Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/23/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In the foyer at the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Tony that she can’t believe he is willing to let an innocent baby become collateral damage. Tony chuckles, saying the baby will be fine. It’s Nicole that’s going to be blown to hell, but if she can’t stand the suspense, he can tell EJ he truth right away. Nicole stops him and Tony asks if she is sure she wouldn’t rather him just tell EJ that the daughter he thinks is his actually belongs to some poor unwed teenager. Nicole practically sobs, asking Tony why he hates her so much. Tony says he doesn’t and wonders why she is taking this so personally.

At the pub, Rafe leaves a message for Sami, asking her why she ran off like that while he was on the phone earlier. He hangs up in frustration, but Brady overhears him saying her name and asks if he was speaking to Sami Brady. Rafe snorts, asking who the hell he is.

In the living room at the DiMera mansion, Sami tells Teresa over the phone that she hasn’t upset her, she has just woken her up. She has to come get her baby. EJ walks in and overhears, asking what Sami is talking about. She hangs up quickly and changes the subject, asking about Johnny. EJ says he is sleeping upstairs and Sami starts to head off to get him. EJ grabs her by the elbow and stops her, saying he wants an explanation for her comment about getting her baby. Sami would rather talk about it later, but Stefano comes in just then, asking Sami if she is still keeping secrets. Sami sweats.

At the hospital, Daniel calls Kate. She’s in the justice of the peace’s office in Vegas and groans when she sees Daniel is calling. She answers and asks what he wants, and he explains that he just got her latest test results and that everything is looking even better than the last time they ran tests. Kate doesn’t seem too thrilled and Daniel asks what’s going on. Kate says sarcastically that she is really happy and emotional right now. She divulges that Chloe and Lucas eloped to Las Vegas and adds that Chloe is so passionate she just couldn’t wait any longer to be Mrs. Lucas Horton and had to speed things up. Daniel gulps and tells Kate to wish the two his best. Kate tells him not to worry. They’ll be having a reception in Salem, so he will still have his chance to kiss the bride. Daniel says he has to go and hangs up uncomfortably. Kate flashes back to catching Daniel kissing Chloe. She grins, saying she knows how much he likes to kiss the bride. Just then, Lucas and Chloe walk in. They both exclaim when they see Kate. She holds up the DVD of their wedding, asking if they came back for it.

Nicole asks Tony if he can find a way to avenge himself without hurting Sydney. Tony says this is just too perfect to pass up. After all, his father handed power over to a man that didn’t even realize that his own wife wasn’t pregnant. He adds that EJ isn’t exactly on top of things, by the look of it. He asks Nicole how she pulled it off, and makes a joke about how many cold showers EJ must have taken. Nicole slaps him. Tony holds his cheek and chuckles, saying he deserved that one, since he crossed a line. Nicole begs him to reconsider ratting her out, and Tony guesses she is in real agony. He strides toward the living room, suggesting he tell the truth right away and put her out of her misery. He puts his hand on the door and smiles, saying Sami is going to get a big laugh out of this one.

Sami tells Stefano and EJ that she doesn’t want to talk about it just as Tony walks in. Nicole gives chase, but the two stop as EJ tells Stefano that he heard Sami talking about her baby named Grace, and how she has to go get her. Stefano feigns shock, asking Sami why she didn’t send over a birth announcement. He jokes, asking if she even knows who the father is. Sami coolly replies that she doesn’t, and that she doesn’t know who the mother is either. She tells EJ that it isn’t any of his business, but that she has decided to adopt a baby. EJ tries not to laugh. Stefano glowers. Nicole panics.

Maggie brings some records over to Daniel that need to be verified. He smirks and starts to look through them. Maggie asks what is so funny, and Daniel says nothing is. He adds that he was getting ready to wonder what he did to deserve all of this, but realized Maggie wasn’t the right person to pose the question to. He tells her that if it means anything, she was right--about everything.

Lucas asks Kate what the hell she is doing here, and she says it’s obvious--she’s here for the wedding. Lucas grumbles, asking if she tapped his phone to find out about it, but Kate says Will told her. She adds that it’s sad that she had the hear the news of her son’s wedding from her grandson, since her son couldn’t be bothered to tell her. Lucas retorts that it was a private wedding and begins to lay into her for interfering, but Chloe stops him. She apologizes to Kate, saying she knows Kate wanted a big wedding for the two. Kate interrupts, saying she just wanted to be in attendance and share the moment. She pouts, saying she was obviously exiled from their presence over something she has done. Chloe sighs, saying Kate didn’t do anything wrong. It was her. Kate smirks, asking what it is that Chloe has done wrong.

Chelsea and Theo run into Max by the pier. Chelsea explains that they are on their way to practice lines for the play Theo’s class is putting on. She proudly adds that Theo has a big part. Max says he must be pretty excited, but Theo jumps up and down and shrieks that he doesn’t want to do it. Max and Chelsea exchange worried glances.

Brady introduces himself to Rafe as Sami’s stepbrother, and Rafe apologizes for jumping all over him. He explains that he was in charge of protecting Sami while she was in witness protection. Brady jokes, asking if Rafe received hazard pay. Rafe chuckles and says he didn’t. He asks if Brady and Sami are close, but Brady ruefully admits that they aren’t, saying that their families didn’t blend so well together. Rafe sighs, saying that is too bad, since Sami could really use someone she trusts right now. Brady thinks Rafe sounds worried about her, but Rafe claims he isn’t. Brady doesn’t believe him, and asks him if Sami is still in trouble.

EJ asks Sami if she is out of her mind. She angrily tells him that they can continue this conversation only if the other clowns leave the room. Nicole tries to hustle Tony and Stefano into the foyer, but they resist. Sami tells EJ angrily that she isn’t part of this disgusting family anymore, so what she does is none of his business. EJ reminds her that she was in witness protection for months. How did she manage to both find and adopt a baby while she was gone? Sami fidgets.

Max asks Chelsea if Theo has to talk in the play, and she says he has a few lines, but that Mark, his counselor, thinks he will be great. Max asks Theo what the play he isn’t going to be in is about. Theo is silent. Chelsea answers for him, saying it’s about wild animals. Max prods Theo, asking if it is about footballs or spinach. Theo shakes his head. Max asks if it is about lions and tigers. Theo yells that he wants to go home.

Brady asks Rafe again if Sami is in trouble, but he asks Brady not to overreact on account of him. Guys in his line of work tend to make things sound worse than they really are. Brady sighs, saying that there’s usually trouble when Sami is involved, though. Rafe chuckles, saying that he knows that to be true. He confides in Brady that he heard a lot of stories when he and Sami were holed up in that safe house, and he now realizes why Sami is so tough. He thinks she has had to fight a lot through her life. He asks Brady if he knows the DiMeras and Brady says he does. Rafe asks if Brady likes any of them, and Brady says he likes some of them some of the time. Rafe wants to ask specifically about Stefano and EJ. Brady admits he doesn’t like Stefano at all, but he isn’t sure that EJ had destroyed lives like his father has. Brady changes the subject, reminding Rafe that Sami is out of witness protection and that they shot the guy that was after her. Rafe nods, saying he met he guy that took him down. He jokes, asking Brady if everyone in town is named ‘Brady.’ Brady chuckles, saying a lot of people are. He asks Rafe again why he is worried about Sami and asking questions about the DiMeras. He wonders why Rafe is insisting that Sami isn’t in trouble when it sounds like she is.

Sami tells EJ that she came here to collect her sick son, not be interrogated by him. EJ demands that she answer his question. Nicole walks over and quietly tells Sami that she had better go ahead and tell the truth, because Stefano and EJ won’t stop until she does. Sami angrily tells EJ that because she saw a man murdered on his doorstep, she was separated from her children for months. A woman where she was staying abandoned her baby, and Sami fell in love with the child. She promised her that if she ever returned to her home and family, that she would love her and make her a part of it. EJ asks if that is it, and Sami says it’s all that he needs to know. EJ shakes his head, asking if she has even spared a thought for her own kids in all of this. Sami slaps him.

Chloe tells Kate that all she is trying to say is that this was her idea, so Kate shouldn’t blame Lucas. Lucas steps in and tells Kate that when two people elope without telling anyone, it’s because they want the ceremony to be private. He starts to lay into her for interfering anyway, but Chloe asks him to stop. Lucas refuses, saying Kate is a big girl and can handle this. He adds that he and Chloe are man and wife, and that Kate can’t do anything about that. Lucas scowls, saying that Chloe won, and that Kate will just have to deal with it. Kate grimaces.

Maggie asks Daniel what it was she was right about, and he tells her that she was right about him. He doesn’t have a lot to be proud of these last couple of months. Maggie grumps that it would be easier to loathe him if he weren’t so remorseful. Daniel sighs, saying Maggie is the kind of person people need approval from. She’s honest and direct, and she calls things as she sees them. Maggie doesn’t get the point of the conversation, and Daniel says he began it so that he could ask her to forgive. Maggie doesn’t see how it matters if she forgives Daniel or not, but he tells her to forget about him. He wants her to forgive Chloe.

Sami lays into EJ, bursting into tears and asking him how dare he question her love for her children. She yells that she doesn’t have to give up her life to rear the next DiMera prince, and says that she would never question EJ’s love for Johnny, even though he has a new baby. EJ quietly reminds her that he only has one other child. His other child has a mother, and a staff to help her rear the baby. Sami, on the other hand, has two toddlers, a teenager, and now an infant, and she will be all alone. He insists that he is as concerned for Will and Allie as he is for Johnny. Sami retorts that EJ doesn’t care for anyone but himself. EJ asks her if she has really thought this through. Adoption is a rough thing to go through, and most agencies have high standards. Sami glares, telling him that she will take care of it, and that he shouldn’t worry. EJ sighs, reminding Sami that she told him the mother abandoned her baby. He asks her about the father, reminding her that he has rights in all of this, too. Sami glares. Nicole looks on in horror.

Max tells Theo that he doesn’t have to be scared, because he’s just saying lines. He adds that Theo has been cast as the lion, which is the king of the jungle. He doesn’t have to worry about all the animals messing with him, because he’s the most powerful. Theo is on the verge of being swayed, and Max adds that he probably gets to roar, which is really fun. Max roars and asks Chelsea to do so. She giggles and roars, and then Theo chimes in. Max smiles and asks him if thinks he can handle the play and Theo nods. The three continue to practice roaring. Theo laughs gleefully.

Chloe tells Kate that this is all her fault. She freaked out and asked Lucas to elope, but she didn’t think of how that might affect other people. Kate sighs and asks if they are friends and can speak honestly. Chloe says yes immediately, but Lucas warns her to watch out. Kate tells her frankly that it worries her that Chloe freaked out and insisted on moving up the wedding. Kate says that she is scared for her. Chloe says she doesn’t have to be, but Kate reminds her and Lucas about their past relationships. She wonders if they really thought that a nervous, knee-jerk reaction like this would be the basis for a solid marriage. Lucas asks her what she wants them to do--they’re already married. Kate says she wants them to get an annulment. Lucas scoffs.

Sami wonders angrily how EJ can suddenly care about some guy he doesn’t even know more than he does about her. EJ says that he is thinking of her. He knows how much she has bonded with her own children. Sami says she feels the same way about Grace, and EJ says that he loves that about her, but that is why he is worried. Nicole’s eyes fill with tears as EJ explains that Sami needs to get a lawyer and have documents drawn up with the mother. She has to figure out a way to make this legal so that the father can’t swoop in one day and take the child from her. He knows that that would break her heart. Sami bawls, telling him to cut it out. She reminds him that he called her in witness protection to tell her he was moving on, so he needs to do just that. She storms off, but stops at the door, yelling that if Johnny wants her he can call her, but otherwise, they have nothing to say to each other. She stomps off. Nicole practically sobs as Tony makes a remark that kids always stir things up.

Brady, knowing that witness protection is federal, wonders why Rafe is still in Salem. He explains that he has to tie up a few loose ends, but Brady guesses that he is having trouble quitting Sami. Rafe scoffs, but Brady knows it’s true. Any time Sami has been in trouble, there’s been some guy around determined to help her. Rafe jokes weakly that he’s glad he’s one in a long line of suckers. Brady protests that he didn’t mean it that way as Sami rushes in. She sobs, telling Rafe that something awful has happened, and she needs his help. He hugs her as Brady looks on, smiling knowingly. He chuckles, “The more things change--”

Kate tells Chloe and Lucas that they won’t want to look back on their wedding day as an emotional impulse. If that’s the case, they’ll never get through the hard times. Lucas scoffs, saying Kate is no expert on marriage herself. Chloe asks the two to stop. Kate is glad she sees that this was a mistake, but Chloe says she just wants the two of them to stop fighting. They’ve been getting along well lately, and it isn’t worth it to risk it. Kate says that it is, actually. She doesn’t think Chloe can tell her, in her heart, that she doesn’t think this wedding was a huge mistake.

Maggie asks why she should forgive Chloe, and Daniel explains that Maggie was right about him. Chloe is a good girl, but he manipulated her. She kept wanting to do the right thing, but he kept putting pressure on her. Maggie smirks, saying that he knows just the right pressure points. Daniel sighs, saying this isn’t like Maggie. He knows she thinks Chloe screwed up, but the affair is over and Chloe is trying to make amends. He pleads with Maggie to be there for her and support her, and besides, that it what is best for Lucas anyway. Maggie scoffs, saying he is talking like he is out of the picture. Daniel says he is, but Maggie wonders what happens when he gets bored. He’s just going to run back to Chloe, and Maggie doubts she could resist him. She also finds it hard to believe that Daniel is going to bow out gracefully. Daniel sighs, saying all she needs to know is that he and Chloe are history.

Sami catches sight of Brady and the two greet, hugging. They make small talk about John’s progress, and Brady says he wants to hear all about witness protection and tell her all about rehab. Sami says she looks forward to talking with him, but Brady sees she would rather talk to Rafe right now. Sami tries to introduce the two, but Brady says they have already met and are old friends by now. He asks Sami to call him, tells Rafe to take care of her, and heads off. Rafe asks Sami what is going on, and she tells him it’s a disaster. They have to go and get Grace immediately.

Now alone with Nicole, Tony pours a drink and asks her if she needs one. Sobbing, she says no. Tony ignores her, saying that he thought he had the big bombshell, but he wasn’t about to be upstaged by Sami Brady. Nicole quietly admits he wouldn’t want to spoil the fun. Tony chuckles, saying she acts like this is his fault. She tells him to go ahead and tell EJ everything. Then they’ll see which one he believes. EJ walks in just then, asking what he should believe about what.

Daniel tells Maggie that Chloe and Lucas eloped and are now married. They’re in Vegas right now. Maggie is aghast, saying that he is taking this well. Daniel shrugs, saying it’s what makes Chloe happy. She loves Lucas very much. Maggie asks if it was her idea to elope. Daniel says she didn’t exactly set a time and drag Lucas there. After all, he loves her, too. Maggie takes out her phone, apologizing for not believe Daniel right away. He makes a gesture to her to tell her to go ahead and walks off. Maggie dials.

Chloe tells Kate that she would do almost anything to make this up to her. She and Lucas would be more than happy to restate their vows in Salem and have a big reception, but they’re not going to annul this marriage. Lucas agrees, saying it’s non-negotiable. Kate huffs, saying she guesses there is nothing left to say then. Lucas grumps that a ‘congratulations’ would be nice. Just then, his phone rings. Lucas sees that it’s Maggie and excuses himself, saying that it may be about Allie. He warns Chloe not to feel sorry for Kate and heads off into the hallway. Chloe tells Kate that she is sorry for her, though. She knows that a big wedding was important to her. Kate scoffs, saying she could care less about the wedding. It’s the marriage she’s concerned about. Kate glares, adding that she and Chloe need to have a little chat--alone.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max and Chelsea do a shameless product placement for Tyson’s boneless buffalo wings. Chelsea thanks Max for the way he spoke to Theo, wondering how he knew he was afraid of lions. Max jokes that everyone is, and Chelsea smiles, saying she is glad that Max never talks down to Theo, the way everyone else does. Max admits that he thinks that Theo is smarter than him sometimes. Chelsea says he is smart, but those kind of guys aren’t really her type. Max hopes bartenders are her type and Chelsea says she was thinking more along the lines of a cute guy with brown eyes that’s scared of lions. Max says he just might fit the bill and she says she might have to make him her boyfriend. Max wonders if she can handle being his girlfriend. Chelsea says she thinks she can and the two kiss.

Rafe reminds Sami that they had this discussion already. Sami says she knows they did, and tries to explain what happened, but Rafe doesn’t want to hear it. He reminds her that she is dealing with a family that has no qualms about taking people’s lives. He angrily asks her if she thinks this is some kind of game. Sami angrily retorts that she can’t believe he is lecturing her about the DiMeras. This isn’t his detective agency and she isn’t the ditzy blonde. This is her decision, her family, and her life, and Rafe has no say-so in it whatsoever.

Tony tells EJ that he and Nicole were just arguing about which child was better-looking, Sydney or Johnny. EJ groans, telling Tony that that was a stupid thing to say. Tony agrees, saying he hardly ever says the right thing anymore. He apologizes, hoping he hasn’t distressed Nicole. She claims that she is fine. Tony starts to head off, but stops, saying that the ceremony was lovely and so was Sydney. He’d say more, but after all, the two of them have it all. He grins and sails off. EJ asks Nicole if she is ok, and she says she is, but she needs some rest. EJ explains that Johnny is feeling better and Mary is tending to him. He wants to take Sydney for a walk and offers to tell everyone to leave Nicole alone for a while. She thanks him and he kisses her, promising to be back soon. He heads off. Nicole breaks down and bawls, wondering what she is going to do. She says she can’t take this anymore.

Lucas tells Maggie that he and Chloe eloped, and apologizes for not letting her know beforehand. He knows how much she wanted to see them have a big wedding. Maggie says that all that is important is that he is happy. Lucas claims he is, deliriously so, and Maggie promises to throw him a huge party when he returns. She asks him to hug Chloe for her, and he agrees. Maggie hangs up. She heads over to Daniel, saying she hates to admit it, but he was right. She asks Daniel if he can be happy for Lucas and Chloe and he says he can be, since this is what makes Chloe happy. Besides, doesn’t Maggie agree that this is all for the best? She takes the papers he signed and heads off, but stops to tell Daniel that she doesn’t hate him as much as she did half-an-hour ago.

Chloe tells Kate that they can talk about anything except an annulment. Kate shrugs, saying it’s her decision. Chloe agrees, adding that she knows it is the right one. She heads off to find Lucas. Kate grimaces, saying that Chloe’s decision has sealed her fate.

Nicole walks over to the drink Tony poured and holds it up, toasting Sydney, Grace, Mia, Sami, Nicole, and lastly Tony, who is going to blow all of their lives out of the water. She gulps the drink and reaches for the bottle, but changes her mind and heads for the phone. She call Brady and he asks if the christening went smoothly. Nicole says it didn’t and sobs, saying she needs to meet him at the pier in an hour. Brady guesses he can make it and Nicole bawls, saying he has to. She needs to see him.

In the foyer, EJ prepares to teak Sydney out in her stroller. Stefano comes in and offers to come along, saying he wants to introduce the newest DiMera to the world. EJ thought they would just take a walk. He confides in Stefano that he plans on making a few phone calls to figure out how Sami managed to adopt a child while she was in witness protection. Stefano asks if he is going to call Sami, but EJ says he was thinking of starting with the bodyguard. Stefano shrugs and tells him to do what he has to. Tony comes in, asking if he has missed something, but Stefano says he and EJ are just taking his beautiful daughter for a walk. EJ heads off to get Stefano’s coat and Stefano heads out to the door with Sydney. Tony grins.

Rafe says he thought that they were in this together, but clearly, Sami is the boss. She says she is sorry, but he is one in a long line of men telling her what to do today, and she is sick of it. Rafe demands to know if she thinks he is like those other men, but she says that isn’t what she meant. Besides, he’s a cop. He can push people around all day if that’s what he wants. Rafe storms over to the table and grabs his coat, telling Sami it was nice knowing her. He tells her to have a nice life and walks out of the pub. Sami sighs, then breaks down into tears.


Tony tells Phillip, “I’m really sorry we didn’t come to some kind of understanding; I really am.” He replies, “You’re not going anywhere.”

Brady asks Daniel, “You’re still not over her then, huh?” He replies, “No, I have to be, because she is over me.”

Kate says, “Lucas, she has been cheating on you with Daniel--having sex with him!” Lucas replies, “What?!”

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