Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/7/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/7/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Stephanie’s apartment, Phillip and Stephanie make out on the couch. He stops, asking if she is sure Chelsea won’t be back for a while. Stephanie nods, saying Chelsea will be at work all day. Phillip grins, saying that’s the best new he’s had in a while. The two kiss again.

At the Horton cabin, Kate and Chloe discuss her hosting role on the TV show Kate is starting. Kate explains that she needs to segue way from the topic at hand into the usefulness of a Hearth and Home product as often as possible. If the topic were composting, she could discuss their line of fences. Chloe sighs, saying that she can’t do this. Now only does she know nothing about composting, she also doesn’t care. Kate says no one does, but you have to fake it. Chloe thinks everyone will be able to tell, but Kate thinks she is underestimating her ability to fool people. Chloe gapes. Kate says she just meant Chloe’s stage presence and her self-confidence, but Chloe claims not to have much. Besides, this is moving too fast for her. She has an interview coming up, and she doesn’t even know what to say. Kate promises it will be a piece of cake. Just then, the bell rings and Chloe lets Maggie in. She hands Chloe a gift, congratulating her on the wedding. She asks if Chloe is going to make Lucas happy. Chloe promises to try. Kate’s phone rings and she answers it as Maggie grins, saying that Chloe is going to do more than just try. Kate finds Victor on the other end of her line, asking if she has spoken with Phillip. Kate says she hasn’t, but hoped he would contact her soon. Victor says she might be waiting awhile, since Phillip has moved out of the mansion.

At the pier, Stefano sits glumly near the scene of Tony’s death. An officer approaches and begins removing the crime scene tape, but Stefano snaps at him to leave it alone. His son was murdered here, and the investigation into it has no yet begun. The man tells Stefano that the death was ruled an accident, but Stefano retorts that Tony was murdered, and that Phillip Kiriakis is responsible. He threatens to make him pay.

At the hospital, Melanie wears a candy striper’s uniform and spots Daniel across the room. She whispers to Maxine, the nurse, asking who he is. Maxine warns her to leave Daniel alone, but Melanie ignores her and skips over, telling Daniel that she can help him anytime he needs it. Daniel thanks her, but guesses that she needs to report to Maxine. He tells Melanie that she is glaring at her and heads off. Maxine stalks over and tells Melanie that lunch service is starting. She needs to wash her hands, change her attitude, and be ready to work in a few minutes. She heads off angrily. Melanie sighs, wondering what she did to deserve this. She spots a newspaper plastered with the news of Tony’s death. Melanie sighs, “Oh yeah, that.”

Stephanie and Phillip continue their romp on the couch. Chelsea walks in just then, but bangs the door shut when she sees them. She rings the bell. Stephanie answers and apologizes, joking that she should have put a tie on the doorknob. Phillip jumps in and says he is sorry, too since this is Chelsea’s place as well. Chelsea snaps that they should have taken it to Stephanie’s bedroom and stomps out of the room. Stephanie wonders what her problem is. Phillip says it’s obviously him.

Victor tells Kate that Phillip just left a note saying he was moving. Kate wonders why Victor is surprised after he abandoned Phillip at the hospital the night before. Victor claims that he was just trying to do damage control after what Phillip did. Besides, he stayed at the hospital as long as Phillip needed him to. Kate retorts that he only stuck around to make sure Phillip wouldn’t be arrested and embarrass him further, and then he left. Victor angrily says that he was trying to save the family business, and that he’s sick of everyone blaming everything on him. Phillip has made one irrational and impulsive decision after the other, and when finally does something about it, Phillip isn’t even man enough to tell him he’s leaving to his face. Kate sighs, saying she gets it. Phillip left Victor, and he can’t handle that.

Stefano examines the pallet with the bloody shards of wood sticking out of it. Stefano shakes his head angrily, saying that Phillip shed Tony’s blood, so now he will shed Phillip’s.

Kate hangs up with Victor and breaks the news to Chloe that Maggie is her first guest on the show. Chloe says she is glad, and shows Kate the gift Maggie got her, a family bible. Maggie tells her to be sure to read the book for herself, and she’ll draw great strength and comfort from it. Chloe promises to do so. Kate looks at the pages and exclaims over the place for a family tree. She smiles slyly, pointing out there’s even a place to record the births--and deaths.

A doctor confers with Daniel on the fact that she thinks one of his patients, Jimmy Sogart, is ready to go home. Daniel grins, pleased, and pumps his fist in the air. She jokes that she always hears that Daniel is detached, but he says he can’t be in this case, since the boy is only twelve and eager to start baseball season. He gets up, asking if she wants to go with him to break the good news, but she says she’d rather take him out for dinner later. Daniel says he needs to check the rotation for the hospital first, but she guesses he is trying to stall so he can come up with a nice way to say no. Daniel shrugs and smiles, heading off. She sighs and shakes her head.

One of the patients yells at Melanie that he doesn’t like creamed vegetables. He threatens to have her job. Sarcastically, she begs him not to take this opportunity away from her. She just loves catering to old men with ear hair so long you could braid it. The man pelts her with creamed spinach. Melanie shrieks as Maxine comes over and yanks her outside. She huffs, yelling that this is outrageous, and that she has spinach in her hair. Maxine smiles, telling her not to worry. It’s not spinach, it’s kale.

Phillip mills around in the kitchen as Stephanie quietly explains to Chelsea that Phillip didn’t have anywhere to go, and after what happened with Tony, she asked him to stay here for a while. She apologizes, saying she should have asked Chelsea first. Chelsea sighs, saying that Phillip has some problems right now, and to boot, he and Stephanie have a complicated history. She isn’t sure this is a good idea. Stephanie says she just wants to help Phillip, but Chelsea counsels her not to rush into anything. She heads off, telling the two to have fun. Stephanie apologizes to Phillip, saying that Chelsea was just upset, but Phillip knows Chelsea was warning her about him. He thinks she might be right.

Chloe brings Kate and Maggie tea, saying she never knows how long to let it sit. Kate sighs, saying it steeps. Chloe says that that just proves she can’t do this talk show. She doesn’t know enough. Maggie tells Kate that she thought Chloe was really interested in doing this, but Kate interrupts, saying she has to leave. She’s starting volunteer work at the hospital and doesn’t want to be late. She rushes off, counseling Chloe not to wear horizontal stripes, since the camera adds pounds. Chloe sighs, telling Maggie that she isn’t sure this is a good idea. She admits that Kate is really nice to her, but sometimes it seem so fake. She asks worriedly if Maggie said anything to her about Daniel, but Maggie says she told no one. Besides, if Kate knew what happened, Chloe would know she knew. Chloe sighs, admitting that it might just be her guilty conscience.

The doctor guesses by the scowl on Daniel’s face that he won’t be going to dinner with her. He smiles apologetically, saying he has three kids in pediatrics and no senior staff scheduled tonight apart from him. She sighs, telling him she won’t hold her breath, then. She starts to head off, but he stops her, saying she should have been with him to tell the family the good news. He thanks her again for her help and she smiles, telling him she’d be glad to help anytime. She heads off.

Chelsea heads into the hospital and finds Melanie at the nurse’s station. She asks what she is doing here wearing a uniform, and hopes she isn’t working here. Melanie thanks her sarcastically for the warm welcome. Chelsea asks her suspiciously if she is aware of her duties, her pay, and her hours, and Melanie says she is. They suck. Chelsea asks what she is doing working here, then. Melanie says her love for mankind kicked in, plus this was the only place she could get a job. Maggie lied and said she’d work really hard. Chelsea glares, saying she’d better. Melanie says she just got creamed vegetables thrown on her. She can handle that, but what she can’t handle right now is bonding with Chelsea. Melanie huffs off.

Phillip, who now has his shirt off, gets off of Stephanie and decides that this might not be a good idea. She claims that she just wants to help him, but Phillip says he isn’t her responsibility. She says she knows that, but she wants this, and she wants him, too. She pushes him into a chair, climbs on top of him, and kisses him. She moves on to his neck. Phillip glances down and sees the day’s headline about Tony. He stares. Stephanie notices and backs off, saying that they don’t have to do this right now. He puts his shirt on, saying that she doesn’t want to be a part of his life and what he is going through. Stephanie says she does, though. What happened to Tony was awful, but he isn’t trying to cover it with that ‘business is business’ attitude his dad taught him. Phillip agrees that his father’s philosophy doesn’t really cover what happened to Tony. Stephanie admits she has something to feel guilty about, too. When she first found out what happened and rushes to the hospital, she was secretly glad his dad wasn’t there. She thinks because of that, Phillip is really dealing with what happened and can move on. She tells him that this Phillip, the one that thinks about what is right and wrong, is the one she fell in love with. Phillip smiles, not sure if he is that guy, but he’s glad she thinks so. The two kiss.

Stefano answers his phone. He demands to know why a bearded man on the other line didn’t check in before now. He tells Stefano that some geeks showed up and installed a lot more surveillance. He goes on to explain that the Kiriakis mansion has had a new system installed. It took him close to two hours to crack it, but his MIT education got him through, and Stefano will be rewarded with priceless dividends. Stefano scoffs that he knows the man’s price. He’s been lining his pockets for years. He asks if he is up and running, and the man says he is. Nothing that goes on in the Kiriakis mansion will get past him now. Stefano hears footsteps and hangs up just as Victor comes over. He tells him he has a lot of nerve coming here. Victor says he needed to speak with him, but they can go someplace else. Stefano snaps, asking if there is someplace else his son isn’t dead. Victor says no. He came to see him because he knows how Stefano thinks. Stefano says he must be worried then, and Victor admits he is. Stefano retorts that they both know what happened here. His son killed Stefano’s son. Victor insists it was an accident, but they were also to blame and they both know it. He wants to keep this between themselves and leave the families out of it. Stefano agrees, saying that he vowed to himself earlier to make sure that Victor Kiriakis knows how he feels. Victor shakes his head. Stefano nods, saying it is inevitable.

Chloe checks her schedule for the next day, telling Maggie that she has a doctor’s appointment, but can meet her after that. Maggie catches sight of the calendar on her PDA, seeing that she has an appointment with Daniel. Maggie freaks out, accusing Chloe of lying. Chloe tries to explain, but Maggie interrupts her, reminding her angrily that she promised never to see Daniel again.

Kate comes into the hospital and greets Daniel, explaining that she is here to do some volunteer work. He asks if she had any adverse reaction to the pills he prescribed, but she says they just put her to sleep, which is just what she needed. He gets a page, and says he has to go, but admits she looks refreshed, saying the pills must be working. He heads off. Kate smiles to herself, saying they’ll start working for her soon. Chelsea comes over and Kate thanks her for making time for her. Chelsea is surprised she is here after what happened the night before, and Kate sighs, saying the family is holding her at arm’s length. She tells Chelsea that she heard about her new room mate and asks if she has seen Phillip. Chelsea says she has, and adds that she thinks he will be alright. Kate stares over her shoulder. Chelsea turns around and sees Daniel across the room. Chelsea asks Kate what’s going on here.

Chloe explains to Maggie that Daniel is her doctor. He tried to find her a replacement, but there is no doctor in the area that is qualified to treat her. Maggie grumbles, wondering how hard he tried. Chloe swears he really did, and besides, she had one appointment with him already, and he was completely professional. Maggie asks Chloe if she is sure she is alright with this, and she claims she is. She picks up the bible, swearing on it that she and Daniel are over. She just wants to make Lucas happy now. Maggie says Chloe must be tired of her butting into her life. Chloe sighs, saying she knows Maggie is just looking out for Lucas. Maggie says he is looking out for Chloe, too. She just wants them both to be happy. Chloe swears they will be, and that all their problems are in the past.

Phillip and Stephanie kiss passionately. Just then, Victor bangs on the door, demanding that Phillip open up. The two sigh and Stephanie tells him to answer, as they knew this was going to happen eventually. Phillip opens up and Victor tells him he has something to say. Phillip sighs, saying he didn’t leave the mansion to insult Victor. Victor interrupts, asking Phillip to let him speak. Phillip quiets down and Victor tells him that he is sorry.

Chelsea accuses Kate of only being interested in volunteering to get close to Daniel. She frowns, asking Kate if she thinks ending things with him was a mistake. Kate tells her she ought to get back to work, and besides, she has a lot to learn. Chelsea heads off, joking that Daniel has no idea what’s about to hit him. Kate smiles slyly and agrees. She fantasizes about Chloe falling to the floor and choking. Kate strolls around with a martini as Daniel struggles, tied to a chair. Kate wonders if he will be able to save Chloe, or if she’ll die from the poison she received. She asks Chloe if she has any last requests for her funeral. Chloe chokes, asking Kate why she is doing this. Kate says that Chloe hurt her son. Chloe gasps and falls to the floor at Kate’s feet. Daniel cries out for her. Kate comes back to the present and glares at Daniel, saying that he will pay for this.

Phillip tells Victor that he doesn’t have to do this, but he says he does. He put too much pressure on Phillip and asked him to the impossible. That was wrong, and he hasn’t been a very good father. Phillip disagrees, saying he did ok. Victor says he hasn’t, but he wants to make up for that now. He asks Phillip to come home, back to the family and back to Titan. Stephanie looks on worriedly.

Chloe eats at the pub as Daniel comes in. He sees her and starts to leave, but changes his mind and sits down with her. She says that she doesn’t think that this is a good idea, but Daniel says that they can be causal friends. People would find it weird if they completely avoided one another. Chloe guesses he is right, saying it’s the ‘casual’ part she isn’t used to with him. He offers to get something to go, but Chloe offers to let him eat with her, apologizing for taking her bad mood out on him. He asks what is going on, and she confides in him about being paranoid about Kate. Now she wants to make her a star of TV shoe, but Chloe gets the feeling that she is secretly trying to torture her. Daniel admits that Kate asked him once if he and Chloe had had a relationship, but he convinced her they didn’t. He assures Chloe that Kate doesn’t know anything. If she did, she would tell Lucas. At the very least, she would do something. Assured, Chloe agrees.

Melanie tries to make a bed and grumbles about how the hospital is like a hotel. Maggie stands in the doorway, chiding Melanie and asking if she has ever learned how to do hospital corners. Melanie complains that she doesn’t know how and doesn’t plan on learning, but Maggie threatens to get Maxine. Melanie begs her not to, saying she is evil and mean. Maggie chuckles, saying that is why she made sure Melanie was assigned to her shift. She offers her help, and Melanie thanks her. Maggie begins to make the bed, instructing Melanie on how to do it properly, but Melanie interrupts, saying he has a question. Maggie asks what it is and Melanie grins, asking if Daniel has a girlfriend, and if not, how much money Maggie thinks he makes. Maggie shakes her head, telling Melanie to concentrate on the sheets.

Daniel admits to Chloe that Kate told him that she might be pregnant. Chloe says quickly that she isn’t. Daniel says he knows that, but wonders if she would have told him if she were. Chloe isn’t sure. Daniel sighs, asking what she would have done if she had been pregnant with his child.

Maxine hands Melanie a tray as Kate looks on, asking her to take it to a room, and telling her she’ll meet her there shortly. She puts the keys to the medicine cabinet on the tray and heads off. Kate sees this and trips Melanie as she walks past, snatching the keys off the floor before Melanie sees her. Melanie grumbles and picks everything else up, heading off. Chelsea comes over and Kate complains, saying she thought candy stripers were usually cheerful. Chelsea explains to Kate that Melanie is the girl that auctioned off Nick’s project and double-crossed Phillip. Kate huffs, saying she hopes she got Melanie in trouble, then. Chelsea grins, saying Melanie hasn’t learned that no one messes with Kate’s kids. She heads off, smiling. Kate frowns grimly and looks at the keys she took, saying that no one messes with her kids and lives to tell about it, anyway.

Phillip invites Victor in and Stephanie heads off to unpack her bedroom. Victor remarks to Phillip that she’s quite tactful and Phillip agrees, saying she’s also restrained. She doesn’t care for Victor at all. Victor smiles, saying she’s smarter than he thought. He tells Phillip that he needs him to take a leap of faith here, and that he meant what he said. Phillip says he believes that Victor wants change. What he doesn’t understand is why.

Stefano heads into the hospital, and Kate greets him, asking why he is here. He tells her that he has come to get Tony’s death certificate, and she tells him how sorry she is, adding that Phillip is beside himself. Stefano nods somberly, telling her that Phillip is alive, and that she should cherish that. She claims she does, every day. Stefano is glad, telling her that as they know, life can end all too quickly.

Chloe tells Daniel that she just prayed that she wasn’t pregnant, and luckily, she learned that she wasn’t. Besides, she knows he doesn’t want children that way. Daniel sighs, saying he just wishes he had known she thought she might be pregnant, so she didn’t have to go through it alone. Chloe sighs, saying he isn’t the guy she goes through things with--Lucas is. Daniel agrees, heading off to the bar, saying that he will leave her alone. Chelsea comes in just then, asking Chloe if she has seen Kate. She is supposed to meet her here, but she is running late. Chloe says she has been here for a while, and hasn’t seen Kate. Frustrated, Chelsea says she was stood up by her own grandmother. She sighs, saying that Kate must have something really important to do.

Kate sneaks over to the medicine chest near the nurse’s station. She puts the key in the lock just as Melanie comes over, saying that she’ll have to call security. Kate fumes, telling her to go ahead and do so. She’ll just tell them Melanie is an incompetent employee who left the key in the lock where anyone could get it. Melanie huffs, as Kate introduces herself. Melanie begs her not to tell anyone what happened. Kate agrees and hands over the key. Melanie thanks her and heads off. Kate sighs in disappointment.

Victor tells Phillip that he changed his mind because he saw Stefano earlier. Seeing him grieve for Tony reminded Victor how little time they might have together. Every man dreams of working side by side with his son. Victor had that, but he let it go through his own carelessness and arrogance. Phillip asks what happens if they can’t work together, and Victor vows to hand the company over. He asks Phillip to be careful, whether he decides to come home or not. Phillip asks what Stefano said, but Victor claims he said nothing. He heads off, telling Phillip to think about what he said. Phillip tells Victor that he is the one that should be sorry, and Victor says sadly that there is plenty of blame to go around. He heads off. Stephanie comes out of her room and Phillip tells her that he is considering his father’s proposal. Stephanie freaks out, yelling that he can’t go back.

Stefano makes a phone call and identifies himself in Italian. He ends the conversation by telling the person a name--Phillip Kiriakis.


Phillip tells Stephanie, “This is my family--this is who I am.” She replies, “Right, well then, I guess this is goodbye.”

Rafe says, “Nothing about your mother is simple, Will--nothing.”

Nicole asks, “Sami, what’s wrong? Why are you so upset?” Sami glares at EJ, “You want to tell her, or should I?”

Dr. Baker asks Mia, “Have you seen your little girl since you got back to town?”

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