Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/20/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At St. Luke’s, Father Matt asks Nicole to give Sydney to Lexie. She does so and Father Matt asks Lexie if she is willing to perform her duty in helping raise Sydney in the Christian faith. She says she is and he asks Tony the same question. Tony grins slyly at Nicole. She flashes back to him telling her that he knows Sydney isn’t her daughter. Lexie interrupts her reverie, asking Tony to answer the question. He grins and asks Father Matt to repeat it. Stefano and Sami give him an odd look as the priest asks Tony again if he is willing to fulfill his duties to help EJ and Nicole raise Sydney in the faith. Tony smiles, saying he is ready to do whatever is necessary.

At the pub, Will sits alone at a table as Caroline comes over. She notices Mia’s untouched hamburger and asks Will jokingly if he got stood up. He sighs, saying not exactly, but adds that girls are weird.

Outside the pub, Mia flashes back to telling Nicole that her baby would be better off with her. She comes back to the present, saying she never knew how much this would hurt. She adds that she also never knew how much she would want to hold her baby.

At the convent, Rafe cuddles Grace. He tells Teresa that she doesn’t seem very happy, and Teresa thinks it might be the rash, admitting that she has been particularly fussy lately. Rafe guesses that she might miss her mother.

Stefano comes up behind Tony quietly and tells him that a simple ‘I will’ would have sufficed. Tony chuckles, saying he does have a tendency to say too much. He grins at Nicole, announcing that for instance, this child that is being christened as a DiMera--Just then, Nicole faints. EJ catches her as everyone else gasps. A little later, Nicole is eased into a chair as Lexie suggests she go to the hospital. Tony agrees, saying she looks awful. Sami comes over to take Sydney from Tony, assuring her that her mommy will be alright. Nicole looks at Sami and Sydney worriedly, saying she is fine, and just skipped breakfast. Lexie still wants to have her checked out, but Nicole refuses, saying she isn’t going to the hospital, and her decision is final.

Just then, Mia walks into the vestibule of the church and crosses herself. She kneels before a statue of the Virgin Mary nearby and admits that she has sinned and has not been to church in a long time, but she has nowhere else to turn. She begs the Blessed Mother to help her stop thinking of her baby so much and to stop thinking she’s made the worst mistake of her life.

Tony circles like a shark inside the chapel while Nicole begs everyone to stop making a fuss. EJ tells her sternly that Lexie isn’t the type to do that and that she needs to be checked out if Lexie advises it. Stefano agrees, saying that Nicole needs to be healthy for Sydney’s sake. She quietly tells EJ that if one more of his family members tells her what to do, she’ll scream. She reminds them all that they are here for Sydney’s christening, which isn’t yet complete. Just then, she catches sight of Sami milling around the room with Sydney and freaks out, asking her what the hell she is doing and practically snatching the baby out of Sami’s arms. She tells everyone she’s ready to finish the ceremony and Father Matt asks her to hand Sydney back over to Lexie. Nicole says they’ve already done this part, and she’s ready to get to the blessing with the water. Father Matt patiently explains that this is a sacrament, so every part is important. Nicole reluctantly agrees and hands the baby to Lexie. Tony reminds the priest he left off asking him if he would do his Christian duty and he agreed. The priest makes the sign of the cross over Sydney and welcomes her to the Christian community. He asks the parents and godparents to do the same. Sami looks on sadly as Tony gives Nicole a knowing look, saying that now, Sydney will be safe. Nicole looks at him uneasily.

Teresa tells Rafe that she is worried that the situation has become dangerous. What with the biological father not knowing about Grace, she fears that he will have a lot of legal clout if he ever learns the truth. Rafe sternly tells her that that is why he has to make sure the father never finds out--for Grace’s sake and for her mother’s.

Mia lights a candle in the vestibule.

Lexie’s phone rings and she apologizes, saying she must check in with the hospital and will be back shortly. She heads off as Tony asks Nicole if this makes her wonder what else could possibly go wrong. Nicole glares. Lexie bumps into Mia just as she prepares to enter the chapel. Lexie explains that there is a christening inside and hurries off to make a phone call. Mia opens the door and pokes her head inside, seeing Nicole with Sydney. She gasps, “OMG! My baby!”

Will pokes his head out the door of the pub and sighs, telling Caroline that she’s gone. He adds that the girl he was meeting with wanted to hear all about his life, but never said a word about herself, which is weird for a girl. Caroline chuckles, saying that girls are all alike, after all, as he probably knows. He blushes and says she knows what he means. Plus, she actually told him she was hungry, which is also rare in his experience with girls, but then she took off without even eating. Caroline thinks he should phone her, but Will says he doesn’t even know her name, let alone her number.

Mia watches as Father Matt finishes the ceremony, praying aloud that Jesus watch over Sydney, her parents, and all that are christened in His church. He leads the group in another prayer as Mia whispers, “Amen.”

Rafe tells Teresa that he really fell hard for both Sami and Grace. Grace had him at ‘hello’ and she can’t even say it yet. Teresa smiles, saying babies have a way of affecting people that way. Rafe sighs, saying from what he knows of the DiMeras, they’re arrogant and used to getting their own way, and he doesn’t approve. He has to make sure that they’re never able to ruin Grace’s life--or Sami’s. He vows to make sure that never happens.

Father Matt continues with the prayer, reminding the group that this day should remind them all of the grace that christening brings. Sami hears the word “grace” and rushes off, grabbing her coat and heading for the door. In the vestibule, Mia asks if she is alright. Sami turns around, startled, and asks Mia who she is. She says she is no one, and again asks Sami if she is alright. Sami sighs, saying she just got a little emotional during the ceremony. Mia shyly adds that the baby is beautiful. Sami smiles sadly, saying she shouldn’t be saying this, since she has three kids of her own, but the baby is the most beautiful one she has ever seen. Mia beams.

Father Matt continues the ceremony, reminding EJ and Nicole that they must agree to reject sin and bring Sydney up to love and cherish the faith. Tony grins at Nicole as she watches him uneasily. She and EJ both agree to do as Father Matt says, and the groups answers in chorus as the priest asks them if they reject sin and Satan, and accept the teachings of Jesus Christ. Nicole prays silently, telling God that she loves Sydney so much. She begs Him to make sure she never loses her.

Teresa tells Rafe that he reminds her of St. Joseph, who also took in a woman and her child to protect them. When she prays for him, she prays to St. Joseph. Rafe is surprised that she prays for him ,but Teresa nods, saying she fears Rafe is heading into dangerous waters. Rafe suggests that she pray for Sami, and adds that he wonders what hse is dign right now.

Sami lights a candle in the vestibule alongside Mia and crosses herself.

Father Matt christens Sydney in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Stefano comes over to EJ and puts a hand on his shoulder, grinning broadly. We pan back in on Rafe at the convent, holding Grace. Father Matt finishes the ceremony back at the church as Nicole cuddles Sydney. Rafe hears the church bells ringing and tells Teresa he should leave. He heads off, saying goodbye to her and Grace. Teresa sighs and picks up her rosary, saying she knows Joseph will look out for Rafe, but she is still calling in the big guns. She starts the Lord’s Prayer. Back at the church, Father Matt leads the group as they finish where she started. Sami and Mia poke their heads in the door, but Sami says she never should have come here and takes off. Mia agrees she shouldn’t have either, and closes the door. Teresa tries to comfort Grace as she cries hysterically.

Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ holds Sydney and tells Stefano jokingly that he has no intention on letting her out of the house. Stefano chuckles, saying they could lock her in a tower. Nicole smiles uncomfortably. Stefano is sure she must not be feeling well, since they haven’t heard a peep out of her. She admits she is feeling better, but Lexie still thinks she looks pale. Tony proposes a toast, asking the group if they remember the movie where the godfather renounces sin before mowing down a host of his enemies with machine guns. EJ grimaces, thanking Tony sarcastically for bringing such joy to the room. Tony grins, telling Nicole that he just wanted to make the point that their family isn’t like that. He offers her some sparkling water as he hands the champagne around, but Nicole declines. Tony proposes a toast to Sydney and to Nicole, for everything she went through to bring them this miracle. Nicole grimaces, saying she had better sit down after all. Lexie asks her to promise to rest later, and Nicole does. The two make small talk about motherhood, and Lexie says it makes you realize you’ll do anything for your child. Nicole agrees, giving Tony a knowing look. Lexie adds that a young girl was watching the christening when she left to call the hospital. She would have thought it was her baby by the way she was complimenting Sydney. Nicole asks with growing horror what she looked like, and Lexie describes Mia to a tee. Nicole gets up with a sick look on her face, saying she has to go do something. She heads out into the foyer where Tony is straightening his tie in the mirror. She tells him that they have to talk. Tony is all ears, of course.

Caroline is glad to see that Will’s concern for his friend hasn’t affected his appetite. He smiles, saying the food is good. Switzerland’s food, on the other hand, is bad in three languages. Caroline chuckles and asks him how things are going with his dad. Will shrugs, saying things are ok. Lucas is off in Vegas getting married, and they always seem to get along better when they’re not in the same state. Caroline asks him how he feels about Lucas marrying Chloe, but Will doesn’t think it is any of his business. Caroline doesn’t agree, but changes the subject, asking how things are going with his mom. Will sighs, saying its hard to fight with someone who is never around. Caroline is surprised, saying that that doesn’t sound like Sami at all. Will says that even when they are in the same room, Sami seems to be thinking of something else. He can’t help but get that old feeling--like his mom is in trouble once again. Caroline sighs.

Sami meets Rafe at the pier and the two hug. He asks what is wrong, and Sami says he will be angry with her, but she went to the christening. She explains that Father Matt asked if she would be going in front of everyone, and EJ had to invite her so things wouldn’t be awkward. Rafe groans, asking if his daddy was there--the one that tried to have her killed. She begs him not to make things worse, but he says the DiMeras are doing that, not him. Frustrated, he tells Sami that they make him angry. Sami says she knows the feeling, but the issue here isn’t the DiMeras, it’s the christening. Watching that ceremony whose purpose is to welcome a child into the world and introduce her to the people that will be caring for her made Sami realize it’s wrong that she isn’t doing the same for Grace. She tells Rafe that she has to go get her baby and bring her home.

Will tells Caroline that he doesn’t really want to talk about his parents anymore as Mia comes in. He holds out her keys, asking if she forgot them. She smiles gratefully, saying her cousin would have killed her if she lost her spare set. Caroline heads off to warm the food Mia left. She tries to protest, saying she has to go, but Caroline insists it will only take a moment and heads off. Will tells Mia that he is glad she left her keys, because he never properly introduced himself. He tells her his name is Will Horton and asks her hers. She smiles, telling him her name is Mia.

Rafe tells Sami that they have discussed this before. He knows how she feels, but she can’t just act on impulse. She has to think of Grace, and the timing just isn’t right to bring her home. He goes on, laying into Sami for attending the christening after everything the DiMeras have done to her. Didn’t the whole thing being in a church smack of hypocrisy? Sami quietly tells him the ceremony was nice, but Rafe shakes his head, asking if she wants them to take Grace from her. She says no, and he tells her to think hard about this. He reminds her of the lengths she has gone to to keep this from EJ. She needs to think about what a judge would say in a custody hearing. The court would look at it as her endangering her child. Sam protests, but Rafe says it is the truth. She has to wait until they know for sure that EJ won’t be suspicious about her having a new baby. He knows she knows in her heart that this is the right thing to do. Sami nods, asking if he is sick of talking her off of the ledge. He sighs, saying he is just sick of seeing her so upset. He promises they will bring Grace home when the time is right. He just saw her at the convent, and she’s doing fine--but they have to make sure that when she does come home, it’s for good. Sami agrees just as Rafe’s phone rings. He heads off to answer it just as Sami’s phone rings. It’s EJ, who hates to bother her, but he says Johnny has an ear infection. She promises to be there right away and hangs up. She rushes off without telling Rafe goodbye.

Tony tells Nicole that she looks awful and really should have Lexie check her out. Nicole fumes, saying she is sick of his little games and double entendres. He asks what she wants from him, but she thinks he has it backwards. She needs to know what he wants from her. Tony is confused, and so is Nicole. She thought his whole performance at the church was put on to drive up the price. She tells Tony to name it. He chuckles, saying this situation is more serious than Nicole can even begin to imagine. He adds that there isn’t anything she has that he wants--anything at all.

Will asks Mia if she has a last name, or if she’s like Beyoncé. Mia smiles, saying her last name is Knowles. Will chuckles as Caroline comes back with the burgers. Mia explains that she can’t pay, but Caroline says of course she can’t. She’s Will’s guest, so she won’t accept her money. She heads off, jokingly asking Will not to eat all of the girl’s fries. Mia sighs, telling Will she can’t do this. Will stops her, saying he might not know her last name, but he knows she’s a jerk.

Lexie says goodbye to EJ, adding that his daughter is beautiful and that Johnny will be better tomorrow. He thanks her for coming, and she says she wouldn’t have missed it for the world. She says goodbye to Stefano, joking that she was surprised he wasn’t hit by lighting while he was praying in the church. She heads off. EJ laughs and agrees, saying that listening to Stefano renounce Satan was a bit like hearing Keith Richards preaching about moderation. Stefano laughs, saying jokingly that EJ has wounded him. The two hug and EJ starts to head off to check on Johnny, but Stefano wants to speak with him about Nicole first.

Tony tells Nicole that he has plenty of money. He wants revenge. She asks if he means against her, but Tony shakes his head. She guesses he means EJ, and accuses him of being jealous of EJ’s success. Tony says he isn’t. EJ is only successful because Stefano wants him to be. Nicole thought Tony wanted no part of the family business. He says he doesn’t, but he isn’t going to sit around and let EJ attempt to humiliate him, either. Nicole demands to know what Tony plans to do to her family. Just then, Sami rushes in, asking where EJ is.

Stefano reminds EJ that Nicole was on edge. She even fainted. EJ just thinks she doesn’t like big family affairs, but Stefan thinks there’s more to it.

Tony tells Sami that she is just in time for cake, but she says she isn’t interested. She wants her son. She brushes past them towards the living room. She walks in just as EJ tells Stefano the next time they all get together will be for the wedding. He sees Sami and excuses himself. Sami looks at EJ sadly.

Nicole reminds Tony that he almost told everyone the truth at the christening, but didn’t. She wants to know why. Tony says it is all about timing, and he plans on using that to his advantage.

Mia starts to leave, but Will apologizes for what he said. He explains that if she thinks Caroline is giving her food out of charity, she’s wrong. His grandmother is just friendly and likes feeding people. He offers to wrap the food up for Mia and she thanks him.

Nicole cant believe that Tony plans on waiting to tell the truth. Doesn’t he care that Sydney will be collateral damage? Tony chuckles, saying the baby will be fine. It’s Nicole’s life that will be blown to hell. He tells her that if she can’t stand the suspense, then he has no problem telling EJ and Stefano the truth right now.

Rafe turns around and finds Sami gone. He wonders where the hell she went.

EJ apologizes, saying he didn’t know Sami had arrived. She says that is clear and lays into him for blithely making wedding plans while their son is sick. EJ sighs, saying Johnny is fine, and that he’s sorry he invited her to the christening, as it clearly upset her. She retorts that this has nothing to do with him. EJ asks her to watch Sydney while he goes to get Johnny, and she agrees, saying Sydney is the only member of the family she likes. After EJ leaves, she calls Teresa to check in on Grace. Teresa tells her Sami’s milk ran out, so they will have to give the baby formula. Sami agrees that that is ok and Teresa adds that she thinks Grace’s diaper rash is worse. Sami says she is coming there right away. Teresa says she didn’t mean to alarm her, but Sami says she didn’t upset her; she just woke her up. She has to come and get her baby. EJ walks in just then, asking what she is talking about. Sami sweats.


Lucas asks Kate, “What the hell are you doing here?” She replies, “I would think that would be obvious--I’m here for the wedding.”

Rafe tells Brady, “She could really use someone she could trust right now.” He replies, “She’s still in trouble, isn’t she?”

Sami tells EJ, “I’ve decided to adopt a baby.”

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