Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/9/09


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EJ strolls along near the pier. He stops at the scene of Tony’ death. Someone has placed candles and flowers nearby. EJ kneels down and looks them over.

At St. Luke’s, Nicole goes over the seating arrangements for the wedding with the planner. The woman tells her that everything is set, and talks about the seating for the bride and groom. Nicole is just glad that they are separate, because if a Brady or a Kiriakis sits near a DiMera, blood will be shed, and she can’t have anyone getting murdered on her wedding day. She insists in a panic that that would be bad luck. The woman gapes at Nicole, who paces worriedly.

Chelsea works on fixing a drawer in her apartment as Stephanie comes in. Chelsea puts the drawer aside, saying her carpentry dreams are dashed, and seeing the look on Stephanie’s face, adds that she probably doesn’t have to ask how things went with Phillip. Stephanie says that she knows Chelsea has her doubts, but she doesn’t have any anymore. Phillip needs her and she needs him. Chelsea asks why she isn’t with him right now and Stephanie explains that she wanted to give him some time alone with his father, and some time to process some things. Chelsea asks what she means. Stephanie sighs, saying that she used to fear that Phillip wasn’t the right guy for her. She doesn’t fear that anymore, but now she’s terrified something awful is going to happen to Phillip at the hands of the DiMeras.

EJ sighs, asking Tony if this is what they’re reduced to--him having to speak to Tony where he--EJ breaks off, not able to bring himself to say the words. He vows to Tony to make sure his death is avenged, even if it is the last thing he ever does. Max walks over just then, telling EJ that it might be the last thing he ever does, actually. EJ slowly rises to his feet as Max reminds EJ angrily that he is getting married tomorrow. Is this how he wants to begin taking care of his family?

At the pub, Lucas tells Chloe that he wants them to spend a lot of time together, since they are newlyweds. Chloe says she wants to do that, too, which is why she is having her doubts about hosting a TV show for Kate. Lucas insists that it won’t take up too much of her time, since she is just doing some interviews. Chloe sighs, saying she’ll be thinking about it and preparing all the time, for fear that she might screw up. She says that this job isn’t for her. She knows Kate will want to murder her for backing out, but she’s made up her mind. She can’t do this.

The wedding planner tries to soothe Nicole, telling her to breathe deeply and calm down. Nicole scoffs, saying breathing won’t help a thing. She can’t calm down because the closer this wedding gets, the more she fears that everything is going to fall apart. The wedding planner asks how it might fall apart. Nicole sighs and flashes back to switching Mia’s baby for Sami’s, then confronting Mia about telling Tony her secret, then to EJ telling her that they need to spend some time apart. Nicole comes back to the present and cries, wondering what she is thinking. This marriage is doomed.

Lucas thought that Chloe wanted this job, but she says she didn’t. Kate just offered it to her, and she felt like she couldn’t say no. Lucas advises her to try it out for a little while, and then she can quit if she doesn’t like it. Chloe asks if he really thinks she can do that, and Lucas says she can do whatever she wants. No one is going to force her into keeping a job she doesn’t like. Chloe, soothed, agrees to his idea. Lucas congratulates her on becoming a real celebrity. Chloe sighs, worrying that she may be a flop. Lucas vows that that will never happen and kisses her. Daniel comes in just then and interrupts the two, greeting them. Chloe takes a call just then from Monique Parker, Nicole’s wedding planner. She tells Chloe that she needs the matron of honor at the church immediately. They’re in the midst of a wedding emergency.

EJ wonders what gives Max the right to intrude in on other’s problems. Max says that he isn’t trying to intrude, but he knows EJ is grieving for Tony. He adds that he lived through the blood feuds between the Brady and DiMera families, so he is just wondering why EJ wants to start another one. EJ claims that he didn’t start anything. His brother had a meeting with Phillip Kiriakis, and now he is dead. Is Max saying that he should just let bygones be bygones? Max says that he always heard Tony was a pretty good guy, and that he wanted to break away from the DiMeras. EJ grimaces, but agrees that Tony always tried to better himself. Max asks EJ if he really thinks Tony would want his death to spark off another war. Why can’t EJ just let him rest in peace?

Stephanie asks Chelsea if she thinks she has good reason to be worried about Phillip. Chelsea says that while the DiMera and Kiriakis families have always had problems, she doesn’t think that Stephanie can live her life worrying about what might happen. Chelsea advises Stephanie to try and enjoy the time she has with the person she loves, because Chelsea is pretty sure that Phillip loves her, too. Stephanie beams. Stephanie just wishes she could do something to help him. Chelsea thinks all she can do is be there for Phillip, but Stephanie thinks there is something else she can do. She grabs her coat and heads off.

Chloe rushes into the church, asking Nicole what’s going on and where the wedding planner is. Nicole says she is off with the caterer and the florist, and explains that she wanted Chloe here so she could apologize. She’s sorry she forced her to spend a fortune on a matron of honor dress she probably won’t even wear. Chloe asks what she is talking about and Nicole sighs, saying everything was perfect with EJ until she ruined it. Chloe asks if she is talking about telling the police about Tony’s death being an accident, but Nicole says no. That didn’t help things, but she didn’t ruin anything by telling the truth. She ruined things by lying. She sits down by Sydney’ stroller with a sigh, apologizing for being so messed up. Chloe asks what she means when she says she lied, and Nicole explains that she lied to herself. Chloe knows all the other times she’s been married, it was for money, but this time she thought it was different. Chloe says it is, but Nicole disagrees. She confides that EJ is being a real jerk to her right now, and she isn’t sure that that is the way you are supposed to treat the person you love. Chloe reminds her that EJ is just going through a tough time right now. Nicole isn’t sure she wants to marry someone that isn’t really in love with her, though. Chloe sighs, asking if this is about Sami. Nicole admits it is, partly. Chloe warns her not to let Sami bother her. What she and EJ had might have been passionate, but it was never going to last. Real love is about stability, not volatility. Nicole tells Chloe that that sounds boring. Chloe swears that it doesn’t have to be. Nicole reminds her that she had second thoughts about Lucas, but took the plunge anyway. Nicole wants to know how Chloe feels now. Is she ready to blow her brains out yet? Chloe sighs.

Maggie heads into the pub and greets Daniel, joking that he can’t go anywhere in this town without running into someone he’d rather avoid. Daniel claims that he doesn’t want to avoid her. She thanks him again for making the decision to let Lucas and Chloe be happy together. Daniel reminds her that Chloe had something to do with that. Maggie also congratulates him on being such an asset to the hospital. She hears he barely ever goes anywhere except home and to the pub. Daniel says he manages to sleep some nights, but Maggie warns him not to confuse the Hippocratic Oath with vows of celibacy. He’s a doctor, not a monk. She knows he did the right thing for Chloe, but now he needs to do the right thing for himself. Daniel admits that he isn’t sure what that it is, but Maggie says that she thinks she knows.

Chloe lays into Nicole for saying a thing like she might want to shoot herself. Nicole swears she was kidding, and Chloe retorts that she has no regrets about marrying Lucas. She did the right thing. She’s very happy and she wants the same thing for Nicole. Nicole says she would be happy if she didn’t think EJ had his own regrets. Chloe vows that EJ loves Nicole. She can see it in his eyes. Nicole isn’t so sure, saying Chloe has never seen EJ angry with her. When those times come, she’s sure that he would rather be with Sami. She sighs, saying that Sami has always been the fly in the ointment. Chloe reminds Nicole that Sami didn’t tell EJ about their baby, miscarried, then adopted another and started a new life with her bodyguard. It’s over between her and EJ. Nicole says she knows the story, but she doesn’t believe it. Chloe asks if she means Sami’s story about her new kid and Nicole nods.

Max reminds EJ again that he is getting married, and advises that EJ work on starting an new life with his family instead of another war. Chelsea comes over just then, asking what is going on. EJ angrily tells her that Max has been offering him unsolicited advice. Chelsea says that Max is right. What happened to Tony was an accident, and the fact that he and his father are outraged is a joke. EJ stares at her, aghast, as Chelsea lectures him on the fact that his family has terrorized this town for decades and they all still walk around like normal citizens. EJ hisses at her to go to hell. Chelsea claims that Phillip has suffered enough. After all, he has to live with what he did for the rest of his life. EJ screams at her that at least Phillip gets to live. EJ glares, saying that he isn’t sure what Chelsea is trying to do, but he warns her to knock it off. Max tells him not to speak to her that way. EJ says he doesn’t want to speak to either of them. Muttering that this was a waste of his time, he heads off. Max says that Chelsea was pretty tough for defending her family, and that he loves that about her, but he advises her to be careful. Chelsea lays into him for patronizing her, saying that he needs to be worried about Phillip. Max sighs, saying he doesn’t care about Phillip, he cares about her. And he’s worried about her.

Stephanie heads into St. Luke’s, lights a prayer candle, and crosses herself. She prays to God, saying that she loves Phillip more than she has ever loved anyone, and she just wants God to keep him safe and bring him some peace.

In the chapel, Chloe asks Nicole if she thinks Sami’s adopted baby is actually her own child. Nicole shushes her as she tends to Sydney, saying she doesn’t think that, but she also doesn’t believe a word that comes out of Sami’s mouth. Chloe says she doesn’t either, but Sami convinced Lucas that this adoption was for real. After all those two have been through, Chloe finds it hard to believe that Lucas might fall for another one of her tricks. Nicole agrees that Lucas isn’t exactly stupid. Chloe encourages her to forget about Sami, who’s just phony and mean, and to focus on what’s really important--EJ and Sydney. Nicole agrees, thanking Chloe for talking her down. Chloe gets up, saying she will see Nicole later at the rehearsal. She heads off. Nicole picks up Sydney and cuddles her, telling her how much she loves her and vowing that everything is going to be alright.

Max and Chelsea head into her apartment, and he sees the drawer for the bookshelf she was trying to put together earlier. He laughs at her ineptitude, and offers to help, but Chelsea says she’d rather kiss. Max breaks it off, saying he can’t help but to fix this for her. He’s a mechanic at heart, after all. Chelsea says that she wants to do it herself, but Max knows she can’t. She huffs, but he assures her she’s good at a lot of other things, just not building stuff. He tells her she’s great at work, and friendships, and kissing. He leans in and the two start making out.

Nicole and Maxine discuss wedding favors. Nicole sees Stephanie standing in the doorway, and asks Maxine to take Sydney and meet with the nanny. She’s supposed to get her final fitting for her dress today. Maxine agrees and heads off with the baby. Stephanie comes over to Nicole, saying she just wanted to thank her for what she did for Phillip. Nicole says she was just telling the truth, but Stephanie knows that Tony’s family was putting pressure on her to do otherwise. She knows how it feels to be in love with someone whose family doesn’t share your values. Nicole chuckles, saying her family had no values, so there’s no problem there. Stephanie thanks her again, hugging her fiercely. Nicole is shocked. EJ walks into the vestibule just then and sees the two hugging. He backs off, confused and upset.

Maggie tells Daniel that she just wants to see people happy. She admits that when they had the charity auction, there were many young women interested in Salem’s most eligible bachelor, Daniel. He sighs, saying he knows what Maggie is trying to do here. She interrupts, telling him about Irene Ellis, a physical therapist at the hospital. Daniel tries to stop her, but she begs him not to deny her the joy of one of her favorite activities--matchmaking. Daniel reminds her he isn’t interested, but Maggie jokes that she doesn’t have a problem wrestling him to the ground over this if she needs to. She begs him to think about it, and Daniel agrees. She heads off. Daniel groans. Maggie greets Lucas at his table nearby, asking where Chloe is. He tells Maggie that she had to head down to St. Luke’s to put out some fire associated with Nicole’s wedding. He admits to Maggie that he isn’t looking forward to attending at all. He used to think that EJ and Nicole were the couple from hell, but he finds himself feeling sorry for Nicole now that she has to deal with that family. He admits that his mom is a wreck over this Phillip situation, and adds that the DiMeras better not lay a finger on his brother.

Stephanie walks in on Chelsea and Max kissing and squeals, shutting the door. Chelsea asks her to give them a minute as Max blushes and covers himself with a pillow. Chelsea heads to the door and Stephanie tells her that they can’t keep doing this. Chelsea agrees.

Daniel watches as Chloe heads back into the pub and explains to Lucas and Maggie that everything is fine, and that Nicole just had some pre-wedding jitters. Maggie thinks it must be difficult to plan a wedding when there is a recent death in the family, and Chloe agrees. Lucas shrugs, saying bad things happen sometime. It’s the circle of life. Maggie says it should remind Lucas and Chloe just how lucky they are, and Lucas agrees. It was hard when his mom was so ill, but now everything is fine, and there are only good things to come. The three smile as Daniel walks over to a table nearby and sits alone.

EJ heads in to see Nicole, who is now alone. She says that she wanted to apologize for their fight earlier. EJ says he actually came by here to do the same--until he saw her embracing Stephanie, while she thanked Nicole for saving Phillip. He wonders why she didn’t tell him and Nicole shrugs, saying there was nothing to tell. She barely knows Stephanie, so it’s not as if she was seeking her out. EJ angrily tells her that this has nothing to do with Stephanie. Nicole huffs, asking why he always acts as if she is keeping something from him. EJ says it’s because lately, that’s all she seems to do.

Lucas tells Maggie about his plans to have a second wedding for friends and family, and Maggie tells them she thinks it’s a wonderful idea. She offers to have it at Chez Rouge and Lucas thanks her. Daniel listens in, looking as if he is in physical pain. Maggie says she has to go, but tells Chloe she will meet with her later to finish going over their interview for the talk show. She hopes Chloe isn’t still nervous, and Chloe jokes that she is just crippled by anxiety. Maggie assures her that she will do well, and Lucas agrees. Maggie heads off and Lucas tells Chloe that everything is wonderful. She agrees and the two kiss. Daniel sighs and slams down his coffee cup.

Stephanie heads into the apartment, and Chelsea jokes that this has happened twice now. Max asks what they are talking about, and Stephanie explains that Chelsea walked in on her and Phillip earlier. She tells Chelsea that Phillip isn’t going to be living here anymore, since he and his father are getting along. In fact, he’s going to get his job back at Titan. Max freaks out, asking if she is staying with Phillip. He wonders if she is crazy.

Chloe and Lucas discuss a vacation. She isn’t sure when she will have time with her taping schedule, but Lucas assures her that he will work everything out. After all, he’s her boss. Chloe’s phone rings just then. Daniel heads out as Chloe answers, and listens. She gets excited, saying she can’t believe the news. She grins at Lucas, saying that this is wonderful.

Nicole tells EJ that she is sick of having to explain herself fifty million times a day. It’s wearing her out. EJ reminds her that he is grieving. She says she knows that, but he needs to remember that this wouldn’t have happened if Tony hadn’t gone rouge and betrayed the family. She is sorry for being insensitive, and she knows he needs to blame someone for this. She also knows that he wants to blame Phillip, but sobbing, she begs him not to blame her.

Daniel runs into Maggie at the hospital, telling her that she was right before. His life has been monastic, bordering on masochistic, and he is ready to date. He tells her to set up drinks with Irene for him, and Maggie beams, promising to do so right away.

Chloe hangs up excitedly and tells Lucas that the opera company in Vancouver has offered her a lead role without even having to audition. She tells Lucas that this is a huge opportunity for her. Lucas tells her that she can’t actually think of taking this job.

Stephanie lays into Max, telling him that what she does with Phillip is none of his business, and it’s not his place to tell her anything. Max tells her angrily that he overheard EJ threatening to get revenge on Phillip. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to hear it, and Max accuses her of hiding her head in the sand. She says she can’t abandon Phillip when he needs her. Max scoffs, saying she has done it before. She yells that Max broke up with her. Max yells back, saying he is sorry for caring about her and wanting her to be happy. Chelsea looks at the two and sighs.

Nicole tells EJ that she is sick of all the talk about families and revenge. She asks him if he remembers the day they were here for Sydney’s christening--doesn’t that make her and Nicole his family, too? EJ doesn’t answer. Nicole cries, asking him again if this wedding is on or off. EJ tells her that they will just have to see what tomorrow brings. Nicole sobs.


Caroline tells Sami, “Secrets and lies are nothing but hurtful.”

Sister Agnes tells Rafe, “You love Sami. Fight for her.”

Mia looks at a newspaper, “Nicole’s fiancé--my baby’s father.”

Brady asks Nicole, “Do you really want to give this marriage a shot? You can tell EJ the truth.”

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