Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/23/09


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At the church, EJ tells Stefano over the phone that he will take care of Phillip personally, if need be. He hangs up just as Nicole comes out of the chapel with Sydney. EJ smiles, asking how his two favorite girls are, and if Mrs. DiMera is ready to go home. Nicole grins, saying she can’t wait. EJ takes Sydney and heads off. Nicole follows him with a vexed look on her face.

At the Java Café, the girl at the counter serves Stefano a fresh coffee. He says he hasn’t yet ordered, but she smiles, saying everyone around here knows how to treat him. He grins and stuffs a bill into the tip jar. He heads over to a table with a newspaper, but Bo walks over, saying that he wouldn’t get too comfortable if he were Stefano. Stefano sighs and shakes his head.

At the hospital, Daniel explains to Chloe, Victor, Kate, and Stephanie that Phillip is suffering from pulmonary hemorrhaging. His blood isn’t clotting, and he is losing it faster than they can pump it in. Kate asks what that means and what Daniel can do to save Phillip’s life. Daniel sighs, saying he doesn’t know if he can. Kate and Stephanie gape in astonishment.

Meanwhile, Phillip lies in bed at the hospital, unconscious.

Lucas rushes into the hospital and greets Kate, apologizing for being late. He asks what is going on, and Daniel fills him in on the new development. Kate asks if he can do surgery, but Daniel says that won’t help. There’s only one treatment that might help Phillip, but there are risks involved. Victor tells him to go ahead and do it, whatever it is. Kate explodes, telling Victor she isn’t going to let Daniel work on Phillip unless she knows what he is doing. Victor retorts that Daniel is the doctor. They have to trust him. Kate shrieks that she doesn’t trust him--not at all. Daniel and Chloe exchange uncomfortable looks.

EJ, Nicole, and Sydney return to the DiMera mansion. EJ brings the baby in first, then picks Nicole up and carries her into the foyer. She says she is surprised they have that tradition and England and EJ explains that it dates back to the Romans. Apparently, people thought little demons hid in the doorway and might attack the new wife. Nicole chuckles, then gasps as she catches sight of a man standing outside the door. She grabs EJ and points at the man, who was one of Stefano’s henchmen at the wedding.

Victor wonders what has gotten into Kate. He reminds her that Daniel is just trying to help. Kate furiously tells him not to scold her. Victor tells Daniel that he is sorry, but Kate says she doesn’t need him apologizing for her, either. She tells Daniel that she is just concerned for Phillip and what she said was mean-spirited. She apologizes. Lucas pulls her aside and hisses that Daniel saved her life. Why wouldn’t she trust him? Kate turns back to Daniel, asking what it is he wants to do to help Phillip. Daniel explains that he wants to induce hypothermia. It could make his bleeding worse, but at this point, they have no other options. Victor tells him to go ahead and do it, and Kate agrees, asking him to do whatever it takes to save her son. Daniel heads back into Phillip’s room. Stephanie, Chloe and Lucas look on worriedly as Victor tries to assure Kate that they are doing the right thing. Kate scoffs, wondering how putting their son’s life in that man’s hands could be the right thing.

Bo says he thought Stefano would be at the hospital on death watch. Stefano scoffs, saying that is a callous way to refer to a young man fighting for his life. Besides, he already told Bo he wasn’t interested in answering any questions unless his lawyer is present. Bo says he has heard enough out of Stefano. Bo advises that he shut up and listen.

Nicole shields Sydney, telling EJ to call the police. EJ explains that the man is Marco, one of their associates. After what happened with Phillip, he wanted to make sure Nicole and Sydney were kept safe. He glares at Marco, reminding him that he was supposed to remain inconspicuous. Marco apologizes, saying it won’t happen again. EJ shuts the door and Marco heads off. EJ says he is sorry for not telling Nicole earlier. Nicole sighs, saying she is just worried after what happened with Phillip. EJ assures her she has nothing to worry about, but Nicole reminds him there’s a thug lurking around their lawn to make sure they don’t all get killed. EJ thinks she is being too dramatic, but Nicole disagrees. After all, Phillip was alive and well yesterday, and now he is hanging on by a thread because someone tried to murder him. This is not how she pictured her wedding day. EJ says it isn’t how he pictured his either. Nicole sighs, saying she thought she could do this, but she can’t. She doesn’t think she can live like this.

Victor pulls Kate aside, saying he knows she doesn’t trust Daniel on a personal level, but this is about the man’s capabilities as a doctor. She has to put her feelings aside for Phillip’s sake. Kate says she knows he is right, but sobs, saying she just worries about their precious son. She prays that God will protect him. Victor is sure He will. Kate vows that if He does save Phillip, she is going to make some changes. She swears she will be more loving and forgiving. If Phillip survives, she’s going to live her life with dignity--she swears it.

Stephanie watches Daniel and Phillip through the window of his room. She leans her forehead against the glass and sobs.

Lucas asks Chloe if he can get her anything. She sniffles, saying she is sorry for falling apart like this when Phillip is fighting for his life. Lucas says he understands completely. After all, Phillip was Chloe’s first love. They’ve all moved on since then, of course, but he guesses those feelings never really go away. Daniel comes out of Phillip’s room as Victor gets off the phone with Brady. Kate asks if the hypothermia treatment is working, but Daniel isn’t sure yet. He hopes Phillip will rally, but they’ll know more in a short while--one way or the other. Stephanie turns back to look at Phillip hopefully.

Bo reminds Stefano of all the years he has spent wreaking havoc and trying to right some ancient wrong. Bo knows it must have taken a lot of energy, and he is curious as to how Stefano has any left for his own family. Bo chuckles, saying that he forgot--Stefano doesn’t. Stefano growls that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Bo glares, saying that Tony was a decent man who despised his father with everything in him. Stefano claims angrily that Bo doesn’t know anything about Tony. Bo tells Stefano that if he refuses to honor Tony’s memory by acting with some compassion and decency, and won’t back off of Phillip, then Bo will put the last nail in Stefano’s coffin.

EJ thinks it’s a little late for Nicole to be having second thoughts. She says that isn’t what she meant, but she also thinks they shouldn’t have to have bodyguards. EJ says he is sorry, but that is the way it is, and she knew that when she met him. She knew that when she was begging him to let her become Mrs. EJ DiMera. He adds that he will never let anyone lay a finger on her or Sydney, if that is what she is worried about. Nicole nods tearfully. EJ apologizes for being harsh, but she needs to understand that their life is never going to be simple. There are privileges associated with being a DiMera, of course, but there are also constraints. Nicole says she understands that. EJ adds that he loves her very much. She says she loves him, too, but she worries that Sydney will grow up and not understand why they have to live like this. EJ assures her that all Sydney will know is that she has two parents that love her. He suggests they start the whole evening over again. He leads Nicole outside, picks her up, and carries her inside once again. She giggles as he spins her around. Later, Nicole flips through their wedding program as EJ pours champagne. Nicole wishes the day wasn’t almost over, but EJ says she should be excited for the night to begin. He hands her a glass and she jokes, asking if the champagne will become a nightly tradition. EJ chuckles. Nicole kisses him, saying the only tradition she needs is him by her side.

Stefano sighs, asking Bo to leave him to enjoy his latte now that he has made his token idle threat. Bo agrees, telling him to enjoy his coffee. He heads off to the corner and watches with suspicion as Stefano makes a phone call.

Stephanie heads into Phillip’s room, asking Daniel if she can touch him. Daniel says she can. She isn’t sure it is such a good idea, seeing as how his heart stopped beating the last time she was in here. Daniel assures Stephanie that that had nothing to do with her. In fact, she may be the one person that can help Phillip. Stephanie is surprised, but Daniel think she might be just what Phillip needs. Stephanie sits by Phillip’s bedside and strokes his arm.

Lucas tells Kate that he talked to Austin, but hasn’t been able to reach Billie yet. Kate thanks him and he heads off with Chloe. Victor comes over, asking Kate what she meant earlier when she said she planned on forgiving and forgetting. Kate says that it means that she is foregoing her plans for Chloe. She adds that this is the end of it. She doesn’t feel the need to get revenge anymore. If Phillip survives, then she is forgiving everything and give herself over to treasuring the time she has left with the people she loves. Everything else is a waste. Daniel comes out of Phillip’s room. Lucas rushes over, telling him that after everything he did for his mom he is sure Daniel can save Phillip if anyone can. He’s not sure what his family would do without Daniel. Chloe and Daniel again exchange uncomfortable looks.

Stephanie tells Phillip that he has to get better, since he has so many people rooting for him. She adds that today was both the best and the worst day of her life. Being with him makes her happy, and she loves him so much. She sobs, begging him to come back to her. Just then, one of the machines hooked up to Phillip beeps wildly. Daniel rushes in. Stephanie backs off to the door and stares in horror.

Kate sobs, saying she can’t lose her baby. Daniel comes out of Phillip’s room and Victor asks him what happened. Daniel grins, saying that Phillip is awake. Kate thanks God, asking if he is going to recover. Daniel smiles, saying it does look like Phillip has turned a corner. Kate sobs, thanking Daniel. Lucas hugs Chloe, saying he knew everything would be alright. Victor and Kate hug as Kate exchanges glances with Chloe.

Stephanie strokes Phillip’s hair. He whispers that he loves her. She laughs joyfully and kisses him. Later, Kate and Victor come in and Stephanie heads off to give them some time alone. Kate thanks Daniel, and he leaves too, warning them that Phillip is very weak and can’t talk much. Phillip whispers that he thought he was going to leave them today. Kate hushes him, asking him not to speak. She says that she still remembers hearing the news from the Marines that he had been injured in the line of duty. No matter what he has been through, he has always been strong and fought hard. She cries, telling him how proud she is of him. Victor sits by Phillip’s side next, saying he’s said and done some things in the past few months that he wishes he could take back. He says he is proud of Phillip, too and loves him. Phillip tries to top him, but Victor shakes his head and continues, saying that Phillip is a fighter. That is why he wanted him to run Titan. Victor takes Phillip’s hand, saying that they are in this together from now on, and they are going to win.

Stefano speaks to the man that he had bugging the Kiriakis mansion. The man tells him that there hasn’t been any activity, but he heard Henderson saying that Phillip survived the shooting. Stefano tells him to keep his eyes open and hangs up. He curses.

Nicole feeds EJ a chocolate-covered strawberry. He says he has a surprise for her and makes her close her eyes and hold her hands out. She does so, and he puts a small box into them. She shakes it, asking if it is jewelry. He jokes that it’s a pony. She laughs and opens the box, gasping as she does so. Inside are gigantic pair of diamond earrings. EJ explains that the same designer that made her wedding ring made the earrings. Nicole thanks him profusely as his phone rings. EJ answers as Nicole heads over to the window to admire her earrings. Stefano is on the other end of the line, and tells EJ that Phillip has taken a turn for the better. EJ promises to take care of it himself, first thing in the morning. Nicole sees something out the window, probably Marco, and grimaces, moving over toward Sydney protectively. EJ hangs up with Stefano. EJ asks for a reminder as to where they were and she says they were right about here. She moves in and kisses him passionately.

Bo tells Stefano that he is slipping. This is a public place, and he heard his half of the conversation. Stefano glares as Bo adds that it was pretty damning. He suggests that Stefano start talking.

Lucas is sitting alone with Phillip now, and he tells him that Phillip should be looking up to him as a big brother, but it’s usually the other way around. Most people wouldn’t have done the things Phillip has for his country, especially if home is a mansion with servants. Phillip chuckles, saying weakly that he must be dying if Lucas is talking like this. Lucas says he is serious. He doesn’t know what he would do if something happened to Phillip. He adds that they’ve all had a turn in the hospital, and he wants Phillip to promise there won’t be any more visits here. Phillip grins, giving Lucas the thumbs-up sign.

Chloe walks over to Daniel, telling him that Lucas was right earlier. He is the best doctor she knows, and they’re all very fortunate that he is so good at what he does. Daniel says that that is kind of her. She adds that she really wishes happiness for him. He says softly that those feelings go both ways. Lucas comes out of Phillip’s room just then, saying they have Daniel to thank for Phillip recovering. He grins, saying Daniel has worked another one of his miracles. Daniel glances and Chloe and smiles wanly.

Kate asks Victor what he meant when he said that he and Phillip would be in this together. Victor says it is a private matter between him and his son. Kate scoffs, saying she can’t believe he is trying to discuss business at a time like this. Victor snaps that what he and Phillip were talking about is none of her concern. Kate demands that this war with the DiMeras has to be over. If they come after Phillip again--Victor stops her, saying they won’t. He’ll make sure that they never try to hurt Phillip--not until hell freezes over or time ends. He adds that Phillip is more precious to him than life itself. His most important job is to love and protect him, and to make sure no one attacks him ever again. He tells Kate that no one will either, because he has taken care of it. Kate sighs.

Bo tells Stefano that he now has probable cause. Stefano snorts that all he has is an overactive imagination. Bo scoffs, saying he didn’t imagine overhearing Stefano’s conversation with EJ. Obviously, EJ arranged for Phillip to be shot just as his ex-con girlfriend was walking down the aisle. He doesn’t think EJ will be too happy that he and Stefano didn’t get their story straight, and that because of it, he’ll have to spend his wedding night being interrogated. Stefano tells Bo that if he wants the straight truth, he’s going to have to get it from him.

Nicole and EJ dance. She admits that she is glad they are having their own private reception. He chuckles, saying it is nice not to have to deal with drunken or surprise guests. Nicole smiles, telling him how happy she is they are husband and wife. She adds that she feels so safe in his arms--like the rest of the world is far away. EJ vows that she is. He hopes she’ll never forget that. She tears up, promising that she won’t. The two kiss.

Stephanie sits with Phillip. She thinks she should let him get his rest, but Phillip insists that she stay. He asks her what happened tonight, saying that he needs to know. She is surprised he doesn’t remember, but tells him he was shot while she was taking a shower. She didn’t even hear the gunfire. Phillip gasps, saying it could have been her. Stephanie says the man wasn’t after her, but Phillip says she warned him before that something bad could happen to him. She was right, and he is bad for her. Stephanie stares in shock, shaking her head. Phillip tells her to leave--now.

Lucas sings Daniel’s praises, saying that they should name a wing of the hospital after him. Daniel blushes, shaking his head, but Lucas asks him not to be so modest. Lucas adds that they all really appreciate what he has done. Lucas knew that they could trust Daniel, and that he wouldn’t let them down. Chloe suggests they call Austin back and Lucas agrees. The two head off. Daniel sighs.

Kate asks how Victor has taken care of this, but he tells her not to worry, and just know that it’s done. He suggests she go get something to eat, but Kate says she isn’t hungry. She says she’s going to get some air, and heads off, giving Victor a suspicious look. After she leaves, he makes a call, asking someone what’s happening. They answer, and Victor tells them to let him know when DiMera leaves. He’ll give the person their orders then.

Bo thinks it must be his lucky day, since he is getting a statement from Stefano. Stefano chuckles, saying he isn’t giving Bo a statement. He will however, give him the address of the place Elvis is spending his honeymoon at in the Caribbean. Stefano grabs a pen and scribbles something on a napkin, telling Bo to disturb Elvis if he wishes, but it’s a waste of time. Bo agrees, saying he won’t get any information out of EJ tonight, anyway. He vows to do this by the book, however. Bo walks out. Stefano sighs.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she isn’t going anywhere. She loves him, and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Nearly losing him tonight scared her half to death, so he must never try to tell her to leave. Phillip smiles, promising not to do so. If she wants to be here, then he wants her here, too. She smiles and kisses him.

In their bedroom, EJ and Nicole begin to make love. Nicole hears a noise like a door opening. She sits straight up and gasps, asking EJ what that was.

Daniel tells Kate and Victor that Phillip is young and strong, so he should recover nicely. He gets a page and heads off as Lucas comes over. Victor heads into Phillip’s room. Lucas tells Kate that they really owe Daniel a lot. Kate smiles and agrees.

EJ comes downstairs and finds Stefano in the foyer. He says he didn’t expect Stefano home, but he explains that there has been a change of plans. EJ asks if everything is alright, and Stefano says everything is fine. He urges EJ to go back to his bride. EJ grins and hugs Stefano. He dashes back up the stairs. Stefano takes a sip of his coffee and holds his stomach, wincing in pain.

Bo rushes into the hospital, telling Stephanie that he heard the news about Phillip. The two hug.

Victor sits by Phillip’s bedside, saying he is fine and he doesn’t have to frightened anymore. Nothing is going to happen to him. Victor glares, adding that the DiMeras on the other hand--He breaks off and grimaces.

Stefano stumbles into the living room, holding his stomach and gasping.

Nicole and EJ kiss and undress one another.

Victor asks Phillip to close his eyes, and recites some Greek to him. Unfortunately, it’s all Greek to me, so I cannot translate.

Stefano gasps for air and collapses to the floor.


Victor says, “This is just the beginning, Brady. That son of a bitch is going to rue the day he ever tried to screw with my family.”

Nicole asks, “What do you want?” Mia replies, “To see my baby--now.”

Sami says, “I better not be too late.”

Rafe stares at a picture, “Got to let her go, Rafe. Let her go.”

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