Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/2/09


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At the Horton cabin, Lucas worriedly asks Kate exactly what Chloe said when she found the pregnancy test. Chloe comes out of the bedroom just then. Kate asks her what the test said, but Lucas tells her to back off. Chloe asks Kate if she told Lucas what was going on. Lucas rushes over, asking if she is pregnant. Chloe says that she doesn’t know.

Stephanie shows up at the hospital and tells Phillip that she is sorry about what happened. He says he’s glad she showed up and asks if she knows about Tony. Stephanie nods. Phillip’s voice quivers, saying it was awful. She says she is sure it was. He tells her it was an accident, but Stephanie doesn’t respond. Phillip asks if she believes him.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole offers to go get some food as Stefano and EJ have drinks in the living room. Stefano whirls on her, telling her to never mind about the food. He screams at her to get out of his house, calling her a lying bitch.

At the pub, Chelsea and Max sit at a table as Melanie rushes in with an armful of shopping bags. She hands one to Max, saying she bought him something. She admits it’s a shirt, saying he needs to start dressing nicer so he can trade up. She gives Chelsea a pointed look. Max ignores her, asking her worriedly if she spent all of the money Tony gave her. Melanie shrugs, saying she did. Max says there’s something she needs to know. Tony is dead. Melanie gapes, “What?!”

Stephanie assures Phillip that she believes him and that she knows what happened to Tony was an accident. Phillip insists that that doesn’t mean he wasn’t responsible in a way. Stephanie thinks he needs to go home and rest, but Phillip isn’t sure where home is right now. Stephanie assures him that Victor won’t turn his back on Phillip now. Phillip admits that Victor showed up earlier, and was supportive, but he and Brady left once they learned he wouldn’t be arrested. He sighs, saying that at least she showed up. He thanks her sincerely.

EJ demands that Stefano apologize to Nicole. If he doesn’t, he and Nicole will take Sydney and leave his house. Stefano cannot treat his fiancée this way, because he won’t allow it. He adds that Nicole is upset about Tony too, but Stefano flies into a rage, saying she couldn’t care less about Tony. She hates him, in fact. He turns on Nicole, saying she had one last chance to tell the truth, and she lied to his face. EJ glares, telling Stefano that that is enough. Stefano ignores him, saying that all Nicole does is lie all the time. What’s most egregious is that she continually lies to EJ. EJ insists Stefano doesn’t know what he is talking about. Stefano glances triumphantly at Nicole, asking if he should tell EJ, or will she.

Chloe tells Lucas and Kate that the pregnancy test didn’t work. Kate suggests they get another one. Lucas snorts, telling her to stop using ‘we’ since she isn’t a part of this. He insists that Kate stop sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Kate accuses him of being mean, and that it doesn’t become him. He retorts that hanging out where she isn’t wanted doesn’t become her either, reminding her of how she butted in back in Las Vegas. Kate groans, saying she thought that he was over it. Chloe asks them to stop, saying she’s tired of all of this, and just tired, to boot. She starts to head off to the store to get another test, saying she can’t sleep without having some results. Kate agrees, and promises to stick around, but Lucas says he and Chloe will handle this alone. He offers to go to the store for her. Chloe says she can do it herself, but Lucas reminds her they are in this together. Chloe flashes back to making love to Daniel, and tells Lucas that she hopes so. Just then, Daniel calls Kate and tells her that Phillip is at the hospital. He’s ok, but Daniel thinks Kate needs to get down there right away.

Phillip tells Stephanie that after Tony fell, he looked into his eyes. They both knew how bad it was. While he was waiting to see if Tony would make it, he kept thinking of how he could have prevented it. Stephanie says that he couldn’t have, but Phillip says he wonders if he and Tony were really fated to meet and have it end that way since before they were both born. Stephanie says the only thing he can focus on is changing the future. He sighs, asking what he will do if he can’t.

EJ refuses to play any more of Stefano’s games. Stefano agrees that the games and lies are over, and demands that Nicole tell them both why she was at the convent. EJ groans, wondering why Stefano is bringing this up again. Stefano rages, saying he knows she wasn’t really there to volunteer. The only thing she has ever volunteered for in her life is the opportunity to manipulate a rich man. He points at Nicole, saying it’s time for that lying bitch to tell the truth. Stefano thunders. Why was she at the convent? What reason did she have to be there? Nicole shakes in her boots.

Max tells Melanie about the fight Tony and Phillip had. She gasps, asking if Phillip killed him. Max says it was an accident. She asks if Phillip is ok, and Max says he is. She sadly notes that they must have been fighting over her. She tells Max and Chelsea that in the end, the project wasn’t worth all of this. Nick is in jail, and now Tony is dead. She asks if Max knows where Phillip is, and Max answers that he’s at the hospital. Chelsea swiftly kicks him under the table. Max groans and gives her a dirty look. Melanie decides she wants to visit Phillip, but Chelsea isn’t sure she’s the one Phillip wants to see right now. Melanie huffs that she isn’t perfect like Chelsea, so she can only do what she thinks is right. She heads off.

Kate shows up at the hospital with Lucas in tow. She hugs Phillip, vowing that everything is going to be alright now.

EJ can’t believe that this is how Stefano treats his future wife. Stefano insists that he just wants to show EJ what Nicole is really like. EJ reminds Stefano that he already lost one son today. If he continues, he’ll lose another. Stefano grumbles that that woman could have put the murderer of his son in jail, but she chose to lie, just like she lies about everything. Stefano continues to demand to know why Nicole was at the convent. EJ explodes, saying he doesn’t care if Nicole was having an affair with the Mother Superior; it’s none of Stefano’s business. Stefano says that his son is dead, and Phillip is still walking free. Now he is Nicole’s enemy, and his enemies don’t keep any secrets from him. Nicole tries to cower behind EJ.

Melanie rushes over to Stephanie at the hospital, asking to see Phillip. Stephanie says that she can’t, adding that the nurse said that only family is allowed to see him right now. Melanie whines that this is all her fault, since the two were fighting over her project. Stephanie assumes she wants to speak to Phillip about the project, but Melanie swears she just wants to apologize to him. She claims she doesn’t care about the project anymore. Stephanie doesn’t buy it and tells Melanie that Phillip never got the blueprints back, and Tony is dead. So now the project is dead as well. But she doesn’t care about that, right?

The doorbell rings and Stefano decides to answer it and leave Nicole and EJ alone. He says that he hopes that Nicole will tell EJ the truth, at least. He heads into the foyer. Nicole whines, asking EJ if he believes her. He says he does, and reminds her again that Stefano is just lashing out right now. He shows her the note Tony tried to write, asking her if she knows what ‘B’ is supposed to mean.

Stefano answers the door. Anna is standing there. She slaps him.

Nicole says she doesn’t know what it means. EJ says he realizes that it isn’t Stefano’s place to grill her, but he is her fiancé, and he still wants to know what is going on. For example, why was Tony the one that told him about her volunteer work at the convent and not her? He adds that despite what Nicole says, there was some definite tension between the two of them lately. Now Tony is dead, and she is the only witness to it, so she needs to be honest. Nicole sobs, saying that they should probably call off the wedding since he clearly doesn’t trust her. EJ huffs, saying that maybe they should. Nicole gapes.

Daniel tells Kate that Phillip just needs a few stitches. She asks him if he was the one that ruled Tony’s death an accident, but Daniel says that the police ruled it as such because of Nicole’s statement. He heads off and Lucas notes that he seems to know what he is doing. Kate smirks, saying that Lucas doesn’t know the half of it. She flashes back to catching Chloe and Daniel kissing. Kate then suggests Lucas go back home and help Chloe. Lucas jokes, asking if she wants a boy or a girl. Kate huffs, telling him he shouldn’t be so excited. Lucas wonders why not, since he and Chloe want kids. Kate says that it would be a huge mistake.

In an exam room, Phillip asks if Kate is still outside. She says she is, and he sighs, saying he doesn’t feel like getting the third degree from her. Stephanie says that is why she wants him to come with her.

Stefano invites Anna inside, but she says she doesn’t want to spend any time with a sick bastard like him. Stefano angrily reminds her that her husband missed her before his death, and she is now going to have to live with that. Anna huffs, saying Stefano was the one that tortured Tony, not her. She adds that she heard that his death was ruled an accident. Stefano says he thinks it was murder. Anna agrees, saying it was murder, and Stefano is the one that killed Tony.

Nicole sobs, asking EJ if he is serious. He tells Nicole that he is sick of her threatening to leave anytime she doesn’t get her way. He tells her to get out, but if she is thinking of taking Sydney with her, she can think again.

Lucas tells Kate that she doesn’t get a say in his and Chloe’s lives, whether Chloe is pregnant or not. Kate reminds him that he has his hands full with Will and Allie right now. He says they’re past the point of making a decision about it, but Kate just wants him to be more careful in the future if Chloe isn’t pregnant. He asks why and Kate tells him about wanting Chloe to host her new TV show. She thinks it will be good for Chloe and for her career. Lucas agrees, but says he thinks Chloe can do it even if she is pregnant. He heads off to see Chloe. Kate ask him to call with any news, and he tells her not to hold her breath.

Chelsea sits alone with Max, and he notices that she is worried about something. She admits that she is worried about Stephanie. She keeps getting angry at Phillip and dumping him, but at the first sign of crisis, she is back in his arms. Chelsea wonders if Phillip had anything to do with Tony’s death, saying she doubts he is totally blameless.. She adds that she thinks Stephanie and Melanie are in way over their heads. She admits to Max that she called Stephanie to let her know Melanie was on her way, and she acted really overprotective of Phillip and unhappy Melanie was coming to see him. Max shakes his head, saying Melanie is determined to see him, so it probably won’t go well. Just then, Melanie walks back in and Chelsea jokes that speaking of the devil, she doesn’t look very happy. Melanie sits down and sighs, telling Max that the fuel project is dead. It’s over and they have nothing.

Stephanie takes Phillip to her new apartment and shows him around. They sit on the couch and he thanks her for everything. He admits that a few hours a go, the fuels project was the most important thing in his life and now it seems worthless. He says she was right about everything and kisses her.

Stefano swears he had nothing to do with Tony’s death. Phillip Kiriakis fought with him and he murdered him. Anna doesn’t buy it. She says that Stefano dismissed Tony and disowned him when he knew full well that Tony would do anything to gain his approval. He asks why she came here if she feels this way, and she says she came here one last time to look Stefano in the eye and tell him how much she hates him.

Nicole accuses EJ of acting crazy because of his grief, saying everyone around here is. EJ wonders if she is grieving, too. She says she is, of course, and that she and Tony were comfortable with one another. She reminds EJ that he said himself that they got along just fine. EJ grumps, saying that he obviously wasn’t thinking clearly when he said that. She insists that Stefano’s accusations are crazy. EJ notes that it didn’t seem lately as if Tony and Nicole could stand one another. She blows up, reminding EJ what it was like living here. Tony was trying to torture him and Stefano, and was double-crossing them, but now that he’s dead, he’s a saint. EJ shakes his head, saying that family trumps everything. Nicole rages, saying that she can’t believe she is the mother if his child, but isn’t considered family. He reminds her that she was the one that wanted to call off the wedding. She thinks he is betraying her, but EJ says that he and Stefano are the ones that feel betrayed. He doesn’t think she has any idea what she has done.

Stephanie says that Phillip needs some rest, and offers to let him sleep on the couch, promising to sit by his side until he falls asleep. Phillip jokes, asking if he is that pathetic. Stephanie sighs, saying Phillip is just human. Phillip confides in her that Stefano and Victor are the most powerful men he knows, but neither of them could do anything about what happened tonight. Stephanie thinks Phillip is probably the only one among the three that realizes that. She reminds him that he doesn’t have to be like the DiMeras. Phillip sighs, saying that he might already be like them.

Now alone with Max, Melanie sighs, saying that EJ and Max both tried to warn her, and now Tony is dead. Max tries to soothe her as she chuckles, saying that everything she bought was on sale, and she can’t return any of it. She’s in real trouble.

Lucas returns to the cabin. Chloe explains that she took two pregnancy tests, and they both came up negative. Lucas says she isn’t pregnant right now, at least, and admits that this all made for an interesting evening. He promises her they’ll make it happen and have a baby of their own soon. Kate calls, and Lucas tells her the news, asking if she is happy. She says she isn’t, but she does think it’s for the best. She advises that Chloe get a checkup and hangs up. She sees Daniel walk by out of the corner of her eye and pretends to still be talking to Lucas. She says loudly that pregnancy tests aren’t always accurate, and promises to keep Lucas and Chloe’s secret. Daniel comes over, asking if Chloe is pregnant. He flashes back to making love to Chloe. Kate hangs up and say she isn’t, noting that Daniel looks relieved. He claims to simply be worried about Chloe’s health. Kate simpers that it’s sweet of him to worry about a former patient. Daniel changes the subject, saying that Phillip left a while ago. He asks why she is still here, and she groans, saying she can’t believe her own son didn’t say goodbye. He asks if she is alright. She says she is ok, but it’s been a weird day, and a weird couple of weeks, actually. She admits she hasn’t been sleeping well and asks Daniel for a prescription to help her. He agrees to write her one.

Anna lays into Stefano, saying she refuses to sit around and watch him pretend to cry at Tony’s grave. He says that they need to talk as a family and make arrangements, but Anna says she will be the one to make the arrangements for Tony’s funeral. Stefano isn’t going to have anything more to do with Tony--in life or in death.

EJ accuses Nicole of letting Phillip murder his brother and walking away. Nicole cries, saying she told the truth, and that Tony’s death was an accident. He scoffs, reminding her how much the truth usually means to her. EJ shakes his head, saying that he fears Phillip planned on killing Tony, and he’s terrified she had something to do with it.

Lucas assures Chloe that they will have children together soon and asks Chloe to schedule a checkup, saying it’s non-negotiable. She needs to start feeling better anyway, since she is taking a new job. She is confused, and he admits Kate told him about offering Chloe a job as a host for her new show. He advises Chloe to take it. She’s surprised that he thinks it will be good for her, too, and admits she is excited at the prospect. Chloe agrees to call Kate and tell her the good news.

Daniel gives Kate the prescription, and she jokes about his bad handwriting. He says that the pharmacy can read his signature, and that’s all that matters. Kate grins, saying he is right

Phillip sleeps and dreams about fighting with Tony. He jolts awake. Stephanie is there to comfort him, but he admits that he feels like Tony’s death was all his fault.

Anna tells Stefano that the last time she and Tony were together, they were happy and had a good time. Now Stefano will go to his grave knowing how he treated Tony before he died. She knows he didn’t get a chance to see Tony and say goodbye before he died. Now she has peace, and Stefano never will. Anna heads off. Stefano mutters that he may not get peace, but he will get revenge.

Nicole insists that she told the truth, but EJ thinks there was a reason she protected Phillip and a reason she was at the pier when their fight went down. He adds angrily that if she wants to join this family, there’s a code, one that she isn’t living up to. Nicole snaps, asking if that code includes lying and sending an innocent man to jail. EJ insists that Phillip isn’t innocent. Nicole thinks EJ is just exhausted and looking for someone to blame. She suggests he go upstairs and hold Sydney, which will make him feel better. She swears things will look different in the morning. EJ glares, saying he is sure she would like that to happen. He’s sorry, but it just isn’t going to.


Bo tells Roman, “Until I tell you otherwise, stay away from my wife.”

Sami tells Sister Teresa, “I don't have doubts. Having EJ out of my life for good would be a blessing.”

Nicole asks Brady, “You think this is a good thing, don't you?” He nods, “Yup.”

Stefano tells EJ, “One day you'll know who Nicole really is and you'll be a broken man.”

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