Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/31/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/31/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At the pub, Sami cuddles Grace, telling her that Will is mad at his mommy, not her. She assures Grace that Will is going to love having a little sister.

Outside, Rafe sympathizes with Will, saying he knows it must be weird to find out he has a new sister. He doesn’t blame him for being angry, but he wants Will to know how much Grace needs his mom. Sami is doing a really good thing by taking this baby. Will scoffs, saying this kid is just something to entertain his mom until she finds something better to do. Rafe vows that it won’t be like that this time, but Will snorts, wondering what Rafe knows. He starts to head off, but Rafe tries to stop him, rushing after him.

Sami sighs, telling Grace that this isn’t exactly how she wanted to introduce her to the world, but she assures her that everyone is going to love her. Just then, Roman comes in and greets Sami, smiling and asking whose baby she has. Sami turns Grace around and shows her to Roman, tenderly telling him that the baby is hers. Roman’s smile fades.

At the hospital, Hope tells Nicole that she needs to know how the fight between Tony and Phillip ended. Did Tony slip and fall onto the piece of wood, or did Phillip push him? Stefano and Phillip look on as Nicole grumps that she wants to go be with EJ. She needs to know what Tony is saying. Hope says that is too bad, as she can’t be with EJ right now. She needs to answer the question. Nicole sighs.

In Tony’s hospital room, EJ tries to convince Tony to put the pencil down as he struggles to write. He isn’t sure Tony should be exerting himself. Tony huffs and puffs and thinks to himself that EJ has to know the truth now. He wants to see the look on his face when he learns that Nicole didn’t give birth to his precious daughter.

Hope asks Nicole again if Tony’s fall was an accident, but she whines that she doesn’t feel like talking about it. Phillip growls, demanding that she tell the truth. Bo warns him to keep quiet. Nicole huffs, saying she needs to think, asking the three to leave her alone. Phillip glares. Stefano looks at Nicole suspiciously as she frets. Bo pulls Phillip aside and reminds him that he is in enough trouble without him trying to influence a witness. Phillip demands to know what Nicole is waiting for to tell the truth--does she want them all to beg? Bo reminds him that Nicole’s fiancé’s brother is hanging on by a thread. She is obviously upset. Phillip sarcastically replies that he is sure Nicole and Tony are great friends. Stefano walks over to Nicole, demanding to know if she is going to tell the police what Phillip did to his son.

Tony struggles to breathe and drops the pencil. EJ puts it back in his hand, saying that Tony is supposed to be able to speak once the anesthesia wears off and the intubator is out. Is he sure this can’t wait a day or two until then? Tony grunts and winces. EJ puts a hand on his arm, saying it’s his choice. Tony continues to try to write.

Bo warns Stefano not to try to influence the witness, or he will be forced to do something Stefano might regret. Stefano waves him off, saying he knows what he is doing. Hope tells Nicole that they need answers. Phillip agrees, warning her not to put any DiMera spin on it. Bo pulls him aside again, telling him to shut his mouth, unless he wants to wait for Nicole’s statement in handcuffs. He got his chance to tell his story, and now it’s Nicole’s turn. Phillip frets, worrying that Nicole might lie. Who will Bo believe, him or her? Bo tries to calm him as Victor strides in, telling Phillip not to say another word.

Rafe catches up with Will in the park, asking him to slow up so he can explain. Will stops, saying he understands. His mom has a new toy, so the rest of her kids can just take a hike. Rafe says it isn’t like that at all. All she did in witness protection was talk about the three of them. Will wonders if that is true, then why didn’t she just come home and hug the kids she has instead of adopting another? Rafe says that Will doesn’t understand. Sami adopted Grace because of Will. Will stares, confused.

Roman chuckles, saying that that baby can’t be hers. Sami says she is, and that she adopted her today. Roman’s smile returns and he sits down with Sami, asking where this is coming from. Sami explains that while she was in witness protection, the only place she was allowed to go was to an orphanage. She met Grace there, and it was love at first sighs. When she returned, she couldn’t stop thinking about her, so she brought her home. Roman reminds her that she already has three children. Sami says she missed them terribly. That’s why she visited Grace so often, and that’s why she missed her so much when she returned home. Roman tells Sami that it’s a nice story, but he wants the truth.

EJ notices that Tony’s pencil isn’t working, and offers to head out to the nurse’s desk to get some pens he saw earlier. Tony nods painfully and EJ heads off. Tony thinks to himself that EJ’s child is a bastard, and his fiancée is a gold-digging whore. EJ has no idea what is coming to him.

Victor pulls Phillip aside as Hope comes over to Bo. He confides in her that he thinks Phillip is telling the truth. Hope sighs, saying she just hopes that Nicole will corroborate his story. Nearby, Stefano asks Nicole angrily if she is going to let the man that tried to murder his son get away with it. He demands that she tell the police that Phillip pushed Tony on purpose. Nicole sweats.

Will scoffs, asking Rafe if he is trying to say that his mom is so crazy about him, she felt the need to get a new baby. Rafe sighs, asking Will to consider what his mom went through. She cried herself to sleep almost every night, because the threat against her was real, and she feared that she would never see her kids and family again. When Grace came along, it gave Sami something to focus on. She was able to bond with Grace and give her everything she needed. Will retorts that he doesn’t care that his mom is good at bonding with orphans. Rafe sharply tells Will to cut his mom some slack and to stop acting like a jerk.

Roman demands to know where Sami got this baby. She jokes, asking if she has to explain the birds and the bees to him, but he says he wants the truth as to where Grace came from. She says that she adopted her, but Roman wants to know what orphanage she came from. Caroline listens in at the bar as Sami tells him it doesn’t matter. He asks her why she can’t answer the question. Sami huffs, saying that she doesn’t like his tone. He acts as if she is making this all up. He says he knows she isn’t making it up, as she has the baby right here. Sami agrees, saying he just needs to accept it and stop asking questions. Roman agrees to drop it, but reminds Sami how impulsive she can be. She insists she thought this decision through, and that she views Grace as a gift from God. Roman tells her she needs to think some more. He knows she is a good mother, but does she really think she can handle another child right now? She admits that this isn’t the best time, but she also knows taking Grace was the right thing to do. She asks him to accept Grace into the family and support her, but Roman refuses to pretend that this is a good idea just to placate her. He reminds her that she has no job and no husband. Caroline looks on worriedly as Roman demands to know how in the hell Sami thinks she is going to manage taking on this extra responsibility. Sami pouts. Caroline frowns.

Stefano asks Nicole what is wrong with her, and again angrily demands that she tells the truth--that Phillip tried to kill Tony. Lexie rushes over in a fury, telling Stefano to back off. Nicole has clearly witnessed something horrific, and he needs to leave her alone. He’s obviously badgering her because he wants revenge. Bo walks over, telling Stefano that he must stop speaking to Nicole. Stefano rages, insisting that he just wants Nicole to tell the truth--now. Nicole insists she is too upset to make a statement and asks them all to leave her alone. She tries to head off, but Hope stops her, saying that if she just gave her a minute of their time, it would all be over. Nicole glares, saying that the last time she spoke to Hope, she was being arrested by her for a murder she didn’t commit. She ask Hope how badly she thinks she wants to give her a minute of her time and stomps off. Hope raises an eyebrow.

Victor tells Phillip that he isn’t sure who is more to blame here--him or Phillip. After all, he never should have fired Phillip and disowned him. It clearly made Phillip desperate to do anything to change that, and he shouldn’t have put Phillip in that position in the first place. Victor adds that he knows what Phillip did to try to make amends, but unfortunately, he doesn’t think he can help him out of this mess. Phillip explains that he and Tony fought, but he was several yards away from Tony when he fell. Bo walks over, saying he just hopes Nicole backs up Phillip’s story--or even Tony, if and when he wakes up and can talk. If not, then the D.A. will decide Phillip’s fate.

Will explodes, saying that he has been cutting his mom slack for sixteen years. She has always done whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Rafe sternly replies that Sami didn’t ask to witness the mayor’s murder and have to be separated from her family and friends for months. He was her bodyguard all the time, and all she did was talk about her kids and how much she missed them. He asks Will if he thinks Sami doesn’t love him anymore just because of Grace, and Will shakes his head. Rafe reminds Will that his family just expanded, and that he should be happy. Will grumps, saying he isn’t in the mood. Rafe tells him he needs to start sucking it up. He’s sixteen years old, and it’s time he realized the world doesn’t revolve around him. He starts to tell Will about when he was sixteen, but breaks off, telling Will to think about it and do the right thing. Will sighs.

Sami flies into a rage, telling Roman that she doesn’t care about money or having a husband. All she cares about is this little girl. Roman asks her to keep her voice down, but she refuses, saying she doesn’t care how many people know how much she loves Grace. She will take care of this baby herself, come hell or high-water, and he doesn’t have the right to tell her how to live her life, even if she is his daughter. Roman sighs, saying that he knows she loves Grace, but she has two other children that need her very much. Sami whines that Roman doesn’t seem to have faith in her, and that hurts her feelings. Caroline comes over to support Sami, telling Roman that Sami has enough love for three little children. She demands that Roman stop being so hard on her. He sighs.

Phillip says that Victor can lay into him if he wants. He deserves it for going after Tony. Victor agrees he should, especially after the warning he gave Phillip, but he also realizes that he drove Phillip to do this. He’s the one that is to blame, and he is sorry.

Victor grumbles as Hope explains that Nicole is upset, and they need to give her time. He demands to know if the are going to arrest Phillip for attempted murder. Lexie tells him to stop, and Hope reminds him it may have been an accident. Hope thinks he should be more worried about Tony’s health than Phillip’s punishment, but Stefano claims he cares about what happens to Phillip because of Tony. He tears up, telling Hope that they have had their differences, but he loves his son. He is a DiMera. He tells Hope that he prays that she does the right thing and heads off. Lexie comes over to Nicole, telling her not to let Stefano get to her, as he tends to lash out against people when he is in pain. Nicole asks Lexie how she thinks Tony is doing and if he will recover. Lexie shakes his head, saying that honestly, his chances aren’t good. That’s why she thinks Tony wanted to see EJ so badly--he wants to clear the air and is trying to write something out for him right now. She walks off. Nicole frets.

EJ assures Tony that he will come home soon, and Anna is flying back to take care of him. When she’s busy, EJ will do it, and when he is busy, Nicole can care for him. Tony grimaces and struggles. EJ tries to soothe him as Nicole comes in, asking how he is doing. Tony takes one look at her and turns beet red. He struggles. His heart rate increases rapidly. Lexie comes in and sees Nicole. She demands to know what the hell is going on.

Caroline sits next to Sami and puts an arm around her, admiring Grace and welcoming her to the Brady family. She jokingly tells her not to listen to her grandpa, since he is just being grumpy today. She reminds Roman that the timing wasn’t right when they took in Max and Frankie. Money was short, but they worked harder, and there was enough love to go around, so everything turned out for the best. Roman reminds Caroline that she had Pop, and that Sami is alone. Sami pouts, saying she isn’t some loser that is never going to find a man. She asks Roman to give her a little bit of credit. Roman reminds her of the recession. Caroline counters that tough times come along now and then. Sami retorts that she isn’t asking Roman for his permission. This is a done deal. Roman asks if her other kids have met Grace. She says Allie and Johnny will meet her shortly, but Roman was thinking about Will. Sami is silent. Roman guesses that it didn’t go so well with him.

Will doesn’t think Rafe gets it. With a new baby on top of two toddlers, he gives his mom’s sanity about a week. His family is screwed up enough already. Rafe thinks that if anyone can handle this, Sami can. Besides, Will needs to step in and help out, too. Will scoffs, saying Allie and Johnny won’t like this either. Rafe disagrees, saying they’ll be happy to have a new playmate, and Grace will feel the same. Will sighs, admitting that he will tell Sami that he is ok with this. Rafe is glad, saying that that will really mean a lot to Sami. Besides, Grace couldn’t do better than to have Sami as a mother.

Lexie asks Nicole what is wrong with her, reminding her that she wants to be in here with EJ. The two head off as Lexie tries to soothe Tony. In the hallway, Nicole asks EJ how Tony is doing and if his heart is bothering him. EJ nods, saying something is really upsetting him. Tony wants to tell him something, and it must be about their father or Phillip. Hope comes over, saying she really needs Nicole’s statement. Nicole says she just wanted EJ with her while she gave it, but he says he needs to go find out what Tony wants to tell him. He promises to be back soon and heads off. Hope looks at Nicole expectantly. Nicole fidgets.

Roman tells Sami that Kimberly and Kayla used to fight all the time, since they were so close in age. Caroline scoffs, saying they didn’t fight that often at all, and really loved each other. Sami says she is sure Allie and Grace will love one another, too. She adds that she has to get going so she can feed Grace. Caroline offers to mix up the formula and feed her here, but Sami says she has to go buy some. Caroline thanks her for coming by and congratulates her on her new baby, saying that Grace is beautiful. She tells Roman that congratulations are in order for him too, as a new grandpa, and she warns him to get on board with Sami’s decision. Sami hugs her, thanking her for supporting her.

Phillip tells Victor that he had every right to fire him, since he was in charge when the DiMeras wiped their database clean. Victor says he doesn’t want to talk about that, and would rather focus on making sure Phillip isn’t charged with some kind of felony. Stefano sidles over, saying he is sure that keeping Phillip out of jail is Victor’s first priority. In the long run, Stefano isn’t sure that it’s the authorities they should be worried about. Phillip gives Victor a worried glance.

Hope tells Nicole to start at the beginning and she explains she was down at the pier. She heard voices, and saw Phillip and Tony arguing. Just then, Bo pulls Hope aside to speak with her for a moment. Nicole says under her breath that Tony better not say a word to EJ.

As EJ looks on, Lexie tells Tony that he must stop exerting himself. Nothing is more important than his health. Tony fumbles for the pen, but Lexie grabs his hand, saying that he mustn’t try to write anymore, as it excites his heart too much. She heads off to consult with Daniel, warning Tony to relax. EJ gives her a questioning glance at the door, and she shakes her head sadly. EJ wipes tears from his eyes and sits down by Tony. He struggles and huffs and puffs. EJ senses he wants the pad and pen, and promises to hand them over as long as Tony promises not to overexert himself. He puts the pen in Tony’s hand and he tries to write.

Will agrees to step up and help his mom out, but he isn’t going to accept Grace as his sister. Rafe groans. Will scoffs, saying that if Rafe likes that baby so much, then why doesn’t he take care of her? Rafe says he has, and he is here to tell Will that Grace is amazing. Hopefully Will learns that for himself soon enough, if he can pry her out of Sami’s arms. Rafe brags about how attached she is to the baby. Will snorts, telling him to give it six months. That baby will end up alone--just like he is. Rafe shakes his head, saying that Will may have had a tough childhood, but he needs to get over it. Will retorts that Rafe and his mom may be close now, but he has no idea what he is talking about. Rafe advises him to give up this resentment sooner rather than later. He needs to get to know his sister and find out how much his mom has changed. He asks Will to think about it and heads off.

Sami tells Roman that she hopes he can be happy for her and Grace. Roman says he is. The little girl is beautiful, and while he meant what he said earlier about his concerns, he also loves Sami and is very proud of her for selflessly bringing this little girl into her home. He hopes one day he can say this adoption was the best idea Sami ever had. She smiles, saying she knows it is. Caroline comes back over to coo at the baby, and asks Roman if he is on board. He says he is, and she declares she loves the baby already. Roman smiles, saying he just met her, but Caroline knows he will love her too, soon enough. Roman hugs Sami, telling her how much he loves her and that they’re all here for her if she needs anything. She thanks him, telling him he has no idea how much this means to her.

Tony struggles and gasps. EJ asks what it is he is trying to tell him. Is it about Phillip? Tony grasps the pen and tries to write, but drops it. Tony sighs and his eyes roll back in his head.

Victor hopes Stefano isn’t threatening him or his family. Stefano says it is amazing how the two have managed to live and work in the same town for years and never really crossed paths, except to nearly work together a few times. He tells Victor it was all well and good until Phillip took over Titan and couldn’t handle it. Then the gloves came off. Phillip lunges, cursing. Stefano chuckles, and tells him to watch his temper. For a moment, he thought Phillip might kill him. Phillip glares at Stefano sullenly.

Hope comes back over to Nicole, asking what happened after she heard Tony and Phillip arguing. Nicole says she is sorry, but she can’t tell her. Hope gapes.

EJ tells Tony that he knows he doesn’t want to hear this, but he has to let their father in. Just then, Tony flat lines. EJ yells out for help and a nurse rushes in. She yells for a doctor and opens Tony’s gown. EJ looks on worriedly.

Sami meets Rafe outside the pub and Sami tells him that her dad and grandma bought the orphanage story and are both happy for her. Rafe is surprised and pleased. Sami adds that Will wasn’t so easy. He was being his usual self, thinking that she can do no right. Will walks over just then, and Sami greets him as Rafe heads over to a bench nearby to check his messages. Will tells her that he wants everything to be cool between them. He adds that he wants to help out with the baby and see how it goes. Sami hugs him, crying, and he breaks it off, promising to be home for dinner. He heads off. Rafe comes back over and Sami tells him the good news, surprised that Will changed his mind so quickly. She wonders what happened. Rafe grins, saying kids are funny that way. Sometimes they just change their minds. The two smile at each other.

Lexie rushes into Tony’s room and tells EJ he has to leave. She begins to work on Tony with the defibrillator. EJ stumbles out into the hallway, choking back tears. He sees the note Tony was working on, but he only got as far as the letter ‘B.’ EJ wonders what Tony was trying to tell him.

Victor tells Stefano that he is sorry for what happened to Tony. As a father he can sympathize, as it was a tragedy, but he asks Stefano to stop making threats. Stefano says he isn’t in the habit of issuing threats and Victor knows it. All he is saying is that if Phillip is responsible for Tony’s death, then he can expect him to do what any father would.

Hope asks Nicole why she can’t tell her if Tony’s death was an accident or not. Nicole says she is sorry, but she has to know if Tony is going to be alright first.

Lexie and the nurse work on Tony to no avail. The nurse beings CPR again, but Lexie tells her quite calmly to call it. The nurse agrees and apologizes. Lexie quietly tells her to note the time in Tony’s chart. She looks down at Tony and sobs hysterically, covering his face with the sheet.

EJ heads out into the waiting area. Nicole asks him about Tony. He wipes his eyes, explaining that Tony had a heart attack. Lexie comes out, sobbing, and tells everyone the did what they could, but Tony is gone. Stefano staggers. Lexie weeps and leans on EJ for support. Hope watches Nicole’s reaction suspiciously. Stefano whirls around to find Phillip nursing his bloody hand. He glares.


Kate tells Chloe, “I am going to make you a star.”

Lucas accuses Sami, “That baby is yours and EJ’s!”

Phillip tells Victor, “And now he’s dead. I’m going to have to deal with that for the rest of my life.”

EJ tells Brady, “Phillip Kiriakis killed my brother.” He retorts, “It’s not true. Nicole, tell Hope that it was an accident.”

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