Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/3/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Hope comes into the pub and finds Bo on the phone. He hangs up and she greets him, kissing him. She asks for news and he explains that Tony’s death is officially being ruled an accident. The D.A. won’t be pressing charges. Hope is glad to hear it. Roman comes in just then, commending the two on their good work the night before. Hope tells him about Phillip being in the clear. Roman is sure Victor will be relieved. Bo stares at Roman fearfully as Roman says Bo is probably thrilled as well. Bo has another vision of Roman in bed with Hope. He sweats. Roman calls his name, snapping Bo out of his reverie.

Mia heads into the Java Café and runs into Will, who is having coffee. She tells him that she registered for classes at Salem High, and starts next week. Will is glad to hear it, assuring her that the teachers are all right. She makes a joke about the café being where all the cool kids hang, but notices Will is too preoccupied to appreciate it. She asks if anything is wrong, and Will admits that he is having trouble wrapping his head around something. Mia asks what it is, but Will just says it’s something his mom did. She says that he doesn’t have to divulge anything else, but Will abruptly tells her that his mom adopted a baby and brought her home the day before. Mia stares.

Sister Teresa is at Sami’s townhouse, admiring Grace. Sami tells her that she intended on bringing Grace back soon, and that she didn’t have to come all this way, but Teresa says she didn’t come to see Grace alone. She admits that she needs to talk to Sami about what she is doing--hiding the truth from Grace’s father.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano confides in EJ that he keeps expecting Tony to come down the stairs any minute, telling them both it was just a dreadful mistake. Stefano sobs and EJ hugs him as he wails that he doesn’t even have anything to remember Tony by. The two collect themselves and Stefano complains about the audacity of Anna to come here and blame him for his son’s death. EJ reminds him that Anna is devastated. Stefano grumbles that the bitch had no right to take Tony’s ashes. EJ sighs, saying that they are all very upset. This isn’t the time to lay blame. Stefano growls that he has the right to mourn his son and want to avenge him. Phillip Kiriakis is getting away with his murder, and it’s all because of that traitorous whore EJ intends on marrying. EJ tells Stefano that that is enough. He will not allow Stefano to speak that way about Nicole in this house.

Nicole is at the pier, near the taped-off scene of Tony’s death. She flashes back to seeing the railing give way and Tony falling to his death on a broken pallet. Brady interrupts her reverie, walking over and asking if she spoke to Phillip. She says she did, and that he has agreed to cooperate. She told the truth--that Tony’s death was an accident, and Phillip has agreed to forget about what he thought he overheard her and Brady talking about. He asks if they are all good, and she says they are. He doesn’t think she said it with much conviction. Nicole huffs, saying she doesn’t have a guilty conscience, if that is what he is thinking. She may have wished Tony ill, but she had nothing to do with his death. Brady asks why she is so upset, then. Nicole admits that she may have ruined her future with EJ.

EJ reminds Stefano that he told Nicole he loved her for giving him his precious grand-daughter, his heir. All she has ever done is try to be accepted into this family. Stefano tells EJ to go away, but he refuses. Nicole was good to Stefano and she was patient, but he didn’t even have the decency to tolerate her. Why? Stefano says he wants to think about the son he just lost, not about EJ. EJ agrees, telling Stefano that he can think about Tony and not even worry about the upcoming wedding. He and Nicole will exchange vows elsewhere. Stefano angrily says that’s great.

Nicole tells Brady she should have expected this, but he tells her he thinks EJ will calm down and see the light once he gets over his grieving period. Nicole huffs, saying his brother died a tragic, horrible death. EJ is never going to get over that, and Stefano is never going to stop blaming her for it. Brady asks if she is saying things are changed between her and EJ forever, and she nods. She’s tainted now, and EJ is always going to associate her with Tony’s death. Why would he want to marry her now? She asks Brady to say something, but he just shrugs. Nicole angrily demands to know if he thinks that this is a good thing. Brady nods, admitting that he thinks it is for the best.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate takes a sheet of tracing paper and a pen from a desk in the living room and sits down. She begins to trace Daniel’s signature from the prescription he wrote her.

Chloe shows up at the hospital, telling a nurse that she has an appointment with someone her former doctor’s nurse recommended. She explains that she doesn’t know the name of her new doctor. The nurse smiles as Daniel walks over, saying that Chloe is looking at him. Chloe stares.

Will tells Mia that his little brother and sister need his mom now more than ever, and this adoption just throws thing off for them. Mia tactfully explains that sometimes people do thing that are unexpected but they mean the best. She assures Will that his mom probably has a good reason for deciding to adopt. Will snorts, saying she doesn’t know his mom. She doesn’t need a good reason to do anything. Mia asks what his new sister looks like, but Will says he didn’t even really look at her. Mia freaks out, telling Will that babies have feelings and can sense things. She’ll know if Will doesn’t care about her, so he has to promise that he will treat her like family. After all, nothing is more important. Will agrees that she is right, and that he will help take care of the baby, saying that he was just shocked and didn’t expect the adoption. Mia sadly says that you don’t always get to plan what happens in life. Will explains that he has a free period. He’d go and see the baby now--if Mia agrees to come with him.

Sami tells Teresa that the father of her baby bought her adoption story, and there is no need for her to worry about him ever finding out. Besides, if this were going to blow up in her face, it already would have. Teresa sighs, saying she will be praying for Sami and Grace. Fearfully, Sami asks her if she thinks this is going to work, or if she has her doubts. Teresa is surprised Sami doesn’t have her own doubts about this.

Kate traces Daniel’s signature from her prescription. She messes a few up and starts over with a new sheet. Finally, she matches a signature she traced to the original, and it matches perfectly. Kate grins.

Chloe asks Daniel about him being her doctor, and he explains that the closest referral he could find for her was a doctor in Maywood, nearly a hundred miles away. Chloe groans. Daniel says he assumed that that wouldn’t work for her. Chloe sighs and agrees that Daniel will have to be her doctor, since she has no other choice. The nurse tells Daniel the exam room is ready. He and Chloe stare at one another uncomfortably.

Now alone, Roman tells Bo that he is one lucky guy, since his wife is so amazing. Bo uncomfortably tells Roman not to advise him on what he has. Roman, stunned, asks if something is going on. Bo admits he needs a favor, no questions asked. Roman agrees, and Bo asks Roman to stay away from his wife until further notice. Roman looks at Bo with astonishment.

EJ comes back into the living room. Stefano asks if the baby is still sleeping and EJ nods. Stefano’s phone rings, and he takes it, assuming it’s a condolence call from Italy. He asks the person to hold on a moment, and starts to head off. He stops in front of EJ, saying that one day EJ will think like he does, and he will see Nicole for what she really is. When that day comes, he will be a broken man.

Nicole can’t believe that Brady thinks this is a good thing. He sighs, saying she knows how he feels about the lies and the deception. She huffs, saying she is about to lose the man she loves, and that her life is falling apart. He says he is sorry she is in pain, but she asks him to leave her alone. Brady tells her that if she wants to marry EJ, then he wishes her luck. She accuses him of being a jerk. She doesn’t need luck. She needs for yesterday not to have happened, and for things to be different. He sighs, saying that he can see she really loves EJ. He just hopes it is all worth it. Brady heads off. Nicole bursts into tears.

Chloe sits in the exam room in her gown. She flashes back to passionately kissing Daniel while they rip each other’s clothes off. Daniel comes in, interrupting her reverie. He approaches her hesitantly. She sighs.

Sami tells Teresa that she doesn’t want to talk about this. Teresa apologizes for upsetting her, taking Sami’s face in her hands and asking her to consider what she said. Sami nods and Teresa leaves. Sami sighs and tears well in her eyes.

Nicole heads back into the mansion to find EJ drinking by the fire. She asks about the baby, and EJ says she is asleep. She hopes she left EJ and Stefano alone for long enough to talk, assuming that Stefano still hasn’t changed his mind about her. EJ says he hasn’t. She asks if EJ has. Does he still think that she should have sent an innocent man to prison? EJ coldly replies that he thinks Nicole covered for Phillip for some reason, and that her being at the pier wasn’t a coincidence. Nicole sobs, saying it hurts that he doesn’t have faith in her. EJ tells her to stop playing he victim and asks her to leave him alone. She agrees, but says that first, she needs to know if the wedding is still off.

Daniel finishes Chloe’s checkup and says everything looks fine so far, and that her blood work will be back in a few hours. She thanks him, apologizing for being so reluctant before. She’s glad they were both able to move on, and apologizes again, knowing that she hurt him. Daniel says that he is fine. She is part of Lucas’ life and a stepmother to his little girl. Frankly, Daniel isn’t proud that he tried to interfere with that. She reminds him that he said he couldn’t control himself, but Daniel says that was a weak thing to say. He always had a choice; he just made the wrong one. Chloe asks if that is how he really feels and he says it is. He would never do what he did again. He’s not the same man anymore; he’s changed.

Roman reminds Bo that they are brothers. Bo can tell him if something is wrong. Bo claims nothing is, and Roman heads off. Bo bites his lip hard, saying angrily that nothing is wrong.

Will brings Mia over to Sami’s place, explaining that he wanted her to meet the baby. Sami greets her, remembering that they met before. Will offers to give her the grand tour, and Sami tells them to go ahead. He asks Sami if she has some kind of phone plan so he can keep in touch with Carrie and Austin. Sami says no, but promises to get one soon so he can call them whenever he wants. Will thanks her and he heads off with Mia. Sami sighs and flashes back to changing Will’s blood type in the hospital’s computer system years ago so everyone would think he was Austin’s son. Sami looks at Grace sadly, saying that she will never learn. She just keeps making the same mistakes.

EJ tells Nicole that he doesn’t want to cancel the wedding. The best thing for Sydney is for them to get married. Nicole asks if she is the only reason EJ cares, and he asks her what else she expects. Stefano walks in behind the two as EJ explains that one day he will get over his brother’s death, and they may be able to reconcile Nicole and Phillip’s involvement in it, but until then, they just need to act responsibly. Nicole asks what he means and EJ says Sydney is the most important thing to him and the most responsible thing to do for her is for the two of them to get married. Nicole sees Stefano and asks him if he will accept their wedding and give them his blessing.

Daniel tells Chloe that all he wants is for her and Lucas to be happy. She says they will be, but asks about Daniel. Doesn’t he think that he deserves happiness too? He isn’t sure he deserves anything, saying he doesn’t think life works like that, but that he does want happiness one day and to be loved and love someone in return. Chloe says she is sure it will happen for him. Daniel is, too. He tells her to take care and heads off. Chloe sighs.

Will finishes showing Mia the townhouse and asks Sami where the twins are. She explains that they are with Caroline, and asks the two if they can baby-sit Grace for a little while before they head back to school. They agree, but Will demands to know what is so important. Sami explains hurriedly that she needs to speak with EJ about Johnny starting preschool. Will rolls his eyes, asking if it can wait. Sami says it can’t and heads off in a hurry.

Stefano admits that EJ’s eloquent speech softened his heart. The truth of the matter is that Sydney is his granddaughter, and Nicole is her mother, so he won’t turn his back on her. Nicole thanks him. Stefano tells EJ and Nicole to continue their wedding plans--with his blessing.

Will asks Mia to come look at the baby, but she keeps a comfortable distance. Suddenly, Grace wails. Will freaks out, trying to calm himself down by saying it’s just a crying baby. Mia suggests he try rocking the cradle. Will does so, pleading with the baby to stop crying. Mia sighs, telling him he isn’t doing it right and takes his place, rocking the cradle more gently and shushing the baby. Grace stops crying and coos. Will admiringly tells Mia that she is good at this. Mia smiles at Grace, saying how beautiful she is.

Sami rushes into the Java Café and greets Bo. He gets off the phone and asks her what’s going on. Sami explains that she needs to talk to him--about something she thinks he’ll understand better than anyone. Bo is all ears.

Kate compares the signature she traced to Daniel’s original signature, stating that they are a perfect match. Chloe calls just then, asking to meet with Kate about the position she offered her as a TV host for her show. Kate says she has something to do first, but agrees to call Chloe after lunch. Chloe agrees and hangs up. Kate calls Chelsea, asking her to meet her for lunch. She feels remiss for not keeping in touch, and insists that Chelsea give her a tour of the hospital and tell her all about her work with the children. Chelsea agrees and Kate hangs up, grinning.

Now alone, EJ thanks Stefano for being so civil and agreeable. Stefano sighs, saying that he has come to accept that Nicole did tell the truth--at least as she thinks she saw it. However, he will never believe that what happened was an accident. One day, they will learn the truth about what happened, and when that day comes Phillip and his family will pay for what happened to Tony. They will pay dearly.

Hope tries to join Roman at the pub, but he gets up uncomfortably, saying he has to go do something. She explains that the call she got was a false lead, and just wanted a burger. She notes that Roman didn’t finish his drink. He backs away slowly, saying he doesn’t need it. Hope sighs, saying she knows he isn’t leaving because he has something to do. She asks if his leaving has something to do with Bo.

Sami asks Bo if he remembers how for a long time Will thought Austin was his father because of her. Bo remembers. She sighs, wondering if Bo thinks Will has lasting damage because of it. Bo asks if she has spoken to Will , but she says she hasn’t. It will hurt him if she brings it up, and besides, he would probably just say he was fine. Bo admits that that is true. Sami says she knows Bo knows something about this, which is why she wanted his opinion. Does he think she has irreparably harmed Will? Does he think Will will ever get over this? Bo shakes his head, saying he doesn’t think so.

Nicole brings Sydney into the hospital and she greets Daniel, explaining that Sydney’s regular pediatrician moved to Chicago, but she hadn’t heard who was replacing him. Daniel smiles, saying the replacement is coming this way. Nicole turns to find Dr. Baker standing there. She gasps. He smiles, saying it’s just like old times.

Mia hands Will a rattle, asking him to try it. He does, but Grace goes from being fussy to crying insistently. Mia suggests Will hold her. Will picks the baby up, asking if Mia wants to take her. She hesitates. Will urges her to take the baby, saying it’s easy.

Hope demands to know if Bo said anything to Roman. He says everything is fine, and that he just has to go. He hurries off. Hope sighs.

Sami tells Bo that Caroline kept her lie about Bo’s paternity going for years, but only because she thought he deserved better than having Victor for a father. Bo tells her that right or wrong, a lie is still a lie. His phone rings and he excuses himself. Sami takes a picture of Grace out of her purse and sighs.

Stefano tells EJ that Tony is dead, and he is never coming back, so he thinks they should continue planning the wedding and forge ahead, not letting anything mar this joyous occasion. EJ agrees that Tony wouldn’t want that. Stefano vows not to let anything interfere with EJ’s happiness.

Sami gazes at the photo of Grace, saying she can’t hurt her like she hurt Will. She has to tell the truth, damn the consequences. She turns and sees the newspaper headline about Tony’s death. Bo walks over, and she asks him about it. He explains that Tony died. Sami gasps, saying she has to go see EJ right away. She runs off. Bo stares after her.


Nicole threatens Dr. Baker, “I will drag your sorry ass in front of the hospital board and I will have your job in the blink of an eye.”

Will asks Mia, “What’s wrong?” She replies, “It’s just holding her--I never want to let her go.”

Sami tells EJ, “There’s something I want to tell you--about Grace.”

Phillip tells Stefano, “I’m not to blame. The person to blame is his father.”

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