Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/21/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/21/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Masi enters Phillip’s hotel room. He shoots Phillip in the chest as he lies in bed. Phillip looks up at Masi, gasping and choking. He convulses as blood pours out of his wound. Masi aims again as Stephanie comes out of the bathroom. She takes one look at the two and screams at the top of her lungs. Masi takes aim at Stephanie and fires.

At St Luke’s, Father Matt prepares to announce that EJ and Nicole are husband and wife. Before he can, Sami rushes in, telling him to wait. Chloe rolls her eyes. Nicole gasps. EJ starts to head towards Sami, but Nicole grabs his arm, telling him to ignore her. She insists that this is their moment. EJ brushes her off and storms over to Sami, asking what the hell she is doing here. Sami smirks.

At the hospital, Melanie tends to Brady’s wounds, disinfecting them. He groans, saying this isn’t necessary. She makes a joke about him being some kind of superhero who doesn’t have to worry about infection. He chuckles and winces as she applies the cotton ball to his wounds. He wonders if the head nurse will be angry she is doing this, but Melanie says it’s no big deal. She works here, and anyway, everyone else is busy with the victims of a bus accident that were just brought in. She confides in Brady that she has been able to handle blood and sickness a lot better now that she has been working here. She grins, admitting she never knew she was such a sadist. She turns away from Brady with tears in her eyes. He asks what’s wrong and she lays into him, saying she could have found him dead on that pier. She wants him to promise that after he is cleaned up, he won’t go running back to that church. Brady swears he won’t. For better or for worse, he now realizes that that wedding was meant to be.

Masi misses Stephanie and his bullet hits the picture frame just behind her. Stephanie shrieks. Masi aims for Phillip again but his gun jams. Stephanie screams at the top of her lungs for help. Just then, two maintenance men rush into the room. Masi darts out as Stephanie screams at them to call 911. She kneels on the bed and stroke’s Phillip’s face. She sobs hysterically as Phillip lies there, dying.

Chloe, Stefano, Lexie, and the rest of the guests look on as Nicole lays into Sami, demanding to know why she is here, ruining her wedding. Sami smirks, saying she is sorry, but she has something say. Father Matt asks if there is a problem. EJ takes Nicole by the hand and asks everyone to excuse them for a few moments. He heads into the vestibule with Sami and Nicole. Father Matt sighs, telling everyone that if they just relax for a few moments, he’s sure the bride and groom will rejoin them shortly. Nicole hustles into the vestibule and calls Sami a disgusting bitch. EJ tries to stop her, but Nicole barrels on, saying she doesn’t even have to ask why Sami is here. She showed up because she’s a pathetic drama queen that will never be happy, so she wants to make sure Nicole isn’t, either. EJ says they should hear Sami out, but Nicole isn’t interested, saying that Sami just wanted to ruin their wedding, knowing that they are happy and in love. Sami scoffs, saying that her showing up actually has nothing to do with Nicole.

Sirens wail as Stephanie blubbers and holds a towel to Phillip’s chest. She sobs and begs him to hang on. One of the maintenance men tells her he’s called the hospital, but they need the victim’s name. She bawls, telling him to tell the ambulance to hurry, and adding that his name is Phillip Kiriakis. She begs Phillip not to leave her. Phillip is unresponsive. Stephanie cries, screaming again that the ambulance has to hurry.

Brady puts his shirt back on as Melanie tells him she hopes she didn’t hurt him too much. He says she didn’t and that she was a real Florence Nightingale. He is ready to leave, but Melanie says he has to stick around until the nurses finish his paperwork. Besides, the wedding is probably over by now. Brady says he doesn’t care, but Melanie can tell he cares for Nicole very much. She knows for a fact that he doesn’t think that wedding was meant to be, and she wants to know why, as she is sure Nicole isn’t in love with Brady, and can handle herself around EJ. Brady groans. Melanie apologizes for what she said about EJ driving Nicole into her grave. Max always says she’s passive-aggressive, which means she says nice things, but underneath, they’re mean and nasty. She goes off on this tangent until Brady finally stops her, saying he hopes she considers herself his friend. If that is true, then she won’t bring this up anymore and won’t talk about it to anyone else. Melanie promises, but says she doesn’t like seeing her friend in love with someone that doesn’t love him back. Brady promises he will be ok. He grabs his jacket, telling Melanie that as far as his love life goes, he just needs to move on--and he will. He heads off. Melanie sighs.

EJ suggests that they hear Sami out, but Nicole refuses. EJ thinks it must be something important, but Nicole says nothing is important enough to interrupt their wedding. The only reason Sami is here is because she’s a psycho that needs constant attention. She yells at Sami to get out. Sami snorts, saying she realizes Nicole is upset, but this really isn’t good for the baby. EJ stares. Nicole rolls her eyes.

Chloe tends to Sydney. Stefano comes over and Chloe asks him if he knows why Sami came here to try to ruin the ceremony. Stefano says he isn’t sure, but he is sure that EJ doesn’t want to have anything do with her. He leans over the crib, mumbling that people can be crazy.

Sami apologizes to EJ, but says she thinks this meant to be. EJ scoffs, saying he isn’t following her logic at all. Nicole says it’s impossible do so, because Sami is crazy. Sami asks EJ if she can speak to him in private. Nicole gapes in astonishment. EJ says she can say whatever she needs to say in front of his wife. Sami smirks, saying Nicole isn’t his wife yet. Nicole says she will be soon. They’ll finish the ceremony as soon as security throws Sami out. Sami snorts, saying they’ll see what happens once EJ hears what she and Grace have to say. EJ doubts there is anything she could say to change his mind. Nicole accuses Sami of playing mind games and tells EJ that she is just here because she’s hateful. She tells EJ that Sami has already ruined their perfect day, and begs him to throw her out before she does more damage. EJ notes that she has a baby with her, but Nicole doesn’t care. She threatens to throw Sami out herself and lunges for her. EJ grabs Nicole and holds her back. She glares at Sami.

Stefano starts to head out to the vestibule, but Lexie and Chloe stop him. Lexie is sure EJ can handle Sami on his own. Chloe adds that Sami just isn’t satisfied until everyone else is as miserable as she is. Stefano sighs, saying that EJ is just too accommodating of her. Just then, his henchman comes over and whispers in Stefano’s ear that the job is done. Stefano grins.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor sits on the couch and handles a bust of Socrates. He sighs, saying he can’t believe it cost eight thousand dollars. He looks it over, adding that he looks like he could be a relative of theirs. Just then, his phone rings. He answers, listens, and gasps, calling Phillip’s name. Victor says he is on his way and rushes off, dropping the bust on the floor, where it shatters.

Brady tells a nurse that Melanie took care of him, and that he feels fine. She says he still needs a ride home, and Melanie offers to take him. The nurse agrees and heads off. Just then, doctors and EMT’s rush by with Phillip on a gurney. Brady and Melanie stare in confusion as Stephanie rushes in after them, sinking to the floor and crying hysterically. Melanie kneels down and hugs her, trying to soothe her. Stephanie shrieks that Phillip can’t die. Melanie shushes her, assuring her Phillip will be fine. Brady looks on worriedly as Stephanie bawls.

EJ tells Nicole to let Sami speak for one minute. She protests, but EJ promises they will finish the ceremony once he lets Sami says what she needs to say. Nicole folds her arms angrily as EJ turns back to Sami, asking what is so important. Sami starts to tell him, saying she is sorry it had to be this way. Lexie rushes in just then, telling the three that Phillip has been shot and that she has to get to the hospital. She heads off. Sami looks at EJ with growing horror and suspicion. EJ says the news is terrible. Nicole agrees, saying it must have been some sort of horrible accident. Sami hisses, “An accident?” She turns to EJ angrily, calling him a bastard.

Brady asks Stephanie what happened. She explains that some man she’s never seen before just came into their room and shot Phillip for no reason. Melanie excuses herself as Stephanie explains that she called Victor, but she isn’t sure if he even understood her. Brady thinks her parents should be here, but Stephanie says they are out of town all week. She sobs, saying there was so much blood. She tried to get Phillip to squeeze her hand, but he was unresponsive. Brady tries to soothe her, saying Phillip is alive and in surgery. Melanie comes back with an extra set of clothes, telling Stephanie they should get her out of that robe. Brady heads off to make some calls. Melanie puts her arm around Stephanie as she bawls. She tries to soothe her, assuring her that Phillip is surrounded by doctors and nurses that are trying to save his life. Stephanie sobs as she and Melanie head off to get her changed.

In the operating room, a doctor works on Phillip, calling out for more units of blood. He sighs, saying Phillip is bleeding out on him. Nurses rush around as the doctor tells them the case is pretty hopeless, but they have to do the best they can.

Stefano asks Chloe why Lexie ran out just a moment ago. Chloe says there was a shooting, and she had to get to the hospital, but Chloe isn’t sure what happened. Stefano clucks his tongue, saying they live in a very violent world.

EJ asks Sami why she is suddenly mad at him. Sami glares, saying she can’t believe she almost--She stops suddenly, thanking God quietly. She accuses EJ of being as evil as his father and storms off with Grace. EJ yells after her that he didn’t shoot Phillip. He starts to go after her, but Nicole stops him, saying he has a choice. He can chase after Sami, or marry her, but he can’t do both. EJ says that he wants to marry her, of course, and apologizes for everything that has happened with Sami. Nicole says that isn’t the only thing--the news about Phillip being shot was pretty shocking. EJ agrees uncomfortably and asks Nicole if she’d like to sit down to collect herself. She asks him why she would. After all, Phillip being shot has nothing to do with either of them, right?

Melanie comes back with Stephanie as Brady tries to make some calls. Lexie rushes in just then, asking what is going on. Stephanie tells her that someone shot Phillip. She did what she could, but she isn’t sure it helped. Lexie is sure it did and Melanie adds that Phillip has been in surgery for a little while now. Lexie asks if anyone has contacted the family, and Brady says he is trying to do so. Lexie rushes off to the OR to check on the progress of the surgery, promising the three to let them know what she finds out. Brady curses, saying everyone in town has their phone off. He tells the girls that Victor is on his way, and that they need to try to be strong for him. Stephanie and Melanie agree as Brady heads off to try to call Kate. Melanie asks Stephanie if she can get her anything, but Stephanie says no. She adds that she is very thankful for all that Melanie has done for her tonight. Melanie says it’s no big deal. She chokes up as she tells Stephanie that she knows how much she loves Phillip, and she vows that he will pull through this. Victor rushes in just then, asking the two if Phillip is ok. Melanie says they aren’t sure yet.

EJ says that of course, neither of them have anything to do with Phillip being shot, but it is an awful thing to hear about on one’s wedding day. Nicole agrees that it is horrible, and having to deal with Sami the psycho just made things worse. EJ asks if she wants talk about Phillip or Sami right now, but Nicole says she doesn’t. She just wants to go in and finish the ceremony. She adds ruefully that this will certainly be a day neither of them will ever forget. EJ winks, suggesting they go back inside. She agrees and the two head back into the chapel arm-in-arm. EJ tells Father Matt that they’re ready to continue. The guests applaud.

Sami sits in the park and calls the hospital, asking for information on Phillip. The person on the other end is reluctant to say anything, but Sami lies, saying she is his sister, Cassie. She adds that she has to know how he is doing.

Father Matt says he hopes in the future, EJ and Nicole will only have small interruptions, like the ones they’ve had today. The guests chuckles as Father Matt asks one last time if anyone has any objections. Sydney coos and laughs. Father Matt says that he thinks that he hears a sound of support from the baby, and announces that EJ and Nicole are now man and wife.

Lexie comes out of the OR and tells Brady, Victor, Stephanie and Melanie that Phillip survived the surgery. However, he lost a lot of blood, so his condition is going to be critical for the next few days. Victor asks her to call Daniel and have him take over Phillip’s care, as he feels Daniel is the only one he can trust. Lexie is surprised, but agrees to do so. Stephanie asks if Phillip is in any pain. Lexie says he is anesthetized and unconscious, so he isn’t in pain. She adds that Phillip was semi-conscious when he was brought in, but the doctors told her he said one word--Stephanie. Stephanie smiles through her tears.

We pan in on Phillip lying unconscious in his bed. Victor sits outside and flashes back to disowning Phillip. The he flashes back to Stefano telling him that he is going to know how he feels one of these days. Meanwhile, Brady leaves messages for family members as Melanie asks Stephanie if she can do anything for her. Stephanie says no. Melanie starts to ask her what the two were doing when Phillip was shot, but stops, saying it doesn’t matter. Stephanie agrees. She excuses herself and walks over to Lexie, asking if she can see Phillip for a moment. Lexie again warns her that he is unconscious, but admits that it might help and gives Stephanie her permission. She heads off to the ER. Victor comes over to Stephanie, saying he needs to ask her some questions about what happened. Stephanie cries. Brady thinks he needs to lay off for now, but Victor explodes, saying he has a right to know what happened, since his son was just shot.

Father Matt introduces Nicole and EJ to the guests as Mr. and Mrs. EJ DiMera. He tells EJ to kiss his bride. EJ does so. The guests applaud as the wedding march plays. Sami tends to Grace in the vestibule, saying she is sorry she has to be here for this, but there is something Sami has to do. Stefano pulls EJ aside as the guests begin to file out, saying that he is going to head over to the hospital, but will be in time for the reception. EJ thinks they may need to dial down the reception anyway, as they don’t want people to think they are dancing on Phillip’s grave. Stefano agrees and heads off. Nicole smiles at EJ. He winks at her.

Stephanie explains to Victor that she was taking a shower when Phillip was shot. She came out and saw the man standing over him. She screamed, and then the man shot at her. Victor asks if she heard that shot, but Stephanie says it was more like cough than gun. Victor guesses the man used a silencer and tells Stephanie that he is sure she did all she could. He adds that she should go be with Phillip and asks her to tell him that his father loves him. Stephanie agrees and heads off. Victor talks to Brady, asking what happened his face. Brady says he was mugged. Victor assumes the DiMeras were behind it, but Brady says they can’t be sure. Victor explodes, accusing Brady if being ignorant and naïve. His grandson was beaten up by the DiMeras today and his son was shot. There aren’t going to be any second chances or guesses. Angrily, Victor adds that Phillip almost died and could still die.

EJ tells Nicole that he is going to thank the rest of the guests and heads off, leaving Nicole with Chloe and Sydney. He heads into the vestibule and sees Sami there with Grace. He sighs and shakes his head.

Stephanie heads into Phillip’s room. She sits by his side and says that she is here for him. She flashes back to the two dancing, kissing ,and making love. She comes back to the present and sobs, begging Phillip to come back to her, and saying that they just found each other. She tells him she loves him. Phillip slowly opens his eyes. Stephanie grins and cries, telling him that she’s here, and that she’s so glad he’s back.

Brady tells Victor that he needs to calm down and that they can talk about this later. Victor growls at Brady to leave him alone, as he needs to think. Brady grabs Melanie’s arm and tells her he needs coffee. The two head off. Stefano comes in just then, inquiring about Phillip. Victor storms over, calling him an SOB and saying that he knows Stefano is behind all of this. Stefano scoffs. Victor rages, saying Stefano’s son died because he war clumsy and fell, so Stefano just decided to murder Phillip to get revenge. Stefano says he understands what Victor is going through and starts to head off. Victor grabs his arm, saying that this isn’t over yet--in fact, it is just the beginning.

Stephanie grins, telling Phillip that she was just praying he would come back to her and he did. Phillip glances at her again, then his eyes close and he slumps over. His heart monitor flat lines. Stephanie bawls.

Chloe asks Nicole what Sami wanted, but Nicole says she didn’t say anything at all. She just wanted to ruin the wedding and nearly succeeded. Chloe is surprised Sami had nothing to say, but Nicole shrugs, saying that all she knows is that Sami didn’t really say anything. Chloe asks her if she thinks this is the end of her problems with Sami. Nicole says she hopes so, and wonders where EJ is.

EJ asks Sami why she came back. She says it’s just them now, and she wants to hear the truth out of his own mouth. He asks what she means, and Sami says she wants to hear that he was behind Phillip being shot. EJ agrees to tell her what she wants to know--provided that she tell him why she is here with Grace and why she interrupted his wedding. He thinks he already knows the answer, but he would like to hear it from her. Sami gapes.


Nicole tells Chloe, “Uh, listen, I’m going to go check on EJ and see what’s going on.” She replies, “Nicole, if you go out there, you’re making a huge mistake.”

Sami asks EJ, “You think I came here because I’m still in love with you?”

Kate slaps Stefano.

Daniel works on Phillip, “Clear! Come on Phillip! Come on!” Stephanie sobs.

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