Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stefano wakes up on the floor of the living room in the DiMera mansion. He stands up and clutches his stomach, saying he must have collapsed the night before. He wonders what could have happened to him.

EJ wakes up next to Nicole in their bedroom. He gently taps her on the nose, wishing her a good morning. She grins, saying she had a fabulous dream she married a wonderful, hunky guy, and then he took her home and made love to her all night. EJ jokes that he is sorry he woke her up. He says that he had a similar dream-that he married an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Nicole says that if they both had the same dream, then maybe it wasn’t a dream at all. EJ leans in and kisses her, saying it will always be a bit like a dream to him.

At the Java Café, Rafe sits in front of his laptop. He flashes back to Sami telling him that she needs him, and her asking him to promise he won’t leave town--no matter what she decides to do about EJ. Rafe comes back to the present and looks at his plane tickets to New York. He sighs, telling Sami goodbye quietly. He gets up and leaves the café.

At her place, Sami looks at her medallion of St. Anne and flashes back to Rafe telling her that she can’t tell EJ the truth about Grace, as it would be dangerous. Sami angrily retorts that this is her decision, not his. She comes back to the present, wondering what she was thinking, and if she will ever see Rafe again.

At the hospital, Brady brings Victor coffee. Victor looks at his face and sighs, calling EJ DiMera a bastard for going after Brady, too. Brady reminds him that they can’t prove it, and besides, Phillip is a lot worse off than he is. He asks Victor how Phillip is doing, and Victor says he is stable, which is as much as can be expected at this point. Brady still can’t believe all this happened, but Victor says he can. Stefano is ruthless, and that SOB is going to rue the day he tried to mess with Victor’s family. Brady sighs.

Stefano asks the butler to take away the breakfast tray he has just brought, saying he has no appetite. The butler takes it away and Stefano picks up the newspaper, seeing the headline about Phillip being shot. Stefano mumbles to himself that Phillip is shot, but not dead. That’s a problem.

At the Java Café, Mia looks at a picture of Nicole, EJ and Sydney. She vows to see her baby today, and there is nothing Nicole can do to stop her.

Nicole starts to open the curtains in the bedroom, but grumps when she discovers there are more guards outside. She says she feels like she is in a war zone. EJ comes over to reassure her, but she sighs, saying she knows this is for her protection and that she just has to live with it. EJ tells her he is going to take a shower and check on Sydney. He asks Nicole to join him. She says that sounds like a good idea and promises to be there in a moment. EJ heads off. Just then, Nicole’s phone rings. It’s Mia, and she wants to see her baby--now. She refuses to take no for an answer.

EJ comes downstairs and greets Stefano. Stefano pours coffee, saying he’s sorry EJ and Nicole couldn’t go to the Caribbean for their honeymoon. EJ shrugs, saying he understands completely, given the circumstances. Stefano agrees that it is best he stay in town for right now. He tells EJ that they’re going to come after them, and they have to stick together as a family.

Brady says he understands Victor’s need for revenge, but he isn’t sure it is such a good idea. Victor reminds Brady that his son almost died. He can’t just take that in stride. He adds that this is his battle to fight from now on. He will deal with DiMera on his own. Brady scoffs, reminding him that Stefano is a homicidal maniac that kills for sport and tortures for fun. He adds sarcastically that if Victor goes up against Stefano, he’s sure it will have a happy ending. Victor asks Brady how he dare mock him. Brady says he isn’t. He is trying to get through to Victor and show him how bad of an idea this is. Besides, he cares about his grandfather and he’d like Victor to be around a little while longer. Victor grumbles that Brady is in no position to tell him what to do. Brady says that that is where he is wrong.

Nicole calls Dr. Baker, telling him Mia called, and she wants to see her baby. He has to do something. Baker, who is at the hospital, says he is very busy, and Nicole says she is sure he is. She warns him to enjoy his pediatric practice while he can, because if Mia slips up, they’re both going down, and he’ll be seeing patients at the state penitentiary. Baker chuckles. Nicole says this isn’t funny, but Baker finds it to be so. After all, Mia wants to see her baby, and Nicole doesn’t even have her baby. Baker suggests they turn her on to Sami Brady. Nicole scoffs.

Sami sits at the pub with Grace and Roman. She comments on how much the baby seems to like him. Roman smiles, saying he knows he wasn’t on board with Sami adopting at first, but now, he just wants to thank her for bringing this little girl into all their lives. Sami is glad he feels that way, because Grace is going to need a father figure in her life. Roman asks what she means, and Sami explains that she doesn’t have a man in her life. Roman asks about Rafe. He knows the two were just friends, but he thought there might be something more there. Sami says she thought so too, but she was wrong. Rafe moved on. Roman says he is sorry. Sami says she is too, but Rafe left Salem. That ship has sailed. Roman says it might not have.

Stefano tells EJ that vigilance is of the utmost importance right now. EJ says that he understands that they all need to keep a low profile. Stefano wonders if he his wife gets that, and EJ assures him that Nicole will. Stefano says that Nicole can’t keep coming and going as she pleases, especially with EJ’s daughter in tow. EJ agrees to tell Nicole to try to stay inside. She walks in with Sydney just then, saying she isn’t going through this again. She refuses to be a prisoner in her own house, and she and Sydney are going to the park. EJ says that is fine, but she needs to take a guard with her. Stefano heads off to arrange for security. Nicole can’t believe she has to take one of those thugs with her every time she leaves the house. EJ tries to explain that this is for her and Sydney’s safety, but Nicole worries that this is never going to end. EJ says it will, but if she doesn’t stop being so defiant and putting her own personal freedoms over the safety of this family, then it won’t end well.

Brady says that he would never try to tell Victor how to handle his business, but they’re talking about his life here. Brady doesn’t want to see him throw it away by seeking revenge against the DiMeras. Victor scoffs, asking if he just supposed to forgive and forget. Brady nods, saying violence leads to more violence, and he knows it. Plus, revenge is juvenile. Victor needs to take the high road. Victor growls that this isn’t a business merger gone bad. His son was gunned down. Brady thinks they at least need to hold off until Phillip recovers and can ID the shooter. Victor scoffs, saying the case will be tied up in court for years. He admits that Brady has a smart head for business, but when it comes to the gray areas, he needs to learn to stand down. Victor says he will take the appropriate action in regards to the DiMeras, and it will all be over soon. Brady sighs.

In the foyer of the mansion, Stefano tells one of his guards over the phone not to take his eyes off Nicole, even for a moment. He gasps for air, then continues, warning the man again to keep close watch over Nicole. Stefano hangs up and wheezes, wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

Sami asks Roman if Rafe has left yet, and Roman tells her he is flying to New York today. Sami says he didn’t return her call, but she needs Roman’s help. Sami has decided that she has to see Rafe again. She knows Roman will think it’s crazy to try and stand in Rafe’s way, but she hates the way she left things with him. She begs Roman to help her find Rafe. She thinks there must be a way. Roman agrees that there might be. He makes a call and finds out some information. He hangs up and tells Sami that while Rafe is flying to New York, he isn’t working there. He’s received an overseas assignment, so he won’t be coming home any time soon. He gives Sami Rafe’s flight number and she looks it up on her phone, saying that it’s leaving in two hours. Roman thinks she had better be on her way, then. Sami hugs him and thanks him, asking if he can watch Grace for her. Roman agrees and Sami hastily tells him the diapers and bottle are in her bag. Roman says he might have to leave her with Caroline later, but urges Sami not to worry about Grace. She thanks him again and rushes off, hoping she isn’t too late.

Rafe heads into the airport and sits down. He flashes back to kissing Sami. He sighs, telling himself that he has to let her go.

Victor says that he would rather die than let the DiMeras get away with what they’ve done. He plans on making sure that Stefano suffers just as much as he has made Victor and his family suffer. Brady asks what his plan of action is, and Victor tells him that he plans on hitting the DiMeras where it will hurt the worst--right in their heart.

Mia heads over to Nicole, who is waiting near the pier. She pretends to be surprised that Mia is here, and tells her guard that Mia is just a teen she works with. The man moves off a few steps and Nicole whispers quietly to Mia that she is being watched, so Mia needs to play along. Mia doesn’t get it, and Nicole explains she has a bodyguard because of everything that happened with Tony and Phillip. Mia says she understands, and asks if she can hold her baby now. Nicole says she can, but this has to be the last time. After all, Mia made a promise to her and crashed her wedding anyway. Mia agrees to whatever Nicole says, but she hisses that she means it. Mia again promises it will be and Nicole agrees to let her hold Sydney. She hands her over to Mia, urging her to be careful. Mia cuddles her for a moment, then tells Nicole that something isn’t right. Nicole asks what she means. Mia explains that this doesn’t seem like her baby.

Victor tells Brady that he will tell him what he needs to know when the time is right. Brady sighs, saying that he can see this conversation is going nowhere. He is going in to see Phillip, but before he goes, he wants Victor to know that while he doesn’t approve of his tactics, he will always be there for him. Brady heads off.

Stefano gazes at a picture of Tony and tells EJ that what everyone says about grief isn’t true. He misses Tony more and more with each passing day. Just then, Marco comes in and tells the two that Roman Brady is at the gate. Stefano asks EJ if he wants to excuse himself, but EJ says they will see him together, since they are in this together.

Nicole tells Mia that Sydney isn’t really her baby anymore, so that is probably why she feels like she isn’t hers. Nicole takes Sydney back and Mia tells her she sat for another little girl that she felt more connected to than her own daughter. Nicole thinks that is a good thing. In fact, it may be a sign that Mia can forget about Sydney, and start to move on with her own life.

EJ asks Roman what he wants. He tells the two that Victor Kiriakis seems to think Stefano had something to do with the hit put out on Phillip. EJ asks if he is here to charge either of them with a crime. Roman says he isn’t. EJ tells him not to come back until he is. Understandably, what Victor thinks is of little interest to either of them. Roman warns the two not to leave town until this is all cleared up. Stefano scoffs, saying he built this town. He has no intention on leaving. Roman smirks and heads off. Stefano smiles, “Ciao.”

Mia asks Nicole if she can hold Sydney again, but Nicole says she has had her chance and she blew it. Just then, EJ calls. Nicole says she is at the pier, and EJ asks when she is coming home. She says she is just leaving now, and will be there in a bit. He says he’ll be waiting and hangs up. Nicole tells Mia that she has to leave, but she hopes seeing Sydney today gave her some closure and made her feel better about things. Mia says she guesses it did. Nicole says she assumes she won’t be seeing Mia anymore and says goodbye. She heads off with the guard in tow. Mia sighs and turns to leave, but snags her arm on a rusty nail. She glances at the scrape on her arm and winces.

Nicole heads into the living room at the mansion, telling EJ that Sydney has gone down for a nap and that Mary is with her. He asks if she is ready for their walk as Stefano comes in, mopping his brow with a handkerchief. EJ thinks he looks pale and ought to lie down, but Stefano says he is just fighting a little bug. He adds that he’s going to run some errands while they’re out and heads off. EJ asks Nicole again if she is ready to go, and she sighs, saying she is if the bodyguards are. EJ doesn’t think she seems too excited and hopes she isn’t angry about their honeymoon being postponed. Nicole says she isn’t, but the bodyguards are worrying her. EJ says that the Kiriakis business has nothing to do with her, but she thinks it is sending up a big red flag. She adds that she is his partner, and he should be honest with her if something is bothering him. EJ hugs her and kisses her, apologizing and telling her he loves her. Nicole sighs.

Rafe flashes back to telling Sami that not only is he protecting a child, he is also protecting someone he cares about. Sami throws her arms around him, saying he has no idea how much that means to her. Rafe comes back to the present and sighs, getting up from his chair. Sami comes around the corner just then and bumps into him with a little shriek. She smiles at him, out of breath and gasping for air.

Mia sits in a room at the hospital, holding her arm. Baker comes in, saying that he works here now, as she is obviously surprised to see him. She explains that she hurt her arm at the pier and shows him the scrape. Baker says he thinks she’ll live and tends to her arm, swabbing it with some antiseptic and warning her it might sting. Mia sighs, saying this is nothing compared to what she was doing before.

Brady and Victor sit at the pub, discussing the fact that Phillip is doing much better. Brady asks Victor if he is going to tell him what his plans for Stefano are, but Victor thinks it’s best if Brady knows as little as possible. All he needs to know is that he is going to strike Stefano right between the eyes--and when he least expects it.

Stefano heads into the Java Café and asks Marco to wait at the door. He greets the regular barista, Jackie, and she works on making Stefano’s coffee. He asks about the new girl that was working the day before, and Jackie says her name is Melina. She guesses things didn’t work out with her. Stefano suspiciously asks if she is Greek. Jackie isn’t sure, but she thinks she is. Stefano considers this.

Brady runs into Nicole and her bodyguard as he exits the pub. She asks the man to back off, as Brady is a friend, and he does so. She asks what happened to Brady’s face, and he says it was just a fight. The other guy looks a lot worse. Nicole is concerned, but Brady says it looks worse than it feels. She says she is glad she ran into him, as she wanted to thank him for not ruining her wedding. Brady shrugs, saying that when he saw her walking down the aisle, he knew she was right where she belonged. He says goodbye and Nicole heads into the pub with her guard. As they enter, Victor’s own guard rises to his feet. Nicole scoffs, wondering who would have thought they’d both have their own security detail. She starts to head to the bar but Victor stops her, telling Mrs. DiMera that they have a lot of catching up to do. She rolls her eyes.

Brady makes a call, telling someone that that sounds good and that he’ll be in touch later. He hangs up just as EJ walks over. The two glare at one another.

Mia tells Baker that what she meant was that the scrape is nothing compared to what she has been going through mentally. Baker assumes she means what happened with her baby, and Mia nods. She tells him that she got to hold her earlier, but something wasn’t right. She asks Baker why he is looking at her like that, and he explains that he is impressed with her instincts. She asks what he means by that, and he says there is a reason she doesn’t feel like Sydney is hers, and it’s about time she learn what that reason is.

Victor compliments Nicole on her taste in men--first Trent, and now EJ. Nicole scoffs, saying his track record isn’t much better. Victor thinks EJ must be a competent magician, since he has her so fooled, but his own marriages can’t compare to this one. Nicole huffs, retorting that EJ is more of a man than Victor could ever hope to be. Victor nods, saying not only did EJ try to have Phillip killed, he also had Brady beaten to a pulp on her wedding day. Victor says sarcastically that EJ sure is a class act. He notices the shocked look on Nicole’s face, assuming they kept her in the dark about that one. He tells her to get used to it, because things are going to get a lot darker from now on.

Brady calls EJ a two-faced SOB, and accuses him of being a coward and not facing him on his own. EJ asks Brady not to make a scene, but Brady gets up in his face, saying he doesn’t care about EJ’s guards. He is going to have to deal with Brady now and he is going to pay for what he did to him and Phillip.

Stefano sits down with his coffee. He flashes back to Victor telling him that this is just the beginning, then he flashes back to getting his coffee later on that day. Stefano comes back to the present and gasps in horror, setting his coffee down. He whispers to himself that they’ve poisoned him.

Sami wheezes and tries to catch her breath, saying she’s glad she caught Rafe before he boarded the plane. He asks why she is here, and she says it’s because Will told her about Rafe bringing her St. Anne’s medal by. Rafe says he knows how much it means to her. Sami says he does too, and she can’t let him leave without letting him know just how much he means to her.


Brady tells Nicole, “You don’t want to know that person that was holding your daughter has so much blood on his hands.”

Lexie asks Stefano, “Do you know what you were poisoned with?” He replies, “No, but I know who did it.”

Victor tells EJ, “Please don’t worry about Phillip. Worry about your father.”

Rafe tells Sami, “No matter what you say, it’s not going to change anything. I’m still leaving.”

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