Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/14/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/14/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole approaches the Horton cabin as Mia comes up behind her. Mia asks Nicole how she could do this to her. Nicole whirls around in confusion, asking Mia if she followed her here on the ferry. Mia glares, telling Nicole that she’s a liar and that she hates her.

Inside the cabin, Chloe looks over Nicole’s wedding dress and wonders where she is. Just then, she gets a call from Kate, who’s at the pub and says that she has to see Chloe right away. Chloe sighs.

Bo sleeps in bed and dreams about Hope being with another man. He wakes up with a start and notices he is alone. There’s a note on the nightstand from Hope, addressed to him. Bo looks at it and gets another flash of Hope in bed with Roman. Then he gets a flash of a newspaper with today’s date on it. He comes back from his reveries and gasps, saying that it is going to happen today.

Hope heads into the Java Café and greets Maggie. Just then, she catches sight of Roman sipping coffee nearby. She flashes back to confronting Bo about his latest vision. She then flashes back to accusing Roman of something going on between him and Bo. Roman flatly denies it. Hope shakes off the flashback and walks over to Roman, asking if he has seen Thompson. The two are supposed to meet for a narcotics bust this morning. Roman says there has been a change of plans, and that he is Hope’s new partner.

Nicole asks Mia what is wrong, and she narrows her eyes, saying she knows what Nicole did. Nicole sighs, asking what it is she did. Mia tells her she knows all about her past, and there is no way she is letting her keep her baby.

Chloe explains to Kate that Nicole is coming over and needs help getting ready for the wedding. Kate huffs, saying she only needs Chloe for a few minutes and the ceremony doesn’t start for hours. Chloe promises Kate can have her all day the next day, but Kate says that won’t work. They need to discuss the upcoming taping, and she and Chloe need to do so as a team. She told her all this when she hired her. Chloe sighs and agrees, and Kate tells her to meet her at the pub. She adds that she has a surprise for Chloe and hangs up. Daniel walks in just then and Kate greets him with a smile, saying that he is right on time.

Mia hisses that Nicole lied to her about everything. Nicole tries to explain, but Mia interrupts, asking Nicole if she really thought she was going to get away with this. She mocks Nicole, reminding her that she promised to be a good mother to her baby. Nicole says she is, but Mia scoffs, saying Nicole is nothing more than an alcoholic porn star that tried to kill someone. There is no way she is allowing her to raise her little girl. She demands to know where Sydney is. Nicole sighs, saying she doesn’t drink anymore, and the other thing is ancient history. It’s not as if she had a choice. Mia scoffs, asking how she explains the attempted murder charge. She was up half the night reading about it. Nicole says Mia must know that she was never convicted, then. Mia says that doesn’t make it any better. Just then, Chloe walks out and catches sight of Nicole, asking who Mia is. Nicole gulps.

Bo reads the note from Hope about her early morning stakeout with Thompson. He stares worriedly.

Roman explains to Hope that Thompson came down with that flu going around. Since they’re short four officers, Roman has to work on the stakeout with Hope. He doesn’t think they’ll be making any arrests today, however. Just then, Roman gets a call. He listens and hangs up, telling Hope that the stakeout has moved across town from the pier, since their drug dealer has set up shop elsewhere. Hope asks where they are going, and Roman says they’re headed to the Hacienda Hotel.

Kate tells Daniel all about her new TV show for Hearth and Home, and admits she is excited about it and the work it will entail. Daniel congratulates her, and she talks about addressing the issues of the women watching the show, including relationships, and health. That’s why she wanted Daniel to meet her here--she was hoping he’d agree to a short interview on the show. Daniel declines, saying he doesn’t like the idea of being on TV. Kate grins, saying he is shy, which is why most women like him. She assures him that the interview will be short and painless. He finally agrees to do it, saying he’d like the opportunity to help people. Kate grins, saying she can think of one person he is helping already.

Chloe invites Mia and Nicole inside, and Nicole explains that this is the teen girl she has been mentoring. She thought she told Chloe about it. Chloe says she didn’t and Nicole pulls her aside. Chloe reminds her that this is her wedding day. Nicole says she knows, but Mia is having a crisis right now. Mia interrupts, and asks Nicole if that is what she wants to call it. She scoffs, suggesting that Nicole tell the truth for once. Nicole glares at Mia. She tells Chloe that Mia has had a rough life and things are starting to unravel. Mia huffs, as Nicole asks her if she knows where the ferry is. Mia says she isn’t going anywhere. Chloe, confused, says she has no clue what is going on here, but she has to go. She explains that Kate wants to meet her at the pub, but she swears she’ll be back soon. She begs Nicole not to put on the dress until she gets back and Nicole promises. Chloe heads off. Mia looks at Nicole’s dress, suggesting she leave it in the bag, since there isn’t going to be a wedding today.

Bo heads into the Java Café and runs into Maggie, asking if she has seen Hope. Maggie says that he just missed her, and Bo asks if she was with Thompson, a tall guy with glasses. Maggie explains that actually, Hope left with Roman. Bo panics.

Hope and Roman head into a room at the hotel. Roman tells Hope to turn her phone off, so it can’t be tracked. She complies and peeks out the window, saying this could go down anytime. Roman tells her not to get her hopes up. They could be here all day.

Daniel asks Kate if he will just be answering medical questions, but she thinks they need to wait for the hostess to get here to discuss it. Daniel, confused, says he thought Kate was the hostess, but she chuckles, saying she has far too much else to do. Just then, Chloe comes in, and Kate tells Daniel that Chloe is their hostess. Chloe asks what Daniel is doing here and Kate explains that he is going to be a guest on their show. She beams, asking Chloe if it isn’t going to be terrific. Chloe says it isn’t actually. In fact, she thinks it’s a bad idea.

Nicole tells Mia that she understands her anger, but Mia says Nicole can’t begin to. She says she wants her daughter back, and accuses Nicole of being a lying, murdering monster instead of a human being. Nicole says she never murdered anyone and demands to know where she heard all of this. Mia says she read it online. Nicole doesn’t buy it, sure that someone told her that is just out to destroy her. Mia says it doesn’t matter who told her, since everyone in town seems to know about Nicole’s past. Nicole sighs, saying that all she ever wanted was to find someone to marry and have a child with. She knows in her heart that she was born to be a mother. Mia smirks, asking Nicole how she expects her to believe a word she says.

Kate can’t imagine why having Daniel on the show is a bad idea. He’s well-known in this country, and she’s sure when people see him, the first thing they’ll think of is what he can do with his hands. Chloe and Daniel exchange an uncomfortable glance. Kate adds that his face was made for TV. Just then, Chris, Kate’s assistant, rushes in, babbling that he tried to call Kate and that he’s been looking for her everywhere. He apologizes for interrupting as Kate tries to calm him down. He tells her that there was a fire at the studio they rented for the talk show. Thank God, no one was hurt, since it happened at the crack of dawn. Kate asks if there was a lot of damage. He tells her ruefully that the studio was obliterated in the blaze. Kate stares in disbelief. Chloe guesses that the talk show is cancelled, then.

Hope tells Roman that she sees their guy in the parking lot. Roman heads for his phone, trying to call for backup, but gets no answer. Hope suggests that he try a land line, but Roman tells her the drug dealer’s brother owns this hotel. He tells Hope that he thinks they are on their own on this one.

Maggie asks Bo if she can join him. He tells her distractedly that Hope is working, so she can. She sits down and tries to make small talk with Bo, who just gives her short answers. She asks about Ciara and tells him she’ll baby-sit anytime. Bo gets another vision of Hope in bed with Roman, and the paper with today’s date. Maggie asks him if he is ok, as he suddenly went pale. Bo insists he is fine. Maggie can tell something is on his mind, but doesn’t pry, saying she will just see him later. Bo says goodbye and Maggie heads off, looking at Bo with confusion. Bo frets.

Mia accuses Nicole of not giving her a straight answer. Nicole admits that what Mia heard was true. Mia groans, saying she can’t believe she gave her baby to her. Nicole explains that her father was a sick bastard. He forced her to do those movies. Mia asks sarcastically if she was forced to try to kill her ex-husband. She adds that wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole had murdered Tony, too. Nicole gasps, saying she never laid a finger on Tony. His death was an accident. Mia scoffs, wondering why she should believe Nicole when she has lied about everything else.

Officer Chatsworth heads into the café and greets Bo. He asks him to get down to the pier to find Hope and Roman, but the officer explains that they aren’t down there. The location of the stakeout changed, but radio communications went down, and they can’t get in touch with Roman. No one knows where the two are. Bo huffs, telling Chatsworth to track down Roman’s informant. He’ll know where they are. Chatsworth heads off. Bo paces worriedly.

Kate asks Chris if he has called other studios to reschedule the taping. He says he has, but no one can do it. He frets about the show, and Kate advises him to go home and make some calls, as he is making her nervous. He agrees, saying he wants the show to be a success, but it could flop. Kate practically shouts at him to leave and he hurries out, flustered. Chloe tells Kate that this might be for the best, since she was offered that lead in Vancouver. Daniel agrees, saying Kate could even find someone else to do it. Kate huffs, saying she wants Chloe. If she didn’t want to do it, then she shouldn’t have signed the contract. Chloe tells her she has plenty of time to find a new host since everything is on hold. Kate scoffs, saying nothing is on hold. She has a guest and a host, and she is going to make this show work.

Hope tells Roman that the radio and phone communication has been jammed. Roman peeks out the window, hoping they won’t have to make an arrest. Then they can just sit tight. Hope pouts out some coffee into mugs and heads over to Roman. He turns suddenly from the window, jostling Hope, who spills coffee all over herself. She sighs, handing the cups to Roman, and shaking coffee off of her blouse.

Bo yells at someone over the phone about communication lines being jammed. Chatsworth comes into the café and tells Bo that they’ve got a lead on the informant. Bo says angrily that the informant had better be able to tell him where his wife is.

Mia tells Nicole that she can’t believe she listened when Nicole told her she’d be a great mother. She cries, saying that Nicole showed her her house, and the baby’s room, and she fell for all of it. Nicole says that she is a good mother. There’s no way that Mia could have raised Sydney. She has no support, no job, and no husband. Mia reminds Nicole angrily that she couldn’t even tell her fiancé the truth about her miscarriage. That’s not the kind of life she wants her baby to have. Nicole says that she had better not be thinking of telling EJ the truth. Mia explodes, saying that Nicole may think she is just a stupid, clueless girl, but the truth is, she’d make a hell of a better mother than Nicole ever could. She starts to storm off, but Nicole asks where she is going. Mia says he is going to get her baby back.

Kate gets off the phone and sighs. Chloe tells her that she is sorry about what happened, as she knows how important this was to Kate. Kate isn’t sure that she does know. Chloe tells her that she really must get back to Nicole, so she can help her get ready for the wedding. Kate tells her they have a lot of work to do. Chloe has to help her sort this mess out, so she isn’t going anywhere.

Daniel makes a call at the bar, instructing someone about a patient’s dosage. Maggie comes in just then, asking him what’s going on, and he admits he is worried about Kate. Maggie fears it’s her health, but Daniel says she is fine. He’s just worried about all the stress she’s under now that the studio her talk was show was slated to be taped in burned to the ground. Maggie gasps, saying that’s awful news. Daniel explains that Kate is frantic, and Maggie says she has an idea. She thinks she can help.

Hope comes out from the bathroom in a robe as Roman apologizes profusely. She says it’s ok and puts a wet rag on her hand, explaining that she spilled coffee on it. Roman tries to take the rag and offers to help, but Hope jerks away, telling him not to touch her.

Nicole tells Mia that she can’t leave until she hears her out. She explains that she did do horrible things in her past, but she isn’t that person anymore. She has always had to work her ass off for everything she wanted, and what she wanted most was a husband and children. When she found out hose was pregnant with EJ’s baby, it changed her. For the first time, she was genuinely happy. She sobs as she recalls the miscarriage, telling Mia that she completed the picture when she came along and offered to let Nicole raise her baby. She insists that EJ and this baby have changed her, and she begs Mia to realize that she isn’t the same person she used to be long ago.

Maggie comes over to Kate, offering her condolences over the fire. Kate thanks her, saying that she is just beside herself. Maggie tells her she thinks she can help, and offers to allow her to tape at Chez Rouge. Chloe reminds her that she has a restaurant to run, but Kate is sure they can tape after hours. Maggie agrees and Kate thanks her profusely, promising to compensate her. Maggie tells her not to try to sell this to her. She wouldn’t have offered if she though it was a bad idea, and besides, she could use the publicity. Kate thanks her again and promises to call her soon. Maggie heads off, saying she’ll see her on the set. Kate grins, asking Chloe and Daniel if thy are still on board.

Roman asks Hope what is going on, but she says that she just overreacted. Roman stares in confusion as Hope asks him if Bo asked him to stay away from her. Roman admits he did and asks what the hell is going on. Hope says it’s too ridiculous to even mention. She peeks out the window and tells Roman she spots the buyer. Suddenly, she jumps back from the curtain, telling Roman she thinks one of the men spotted her.

Nicole tells Mia that she has to believe she has changed, but Mia isn’t sure what to believe. She convinced herself that giving her baby up to Nicole was what was best for her, but she isn’t sure what else Nicole could be lying about. Nicole claims everything is out in the open. Mia says she is sorry, but Sydney is her daughter, and she thinks she’d be better off with her. Nicole tells her to go ahead and take her then, but she wants Mia to know there will be repercussions. Mia asks what she means and Nicole admits things will be bad for her when the truth comes out. They’ll be even worse for Mia and Sydney, though.

Chloe says Kate can count on her, and Daniel says he’s in, too. Kate is pleased and the three sit down to discuss the segment. Kate was thinking about doing something on healthy food choices. Daniel reminds her he isn’t a nutritionist, but Kate gives him a pointed look, saying he can fake it. He’s good at that. Chloe just hopes she doesn’t have to cook. Kate says she doesn’t, but she will want her to sample some prepared entrees. Chloe agrees and Kate is glad, saying that will be the most important part of the segment.

Bo tries to call Hope, leaving her a message to call him. Chatsworth comes in, telling Bo that the informant’s apartment was empty. He’s bailed on them. Bo curses.

Hope tells Roman that she still can’t get a signal on her phone. Roman asks if she is sure those guys saw her just as the doorknob of the room rattles. Hope grabs her gun and hide behind the wall as Roman approaches the door.

Nicole tells Mia that she doesn’t want to scare her, but a prosecutor might construe the adoption as an attempt for Mia to sell her baby. Mia scoffs, saying Nicole was the adult, not her. They’re never going to put her in jail. Nicole says she wouldn’t be so sure of that. She could go to juvenile hall and she’d lose her baby anyway. Mia shakes her head, saying she can’t believe Nicole pretended to be her friend and to care for her. Now she’s just threatening her. Nicole says that what she said wasn’t a threat. It was a promise.


Bo says, “As soon as you hear from Roman or Hope, you call me.”

Hope tells Roman, “I'm going to get ready.” He replies, “Alright, let's do it.”

Rafe tells Will, “Your mom and I, uh--” He interrupts, “What, she dumped you?”

Nicole sobs, “Brady, you need to leave!” He replies, “You know what I need? I need you!”

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