Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/15/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/15/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Brady reads a newspaper article about EJ and Nicole’s wedding. He sighs.

At the Horton cabin, Mia tells Nicole that she can’t believe she is threatening her after she pretended to be her friend. Nicole says it isn’t a threat, it’s a promise. She asks Mia if she really wants to see Sydney in foster care. Mia vows not to let that happen, but Nicole tells her words are cheap. She suggests Mia go home and really think about what she wants to do. Mia says she has, and if telling the truth is what is best for Sydney, then that is what she is going to do.

Outside Sami’s door, Rafe stares at the medal of St. Anne that Teresa gave Sami. He flashes back to finding it on the floor of the loft, and confronting Sami about it. Then he flashes back to Sami telling him she doesn’t want him to leave town. He tells her that he has to do what is best for her and Grace and says goodbye. Rafe comes back to the present and sighs. He knocks on the door and Will opens it. Rafe asks if Sami is there, as he has something to return to her.

At the Java Café, Officer Chatsworth tells Bo that Roman’s informant has skipped town. Bo curses, saying they are back to square one. He ask Chatsworth to head back to the station and find out if there was ever an alternate location for the stakeout. Chatsworth heads off obediently. Bo sighs, wondering where the hell Hope could be.

At the hotel, Hope checks the radio and cell phones, telling Roman that all the signals are dead. Just then, the doorknob of the room turns slowly. Roman and Hope grab their weapons and place themselves strategically about the room. The doorknob continues to turn.

Nicole says that she admires Mia for trying to do what is best for her child. She adds that she was a lot like Mia when she was a kid. She had a rough childhood, so she thought she had it all figured out and decided she wouldn’t let anyone tell her what to do. She was as emotional and impulsive as Mia and made her fair share of mistake. Mia asks her where she is going with this and Nicole explains that despite her mistake, she pulled herself up, left the past behind her, and now she has everything she has ever wanted--namely, EJ and Sydney. She reminds Mia that she has her whole life ahead of her. Out there, the right career and the right guy are just waiting on her, and she has years to have more children if she wants to do so. Nicole urges Mia not to ruin her life and make the mistake of confessing the truth about Sydney.

Hope and Roman aim their guns as the door to the hotel room slowly swings open.

Mia tells Nicole that she is right about everything. She’s just sorry about everything she, Nicole, and Sydney have had to go through--even though Sydney doesn’t know it yet. Nicole tells her that Sydney is loved and protected. That is all she cares about or needs to know. Mia sighs, saying what Nicole is saying seems logical, but her mom told her that sometime you just have to go on instinct. Right now, it feels right for her to go get her baby, so that is what she is going to do. She says she is sorry and heads off. Nicole sighs.

A new waitress at the Brady pub, Arianna, tells Max that she has finished cleaning the espresso machine. He thanks her and they make small talk about how hot the pub’s hot sauce is. She asks if she can do anything else just as Melanie comes in, telling Arianna she can take her order. She greets Max, who sighs and rolls his eyes.

Rafe asks where Sami is, and Will explains that she left to run some errands and see a friend. Will thought that the friend was Rafe. He shakes his head sadly and hands the medal over to Will, asking him to return it to Sami. He tells Will to take care and Will says he will see him soon. Rafe sighs and turns away. Will asks Rafe why he gets the feeling that he won’t be seeing Rafe ever again. He starts to explain, but Will interrupts, asking if his mom dumped Rafe.

Brady strolls along the pier ad glances at the newspaper article again. He sighs and flashes back to Melanie telling him that he has to be honest with the woman he loves and tell her how he feels. Brady comes back to the present, scowls at the article, and chucks the paper in the garbage can. He heads off.

Bo talks to someone over the phone, wondering angrily why they weren’t keeping him up to speed. He hangs up, warning them to be sure to call him if Roman and Hope are found. He sighs, wondering where Hope could be, and what is going on.

Roman and Hope train their guns on the door as a housekeeper bustles in, her arms full of towels. Roman hides his gun and asks what she is doing here. Hope comes out of the bathroom in her robe and the woman apologizes profusely, promising not to disturb them again. She rushes off and Roman locks the chain behind her. Hope peeks out the window and tells Roman four men have arrived, and all are armed.

Nicole stops Mia and hands her a photo of EJ, herself, and Sydney, asking her to keep it safe for Sydney so she can have something to remember them by--no matter where she ends up. Mia asks if Nicole is trying to scare her, but she says she isn’t. She has learned the hard way that you can fix some things, and others you can’t take back. She warns Mia that she could lose Sydney to the system when the truth comes out. Mia vows that that won’t happen, but Nicole advises that she really think about what she is doing here. She has to decide if she wants to take the chance of never seeing Sydney again.

Rafe tells Will that Sami didn’t dump him, but that he is leaving town for good. Will asks why and Rafe explains that he got a job out of town. Will promises to make sure Sami gets the medallion. Grace wails in the background. Will says he has to get back to babysitting, but Rafe says he has some time, and offers to help soothe Grace. Will agrees and lets him in.

Max introduces Melanie to Arianna. Arianna asks what Melanie wants to order and she jokes about wanting some mahi-mahi. Arianna gives her a blank look and Melanie asks for a cheeseburger. She heads off to place Melanie’s order while she and Max make small talk about Melanie’s new job at the hospital .She complains about the smell, the food, the coffee and the sick people. She confides in Max that they should make the hospital more like luxury hotel so people actually want to stay. Just then, Arianna yelps in pain near the bar. She holds her hand ruefully as Max rushes over to see what’s wrong.

Hope and Roman peek out the window. Hope says the men are splitting up and heading this way, so it’s time for them to get ready. Roman suggests they go ahead and do it.

Mia sighs, telling Nicole that she doesn’t want to take the chance of losing Sydney for good. Nicole asks if that means she will keep her secret, and Mia nods. Nicole starts to thank her, telling her how hard she knows this is, but Mia stops her, telling her she doesn’t want to hear it. She heads off sadly. Nicole shuts the door and sighs with relief, saying she now needs to get it together and worry about getting ready for her wedding. She wonders where Chloe is just as a knock sounds at the door. She groans, thinking it’s Mia, but when she opens the door, Brady is standing there. She asks what he is doing here, and he tells her that he heard she was here. She lets him in and tells him to make it quick, since she is running late. Brady makes a comment about her arguing with Mia. Nicole accuses him of eavesdropping, but Brady says he was arriving and saw Mia crying. He asks what happened. Nicole says it’s none of his business at first, but when he reminds her she’s made it his business all along, she claims she and Mia just exchanged a few words. Brady tells her to stop lying to him.

Max gently holds Arianna’s hand, saying he doesn’t think it’s broken or sprained. He moves it around, asking if it hurts. Just then, Chelsea walks in and sees the two. She is taken aback, saying “Whoa.” Melanie looks on and grins. Max backs away from Arianna quickly.

Bo strolls along the pier and talks to Ciara over the phone, promising to be home soon. He hangs up as Chatsworth rushes over, telling Bo that they spotted their guys at the Hacienda Hotel. Bo says he knows the place, and takes out his phone, wondering if Roman and Hope are there.

Mia calls Will from outside the pub. She sniffles and Will asks her if something is wrong. She says something is and sobs, asking Will if she can come over to his place.

Nicole wonders why Brady is accusing her of lying. He makes a sarcastic comment about her being totally upfront to now, and she sighs, reminding Brady that this is her wedding day. Can’t he just fake being happy for her? Brady says that is her area of expertise, not his, but she says she just wants him to just be supportive of her. Brady says that her getting married is the reason he stopped by today. She asks if something is wrong, and Brady says he has to tell her something. There’s something she needs to know before she walks down the aisle.

Chelsea asks if Arianna is ok, and she says she is, and that she just bruised her hand. At Chelsea’s urging, Max introduces the two, and Chelsea says she heard about the pub hiring a new waitress. She explains that she and Arianna will be seeing a lot of one another, since she is a regular. She also promises to straighten Max out if he gives Arianna a hard time. Melanie scoffs behind her. Chelsea ignores her and Arianna heads off to continue her work. Chelsea admits to Max that she likes her. She adds that they way he was tending her wrist, she would have thought he was a doctor. Melanie says he will be after he dissects about a hundred corpses and helps deliver babies. She hands Max a sheet of paper and Chelsea asks her what it is. Melanie can’t believe Max hasn’t said anything to her. What he has there is a completed application to medical school. Chelsea gapes.

Will hangs up and Rafe asks if everything is alright. Will explains that one of his friends is going through some stuff. Rafe raises his eyebrows, asking if he wants to talk about it, but Will reminds Rafe he didn’t want to talk about the real reason he is leaving town. Rafe claims he just got a job elsewhere. Will reminds him that his mom will be home soon and Rafe sighs, handing Grace over to Will. He starts to head off, but Will stops him, saying he hopes everything works out for Rafe. He smiles and thanks Will, saying he hopes the same for him. Rafe leaves. Will cuddles Grace and sighs.

Someone bangs on the door of Hope and Roman’s room. The two draw their weapons again.

Nicole sighs, telling Brady to save it. She knows that he wants to ask her if she is going to marry EJ without telling him the truth, and he can rest easy, because she plans to do just that. Brady asks her if she really thinks this is the right thing to do. He thinks that she deserves better than EJ. She deserves to be loved just for who she is, not because she is part of some pre-packaged baby deal. Nicole sighs, telling Brady that there is no one out there that would accept her for who she is. Brady moves in closer, asking if she is sure about that.

Max explains to Chelsea that he is just thinking of going to med school, and that nothing is final yet. He thanks Melanie sarcastically for spilling the beans. She says Chelsea had to find out eventually, but Max wanted to tell her on his own time. Chelsea says that going to med school is a pretty big deal. She wonders if Max really planned on telling her. Max says that the truth is, he probably wouldn’t have.

Brady tries to kiss Nicole, but she backs away. He tries a second time, but she asks him to stop, saying that she has always had trouble resisting him. He says she shouldn’t try, but she reminds him that this is her wedding day. Brady doesn’t think she really loves EJ. Nicole claims she does. It may not be everything she’s ever dreamed of, but she knows that true happiness isn’t in the cards for her. She and EJ are wired the same--they’re dysfunctional. Brady on the other hand, is one of the good guys. He needs someone that doesn’t have baggage like she does. Brady grabs her, telling her that all he needs his her. How is he supposed to watch her walk down the aisle and marry the wrong man? Nicole cries quietly, reminding him that he walked away from her once. He can do it again.

Mia shows up at Will’s place, and he asks her if she wants to tell him what is wrong. She sighs, wondering what isn’t right now.

Brady tells Nicole that he doesn’t want to talk about the past. She says that he was right to leave her back then. He made the best choice. Sure, there may still be a spark between them, but they each have their separate paths to go down. It’s over. Brady says that he doesn’t want it to be over between them. He doesn’t want the spark between them to fade. Most of all, he doesn’t want to see her to get hurt again. Nicole says it isn’t up to him to save her. She has made her choice, and if it damns her life, then so be it. She has accepted that, and he has to, too.

Now alone with Max, Chelsea wonders why he told Melanie about the application and not her. Max says he didn’t tell Melanie; she went through his mail. He admits that he worried he might not get in, and he didn’t want Chelsea to be disappointed in him. She says she wouldn’t have been and wonders why he cares what she thinks. Max stammers that when you care about someone--Chelsea finishes, saying she thinks he’s an amazing guy. She doesn’t need some medical school’s opinion to corroborate that. She adds that Max is one of the smartest guys she knows. Not only is he going to get accepted into medical school, he is also going to be fantastic doctor someday. Max grins.

Mia tells Will that she really can’t talk about what happened, and Will asks if she wants to watch TV, saying he has some episodes of 30 Rock on his DVR. He starts to head off, but Mia stops him, asking if he is babysitting. Will admits he is, saying sarcastically that he’s a pretty lucky guy.

Bo bursts into the room, gun drawn. Hope and Roman stand down, and greet Bo. Hope peeks outside and sees the police have taken all the men involved in the drug deal. Roman congratulates him on the bust and heads off to start the booking process. Hope sighs, saying how glad she is it was Bo that came through that door. He notices a newspaper sitting on table, like the one he saw in his vision. He picks it, saying he’ll be damned.

Brady says that he can tell by the look in Nicole’s eye that she has made up her mind. She cries, telling him not to waste the good stuff on her. He needs to find a woman that really deserves him. She kisses him on the cheek. Brady moves in and kisses her gently. He heads off. Nicole sobs. Brady stands outside for a moment, shaking his head and then leaving. Nicole bawls.

Chelsea insists that Max turn in the application and Max agrees. Melanie comes over to say goodbye, winking at Max and asking him to make her proud. She heads off. Chelsea sighs, saying she still can’t believe Melanie found out before her. She tells Max to be sure not to hide anything from her in the future. He admits he messed up and hopes she will forgive him. She smiles, saying he is lucky he is so cute. He didn’t have to make her proud of him, as she already is-- in every way. Chelsea throws her arms around Max’s neck and kisses him.

Hope tries to explain that she knows what Bo is thinking, but nothing happened between her and Roman. Bo agrees, saying that he realizes that. His vision was right about the date, the room, and Hope and Roman being here together, but everything else was all wrong. Hope wants him to trust her with his visions from now on. Bo says he will, and she assures him that in the future, they’ll work this out together. Bo agrees and the two kiss.

Will comes out of the bedroom with Grace, complaining that his arm is tired from holding the baby, since his mom has been gone so long. Mia chuckles, saying she knows that isn’t true. He just wants her to hold Grace. Will shrugs, saying he does. He can tell that she wants to. Mia takes the baby and coos at her.

Brady strolls long the pier. Melanie comes up behind him, noticing that he looks upset. He admits that he is angry and says she probably shouldn’t be around him right now. She says than he has talked her off the ledge before, so she wants to do something to help him. She walks over and kisses him. Brady responds.

Nicole puts her veil on as we flash to Mia holding Grace. Nicole adjusts her veil, saying that she is getting married today, and nothing is going to stop her.


Stefano tells EJ, “Today, Phillip Kiriakis will answer for what he did.”

Nicole sobs, “Maybe I’m making a huge mistake.” Chloe asks, “So you think you shouldn’t marry EJ?”

Melanie asks Brady, “Are you in love with Nicole Walker?”

Sami tells Lucas, “The thing I’ve told you and told everyone--it’s a lie.” He replies, “What did you lie about this time?”

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