Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/30/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At St. Luke’s, Father Matt finishes the christening ceremony, announcing that the baby’s full name is Grace Raphaela. Rafe, shocked, asks Sami if she named the baby after him. She grins.

At the hospital, Stefano rages, telling Daniel that he has to save Tony. Daniel says that he is trying his best, but Stefano says that isn’t good enough, railing on Daniel for not being able to stop Tony’s bleeding. EJ tries to calm him, asking Daniel if it would help if they donated their own blood, but Stefano interrupts, saying they just need a better doctor--not this godson of the Kiriakis family. Stefano angrily adds that since Phillip tried to kill Tony, he doesn’t want anyone associated with that family caring for his son. Daniel tries to reassure him that he is doing everything he can, but Stefano doesn’t want to hear it. He demands to see Tony immediately.

Nearby, Bo asks Phillip if Nicole saw the fight between him and Tony, followed by his accidental fall. Phillip nods, saying that she saw everything. She was the one that called 911. Bo asks again if Phillip thinks Nicole will back up his story. Phillip nods, saying she better, because it’s the truth.

In Tony’s room, Tony lies in bed with a respirator. He opens his eyes and sees Nicole standing at the foot of his bed. She smiles, saying she is glad that he is awake, because they need to have a little chat. Tony stares, wide-eyed and worried.

Daniel promises that Stefano can see Tony as soon as possible, but Stefano demands to see him now. Daniel repeats that he can see him as soon as possible and asks what doctor he has in mind for Tony’s care. Stefano says he wants Lexie to do it, but Daniel shakes his head, saying that Dr. Carver is the patient’s sister. Stefano loses his temper, yelling that he knows who Lexie is. He wants her handling the case, and that’s final. Daniel sighs and agrees to page her, but tells Stefano that until she gets here, he is in charge of the case, and everything that can be done for Tony has been done. Daniel adds that Tony is in critical condition, so he advises Stefano to call the rest of the family and inform them as to the probable outcome of Tony’s injuries. He excuses himself. Stefano strokes his beard worriedly.

Nicole tells Tony that she’s glad that there aren’t any mirrors around, because Tony truly looks awful. She admits that she even feels badly for him, but she also knows that if it hadn’t been for this fall, he would have told EJ about Sydney not being hers, and he would have enjoyed it--watching EJ’s world come crashing down and seeing Nicole thrown into the gutter. She leans in, adding that she isn’t glad that this happened to him, but she plans on making sure that he never opens his mouth about what he knows--one way or the other. Tony splutters.

Father Matt wishes Sami and Rafe the best and blesses them both, heading off. Sami asks Rafe if he has never had anyone named after him before, and he grins, shaking his head. Sami promises to use Grace’s middle name often, like when she hasn’t done her homework. Rafe says that is a ways off, but Sami says kids grow up faster than you think. Rafe asks if she thinks Grace is ready for the world, and Sami thinks she is, but she worries the world isn’t quite ready for Grace. She reminds Rafe that Grace has new brothers and a sister, plus a huge extended family. Sami starts worrying what they all might think, and if she can really do this on her own. Rafe reassures her, saying that everything will be fine since he has her back. Sami smiles gratefully.

Now alone, Stefano wonders where Lexie is, vowing not to let Tony die. EJ assures him that she will be here soon and suggests that Stefano go to the chapel for a little while. Stefano refuses, saying he is going to find a nurse and have her take him to Tony’s room right away. Stefano starts to storm off. EJ sighs.

Nicole looks at Tony’s heart monitor and wonders if anything is wrong, since his heart is beating so fast. She wonders if he is in pain from the surgery. Tony glares. Nicole asks him if he knows who saved his life. She waves her hand in the air, saying she did. She was the one that called the ambulance. He owes her his life, and in return for that, he is going to keep his mouth shut. Tony grimaces. Nicole demands that he say something as a nurse comes in, saying he can’t say anything. She lambastes Nicole for being in his room when he isn’t supposed to have visitors. Nicole says that she is family, and needs to speak to Tony, but the nurse explains that he was intubated with a respirator after his surgery. He can’t say anything to anyone. Nicole, surprised, asks if that is really true.

Stefano laments the fact that he said a lot of nasty things to Tony the last time he saw him. He wonders what made him say things like he wished Tony were dead. EJ reminds Stefano that Tony had betrayed him and he was just upset, but Stefano stops him. He bursts into tears, saying that he may have been upset, but to tell his own son he was no longer a part of his life was wrong. EJ asks Stefano not to punish himself, saying this is painful enough as it is. Stefano just wishes he could see Tony. EJ assures him he will soon, but they have to wait until the doctors says it’s ok. He wonders where Nicole is just as Lexie comes rushing over. She apologizes for not getting here sooner and asks the two what happened. EJ explains the fall Tony had, and that his lung was punctured, causing him to bleed profusely. Stefano interrupts and takes Lexie by the hand, telling her she just needs to look across the room if she wants to know what happened. He points out Phillip, saying that SOB tried to kill her brother.

Bo asks if Phillip wants to tell him anything else, but Phillip just says he and Tony fought, and then Tony slipped and fell. That’s it. Bo takes out his phone and makes a call, telling someone he needs them down at the hospital right away to help him with Phillip. Phillip stares worriedly.

Sami sits in a pew with Grace as Rafe lights prayer candles nearby. Sami confides in Grace that she is lucky she has the best godfather in the world. He is going to take care of her and protect her her whole life. Rafe blushes, asking her to stop, as he sounds like something straight out of the Boy Scout handbook. Sami jokes that that was what she thought the FBI was, but Rafe says they have a lot more training. He suddenly remembers he isn’t an agent anymore and ruefully tells Grace that he hopes he isn’t expecting a christening present anytime soon. Sami apologizes for being responsible for him losing his job, but Rafe doesn’t want to discuss it, saying it’s old news. Sami decides it’s time to go and heads off to gather her things, leaving Rafe in charge of the baby. He smiles at Grace, telling her that he loves her almost as much as her mother does. Grace coos and grins.

Bo hangs up and explains that he called Hope. He can’t handle this case because of his relation to Phillip, but Hope is one more step removed, so it should be ok for her to do so. Phillip nods, saying that Hope is fair. She’ll be able to straighten all of this out. Bo agrees, and asks why Phillip was so tense when he called her. Phillip shrugs, saying he feared Bo was calling another officer to arrest him. Phillip admits that he doesn’t think Bo believes his story. Bo says he does, but he also knows Phillip is keeping something from him. He asks Phillip what that is.

The nurse asks Nicole to leave, but she has a question, asking if Tony will eventually recover his ability to speak. The nurse scoffs, saying of course he will, and again demands that Nicole leave. She heads off. The nurse puts a hand on Tony’s shoulder, trying to comfort him as he huffs and puffs painfully.

Lexie looks over Tony’s chart, shaking her head at the damage that has been done. Stefano quietly tells her that he doesn’t think Daniel is doing enough, and that he wants her to be Tony’s doctor. Lexie scoffs, asking if he is kidding. She is Tony’s sister, so she can’t be his doctor. She assures Stefano that she can assist Daniel, but there’s no one she would rather have calling the shots than him. Stefano grumps that he doesn’t want anyone associated with the Kiriakis family to treat Tony, but Lexie tells him this isn’t about him. It’s about Tony and what is best for him. She asks EJ to talk some sense into Stefano, saying she will go speak with Daniel and visit Tony. Stefano says he wants to see him next, and Lexie promises to arrange it. Abruptly, she asks where Anna is, but EJ says they don’t know, as her phone is off. She instructs EJ to keep trying her and he heads off. Lexie shakes her head, telling Stefano that she can’t believe this happened to Tony after all he has been through. Stefano growls that this was made to happen. And the person that caused it is going to pay dearly. He glares at Phillip.

Rafe tells Grace that this church is pretty nice for her first coming out party. He admits that not many people came, but not many people attended his own christening, and he turned out all right. Sure, he has had bad times too, but they won’t talk about that. Sami walks over and overhears him vowing to never let Grace get hurt and calling her his princess. Sami beams as Rafe tells the baby she will always be ‘amazing Grace’ to him.

Later, Rafe and Sami head into the pub. Rafe offers to get takeout so he and Sami can take Grace home, but she says she wants to be here. She didn’t bring Grace back to Salem just to hide her. She asks Rafe if he has the story straight, and he says he does. Sami bonded with a baby in witness protection, and decided to adopt her. Sami nods, but worries she might screw it up somehow. Rafe reassures her she won’t, and heads off to place their orders. Sami sits at a table with Grace and asks if she is glad to be home. Just then, Will comes in, asking Sami whose baby that is.

Nicole sneaks back into Tony’s room, saying they need to talk. She knows he can’t say anything, but they must come to some sort of agreement. She saved his life, and if he doesn’t agree to keep her secret, then he is going to run into to some problems. Tony’s heart rate spikes. Daniel comes in just then, demanding to know what Nicole is doing in Tony’s room.

Bo demands to know why Phillip was meeting with Tony at the pier, and Phillip claims it was just regarding business. Bo wants him to elaborate, but Phillip shrugs, saying he can’t, as it involves trade secrets. Hope comes over just then, greeting the two and asking what is going on. Bo explains that Tony is in ICU after he and Phillip fought, but Phillip won’t tell him what it was about. Phillip explains again that they were discussing trade secrets, but Bo doesn’t want to hear it. He takes out his phone, threatening to call Victor. Phillip asks him to hang up. Bo says he will, if Phillip will tell them the truth.

Nicole tells Daniel that she was really worried about Tony, and asks if he will be alright. Daniel says he is in bad shape right now and tells Nicole to get the hell out of there. Just then, Tony’s blood pressure spikes. Daniel leans outside and shouts for a crash cart, yelling that they’ve got a code blue.

Lexie wonders what Stefano is thinking, making threats when Tony is busy fighting for his life. She tells him he needs to sit down, and she will be back to fill him in once she checks on Tony herself. Just then, EJ comes back, saying he got a hold of Anna, who is in Chicago. He explains that she is on her way back now. Just then, Lexie catches sight of a nurse flying down the hallway with a crash cart. Lexie gasps and rushes after her.

Daniel works on Tony, calling out for a defibrillator. The nurse comes in with the cart and hands it over to Daniel. He applies the device to Tony’s chest, yelling at Nicole to leave. Lexie comes in and urges Tony to fight. Daniel applies the defibrillator and works on Tony. Nicole watches worriedly. She heads off as Daniel urges Tony not to give up. She heads out to see EJ and Stefano, and when she explains she was visiting Tony, EJ says he thought he couldn’t have visitors. Nicole tears up, saying she doesn’t think she was allowed to be in there, but she went anyway. Stefano asks how Tony is doing. Nicole cries quietly, saying that she thinks he is dying. Stefano gapes.

Sami tells Will that she thought he was spending the day with Lucas, but he explains he blew his dad off to play basketball with his friends. Sami is shocked, but Will says he doesn’t get along that well with Lucas these days. He seems more than happy to spend most of his time with his new wife, and besides, they have nothing in common. Sami urges Will to cut Lucas some slack and wonders where he has been all day, as she has been trying to call. Will explain he left his phone at home, and wonders what Sami wants to talk about. She explains that she adopted a baby, and she wants to introduce Will to his baby sister, Grace. He chuckles, telling Sami to shut up. Sami says she is serious. Will asks her if she nuts.

Hope tells Phillip she thinks she has his story straight. He vows that he didn’t kill Tony. He walked away after the fight and headed up the stairs. Then he leaned against the rail and fell. Phillip hopes they believe him. Bo says he just wishes he didn’t have to twist Phillip’s arm to get the truth out of him. Hope says that she needs to speak to Nicole right away, and Bo agrees, saying they can get this whole thing ruled an accident with her deposition, and that will be the end of it. Phillip warns Hope that it’s Nicole they’re talking about. She’s liable to say anything.

Daniel comes over to speak to Nicole, EJ, and Stefano. EJ asks how Tony is. Daniel sighs.

Will flies into a rage, telling Sami how bogus this is and reminding her of the two other children she has besides him. Sami explains that when she was in witness protection, she spent time in an orphanage and fell in love with Grace while she was there. She had to bring her home. Will accuses her of lying, reminding her that last week, he heard her say the name ‘Grace’ and she told him she said ‘Rafe.’ Sami says she didn’t want to say anything to him then, fearing the adoption wouldn’t pan out. Will can’t believe she lied to his face like that. Rafe comes over just then, saying Sami’s burger is on the grill, and that he needs to go make a phone call. Will abruptly asks him if he knew about this. He gestures at the stroller. Sami quickly says that he did, and that Rafe wet to the orphanage with her. Will shakes his head. Rafe uncomfortably heads off to make his call. Sami sighs, saying she can tell Will is upset, and apologizes for not being honest with him. He glares, saying that Johnny and Allie have been without their mother for months, and she just brought home a new baby? Why shouldn’t he be mad about that? He accuses Sami of neglecting them all, and only because she has found a new toy. Sami’s eyes widen in horror.

Daniel tells Stefano, EJ, and Nicole that Tony’s heart stopped, but he got it started again. Lexie is with him now, and will update them soon. He heads off. Stefan assures himself that Tony will be fine, as he is a DiMera and strong. He heads off sadly as Nicole approaches EJ, saying she is sorry. She knows he and Tony had their difference, but they still had things in common as brothers. EJ sadly shakes his head, saying they didn’t, actually. He actually felt relieved when he heard Tony was leaving, since things had been so tense after he took over the company. He sighs, saying he might never see Tony again. There might be a bit of irony in that.

Stefano watches as Hope asks Daniel if she can speak with Tony. Daniel explains that he is physically unable to talk, even if he were up for it. Hope asks him, in his medical opinion, whether Tony’s injuries resulted from an accidental fall or not.

Sami tells Will angrily that Grace isn’t a toy, and that she has never neglected her children. Will groans, saying he didn’t mean to insinuate that or upset her. He gets up to leave, but Sami stops him, asking him if he is upset a new baby is in the house. He says he isn’t, but reminds Sami that she wasn’t around much when he was little. She says she knows she wasn’t a perfect mom, and can’t apologize enough for not being there for him. Will sighs, saying she doesn’t have to apologize again. Sami tries to explain that Grace was abandoned, and Sami had no choice but to take her in. Will lays it on thick, saying he knows how it feels to be abandoned. Sami gapes.

Daniel tells Hope that what speaks to him is the puncture wound in the chest. The angle suggests that no one could have stabbed Tony with it, and that he clearly fell on it.

Lexie comes up to Stefano, telling him that Tony is stable for now. Stefano asks if he can see him, but she says she asked Tony, and he shook his head, ‘no.’ Stefano groans, saying a man should be with his son at a time like this. Lexie agrees to keep trying with Tony and heads off.

Hope asks Daniel if he is saying Tony’s fall was an accident, but he admits that he has no way of knowing whether or not Tony was pushed.

Lexie heads into Tony’s room. His eyes open wide and she guesses he has something to say. She hunts down a paper and pencil, handing them to Tony, but warning him it won’t be easy to write with the upper half of his body numb. Tony grasps the pencil and huffs and puffs. Lexie counsels him to take it easy as he struggles to write the letter. Lexie looks at the pad and asks Tony if he wants to see EJ. Tony nods desperately.

EJ says that Nicole seems upset, and she admits not knowing if Tony will live or die is awful. The fact that he can’t even communicate with anyone makes it worse. Lexie comes over just then, telling EJ that Tony wants to see him Nicole sweats.

Sami says quietly through her tears that she is sorry Will felt abandoned, but that wasn’t the case. She reminds him that it was his decision to go to Switzerland. He explodes, asking if she is blaming this on him, but she says she isn’t. She loves him, and they are a family. They have to find away to work this out without punishing Grace, who is innocent. Will stands up in a huff, telling her that he is going out, and not to wait up, since he will be staying at Grandma Caroline’s. He huffs off. Sami sobs. Outside, Rafe sees Will leaving and stops him. He says that he knows the news about Grace must have come as a big shock, and he doesn’t blame Will for being ticked off. Rafe admits that there is something about Grace that Will needs to know.

EJ starts to head off with Lexie as Hope comes over to speak with Nicole. She tries to head off with EJ, but Lexie stymies the plan, saying she only wants Tony to have one visitor at a time. Nicole sighs, asking Hope what she wants. She tells her that she wants to talk about what happened to Tony.

EJ and Lexie head into Tony’s room, and she explains to EJ that Tony has been communicating through writing. She gets a page and tells EJ she has to go check on Tony’s test results. She heads off, warning Tony to stay calm. EJ sits down and jokes that someone finally got Tony to shut up. Anna will never believe it. Tony grasps the pencil and begins to write.

Hope asks Nicole if she can corroborate Phillip’s story that Tony tripped on his own and fell on the shard of wood. Phillip and Stefano look on as Nicole prepares to answer,

Tony huffs and puffs and writes. EJ wonders what is so important that Tony feels the need to write it.


Roman asks Sami, “What do you mean, this is your baby?” She replies, “I adopted her.”

Rafe tells Will, “The real reason she adopted Grace was because of you.”

Bo tells Phillip, “Shut your damn mouth. You got to tell your story, now it’s her turn to tell hers.”

Nicole tells Hope, “I’m too upset to make a statement right now, alright? Just leave me alone!”

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