with and hangs up. She heads over to Phillip and sits beside him on the bed. She kisses his cheek and says that Lexie told her he was going to be just fine. Stephanie vows to protect herself and Phillip, no matter what.

Stefano heads into the airport and calls EJ, leaving him a message stating that he got through security just fine. He adds that he is getting ready to board the plane and doesn’t think he’ll have any more problems from here on out. Stefano hangs up and walks off. A man sitting nearby gets up and follows him.

Rafe kisses Sami’s neck as she unlocks her apartment door. The two kiss passionately once inside. Sami rips off Rafe’s shirt. He kisses her neck again as she moans.


Brady tells Chloe, “If I never hear the words ‘Nicole DiMera’ again, I think I’ll be better off.”

Will asks Mia, “Why are you so closed off?”

Hope tells Nicole, “That family will destroy you. They’ll chew you up and they’ll spit you out.”

Sami says, “I don’t know how many different ways you need me to say this to you, EJ. I am not in love with you.”

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