Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/17/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/17/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano sips a drink as EJ comes in. Stefano tells him the car will arrive in fifteen minutes and advises that EJ have a drink, as he might need it. EJ pours one, worriedly telling Stefano that this has to look like they’re just going to a wedding. Stefano agrees to play the part of the proud father well. He pours himself another drink and the two make a toast to Tony. Stefano vows to remember this day well--not only as the day his son was married, but also as the day Philip Kiriakis paid in full.

At the pier, Masi stares at a photo of Phillip. He puts it away, draws his gun, and begins to attach a silencer to it.

Phillip shows up at a hotel room, looking for his client, Mr. Harkin. Stephanie answers the door in lingerie. Phillip whistles, saying he wishes all his clients dressed that way. Stephanie kisses him, guessing his assistant must have been pretty convincing about the client meeting. Phillip vows to bust his chops later, but Stephanie tells him not to. She adds that she instructed the assistant to hold all of Phillip’s calls. She takes his phone just in case, and asks if he can handle not having a line to the outside world. Phillip moves in and kisses her, saying he thinks he can.

At the hospital, one of the nurses comes up to Lexie and jokes that she needs to get the hell out of there and get some rest. Lexie says she’d love to, but she has to read some scripture at her brother’s wedding later today. She heads off just as Dr. Baker walks over and grins. He says to himself that his invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

At St. Luke’s, Nicole sits around in a robe and her veil, cuddling Sydney. She tells the baby that today is the day her daddy makes an honest woman out of Nicole. Sydney fusses and Nicole laughs, saying she knows it’s hard to believe, but things are going to change from here on out. Sydney is going to be the happiest child and have the happiest life possible. Sydney giggles and Nicole laughs, telling her how perfect she is. She kisses the baby and sighs.

Sami locks her apartment and calls Rafe while she juggles Grace and her stroller. She tells Rafe that Grace misses him, and that she hopes he is taking care of himself. She asks him to call her back and sighs, putting Grace in her stroller. She tells her that she knows Grace misses her godfather. Sami misses him, too, but she also knows she is doing the right thing for once. She buckles Grace in, admitting that she feels sick and that her hands are shaking. However, she knows this is what is best for everyone, especially EJ and Grace. She stands up and wheels the baby off, saying that EJ is about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

Chloe comes into the chapel and warns Nicole that she needs to start getting ready, as it’s late. Nicole lights a prayer candle and sighs, saying that she has just been enjoying some peace and quiet with Sydney, since they haven’t had much of that the last few weeks. Chloe says she understands, but reminds Nicole that EJ will be here soon, and that she doesn’t want him to see her before the wedding. Nicole agrees, then gasps, saying she forgot her grandmother’s pearls in the car. Chloe says she can tell Nicole is nervous. She’ll get the pearls from the car and meet Nicole in the bride’s room. She assures her everything will be fine and heads off. Chloe runs into Brady in the vestibule. He asks if he can see Nicole, but Chloe doesn’t think it is such a good idea. Nicole kneels at the altar, praying to God. She says He probably has lot of issues with her right now, but all she cares about is EJ and being a good mother to Sydney. She says that if the Lord will just protect the two of them, she doesn’t care what happens to her. She begs God to help her, then thanks Him. She stands and turns around to find Dr. Baker standing there. Nicole glares heavenwards, saying that this isn’t funny. She ask what the hell Baker is doing here and tells him angrily to get out. Baker grins, asking her if she really thought he would stay away on her big day.

Lexie sits at the bar in the pub. Max greets her, apologizing about what happened with Tony. Lexie admits it was hard, since she was with him when he died. Now she’s getting a sandwich to go so she can make it to EJ and Nicole’s wedding on time. She sighs, saying it’s like no one even cares that Tony died. Max sympathizes, saying that he hopes the wedding doesn’t make her too sad. He adds that it’s nice of her to do this for EJ. He starts to head off to check on her order, but Lexie stops him, thanking him for his kind words. She sees now why Theo likes Max so much.

Brady snorts, telling Chloe that he didn’t ask her if she thought him seeing Nicole was a good idea, he asked if she knew where she was. Chloe sighs, saying that EJ will be here soon, and he won’t be happy to see Brady. Brady scoffs, saying he doesn’t care. Chloe says that she is Nicole’s friend, and she thought Brady was, too. Nicole told her about their talk earlier, and Brady really upset her. Chloe doesn’t want that to happen again. Brady asks her if she thinks Nicole would have been so upset if marrying EJ was what she really wanted. Chloe explodes, saying she is sick of men who think they know what a woman wants better than she knows herself. Brady is taken aback, asking her where this is coming from. Chloe glares, saying it’s coming from her, and she’s telling him to turn around and go home--right now.

Baker tells Nicole that he is surprised and hurt by her attitude. After all, he had a big part in making this day happen. Nicole scoffs, but Baker says it’s true. He has dedicated his life to placing healthy babies in happy homes, and he hates to think that Nicole might try to deprive him of a celebration of his life’s work. Nicole demands to know what he really wants. Whatever it is, he has to get out of here before EJ shows up at the church.

EJ sips his drink, joking that this has turned out to be one hell of a bachelor party. Stefano chuckles and EJ adds that he is always surprised by the depth of feeling Stefano has for his children. Stefano sighs, telling EJ to just wait. He thinks he loves Sydney and Giovanni now, but that love only grows as your children get older. EJ reminds Stefano that that is how much Victor loves Phillip. Stefano says he know that--and that is why this is being done.

Stephanie undresses Phillip and kisses him. He says how nice it is to be alone for once and Stephanie agrees, saying no one has a clue where they are. Meanwhile, Masi paces the pier and checks his watch. Stephanie and Phillip kiss passionately.

Sami rushes into the pub and tells Max that she has a flat tire. She needs him to blow it up or out or whatever he has to do to get her back on the road. Max explains that he has to wait until someone can cover for him, but Sami says she has to get to the church immediately, as EJ is getting married. Max reminds her EJ isn’t marrying her, but Sami glares, saying that this is an emergency.

Stephanie kisses Phillip and unbuckles his belt. She asks if something is wrong, but Phillip says nothing is. He is just glad to have no obligations for once. Stephanie assures him they have plenty of time. He agrees and rolls over on top of her, kissing her.

Stefano tells EJ that the car is here. EJ thinks they should fill Nicole in on what is going on, but Stefano refuses, saying she doesn’t need to know until this is a fait accompli. EJ disagrees, saying she needs to know what kind of family she is marrying into. Stefano scoffs, saying she knows full well. If she protests, EJ needs to tell her that this is her fault. She could have saved Phillip’s life herself, but she didn’t. Perhaps Stefano would have accepted Phillip going to jail, but he walked scot-free, so he has to pay. EJ groans, saying he can’t believe Stefano is back to blaming Nicole. Stefano shrugs, telling EJ it’s time to welcome her as a member of their family--at least in the eyes of God. He heads off. EJ gulps his drink, saying may God help them.

Baker reminds Nicole that while it was important for her to bag a rich guy, it’s as important to him to retain his status at the hospital. It’s hard for him to do so when she refuses to let him continue treating Sydney. Nicole scoffs, asking if he is here to ruin her wedding because she hurt his feelings. Baker says no, but he does want to remind her not to get on his bad side. Nicole says she understands and promises to treat him like a human being if he will just leave. Baker says he was thinking of bringing a guest to the wedding with him--like Mia. Nicole whirls on him furiously, telling him not to dare do it. He chuckles, agreeing to come stag. Nicole says she really has to go get ready, but Baker stops her, warning her not to ever speak to him like that again. She agrees, but reminds him that EJ will wonder why he is here. Baker shrugs, saying it’s obvious. Even though he is no longer Sydney’s doctor, he and Nicole are still very close. He grins.

Brady refuses to leave. Chloe suggests that she go tell Nicole that he is here. If she doesn’t want to see him, then he needs to go. Brady refuses again. Chloe sighs, saying if he wants a chance with Nicole, then she needs to agree to see him first. Chloe turns to go, but reminds Brady that The Graduate--when Elaine leaves her wedding to be with Ben--was just a movie. She heads into the chapel. Brady sighs.

In the chapel, Nicole prays. She flashes back to Mia accusing her of lying about everything, and asking Nicole if she really thought she was going to get away with all of this. Nicole comes back to the present and sobs.

Max asks why Sami is in such a hurry to see EJ, but she snaps it is none of his business and asks him to get on her tire. Max says the other waitress isn’t here yet, but Sami offers to cover for him so he can fix her tire. Max sighs and heads off, taking Sami’s keys. She yells after him that she’s sorry she snapped at him and thanks him. She sighs, telling Grace that they should be at the church by now.

Lexie, EJ, and Stefano head into the church. Lexie says she is sorry Abe couldn’t be here, but he didn’t think it was a good idea for the mayor to attend a DiMera wedding. She adds that she might have to step out, as she is still on call with the hospital. She compliments EJ on how handsome he looks and Stefano asks if he is ready to go inside. EJ says he needs a moment and Stefano guesses it’s his nerves. He and Lexie head into the chapel. Just then, EJ gets a call from Masi, telling him that Phillip isn’t at home and the mansion is empty. He asks EJ where Phillip could have gone.

Stephanie and Phillip continue to romp around in bed. He asks if she is sure about this, and she says she is--more than she has ever been. They then make love to a country music montage(It seems as if the name of this song is “This Love is on Fire” but I’m unsure of the artist).

Masi searches the desk in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. He angrily slams the drawers closed.

EJ finds Brady in the chapel and tells him he isn’t on the guest list, so he needs to leave. Brady scoffs, asking if EJ is going to throw him out. EJ glares, saying he will if he has to. He storms off.

Chloe brings Nicole her pearls. She’s standing in the vestibule, dressed and ready to go. Chloe adds that Brady is here and wants to talk to her. Nicole groans, saying EJ can’t see him. Chloe tells her worriedly that EJ is already here. Nicole huffs, wondering who else is going to show up at this wedding--Sami? Victor? Vladimir Putin? Dick Cheney? Michael Vick? Chloe tells Nicole to calm down. She is about five minutes away from getting everything she could ever wanted, so she can’t go nuts now. Nicole agrees, reminding herself that Brady would never ruin her wedding, anyway. Chloe wonders how he could.

EJ walks over to one of his and Stefano’s henchmen, pointing out Brady and saying he needs to be taken care of. Stefano reminds EJ that Nicole will be upset and EJ sighs, telling the man not to make a scene, but to make sure Brady knows when he leaves that coming here was a huge mistake. The man walks over and sits in a pew across from Brady. Stefano asks EJ if he has heard from Masi, and he says he has, but Phillip isn’t home. Stefano hands him a number, telling EJ to tell Masi to try it. EJ calls over another of his ‘associates’ and tells him to give Masi the number, and to destroy the phone afterwards. The man heads off to do so. Stefano straightens EJ’s tie, telling him it’s time to focus on Nicole, not business. He and EJ hug.

Chloe tells Nicole that she looks beautiful. Nicole thanks her, saying everything seems ok so far, since she hasn’t heard an eruption from the chapel. Chloe chuckles and promises there won’t be one. The two hear music and Chloe says that is her cue. She tells Nicole she will see her at the alter and heads into the chapel. Nicole breathes in deeply, telling herself that torpedoes be damned, this wedding is going on full-speed ahead.

Max comes back to the pub and hands Sami a nail, saying that’s what flattened her tire. Sami groans, asking about the spare. Max says it is flat too. She asks if she can borrow his or Caroline’s car, but Max says Chelsea has his, and Caroline is at jury duty. Sami groans, saying she will have to walk. She leaves Grace with Max for a few moments to fetch the stroller. Max laughs and tells Grace she definitely won’t have a boring life. He feels her forehead and notes that she doesn’t seem to be feeling well. Outside, Masi bumps into Sami and hustles off. She calls him a jerk.

Chloe walks down the aisle and EJ kisses her on the cheek. She takes her place at the altar as the wedding march plays. Nicole stands at the door of the chapel. Brady stares at her and mouths ‘good luck.’ Nicole ignores him and heads down the aisle to the altar. Brady leaves. EJ’s henchman stares after him. EJ smiles at Nicole, asking if she is ready. She says she is, absolutely. Father Matt begins the ceremony, telling the crowd that it wasn’t that long ago that he was welcoming little Sydney into the world. Lexie, who is holding the Abby, smiles. Father Matt says he is glad to be officiating over this marriage, even though the sequence of events leaves something to be desired. He says he is sure the Holy Mother is smiling down on Nicole for bringing this family together and leads the congregation in a ‘Hail Mary.’ Brady watches from the vestibule, saying quietly that he meant what he told Nicole--he wishes her luck because she is going to need it. He heads off. Stefano and EJ watch as their henchman follows Brady.

Masi speaks on the phone to the man Stefano has hired to bug the Kiriakis mansion. He tells Masi that Phillip is at a hotel on Main Street. Masi clucks, saying this is going to be more public than he wished, but everything is going to work out. He chuckles, saying Phillip had better get ready for a big bang.

Stephanie and Phillip cuddle. She tells Phillip that she feels like they are the only people in the word right now, and that makes her happy. She adds that she is glad they got in all those fights before. Phillip is surprised, saying he isn’t, but Stephanie says it made her realize that she can trust him. She only got so upset because she was afraid he would hurt her. Now she knows that won’t happen. Phillip grins, saying he isn’t one for sincerity, but for his part, he vows to never hurt her. Stephanie kisses him, saying she can’t believe how much fun they just had. The two kiss.

Sami rushes into the pub, going off on Max about a parking ticket she received. Max tries to stop her, but Sami barrels on, saying if her dad finds out, she’s just going to get a lecture. Max interrupts, telling her that Grace is sick and has a fever. Sami checks her forehead, saying she’s fine and that she’s just a little warm. Max isn’t so sure. He thinks talking to EJ can wait. Sami needs to get Grace to a doctor.

Father Matt talks about Paul’s letters in First Corinthians. He tells Nicole and Ej that they aren’t to take these to mean that EJ is the boss, but they both must check their egos at the door to have a successful marriage. EJ and Nicole grin at one another as Father Matt tells them to choose love over hate and joy over sorrow.

Sami tells Max that Grace is fine and that she doesn’t have a fever. Max insists she does. He offers to take Grace to the hospital while Sami talks to EJ, but she refuses. She says Grace is fine, and besides, they have a mission to accomplish.

Father Matt tells the crowd that while EJ and Nicole have had their ups and downs, they were able to make it to this blessed day. EJ flashes back to telling Nicole that she must never see Brady again. Father Matt goes on to say that the two must trust in God and be honest with one another. Nicole flashes back to asking Dr. Baker to help her switch Mia’s baby for Sami’s. She bursts into tears as Father Matt asks the two if they are ready to continue.

Max wants to know what is so important that Sami must get to EJ, but she blows Max off, again saying that Grace is fine. She is her mother, and she would never let anything happen to her baby. She knows what is best for Grace, and what is best is that they get to EJ--right now. Sami thanks Max and rushes off.

Father Matt tells everyone to pray quietly as the bells of the church sound to celebrate EJ and Nicole’s love.

Brady hears the chimes at the pier. He whirls around to find EJ’s henchman following him.

The second henchman tells Masi it’s time. Masi lurks outside Phillip and Stephanie’s hotel room.

Stephanie tells Phillip she loves him and asks him not to ever leave her again. He says he loves her, too and promises not to. They kiss.

Sami hears the bells outsides pub and groans, telling Grace that they are too late.

Father Matt asks if anyone has any objections before he pronounces Nicole and EJ husband and wife. There’s a long pause. Just as Father Matt starts to move on, Mia walks in, saying there is something she would like to say. EJ is stunned. Nicole gulps.


Sami yelps, “Oh my God!” Max gasps, “Brady, what the hell happened to you?”

EJ asks Nicole, “Who is she?” He turns to Mia, “Why are you interrupting my wedding?”

Stephanie asks, “Do you hear that?” As Masi aims his gun, Phillip calls out,“ Is somebody there?”

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