Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/6/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Nicole holds Sydney and lays into Dr. Baker, asking what the hell he is doing here. He explains that the job offer in Detroit fell through. He closed the clinic, but luckily, there was a position here, and now he heads up the pediatric department. Nicole glares and calls him a bastard. Baker says he thought she would be happy to see him, but she angrily wonders why he would think that. He grins, saying that now, Sydney has a doctor that knows everything about her.

At Sami’s place, Will holds Grace and tries to hand her off to Mia. Mia flashes back to Nicole holding her baby and asking her if she wants to see her. Mia shakes her head. Will interrupts her reverie, asking again if she wants to hold Grace. Mia tells him that she can’t.

Phillip sits at the pub, having coffee. Stephanie comes over and kisses him on the forehead. Stefano walks in and catches sight of the two, thinking to himself that he just wanted to go for a walk, and now he has to face the bastard that killed his son. He glares at Phillip. Phillip and Stephanie turn around and stare back at him.

Sami shows up at the DiMera mansion and rings the bell. EJ answers and she throws herself into his arms, saying she heard about Tony and adding how sorry she is for EJ. The two hug.

Nicole groans, saying that this is her worst nightmare. Baker chuckles, saying her worst nightmare would be for Sami Brady to discover she took her baby. Nicole hisses at him to shut his mouth. She admits that he was really invaluable to her, and she also appreciates everything he did, but it’s time for him to leave town, as promised. Baker shakes his head ruefully, saying he can’t do that. This is a great job and he really needs the income. Nicole huffs, accusing him of coming back here to blackmail her. Baker fakes surprise, saying he’s never asked her for much. He just knows that if he were ever in need, he has a good pal around that will help him out.

EJ thanks Sami for coming by, saying that it means a lot. She shrugs, saying she knows Tony and EJ didn’t always get along, but they were brothers and he died so suddenly, after all. EJ sighs, saying he, too, wishes Tony could have had some kind of warning. He turns away with tears in his eyes, saying that he hadn’t been kind to Tony the last few weeks, since their father made it clear he preferred EJ to Tony. Sami asks if Tony really had a reason to be threatened, and EJ explains that Stefano made him the head of DiMera Enterprises. He just feels badly because Tony died thinking that neither him or his father really cared for him. Sami is sure Tony knew that EJ loved him. EJ isn’t so sure. She tells him not to be so hard on himself. After all, he thought he had time to make things right. EJ sighs, saying he was just thinking how empty the house seems without Tony. The rooms weren’t always filled with laughter, but the thought that Tony is never coming back makes everything seem so utterly still. Sami asks about the memorial service held this morning and how Stefano handled it. EJ wipes tears from his eyes, saying his father barely managed. Sami admits that saying goodbye is never easy, but she thinks she has something to tell EJ that will make him feel better.

Will asks Mia why she can’t hold Grace, assuring her that his mom won’t be mad or anything. Mia says it isn’t that. Its just that once you hold a baby, all these feelings come up that can’t easily be brushed aside. Will says that he can tell Mia has been around babies before just by the way she is looking at Grace. Mia smiles and says she has, then stammers that she only sort of has.

Nicole hisses that Baker has probably come back to get more money out of her, and she adds angrily that she isn’t handing over a dime. She guesses he is back in trouble because of his gambling, but Baker says he isn’t. He goes to Gamblers Anonymous meetings every couple of week and he has everything under control. Nicole is sure that will last a few weeks at most, and then he’ll start sniffing around her again. Baker insists that his money situation is under control now that he has a good job. Nicole threatens to drag him in front of the hospital board and have his license if he starts threatening her again. Baker chuckles, saying that Nicole can be so sly that it scares him, but other times she can be a complete idiot. Nicole glares.

EJ picks up Johnny, joking that he has gained a few pounds since he last saw him. Sami chuckles as EJ thanks her for bringing him over, saying seeing him was just what he needed. Johnny asks EJ about his work. EJ grins, saying it’s going fine, and that he has been doing business in Italy. Sami smiles as she looks on at the two.

Stephanie approaches Stefano, telling him how sorry she is about his son. Stefano growls that Tony didn’t deserve to die that way. Stephanie agrees, saying she read all about it in the newspaper, but they said it was an accident and that Phillip wasn’t responsible. Stefano retorts that he doesn’t always believe everything he reads in the paper. Phillip steps in, saying that Stefano has every right to be pissed off, but he is just looking to blame someone right now, and that isn’t right. Stefano says that he isn’t looking to blame someone; he blames Phillip. Phillip glares, saying he wasn’t responsible for Tony’s death. Tony’s father was. Stefano smirks.

Will asks what Mia means, wondering if she has brothers and sisters. Mia says she doesn’t. She changes the subject, saying that Grace is lucky to be adopted. Adopted children are truly wanted, so they end up getting all kinds of extra attention. Will asks Mia if she is adopted. She gives him a startled look. Will apologizes, saying it’s none of his business, but Mia says it’s ok and admits that she wasn’t adopted. She had a good friend that was, and her parents were really good to her. She still always wanted to know what her real parents were like, but it wasn’t an open adoption. Things were always hard for her because she wanted to know her real mom, but couldn’t find a way to get into touch with her. Will thinks it must be hard to want something you can’t have and be sad all the time because of it. Mia agree, telling Will that what his mom did for Grace was really awesome. Will says he is starting to think that too, and thanks Mia for showing him how wrong he was about this whole thing. He asks her if she wants to hold Grace, and this time, she agrees.

Nicole asks Baker if he thinks this is funny, since he has a constant smirk on his face. Baker says that he finds nothing about Nicole amusing. Back before she got everything she wanted, she had nothing to lose, and she was scary. But now, she has a lot to lose, and he knows her threats are nothing but hot air. If she tells anyone he sold babies, he’ll tell people she lost hers. If she tells anyone he blackmailed her, he’ll tell everyone she switched two babies. Nicole glares as Baker wonders if EJ would like to know what a duplicitous little bitch he is marrying. Nicole hisses at him to shut up. Baker says that he can also be as quiet as a church mouse about everything, provided she stop with the threats. He adds that it would be a shame to see Nicole separated from her precious baby, who looks just like her mother, incidentally. Nicole calls him a bastard. Baker says he can be, or he can be her best friend; it’s up to her. Nicole agrees to stop threatening him, but she says that she doesn’t want him to be her daughter’s doctor and that he’s fired.

EJ and Sami come back downstairs and EJ jokes that Johnny probably didn’t miss him much, since he fell asleep practically right away. Sami tells EJ that Johnny can spend the night if he likes, and EJ thanks her. She adds that Johnny has really missed EJ. He talks about him all the time, and even pretends to have his accent sometimes. EJ chuckles, saying that he didn’t realize how much just seeing Johnny made him feel better. Sami says she understands. When times are tough, you realize that family is all that really matters. EJ agrees, saying that this situation has actually helped him to understand why Sami adopted her little girl.

Stefano asks Phillip how he dare blame him when he was the one that murdered his son. Stephanie says she is sorry for his loss, but this isn’t the time or the place for the two to argue. Stefano snaps at her to stay out of it. Phillip threatens to cut out his tongue if he speaks to Stephanie that way again. Stefano chuckles. Phillip glares, begging Stefano to test him. Stefano roars that he doesn’t ‘test’ anyone. Phillip has grossly underestimated him. Stephanie interjects, trying to soothe Stefano by telling him she will pray for both Tony and him. Stefano coldly says that that is nice. Phillip tells Stefano that he does feel badly about what happened to Tony, no matter what he thinks. Stefano says that Phillip has no idea how he feels, and he needs to pray to God that he never does. Stefano heads off. Phillip sighs. Later, Stephanie brings Phillip a burger, saying that he should eat. She looks at him worriedly, but Phillip says he is fine. Stefano is the one that is really going through a rough time. The only reason he lost Tony was because he was trying so hard to get back into Stefano’s good graces. Stephanie doubts Stefano will ever see it that way, but Phillip says that is only because he’s the father, not the son. Stephanie guesses what Phillip is getting at, and says that while she agrees that Victor is too hard on Phillip, she also knows that Victor loves him unconditionally. Phillip sighs, saying he wasn’t good enough to run Titan. Stephanie says that he isn’t a clone of Victor; he’s his own man, and that’s a good thing. Phillip grumbles that he still doesn’t have a job. He views that as failure. Stephanie doesn’t; in fact, she thinks all Victor did was finally set him free.

Baker tells Nicole that she needs to reconsider getting rid of him as Sydney’s doctor. After all, what would happen if Sydney got sick, and they needed a blood sample from her mother? Nicole says that she would handle it, but Baker doesn’t think she understands. They’d need a sample from the mother, Sami. Not even Nicole can fake that. Nicole says she has handled everything up to now on her own, and she can handle anything else that might come up. Baker shrugs, saying it’s her call. She agrees and says goodbye, but stops, telling Baker that when she comes to the hospital, she wants him to make himself scarce. She doesn’t want him anywhere near her or Sydney.

Mia holds Grace and Will smiles, saying the baby likes her. Mia replies that the reason why babies are so beautiful is probably so that you feel compelled to do anything to help them. She sighs, saying that holding Grace just feels so right. She never wants to let her go.

EJ explains to Sami that losing Tony has made him change his mind about her adopting. Since Tony died, EJ has felt an incredible sensation of emptiness, and he thinks that is probably how Sami felt while she was in witness protection. She agrees and EJ says that he now understands how being in that orphanage and bonding with the baby affected her, and he sees now why Sami had to adopt her. He adds tenderly that she is the most wonderful mother he knows and that she is caring and giving as well. Sami says that she feels like EJ is a wonderful father, too. She sighs, saying that that is why there is something that he needs to know about Grace.

Baker asks Nicole if she knows that Mia is back in town. Nicole wonders how he found out, but he says that isn’t important. He wonders how Mia will feel if she learns that Nicole tossed her baby aside in favor of Sami’s. Nicole retorts that it didn’t happen that way and he knows it. Baker says that it did happen that way. She played God with both Mia and Sami’s lives just so she could get her way. Nicole says that isn’t true, and besides, Mia isn’t going to find out anything. Baker hopes so, for Mia’s sake, and for hers. He warns her that if Mia finds out Nicole has Sami’s baby, and Sami has hers, she is going to be upset. He tells Nicole to have a nice day and heads off. She sighs.

Stephanie reminds Phillip that from what he told her, Victor blames himself for losing the blueprints, not Phillip. Phillip admits that he almost fell over when Victor apologized. He chuckles, asking if she can imagine the old man admitting he was wrong. Stephanie says she can, actually. Phillip sighs, saying he is still a loser in his father’s eyes, but Stephanie thinks he’s free now. Phillip admits that is true, smiling at the thought of not having to answer to anyone. Stephanie asks what he plans on doing with new-found freedom. Phillip tells Stephanie to follow him. He wants to show her.

Mia tells Will that Grace is perfect. He tells Mia that she needs diaper change, and asks if she wants to do it. Mia says it probably can’t be that hard to figure out. Will says it isn’t, and that it’s really all about the tape. Just then, Mia’s phone rings. She answers, and it’s Nicole, wanting to meet with her down by the per. Mia says she is busy. Nicole snaps at her to get un-busy, since this is urgent. She hangs up and Mia tells Will that she has to go. She says she will see him in school and heads off, thanking him for letting her hold the baby. She says she’ll never forget it.

Phillip takes Stephanie to the Kiriakis mansion, explaining that everyone is gone for the day, even Henderson. Stephanie wonders what they are doing here, since the mansion doesn’t exactly scream ‘freedom.’ Phillip grins and leads her upstairs, telling her to wait and see.

EJ asks Sami what she wants to tell him about Grace. She stammers, explaining that she always wants them to be able to be open and honest with one another, and that she hopes he isn’t a resentful person. EJ asks what she is talking about. Just then, Stefano storms in, raging that he just saw Phillip Kiriakis with his bimbo, enjoying life when he should be dead. Sami looks at EJ fearfully as Stefano repeats that Phillip should be dead.

Phillip leaves a note for Victor, telling Stephanie that he is ready to get out of here. She asks if he is sure he doesn’t want to sleep on it, but he reminds her she was the one that encouraged him to leave. He thanks her for being there for him during the worst parts of the past few months, wondering how he got so lucky. She grins, telling him just not to forget who loves him. He chuckles, promising her he has a memory like an elephant. The two head off.

Mia meets Nicole by the pier, asking if Tony said anything to anyone. Nicole explains that he died in a horrible accident. Mia says she is sorry, but Nicole says it’s ok. Now he won’t be a problem, but they have another one. Mia asks what it is, and Nicole explains that Dr. Baker is back in town and knows that Mia is, too. Mia claims she hasn’t spoken to him since she had the baby, and Nicole says she believes her. However, Baker is dangerous, so they both need to be careful about keeping the secret. That is why it is important that Mia do everything she says.

Stephanie and Phillip head into her apartment. Phillip takes out his phone and starts dialing, but Stephanie reminds him that he said he wasn’t going to be running the rat race anymore. He smiles, saying he isn’t, but he does need to look for an apartment. Stephanie puts her arms around him, saying he can stay with her as long as he likes. Phillip isn’t so sure that’s a good idea.

EJ tells Stefano that they have a guest, and that the conversation about Phillip can wait until later. Sami huffs, saying Stefano was just talking about killing Phillip when the police cleared him in regards to Tony’s death. Stefano growls that Phillip isn’t innocent. Besides, who are the police really? Her father and uncle, who are both Bradys. Sami asks what that is supposed to mean. Stefano says that if the Bradys want to look out for the Kiriakis family, that is fine. The DiMeras will just look after their own. Sami reminds Stefano that Nicole, a future DiMera, was the one that cleared Phillip. EJ tells her that they’re not going to discuss Nicole’s role in this, but Sami ignores him, telling Stefano it isn’t right to falsely accuse someone of murder. She should know because it happened to her. Stefano sighs and heads off to leave EJ and Sami to their conversation. EJ asks her to forget Stefano, saying he’s just being his typical self. He reminds Sami that she wanted to tell him something about Grace.

Nicole tells Mia that she wants to get some things out into the open, starting with the fact that Mia came back to Salem to get her baby. Mia claims that isn’t so, but Nicole knows it is. She reminds Mia that she carried a baby and lost it. That is essentially what happened to Mia, too, so she knows she wants Sydney back. Mia admits that she did come back for the baby, but she already promised Nicole she would stay away and she intends to keep that promise. Nicole isn’t so sure that will work. After all, she promised before, and spilled her guts to Tony within five minutes of talking to him. She can’t take the risk that that might happen with someone else. Nicole says that she is going to set down some ground rules that Mia must follow. If she breaks them, she will be hurting Sydney. She asks Mia if she is ready to accept that.

Phillip jokes that the room just got colder. Stephanie grumps that just a few minutes ago he was talking about how lucky he was to have her. She wonders why he doesn’t want to move in with her. He says he is tempted, but explains that she lives with Chelsea, who is dating Max. It’s going to be a bit awkward if the two run into one another at the fridge in the middle of the night. Stephanie thinks he can handle it, but he fears Chelsea won’t be able to. Stephanie grumps that it’s her place, too, and she can have houseguests, which is why Phillip is going to stay. She kisses him, telling him to put his things in her room.

Nicole tells Mia that she must stay away from Dr. Baker. She isn’t to return his calls or speak to him. Mia agrees. Nicole adds that she also can’t come to the house anymore. That would destroy Sydney, and she knows Mia doesn’t want that. Lastly, she says that Mia must back her up if needed, but she has to stay away from her. She can’t be around Nicole or anyone she knows anymore. Mia complains that that is a lot of rules. Nicole huffs, saying that if she doesn’t like it, then she can just leave town.

Sami tells EJ that she just wanted to thank him for understanding why she had to adopt Grace. EJ asks if that is all, but Sami says it isn’t. She is a Brady, which makes Grace a Brady. It appears that Stefano has yet another reason to hate her family, so she thinks it would be best if they kept their families separated. EJ says that they can’t just cut ties, considering their history together. He reminds Sami that now that she has Grace--She cuts him off angrily, saying that he has nothing to do with Grace.

Phillip chuckles, asking Stephanie if she knows what she is getting herself into. She claims she does, or she wouldn’t have asked. She hugs him. She wonders if he knows what he is getting into, though. He smiles and kisses her.

Mia agrees to Nicole’s rules, but Nicole reminds her this won’t be easy. She wonders why Mia is even putting herself through this. Mia explains that it’s because she knows Sydney will be better off with Nicole. Nicole suggests that Mia leave town anyway. She gave her plenty of money, so she could go to acting or dancing school in New York. She is beautiful and talented, so Nicole is sure she could make something of herself. Mia sighs, saying she needs to graduate high school, and she is already enrolled here. She tells Nicole that she thinks staying in Salem is the best thing for her now.

Will holds Grace and grins, telling her that she isn’t half-bad.

Stefano strolls near the scene of Tony’s accident. He catches sight of the bloody pallet and sits down with a groan. He sobs and calls out for Tony.

EJ reminds Sami that they share Johnny, which is a tie between them. Allie is his sister, which makes another tie. Plus, Grace will be his sister, too. Sami rages, telling him to leave Grace out of this. She says she has to go and heads off, muttering that this was a mistake. EJ asks what she means. She ignores him and races upstairs, saying that Johnny’s coming home with her. EJ asks her why but she ignores him. He sighs.


Melanie shrieks, “I just love catering to old men that have so much ear hair, you could braid it!”

Kate tells Victor, “He left you, and you can’t take it.”

Stefano says, “He spilled your blood, Anthony. Now I’m going to spill his.”

Phillip tells Stephanie, “She was trying to warn you against me. Maybe she was right.”

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