Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/16/09


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At the Horton cabin, Nicole stares sadly at her wedding dress. Chloe bursts in, apologizing profusely for taking so long, saying Kate kept her, and then she went and bought some eyeliner. Nicole turns around with tears in her eyes. Chloe gasps, asking if the wedding has been called off.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ adjusts the cuffs of his tux. Stefano walks in behind him, dressed to the nines, and asks EJ if he is ready to do this. EJ asks if he means the wedding, or their plans for Phillip Kiriakis.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie walks in and finds Phillip in the living room. She explains that she was passing by and just had to stop. She admits she can be impulsive at times. Phillip grins, asking what was so important. She kisses him.

Brady strolls along the pier and flashes back to kissing Nicole. He sighs as Melanie walks over. He suggests she leave, since he is angry, but Melanie says that sometimes, anger can turn into passion, and she likes passion. She sits next to him on the bench and leans over, asking if he likes it, too. She kisses him. Brady responds.

At her place, Sami rummages through her purse, looking for her phone. She finds it, but comes across a picture of her and Rafe. Sami sighs, saying it isn’t fair. Rafe should be here with her. Just then, someone knocks on the door. It’s Lucas, who says he got her text message and asks if the kids are alright. Sami says they are fine, but she called him over here to tell him something important. Lucas tells her to hurry, as he has a million business matters to attend to today. Sami explains that she is getting ready to do something that will change a lot of people’s lives, and she wants him to know about it before she does it.

Nicole tells Chloe the wedding is still on as far as she knows. Chloe says something must be going on, since the bride doesn’t usually start crying for no reason. Nicole sniffles, saying she has no idea what happened. She tried on her veil and everything seemed perfect, but then she started thinking that this might be a huge mistake. Chloe asks her if she is reconsidering her decision to marry EJ.

Lucas tells Sami that he doesn’t want to hear it if it doesn’t have anything to do with the kids. Any time Sami has some secret she needs to tell, an alarm bell goes off in his head that tells him to run for cover. Sami tells him not to joke, but Lucas says he isn’t. he suggests she confide in her FBI friend. Sami claims he is out of town temporarily, but she has to tell the truth today. It can’t wait. Lucas asks her what is going on, and Sami says that what she told Lucas and everyone else was a lie. Lucas asks what she is lying about now, and Sami explains that her baby didn’t die. Grace is her baby, and she healthy, happy--and also EJ’s daughter. Lucas shakes his head.

Stefano tells EJ that he meant to ask if he was ready for the wedding. EJ says he is more than ready. Of course, he is saddened by Tony not being able to be his best man, but Stefano is the best replacement he could have hoped for. EJ hugs him. Stefano sighs, admitting that Tony’s loss is weighing heavily on him today. EJ sighs, saying he knows this is supposed to be the happiest day of his life. Stefano knows EJ can’t stop thinking of Tony. Neither can he, which is why they need to take care of this matter today.

Phillip kisses Stephanie, telling her she needs to be impulsive more often. Just then, his phone rings and he checks it. Phillip curses, saying he has to take it, and excuses himself for a moment. Stephanie groans.

Brady backs off of Melanie and she chuckles, saying he obviously liked it. Besides, she was in to it, too. Brady says that isn’t the issue. She sighs, saying she knows he thinks this is a bad idea. Brady agrees, asking if she really doesn’t think it is.

Nicole admits to Chloe that Brady came by earlier and made it clear that if Nicole decided not to marry EJ, he would be there waiting for her. Chloe is stunned, but hides it well and asks Nicole if she is having second thoughts about her and EJ. Nicole says she isn’t. She made it clear to Brady that she and EJ were perfect for each other, but after he left, she suddenly didn’t know where she was or what she was doing. Chloe soothes her, reminding her that while your wedding day can be the best day of your life, it’s also stressful. That’s why she eloped. Nicole chuckles, saying getting away from Kate and Daniel probably sweetened the deal and Chloe laughs, admitting that is true. She suggests that Nicole talk to EJ. Perhaps they could elope, too. Nicole shakes her head, saying she is getting married in church today. She wants everyone in town to see that she and EJ are getting married. She adds that no one is going to stop her.

Lucas lays into Sami, reminding her that she told him her baby died and never told anyone else she was even pregnant. Sami says she is sorry, but Lucas ignores her, cooing at Grace that he’s glad she wasn’t abandoned and that Sami didn’t actually lose a baby. He shakes his head, reminding Sami that she had tears in her eyes when she told him about losing her child. Sami says she can’t say she’s sorry enough. Lucas says he doesn’t want to hear it. He’s over her and her lies, but what about everyone else? He tells her that Caroline, Roman and Will are going to be upset, and EJ is going to go ballistic. He wonders if she is sure she wants to do this.

Melanie tells Brady that she never regrets kissing a hot guy. He sighs, saying she is a lot younger than him. Melanie scoffs, guessing that he thinks she is too naïve to realize that he is in love with another woman. Brady says he never should have kissed her, but Melanie jokes that he shouldn’t take the credit, since she kissed him. Besides, he was obviously upset because this woman dumped him, so she just she laid on one him. She admits that she is used to guys using her when they can’t get what they really want. Brady is aghast, but she claims she is kidding. She just wanted to cheer him up since he’s bummed out. She gets that he is the strong and silent type, but right now she thinks he is dying inside.

Nicole looks at a stuffed animal Brandon sent her from their childhood. She jokes that they were supposed to share it, but he’s obviously had it this whole time. Chloe says she has Nicole’s ‘something old,’ too. Faye sent it. Nicole opens the box and is surprised and overjoyed to see a string of pearls inside. She thinks they’re her grandmother’s and is shocked Faye sent something. Chloe asks if she is still on the outs with her mom, and Nicole admits she is. She sighs, vowing to be a far better mother than her own was. Her daughter is going to grow up happy and knowing that she is loved. This wedding today is just going to seal the deal.

Sami asks if Lucas agrees with her that she should tell the truth no matter what happens. Lucas agrees, but tells her something is definitely going to happen. He sighs, adding that he doesn’t blame Sami for lying. Grace’s father is a real SOB. Sami asks if Lucas forgives her, and he says he does. He adds that Grace doesn’t look anything like her or EJ. She could have kept this secret for good. He wonders why she suddenly decided to tell EJ the truth.

Phillip closes a deal and hangs up the phone, apologizing to Stephanie. She says she thought he wasn’t taking back over as CEO of Titan until the next day. Phillip says he isn’t, but the calls are flooding in and someone has to take them. Stephanie grumps, suggesting he let them go to voicemail. Phillip takes her in his arms, vowing that the rest of the day belongs to her. They start to kiss again, but Phillip’s phone interrupts. He groans, saying that it’s the Department of Energy calling, and he must take it. He answers. Stephanie sighs.

Brady sips coffee at the Java Café. Melanie plops a plate of doughnuts on the table, saying he probably didn’t know she was a stalker. He starts to object, but she adds that she put the doughnuts on his tab, saying that she can also be a freeloader. Her brother accused her of that earlier, and she got really mad, but it’s true. Brady says he is sorry, but he really isn’t in the sharing mood today. Melanie asks if he means the doughnuts or his super-secret personal life. Brady sighs, saying he never should have gotten involved with this woman in the first place, and that he doesn’t want to think about it, much less talk about it. He thanks Melanie for being so sweet, though. She ask if he has given up on his mystery woman for good, and Bray says he has to, as she is getting married today. Melanie chokes on her coffee, asking if he is in love with Nicole Walker.

Chloe tells Nicole that she bought her her ‘something new.’ She hands Nicole a box, and Nicole finds a bracelet inside. She gushes and thanks Chloe profusely as Chloe explains that this is meant to symbolize her new life with EJ and Sydney. Nicole starts to put the bracelet on, but it breaks, scattering beads all over the floor. Nicole freaks out and sobs, telling Chloe how sorry she is.

EJ asks Stefano if he really wants to take care of business today--on his wedding day. Stefano says EJ may think he is trying to emulate a great film here, but he isn’t. Today is their best chance to go after their enemies. Their guard will be down since all the DiMeras are supposed to be in church. EJ admits that that is true. Stefano tells EJ that today, Phillip will finally answer for what he has done.

Brady tells Melanie that he doesn’t want to talk about it, but she says Nicole is a real piece of work, and that it’s good that he dropped her. Brady says he kind of had to, since she is getting married. Melanie leans in, saying it’s a good idea because of who she’s marrying, too. She adds that EJ DiMera is pure evil.

EJ isn’t sure today is the best choice to enact their revenge. He doesn’t mean to be selfish, but the only thing people will remember is what happened to Phillip, not his wedding. He asks Stefano to think of Nicole. He knows Stefano doesn’t hold her in the highest regard, but EJ is marrying her today, after all. Stefano warns EJ not to let sentimentality cloud his judgment. EJ yells that this is his wedding day, but Stefano says the most important thing is that their mission is successful. Today is the right day. Suspiciously, he asks if EJ is having doubts about this day or about what needs to be done.

Phillip promises the person on the other line to get his lawyers on it, and he hangs up. He turns to find Stephanie not in the room. He hurries out into the foyer and finds her putting her coat on. He begs her not to leave, but she jokes that she isn’t going to sit around and whine about him being workaholic. She just wants him to remember that he has girlfriend, too. Phillip promises he will, and asks her to go outside and ring the bell. They’ll start over, he’ll put his phone away, and they’ll pretend this never happened. Stephanie kisses him saying he obviously has a lot of work to do. She asks him to call her later and heads off, saying goodbye. Phillip sighs.

Nicole picks beads up off the floor, apologizing to Chloe. Chloe tells her it’s fine. She gathers the last pieces of the bracelet and puts them into a bag, promising to get it restrung the next day. Nicole sighs, worrying that this means trouble. Chloe tells her that this is an accident, not an omen. She confides in Nicole about breaking the ornament the Hortons made her at Christmas. She was sure that that spelled doom for her and Lucas, but they’re fine. Nicole says she isn’t sure she and EJ will be. She thought she had everything under control, but now she isn’t so sure. Chloe asks if this is about Brady, but Nicole vows it isn’t. Chloe asks if it is about EJ, but Nicole says she is sure he loves her. Chloe wonders what could ruin her wedding then, and stops, guessing that Nicole is worried about Sami.

Sami tells Lucas that she spoke to a really sweet nun that convinced her to tell the truth. Lucas finds it hard to believe that no one was able to convince Sami, but she listened to a nun. Sami admits it wasn’t all about Sister Teresa. She got to thinking about how she didn’t want Grace to hate her, and that she had always regretted not telling Lucas the truth about Will as soon as she found out. Lucas sighs, saying what’s done is done, but he is proud of her for wanting to tell the truth--even though EJ is marrying Nicole today. He wonders if Sami is really doing this for EJ and Grace, or if she just wants to stick it to Nicole.

Melanie tells Brady that EJ is really hot, but she says it’s scary when he gets angry. Brady admits that he has seen it, but Nicole says she loves EJ and wants to marry him. Melanie thinks that’s a mistake. She tells Brady she tried to go into business with EJ, but now she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. When he looks at you, it’s obvious that he could make you disappear and go out to dinner afterwards like it was nothing. Brady says he knows what she means. Melanie shakes her head, telling Brady to think about it--there’s no telling what EJ would do if he knew Brady had a thing for his wife.

EJ tells Stefano that he does want Phillip to be punished, but the timing is all wrong. Stefano explains that they must strike today, while the Kiriakis’ have their guard down. If they don’t, they may have to wait months to make another move. Stefano puts his hand on EJ’s shoulder as he leans over and grimaces. He tell him that he must remember Tony and how he should be sharing this day with all of them. They must never forgive what happened to Tony--and they must never forget. EJ agrees and hugs Stefano, telling him to go ahead and make the call, so they can get this over with. Stefano takes out his phone and dials. He tells someone it’s time and hangs up, grinning.

Chloe tells Nicole that they already had this discussion. She shouldn’t be worried about Sami, who is a single mom, when she is raising a daughter with EJ. There’s no way Sami can compete with that. Chloe adds that she’s just a bleached blonde witch with a soul the size of a pea. Nicole chuckles, saying she really isn’t worried about Sami. She took care of that stupid cow, and there is no way she is ever coming between her and EJ.

Sami tells Lucas that she could care less for that stupid slut Nicole. Lucas thinks Nicole finding out about the baby on her wedding day is just icing on the cake for Sami. Sami huffs, saying this has nothing to do with Nicole. However, she has been laying into Sami about how happy she and EJ are, so it will be shock when she and EJ find out about Grace. Lucas reminds Sami that EJ is going to be around twice as much now, and clamoring for visitation, to boot. He says she had it bad with Johnny, but this is going to be worse. Sami ignores him. Lucas gasps, saying this isn’t about Nicole at all--it’s about EJ. Lucas thinks Sami still has the hots for EJ and wants him back. Sami scoffs.

Stefano comes into the living room with a man he introduces to EJ as Christo Masi. EJ greets him in Italian, but Masi tells him that he speaks English in America. Stefano pulls EJ aside for a drink, telling him that not only is Masi up to point on the matter at hand, he is also considered the best. He’s very loyal and trustworthy. EJ wants to know if he is traceable, though. Stefano says Masi isn’t. He has no prints or records on file of any kind. It is almost as if he doesn’t exist. Stefano tells EJ that this mission is up to him. If he doesn’t want to do it, he can say no. If he does want to, then Signor Masi will do what needs to be done. EJ considers.

Phillip tells someone over the phone that he’d be willing to meet at a hotel in ten or fifteen minutes. He hangs up and huffs, saying he may as well go for it sonic he has already ruined things with Stephanie. He heads for the door.

Nicole tells Chloe about Sami having Rafe spy on her and EJ. When Sami brought him to town as her new boyfriend, Nicole put two and two together and told EJ. Chloe gasps. Nicole chuckles, saying that seeing EJ slam the door in Sami’s face as she tried to explain was pretty great. Chloe sighs, reminding Nicole that what goes around comes around. Nicole says she doesn’t want to hear about all that silly karma stuff, but Chloe says she believes in it. Nicole can laugh all she wants, but Chloe thinks that the more she tries to hurt Sami, the more she is going to get hurt in return. Nicole stares at her wedding dress and sighs.

Sami insists that she doesn’t want EJ back, but Lucas says he knows her too well, and he knows she doesn’t like being alone. Now that her FBI guy is gone, she probably wants EJ around. Sami scoffs, saying that Rafe is just out of town temporarily. Besides, this is none of Lucas’ business. Lucas says he has a right to be worried about how this might affect Allie and Will. Sami says Allie is too young to understand, and Will won’t have a reason to resent Grace when he learns she wasn’t adopted. He may even be thrilled. Lucas says he hopes he is, but they still have a problem--EJ. Sami thinks he will be overjoyed to learn he is Grace’s father, but Lucas tells her to get real. He’s going to be furious when he found out she kept his child from him this long. Lucas suggests Sami go ahead and find a foxhole, because they both know what happens when EJ gets furious.

EJ walks over to Masi and hands him an untraceable cell phone. He tells Masi to throw it in the river when the job is finished, and explains there are two numbers inside--one to EJ, and one to his associate, both of which are untraceable as well. He adds that Masi must never speak to Stefano again. Masi says he understands and heads off. EJ and Stefano grin.

Brady says that EJ is just a pompous jerk, and that he can handle him. Melanie isn’t so sure. EJ plays it close, an you can never tell what he knows or what he will do. If Nicole thinks she can pull a fast one over on EJ, she’s got another thing coming. Melanie thinks EJ will probably take away everything Nicole has ever wanted, then push her into her own grave. Brady asks if Melanie is ok. She says she is. Nicole is the one that is playing too close to jet engine. She tells Brady that when Nicole says, “I do,” she may as well be signing her own death warrant.

Chloe comes out in her dress for the wedding and Nicole, who is nearly ready, compliments her. Chloe urges Nicole to get into her own dress, saying she will be gorgeous. Nicole tells Chloe that she really thinks she is wrong about the bad karma. All of the things she has done to Sami lately have been more than justified. She admits that she was upset earlier, but that was just nerves. Chloe suggests she forget all about it and Nicole says she has. This wedding is going to happen and it’s going to be wonderful. No one is going to run it for her.

Sami agrees with Lucas that EJ will probably be angry with her, but once he gets one look at Grace, he will forget all about that and fall in love with her like everyone else does. Lucas asks when she plans on breaking the news, and Sami checks her watch, saying she should be heading over to see EJ now, actually. Lucas scoffs, saying she obviously knows that EJ and Nicole are getting married soon. Sami smiles, saying she sure does.


Phillip asks Stephanie, “Are you sure?” She replies, “More than I’ve ever been.”

Nicole yells at Baker, “Get out now!” He chuckles, “Do you really expect me to stay away on your big day?”

Brady snaps, “Where is this coming from?” Chloe retorts, “From me--telling you to turn around and go home!”

Sami tells Max, “I am doing what is best for her--and that means taking her to EJ--right now.”

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