Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/26/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/26/09


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At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip walks in glumly. Brady asks him if anything is wrong and he coldly congratulates Brady. Brady asks him why he would do so, and Phillip tells him he’s congratulating him for becoming the newest CEO of Titan. He’s hit the big-time at last. Brady stares, clearly confused.

At the pub, Sami makes a call and tells someone to tell Teresa she’ll be there to pick up Grace by noon. She hangs up just as Rafe comes in. She says hi, but Rafe presses past her, saying they have nothing further to say to one another. Sami huffs, saying she couldn’t agree more. She storms out.

EJ comes into the living room of the DiMera mansion and greets the butler, asking if he has seen Nicole, as they have wedding plans to discuss. The butler shakes his head, saying that she left some time ago. EJ asks if he knows where he went, but the man doesn’t. He adds that Nicole looked as if she were in an awful hurry.

Nicole runs into Mia in an alley near her old apartment. She demands to know how Mia could do this to her. Mia stammers, her arms full of groceries, saying she had to come home. Nicole huffs, saying she is referring to the fact that Mia told Tony DiMera that Sydney was her daughter, not Nicole’s. She wonders how Mia could do that.

Stefano bursts into Tony’s room and finds him packing. He can’t believe Harold (presumably the butler) was right. Stefano demands to know what he is doing and Tony tells Stefano that he will be happy to hear that he is leaving the family--permanently.

Chloe and Lucas stroll along the pier. He tells her how happy he is the two of them eloped and kisses her passionately. Chloe smiles, but Lucas senses something is wrong. She explains that it’s Kate and her behavior. The way she showed up in Las Vegas and asked them to get an annulment, plus the odd things she said on the plane worry Chloe. It’s obvious that Kate isn’t happy that the two of them are married--not at all.

At the hospital, Kate checks her watch as Daniel comes over, asking why she wanted to see him. Kate explains that on the plane ride home from Vegas, she decided that Daniel was the one person she had to see right away.

Stefano asks Tony why he is moving, and Tony says that he refuses to stay around here to be dismissed and belittled. Stefano has made his choice, and it’s clear that he prefers EJ over him. Stefano says that that kind of thinking is total insanity. Tony and EJ are equals in his eyes. Tony scoffs, saying the only insane thing is that he stuck around and took it for so long. He says that fortunately, all things come to an end. He grabs a bag and heads off. Stefano yells at him to come back ad unpack his bags, but Tony doesn’t respond. Stefano grabs one of the bags that Tony left behind and chucks it across the room. Suddenly, Stefano grabs his stomach and groans, huffing and puffing in pain.

Nicole asks Mia how she could be so cruel. Mia apologizes, saying she didn’t mean to blurt out the truth. Nicole sighs, wondering why she even came home. She gave her more than enough money to live in Japan for a while. Mia says she didn’t even really spend it. She just got so lonely over there, wondering about her baby and missing her all the time, wondering if she missed her, too. Nicole scoffs, saying of course Sydney didn’t miss her. She doesn’t know Mia because Nicole is her mother now and she is all she knows. Mia says she realizes that and that she is sorry. Nicole accuses her of sneaking back to town and telling Tony her secret on purpose, but Mia denies it. She explains that she saw Nicole’s car in the driveway and that she just wanted to see Sydney. She is sure Tony wouldn’t say anything that might hurt an innocent baby. Nicole fumes, saying that Tony would sell his own mother if it meant he could hurt EJ. She wonders if Mia understands anything. What she has done is going to destroy Nicole’s life.

Tony heads into the living room and finds EJ playing with the chess set. He grins, saying the EJ is just the man he wants to see.

Sami comes back to tell Rafe that she is going to get Grace and that she’ll be fine raising her on her own. Rafe says that that’s fine by him. Sami asks him if he is staying in Salem or if he is leaving, but Rafe reminds her that she made it clear that what he does or doesn’t do matters very little to her. He excuses himself coldly to make a phone call as Abe comes over to speak to Sami. He and Sami hug and exchange pleasantries, and he invites her to come by and visit with Lexie and Theo soon. Sami agrees, and says she is just now getting used to being back among the people she loves. Abe apologizes for not being able to Rafe a job with the department, saying that with the budget the way it is, they’re just praying they won’t have to have more layoffs. Sami says she understands and Abe adds that it’s clear that Rafe cares for Sami, considering what he has given up to stay in Salem. Sami, confused, asks what it is Rafe has given up.

Brady asks Phillip if Victor fired him. Phillip is shocked he doesn’t know, and Brady explains that he hasn’t even seen Victor. Phillip advises him to act surprised when Victor does break the news, and adds that the old man disowned him as well. Brady gasps in shock as Phillip says he’s surprised his things weren’t on the curb when he woke up this morning. Brady shakes his head, wondering what happened, and Phillip says it’s obvious. He didn’t get the blueprints back for the fuel project, so Victor views him as a failure and plans on getting them back himself. Brady wonders what Victor will do and Phillip shrugs, saying he’s incapable of failure, after all. Brady urges him to work with him to try to get the plans back, but Phillip refuses, saying he is going to do this on his own. Brady wonders what he is going to do, and Phillip vows to do whatever he has to.

Nicole asks Mia what she told Tony exactly, and Mia explains that he kept asking questions about the baby. Eventually, she broke down and told him she had to give her baby up. Nicole asks if she told him she gave the baby to her, and Mia says she is so sorry. She ruefully admits that the information kind of slipped out. She says she ran away right after, but Nicole groans, saying she should have done that as soon as Tony opened the door. Mia asks what will happen if her fiancé finds out, and Nicole says that he is going to kick her to the curb. She’ll be broke and worse off than Mia is right now. Mia says she thought Nicole was smart, and asks why she can’t think of a way to stop Tony. Nicole says she tried, but it blew up in her face. They’re talking about a DiMera here, and Tony could strike at any moment.

EJ can’t believe Tony is moving. Tony shrugs, saying he needs to get away from their father and Salem for good. EJ reminds him of his upcoming wedding, and Tony admits that he had forgotten all about it. He smiles slyly, guessing that EJ is beside himself over the upcoming nuptials. EJ shrugs, admitting that he is looking forward to it. Tony nods and chuckles, saying EJ is part of the first family after all, and is their father’s pride and joy. EJ reminds him that he and Anna are also dear to Stefano, but Tony brushes him off, saying things could change, and will change of course. He laughs. EJ says that he is acting very odd and wonders if something is wrong. Tony says that something is definitely wrong, and it’s time EJ knew all about it.

Chloe says she doesn’t know what happened, but all of a sudden, she isn’t good enough for Lucas in Kate’s eyes. She wonders if it’s because she’s in show business and is between jobs right now. She sighs, saying that Kate’s friendliness seems really fake right now. Lucas, miffed, asks if she is calling Kate phony. Chloe says she isn’t. She probably just used the wrong word. Lucas sighs, saying that he knows that his mom isn’t the easiest person to get along with, but the last thing she is is fake, and he knows she does want him and Chloe to be happy. She agrees to take Lucas’ word for it and reminds him they have to go get Will and Allie before her doctor’s appointment. She tells Lucas that she’s probably fine and he doesn’t have to come with her, but Lucas insists, jokingly introducing himself as Mr. Horton, her ever-loving husband. The two kiss.

Abe looks worriedly over at Rafe, who is still on the phone, telling Sami that he shouldn’t say anything. She says that she could just ask her dad, but Abe agrees to tell her what happened if she promises to keep it to herself. Sami does so and Abe explains that Rafe gave up a position with the NYPD’s terrorism task force to stay in Salem. Sami gapes as Abe explains that it’s a coveted position in law enforcement.. Abe excuses himself as his phone rings. Rafe gets up and starts to head off, but Sami chases him outside, explaining that she knows what he did for her, and it’s obvious that the two of them aren’t so different after all.

Tony tells EJ that he’d be glad to tell him what’s wrong and wipe that smug look off of his face as Stefano comes in, telling Tony that he isn’t going anywhere. Tony chuckles, asking if Stefano lives in a time warp. He isn’t ten years old anymore, and he can do as he pleases. Stefan threatens to cut him off permanently if he leaves. Tony laughs outright, asking where he has been for the past decade. He has businesses all over the world, and hasn’t needed Stefano’s pennies for quite some time now, especially since he has a new venture estimated to make billions. EJ asks him to share his new venture with them and Tony smirks, explaining that he got hold of the alternative fuels project they threw away. Stefano blusters that that is impossible, since all of the copies of the blueprints were destroyed. Tony smiles, saying they all were--except one copy. Stefano forbids him from developing it, but Tony says things have changed, and things are especially going to change for his little brother, EJ.

Kate tells Daniel that she was totally wrong. He says he forgives her, but she is surprised that he doesn’t plan to hold it against her. Daniel shrugs and Kate says they’ll forget all about it and make sure they never mention it to Lucas or Chloe. Daniel agrees. Kate apologizes again, saying she was acting crazy. She was fit to be tied when she learned the two had eloped, but even though she missed the ceremony, it’s clear the two are so happy. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Kate smiles slyly as Daniel laughs uncomfortably. She says apologies aren’t easy, but he has made this one pretty easy. She gushes about what a great doctor he is and how he always does the right thing, like when he chose to give her the drug that made her well. Daniel says it was difficult, because the drug is so toxic. Kate says she has forgotten the name of it, and Daniel tells her it’s called lucocysteine. Kate grins.

Brady takes out his phone, saying that he and Phillip are going to fix things, but Phillip is surprised that Brady isn’t licking his chops at the opportunity to take over. Brady reminds them they are family, but Phillip says in this family it’s every man for himself. Brady still wants to help, but Phillip says he is going to figure this out his own. Brady asks how he will do so. Phillip sighs, saying he wishes could just go get Nick to write another copy for the blueprints, but he’s in a psych ward and can’t do them much good anymore. Phillip says he only has one option. Brady tells him to forget it if he is planning on stealing the blueprints. It’s been tried once and didn’t work. Phillip assumes Brady was in on it and asks why he would try to steal the blueprints. Brady fidgets.

EJ tells Tony that he is making a huge mistake. Does he really think that they’re just going to sit by and allow him to develop this project? He and their father will come after him with everything they have, if need be. Tony reminds EJ that he and Stefano have nothing. They relinquished their rights to the project, so they have no legal case. Stefano sighs, reminding Tony that they are all family. They can’t work against each other; they need to start working together. He loves Tony, and he is still his son. Tony says that he has no use for Stefano or his most recent protégé. Stefano sighs, saying that if that is the case, then Tony is dead to him from now on. Stefano stalks off as EJ asks Tony to tell him the truth. Tony says he will confess, since he really wants to spare EJ public humiliation. When he learns what is going on, he will be horrified enough as it is.

Kate thanks Daniel again for understanding and he excuses himself. Kate makes small talk with a nurse about her treatment, and brings up the toxic drug Daniel was using on her. She heard that blood tests don’t pick it up. The nurse nods, saying they had to stick her like pin cushion because of it. She admits that it’s tricky if not used properly, but Daniel is so great at his job there were really no worries with Kate. Kate asks if it is hard to get, but the nurse says it’s just expensive. She points out that they have some on this very floor in a cabinet nearby, adding that it’s deadly if you’re not careful. She heads off. Kate grins, saying it is deadly.

Brady shuts the living room door, telling Phillip that everyone wants that fuel project. He urges Phillip to let him work on something with him, but Phillip insists on working alone. Brady sighs, saying he knows Phillip too well. When he shuts down like this, he gets dangerous and he usually ends up doing something crazy. He begs Phillip to work with him, but Phillip refuses to work with anyone, telling Brady to tell Victor the same if he brings it up. He storms out to the foyer and makes a phone call, asking someone if it is ready and if it will work. When they respond favorably, Phillip smiles and tells them to go ahead and do it.

EJ sighs, telling Tony that he knows he and Stefano are at odds. Tony chuckles, saying that EJ is as blind as anyone he has ever known. If a freight train were bearing down on him, he’d ignore it. Just then, Tony’s phone buzzes. He checks a message and tells EJ that he is to meet a Scottish associate down by the pier right away. EJ huffs, saying he is waiting for what Tony wants to tell him, but Tony says it isn’t up to him to decide when to wait and when not to wait. That is Tony’s business. He says he has decided to wait to tell EJ the truth for when they have an audience, including Stefano and Nicole. They’re all one big dysfunctional family, after all. Tony chuckles and heads off.

Nicole asks Mia if they have things clear, and Mia nods. When Nicole calls after Tony drops the bomb, she will come over and tell everyone that she just asked Tony if Nicole was home one day, and isn’t sure why he is lying and saying Sydney is her baby. Nicole nods, but adds that she must never call Tony by his first name. Nicole asks her to try again, but make it angrier. Mia tries and Nicole approves. Mia says she is sorry again, and promises to do anything Nicole says to make things better. Nicole sighs and tells Mia that this is never going to work and that her life is over. Mia promises again to do anything, Nicole says she isn’t sure that is good enough. It might work for a day or a week, but EJ is never going to let something this suspicious go. He’ll keep digging and digging until it’s finally over. Nicole tears up.

Rafe says that he doesn’t know what Sami means, and that they couldn’t be more different. She tells him that she heard about the job offer in New York he turned down. He shrugs, saying he doesn’t like the city that much, but Sami knows that’s a lie and that he loves everything about New York except the Knicks. She thinks he stayed in town to help her. Rafe shrugs, saying maybe he did. He then blows up, saying that she drives him crazy. He has only tried to help her, and she ended up turning on him. Sami, cowed, admits that that is true and says she is sorry from the bottom of her heart. She knows that he only turned down that job and helped her because he cares, and she cares too. Rafe is silent. Sami asks him if he cares, but he doesn’t answer. She stammers, reminding him that he is supposed to say something after she does. Rafe suddenly grabs her and pulls her in for a kiss. Sami responds.

Kate lingers near the drug cabinet as Lucas and Chloe come in, asking what she is doing here. Kate explains she is here for her checkup and asks what the two of them are here for. Lucas explains that Chloe hasn’t been feeling well lately, so they’re also here for a checkup. Kate simpers, hoping nothing is wrong with her new daughter-in-law, but Chloe says she is fine. Lucas asks if Kate has spoken to Phillip, saying that he feels like knocking Victor’s lights out. She says no and asks why, and Lucas explains that he called Titan to give Phillip the good news about their marriage, but learned he had been fired. Kate gasps.

Sami and Rafe kiss. She breaks it off, trying to say something, but the two end up passionately kissing again before she can get it out.

Now alone, Lucas tells Chloe that he has to go pick Will up, but will come back for her later. She agrees and he heads off. Daniel comes over and the two exchange an awkward greeting. He says he hears that she tied the knot, and she admits she did, thanks to him. She isn’t sure what he said to Lucas, but it really did the trick. He is glad, saying he is happy as long as she is. She says she is. He congratulates her awkwardly.

Nicole sees that EJ is calling and tells herself that it’s now or never. She answers and EJ asks where she is. She claims to be shopping, and he tells her that he needs to talk to her about Tony. She freaks out, wondering what is going on, and EJ explains that Tony and Anna are moving to New York later on in the day. She is shocked and repeats the news aloud for Mia. EJ goes on to explain that Tony plans on calling together a family meeting to tell him something horrible. He chuckles, but Nicole turns pale. She asks where Tony is, and EJ explains that he is meeting someone down by the pier. He warns Nicole to give Tony a wide berth, as he’s been acting very strangely since he figured out Stefano prefers EJ over him. Nicole claims that EJ is breaking up and promises to see him soon. She hangs up hurriedly. Mia asks if Tony spilled her secret, but Nicole says he hasn’t yet, and she has to stop him before he does. Mia tries to stop her, but Nicole rushes off.

Victor heads into the living room of the mansion and Brady confronts him about firing Phillip. Victor simply says that he did what is best for the company, and for now he wants Brady to act as the CEO. Brady refuses, saying that Victor needs to think about what he is doing to both Titan and the family. Victor starts to protest, but Kate bursts in just then, asking him what the hell is wrong with him. How could he hurt their son like this?

Rafe and Sami kiss. He breaks it off, saying that no matter what she says, the two of them are different. She acts on her feelings. Sami agrees that she does, but says that he isn’t exactly logical, seeing as how he gave up this important position in New York to stay here to help her. Rafe agrees he didn’t make the logical choice for once. Sami admits that she shouldn’t have decided to bring Grace home without thinking it through. Rafe reminds her that the DiMeras are going to be watching her all the more closely now that she is home. She says she was impulsive and hates to ruin the moment, but she promised to go get Grace and she has to do so right away. Rafe says that he is going with her. The two head off together.

Kate tells Victor that she thought they had grown closer lately, but he hasn’t changed at all, and will do anything to anyone to get what he wants. She tells him that she despises him and that he is out of her life. She storms off. Brady tells Victor that he isn’t going anywhere. They need to talk about Phillip, because he is acting strangely. Victor sighs, but Brady insists that he listen. He says that Phillip is cold and quiet, and he has vowed to do something. Brady says that he’s out there right now, probably planning to do something destructive.

Tony calls for ‘Mac’ down at the pier, but Phillip answers his call, saying that Mac is still on a plane. Tony asks how he knows that and guesses Phillip sent the text message. He tells Phillip that his tricks won’t work. He is not getting in on this project, no matter how much pleading he does. Phillip leans in menacingly, saying he isn’t begging. He isn’t even asking.

Daniel asks Chloe why she is here, and she explains that she isn’t feeling well and Lucas made her come for a checkup. She blushes, saying she also cares about her wellbeing, since she has a new family to worry about. Daniel warns her to do everything in moderation and Chloe agrees, saying that she’ll be fine. The camera pans in on the drug cabinet.

Sami and Rafe show up at the convent and get Grace. Sami picks her up, telling her how much she has missed her. Rafe coos, saying she gets cuter every day. Sami smiles at Rafe, saying that everything is finally perfect.

Stefano comes into the living room and EJ tells him about the family meeting Tony wants to have. Stefano grumbles, saying that Tony is dead to him, and he doesn’t care if he ever sees that SOB again. EJ sighs, saying that there is something more going on than just the fuels project. EJ thinks Tony knows something that the two of them don’t understand.

Phillip demands that Tony give him the blueprints as Nicole sneaks over and hides behind a box. Tony scoffs, saying that Phillip is as stupid as people say he is. Why would he ever hand over the blueprints? Nicole watches as Phillip attacks Tony.


Sami says, “I wonder if I could ask you about his past. I’d like to know more about Rafe.”

Stefano tells EJ, “If he thinks that he can stab his father in the back--it will not happen. I will not allow it!”

Phillip and Nicole watch as Tony trips and falls down the stairs at the pier.

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