Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Phillip stands in an alley and calls Tony, who is at the DiMera mansion. He answers and Phillip scoffs, surprised that he answered his phone. Tony doesn’t recognize his voice and Phillip identifies himself, asking if Tony got any of his messages. Tony says he hasn’t checked and asks him what he wants. Phillip wants to come by the mansion, but Tony says he is on his way out. Phillip says it’s important and offers to meet him anywhere. Tony groans at his persistence and agrees to meet him on the pier in a half hour. Philip promises to be there, but Tony warns him that he’s wasting his time. What’s done is done. He hangs up.

Daniel shows up at the Kiriakis mansion, looking for Kate. Brady answers the door and explains that Kate went to Las Vegas for Chloe and Lucas’ wedding. Daniel gapes, asking if she went with them.

On a plane back to Salem, Lucas and Chloe kiss. Kate gets on the plane and finds her seat is across from theirs. Lucas is surprised she isn’t in in first class and Kate grumps that it was full. She takes her seat as Lucas whispers to Chloe that he will have to keep his hands off of her, but will have trouble doing so. She giggles. Kate grimaces and thinks to herself that Chloe needs enjoy it while she can. She grins, thinking that that lying slut who betrayed her son will see her rosy future turn very bleak indeed.

Bo speaks to a reporter at the pub, telling him that the most important thing he can tell him about being commissioner is how crucial it is not to take things personally at work. He hasn’t really heeded his own advice, but he still thinks it’s valid. The mans grins, saying that Bo has come a long way to be saying he let his feelings interfere with his job. He starts to ask Bo what it’s like being the boss of his older brother, but Hope interrupts. She tells him to forget about his brother and advises he ask about Bo’s wife. Bo grins.

Lucas tries to nuzzle Chloe. She tells him to stop and read his magazine, but Lucas persists. One of the flight attendants makes an announcement about the attendants coming around to sell headsets. Lucas grumps to Chloe to cut him some slack, as he is a newlywed, but Chloe tells him that people are staring. Just then, Kate pops over with the headset she purchased and wraps the cord around Chloe’s neck. She strangles her. Chloe chokes. Lucas begs Kate to stop, screaming and asking what she is doing. Kate comes back from her reverie when the attendant asks her if she’d like to purchase a headset. Kate passes. She stares at Lucas and Chloe canoodling and groans.

Brady tells Daniel that Kate found out that Chloe and Lucas were eloping, and she wanted to go out there to be with them. Brady is sure she just followed them to wish them well, and Daniel says he hopes so. Brady asks suspiciously if he and Kate are still together, but Daniel says they aren’t, and that he just wanted to speak to her about something. Brady reminds him of their talk in the park about the new woman Daniel was seeing. Daniel sighs, saying it’s over, and he isn’t seeing anyone right now. Brady says he’s single, too, and isn’t even dating. He probes Daniel for answers in regards to his recent breakup, but Daniel snaps, saying that he said it was over and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Brady apologizes for overstepping, but Daniel says he is the one that should be sorry. He keeps expecting things to get easier but they don’t. Brady nods sympathetically, guessing that Daniel isn’t over her yet. Daniel sighs, saying he has to be--because she is over him.

Lucas and Chloe discuss the guest house they’re going to build, and Chloe explains that she wants the master bedroom and nursery to be pink, since their first child will be a girl. Lucas is surprised that Chloe has everything planned out, and she explains that Allie wants a sister. Besides, they’re going to have a dozen kids, so Lucas will get a son eventually. Kate slams her hands down on the arm rests and tells the two to shut up, as she can’t take it anymore. Lucas asks her what has gotten into her, and she says she can’t stand to hear the two yammering on like little fools after what Chloe has done. Chloe is confused, and Kate tells her to tell Lucas the truth, calling her a lying little pig. Chloe gapes. Kate announces that Chloe has been cheating on Lucas and having sex with Daniel. Chloe turns pale and tries to deny it. Kate tells her not to dare lie. Lucas begs her to say it isn’t true. Kate insists that she tell the truth for once in her miserable life. Chloe breaks down and admits she cheated. Lucas, devastated, asks her why. Chloe sobs, saying she is in love with Daniel. Lucas gets up angrily and heads for the back of the plane. Chloe starts to go after him, but Kate stops her, telling her it’s all over. Chloe asks why Kate would do this to her. Kate says it’s because her son serves better than a lying little slut like her. Once again, Kate comes back from her fantasy and grins. She listens in as Chloe and Lucas talk about the tennis court and pool they want installed. Kate smiles to herself, saying that maybe the honest-to-God truth is the only way to go.

Phillip sits on a bench at the pier and waits for Tony. He shows up and Phillip makes small talk about the christening, saying that he heard Tony was Sydney’s godfather. Tony asks him angrily if he wanted to meet here to discuss the christening. Phillip says he was just trying to be friendly, and Tony decides to reciprocate. He advises Phillip not to take himself so seriously, because it’s bad for his blood pressure. He also tells Phillip that he needs to start enjoying life. Phillip retorts that he does, but Tony confides that he always thought Phillip seemed tense and over-wound. Phillip says he only acts that way when someone is stealing from him. Tony gets the picture and assumes Phillip is referring to the deal with Melanie Layton. He claims he got the plans fairly, but Phillip replies that they belong to him. Tony says they both have lawyers, so they can work it out. Phillip demands to know if Tony is bothered by the fact that what he is doing is morally reprehensible. Tony scoffs, saying this is simply a generational conflict. He refuses to work with spoon-fed, entitled young men. He also adds that he didn’t conspire with EJ to steal the plans. He offered Melanie a price for the blueprints independently, and she accepted. He no longer works with his brother or father. Phillip insists that the blueprints belong to him. Tony asks if he is going to sue him. Phillip says he won’t sue over something that belongs to him. Tony chuckles, asking if he is going to challenge him with his light saber. Phillip glares.

Brady tells Daniel that he can relate to his woes. Daniel tells Brady not to feel sorry for him, as he shouldn’t have gotten involved with the girl in the first place. Besides, he needs to stop thinking about it because she is completely over him. Brady says he knows exactly how he feels. Even though he and Chloe are divorced, he doesn’t like the idea of her getting remarried so soon. That sense of possessiveness is still there, and he isn’t sure that it will ever go away. Daniel stares in shock.

Chloe offers Lucas the rest of her chocolate pudding and says she wants to rest. Lucas claims that he is still running on adrenaline, even though they were both up all night. He nuzzles Chloe and she giggles, asking him to stop. Kate rolls her eyes, thinking to herself that Victor may be right. If she tells Lucas the truth about Chloe, he’ll lose it. On the other hand, if she doesn’t, he will end up broken-hearted and miserable. She sighs, reminding herself that Lucas has already fallen off the wagon once. Just then, Lucas comes over and takes the empty seat next to Kate, thanking her for being so nice to Chloe. He knows he has already thanked her, but he wants her to know how much it means to him. Kate sighs, saying that there is something she needs to tell him. Lucas is all ears.

The reporter asks Hope how it feels to work for her husband, and she says it isn’t that bad. Even though they sometimes disagree on how to handle a case, they never take cases home with them. The man finds it hard to believe that that is always possible. Just then, Roman walks in, joking about seeing Bo’s words on the front page of The Spectator the next morning. Bo introduces Roman to the reporter as Jake, and he asks Roman if he can get a few quotes from him as well. Roman agrees and the two head for the bar. Hope asks Bo worriedly how she did, saying that she thinks she was too cliché with her remarks. Besides, they do take cases home with them frequently. Bo chuckles, saying that what she said was mostly true. She just hopes Jake didn’t suspect anything. Bo weakly jokes about the commissioner going bonkers, but Hope says she didn’t just mean him. This latest vision affects the both of them. She tries to make a joke about the location of the supposed affair she will have, but Bo asks her not to make light of it. She apologizes, but insists that they mustn’t take this vision seriously. It can’t happen--and it never will.

Brady tells Daniel that even though he and Chloe were going south, she stuck around and tried to salvage things, thinking she was doing the right thing. Daniel asks Brady is he thinks she did the right thing, but Brady doesn’t. He says that he was an addict, and for some reason, Chloe felt responsible for that, as if she had caused him to start using drugs. Daniel stares, a new realization dawning on him as Brady tells him that the addiction wasn’t the problem. Brady admits that the marriage was over before it began because there was always something missing. If he hadn’t been so focused on himself, he would have realized that and things wouldn’t have gone as far as they did. Brady adds that sometimes that wrong thing is actually the right thing in disguise. He asks Daniel if that makes any sense. Daniel nods, saying it makes perfect sense.

Kate tells Lucas that she will be fine with whatever he and Chloe decide from now on. She knows he was right to criticize her for constantly interfering in her grown children’s lives. She adds that if Lucas decides to live the rest of his life with Chloe, she can be happy for him. Lucas is suspicious, saying he knows that something is going on here, because Kate isn’t acting like herself. He knows her saying she is happy for him didn’t exactly roll off her tongue easily. Kate sighs, saying he is right, and that something is bothering her. Lucas presses her for answers, but first she makes him promise not to be angry. He swears, and Kate admits that she is afraid that Chloe will break Lucas’ heart someday, no matter how much she appreciates the girl for saving her life. Lucas sighs. Chloe awakens from her nap.

Daniel tells Brady that the woman he was with was also driven by guilt and a sense of responsibility for another person’s wellbeing. Brady asks if that person is the guy she ended up with and Daniel nods. He says that he tried to convince her that they had a shot at real love, but it didn’t work out, so he has to let it go. He wonders why it is that when we want something more than anything else, it oftentimes slips away. Brady says he isn’t sure, but thinks it has something to do with balance. It works for both relationships and business. Daniel asks if he is having problems at Titan, and Brady admits he is. It seems anytime that there is a big problem, Phillip is behind it, and he refuses to acknowledge the mistakes he makes. Brady also says that he goes ballistic when confronted. Daniel doesn’t think that sounds like Phillip. Brady agrees, saying he’s changed. He admits that he thinks Phillip is way off his game right now.

Phillip tells Tony that he thinks the two of them have a good rapport. He reminds Tony of the conversation they had before Stefano awoke from his coma, when Tony told him he wanted to separate completely from his father. Tony says that is what he is doing, but Phillip reminds him he is taking something that doesn’t belong to him, which his very much like what Stefano would do. Tony rolls his eyes and scoffs, saying that the deal is done. He now owns the project and is operating independently. Phillip says he can offer Tony a better deal than he gave Melanie, and he isn’t talking about chump change, either. Tony accuses Phillip of wanting the same thing he wants--to use the project to get out from under his father’s shadow. Phillip smirks, saying that he and Tony just seem to have a lot in common. Phillip asks him if they have a deal.

Chloe listens in as Lucas scoffs, thanking Kate sarcastically for her comments. He suggests she start a greeting card company for wedding congratulations. The inside of the cards can say, “Sorry that it won’t last.” Kate huffs, saying that isn’t what she said at all. She just fears that Chloe might break Lucas’ heart. He insists that it will never happen, and that Chloe is loyal to both him and Allie. Kate sighs, saying she hopes so. It’s just that his track record with women is spotty. Luca assumes she means Sami and goes off on her, claiming that Chloe doesn’t lie, cheat or manipulate like Sami does. She is a kind, compassionate woman, and he made the right decision in marrying her. Kate sighs and agrees to back off, hoping that he is right. Lucas says he knows he is, and that she just has to trust him on this. Chloe sighs and turns around, telling Kate that she has to trust her, too.

Brady tells Daniel not to get him wrong, and that Phillip is a nice guy, but frankly, Victor hasn’t approved of the way he has been running the company, and that’s why he called him in to work as vice-CEO. Brady sighs, saying the situation is tricky. Daniel thinks it must be tough for Victor, but Brady isn’t so sure. He confides that Victor has pulled him aside several times to tell him that he thinks he should be running the company instead of Phillip. Daniel asks what he thinks and Brady sighs, saying he just doesn’t wan to let his ego get in the way. Daniel tells Brady that one thing he knows about Victor is that he is savvy. At the end of the day he is going to do what is right by Titan.

Phillip writes a figure down on a piece of paper and hands it to Tony, who says he is impressed. Phillip asks if that is a yes, but Tony doubts Victor will go for this. Phillip tells Tony to let him handle his father and warns him not to let this opportunity pass him by. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal. Tony hands the paper back, saying thanks, but no thanks. Phillip is shocked. Tony chuckles, saying he can’t believe Phillip thought he would take his offer. He’s not an idiot and that offer was a joke. He reads the paper and has seen that Victor hired Brady on at Titan. He can only assume that Victor is having doubts about Phillip, and plans for Brady to take over someday soon. Phillip claims he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Tony says that what he does know is that he won’t be screwed over. Phillip grumps, saying he was, however. Tony sympathizes, but says it happens to the best of them. Phillip just has to suck it up and learn from his mistakes. He starts to head off, but Phillip stops him, saying he wants his plans back. Tony nastily suggests he talk to Nick Fallon and laughs, remembering that Phillip can’t. Tony says he is really very sorry they couldn’t come to an agreement. Phillip glares, saying that he isn’t going anywhere. Tony laughs in his face.

Kate asks Chloe if she should trust her, and Chloe says she should. Lucas moves over to sit next to her and agrees. Kate asks Chloe if she meant her wedding vows, and Chloe says that she meant every word. Kate smiles and sighs, seeming to accept this. Lucas assures her that she doesn’t have to worry, and that she needs to be enjoying this time of her life. Kate agrees, but warns Lucas that he will feel as protective over his grown children as she does one of these days. Lucas doubts he will go crazy over every little detail. Kate protests and Lucas chuckles, saying he is glad Kate cares for him so much. He says he is lucky to have her. She agrees that she is lucky to have him, too. She promises to try to cut the umbilical cord and Lucas excuses himself to the restroom. A stewardess comes by with a couple of Bloody Marys and Kate tells Chloe she ordered one just the way she likes it--hot and spicy. She dumps the glasses over Chloe’s head. She shrieks and rushes off for the bathroom, wondering why Kate would do that. Lucas comes back just then, wondering where she went. Kate smirks, saying that Chloe had to dry off. Lucas asks how she got wet. Kate smiles innocently. At this point, she comes back to reality from her third fantasy about one-upping Chloe. She tells herself that while dumping a drink on Chloe’s head would be fun, it’s time to get serious.

Hope begs Bo to tell her more about his latest vision. She asks who she was with and scoffs, asking if the man Bo saw her with was Sami’s bodyguard, Rafe. Bo is silent. Hope jokes, asking if it was Tom Cruise. Bo gives her a dirty look, saying that the last vision was much more intense than the others. It really seemed like Hope wanted to be with the man she was in bed with. Hope sighs, saying he needs to get control of these visions. He claims that he can’t help them, but Hope thinks he just needs to ignore them. Bo huffs, asking her what would have happened if he had ignored the visions about Theo or Kayla. Hope sighs, saying they have to do something. He asks her for an answer, and she advises him to trust in their love and in her. He has to know that there will never be another an for her besides him.

Phillip asks Tony what he is getting out of all this. Is this for sport or spite or what? Tony sighs, saying that he really sympathizes with Phillip’s situation with his father. Phillip scoffs, asking if Tony plans on reciting Eastern proverbs next. Tony ignores this comment, telling Phillip that as long as Victor is alive, he will berate and demean Phillip. He will probably even try to play the next Kiriakis heir against him if he lives long enough to see one. Phillip glares.

Bo tells Hope that he does trust in their love, and trusts her, too. She is right and he has to find a way to let these visions go. Hope assures him again that he is her life, and that she will never leave him. Bo tells her to call a sitter because he wants an impromptu date night. They can do dinner and dancing, or a movie. The options are limitless. Hope says they always will be limitless as long as they’re together. She kisses him.

Across the room, Jake tells Roman that it doesn’t look like work is coming between Bo and Hope right now. Roman smiles, saying nothing can come between those two. They’re in it for the long haul.

Chloe and Lucas nap as Kate pulls out her laptop. She stops a stewardess to make sure they have wireless internet on the plane, and the woman explains that they do. Kate grins and she moves off. Kate smiles and vows to destroy that bitch Chloe once and for all. She adds to herself that she needs to be stealthy and under the radar. She asks Google to light the way.

Daniel puts on his coat and tells Brady that he has to go, but thanks Brady for the talk. He hopes everything works out with Phillip. Brady thanks him and says he hopes the same for Daniel in regards to the woman he was seeing. Brady reminds him that she might change her mind, after all, and counsels him not to give up hope. Daniel thanks him for his concern and heads off with a smile on his face.

Phillip retorts that Tony doesn’t know him or his father. Tony sighs, saying he knows the truth. He spent years toiling in his father’s shadow, and he can tell Phillip that it doesn’t change one for the better. He tells Phillip that he is anxious to leave Salem, and Phillip should be, too. Phillip nastily tells Tony that he has no intentions on taking advice from a man who spent the better part of two decades on a deserted island. Tony sarcastically asks if being a rude lout is how Phillip gets clients to sign on the dotted line. Phillip retorts that he is a thief and Tony claims he is just trying to open Phillip’s eyes. He advises that Phillip look in the mirror. He’ll see what’s left of Tony staring right back at him. Phillip asks if he has a never-ending supply of this crap and Tony chuckles, saying he envies Phillip, actually. He is young and ambitious and can still make a clean break--but he’s not going to do it on his project. Tony walks off.

Kate does some internet research and gets an idea, but dismisses it as being too obvious. She reminds herself that she must stay unobtrusive and keep her hands clean. She taps away at her keyboard and sees something else. She grins and says that this might actually work. She smirks at the sleeping couple next to her. Chloe and Lucas sleep on, oblivious to her plan.

Hope heads off to call the babysitter. Roman comes over to say goodbye to Bo, glad that he and Hope made up. Roman heads off just a Bo gets another vision of Hope in bed with another man. She clasps his hand and takes off her wedding ring. Bo gasps as the man’s face comes into focus and he sees that it’s Roman. Disgusted, Bo shakes his head, saying it can’t be. It’s impossible.

Brady heads down to the pier and leaves Nicole a message, telling her he is at the pier and ready to meet her. Phillip comes over just then, and Brady says he is glad to see him, since he left him about a hundred messages. Phillip explains that his phone was off and asks what’s going on. Brady tells him that Victor wants to see him right away. Phillip asks what about, but Brady isn’t sure. He hopes Phillip took his advice about Tony and didn’t go after him. Phillip sarcastically says he will always take Brady’s advice, since it’s so sage. Brady sighs and says he is just worried about Phillip. Phillip tells him not to bother and Brady shakes his head, telling him to take it easy. He heads off. Phillip says that not only is he not going down without a fight with Tony, he isn’t going down at all.

Tony heads into the DiMera mansion and pours a drink. He catches sight of Stefano’s portrait and heads over to it, chuckling. He says that he has a secret that will bring EJ’s world crashing down around him, and he also has a plan to bring Stefano and the Kiriakis clan to their knees. He says he is proud of himself for the first time in a long time, and it has nothing to do with Stefano for once. He toasts the portrait, saying this drink is to the slaying of idols, forgetting the past, and to a world he looks forward to with a great future.


Phillip tells Victor, “I’ve spent almost my whole life preparing to take over the family business. It’s in my blood!” He replies, “Not anymore.”

Tony says, “Ahh--the sweet smell of victory.”

Nicole tells Brady, “Everything that I’ve wanted is within reach and I will not let that bastard take it away from me.”

Roman asks Hope, “Everything ok?” She replies, “I think Bo needs help.”

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