Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/20/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In a hotel room, Stephanie lies in Phillip’s arms and complains about having to go back to the real world. Phillip says that this is real, too, but Stephanie thinks it’s too perfect. Phillip kisses her, vowing that it will always be like this for them. She asks if he promises, and he grins, saying he crosses his heart and hopes to die.

Outside, Masi holds a gun and tries the doorknob of the hotel room.

Sami comes back into the pub with Grace. Max thought she was going to the church, but Sami says that she heard the bells ringing, so she’s too late. She adds that Grace is sick, anyway. Max guesses that she might not have been meant to make it to the church. Sami rolls her eyes, saying she still can’t believe EJ and Nicole are married. Max adds that the wedding might not have started yet. Sometimes St. Luke’s rings the bells before the wedding begins. Sami sighs, saying she needs to tend to Grace anyway. She asks Max for a thermometer and he heads off. Sami assures Grace that EJ is still going to find out that she is his daughter. Sami just wishes she would have been able to stop that wedding.

At St. Luke’s, Father Matt asks if anyone knows of any just cause as to why EJ and Nicole couldn’t be lawfully wed. He pauses, then starts to move on, but Mia interrupts, saying she has something to say. Father Matt tells her to go ahead. EJ asks Nicole who she is. Nicole stammers as Mia tells everyone that Nicole has been very good to her. EJ tells Nicole that he has seen this girl before. He walks over to Mia, reminding her they met at the Java Café. Why is she here? Mia blubbers and apologizes. EJ demands to know why she is interrupting his wedding. Nicole grabs EJ, asking him not to scare the girl. Dr. Baker walks over to Mia, telling her quietly not to do this and to come sit with him. Mia explains that she really wants Nicole to be happy and takes a seat by Dr. Baker. EJ whirls on Nicole, asking what Baker is doing here. Nicole says she isn’t sure. EJ demands answers. Nicole asks that they continue the wedding, and that she’ll tell him what’s going on later. She claims that it isn’t a big deal. Stefano looks on, confused. EJ glares.

Melanie strolls along the pier, angrily telling someone over the phone that she can’t pay her bill. She adds that she is a healthcare professional, so she needs her phone for emergencies. She starts to rail on the bill collector, but they hang up on her. She grumbles and starts to head off, but trips over someone’s feet. She whirls around to confront the man, who she thinks is drunk and passed out on the ground, but she sees it’s Brady and gasps. She kneels down and finds that Brady is unconscious and has been beaten to a pulp. Melanie calls his name, begging him to wake up.

Nicole explains to EJ and Stefano that Mia is just a troubled girl she has been helping lately. Father Matt asks if they should make her leave, but Nicole says no, and that she would rather just continue with the wedding. EJ chuckles, saying it’s always something and she laughs, saying they wouldn’t be themselves if everything went smoothly. EJ takes her hand and the two head back over to the altar. Father Matt continues the service as Stefano glances at one of his henchman. The man is wearing a headset and listens carefully as Masi tells him that Phillip isn’t alone. Masi asks if Stefano cares about collateral damage. The man glances at Stefano, telling Masi that he doesn’t care.

Phillip arranges the covers as Stephanie dozes. She wakes up with a start, saying she didn’t mean to drift off like that. She asks if Phillip has had trouble sleeping, and he admits he had has trouble staying asleep. She asks if he is having nightmares about Tony, and he admits that he has. He wakes up thinking it’s a nightmare, and then he realizes that it all really happened. Stephanie says she is sorry, but Phillip tells her it’s no big deal. He is sure the nightmares will end, as long as he can continue waking up near her. Just then, Masi jiggles the door handle. Stephanie asks Phillip if he heard that. He calls out, asking if anyone is there.

Melanie yells for help, but no one responds. She panics, hoping Brady has a phone, since hers was turned off. Brady starts to wake up and mutters that Nicole shouldn’t do it. He opens his eyes and groans, asking Melanie what she is doing here. She tells him he looks awful and asks what happened. Brady touches his jaw and winces, telling her that payback is what happened.

Sami takes Grace’s temperature and worriedly tells Max her fever is at 101 degrees. He thinks she’ll be ok, but Sami asks if he can call her a cab. He sighs, asking if she is going to the wedding, but Sami says she is taking Grace to the ER. Max heads off. Sami sighs.

Lexie goes up to the altar and begins to read from Proverbs about a wife’s worth. EJ makes a jokes and Nicole chuckles, telling him to listen and he might learn something. Mia gets up and starts to walk to the altar, but Baker grabs her. She hisses that this isn’t right, since Nicole is lying, but Baker thinks she just needs some fresh air. He takes Mia outside. EJ asks Nicole what that was all about. Nicole explains that Mia is just emotional. EJ asks if she invited her to the wedding, since Mia acts as if she has a right to be here, but Nicole says she didn’t, of course.

Brady insists that he is ok, but Melanie isn’t so sure. She says that he was hit in the face, and might end up like Mickey Rourke and not be handsome anymore. Brady chuckles weakly and winces in pain. She asks for his phone, but Brady tells her whoever beat him up took it. She asks if he knows who did this, but she says he doesn’t know the person by name. Suspicious, Melanie wonders if he went to the wedding she told him not to go to. Brady admits he did. Melanie walks off and bawls for help. Frustrated, she rails on the Salem police, saying they were around to arrest her a hundred times but now that an innocent man has been pummeled, they’re nowhere in sight. Brady again insists he is ok, and tries to get up, but groans. Melanie tells him she is going to help him, whether he wants it or not. He throws an arm around her and the two limp off.

Max suggests that Sami just call Grace’s pediatrician instead of going to the ER, but Sami says he hasn’t yet seen Grace. Max thinks it would be a good idea to get the two acquainted, and Sami agrees, taking out her phone. Max adds that the doctor might want to see Grace’s parents’ medical history, if Sami has access to it. Sami says she does and asks him to fetch her a cool washcloth. Max heads off to do so and Sami calls the pediatrician, explaining that her daughter is sick.

Mia protests as Dr. Baker drags her into the vestibule. He tells her he can’t let her ruin everything. She flies into a rage, saying he and Nicole tricked her into giving up her baby. Baker says that isn’t true at all. They told her they would give her baby a better life, which they did. Mia glares, saying that having more money doesn’t mean having a better life. She says she will never let her baby be raised by that couple from hell in there, and besides, no one could love her baby more than her, as her real mother. Baker flashes back to Nicole asking him to help her switch Mia’s baby for Sami’s. He comes back to the present and sighs, telling Mia that there is something she doesn’t know--something that changes everything.

Lexie reads from Corinthians about love being kind, and not boastful, and rejoicing in the truth instead of wrongdoing. Nicole and EJ smile at one another as she finishes and takes her seat. Father Matt says it’s time for the vows and Nicole practically squeals, whispering that this is the best part. EJ gives Stefano a knowing look, saying they’re right on schedule. Stefano in turn glances at his henchman. The man whispers into his headset, asking Masi if the job is done.

Phillip and Stephanie hear a man call out, telling them room service is outside. Phillip says he didn’t order anything, and Stephanie says she didn’t either, but suddenly remembers they get a free bottle of champagne. Phillip gets out of bed, saying that that is just what this party needed. He puts on his pants, telling Stephanie that this day just keeps getting better and better. Outside, Masi aims his gun at the door.

Arianna brings Max the washcloth and says she hopes the baby feels better. Sami talks to the pediatrician as Max comes over. She learns that Grace is just teething, but is surprised, since the twins didn’t get their teeth so young. She listens for a moment, then promises to stop comparing Grace to the twins. She hangs up and tells Max she needs some of the baby aspirin Caroline keeps for the twins. She sighs, saying Grace will probably just spit it out like they did, but Max reminds her not to compare the three, since they all come from different gene pools. Sami smiles ruefully and Max heads off. Sami whispers to Grace that she can’t wait until her daddy finds out the truth. Then Sami can stop playing this little game and tell everyone that Grace is really hers. Max comes back over with the baby aspirin and Sami thanks him, telling Grace she will feel better soon. Perhaps they can even get to the church on time. Just then, Brady and Melanie come in. Sami catches sight of Brady’s bruised face and gasps. Max asks him what the hell happened.

Masi aims his gun as Phillip prepares to open the door. Stephanie asks him to wait, saying she isn’t dressed, and besides, she doesn’t want champagne on an empty stomach. Phillip agrees and calls out to Masi, asking him to leave the champagne at the door, since they are going to order room service. He gets back into bed, asking what goes with champagne. Stephanie chuckles, saying cheeseburgers do, of course. Phillip laughs. Outside, Masi aims his gun and prepares to shoot the lock off the door, saying it’s a pity the two won’t be able to enjoy their last meal.

Baker says he realizes that Mia has had her eyes opened when it comes to Nicole. Mia scoffs, saying she has learned that both Baker and Nicole are nothing better than liars. Baker sighs, telling her he knows that she wants what is best for her baby, so she needs to hear him out. He says she is new in town, and probably hasn’t been following the news. Mia says she hasn’t, but doesn’t see how that matters. He explains that the family that adopted her baby, the DiMeras, are killers. Mia gasps, saying she can’t believe he let them have her baby in the first place, and that now he is trying to convince her to let them keep the baby. Baker says that Mia doesn’t have a choice.

Father Matt tells Nicole and EJ that it’s time to announce their intentions before God and man, and begins by having the two exchange vows. He asks them each if they will love, honor, and cherish the other for all their days of their lives. Nicole and EJ agree. The priest tells the two that he hopes God will strengthen their convictions and adds that no man can divide what God has joined. Father Matt asks Stefano for the rings. Stefano exchanges glances with his henchman and tells the priest he can’t have them. Nicole sweats.

Masi gets ready to shoot the lock off the door, but a maid comes down the hallway, knocking on doors and announcing herself. Masi curses and heads off around the corner. Inside, Phillip and Stephanie look over a room service menu. Phillip tries to get her to try more refined dishes, but Stephanie insists on cheeseburgers. Phillip pouts, saying he just wants to spoil her. He wants to take her to the Ritz Carlton sometime, as they have a great cheeseburger. Stephanie grins and Phillip kisses her, agreeing that they’ll have whatever she wants. He then leaps on top of her. The two giggle. The maid gets ready to knock on their door, but Masi pops out from around the corner. He grabs the maid and puts her in a stranglehold. Unconscious, she slips to the floor. Masi feels around in her pockets and finds a set of keys. He grins.

Brady tells Sami and Max that the guy came up from behind him, so he didn’t see his face. Sami can’t believe he was mugged and Brady grimaces, saying they took his phone and wallet. Sami says she is just glad he got here ok. Melanie pipes up, saying he wasn’t alright at all. She thought he was dead at first when she saw him, and it’s all because of what he did that she told him not to do. Brady cuts her off, saying it was just a random mugging. It happens sometimes. Sami thinks he needs to get checked out by a doctor. Melanie agrees, saying he could have broken ribs or a concussion. She asks him how many fingers she is holding up. Sami tells Melanie that whoever she is, she needs to be quiet. Max introduces the two as Melanie glares at Sami, taken aback. Sami tells Brady that she has to go, but urges him to go to the hospital. Brady doesn’t want to, but Sami asks Max to make sure he goes. Brady wonders where she is going ,and Sami says she has to get to a wedding. Brady assumes she means EJ and Nicole’s wedding, and tells Sami to forget it., adding that nothing good will come from it. Sami, determined, says she knows. That’s why she has to get there in time.

Stefano explains that his family is going through an emotional time right now. They’ve been in this church three times in as many weeks. They’ve known great sorrow, but they’ve also known great joy. Now, they are getting ready to welcome another DiMera into the family. Nicole smiles. Stefano says that he has to know one thing first--and that is, does Nicole truly know what it means to be a DiMera? Nicole says she does. Stefano smiles, saying that he can now give her his blessing. Father Matt begins to bless the rings but EJ stops him. He says that he is sorry he interrupted, but there is something he has to say as well.

Phillip and Stephanie finish making love and Stephanie confides in Phillip that she got this room for two nights, since she is on spring break. She knows he has to work, but she’s just throwing that out there. Phillip says that what happened earlier with his work will never happen again. He kisses her, saying that what happened here with them is going to happen many more times. She grins, asking after her cheeseburger. Phillip picks up the phone, asking if she wants fries. She says she doesn’t and he grumbles that she always eats his. Outside, Masi puts the key in the lock of their door.

Mia and Dr. Baker head into the Java Café. Mia grumbles, saying that she should be at the church. Baker sits her down in front of a laptop, saying that she needs to be here, so he can show her what she is really up against.

Brady begs Sami to stay, saying that this isn’t a good idea, but she says that Brady isn’t going to talk her out of it. He sighs, saying he knows he can’t. He asks her to be careful, even though she never is. Sami promises and heads off. Melanie chuckles, telling Max that they’ll be just like those two in ten years. Sami heads out of the pub with Grace and heads off for the church, telling her it’s a good thing Catholic weddings take forever.

EJ says that he actually wrote his own vows, and that he would like to read them now. Nicole jokes that she can’t believe he wants to do that at this moment, but chuckles, telling him to go ahead. EJ tells her that he is supposed to look back and remember how beautiful she is today, but he was actually thinking how beautiful she looked in that orange jumpsuit, pregnant and yelling at the guards. The guests laugh. Nicole feigns embarrassment, but ends up chuckling good-naturedly. EJ talks about her moving in with him. He says that he could say it was all because of the baby, but truly, he just wants her with him. Nicole smiles as EJ tells her that he will always protect their daughter, and try to be the husband and father they both deserve. He can’t promise they won’t ever fight, but he knows when they do, they come back stronger than ever. Nicole starts to kiss him, overjoyed, but the priest chuckles, reminding her they aren’t married yet. Everyone laughs.

Brady takes off his shirt in an exam room at the hospital. Melanie surveys him approvingly and tells him that Sami is wound up like a tight clock. She wonders if that is why Brady didn’t want her to know EJ had him beaten up. Brady explains that Sami tends to overreact to things, and he just didn’t want her to get too excited. Melanie sighs, saying people tried to warn her about EJ, but she didn’t listen. Brady nods, saying a lot of people have been hurt by EJ’s family, and also by his own family. Melanie says a lot of people got hurt because of what she did, too. She adds that she feels like Brady only went to the wedding because she told him to tell Nicole how he felt. Brady says that that wasn’t why he went, but Melanie still feels like this is one more bad thing she’s done. Brady insists that she mustn’t talk that way. She can’t blame herself, because he knew what he was getting into all on his own.

Mia looks at the computer screen in astonishment, wondering why Baker didn’t tell her about all of this before. Baker says that he thought she had moved to Japan and given Sydney up for good. Mia wails, saying that she gave her baby to murderers. Baker tells her that that is why she must never think of trying to get Sydney back. He explains that the DiMeras will do anything to anyone. The only people that are safe are the DiMeras themselves. He is also sure that if she told the truth, Nicole would suffer, sure, but so would Sydney and Mia. He goes on to insist that while the DiMeras are evil people, they do love that little baby. Dr. Baker urges Mia not to ruin Sydney’s life, especially since she is currently under the protection of the DiMera family. Mia sighs.

Nicole and EJ get ready to light their unity candle. Nicole tells EJ how happy she is as she cuddles Sydney. To herself, she prays to God, thanking Him for letting nothing interrupt her happy day. She isn’t sure what she did to deserve this, but she has faith and is thankful. She and EJ light their unity candle while the priest explains to everyone that it is a symbol of their love. Just then, the candle goes out. Nicole gasps. EJ brushes it off with a shrug and goes to light it again, but Nicole is in a panic.

Melanie props Brady’s pillows and he eases himself onto a bed. He says that she doesn’t have to stick around, but she insists that she wants to. They go back to talking about Sami and Melanie wonders why she was so intent on going to EJ and Nicole’s wedding. She worries that Sami might get beaten up, too, but Brady insists EJ would never let anything happen to Sami. He tells Melanie all about Sami and EJ’s child together. Melanie assumes he means Grace, but Brady says Sami has twins that are about two years old. Melanie can’t believe she and EJ have twin, but Brady explains they have two different fathers. Melanie chuckles, saying of course Sami would decide to adopt, since her life isn’t complicated enough as it is. Brady chuckles. Melanie wonders if Sami is still in love with the groom. Brady isn’t sure, but he is about one thing. That wedding had a weird vibe to it. Melanie isn’t even sure why they went through with it, considering Tony just died. Brady says the DiMeras have never been easy-going or anything, but you could feel the tension in that room.

Stephanie throws Phillip a robe for when room service arrives. She heads into the bathroom as he tells her how sexy she looks. He lies back in bed with a sigh. The doorknob out into the hallway turns slowly.

Mia accuses Baker of setting this whole thing up with Nicole. He claims she swindled him, too, but Mia reminds him that he was at her wedding. Baker swears that he was just trying to protect his own position, which is pretty precarious right now. He tells Mia that she needs to turn and run in the other direction. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that option. She scoffs, asking what she is supposed to do about her baby. Baker tell her that she gave her baby up. When is she going to accept that and realize that she can never look back?

Lexie and Stefano look on as Father Matt begins to finish the ceremony. He tells Nicole and EJ to let peace be with them. They return his sentiment and the guests repeat the words. EJ and Nicole smile at one another. Stefano exchanges glances with his henchman.

Masi walks into the hotel room and shoots Phillip in the chest. Phillip gasps and convulses. Blood pools around him.

Nicole and EJ join hands as Father Matt gets ready to pronounce them husband and wife. Chloe tells Nicole the big moment is finally here and she whispers back that she is excited. Just as the priest gets ready to say the words, Sami rushes in and interrupts, telling him to wait. Stefano shakes his head. EJ stares. Nicole sighs.


As Masi stands over a dying Phillip, Stephanie screams, “Somebody help! OMG! Somebody help me!”

Lexie tells EJ, “Phillip Kiriakis has been shot.”

Brady tells Melanie, “I know for better or for worse--that wedding was meant to be.”

Nicole glares, “What the hell are you doing here Sami? How dare you interrupt my wedding?”

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