Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/13/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Mia looks at Nicole and EJ’s wedding announcement and sighs. She flashes back to Nicole helping her give birth to her baby. Will interrupts her reverie, and Mia invites him to join her, showing him the article about the wedding. She gushes about how happy the two must be, but Will isn’t so sure. Mia asks him why and he explains that the bride was once his stepmother.

At St Luke’s, Brady sighs, saying to himself that Nicole shouldn’t do this.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ pours a drink as Stefano comes up behind him, asking where Nicole is. EJ says she is out, as usual. Stefano is surprised, considering that it is the eve of her wedding, but EJ says that Stefano is talking as if there is going to be a wedding. Stefano, confused, asks, “Isn’t there?”

At Sami’s place, Nicole spies through Sami’s open door as Rafe explains that he can’t do this anymore. Sami angrily tells him that he can’t leave like this, but Rafe says that he has nothing further to say. Nicole gasps, saying to herself that she knows that guy, but can’t remember from where. She flashes back to Rafe coming to the mansion disguised as a cable guy a few months before. Nicole remembers that he congratulated her on her pregnancy and gasps, saying to herself that that is how she knows him.

Brady looks through some of the wedding decorations in the vestibule of the church and sighs. With a determined look on his face, he strides out the door.

At the Java Café, Melanie chides the waitress for taking so long to make her salad. She asks the woman to put the meal on Maggie’s account, but she explains Maggie doesn’t have one. She starts to ask if Melanie can pay for it, but Melanie interrupts, snidely saying that her purse is worth more than the waitress makes in a month. The woman huffs and heads off. Melanie smirks, saying that she won’t get a decent tip by pretending she can’t afford a wilted salad. She rummages through her purse, noting that she actually can’t pay for it. She grabs the salad and looks around slyly, glad that she came up with a backup plan.

Sami tells Rafe that this is about Grace and her well-being. If she doesn’t tell the truth now, and her daughter finds out later on, Grace will resent her for the rest of her life. Rafe asks if she is just figuring this out, but Sami says she has known it all along. She came up with a plan that she thought would work, but it isn’t working, and it isn’t even realistic. Sami says that she can’t keep living a lie over something that is so important. Rafe sighs, asking what more she wants from him. He already said he would be there for her if she needed him. Sami accuses him of thinking that she doesn’t need him, but it isn’t true. She asks Rafe to promise that no matter what decision she makes in regards to EJ, that he will stay in Salem.

Melanie takes something rubbery put of a plastic package(maybe a fake bug?) and puts it in her salad. She shrieks and the waitress hurries over. Melanie claims that this didn’t come with her salad and threatens to sue. The waitress scoffs, saying that she isn’t suing anyone, as she put that in the salad herself. And if she doesn’t come up with what she owes, then the waitress is getting the manager, and it won’t be pretty. Melanie scoffs, saying she can’t talk to a customer like that, but the waitress threatens to make sure she scrubs pots and pans all night unless she can pay. Brady swoops in just then and hands the waitress some cash, covering the salad and asking for a couple of lattes in addition. Melanie beams.

Will tries to change the subject, but Mia presses him for answers, asking if Nicole treated him badly or brings back bad memories for him. He says no, and that he was actually really young when his dad married her. He admits that he has heard bad things about her from his mom, who hates her, and adds that people have told him Nicole only married his dad for his money. Mia is surprised, and Will also tells her that Nicole drank a lot. Mia gasps, asking if she is an alcoholic, but Will isn’t sure. He asks why Mia cares so much and wonders if she knows Nicole. Mia admits that she does.

Rafe tells Sami that he isn’t promising her anything. He reminds her that while she was in the safe house, she practically obsessed about keeping the truth form EJ and preventing Grace from being raised by a DiMera, and now she has done a 180. Sami scoffs, reminding him that all he talked about in the safe house was the importance of her telling the truth, and now he is just being mean and judgmental. Rafe says he wouldn’t have to be that way if she didn’t keep on changing her mind. He wonders what her real motivation is here--to tell EJ the truth about his daughter, or to ruin his wedding with Nicole? Sami gasps, saying she isn’t in love with EJ and isn’t jealous of Nicole. She wonders how Rafe dares think her so vindictive as to use her daughter to break up EJ’s marriage. Besides, she hasn’t even made a decision yet. Rafe scoffs, wondering how she can ask him to make any promises when she doesn’t even know what she is doing herself. Sami says she knows one thing--she doesn’t want him to go. Rafe says he isn’t basing his decision on what she wants; he’s basing it on what is best for him, Sami, and Grace. He says he will see her later and heads off. Sami bursts into tears.

EJ and Stefano discuss Stephanie thanking Nicole for making a statement on Phillip’s behalf. Stefano growls that they’re all crawling out of the woodwork to worship at her feet. EJ sighs and slams his drink on the table, saying that he was set in his decision to marry Nicole until he saw her with Stephanie. That just seemed to derail everything. Stefano tells EJ that if Nicole chooses to ingratiate herself with the Kiriakis family over their own, then that proves her to be a traitor. Nicole walks in just then, telling Stefano that the real traitor is someone they’ve always known to be an enemy to their family--and Nicole can finally prove it.

Will asks Mia how she knows Nicole, and she explains that one of her friends was placed in a mentoring program for high-risk teens. Nicole was her mentor, and she seemed cool. Will asks Mia if she is still in contact with Nicole, and she says she isn’t. Will shakes his head, shocked that Nicole was a mentor. Mia asks why and he explains that apart from all the drinking, Nicole is seriously messed up.

EJ tells Nicole that he thought she was coming straight home from the church, but Nicole explains that she had to drop some of Johnny’s medication over at Sami’s place. EJ tells her to get to the point and tell them who the traitor is. Nicole agrees and tells the two that Sami wasn’t alone. A tall guy with ‘Latin lover’ looks was with her-- a guy named Rafe. EJ says he really doesn’t care who Sami spends her time with, but Nicole says he should. She met Rafe months back--right here in this very house. EJ and Stefano are all ears.

Rafe strolls near the pier, reminiscing about the first time he met Sami, the way she nursed him when he was stabbed, the first time he met Grace, and the first kiss he and Sami shared. He comes back to the present and takes out his phone. He starts to dial, but stops and sighs.

Sami cuddles Grace, telling her that she has a big decision to make. For the first time, she actually wants to do the right thing, but she isn’t sure what that is. She sighs, saying she doesn’t know what’s best for her, Rafe, or her kids. Suddenly, Sami’s phone rings. She picks it up and stares at the caller ID, smiling. She answers and calls Rafe’s name, but instead of speaking to her, he hangs up with a curse. Sami hangs up too and sighs, admitting that she doesn’t even know what to say to him. Rafe makes another call, telling someone that he needs to speak to then right away.

Melanie complains to Brady about her salad, threatening loudly to sue, but Brady tells her she can stop with the charade. She sighs, admitting he is right. She won’t sue, but that means she can’t pay him back. He tells her it’s no problem, as he finds her somewhat charming. She grins ruefully, wishing Phillip felt that way, but Brady doesn’t think Phillip is right for her. Besides, he and Stephanie seem like a really solid couple right now. Melanie grumps that those two are boring. She asks point blank if Brady is single, adding that all the girls around the office used to drool over him. He tries to change the subject, but Melanie appreciates his modesty, saying it makes him even cuter. She insists to know why he never dated in the office, but Brady brushes her off, saying it isn’t cool for a boss to date an employee. Melanie doesn’t buy it and gasps, accusing him of still being in love with that awful woman.

Nicole tells EJ and Stefano that she saw Rafe at the house, but he wasn’t Rafe--he was the cable guy. Stefano remembers that there was a mix-up with the cable company a few months back and Nicole nods, saying Mary let him in. She caught him snooping around in her bedroom. The two stare blankly at her and she huffs, saying there must be a picture of the guy the two can rustle up. Mary will verify that he was here. Stefano heads off to do so and Nicole insists to EJ that she is telling the truth. She rages, saying that for months, EJ fretted over his precious Samantha in the safe house, and she was spying on them the entire time. EJ’s phone rings and he answers. Nicole huffs, guessing that it is Sami. She’s right. Sami is on the other line, and she tells EJ that she has to tell him something important.

Brady tries to change the subject, but Melanie says she understands that he still has a thing for his ex-wife. Surprised, Brady asks if she means Chloe. Melanie says she does, unless he has some other ex-wife. She heard rumblings around Titan that he still has feelings for her. Melanie says it’s no big deal, as she never thought he and Chloe fit well together. She admits that thinks Chloe seems like a bitch. Brady shakes his head, saying that she is a real sweetheart, actually. He doesn’t have a thing for her, but he is glad they are friends and that she met Lucas. Melanie asks if he is really glad, and he says he is happy for everyone he cares about. Melanie is suspicious, assuming that they are no longer talking about Chloe. She says it is written all over Brady’s face--she can tell he’s got it bad for someone.

Will tells Mia all about Nicole’s past, saying that she has had a lot of ex-husbands, none of whom she treated very well. He thinks his dad probably go the worst of it. Mia is surprised, and Will says she hasn’t heard the half of it. Nicole is a total psycho and everyone makes excuses for her, saying she had a bad childhood just because her dad forced her into porn. Mia gapes, saying she can’t believe the mother of that beautiful baby in the paper was a porn star. Will says he’d rather not talk about Nicole anymore, but Mia insists. She says that for her friend’s sake, she needs to know everything about this Nicole woman.

Sami tells EJ that she needs to say something, but he suggests she doesn’t and hangs up on her. He curses, calling Sami two-faced and manipulative. Nicole reminds him that he said the same about her not that long ago. EJ tries to explain, but Nicole stops him, saying that sharing a child with EJ is something that Sami doesn’t seem to care about, but she is proud that he is Sydney’s father. She’s also sorry about what happened with Stephanie, but she didn’t tell the truth to help Phillip. She told the truth because the truth is important to her. She says she now needs the truth from EJ. She has wanted to marry him for a long time, and now she needs to know if he wants to marry her tomorrow or not.

Brady changes the subject again, and Melanie takes the hint, saying she should probably just leave him alone considering what he has already done for her. She admits that this is the longest conversation she has had in months, since everyone in town apart from Max and Maggie would like to run her over with a truck. Brady tries to deny it, but Melanie says it’s true. She adds that she would like to see him happy since he is such a good catch, so she’d like to give him some advice in regards to his mystery woman.

Will says he is uncomfortable talking about Nicole, but Mia presses him to go on, saying she needs specifics. If she doesn’t have them, then her friend will think she’s lying about Nicole or that Will is just bitter and hates her. Will insists he doesn’t hate Nicole, but Mia reminds him that he called her a psycho. Will finally admits that she tried to kill someone once. Mia gapes. She asks him what happened, but he suggests she go online and look, since the story was in the newspapers. He gets a call from Lucas and excuses himself. Mia sighs and looks at the wedding announcement. She flips the paper over and sees an article about am memorial service for Tony. Mia gapes.

Stefano heads into the living room, telling EJ and Nicole that Mary confirmed that Rafe was the ‘studly’ cable guy. Stefano wants to formulate a plan, but EJ asks for a moment alone with Nicole first. Stefano heads off. EJ grins at Nicole. She beams, asking if his smile means that he has no more doubts about her. Before he can answer, the doorbell rings. He calls out for Harold, but the bell rings again. EJ excuses himself to go answer it. He flings the door open and finds Sami there.

Melanie tells Brady that she has a lot of experience with dating. Usually things blow up in her face, like with Phillip, for example, because she’s honest and tells the guy exactly how she feels. She smiles ruefully, telling Brady that that usually freaks guys out. Brady admits that that is true, and Melanie explains that guys never tell girls how they feel, fearing they might freak them out in turn. She tells Brady that he has to be honest, because girls don’t like games. She gets a faraway look in her eye as she tells Brady that he must tell this woman that he loves her and can’t stop thinking about her. After all, something good may come from it. Brady ponders this as Melanie reminds him that he can’t be any worse off than he is right now.

Rafe meets with Sister Agnes at the convent. She asks how things went with Sami, but Rafe says they didn’t go so well. She is planning on telling Grace’s father the truth, and once she does, he will be back in her life for good. Rafe figures that he needs to just cut his losses. Agnes asks if Sami really plans on telling the truth, and Rafe says she is thinking about it, which means she probably will. He shrugs, saying it may be the right decision, after all. All he knows is that there’s no longer room for him in Sami’s life.

Sami starts to head into the mansion, but EJ blocks her, saying she can’t come in. She says it’s important, and he scoffs, asking if she is here to spy. Nicole comes up behind him as Sami insists that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. EJ lays in to her, saying he isn’t sure if she meant to find out if he was behind the mayor’s murder, or if her jealousy of Nicole spiraled out of control, but either way, she violated his privacy. Sami says he is talking crazy, but Nicole steps up, telling Sami that Rafe was here months ago in some crazy cable guy getup. Sami snorts. EJ asks her to deny that she had a part in this-- to deny that she violated his home and his right to privacy.

Mia says to herself that she is never going to let Nicole keep her baby.

Agnes tells Rafe that he needs to think about this, but he says that all he needs to do right now is leave town. He already bought his ticket and leaves tomorrow at noon. Agnes thinks it’s too soon, but Rafe say that she won’t change his mind on this. She hugs him, telling him goodbye and that she’ll miss him. He asks her to do him a favor--to check in on Sami and Grace. Agnes agrees.

Sami admits that she had Rafe come by the house to check on Johnny. She was worried about him living with Stefano and Nicole. EJ tells her they are through here and slams the door in her face. Sami grumps, saying that telling EJ the truth is still the right thing to do. She has to find a way to do so. EJ apologizes to Nicole, saying he now sees that she is loyal to the family. He appreciates her telling him about Sami invading their privacy, and it really jarred him into realizing he was wrong about her and that he still loves her. He gets down on one knee, asking Nicole if she will still take him as her husband. Nicole says she will, of course. The two kiss.


Maggie tells Bo, “She left with Roman. They left together.”

Hope snaps at Roman, “Just don’t touch me, ok?”

Chloe asks Daniel, “What are you doing here?” Kate replies, “Do you want to tell her or should I?”

Mia yells, “You lied to me about everything!” Nicole says, “Mia please--“ Mia interrupts, “I mean did you seriously think that you were going to get away with all of this?!”

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