Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/27/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the pub, Brady calls EJ a bastard, telling him he is going to pay for what he did to him and Phillip. EJ suggests he be careful about what he says, but Brady scoffs, saying he isn’t afraid of EJ or his family. EJ thinks he should be, but Brady reminds EJ that he and his father don’t even have the guts to do their dirty work themselves. Instead, they hide out in a church while one of their goons takes a shot at an unarmed man. He adds that the DiMeras are cowards. EJ tells Brady that he is looking forward to proving him wrong on that point.

Inside the pub, Nicole tells Victor that it’s sweet of him to worry about her. Victor says he isn’t worried. In fact, he is happy Nicole made such a stupid mistake--which she’s going to have to pay for shortly. She retorts that if she didn’t despise Victor she would have invited him to the wedding and he could have heard what Stefano had to say to her. Victor asks what that was and Nicole tells him that she is a DiMera now. Stefano welcomed her into the family and they take care of their own--and their enemies. She gives Victor a pointed look. He chuckles.

Stefano stumbles into the hospital, gasping. He heads over to Lexie, breathing heavily, and tells her he needs help. She says she is busy trying to save lives, not destroy them. She lays into Stefano, asking if he even cares how she felt trying to save Phillip’s life when she knew her own father was behind his shooting. Stefano tries to deny it, but Lexie says she knows him too well. She starts to huff off, telling Stefano to stay out of her life, but he stops her, saying that he has been poisoned.

In a room at the hospital, Mia tells Dr. Baker that she got to hold her baby earlier, but something wasn’t right. It’s like Sydney wasn’t her baby at all. Dr. Baker stares. Mia asks why he is looking at her like that, and he tells her that there is a reason why she didn’t feel anything for that baby, and he thinks it’s time she knew that reason. Mia asks what he is talking about, and Baker tells her that Sydney isn’t her baby.

At the airport, Sami thanks Rafe for bringing by her St. Anne’s medallion. He shrugs, saying he knows how much it means to her. She says that that isn’t the only thing she cares about. In fact, she has to let him know how much he means to her--before it’s too late. Rafe sighs, saying it already is. She asks if he is kidding, but Rafe says he isn’t. Sami thumps him on the arm and growls, saying that he makes her angry. Rafe scoffs, telling her to leave, then. Sami lays on a guilt trip, saying that she had a horrible day yesterday. She tried to call him to thank him for the medallion, but his phone had been disconnected, and he never returned any of the previous messages she had left for him. She accuses him of being cold and heartless, but Rafe says he didn’t return her calls on purpose. He didn’t want to have another stupid fight like the one they are having right now. Sami grumps that their fights are only stupid because he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She goes on to whine that she moved heaven and earth to get here before he left. Rafe scoffs, saying she just went to her daddy. Sami huffs that she had to go through airport security. The least he could do is listen to her. Rafe agrees, since his plane isn’t boarding, but he warns Sami that nothing she can say can change his mind.

Dr. Baker tells Mia that she isn’t emotionally connected to Sydney because she isn’t her baby. Mia reminds Baker that she gave birth to her, but Baker says that isn’t the same thing as being her mother. Mia pouts, saying she carried her for nine months. Baker says he understands, but she also gave Sydney up the moment she gave birth. Mothers take time to bond with their babies, and Mia never did that, so that is why she doesn’t feel a connection to her. Mia asks if this means that she isn’t a bad person or a horrible mother. Baker thinks it means just the opposite. Since she is a good person, she knew she couldn’t care for a baby, so she gave her to people that could give her a loving home. He adds that Sydney is going to have a wonderful life. Mia sighs, saying that she isn’t sure her baby is going to have a wonderful life growing up around a bunch of murderers.

Lexie warns Stefano not to play games with her. He clutches his chest and gasps, saying he needs to sit down. Lexie rushes over and she and a nurse help him into a chair. Lexie asks when his symptoms started, and Stefano says it all began after a latte he drank the day before. He gasps and loosens his collar, complaining about how hot it is. Lexie asks if he knows what he was poisoned with. Stefano says he has no idea, but he does know who did it.

Victor scoffs, saying that now that Nicole has snared a DiMera, she seems to think no one can touch her. He’s surprised that it hasn’t occurred to her that she was being used herself. Nicole retorts that that isn’t true. Victor scoffs, saying her wedding was a charade. Stefano and EJ used her in her hypocritical white dress to provide themselves with an alibi, and never even gave her a second thought. Nicole insists that it was a beautiful wedding, and that EJ is a beautiful man. Victor agrees that there was one good thing about the wedding--it showed Brady what kind of a person Nicole really is--something Victor was never able to convince him of. Nicole looks up and sees EJ and Brady arguing outside. She yelps. Victor smirks, saying that now Brady knows that she sold herself to the highest bidder. She ignores Victor, saying that the two will kill each other. She rushes outside, telling the two to knock it off. Brady scoffs and heads off. Nicole sighs, telling EJ that the Kiriakis family is trying to taunt them to get them to fight back. If they do, it will look like they’re in the wrong here. EJ says it’s more complicated than that, but Nicole disagrees. She was just trading words with Victor, and she kept her cool. EJ heads inside, telling her to wait here while he speaks to Victor. Nicole tries to stop him, but EJ brushes past her into the pub. Brady stomps back over. Nicole tells him to calm down, but Brady says he is already calm. She tries to put on hand on his shoulder, but he jerks away. She sighs, wondering why he is trying to pick a fight when he can’t even handle being touched. He starts to head off, but she stops him, saying she wants the truth about what happened to his face. Brady asks if she is sure she really wants to know. Nicole says she is.

EJ tells Victor that Nicole told him he was in here, and he wanted to offer his apologies over what happened to Phillip. Victor scoffs, asking if EJ is sorry Phillip survived. EJ says he isn’t, of course, and that he hopes Phillip makes a full recovery. Victor sips his coffee and smirks, telling EJ not to worry about Phillip. He needs to worry about his father instead.

Rafe starts counting down to one. Sami asks what he is doing, and he explains that he is counting down to her tears. That is how Sami usually operates after all--she doesn’t get what she wants, so she gets angry, and then she cries. Sami says it is getting easier and easier to let him go, and Rafe says he is glad. Sami accuses him of being horrible to her intentionally so that she won’t care that he is going away. Rafe counters that he isn’t being horrible; he’s just pointing out that he’s well versed when it comes to Sami’s strategies. Sami scoffs, saying that coming here was a bad idea. She wanted to tell him how she felt, but she has changed her mind. Rafe isn’t surprised, since that is all she ever does. She lives in her own little world where she does what she thinks is right when she thinks it’s right. Sami insists that she is trying to do what is best for her kids. Rafe says he is sure she has good intentions, but at the end of the day, the two of them together just don’t work. Sami wonders how he can say that after all they have been through. Rafe groans, reminding her that he told her how much he cared for Grace. He had worked out a plan to keep her safe, and then she went and told DiMera that he was her father anyway. Sami says she didn’t tell EJ anything, actually, so they don’t have to fight about this.

EJ scoffs, asking if Victor is trying to say he should be fearful for his father. Victor reminds him they live in dangerous times, but EJ smirks, assuring Victor that nether one of them are scared of him. Victor reminds EJ of the classics, saying that Odysseus didn’t conquer Troy with hired thugs or hit men. He used cunning. Victor wonders if EJ has spoken to Stefano lately. EJ demands to know what that is supposed to mean. Victor says it means nothing, as he is just rambling on like a typical old man, but adds that EJ should tell Stefano that he said, ‘Yammas.’ EJ asks what that means. Victor grins, saying it means ‘your health.’

Brady tells Nicole that she doesn’t want to hear the truth. Since she is a DiMera now, it’s in her best interest to keep living in blissful ignorance, and not to ask EJ how his day was at work when he comes home. Brady adds that if he tells her what really happened, her little fantasy of her and EJ and Sydney riding off into the sunset will be shattered. Nicole stares in horror as Brady tells her that she doesn’t want to know that the man that holds her daughter has so much blood on his hands.

Stefano sits on a hospital bed as Lexie comes in. He tells her she has to call the police, but she says she has to figure out what is wrong with him first. Victor sighs, saying he already told her that Kiriakis poisoned him, but Lexie says the police will want to know what he was poisoned with. They’ve been able to rule out some things based on his recent blood work, but she still needs to ask him a few questions. She asks again what his symptoms have been besides nausea and lethargy. He says he has chills. She asks when the symptoms started. Stefano says they began last night, a few hours after Victor poisoned him. She says she is sorry, but she can’t take his word as fact. He grumbles and Lexie blows up, saying she also isn’t going to freak out just because he has a tummy ache. She reminds him that she was in the operating room with Phillip. He almost died, and she refuses to stand here any longer and care for Stefano. She tells him that if he really thinks starting this war honors Tony’s memory, then he is more corrupt than she ever thought possible. She storms out. Stefano sighs.

EJ suggests Victor go home and get some rest, since he has had such an awful shock. Victor tells EJ that he has a bit more history to relate. He explains that the Trojan war lasted nine years, but the Greeks won in the end--because they never stopped fighting. He heads off to the bar. EJ smirks, saying they never stop talking, either. EJ calls Stefano and leaves him a message, asking him to call. Victor stares at EJ and takes out his phone, making a call of his own. EJ then calls one of the guards, asking who is keeping an eye on Stefano. He listens, then angrily yells that someone had better find Stefano immediately. He hangs up in a fury.

Nicole tells Brady not to talk that way about EJ, but he says that both know what EJ has done. He doesn’t have to say anything. Nicole thinks he is just acting this way because he is bitter. Brady reminds her that he stood by her side and saw the grief she went through when she lost her baby. She asks if is going to hold that over her head. He ignores her, saying he tried to help her because he realized that she did what she did because building a family was so important to her. He just can’t believe she went through all of that so she could marry a guy like EJ. Brady angrily tells her that all of the sins he, Nicole, and Phillip have committed don’t hold a candle to what EJ did last night. She knows as well as he does that EJ has no remorse for anything he has done. That’s the kind of guy that is Sydney’s father, and her husband.

Victor tells someone over the phone to let him know when it’s done.

Lexie heads into Stefano’s room and tells him she has assigned another doctor to him. Stefano lies on the bed with his eyes closed, unresponsive. She thumps him on the arm, telling him to wake up. Stefano doesn’t respond. Lexie, with increasing fear, shakes him.

Rafe asks Sami to tell him what happened when she tried to tell EJ about Grace. She sighs, saying it was awful. She was so sure she was doing the right thing that she decided to show up at EJ’s wedding. Rafe scoffs, saying he can’t believe Sami decided to break the news at the guy’s wedding. Sami says she is getting to the part where she tells Rafe he was right the entire time and she was wrong. She leans in, whispering that EJ put out a hit on Phillip Kiriakis. Rafe whispers back that he knows. It’s all over the papers. Sami asks if EJ has been accused in print, but Rafe says he just knew that when a DiMera died, it was only a matter of time before they retaliated. Sami sighs, explaining that she found about the shooting the same time everyone else did. For her, it wasn’t even what EJ had done, it was the way he reacted to the news--he was completely calm and collected. She says that it’s frightening that he was able to stand before God and get married when he knew he had ordered another person’s death. She tells Rafe that he can say, ‘I told you so’ any time now. He tells her that she should have listened to him in the first place. She admits that it was hard to hear, especially considering she has two children with EJ. Rafe takes her hand, saying that her kids won’t be like EJ. They have her. Sami thanks him, saying she needed to hear that. She says that she is just glad she could tell Rafe about what happened before it was too late.

Dr. Baker tells Mia that when he showed her what the DiMeras were really like, he meant to scare her. Mia says it worked, but Baker tells her that what she did by showing up at that wedding was very dangerous. She needs to know what could happen to her if she crosses them. She grumps that they have her daughter. Baker says that Nicole has her, and there is a difference. After all, Mia has seen Nicole with Sydney. While Mia has been unable to bond with her baby, Nicole has done so. He thinks that when she decided to give up her baby, she made an unconscious to decision not to connect with her child, and at the end of the day, that is what is best for her and for her baby. Now Sydney is with Nicole, the only mother she has ever known. Mia asks if he thinks she will connect when she is finally ready to be a mother. Bake thinks she will, and Mia agrees, telling him about another baby. Mia says there is something about the baby that makes her want to take care of her. Baker asks suspiciously where she met this baby, and Mia explains that it’s the sister of a friend of hers. Baker wants to hear more, but Mia says she has taken up enough of his time. She thanks him, saying she is sorry for all the mean things she said about him. She heads off. Baker sighs, wondering who her friend is-and who her friend’s sister is.

A nurse comes in as Lexie tries to rouse Stefano. Finally, his eyes open. She asks if he is alright, and he tells her that he is very tired for some reason. He asks if she ha identified the poison yet, but Lexie says they haven’t, and that they will have to run more tests. Stefano sighs, saying he needs to talk to EJ. Lexie agrees, and heads off. Stefano sighs.

EJ tells the guard angrily that he doesn’t care what Stefano said, he told him to watch him at all times. Just then, EJ gets a call from Lexie and clicks over. EJ asks her if Phillip is alright, and she says he is. She adds that she is calling about their father. He asks if Stefano is ok, but Lexie says she isn’t sure. He is here at the hospital and asking for EJ. She hangs up abruptly. EJ asks what the matter is, but realizes Lexie isn’t there. EJ hangs up and glares at Victor.

Nicole doesn’t think there is any point in trying to talk to Brady, and he says that they finally agree on something. He wishes her luck with her new life, because she is going to need it. He heads into the pub as EJ heads out. EJ tells Nicole that they’ve gone after Stefano, and that he is in the hospital. EJ rushes off. Nicole gasps and stares after Brady, then follows.

Later, the two show up at the hospital as Lexie arranges over the phone for more of Stefano’s blood work to be processed. She hangs up and gives EJ his room number, but he wants to know what happened. She says that Stefano thinks Victor poisoned him. EJ curses. Lexie assumes that Stefano wants to see EJ so they can order another hit on the Kiriakis family. Then they can kill another DiMera, and this will just go on and on forever. EJ tries to soothe her, but Lexie hisses at him not to touch her or talk to her. Nicole stops EJ, telling him to let Lexie cool down. He agrees, then heads off, saying he is going to see Stefano alone. Lexie scoffs, saying she isn’t surprised he wants to talk to him privately. She tells Nicole to get used to it and huffs off. Baker walks over just then, asking what Nicole is doing here and if Mia called her. Nicole groans, asking why Mia was here. She wonders what has happened now.

EJ complains to Stefano that Victor was bragging about what he had done. Stefano can’t believe Victor was gloating. EJ vows not to let him get away with this.

Brady calls the hospital and checks in on Phillip. He hangs up, telling Victor that he is doing well, and they’ll get a call when he wakes up from his nap. Victor is glad, but says that he wants to talk to Brady about Nicole, since he saw the two talking earlier. He reminds Brady that she is married to another man--one that tried to kill Phillip, no less. Brady assures Victor that he and Nicole have said their goodbyes. Victor tells Brady that he has made the right decision. Brady changes the subject, saying he saw EJ speaking with Victor. Victor grins, saying the were, but EJ got called away. He thinks it must have been some kind of emergency.

Mia shows up at Will’s place. He invites her in and tells her he has been at batting practice. He invites her to come watch some time, but she says watching a guy trying to get better at hitting a ball with a stick isn’t her idea of a good time. He thinks she’s in a bad mood and asks what happened to her arm. She explains about cutting it on a nail at the pier, and says she just got a bandage and a tetanus shot. She admits she has had a bad day and asks Will if he has spoken to his mom about her babysitting Grace. Will is surprised, saying he thought she came here to see him, not his little sister.

Rafe says he knows it was hard for Sami to find out what kind of a person EJ really is, but he thinks it’s best for Grace that she did. Sami says it is good for them, too, since now they won’t have to fight about it anymore. Rafe agrees that they don’t, and she tugs his arm, suggesting they go get Grace and go do something fun. Rafe says she misunderstood. What he meant was that they won’t fight anymore because she is staying here with her kids, and he is going to New York. He says that this isn’t because she disagreed with him about EJ, it’s because the two of them just don’t work together. Sami says that isn’t true, but Rafe says that he wants to be a bigger part of Sami’s life than she wants him to be. They can both deny it, but they both know it is so.

Mia says that of course she came here to see Grace. That baby is the coolest girl she knows. She starts to head off, but Will invites her to go with him to the Brady pub. Mia declines, saying she isn’t hungry, but Will tells her Grace will be there. Mai instantly agrees. Will shakes his head, saying he can’t believe he just used his little sister as date bait. He heads off to change as Mia chuckles.

Nicole asks Baker if Mia hurt herself, but Baker tells her that what happened was an accident. He thinks Nicole will be happy to know that Mia told him about seeing Sydney, and also about how she felt no emotional connection to the baby. Nicole asks if she really said that and Baker nods. He adds that he thinks they both know why Mia feels the way she does.

Stefano can’t believe Victor was gloating. EJ says he was, and was spouting some rubbish about the Greek and Trojan war. Victor shakes his head, saying that gloating isn’t like Victor, unless he knows what is going to happen, and somehow knows that Stefano is going to die.

Nicole hisses at Baker to keep talking. Then maybe everyone at the hospital will know Sydney isn’t her daughter. Baker reminds her that he has kept her little secret from day one, so she needs to relax. Besides, what he is telling her is that she has pulled this ruse off successfully.

At the pub, Will brings Grace over to Mia. She cuddles her and coos, saying she is even cuter than the last time she saw her. She can’t imagine who wouldn’t love this baby. Will says her birth mother obviously wasn’t too crazy about her. Mia snaps at him not to talk that way. Giving Grace up was probably the hardest thing her mother ever did.

Victor asks Brady how things went with EJ, and Brady calls him a jerk. Victor tells Brady they can fix all of this so that EJ never smiles again, but Brady has to be patient and leave it all to Victor. Brady stares.

EJ tells Stefano that they mustn’t jump to conclusions. After all, they aren’t even sure if Stefano has been poisoned yet. Stefano assures EJ that something is going on here. Lexie walks in and agrees, saying she just got Stefano’s test results back.

Nicole asks Baker if he really thinks Mia will let this go, and he nods, saying that Nicole is off the hook, thanks to him. She thanks him reluctantly, but says that Sami is still a problem. Baker doesn’t understand, reminding Nicole that Sami doesn’t suspect a thing. Nicole knows, but says they need to keep it that way, which is why they must make sure Sami and Dr. Baker never meet again.

EJ asks if Stefano was poisoned, but Lexie says he wasn’t. However, there is something seriously wrong with him.

Sami claims she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t want Rafe in her life. Rafe says that’s all well and good until the next time she decides she doesn’t want him around. He and her just don’t work. Just then, an announcement about Rafe’s flight boarding sounds over the loudspeaker. Rafe says he has to go. Sami says he can’t and throws her arms around his neck, sobbing.


Chelsea says to Max, “If you get accepted there, you’re going to move. So what about us?”

Stefano tells EJ, “And you are going to take care of Kiriakis.”

Stephanie tells Phillip, “I can’t take it! I can’t take any of this!”

Sami says to Rafe, “I would do just about anything to stop you from getting on that plane.”

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