Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/1/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/1/09


Written By Jenni
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At Sami’s place, Lucas confronts Sami, saying that Will left him a message telling him that she had adopted a baby. Sami nods. Lucas scoffs, saying that that’s bull. He wants to know who that baby really is. Sami fidgets.

Chloe heads into the Horton cabin, calling for Lucas. There’s no answer and Chloe quietly thanks God, pulling a pregnancy test out of her bag. She looks at it, praying that she isn’t pregnant. If she is, she prays it’s Lucas’ baby.

Kate approaches the Horton cabin and grins.

At the hospital, Stefano sobs over the death of his son. He whirls around on Phillip, who says he is sorry. Stefano gapes, reminding him that his son is dead, and Phillip is sorry? He moves menacingly towards Phillip. Victor steps in, saying they’re all sorry. Phillip swears it was an accident. EJ tries to pull Stefano away as Phillip continues to insist it was an accident. Stefano agrees to let EJ take him away, saying he needs to see his son. He heads off, leaving EJ behind. Phillip nurses his bloody hand.

Nearby, Hope again asks Nicole if what happened to Tony was an accident. Nicole claims she just needs to be sure before she makes a statement. Hope huffs, wondering what kind of a deal she struck with Phillip. Doesn’t she understand the meaning of ‘obstruction of justice’? Just then, Brady rushes in, asking Nicole what happened to Tony. Hope says that this is a private conversation. Brady looks at Nicole suspiciously, asking what she has done. Hope asks Brady if he thinks Nicole did something to Tony. He doesn’t answer. She turns on Nicole, saying she now sees why Nicole was so reluctant to talk to her.

Sami says that while Grace isn’t hers legally yet, she is her daughter in her heart. She angrily folds laundry as Lucas again accuses her of keeping something from him. She sighs, explaining that he knows everything. She was pregnant, she lost the baby, and she had to go through of all of that alone. Lucas thinks this is her baby, and that she lied about the miscarriage. Stunned, Sami asks him if he really thinks she would lie about something like that. Lucas replies that he does. She huffs, saying it isn’t true. Lucas asks for the name of the adoption agency that let a woman in witness protection adopt a child, then. Sami says she doesn’t have to give him that information. Lucas says she won’t because she can’t. That baby is hers and EJ’s, and he knows it. Sami frowns in frustration.

Phillip again tells EJ how sorry he is. EJ scoffs, asking if he is sorry Tony is dead, or the just sorry about the effect it might have on Titan. He angrily congratulates Victor on raising a son just like himself, that only cares about winning and losing. Victor scoffs, saying EJ’s family is exactly the same. Besides, laying blame right now isn’t going to make this tragedy any easier to bear. Victor heads off with Phillip to get his hand looked at. EJ glowers.

Nicole huffs, asking why Brady would say such a thing. She didn’t do anything. Brady apologizes, saying he saw Nicole being questioned and assumed she was a suspect. Hope says that Nicole is simply a witness, but an uncooperative one at best. Nicole explains that Tony and Phillip got into a fight. Hope says that Phillip claims that what happened to Tony was an accident, and she is trying to get Nicole to tell her what really happened. Brady is sure Phillip had nothing to do with it. Hope scoffs, saying sarcastically that the Kiriakis clan usually plays by the book. She turns back on Nicole, demanding that she tell her whether or not this was an accident. EJ comes over just then, telling Brady that his brother is dead, and that Phillip killed him. Nicole rushes over and hugs him. Brady swears that isn’t true. He begs Nicole to tell Hope the truth--that this was an accident. She ignores him and asks EJ if Tony said anything before he died. EJ says he didn’t, but he did leave him a message. Nicole sweats.

Kate bangs on the door of the cabin and Chloe opens it. Kate says that she ought to have called first, but Chloe insists that she is always welcome at their home. She invites Kate inside, explaining that Lucas isn’t there. Kate apologizes for barging in on their private wedding in Las Vegas. Chloe says she understands that Kate only did so because she loves Lucas. Kate smiles, saying she is glad Chloe understands that, but Lucas doesn’t seem to. Chloe assures her that Lucas knows how much she loves him. Kate is glad, saying that she has a proposition for Chloe, and she is sure she’ll take it in the spirit it’s meant to be taken in. She hugs Chloe and grins.

Lucas tells Sami that if this baby is a DiMera, he supports her decision to hide it from EJ. Sami turns away, insisting that the baby isn’t EJ’s. That baby died. Lucas sighs, saying she can’t even look him in the face. Sami claims that’s because what happened to her was a terrible tragedy, but Lucas accuses her of living a lie. He urges her to tell him the truth and let him help her. He vows to keep her secret if she is just honest with him.

Hope asks EJ how Tony could leave him a message if he couldn’t speak. EJ explains that he left a note. Nicole says he doesn’t have to discus this now, railing on Hope and asking if she has any decency whatsoever. EJ stops her, saying that this is important. He hands the note over to Hope, who glances at it curiously. Nicole fearfully asks what is says. EJ shrugs, saying Tony only got as far as the letter ‘B.’ Hope wonders what Tony was trying to tell him. Nicole sweats.

Stefano stands by Tony’s bedside, telling him that no parent should have to see their child die. He adds that he would have traded his life for Tony’s in a second. He sighs, saying that people have called him arrogant and selfish before, but he laughed. Now he sees that they were right, and he calls himself that now. He apologizes for toying with Tony, saying he wanted to teach him a lesson, and then someday, he planned to bring him back into the fold. He sighs and sits by the bed, saying that it will never happen now. He will never see Tony smile again or hear him laugh. Stefano sobs, saying he will never hear Tony call him ‘father.’

Chloe tells Kate that she thinks she is taking this all too seriously, but Kate disagrees. She wants to make sure that the marriage Chloe and Lucas rushed into works. She realizes they are going to have some problems as newlyweds, and she wants to help them. Chloe asks what she has in mind, and Kate says women like her and Chloe need more than domesticity. They need their own career and achievements to be proud of. Chloe insists that she is happy with her life, but Kate wants to make sure she stays that way. Kate says that she is going to make Chloe a star. She smiles, saying Chloe will make a meteoric rise to the top. Kate hugs her, thinking to herself that Chloe will have an even more rapid and tragic descent to the bottom.

Sami complains about all she has been through in the last few months, and how she has even more on her mind now that she has adopted Grace. Lucas compliments the name, and Sami thanks him sincerely for being there for her. No matter what they’ve been through, she’s always known she could count on him. When she was in witness protection, she didn’t worry so much about Allie because she knew Lucas would take good care of her. Lucas shakes his head, saying Sami is saying a lot of words, but they don’t mean much. Sami sighs, explaining that the longer she was pregnant, the more she wanted her baby, even thought it was EJ’s. When she lost her child, it was devastating. She had love to give and Grace needed it. Lucas wonders if it was smart of her to make a huge decision like this while she was grieving. Sami pouts, saying Rafe is the only one that seems to understand her. Lucas asks if this is the bodyguard that is sticking around. Sami nods. Lucas asks why she thinks Rafe is entitled to lecture Will on how to treat her. She asks if that is why Lucas is really here, and he admits that is one of the reasons. He says he is also worried about her and the children, but she says he doesn’t have to be. He reminds her she was pregnant and in witness protection and now she has fallen for her bodyguard. That isn’t love, it’s Stockholm Syndrome. Sami tells him to go back to his honeymoon and leave her alone, but Lucas says she isn’t going anywhere until she tells him what is going on.

Stefano sighs, telling Tony he knows he will have to live with his death for the rest of his life. He grasps Tony’s arm, saying he will have to pay everyday, but if he has to, so will the people that did this. Stefano sniffles, saying that Tony’s death will be vindicated, or he will die trying.

Chloe jokes, asking if Kate is going to build her an opera house. Kate chuckles, saying she has a good sense of humor. Actually, she is thinking of starting a TV talk show that features Hearth and Home products, ad she wants Chloe to be the hostess. Chloe thinks it’s an April Fool’s joke, but Kate says that she is serious. Chloe isn’t so sure about it, saying that she has never done anything on stage that wasn’t written down for her previously. Kate assures her that she is a great conversationalist. Chloe sighs admits that she isn’t feeling well and would rather talk about this in the morning. Kate agrees to leave, grabbing her bag, As she does, Chloe’s purse falls onto the floor. Kate snatches the pregnancy test out of it and gasps. She flashes back to catching Chloe kissing Daniel, and whirls in horror, pleading with Chloe to tell her she isn’t pregnant.

Sami explains that Rafe has been really supportive for her and good for Grace as well. Lucas asks what Rafe would say if he called him and asked him what has been going on these last few months. Most importantly, would his story match Sami’s? She scowls. Lucas grins, asking for Rafe’s number.

EJ tells Hope that he isn’t sure what Tony was trying to tell him, but he does know that he was desperate to ay something. Nicole suggests that they go home, but EJ shakes his head, telling Hope that Phillip admits to luring his brother down to the pier. Whatever happened next caused Tony’s death. He wants Phillip arrested and charged with murder. Brady reminds him that it isn’t his call. EJ agrees, saying that it’s Nicole’s. He urges her to tell them what she saw happen between Phillip and his brother.

Standing near EJ and Nicole, Victor counsels Phillip keep his hand elevated. Phillip just wishes could have a do-over. Victor reminds him that what happened with Tony was an accident, but Phillip says it wasn’t an accident Tony was there, or that the two fought. Victor can’t believe he is letting his conscience get to him, as Tony was no angel. Phillip says that Tony was alive though, and now he isn’t. He hand a hand in Tony’s death, and he is going to have to live with that for the rest of his life.

Stefano sobs and calls Tony’s name. He grasps Tony’s hand and weeps uncontrollably.

Kate asks Chloe the meaning of her pregnancy test, but Chloe insists it’s private. Kate demands answers, and Chloe explains she hasn’t been feeling well. Kate worried the cancer has come back, saying that Chloe needs to see a doctor. She says she will, but wanted to take this test before she talked to Lucas. Kate says she might have to talk to Daniel, too. Chloe gapes, and Kate apologizes, saying she forgot Daniel wasn’t her doctor. Kate just hopes everything is alright, and asks Chloe what she thinks about possibly getting pregnant. Chloe says he hasn’t had time to process it, but Kate accuses Chloe of thinking that a baby would ruin everything.

Sami tells Lucas that she has Rafe on speed dial, if he’d like to call. Lucas figures Rafe has his story down by now, citing all the times Lucas did the same for her. Sami huffs, telling him to go ahead and tell EJ his suspicions. Then EJ will ask for a DNA test, and that will prove Grace isn’t his and Sami can go back her miserable life. Grace hears Sami shouting and fusses. Lucas picks her up and cuddles her. Sami worries, saying she doesn’t know him, but Lucas says she’ll know him better once she gets older. He tells Sami she is beautiful, and adds that she really doesn’t look like EJ or Sami. She asks if he believes her now and Lucas says he does. After all, why wouldn’t he?

Hope tells Nicole that she is going to tell the truth right now. If she doesn’t, Hope threatens to charge her with perjury.

Phillip admits that all he wants to do right now is run away, like he did when he joined the Marines. Victor says he wasn’t running away back then. He is proud of Phillip for really questing himself about what happened earlier, but he can’t imagine where Phillip got this introspective streak from. Phillip shakes his head, saying this is no time to be proud of him. Victor glances at Nicole, asking Phillip if the two are on good terms. Phillip asks why he wants to know and Victor reminds him that what she says is the deciding factor on whether or not Phillip goes home later or goes to jail. The two head over to listen as Nicole explains that she saw Tony and Phillip fighting and got scared, so she hid. Then, Tony went up the stairs to leave. The railing gave way, and he fell on a broken pallet. Hope asks if Phillip was anywhere near him, but Nicole says he wasn’t. Stefano walks over as Hope asks Nicole if she is saying Tony’s death was completely accidental. Nicole nods, saying it’s the truth. Stefano growls that that was the wrong answer.

Chloe tells Kate that having kids wouldn’t ruin her life; in fact, she and Lucas are looking forward to having children. Kate says that she is just worried about her, but thinks to herself that she is only worried she might have to put off her plan for Chloe if she is pregnant. Chloe tells her not to worry, and that she will let her know as soon as possible as to whether or not she is pregnant. Kate says that actually, she isn’t leaving here until she sees the results of the pregnancy test.

Lucas settles Grace into her crib and tells her Allie and Johnny are excited to be her older brother and sister. Sami admits the two are really sweet with her. She thanks Lucas for his help, saying he has always had the magic touch. She asks if he and Chloe planning on having kids, and he says they are. She apologizes for being so hard on Chloe lately. Lucas loves her, and that is all that matters, so Sami will try to se the best in her. Lucas thanks her, saying it means a lot. He tells Sami to call him if she ever needs back up, and says he has to go, but they will talk about Will tomorrow. She agrees and he heads off. Sami smiles at Grace, saying she thinks they’re home free.

Nicole tells Stefano that she just told Hope the truth. What happened to Tony was an accident. Stefano claims it was planned and calls Phillip sniveling. Phillip starts to go after him, but Victor stops him. Stefano accuses Phillip of being a murderer. Hope says she is sorry for his loss, but this isn’t the time or place. Stefano sneers, saying it is too late for her kind words. He knows the police department will do nothing about this. Hope says they will conduct a full investigation, but Stefano says he knows what happened. Phillip murdered his son, and he knows what has to be done about it. He adds that he will never forget the way Nicole lied tonight and storms off. Brady approaches Phillip and Victor, suggesting Phillip sit down, as he looks awful. Victor heads off to get a doctor as Brady reassures him that Nicole backed him up. What happened wasn’t his fault. Phillip shakes his head, saying that just because what happened was an accident doesn’t mean it wasn’t his fault. Brady just thanks God Nicole was there and asks what she was doing at the pier. Phillip isn’t sure. Brady is sure it wasn’t a coincidence and wonders what she was up to.

EJ tries to go after Stefano, but Nicole thinks he needs some time alone. EJ reminds her that Stefano told Tony he was dead to him, and that EJ actually enjoyed that their father put him ahead of his brother. Nicole says they shouldn’t go down this road, and EJ ignored her, raging about Tony dying and her saying Phillip had nothing to do with it. Her face falls as she quietly says that she told the truth. EJ apologizes, and she worries that Stefano will never forget this. EJ assures her that Stefano is just lashing out because he’s mad at himself. Nicole asks if EJ is mad at her, but he says he isn’t. Telling the truth isn’t the problem; it’s lies that kill. Nicole glances guiltily at Brady. She asks EJ if they can go home and see Sydney, and he agrees, apologizing for what she had to witness tonight. He knows it was awful., especially since she cared for Tony. He says he does have to go check on Stefano, but he will be back shortly. He heads off.

Victor heads over to Hope, asking if there is a case against Phillip. Hope explains that Daniel and the forensics have determined the puncture wound was accidental in nature, and Nicole’s story corroborates that. Unless some new evidence comes forward, she doesn’t see the D.A. pressing charges. Victor thanks God.

Brady comes over to Nicole, asking if she is ok. She says no, and that EJ just told her he knew she cared for Tony. Brady asks if he wondered why she was at the pier, but Nicole claims it was a coincidence, like she said before. Brady reminds her that she vowed to stop Tony from telling EJ the truth. Nicole sighs, saying she didn’t mean for Tony to die; she just wanted to talk to him. What she told Hope was the truth. Brady asks if she told the whole truth, though. Hope comes over, asking if there is something else she should know.

Lucas comes into the cabin to find Kate alone, trying to get a cell phone signal. He groans, saying that the talk they had about not crashing weddings applies to honeymoons as well. Kate says that she is here to offer Chloe moral support. Lucas asks what she is talking about. She huffs, saying Chloe is taking a pregnancy test right now. Lucas gapes.

Brady says he doesn’t know that there is anything more to the story and tells Hope he would say so if he did. She looks at Nicole suspiciously, saying that she certainly leads an interesting life. She has been down to the pier thousands of times, and has never seen anything like what Nicole witnessed. Hope admits that her timing was impeccable and sails off. Nicole growls that she doesn’t like Hope and tells Brady that Hope would find a job that allows her to be a nosy bitch. She starts to head off, saying she has to talk to Phillip. She heads over and he thanks her for telling the truth. Hope watches as Nicole says she didn’t just do this out of the kindness of her heart. Phillip asks her what she wants.

Sami bonds with Allie and Johnny, reading them a bedtime story. She hugs the two, saying how much she loves them and vowing never to leave home again.

Lucas tells Kate that this is a private matter, but she says she isn’t leaving because she is worried about Chloe. She fears that she isn’t strong enough to carry a child after the bone marrow transplant, or that she may even be sick again. Lucas asks her not to say such things. Chloe interrupts the argument by coming out of the bedroom. Lucas and Kate ask if she is pregnant. Chloe gulps.

Nicole tells Phillip that she wants him to never think of blackmailing her or Brady again. Phillip agrees, saying he is sorry for doing so. He was wrong about her. She admits he was wrong about a lot of things. Stefano comes up behind her, asking what she is doing talking to Phillip. She says he was apologizing. Stefano narrows his eyes angrily, saying that he can't believe Nicole.

EJ stands over Tony’s bed, saying it wasn’t supposed to end this way. He takes out the note Tony tried to write, vowing to find out the truth. He won't stop until he learns what it was Tony was trying to tell him.


Lucas tells Kate, “It doesn’t become you-- hanging out where you’re not wanted.”

Stephanie tells Phillip, “You don’t have to be like them. You won’t.” He replies, “Maybe I already am.”

Melanie says, “The project is over, Max. It’s done, we’re done, we have nothing.”

Stefano tells EJ, “This is what I mean--for that bitch to finally tell the truth.”

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