Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/27/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Rafe comes into Teresa’s office at the convent and asks Sami if she is ready to go. She cuddles Grace, saying she knows it’s going to sound crazy, but she is really going to miss this place, since so many special things happened here. Rafe grins.

At the hospital, Daniel congratulates Chloe again on her wedding, saying he’s glad everything went smoothly. She says she is, too, but really has to get to her appointment. She starts to head off, but Daniel stops her, saying that he is sorry for the way he acted before. He acted selfishly and he hopes she can forgive him. She claims that there is nothing to forgive. Just then, Lucas walks in and sees the two chatting.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells EJ that he doesn’t care if he ever sees that ungrateful SOB Tony ever again. He is dead to him. EJ shakes his head, saying there is something more going on--something the two of them don’t yet understand. Stefano scoffs, saying that Tony has had a chip on has shoulder since he came put of the womb. EJ disagrees, saying that Tony is keeping something from them, and he fears that it has something to do with Nicole.

At the pier, Nicole hides behind a crate as Phillip tries to attack Tony. Tony shoves him away, asking what the hell is the matter with him. Phillip pops back up and punches Tony in the face. Tony grabs his wounded mouth and hisses that he could have Phillip arrested for that. Phillip grabs him by the collar of his coat, asking if he is going to give him his project back. Tony calmly retorts that Phillip isn’t getting a thing from him. Phillip asks if he is sure about that. He head butts Tony in the stomach and drives him into a wall. Tony groans. Nicole watches worriedly.

At the pub, Bo angrily tells an officer over the phone that another will be chained to his desk for a month, saying that he’s lucky he’s not getting fired. He hangs up angrily as Hope walks in, saying she didn’t even hear him leave this morning. Bo claims he had some things to take care of early, but Hope doesn’t buy it. She thinks he snuck out of the house because he wanted to avoid her. She guesses it’s so that he didn’t have to explain why he suddenly canceled their date the night before. Bo claims again that he has a lot of work piling up, but Hope knows he is lying. She reminds him of the talk that they had about trusting each other, but she sees now that Bo didn’t mean a word of it. She tells him to be a man and be honest her about what is going on. Bo fidgets.

Tony shoves Phillip back, saying that he’s a pathetic fraud. Phillip scoffs, saying that Tony never made a deal he didn’t have to lie or cheat his way into. Tony retorts that all Phillip has done in his life is bring shame to his family. Phillip goes after Tony again, but Tony shoves him to the side. Nicole ducks as Phillip is pushed into a box near her, cutting his hand. He looks at the blood and glares at Tony.

Lucas greets Chloe and Daniel, and Daniel congratulates him on the wedding. Chloe says she was just thanking Daniel for all he has done for them, and asks Lucas about Will. Lucas jokes that for some reason, Will would rather hang out with his friends than his dad, and Chloe says that at least he’s normal. She heads off for her appointment, and Lucas thanks Daniel again for convincing him to elope with Chloe. He really needed someone to talk some sense into him, and Daniel did just that. Daniel says he just needed some perspective, but Lucas disagrees. If it weren’t for Daniel, he and Chloe wouldn’t even be married. Daniel looks at Lucas, startled.

Rafe reminds Sami that she was only at the convent because someone was trying to kill her, but she says that isn’t what she meant. Grace was born while she was staying here, and that is a happy memory, of course. She remembers all the times she got up in the middle of the night to hold Grace, and how Rafe learned to change a diaper, something he’s now very good at. She thanks him for helping her and bonding with her baby. Rafe says that that is his job, but Sami knows he wasn’t obligated to keep her secret about Grace, but he did anyway. She thanks him, saying she’ll never be able to repay him for that.

Stefano, confused, asks EJ if he thinks something is going on between Nicole and Tony. EJ scoffs, saying of course not. He’s not worried about Nicole, he’s worried about Tony and what he is up to. EJ reminds Stefano of the family meeting Tony wants called to humiliate EJ. He is sure it somehow affects Nicole. Stefano wonders if the secret involves Nicole, but EJ says he didn’t say that. Stefano wonders why Tony is so insistent she be present at the meeting, then. EJ isn’t sure. He guesses that Tony might like her. Stefano scoffs, saying all he ever does is sneer in her direction. EJ says that is what Stefano does, actually. He begins to protest, but EJ cuts him off, saying they need to focus on why Tony is so hell-bent on turning against them. Stefano says it’s because Tony’s ego is fragile, and he’s jealous of EJ. When he’s shunned, he has to get attention like a child. EJ thinks it’s more than that, since he is about to develop the fuels project behind their backs. Stefano agrees, saying that Tony is being a traitorous SOB. He vows not to allow Tony to stab him in the back like this.

Phillip calls Tony a bastard, glancing at his bloodied hand. Tony scoffs and heads up the stairs, calling Phillip a clumsy clod. Phillip screams after him that he is the one with family issues. He’s a washed-up has-been and nothing better than a black sheep, sabotaging his own flesh and blood. Tony whirls around to retort, but the handrail of the stairs gives way and Tony falls to the ground, landing on a crate. He groans as Phillip and Nicole look on in horror. Blood trickles for the corner of Tony’s mouth.

Bo tells Hope that it’s the visions that are causing him problems, not her. She asks if he has had one recently, and he nods painfully, saying he has them all the time. She asks if it still involves her with another man. Bo gives her a look. She gasps, asking if he saw the man she was with.

Rafe tells Sami that if she really wants to repay him, then she will stay out of trouble. She chuckles as Rafe gets a phone call from one of the employers he applied for a job with. Sami wishes him luck as he heads off to take the call. Sami talks to Grace, telling her how excited she is to bring her home and introduce her to her brothers and sister. She vows never to leave Grace again. Just then, Sister Agnes comes in and compliments Sami’s baby. Sami thanks her, asking who she is, and Agnes explains that she was in charge of the convent when it was an orphanage. Sami smiles, guessing that she knows Rafe and Agnes says she does. She took care of him for several years when he was a teenager. Sami asks if she knows a lot about him and Agnes admits that they were close. Sami says she is glad, as she would love to know more about Rafe’s past.

Stefano rants about Tony’s selfishness, saying that he should have expected it. He rages, saying that Tony has always been weak. Stefano has done nothing but hand him everything and help him, and this is the thanks he gets. EJ tries to stop him, but Stefano rages on, saying that he is going to get thanks from Tony, one way or the other. He isn’t going to stop until Tony comes crawling back on his knees, begging for another chance. EJ shakes his head, saying that Stefano needs to take hard look at himself and what he has done to Tony. In the end, he created this monster, and he caused this. Stefano gapes.

Phillip hurriedly opens Tony’s jacket and sees that he is bleeding profusely from his chest. Nicole hurries over, asking if everything is alright and if Tony has a pulse. Phillip yells that they need an ambulance immediately. He tells her to call 911. Nicole hesitates, flashing back to Tony threatening to tell EJ the truth about Sydney. Phillip interrupts her reverie, screaming at her to call 911. He begs Tony to stay with them.

Daniel tells Lucas that on the contrary, Chloe loves him and couldn’t wait to start her life with him. Lucas says Daniel is the one that made him realize that, though, along with the fact that the important thing was marrying Chloe, not having a big ceremony. He adds that Kate was upset at the news, and confides in Daniel that she showed up at the justice of the peace in Vegas. He tells Daniel it took all he could not to scream at her to stay out of his life. Daniel says he knows what Lucas means. Lucas sighs, saying he knows Kate means well, and she only does these things out of love, but made him feel like an idiot. Besides, she sucked the romance out of everything. Daniel hopes that isn’t true, and Lucas admits he and Chloe managed to have their fun. He winks and Daniel chuckles uncomfortably. Just then, he gets a page and says he has to go. Lucas thanks him again. Daniel heads off, scowling.

Bo turns things around on Hope, asking how he should feel that his wife doesn’t trust him to tell her the truth. Hope caves and apologizes, but Bo says he is the one that should be sorry for canceling their date night so abruptly. He admits that there is more going on than just work and these visions. He tells Hope about Chelsea looking for an apartment with Stephanie. Hope says she knows, and also heard that Bo was fine with it, but guesses that he really isn’t. She reminds him that Chelsea will be with Max no matter where she lives, and wonders what happened to the guy in motorcycle jacket so many years ago. He wasn’t so judgmental and puritanical. Bo says that guy grew up and became a father. Hope sighs, saying that Chelsea senses something else is going on though, and Hope agrees. She again asks Bo if he saw the man she was with in the vision. Bo fidgets.

Agnes tells Sami that she is just as Rafe described her. Sami blushes, asking what he said about her, and Agnes tells her that Rafe cares for her very much. She says she cares for him too, as he is an amazing guy and saved her life. Sami wants to know more about what Rafe was like as a child. Agnes smiles, saying he was shy and sweet, but also opinioned and had a rebellious streak. Sami smiles and asks about his family, and his parents, and why he was at the orphanage. He never talks about it and Sami fears something bad might have happened to him. Agnes admits that that is true, and that a tragedy did occur in Rafe’s life. Sami asks what it was. Agnes hesitates.

Phillip yells at Nicole to call 911 or Tony is going to die. She pulls her phone out of her purse and dials. Phillip assures Tony that everything is going to be alright. Tony chokes and bleeds.

Stefano yells that he can’t believe EJ is blaming him for Tony’s disloyalty. EJ says he just trying to be realistic. He doesn’t condone what Tony has done by any stretch, but Stefano did push him out of the family and company. They should have expected that he’d retaliate .Stefano says that EJ clearly blames him, then. EJ says he doesn’t, but he does want Stefano to look at this from Tony’s side. Stefano rages that he will not cater to his son’s ego. EJ screams back that he wants Stefano to show a little compassion for his brother. Stefano rants that he gave Tony a chance, and told him he loved him, and then Tony went behind his back and made a mockery of him. He won’t stand for that kind of treachery, and as he said before, Tony is dead to him. Just then, EJ gets a call from Nicole, who is now alone, telling him that there’s been an accident, and Tony was involved. He’s doing badly and is on his way to the hospital. She tells EJ that she will meet him there and hangs up. Phillip stumbles over, telling Nicole that the paramedics said Tony lost a lot of blood, but he’s going to be alright. He has to be. Nicole glances at Phillip’s bandaged hand. He asks how much of the fight she saw. She says she saw pretty much all of it. Phillip, relieved, is glad that she knows it was an accident. She tells him to take care of his hand and coolly walks off. Phillip yells after her, trying to stop her.

Bo reminds Hope that she was the one that told him to dismiss these visions, and now she wants him to talk about it. That doesn’t make sense. Hope apologizes, saying she didn’t realize that him distancing himself from her was his way of dealing with things. He promises to reschedule their date night soon and kisses her. Hope gets a call just then and says she has to go deal with a domestic dispute. Hope ask Bo to pick up one of Ciara’s prescriptions and he agrees to do so. He heads off and Hope stares after him worriedly.

Agnes tells Sami that she had better not tell her anything Rafe hasn’t told her about his past. Sami begs for a hint, saying she doesn’t want her to beak their confidence, of course. Agnes simply says that Rafe is a good man with a good heart, and she just hopes he can find someone who will accept him for who he is and not try to change him. Rafe walks in just then, asking what is going on. The two exchange glances. Rafe asks sternly if they were talking about him.

EJ and Stefano rush into the hospital and meet Nicole, asking how Tony is. She says she hasn’t heard yet and they ask what happened. Nicole explains that there was a fight. Stefano asks who Tony was fighting with. Phillip comes over just then, saying Tony was fighting him.

Chloe and Lucas sit at the pub, eating. They discuss the fact that Chloe’s regular doctor retired. They called and left her a message, but she didn’t check them. She worries about finding a new doctor and rescheduling her appointment, but Lucas assures her that Daniel can probably recommend someone. He urges Chloe to eat, saying she was the one that wanted a burger. Chloe picks up her hamburger and practically gags. Lucas asks her what’s wrong. Chloe admits that she doesn’t feel very well.

Agnes tells Rafe that she has to go attend to some matter since Teresa is out of town. Sami is crushed, saying that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but Agnes tells her that Teresa wants her to come by often and stay in touch. Sami promises to do so and Agnes hugs Rafe, telling him to do the same, and adding with a wink that he was right about this woman. She heads off. Sami asks him what that meant and Rafe grins, saying he just told Agnes that Sami was a handful and sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong. She huffs, saying she only has to be that way because Rafe doesn’t tell her anything. She asks about the job, but he says it didn’t work out, and didn’t seem like a good fit anyway. He asks if she is ready to go, but Sami says there is something she has to do first.

EJ and Stefano demand to know what Tony and Phillip were fighting about. Phillip scoffs, saying he thought the DiMeras didn’t keep any secrets from one another. Stefano calls him a smug bastard, saying that Phillip had better not laid a finger on his son. Phillip says that what happened to Tony was his own fault. He turns to go just as Bo walks over. EJ attacks Phillip. Bo holds him off as Nicole screams at him to stop.

Sami asks Rafe how he would like to attend a christening. She spoke with Father Matt, and he agreed that he could do it later this afternoon. Rafe says he would love to attend, and Sami says she has one more favor. She wants Rafe to be Grace’s godfather. She knows it’s a big thing to ask, but she really needs to know that Rafe will be around to protect Grace, especially after all he has done for her. Rafe smiles, saying he would be honored to be Grace’s godfather.

Lucas wants Chloe to go to the hospital, but she insists it’s just a little nausea and it has passed. Just then, Lucas gets a call from work about some botched paperwork. He tells Chloe that he has to go, but says hates leaving her when she isn’t feeling well. She insists she is fine and Lucas heads off, promising to call her soon. She sighs.

Stefano scowls that he knows whose side Bo is on, and Bo threatens to slap the cuffs on him instead of EJ if he doesn’t lay off. He pulls Phillip aside, asking what the hell happened with Tony. Phillip admits that they got into a fight, but he had nothing to do with the accident. Bo curses, saying he has covered for Phillip too many times as it is. Phillip claims that there is nothing to cover. He didn’t do anything wrong. Just then Daniel comes over to EJ and Stefano, saying that he has bad news. Phillip and Nicole look on worriedly.

Now at St. Luke’s, Sami guesses that Rafe is nervous. He admits that he is, since he has never been a godfather before. Sami assures him that he will be great at it as Father Matt comes in. He crows over Grace and greets Sami and Rafe, assuming that Rafe is the father. Sami explains hurriedly that he is the godfather. The priest asks if the father will be attending, but Sami says he isn’t in the picture. The priest says that is alright, but wonders about her family and friends. Sami smiles sadly, saying she would love for them to be here, but they can’t make it. She adds that Rafe is all she and Grace need.

Daniel explains to Stefano and EJ that Tony lost a lot of blood. They panic and EJ asks if he is gone. Daniel says he is still alive, and they’re giving him transfusions, but honestly, it doesn’t look good. EJ and Stefano gape.

Chloe takes out her birth control pills and counts back, seeing that she has missed some. She gasps, “OMG!”

Father Matt goes through the christening ceremony, asking both Sami and Rafe if they will do their duty to raise Grace in the faith. They both agree.

Phillip tells Bo that Tony can’t die. Bo tells him to start talking, and he admits that he and Tony got into a shoving match down at the pier. Tony was leaving and he stumbled at the top of the stairs and fell. He hopes Bo believes him, but Bo says it is up to the D.A., not him. He asks if there were any witnesses and Phillip tells him that Nicole saw the whole thing.

Nicole loiters near Tony’s room. The man on guard gets a phone call and heads off. She goes into Tony’s room and stands at the foot of his bed. Tony’s eyes pop open. Nicole smirks.


Sami tells Will, “I have terrific news. I want to introduce you to your new sister.”

Bo tells Phillip, “You’re keeping something from me. Want to tell me what that is?”

Stefano tells Lexie, “The person that made it happen is going to pay dearly.”

Nicole tells Tony, “I’m going to make sure that you never say a word.”

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