Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/22/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie sits by Phillip’s bedside in the hospital, sniffling. He slowly opens his eyes. She gasps, saying she prayed that he would come back to her. Just then, Phillip slumps over and flat lines. Stephanie calls out his name and sobs.

Outside Phillip’s room, Victor confronts Stefano, calling him an SOB. Stefano says he just heard the news about Phillip, but Victor knows he was behind it. He tells Stefano that Tony died because he was clumsy and fell. He can’t believe Stefano tried to have his son murdered in retaliation. Stefano starts to head off, but Victor grabs his arm, saying this isn’t over yet. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Kate walks over just then, asking why the two are arguing and why she has been called to come here. Stefano glares at Victor and walks away. Kate tells Victor that Brady called her and asked her to come. She fears Lucas has had another relapse, but Victor says he’s here because of Phillip. He’s been shot. Kate gasps.

Stephanie grabs a phone in Phillip’s room and bawls into the receiver, saying that Phillip is dying and she needs help.

At St. Luke’s, Nicole tends to Sydney and wonders where EJ is. Chloe says she is sure EJ is just thanking their guests. Nicole sighs and agrees that EJ probably just got hung up talking to someone.

In the vestibule, Sami tells EJ that while she knows he was behind Phillip’s shooting, she wants to hear him say so for herself. EJ agrees to tell her the truth, if she tells him the real reason why she came here with her daughter to interrupt his wedding. He says he is pretty sure he already knows the reason. Sami stares in amazement. Grace fusses and Sami kneels down to check on her. EJ tells Sami that what she told Nicole earlier was true-her interrupting the wedding has nothing to do with him and Nicole and has everything to do with him and Sami.

Victor takes Kate aside as she blubbers, saying she can’t believe Phillip was shot. Victor explains that he made it out of surgery alright, but he has lost a lot of blood. Kate sobs, asking Victor over and over again to assure her that Phillip will be alright. Victor sighs, saying no one is sure if Phillip will make it. She just has to be strong until Daniel gets here and can tell them what is going on. Kate says that she must call Lucas, but Victor says Brady has already tried several times. Kate remembers that Lucas is meeting with designers today for Hearth and Home and sighs, saying he needs to be here. She adds that she would like to see Phillip right away. Victor agrees, saying Stephanie is visiting now, but he is sure they can go in, too. Just then, Stefano walks over. He offers Kate his condolences, saying he heard the shocking news at EJ’s wedding. Victor scoffs, telling Stefano to get out of here while he can still walk. They both know exactly what he did. Kate is aghast, asking Victor what he means. Just then, Bo walks in, asking what is going on. Victor glares at Stefano, telling Bo that Stefano put a hit out on Bo’s brother. Kate whirls around and looks at Stefano in shock. He shakes his head.

Daniel and a nurse rush into Phillip’s room with a crash cart. Stephanie sobs, begging Daniel to help Phillip. He opened his eyes, but then his heart stopped. Daniel says he will, but the best thing she can do right now is step outside. She sobs quietly as Daniel tries to defibrillate Phillip. It doesn’t work. Daniel groans, urging Phillip to come back to them.

Nicole tells Chloe that they’ve received so many presents for the wedding that they’ve had to set aside a separate room for all of them. She starts to head off, saying she is going to check on EJ and see what’s keeping him, but Chloe tells her if she does, she’ll be making a huge mistake. Nicole stares at her, surprised.

Sami says she came because of her and EJ, but mostly for Johnny. She says that they have to think of him. EJ begs her to try to be honest. She accuses him of pointing fingers when he has no right. EJ insists she tell him the real reason she interrupted his wedding. Sami says she is leaving, and that this was a huge mistake. EJ asks her to wait, saying they have a connection and she knows it. Johnny is a part of it, but it’s more than that. She asks what he is trying to say and he explains that when she returned from witness protection, he felt that connection again with her. He thinks that her coming here was a last-ditch effort to stop his wedding. If it was any other woman, he would never think such a thing, but it’s Sami he’s dealing with, after all. Sami scoffs, asking if he thinks she came here because she is still in love with him. EJ nods.

Daniel continues to work on Phillip as the doctor that performed surgery on him rushes in. He asks if Phillip coded and Daniel says he did. He hasn’t gotten a response yet. The doctor shakes his head ruefully, saying Phillip’s immune system is too compromised for him to make it. Stephanie wails. The doctor tells her she can’t be in here and practically pushes her out the door. Stephanie stands outside and sobs.

Stefano scoffs, saying Victor has no proof to back up his claims. Victor growls, saying that the only proof he needs is that his son has been shot and is dying. Bo yells at the two to put a lid on it, as he needs some questions answered. Kate nearly faints. Bo helps her to a chair and Stefano gets her some water. She says she is ok, but this is all just such a nightmare. Bo tells Victor that he heard Phillip was shot at a hotel by an unknown assailant. Victor nods, adding that the man used a silencer. That means that it was a professional hit. Bo glares at Stefano. Stefano asks what he is looking at. He starts to head off, saying he doesn’t have to listen to all this, but Bo says he isn’t going anywhere until he answers some questions. Victor tells Bo not to waste the ink writing down his lies. Tony tripped and fell, so Stefano went after Phillip. Stefano growls that Tony was murdered. Victor ignores him, adding that Stefano was threatening his family before Tony even died. Kate asks if this is true. Stefano lays into Victor, calling him a lying bastard. Victor shouts back. Bo yells at the two to be quiet. Just then, Stephanie walks over, asking the four if they even care about Phillip and what is happening to him.

Chloe tells Nicole that she has to stop worrying so much. She is Mrs. EJ DiMera now, and she has nothing to worry about. Besides, she knows EJ would hate it if he thought she was checking up on him. Nicole reluctantly agrees. Chloe reminds her that she shouldn’t be worried about Sami either. Nicole is married to EJ and has his baby, not Sami. Nicole agrees that Sami is history. Chloe sits down with a sigh, saying her feet are killing her. She’s in trouble if the reception goes on too long. Nicole gasps, saying she needs to tell Chloe something, but nearly forgot. Earlier, Lexie had to go to the hospital. She hates to be the one to tell Chloe this--Chloe interrupts worriedly, asking her to spit it out. Nicole explains that Phillip was shot earlier. Chloe gasps.

Sami turns and breathes a sigh of relief as EJ tells her he is glad this is all out in the open. There was a time when he loved Sami, but despite her reservations about Nicole, he is married to her now. Sami has to know that there is no future for the two of them--except where Johnny is concerned. Sami asks him to stop, but he says he needs to know if she understands what he is saying. Sami scoffs, saying she understands that he is out of his freaking mind.

Stephanie explains that Phillip’s heart stopped. Through her tears, she adds that Daniel is working on him with another doctor, but they don’t think he’ll make it. Bo hugs Stephanie as she sobs uncontrollably. Kate bawls, telling Victor they have to go see Phillip right away. Victor tries to soothe her, saying they’ll only be in the way if Daniel is trying to save him. He assures her they’ll hear something soon. Stephanie sobs, telling Bo that Phillip can’t die.

The surgeon tells Daniel that he tried to tell everyone Phillip would probably die in recovery. Daniel calls for a needle and tells Phillip no one is giving up on him. He injects something into his IV, assuring Phillip that he’s going to make it through this.

Chloe asks Nicole if Phillip’s wound is serious and Nicole says Lexie said it was, but she isn’t sure what is going on. Chloe stares, asking Nicole why she didn’t tell her before. She demands to know what is the matter with her. Nicole apologizes profusely, saying she was just preoccupied with getting married. Chloe wonders who could have done this. Nicole says no one knows as far as she knows. Chloe says she must call Lucas and heads off.

Sami lays into EJ, saying she can’t believe he thinks she is in love with him. EJ stammers. Sami glares, saying she also can’t believe he really thinks so little of her that he would assume she’d interrupt his wedding because she wants him back. EJ reminds her how impulsive and irrational she can be. She scoffs, saying she has a little pride and a brain in her head. Anyway, if she were still in love with him, she would have told him before his wedding day. She explodes, wondering just how pathetic he thinks she is. EJ apologizes if he is totally off-base here, but if he is wrong, then why did Sami march down here and interrupt his wedding? What was so important hat she felt the need to make such a disruptive entrance? Grace fusses. Sami heads over to check on her and glances at EJ guiltily.

Bo talks on the phone with another officer, arranging for the forensics team to analyze the crime scene at the hotel. Victor comes over to Stephanie and Kate, telling them that a nurse informed him that Daniel is still with Phillip. Kate thinks that must be good news, since Daniel wouldn’t be in there if Philip had died. She sobs. Bo comes over, telling the three that Phillip is a fighter, and he’s going to win this one. Stephanie agrees. Kate says she hopes so, because she refuses to lose her son.

Chloe says she can’t get a hold of Lucas, but that she needs to get down to the hospital. Nicole tells her to go ahead and be with the family and Chloe thanks her, saying she made a beautiful bride. She promises to call Nicole with news and heads off. Nicole cuddles Sydney and lifts her arm in the air, mock-congratulating herself on becoming Mrs. EJ DiMera. She sighs, saying she knows Chloe doesn’t think she should go look for EJ, so she won’t--at least for a few more minutes.

EJ demands an explanation from Sami, but she says she doesn’t owe him anything. Sometimes she just does crazy things for no reason. EJ reminds her she interrupted his wedding, so it is his business, but she says she just wanted a cheap thrill. She starts to head off, but stops, saying she is just glad she finally realizes what EJ is truly capable of. She knows he is behind what happened to Phillip, but thankfully, the hit man he hired was incompetent. EJ asks what she means and Sami grins, surprised he hasn’t heard. Phillip isn’t dead. EJ gapes.

Stefano leaves a message for EJ, telling him to call as soon as he gets the message. Bo makes a call, saying he needs someone down here right away. He hangs up and explains to Victor that he is placing a guard on Phillip keep him safe until they can figure out what is going on. Victor glares, saying he knows what happened to Phillip. That SOB Stefano had him shot. Stefano growls, saying he is ready to get on with the questioning, as he had nothing to do with this and wants his name cleared. Victor retorts that he needs to be enjoying the little time he has left on earth. Bo tries to calm the two down as Daniel comes out of Phillip’s room. Stephanie and Kate rush over as Daniel tells everyone that he has news. He explains that they got Phillip’s heart started again, and that he is stable, but he’s critical. He goes on to explain that Phillip’s lung collapsed. This was repaired in surgery, but he has lost a lot of blood and is living literally, moment-to-moment right now. Kate asks if she and Victor can see him, but Daniel says no one can for now. If Phillip improves, he’ll reevaluate the possibility of him having visitors. Daniel explains to Kate that he is really doing all he can. She nods through her tears. Victor thanks him for being here, saying it’s a great comfort. Daniel sighs, saying he isn’t making any promises, but he is hopeful as to Phillip recovering. Bo walks over to Stephanie, saying he is sorry he has to do this, but he needs to ask her some questions about the shooter. They’ve got a description of the man from the hotel staff, but he wants Stephanie to weigh in on it too. She agrees. Stefano heads over to Kate and tries to apologize, but she slaps him.

Nicole speaks with the caterer over the phone, saying they will just have to let the ice sculpture melt. She isn’t sure what is going on, so she will have to call Maggie later. She hangs up and sighs, telling Sydney that if Phillip dies, they won’t be able to have a party. She wonders why EJ didn’t call the caterers and warn them and starts to head off to the vestibule to find him.

EJ asks Sami again if Phillip has survived. She says he has, luckily for him. Anyway, she is pretty sure Victor has a gigantic target on EJ’s back, anyway. She wishes him luck sarcastically and huffs off with Grace. EJ starts to chase after her, but Nicole comes out of the chapel, asking if anything is wrong. EJ says nothing is, and Nicole jokes that she though he had left with the rest of the guests. She wonders who it was he was out here talking to this whole time.

Sami heads into her own apartment, telling Grace that she is sorry she had to put her through that, and that she is relieved she didn’t tell EJ the truth. Will walks over just then, asking what she is talking about. Sami thought he had baseball practice, but Will says it was cancelled. He again asks Sami what she had to tell EJ, and Sami says that she just didn’t like Nicole’s wedding dress and is glad she didn’t say as much to EJ. Will is surprised she went to their wedding and Sami shrugs, saying she just decided to show up. Will tells her that Rafe came by. She asks if he wondered where she was, but Will says he just wanted to drop off her St. Anne’s medal. He hands it over to Sami. She sighs.

Kate tells Stefano that she despises him. Stefano can’t believe she is taking Victor’s word as to what happened, but Kate says she doesn’t need to. She knows how Stefano thinks and how he operates. The only thing she doesn’t understand is how he could do this to her after everything they have been through together. She calls him evil, accusing him of never being able to let things go. Nearby, Bo asks Stephanie some questions and she tells him all she knows. He tells her he’ll need her to come down to the station at some point and look at photos, but she isn’t sure she can be of much help, as everything was a blur. Chloe rushes over just then, asking for news. Stephanie says Phillip is alive, but his heart stopped once already. Chloe gasps. Bo tries to assure her that Phillip will pull through this. Just then, Daniel receives Phillip’s test results from a nurse. He glances at them and sighs.

Phillip lies in bed and vegetates.

EJ explains to Nicole that he had to say goodbye to several guests, but Nicole thought most of them left immediately. EJ explains that he is just flustered, since thy just got married. Nicole says she is, too, but says they have a small crisis at Chez Rouge. It involves the caterers, so they need to handle it immediately. EJ tells her that he thinks they might have to cancel the reception.

Chloe, Bo, and Stephanie all try to reassure each other that Phillip will be alright. Stephanie still can’t believe how happy they were just a few hours ago. Chloe vows they will be again once Phillip recovers. She sighs, wishing Lucas would answer his phone. Kate really needs him right now.

Stefano follows Kate into another waiting area and tries to talk to her, but she says she doesn’t want to hear any of his lies. The only thing they’ve always had in common is their love for their children. He knew Phillip was her baby, and how much she loved him, but he still tried to snuff out his life. Stefano claims she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Kate screams that she doesn’t want to hear his voice or see his face. As far as she is concerned, Stefano is dead to her. He tries to explain, but Kate screams at him to leave. Bo comes over, saying he actually needs to ask Stefano some questions first. Kate huffs off, telling Bo that Stefano is all his. Bo asks him where he was when Phillip was shot. He says he was at EJ’s wedding. Bo asks if he talked to anyone outside the church or used his phone during the ceremony. Stefano doesn’t answer. Bo tells him to tell the truth, as he will know if Stefano is lying. That’s how amazing technology can be.

Daniel tells the nurse that he needs the tests run again on Phillip. She heads off. Victor comes over, asking what is wrong. Daniel doesn’t answer. Victor says he can tell something is going on and guesses that it doesn’t have anything to do with Phillip being shot. Daniel sighs.

EJ tells Nicole that he isn’t sure a party is such a good idea, what with Phillip having been shot. Nicole says she knows, so she went ahead and put everything at Chez Rouge on hold. EJ thanks her and kisses her, congratulating her for always being one step ahead. He adds that the worst part of all this is that people are already suggesting he and his father were behind the shooting. Nicole scoffs, saying that it is EJ’s wedding day. She can’t believe anyone would jump to such a conclusion. She adds that while she cares for Phillip, she is a DiMera now, and when someone insults the family, they insult her. EJ thanks her for saying so and suggests she put Sydney in the car. He’ll meet her out there in a few moments. Nicole agrees and heads off. EJ takes out his phone and makes a call.

Sami asks what Rafe said, but Will says he didn’t say much of anything, except for making some small-talk. Will says he has to go practice batting, and Sami warns him to be home in time for dinner. Will agrees and heads off. Sami stares at the medal and flashes back to telling Rafe that she can tell her cares for her, since he turned down a job opportunity to stay in Salem. The two kiss. Sami comes back to the present, saying that she is sure Rafe cares for her. She stares at the phone, telling herself she has to call him. She picks it up and dials, but learns his number has been disconnected. She sighs.

Bo asks Stefano again if he was in contact with anyone during Junior’s wedding, but Stefano chuckles, saying Bo thinks he can order everyone around because of his silly badge. He adds that he is only here because of his affection for Phillip’s mother. Since she has turned against him, Stefano sees no reason to stay here and answer any questions. He heads off. Bo smiles, saying to himself that the games have begun.

Victor begs Daniel to be honest with him. Chloe, Kate, and Stephanie come over. Kate asks if there is a new complication with Phillip. Daniel says he isn’t sure yet, but if these tests are accurate, then there is, and it’s serious. Everyone gapes in disbelief.

Phillip lies in bed, still unconscious.

EJ leaves Stefano a message, saying he heard the news that their ‘package’ didn’t arrive on time. As Nicole walks up behind him, EJ vows to take care of said package personally if things don’t work out.


Bo tells Stefano, “You even look at my brother the wrong way, I will put the last nail in your damn coffin.”

Victor tells Kate, “He’s the doctor! We have to trust him!” She retorts, “No, I don’t!”

Nicole tells EJ, “I don’t think I could live like this.”

Stephanie sobs, “I love you Phillip. Come back to me, please.”

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