Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/10/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At her place, Sami sits on the couch in front of a laundry basket and sighs. She checks her phone. Just then, a knock sounds at the door. Sami jumps up and opens it, thinking it’s Rafe, but it’s Caroline. Sami’s face falls. Caroline jokes that Sami looks like she has just lost her best friend. Sami sighs, saying that she might have.

At the convent, Rafe paces around in Teresa’s office. Sister Agnes comes in, explaining that Sister Teresa has gone to the food bank, but will be back later. She asks if he can help Rafe with anything, and he admits that he is in a real dilemma. She asks slyly if it has to do with Sami Brady. Rafe nods, telling Sister Agnes that he fears it’s over between them.

At St. Luke’s, Nicole asks EJ if the wedding is on or not. He sighs, saying that they will just have to wait to see what tomorrow brings. Brady approaches outside the door as Nicole wails, saying that this isn’t like waiting for a dress in her size--it’s their lives they’re talking about here. EJ says he knows what’s at stake and tells her he will see her later. He heads off, but she stops him, reminding him that they promised not to go to bed angry. He kisses her on the forehead, saying he isn’t angry, but he just needs some time alone to think. She sobs, begging him not to walk out on her, but EJ says he has to. He’s sorry, but he is the one calling the shots here, and this isn’t her choice.

Rafe explains to Agnes that Teresa advised Sami to tell her baby’s father the truth about her child. He adds that he thinks it’s the worst advice she’s ever given, especially since Sami had set her heart on not telling him the truth. Agnes says she may have felt that way while she was away, but perhaps things have changed since she returned to Salem. Rafe says he doesn’t think so. Like Teresa, he was insistent that a father had rights to his child, but now that he knows who the father is in this case, he thinks it’s a good idea that Sami keep lying to him. Agnes asks him if he feels that way because he wants to take the Grace’s father’s place in Sami’s heart.

Caroline asks Sami who she was expecting, and she admits that she hoped Rafe was returning. He left angry earlier, and she wanted to apologize to him. Caroline says that it’s never too late for an apology and sits down next to Sami. She tells Caroline that she wants to talk to her about her Uncle Bo. She know this is private, and probably none of her business, but she wanted to know about Caroline keeping his paternity a secret for so many years. Caroline sighs, saying it’s simple. She hid the truth because she was foolish and selfish.

Brady listens in as Nicole sarcastically tells EJ that she thought she controlled his life. He tells her to lose the sarcasm, but she whines, saying that she can’t help it when he can’t seem to decide if he wants to marry her the day before their wedding. EJ reminds her angrily that his brother just died and that his life has changed significantly. He’s disappointed that she doesn’t seem to understand that. She cries, saying she does. EJ tells her coldly that he will make a decision right now if she insists, but he doesn’t think she’ll like his choice, so he advises that they just talk about this later. He heads off. Nicole sobs hysterically. Brady comes up behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder. Thinking it’s EJ, she whirls around excitedly, but seeing that it’s Brady instead, she bursts into tears.

Kate sits down outside the pub, sending Chelsea a text message apologizing for her leaving the hospital so suddenly. Just then, the woman Maggie spoke to Daniel about, Irene, walks by, talking to Maggie. She thanks her for setting her up with Daniel, saying they met at the benefit, but she was shy, and he seemed distant. She admits that he is handsome, however, and promises to let Maggie know how the date went. She hangs up and Kate comes over, saying that she couldn’t help but overhear, and wonders if she is being set up with Daniel Jonas. Irene says she is, and Kate sighs, telling her that she knows the man quite well, and she thinks there’s something Irene should know about him.

At the pub, Chloe pours herself a cup of coffee and explains to Lucas that this job offer is very important to her. Lucas huffs, saying he thought he and Allie were important to her, too. Chloe huffs, asking what she is supposed to say to that. Lucas suggests that she say she’s not going to take this job. Chloe sighs. Daniel looks on from a nearby table.

Rafe tells Agnes that it might be time for him to give up on Sami and move on, but Agnes scoffs, saying that Teresa told her that Sami was clearly crazy about Rafe. Rafe says that she may enjoy spending time with him, but her heart belongs to someone else. Agnes asks if it belongs to her baby’s father. Rafe nods. She asks how he knows and he tells her it’s pure instinct. Agnes scoffs, telling him that if he loves Sami, then he will fight for her.

Sami doesn’t think Caroline is capable of being selfish, but she says she was back then. She only kept Bo’s paternity a secret to protect herself, and she would tell the truth if she had it to do all over again. She advises Sami that secrets and lies are nothing but hurtful and destructive. Sami nods and sighs. Caroline reminds her that the truth always comes out eventually. You can pick the place or time yourself, or you can live in constant fear--but the truth will be revealed eventually whether you’re ready for it to or not. It always does.

Brady asks Nicole to tell him what is going on, and she sobs, saying she has screwed everything up and there’s no turning back now. Brady asks what happened, and she explains that EJ saw Stephanie thanking her and hugging her for telling the truth about Phillip’s involvement in Tony’s death. Brady doesn’t understand how that ruined everything. Nicole sighs and explains that EJ saw it as her being loyal to the Kiriakis family and betraying him. Brady thinks that that is ridiculous. Nicole says it is, but it’s also the final nail in the coffin. EJ wants to get rid of her, and it doesn’t really matter how she got to this point. Their relationship is over. It’s finished. Brady says EJ isn’t the right man for her and doesn’t deserve her anyway, but Nicole asks him if he is out of his mind. She vows never to give up on EJ, whether he deserves her or not. She swears she will become EJ’s wife.

Irene asks Kate if she knows her, but Kate says who she is isn’t important--it’s who Daniel is. She warns Irene to be wary of Daniel, as he gets around, and Kate is more than acquainted with his bedside manner. Irene gapes. Kate says that she is trying to be a good Samaritan. Irene says she has heard enough, but Kate disagrees. She tells Irene it’s a good thing Daniel is a doctor. If he can’t cure it, at least he can give her a prescription to ease the discomfort. Irene gapes.

Chloe sighs, saying that the last thing she wants to do is disappoint Lucas or Kate, but she can’t give up the opportunity of a lifetime to host a talk show. Lucas says it isn’t as if he is asking her to flip burgers. A lot of people would love the opportunity to host this show. Chloe agrees, but says that singing is her life and what she loves to do. He can’t ask her to give that up. Daniel comes over just then, saying he couldn’t help but overhear, and congratulates Chloe on her job offer. She thanks him, giving Lucas a pointed look and saying she hopes it works out. Daniel starts to head off, but Lucas invites him to join them.

Rafe tells Agnes that he isn’t interested in fighting a losing battle. She says that giving up doesn’t sound like something Rafe would do, but he says he has no choice. This guy that fathered Sami’s baby has her under some magical spell, and besides, they now share two children. Agnes advises that Rafe at least talk to Sami before he makes a decision. Rafe isn’t so sure, but Agnes warns him not to run way. Salem is his home, and he belongs here.

Sami thanks Caroline for coming by, and tells her to drop in anytime. Caroline agrees, wishing her luck with her young man. She says she hopes it all works out and heads off. Sami shuts the door and sighs, saying she hopes so, too.

Nicole tells Brady that she doesn’t care if her relationship with EJ is all based on a lie. Brady sighs, telling her this has got to stop. Doesn’t she see how insane this is with all the lies, scheming, and constant panic? Brady says tenderly that he doesn’t want to see her go through this anymore. Nicole sobs, asking what she is supposed to do. It’s not as if she can go back in time and get a do-over. Brady agrees, but says she can still be honest. If she really wants to give this marriage a shot, she needs to come clean and tell EJ the truth.

Daniel says he is actually meeting someone here, and Lucas asks if he has a date. Daniel smiles, saying he does. Chloe’s face falls as Lucas congratulates him. Daniel gets a page just then, joking that the hospital might ruin his prospects. He heads off. Lucas sees Kate outside and excuses himself to go speak with her. Just then, Irene comes in. Apparently, she and Chloe know each other, as they hug and talk about how long it’s been since they’ve seen one another. Irene explains she is still working at the hospital, but is on a break and is meeting someone here for a date. She explains that the two know each other causally, but were set up by someone else. Chloe asks if she is here to meet Daniel. Irene says she is, asking if Chloe knows him.

Sami heads off with the laundry as someone knocks on her door. She opens it to find Rafe, and invites him in. She starts to say something, but he interrupts, saying he hates the way they left things before, and that he is sorry. Sami grins and hugs him.

At the Java Café, Mia looks through a newspaper and sees an announcement for EJ and Nicole’s wedding, with an accompanying picture of the two and Sydney. Mia sighs and turns to leave, but bumps into EJ, spilling her coffee. He asks if he can get her another one, but Mia declines. EJ insists and heads to the counter. Mia watches him uncomfortably.

Nicole tells Brady that the truth is no longer an option. All that will get her right now is thrown back into the gutter or worse. Stefano already hates her, which is practically grounds for wearing a bullet-proof vest, and when it comes to EJ--well, the apple doesn’t fall far. Brady vows not to let anyone hurt her and swears he’ll protect her himself. She sobs, saying she could never ask him to take on that burden. Brady smiles, telling her it wouldn’t be a burden. In fact, he would consider it an honor. Nicole sighs, telling him that he has been a great friend, and she appreciates his support, but their time together has passed. Brady says he knows that she loves EJ. This is just about him wanting to help her as a friend. Nicole says he already has--more than he even knows, but she can’t take his advice this time. She just needs to find a way to remind EJ why he fell in love with her before it’s too late. She vows not to let that bitch Sami come between them or let her dig her claws into EJ.

Sami says she is the one that should apologize to Rafe. She has been really conflicted lately about keeping Grace’s paternity from EJ, and she should have been listening to Rafe. He says she shouldn’t have, since he has been pushy and selfish. He says that he has always felt like telling the truth was the right thing, no matter what, but lately he has been counseling Sami to do the opposite, and that isn’t right. Sure, the DiMeras may be evil, but Sami obviously loved EJ at some point in spite of that--enough to have a baby with him anyway, so it makes sense that she wants to tell EJ the truth. Rafe sighs, saying it isn’t his place to tell her what to do. This is her life and her decision, and she needs to do what feels right.

Brady groans, telling Nicole that Sami isn’t the problem here. Nicole agrees, saying this is about EJ. She starts to head off to give him a piece of her mind, but Brady stops her, saying that he heard what EJ said. If she confronts him now, it will just alienate him more. Nicole says she isn’t sure she is able to give him his space, and Brady advises her to prepare to lose him if she can’t. Besides, if EJ loves her, then he will be able to clear his head and realize that Nicole is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his lie with. Everything will straighten itself out. She wonders what she is supposed to do right now, and Brady advises that she go home and relax. Nicole agrees and thanks him for all he has done. She knows she has been impossible, and he’s been a saint to put up with her. She hugs him and heads off, saying she’ll call him later. Brady sighs, telling her to call anytime.

Lucas confronts Kate, asking if she is spying on him and Chloe. Kate claims she isn’t; in fact, she saw the two and decided to order takeout instead of coming in, because she didn’t want to disturb them. Lucas accepts this, and tells Kate that Chloe got offered a gig singing in Vancouver. He adds that she will probably be traveling a lot. Kate huffs, saying she can’t do that.

Chloe tells Irene that Daniel is her doctor, and that he’s a great guy. Irene confides in her that she heard a rumor that Daniel was a dog and would sleep with anyone. Chloe scoffs, telling her the rumor is just that--a rumor, and a nasty one to boot. Chloe claims that Daniel isn’t like that at all. She asks who told Irene that, and Irene tells her some woman told her that said she knew Daniel well. Daniel sees the two chatting and stares, surprised.

Rafe tells Sami that he has been clouding her judgment, and that has to stop. This is her decision. Sami whines that she doesn’t know what decision to make, and that she’s totally lost. Rafe sighs, saying the decision would be easier if EJ was just some crook, but he isn’t. He’s rich and powerful and she clearly loves him. Sami scoffs, saying she can’t even respond to that. Rafe tells her she already knows what she wants to do, and what she is going to do. After all, she can get EJ back and blow Nicole out of the water in one fell swoop.

Nicole heads into the mansion, calling out for EJ. She spots the liquor and tells herself she needs to stay focused. She decides to have one drink anyway and tosses it back. She then decides she needs a nap and promptly falls asleep on the couch. She dreams that she is exchanging vows with EJ. Instead of agreeing to take her as his wife, he announces that he wants Sami to be his wife, since she is honest and tender, qualities Nicole seems to lack. Nicole says he can’t leave her, as they have a child together. Dr. Baker stands up in the crowd, saying they don’t, actually. Sami rushes in, trying to introduce EJ to their daughter, Grace, but Mia comes in, saying that that is her baby. Baker explains to the baby switch to the shocked group. Sami demands to know where her child is. Nicole grabs Sydney as everyone demands that Nicole give Sami her baby back. Nicole wakes up and gasps, saying that she can’t let that happen.

Lucas reminds Kate that Chloe got offered a lead role in an opera, which is her dream. They can’t take that away from her. Kate tells Lucas that it can’t be done, since she is hosting the new TV show for Hearth and Home. Lucas says that they were thinking Chloe could pre-tape her segments around her opera schedule so she could do both. Kate isn’t so sure, but Lucas says that he has to do this for Chloe. Besides, doesn’t Kate want her daughter-in-law to be happy? Kate says she does, seeing as how Chloe is so loyal and selfless. Lucas is glad she sees it his way, and vows they’ll make it work, even thought Chloe might get a bit fatigued from all the traveling. He heads back into the pub. Kate smiles slyly, saying that fatigue can affect the immune system. She doesn’t think Chloe taking this job in Vancouver is such a bad thing after all.

Brady lights a candle for Isabella, his mother. He sighs, saying she would know what he should do about Nicole if only she were here.

EJ hands Mia her coffee, apologizing again and telling her to have a nice day. He heads off. Mia picks up the newspaper and looks at the picture of EJ and Nicole. She gasps, realizing that that was Nicole’s fiancé--her baby’s father.

Nicole downs another drink and hiccups, cursing Sami for driving her to drink. She grumps that Sami always ends up with EJ, even in her dreams. She flops into a chair and slurs that Sami is just a bottle blonde. However, if EJ knew they shared another child together, he’d leave. Nicole huffs, vowing that Sami is toast. She heads off, nearly stumbling and falling on her way out.

Sami tells Rafe that she isn’t sure where this is coming from, but she isn’t in love with EJ. This is about Grace. The only bond she and EJ share are the children they have together. Rafe continues to insist that he shouldn’t be influencing her decision, and that he can no longer continue to be her crutch. He starts to head off, but Sami stops him, saying she won’t let him walk out on her again.

Daniel greets Irene, who is sitting alone at the bar. He apologizes for being late, saying he had an emergency. She says it’s ok, as she was about to leave anyway. Daniel asks why, and she says this just isn’t going to work out. It was nice of Maggie to try to set them up, but they work together, so this probably won’t work out. Daniel says it’s just a drink, but Irene apologizes, hoping he won’t have any hard feelings. She heads off. Lucas and Chloe get ready to leave, and Lucas hopes Chloe is excited for her debut as a star. Daniel watches the two sadly. Outside, Kate sees Irene leave and smiles, saying one bird’s down, anyway. She only has one songbird to go.

Brady kneels and prays, asking God to help him get Nicole to see that EJ isn’t the right man for her, and that there is someone else that is.

Rafe opens the door as Sami begs him not to leave. Nicole approaches the door and watches as Rafe tells Sami that he can’t help her anymore. He tells her that this is goodbye. Sami protests. Nicole gasps, saying to herself that she knows that guy.


Will tells Mia, “Nicole Walker has major issues. I mean, I’m talking about serious issues.”

Melanie asks Brady, “You’re still in love with that awful woman, aren’t you?”

Nicole tells EJ and Stefano, “This guy, Rafe-- I’ve met him before--right here in this house.”

Sami tells Rafe, “No matter what I decide with EJ, you’re not going to leave Salem!”

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