Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/8/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At her apartment, Stephanie tells Phillip that he can’t go back to the mansion. Phillip says that Victor was pretty convincing, but Stephanie swears that things will be just like before if he goes back now. Phillip disagrees, saying that nothing will ever be the same. Stephanie sighs, saying that perhaps Victor has woken up and realized how horrible he has been, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to change for the better. Phillip vows that Victor is truly sorry, but Stephanie reminds him that he made a big step, but he’s just made it. Phillip asks if she thinks he isn’t strong enough to handle Victor, but she says that isn’t what she meant. Philip sighs, saying that his moving on isn’t just about him. It’s about her, too.

At Sami’s place, Will answers the phone. It’s Mia, thanking him for the graphic novel he lent her. She wants to come bring it by, but Will says it isn’t a good idea, since he is watching Allie and the baby right now. He asks where she is, and Mia says she’s at the Java Café. Will agrees to meet her the moment he gets free. He hears a rattle at the door and tells Mia that that is probably his mom right now. He hangs up as Rafe walks in. He sets some groceries down on the counter and asks if Sami is there. Will says she’s gone to see EJ.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami grabs Johnny’s bag and searches for one of his toys. EJ tries to talk her into waiting a few minutes, since Johnny is asleep, but Sami refuses. EJ begs her to talk to him about what is going on, but Sami glares, saying her talking won’t stop him and his father from going after Phillip. EJ tries to explain that Stefano is just upset over Tony’s death, but Sami scoffs. She knows it’s isn’t out of character for Stefano to want revenge. EJ claims it’s just business, but Sami doesn’t want to hear it. He and his father need to conduct their business as far away from her and her son as possible. She reminds EJ that she just spent the last few months away from her kids because of a murder she witnessed on his doorstep. EJ reminds her that that situation is over, but she says that Stefano is starting up another ‘situation’ and she wants to part of it. Nicole comes up outside the foyer doors and listens in as EJ vows not to let anything happen to Johnny or Sami.

Rafe peppers Will with questions as to where Sami went and how long she has been gone. Will answers him sarcastically, calling him ‘sir’ and explaining that Sami probably went to EJ’s house, and that she has been gone a few hours. Rafe apologizes, telling Will that he gets like this when he is worried about Sami. Will shakes his head and heads off to the bedroom. Rafe sighs.

Sami rages, telling EJ that this is their central problem. He asks her to trust him to protect Johnny, but he won’t do the one thing that would make Johnny safe--which is for him to stay away from Stefano. EJ reminds her that Stefano is grieving, but Sami says that Tony is dead because of the way Stefano runs his business and his life. EJ says that that isn’t fair, but Sami says that it is more than fair. Tony’s death was ruled an accident, and Nicole said it was an accident also, but Stefano still wants it to be murder. In fact, Sami thinks that he is enjoying himself. EJ begins to lay into her as Nicole comes in, asking what is going on. EJ ignores her, saying that he understands Sami’s fears, but she mustn’t speak that way about his father. Sami refuses to back down when it comes to her son. Nicole asks her what she isn’t backing down from and Sami tells her that she is taking her son and leaving the mansion. She asks Nicole how she can stand raising a child in a place like this, considering what is going on. Nicole asks why Sami is so upset and Sami turns on EJ, asking if he wants to tell Nicole what happened, or should she.

Stephanie tears up, asking if Phillip thinks she is selfish and that she wants him all to herself. Phillip says that that isn’t what he is saying at all, but if they are going to be together, then he can’t run away from his family. Stephanie pouts, saying that it doesn’t mean that, it means he would be standing up for himself. Phillip explains that he has unfinished business at Titan. He can’t just bail. Stephanie huffs, saying he was fired, but Phillip claims there must be repercussions for what happened with Tony and the fuels project. He may not have killed him, but he went and met Tony when he knew he wanted to harm him. Stephanie cries, wondering when all this ends, but Phillip says it won’t. This is his family, and this is who he is. Stephanie guesses that they should say goodbye, then.

Will comes back from the bedroom, telling Rafe that Allie is watching a movie. Rafe asks about Grace, and Will explains that he fed and changed her earlier. Rafe apologizes for questioning him, but Will says that he understands. that Rafe is just worried about Grace. Rafe also says he is sorry for the lecture he gave Will the other day. Will says it’s fine. He tells Rafe that he can see that he is upset about his mom being at the DiMeras. Rafe sighs, saying it isn’t any of his business. Will understands that he just wants to protect his mom. Rafe asks if he can hang out for a little while, and Will says it’s fine. He knows he acted as if this was his place the other day, but he was being a real jerk. He invites Rafe to sit down, and Rafe does so. Will says that he must be really hung up on his mom since he is buying her diapers and all.

Mia gets her coffee at the café and turns around to find Dr. Baker right behind her. He counsels her to be careful with her drink and adds he heard she was back in town. He jokes, asking if Tokyo was too dull for her. She uncomfortably tells him it wasn’t. He asks why she came back so soon, then.

Nicole asks EJ what Sami is talking about. He explains that Sami overheard Stefano talking about Phillip, and that she’s now worried for Johnny’s safety. Sami scoffs, saying that Stefano was doing more than just talking about Phillip; he obviously wants him dead. Nicole thinks that Sami has a point; after all, the place hasn’t exactly been Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood the last few days. She tells Sami that even though Sydney is just an infant, she does worry about her growing up in this place. EJ growls at her to knock it off, but she snaps back that she is allowed to agree with Sami from time to time, and besides, they have a wedding to plan. If Sami wants to bring Johnny home, then that makes perfect sense. Sami heads off to go do just that, but Nicole stops her, saying she has a favor to ask. She wants Sami to bring Johnny to the wedding.

Will thinks that Rafe must be pretty hung up on his mom since he’s doing her shopping and getting mad about her going to her ex’s place. Rafe claims he isn’t hung up on Sami. Will guesses that he doesn’t like talking about Sami and suggests sarcastically that Rafe go back to telling him how to run his life. Rafe sees that Will has a lot of Sami in him, but he really doesn’t want to discuss what is going on with Will. Will sighs, saying that things are pretty complicated right now, and if Rafe thinks he has a shot with his mom, then things are going to get even more complicated. Will adds that he is pretty sure his mom isn’t into Rafe the way he is into her.

Nicole explains to Sami that she and EJ want Johnny to be a part of their wedding, and if Sami is there also, then he’ll feel like he’s in the center of a lot of people that love him. Sami is aghast, asking if the two are really still going through with the wedding. The doorbell rings and EJ heads off to answer it. Sami mutters that he’s a coward and Nicole jokes that EJ’s biggest fear is the two of them being together. Sami asks again why she is going through with the wedding after what happened with Tony, and Nicole explains that she and EJ want to take positive step after the tragedy. Sami snorts, asking if she has heard of volunteer work. Nicole vows that this wedding is going to happen. EJ comes back with flowers just then. Nicole asks if they are for the wedding, but EJ glares, saying they’re condolence flowers for Tony. He sees the card is from Kate and scoffs. Sami says he was probably just trying to be nice, but EJ retorts that she just wants them to go easy on her precious Phillip. Phillip is the reason his brother is dead. Sam wonders if he hears himself right now. He might be angry, but he is acting ridiculous. EJ says he is sure Nicole backed her up on this, since she turns against him all the time. She did the same thing with Phillip. Nicole gasps, saying she thought they had moved past this. Sami guesses that Stefano is even more angry than EJ and warns Nicole that she can’t break ranks with the DiMeras without paying the price. EJ says Nicole should listen to her, since she is right. Nicole says that they can’t let this come between them. Sami snorts that she cant wait to hear Stefano’s toast at the wedding.

Phillip tells Stephanie that she has broken up with him so many times that it’s losing its impact. She tells him to get the hell out. He says he will, but he has something to say first. He has gotten used to her being in his life, and the thought of losing her really upsets him. Stephanie sobs, saying it upsets her, too. He comes over and takes her hands, urging her to give them another shot. He knows they will get this right eventually. Stephanie bawls, saying she can’t do this. She can’t continue watching someone she loves continually turn into someone she doesn’t even like--and all for some company and a family that doesn’t even act like a family. She’s sick of being his conscience, and she just wants to be his girlfriend. Phillip guesses that it just might not be in the cards for them. Stephanie groans, saying she can’t believe he is willing to give up on them so soon. She says that she was dreaming when she thought the two of them could ever work things out. She tells Phillip to make this fast, and he grabs his bag. He tells Stephanie that he would be the man she wants him to be if he could. She says she know he can’t be, and that she has known that from the beginning. Phillip sighs and heads off as she shuts the door on him. She sobs on the couch. Chelsea comes in a few moments later, asking what is going on. Stephanie tells her that Phillip is gone for good.

Mia tells Baker that she just had a change of plans. He says he knows what she means, since he had a job offer himself, but ended up back here anyway. She says she has to meet someone and tries to excuse herself, but Baker wants to know how she is doing, since he knows how hard it can be to give up a baby. Mia says pointedly that it’s hard to talk about too, and starts to head off again, but he stops her, asking if she has seen her baby since she got back to town.

Will asks Rafe if he minds watching Grace and Allie for a while, but Rafe says he doesn’t. Will apologizes for what he said earlier, saying that it isn’t as if Sami is interested in someone besides Rafe. He continues to insist that the two of them are just friends. Will rolls his eye, saying if that’s true, then he’s really just going to talk about books with Mia. Rafe asks what he is talking about, but Will says he didn’t say anything important. He says he will call Sami and Rafe asks him if he shouldn’t say anything about Mia when she gets home. Will sighs, saying that Rafe is going to learn pretty quickly that it’s best to just tell his mom the bare minimum. It makes things a lot simpler. Rafe sighs, saying nothing about Sami is simple.

Nicole lays into EJ, saying she is going to check on Sydney, so he can feel free to discuss personal matters with Sami and tell her all about how she failed the family. She storms off. Sami tells EJ that couples getting ready to get married are usually happier than this. EJ explains that Nicole did some things to upset him, and that she knows what they are. Sami is sure she does, but she probably doesn’t understand why EJ is taking Stefano’s side over hers. EJ says that isn’t what is going on, but Sami says it’s clear. EJ wants Nicole to lie about what happened to Tony so Phillip can pay for what EJ and his father think he did. He asks her if she needs help loading the car, but she warns him to pay attention to what is going on here, for his kid’s sake if for nothing else. EJ says he has everything under control. Sami heads off to get Johnny with a sigh.

Chelsea asks Stephanie what happened, and Stephanie says Phillip’s father did. Chelsea asks if her grandpa was here, and Stephanie nods, saying that he came here to apologize to Phillip, say he had changed, and begged him to come home. Stephanie says she doesn’t buy any of it. Chelsea says she is sorry, but Stephanie tells her not to be. It’s time that she woke up and realize that Phillip’s family is always going to be way more important to him than her. Chelsea isn’t sure that is what is going on. She tells Stephanie that Philip may have agreed to move back in with Victor to goad her into dumping him. Perhaps he is doing all of this for her.

Mia tells Baker that she hasn’t seen her baby and reminds him that she is meeting someone. He says he understands, and she tells him that she just wants to move on and forget any of this ever happened. Baker apologizes and heads off as Will comes in. He greets Mia, asking who that old man was she was talking to.

Nicole comes back into the foyer, telling EJ that they need to talk. He agrees, saying he just got a phone call from the hospital, and he learned Nicole fired their daughter’s doctor. Nicole didn’t think it was a big deal, but EJ angrily reminds her that she begged him to let Baker be her and Sydney’s doctor when she was pregnant, but now that he is at university hospital, she doesn’t want him anymore. Nicole stammers. EJ glares, asking her what the hell is going on.

Sami is back at home, and thanks Rafe for relieving Will. She thinks that Grace must be hungry, but Rafe says that Will fed her and she seems pretty happy. He wishes he could say the same for Sami. She explains that she was going to let Johnny stay the night with EJ, but that house is crazy right now. Rafe asks if she wants to talk about it, but she isn’t sure he can be objective. He claims that he can be, and she tells him about EJ’s brother dying and his father going all psycho war-lord on everyone. Plus EJ’s fiancée is wrapped up in it, so that makes things even worse. She had to get her son out of there, and she only wishes she could have gotten EJ out of there. Rafe thinks he can take care of himself, but Sami isn’t so sure, saying that EJ is really hurting right now. Rafe rolls his eyes, but reminds Sami that Johnny and EJ are different. She can’t just put EJ in a car seat and drive him away. Sami agrees, saying that the only way to get EJ out of that house is to tell him the truth about Grace. Rafe stares, startled.

Stephanie can’t believe that Chelsea thinks Phillip walking out on her is for her own good. Chelsea asks Stephanie what Victor said besides that he was sorry and wanted Phillip to come home, but she isn’t sure, saying she left the two alone to talk. She hoped that Phillip would stand up for himself. She asks Chelsea what she thinks Victor said. Chelsea tells her not to worry about it. She just thinks this is for the best. After all, Phillip was doing nothing but making her unhappy all the time. Stephanie sighs, saying Phillip said the same thing before he left. She asks what it is that Chelsea knows that she isn’t telling her. Chelsea tells her that she just thinks Phillip is doing what is best for Stephanie. Stephanie groans. Chelsea wonders why she doesn’t she get it. Phillip is trying to protect her, and probably thinks she will be safer without him around.

EJ continues to lay into Nicole for firing Baker, but she reminds him he doesn’t even like the man. EJ yells that she only knows that because he told her so. Meanwhile, she tells him nothing. Nicole glares, saying he is just angry because she doesn’t clear everything with him first. She accuses him of becoming more and more like his father. He grumbles that his father isn’t often wrong. Nicole sighs, saying that she had to watch someone she care about bleed to death while she stood by, not able to do anything. No one asked her how she felt, or if she was scared; she just got the cold shoulder because she refused to perjure herself. EJ scoffs, saying sarcastically that she’s known for the strength of her word, after all. Nicole sobs, saying that she would do anything for EJ and their daughter. She accuses him of not caring about that at all.

Sami takes Grace from Rafe as he warns her to think this through. She can’t really believe that things will change if she tells EJ the truth. Sami claims that Rafe is just jealous, but she says that this isn’t personal for him at all. He just thinks that the only reason Sami is thinking of telling EJ the truth is because he is getting ready to marry the woman she hates.

Stephanie asks Chelsea if she really thinks Phillip is trying to protect her. Chelsea shrugs. Stephanie gapes, saying she thinks Chelsea is right. Even before Victor came over, Phillip seemed worried, saying he didn’t want Stephanie to go through what he was going through. Chelsea thinks he might have been right. Stephanie sighs, saying she, on the other hand, was really wrong.

Mia tells Will that she knows Baker through her cousin, and asks about his sister. Will grumbles, reminding Mia that she is adopted, but she lays into him, saying that he must treat Grace like family. He remembers her lecture from the other day, and apologizes. She asks him if his mom needs a babysitter often, saying she’d love to do it. Will smiles, saying his mom always needs a babysitter, but watching Grace is hard work. Mia says she doesn’t mind. Something about Grace really got to her.

Sami admits that she doesn’t like Nicole, but Rafe reminds her that she can’t use Grace to get back at her. Sami insists that that isn’t what she is doing, but she worries she was wrong for keeping this baby from EJ. Rafe thinks she had good reasons, but Sami isn’t sure that that is enough. Teresa told her that the truth is always better than a lie, and besides, Grace has EJ’s blood running through her veins. Isn’t keeping her from her father the same thing as denying her the right to be who she really is? Rafe sighs.

Nicole sobs and EJ tells her to cut it out. She accuses him of not trusting her, and he agrees. Nicole gets sarcastic, saying that she is sorry for not telling him right away about Sydney’s pediatrician. He just lost his brother, her father-in-law is plotting murder, she’s trying plan a wedding and she came home to find Sami and EJ screaming at each other. But he’s right, she should have butted in and brought up a detail about a pediatrician. EJ glares, telling her that he thinks they really ought to rethink this wedding.

Stephanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and Phillip answers. She smiles, saying she is here. He isn’t sure she should be. She tells him that he is going to have to make her leave. She kisses him. Phillip responds.

Will heads off to get more coffee as Baker comes back in, asking Mia if she has a new boyfriend. She groans, saying she thought he was leaving. He says he came back. He adds that he hopes to see her again soon and heads off with a smile. Mia sighs.

Nicole accuses EJ of wanting to call off the wedding. He thinks they should know something is off when even Sami thinks it’s a bad idea. Nicole rolls her eyes as EJ explains that at one time, they were both sure about everything, but now he doesn’t think she is. She sobs, asking him why he is putting this on her and what she is supposed to do. He asks her not to cry, saying that he can tell she is sad. He admits that he thinks they need to reevaluate where they are. She asks if he wants to postpone the wedding, but he thinks they just need some time apart. He kisses her on the cheek and heads off. Nicole breaks down in hysterics.

Sami explains to Rafe that what her grandmother did to her uncle hurt him, and what she did to Will hurt him, too. She says she doesn’t want to put Grace through that. Rafe sighs, saying that she knows she has Grace’s best interests at heart, but telling EJ the truth after all they have been through to keep Grace a secret could be dangerous. Sami says that telling him next week will be worse than today, and next year even worse. Rafe explodes, asking Sami if she remembers what kind of man EJ is. They can’t tell him about Grace. Sami says this isn’t their decision, it’s hers. She bursts into tears and heads off to check on the twins. Rafe checks on Grace in her crib, telling her that he has to go, since her mom doesn’t think he is a part pf her life. He heads out the door. Sami comes back out, calling for him, but he’s gone. Her lower lip quivers.


Nicole says, “I don’t know what I am thinking. This marriage is doomed.”

Lucas says, “With Tony’s death--I’ll tell you right now Maggie, that family better stay the hell away from my brother.”

Chelsea tells EJ, “He has to live with his guilt for the rest of his life.” He shouts, “Oh Phillip gets to live with his guilt, does he?! Phillip gets to live!!”

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