Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/25/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/25/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole meets Brady down by the pier and apologizes for being late, saying there was traffic. He says it’s ok. She thanks him for coming, saying she had no one else to turn to. He asks what’s wrong and she sobs, saying everything is. Nicole hugs him. Brady hugs her back worriedly.

Phillip heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor storms over to him, saying that he’s late. Phillip apologizes, but assures Victor that everything is under control. Victor scoffs, saying that Phillip has worn that phrase out. He wants answers in regards to the fuels project, and he wants them now.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Chelsea calls someone about an apartment, but is disappointed when she hears the high price of rent. She hangs up as Stephanie comes over. Chelsea moans about all the apartments she can afford being total dumps, and Stephanie sympathizes with her apartment-hunting problems. She offers to let Chelsea stay with her for a while, but Chelsea says she needs her own place. Plus with Bo and Hope going through their own issues, she really needs to get out of their hair.

At the pub, Bo gets another vision of Hope in bed with Roman. Hope comes over and tells him excitedly that the babysitter has agreed to stay a few more hours with Ciara. Bo mumbles a response. Hope demands that he look at her. Bo does so, and she says that she can tell he is letting that vision bother him. She reminds him of the promise he made her, and begs him not to go back on his word.

Brady asks Nicole what she means and she goes into a tirade, saying that ‘he’ enjoyed taunting her and making her suffer. Brady asks what she is talking about, but Nicole ignores him, ranting about how ‘he’ waited until it was time for her baby’s christening and confronted her. It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life but it just turned into a nightmare. Brady asks her again to calm down and tell him what she means. She sighs, telling him that her secret is out. Brady gapes. Nicole nods, telling him that Tony DiMera knows that she isn’t Sydney’s biological mother.

In his bedroom at the DiMera mansion, Tony looks at the blueprints for the fuels project and chuckles softly. He says that the tide has finally turned, and that he has everything under control.

Phillip tells Victor that there is good news--there is another copy of the blueprints for the fuels project. Victor asks if Phillip has them, but Phillip says he doesn’t. Victor demands to know who does, and Phillip tells him Tony DiMera has them. Victor scoffs. Phillip says it was to be expected and Victor angrily pours a drink, saying that Tony has been a jackal after their kill for years. Unfortunately, Phillip was the one who let him succeed. Phillip says that this isn’t over yet. Victor wonders what he is going to do about it. He asks Phillip in a fury how he could let this happen in the first place. Phillip explains that it was that sneaky bitch Melanie. She sold Tony the plans. He tells Victor hat he knows he screwed up, and that he is going to fix it. He begs him for a little more time. Victor says he has had plenty already. Phillip vows to devote himself to the project. Victor advises he devote himself to getting out of his sight. Phillip begs for one more chance. Victor tells him he’s had one and he blew it. He adds angrily that Phillip is fired. He storms off. Phillip gapes.

Stephanie offers to help Chelsea with the rent. Chelsea doesn’t understand and Stephanie suggests that they get a place together. They were roommates before, and neither if them can afford a place alone. It makes perfect sense. Chelsea isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Stephanie protests, and assumes this must be about Max. She says that she is fine with Chelsea dating him. Chelsea sighs uncomfortably, saying that it’s not her boyfriend that’s the problem. Stephanie asks if she means Phillip.

Phillip can’t believe that Victor is firing him. Victor whirls around, saying it’s effective immediately. He wants his office cleared by sundown. Phillip think Victor is overreacting, but Victor disagrees. Phillip went up against the DiMeras and lost, an that is inexcusable. Phillip claims that he hasn’t lost yet. Victor shakes his head, refusing to give Phillip another chance after he made them a laughing stock in the eyes of their enemies. Phillip says that Victor can’t fire him. He has been preparing to take over the family business for as long as he can remember. It’s in his blood and it’s all he knows. Victor smirks, saying not anymore it isn’t.

Brady asks Nicole how Tony found out, and she launches into another tirade about that traitor. She kept calling even thought Nicole told her not to, because all she cares about is herself instead of that baby. Brady asks who she is talking about and Nicole says Mia, of course. Brady thought she was in Japan but Nicole says she has returned. She showed up at the DiMera mansion and poured her heart out to Tony. Brady asks what possessed her to do so but Nicole isn’t sure. She tried to tell Tony that Mia was crazy and blurted things out that weren’t true. Brady guesses he didn’t buy it. Nicole shakes her head and sobs, saying he didn’t believe a word she said, and he threatened to tell EJ. She bawls, saying she is going to lose everything. Brady holds her and tries to soothe her.

Tony looks into the mirror and laughs, telling himself that he has the world on a string. He breathes in heavily and lauds the sweet smell of victory.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she doesn’t have a problem with Phillip, but Max does, and the two have been at each other’s throats lately. Stephanie shrugs, saying that it isn’t their problem, but Chelsea disagrees. Even though Max has moved on with her, he still feels protective of Stephanie and doesn’t think Phillip is good enough for her. Stephanie asks what she thinks, and Chelsea says she is happy as long as Stephanie is. Stephanie thinks they shouldn’t let this feud between their boyfriends run their lives. She says that they will just tell them to be on their best behavior. Chelsea adds that she is also concerned about privacy, but Stephanie replies that they will just get a place with two bedrooms. She urges Chelsea to accept, saying that they both know it’s a good idea. Chelsea agrees, but still worries about Max and Phillip. Stephanie says they will dump them if they have to. Chelsea agrees and says there is another reason for her to accept; it will be nice to be able to let Max come and go without running into her dad and causing a scene. Stephanie gets a call just then and says she has to go, but the two make arrangements to look at apartments together the next day. Stephanie heads off. Chelsea sighs, saying all she has to do now is break the news to her dad.

Hope tells Bo that she knows he can get control over these visions; he just has to believe that he can. Just then, Bo gets another flash of Hope in bed with Roman. Hope demands to know if he is even listening to her. Bo says he is, and vows to do everything he can to keep control of his thoughts. Hope thinks he is still obsessing about the visions, but Bo claims he is just worried about a meeting with the higher-ups the next day. He says it’s no big deal, and is just about working on the department’s image in the community, but he’s still not relishing it. Hope advises him to just be himself, but Bo says he’s too stubborn and aggressive to do that. He confides in her that he hates these meetings with charts and graphs. He misses plain detective work a lot. Hope says he needs little distraction. Bo grins, asking if she means one involving her and she nods. The two kiss. Hope breaks it off to tell him that she isn’t a shrink, but she really thinks these visions are his way of somehow punishing himself. She reminds him that she has forgiven him over what happened with Kayla and they both need to move on. She wants him to believe in her love not just for her, but for himself. Bo agrees to do so and hugs her tightly.

Brady sighs, telling Nicole that she knew that this could happen. She huffs, saying that she is dying inside, and all he can offer her is an ‘I told you so’? She tells him to get out of there. Brady says he would love to help her, but--. Nicole interrupts, demanding to know if he thinks she is a lost cause. He heads over to comfort her, but she tells him that she doesn’t need his help. She can do this all on her own. Brady tries to soothe her, saying he needs more answers before he can do anything. He asks if Tony has it in for her, but she says that’s the worst part. Tony doesn’t like her of course, but the only reason he is doing this is to get revenge on EJ and Stefano for pushing him out of the company. Nicole wonders what she is going to do, but Brady isn’t sure there is anything she can do. If Tony is determined to tell her secret, then he will. Just then, Nicole gets an idea. She tells Brady that it’s perfect and foolproof, and she knows the two of them can pull it off. Brady stammers, but Nicole ignores him, saying they’re going to do it, and that Tony is going to go down. She explains that the only thing Tony cares about is the blueprints for the fuels project. She asks Brady if Titan wants them back, and Brady says they do, obviously. She insists that they must steal them. Brady chuckles, asking if she is kidding. She says she isn’t, and that the thing couldn’t be simpler. She lives with Tony, so all they have to do is break into his bedroom. Brady looks at her with incredulity as she adds that the can then ransom the blueprints in exchange for Tony keeping quiet about her secret. Brady says this is crazy, but Nicole thinks it’s perfect. She reminds him how much he also wants those blueprints and begs him to be her leading man. Brady groans, asking what he has to do, and Nicole tells him that he is going to be the one that steals the blueprints. Brady hesitates. Nicole begs him to be her hero and do this for her. He wavers.

Phillip sullenly asks Victor if he plans on giving his job to ‘the golden boy,’ Brady. Victor tells him not to wear his jealousy on his sleeve. Phillip tries another tactic, begging Victor for another chance to get the fuels project back. Victor refuses, and Phillip asks him to at least not hire Brady to take over for him. He can’t handle the job. Victor can’t believe his insolence and tells him the only thing he’s allowed to do right now is look for another job. Victor starts to heads off, but Phillip stops him, saying he can’t handle running the company without him. Victor scoffs, saying he can handle losing Phillip’s bad decision-making in the worst economy the country has seen since the Great Depression. He adds furiously that he built Titan from the ground up on his own, and it will be run the way he sees fit--and without Phillip’s help. Phillip tells Victor to go ahead and get rid of him, but if he thinks Phillip is the cause of Titan’s downward spiral, he’s dead wrong. Victor asks who else lost a multi-million dollar contract and Phillip pouts, saying it isn’t his fault the DiMeras play dirty. He plans on doing the same thing back to them. Victor rolls his eyes, saying Phillip has never been man enough to own up to his own mistakes. Maybe that process can start today, since Victor is cutting Phillip off. Phillip gapes, asking if Victor is disowning him. Victor shrugs, saying it’s all semantics. Phillip shakes his head, saying that all he has ever done is try to please Victor, but that’s over and done with. He is on his own from now on, and he is going to show Victor that he can handle the DiMeras all on his own. He storms off. Victor coldly wishes him a good night.

Hope tells Bo that she has to drop some cookies off for Ciara, but will meet him back at the pub so they can go on their hot date. Bo kisses her and she heads off just as Chelsea calls Bo. She asks if he can meet her at the Cheatin’ Heart to discuss something important. Bo agrees.

Nicole assures Brady that it will only take five minutes for him to slip in and get the blueprints, but he says Nicole is going in, too. Nicole thought she would distract Tony while he pulls off the heist, but Brady says he won’t be able to slip past security and the butler and wander into Tony’s room. She huffs, asking if this means that he won’t help her, but Brady says he just means that they have to do this his way. She agrees, saying he’s the boss and can call the shots.

Bo shows up at the bar and greets Chelsea, saying that he has missed her since she moved out. He asks if she is still staying with Stephanie, and she says she is. That’s actually the reason she called him to come over, but she thinks he needs to go first. Bo asks what she means and Chelsea says she knows him pretty well and she knows something is wrong. She also knows that he and Hope are doing better since her Aunt Kayla got shot, but she can still tell that something is bugging him. She urges Bo to confide in her.

Now alone, Brady calls Tony, telling him that they need to talk. Tony explains that he had a conversation with Phillip a few hours ago, and can only say ‘no’ in so many ways. Brady reminds him that he isn’t Phillip. Tony chuckles, saying he hopes not, or Titan would have a very bleak future indeed. Nicole comes up outside his door and listens in as Brady tells Tony that he wants to meet him on the pier to make him an offer. He thinks Tony is going to want to hear what it is. Tony says he is very busy, and would rather do this later in the week, but Brady promises it will be worth his while. He promises he only needs five minutes and Tony groans, agreeing to meet Brady right away if he will only shut up. Nicole sneaks off as Tony grabs his coat and heads out the door. Nicole sneaks back in his room and closes the door. She hisses to herself that the blueprints better be here. She rummages around in Tony’s desk.

Bo tells Chelsea that he doesn’t want to talk about himself and would rather discuss what is going on in her life. Chelsea says she is doing well in her classes, but she guesses Bo would rather want to know if she is still dating Max. Bo smirks. She asks if that term is too innocent, and rephrases the question, asking if Bo wants to know if they are still having sex. He blusters, saying he doesn’t want details, but he is happy if she is happy. Chelsea says she is, and that she has a lot of fun when she is with Max. She is glad that Bo is happy for her, even though he disapproves. Bo sighs, saying that isn’t it at all. He just misses her and wants her to move back in. He agrees not to be so overprotective if she just pretends that he still has a little influence over her. Bo grins, asking if she accepts, but Chelsea says she can’t. It isn’t that she is still mad at Bo; it’s just that she has decided to get her own place. She even has a roommate picked out.

At Titan, Jimmy in security watches as Phillip packs his things. He groans, saying Jimmy knows him better than to think he would steal from Titan. It would be like breaking into his own car. Stephanie comes in just then, smiling and telling Phillip that he won’t believe-- She breaks off, asking why he is packing his things in a box. Phillip pleads with Jimmy to give them a moment, and he heads off. Phillip tells Stephanie that Victor fired him. Stephanie’s face falls and she tells Phillip how sorry she is. He tells her not to be--because it isn’t over yet. It isn’t even close to being over.

Nicole looks under Tony’s bed and heads over to a table nearby. She searches through the drawers. Just then, the knob of the bedroom door turns. Nicole notices and squeaks with fear.

Hope heads into the pub and greets Roman, who says that he has never seen her looking better. Hope grins and asks if he has seen Bo, saying that the two have a date. Roman says he hasn’t, but that Bo must have stepped outside for a moment. Hope looks around, surprised and worried. Roman can tell something is wrong and asks Hope if she wants to talk about it. She nods and tells him that she thinks Bo needs help.

Chelsea tells Bo that her new roommate isn’t Max, in case he was worried. She is getting an apartment with Stephanie. Bo says that he is glad to hear it, and Chelsea jokes that he is probably just glad to hear that she isn’t moving in with Max. She wonders how Bo will react when she tells him she is getting married. Bo jokes that he probably won’t take it well, but he meant what he said earlier. He is happy as long as she is. Chelsea brings up Bo and Hope since they’re talking about marriage. Bo insists that everything is fine, and in fact, he and Hope have plans for a date he is already late for. He says he has to go, but he wants Chelsea to keep him in the loop regarding her apartment hunt. She agrees and tell him she loves him. Bo heads off. Chelsea sighs.

Phillip tells Stephanie that Victor threw him out on his ass once he learned the fuels project no longer belonged to Titan. Stephanie says they shouldn’t be surprised. Phillip confides that he spent almost his whole life preparing to take over the company, and now he is out of a job and a father. He looks wistfully at a photo of Victor. Stephanie asks what he means by that and Phillip tells her that Victor disowned him. Stephanie can’t believe Victor would do such a thing to his own son, but Phillip says it is what it is and he is used to it. Stephanie tells him it is Victor’s loss. Phillip smiles weakly, saying he knows he should just say ‘to hell with him.’ Stephanie asks what he is going to do now. Phillip says that all he knows is that he can’t give up.

Brady calls Tony and asks him where he is.

Nicole tries to hide in the closet as the butler calls out for Tony, saying he has his dry-cleaning. Nicole dives under the bed, but the butler suggests coming back later and heads off. Nicole sighs, wondering where Tony hid the blueprints. She searches through the drawers of another table.

Roman asks Hope if she thinks Bo needs psychiatric help. She sighs, saying Bo would kill her for discussing this, even with him, but truthfully, Bo has been under a lot of stress lately and he isn’t himself. Roman just thinks running the police department is stressful, especially since Abe has fired people and made cutbacks lately. Bo takes that kind of thing to heart. Hope says he is absolutely right and that she is sure that that is all it is. She thanks him, saying she feels much better and she hugs him. Bo walks up outside and sees the two hugging through the window. He panics.

Stephanie ask Phillip what he is going to do, and he assures her that he won’t do anything stupid. She suggests that he just walk away for good and let the project go, but Phillip refuses. He says that he is his own man and he makes his own decisions. Stephanie angrily picks up her jacket and heads for the door. Phillip says he is sorry, but this company is his life and his future, and he isn’t going to give up that easily. Stephanie walks off.

Bo heads into the pub in a rage just as Hope walks out to meet him. She sees his face and immediately asks him what’s wrong. He tells her coldly that he has to cancel their date night and go into the office. Hope stares after him in shock as he heads off in a hurry.

Nicole meets Brady at the pier and tells him that the blueprints weren’t in Tony’s room. He groans, wondering what they are going to do now. Nicole freaks out, saying that Tony is going to tell EJ the truth and that her life is over. Brady hugs her and tries to soothe her, telling her that they’ll figure out a way, but she has to leave before Tony shows up. Nicole’s phone rings just then, and it’s Tony. She answers and he tells her gleefully that she and Brady make quite a team. She says she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He says it’s a shame, as they could have worked this out, but perhaps the truth will set her free, after all. He hangs up. Nicole yells at him not to tell EJ anything, but he’s gone. She hangs up in a panic, telling Brady that she has to stop Tony. She rushes off. Brady yells after her, but she’s around the corner already and gone. Brady sighs.


Nicole tells Mia, “This is Tony we’re talking about. He could strike at any minute.”

Tony tells EJ, “There is something definitely wrong, and I think it’s time you found out about it.”

Brady asks Phillip, “What are you going to do?” He replies, “Whatever I have to.”

Sami asks Rafe, “You do care, right?” He pulls her in for a kiss.

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