Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/19/09


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At the convent, Rafe makes a phone call and arranges to rent an apartment in Salem. He promises to bring a check to the landlord later on and hangs up. Just then, Sister Agnes comes in and greets Rafe, saying he hasn’t changed at all. He hugs her, saying she hasn’t either. He adds that Teresa told him she might come by today. She smiles, saying that she’s glad she did, now that she knows exactly what he has been up to.

In the chapel of St. Luke’s, Sami cuddles Sydney. EJ shakes his head, saying that seeing her with his daughter just seems right. Confused, Sami asks what he means by that.

In the vestibule, Tony breathlessly tells Nicole that he is glad he got here before she stood up before God and man and lied. She claims that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Tony chuckles and leans in, saying that they both know the truth--that Sydney isn’t her daughter. Nicole recoils in horror.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady asks Stephanie why Phillip would be going after Tony. Stephanie explains that he has the last copy of the blueprints for the fuels project. Melanie got her hands on it and sold it to him. Brady groans, wondering why she would do such a thing, and Stephanie guesses she did it to stick it to EJ and Phillip. Brady sighs, saying this is bad. Stephanie agrees, saying Phillip is out there looking for Tony, and there’s no telling what he will do when he finds him. She admits that she is freaking out right now. Brady says she isn’t the only one.

Phillip storms into the DiMera mansion, screaming for Tony at the top of his lungs. A man comes out of the foyer, asking Phillip to leave. He explains he’s the new butler, but Phillip refuses to go until he gets what he came for. He asks where Tony is.

Tony tells Nicole that he knows she didn’t give birth to Sydney and wonders how many different ways he can say it to make her understand. She says that he could say it a million different ways and she would still have no idea what he is talking about. She starts to head into the chapel, but Tony stops her, saying he has a moral obligation to tell his brother the truth. Sydney is no more Nicole’s daughter than she is Tony’s, and they both know it. He explains that it would be selfish not to tell everyone what he knows, and after all, he does have to live with himself at the end of the day. Nicole panics.

At the pier, Will asks Mia if she is alright. She gets up in tears, asking him to leave her alone. He tells her that his uncle is a police commissioner. He can call him, if she needs help. Mia says she doesn’t need anything. Will shrugs and starts to head off, but Mia asks him to wait.

EJ tells Sami that he just wants her to be a part of Sydney’s life in the way that Nicole is part of Johnny’s. Sami grumps, saying that he knows she doesn’t like the idea of that, but he reminds her Nicole feels the same way. He just wants the two of them to put their resentment aside--for the sake of the kids.

Nicole calls Tony an SOB, wondering how he dare ruin this day for her. Tony throws up his hands, saying he can’t believe that Nicole is worried about this christening given the gravity of the situation and how long she has been lying. He reminds her that this is about an innocent child and her schemes and deceptions. He can’t believe she has lied to his father and brother for so long. Nicole angrily tells him to get out and that he isn’t welcome. Tony claims that he loves Sydney, but Nicole retorts that he doesn’t even know her. She adds that she didn’t even want him to be Sydney’s godfather, and that she and EJ only asked him because they were afraid he’d throw a hissy fit. Tony chuckles, saying she is hurting his feelings. Nicole says she doesn’t care about his feelings. She says she will call her brother Brandon, and ask him to be the godfather. Tony reminds her that that will raise red flags. Nicole tells him that his accusations are unfounded and hurtful. Sydney is her daughter. Tony is sure she feels that way in her heart, but the reality is that biologically and legally, she belongs to that sweet girl, Mia.

At the pub, Lexie speaks on the phone with her sitter, saying she has a christening to get to. She hangs up, disappointed, as Stefano comes in. He greets her and Theo and Lexie asks why he isn’t at the church. He says he is on his way back and offers to accompany her, but Lexie explains that her sitter cancelled and she can’t get anyone else to watch Theo. Stefano suggests they take him to the mansion and let Mary watch him. He asks Theo if he would like to spend some time at Grandpa’s house as Lexie looks on uncomfortably.

Stephanie and Brady make some calls, but learn Phillip isn’t at work or at the church. Brady tells Stephanie to grab her coat, adding that they’ve got to find Phillip before he gets the chance to rile up the DiMeras. The two rush out of the mansion.

The butler tells Phillip that he tried Tony’s phone, but got no answer. He promises to tell Tony that Phillip stopped by, but Philip tells him not to bother. He says he will find Tony himself and storms off, grumbling that the new butler is a real jerk.

Mia tells Will that she doesn’t need any help and that it’s just been one of those days. He says he understand and starts to head off, but stops, saying he was going to grab a bite to eat. He invites her to join him, but she declines. Will tells her he will be at the Brady pub if she changes her mind and asks her to feel better. She thanks him and Will heads off. Mia smiles.

Nicole tells Tony that she doesn’t know anyone named Mia, but Tony thinks she is too young to be having memory problems. She brought Mia to the house a few months ago, when they were both pregnant. Of course, Mia isn’t pregnant anymore, but Nicole probably knows that. Nicole retorts that she never told Tony her name and Tony gleefully notes that she finally remembers Mia. Nicole demands to know how he knows about her and Tony explains that she came by the house earlier. She was reticent to talk to him at first, but eventually she opened up and told him all about her baby--the one Nicole is trying to pass off as her own.

Stefano tells Lexie he knows she is concerned because of what happened the last time Theo was at the mansion, but he assures her that Mary won’t let anything like that happen. Lexie nods, saying she knows Mary is very attentive. Stefano heads off to call her and Lexie asks Theo if he would like to spend time at Grandpa’s house. Theo is silent. She promises him she will pick him up after the christening and asks him to be sure to mind Mary and not to play on the stairs. Theo doesn’t respond. Lexie picks up Charlie, his stuffed dog, and reminds him that Charlie doesn’t like playing on the stairs. Theo shakes his head in agreement. Lexie sighs, saying she only worries so much because he is so precious to her.

Agnes tells Rafe that she knows he has grown close to Sami and her baby. Rafe wonders how he could not feel close them after everything the three of them have been through. He adds that he turned down the job in New York because he wanted to be there for Sami. Eventually she will want to bring Grace home, and she will probably need his help to do so. Agnes admits she isn’t surprised Rafe feels this way. After all, this isn’t the first time he has made a big sacrifice for a woman.

Sami tells EJ that she is surprised Sydney is behaving so well. She seems so happy and it’s almost like the baby knows her. EJ admits that she is comfortable with Sami. Sami says Sydney reminds her of Johnny when he was fighting sleep. EJ chuckles, saying she sleeps very well. They’re lucky if they can get Johnny to stay down for an hour, however. Sami smiles and puts Sydney in her stroller. EJ tells Sami that it isn’t very often that someone comes along and profoundly impacts his life the way Sami has. Sami asks him if she has impacted it for the better. EJ nods, “Definitely.”

Rafe tells Agnes that Sami isn’t like any other woman he knows. It’s different with her. Agnes reminds him that he ought to really think this through. He is limiting his options and giving up his very livelihood to help her. Rafe sighs, saying he doesn’t have a job right now but Salem is a big enough place. He is sure he will find one soon. Agnes says she just wants what is best for Rafe. She asks him if he sure this young woman wants him to make this sacrifice for her. Rafe nods.

Sami admits she learned a lot from EJ, too, and she would like to believe she is a better person for knowing him. He says he just wants her to be happy, and she says she wants him to be, too. She will never trust Nicole, but she can be happy for him if Nicole is what makes him happy. EJ says he is glad for her, too, since she also seems to have found someone that can make her happy.

Phillip sips a beer at the Cheatin’ Heart and glowers. He says first it was EJ, now it’s his SOB brother, Tony. He vows to make Tony sorry he ever messed with him.

Nicole can’t believe that someone she trusted would stab her in the back. Tony says he doesn’t understand and Nicole tells him that Mia has Tourette’s Syndrome. She blurts the oddest things out of nowhere. Tony is confused, saying Mia seemed sane to him, but Nicole says she has all sorts of problems. She’s even on medication for bi-polar disorder. Nicole sighs, saying that this is partly her fault for letting Mia get too close. She really thought she was doing the right thing, but she was clearly wrong. Tony says if she is really sure that the girl is so unbalanced, then they need to warn Stefano and EJ about her turning up on their doorstep unannounced. Stefano comes in just then, asking what he needs to be told about. Tony grins, asking Nicole if she would like to do the honors, or shall he? Nicole sweats.

Bo heads into the pub and finds Will pouring a soda behind the bar. He jokes about Will raiding the place already and the two exchange hugs. They make small talk about school and Will explains that there are a lot of people he used to know there, but it’s not the same since they’ve all grown up. Just then, Mia comes in and Will smiles. Bo grins, asking where he met her, and Will says they just met down at the pier. He heads off to greet her and offers her a soda. She asks for ginger ale and Will heads behind the bar to make it, explaining that his grandmother owns the place. He asks what she wants to have to eat, and she says she will have whatever he is having. Will hopes she likes burgers and fries and heads off to place the order. Mai sighs.

Stephanie and Brady head into the Cheatin’ Heart and find Phillip. He asks what they are doing there and Stephanie explains she enlisted Brady’s help to find him and that they were worried. Phillip growls that he has everything under control, but Brady isn’t so sure. He thinks they need to let Victor know what is going on, but Phillip refuses, saying he is going to handle this himself and get the plans back. Brady asks what happens if he can’t. Phillip threatens to crush Tony like a bug, in that case. He won’t even know what hit him. Stephanie and Brady exchange worried glances.

Nicole tells Stefano that she does have something to say--that she is so glad he could be here for this joyous occasion. She goes on to say that although she knows the two of them don’t see eye to eye, and usually push each other’s buttons, she hopes they can put that all aside since this day is so special for herself and EJ. Stefano agrees and hugs her, thanking her for giving him such a beautiful granddaughter. He and Lexie head off to see Father Matt. Tony gapes and applauds Nicole for her performance, adding that she was a little over the top. Nicole insists that she was being sincere. Tony shakes his head and laughs, saying that life can change on a dime. Things could change for her in the blink of an eye. Nicole glares, asking what it is he plans on doing. Tony chuckles, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Sami can’t believe EJ is getting so warm and mushy about her friendship with Rafe after he tried to get him in trouble with Roman for being unprofessional. She goes on to say that she does have feelings for Rafe, but for now they’re just friends. After all, he saved her life, so she’s beholden to him. EJ grins, saying that sounds romantic. Sami asks him to drop it, saying this conversation is making her uncomfortable. EJ agrees, but adds that he just wants her to be happy. She thanks him, saying she will be as soon as she sorts a few things out.

Rafe tells Agnes that he doesn’t feel like he is making a sacrifice to help Sami. He wants to do it, and besides, she needs him. Agnes sighs, saying she appreciates that he is being so selfless, but she can’t help but worry. Rafe assures her that what he has with Sami is different. What happened before is never going to happen again.

Lexie and Stefano head into the chapel to find EJ alone with Sydney. They crow over the baby and ask EJ if he is excited. He says he is, but wonders if either of them have seen Nicole.

Nicole demands to know why Tony is trying to ruin her big day. Tony laughs, saying this isn’t about a day. It’s about her lying and scheming to hide Sydney’s parentage. If she really thinks she can continue lying about this, then she is the one that is mentally ill. Nicole glares, saying that her baby doesn’t belong to Mia, and she can prove that Sydney is hers and EJ’s. Just then, EJ comes out, looking for her. She claims she and Tony were just sharing baby-talk, and EJ asks if she is ready to begin the ceremony. She says she is and the two head into the chapel. Tony shuts the door behind them and grins, saying when EJ finds out what Nicole is up to, the nightmare will really begin.

Will brings Mia a burger and the two sit at a table. Will admits that he has missed burgers and Mia asks if he was a vegetarian. He chuckles, saying he spent the past year in Switzerland, actually. She asks if he did an exchange program, but Will evades the question, saying it just kind of happened. He adds that he hasn’t seen Mia around Salem High and asks if she is from out of town. Mia fidgets.

Rafe shows Grace off to Agnes and asks the baby to smile. She cries instead and Rafe grins, saying she is pretty rebellious. Agnes says she knows someone else that used to be that way, but he has matured into a fine young man. Rafe jokes, saying he thought he had her fooled, but she says she still sees traces of the teenager he once was. Rafe admits that he hadn’t grown up very much until he met Sami. She’s definitely different from any other woman he has met. Agnes asks him slyly if he thinks Sami is ‘the one.’ Rafe grins.

Brady tells Phillip that going after Tony would be the wrong move, but Phillip suspects that Brady wants to get the plans back himself so Victor will worship him even more. Brady groans, saying that isn’t it at all. Besides, what is Phillip’s plan? To confront Tony at the christening while the priest baptizes Sydney? Phillip says he hadn’t thought of that, but Brady tells him not to even try it. If he confronts Tony in front of EJ and Stefano, it will just guarantee that they will never see those blueprints again. Phillip sarcastically retorts that Brady make a suggestion since he is so knowledgeable about the DiMeras. Brady suggests that since Tony is on the outs with EJ and Stefano, that he and Phillip make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Father Matt begins the christening ceremony and ask for Sydney’s full name. Nicole and EJ give it to him. He then asks them to be sure to make sure their child is raised in the faith and asks the godparents to come forward. Lexie whispers to Tony that this is their cue. He mutters that she’d better believe it.

Mia says she would rather hear about Will and his time in Switzerland, and he tells her all about it and his family, including his younger brother and sister. Mia catches Bo staring at them and asks if Will knows him. He explains that Bo is the commissioner he was talking about earlier and heads off to get some fries. Mia freak out and rushes out the door. Will comes back and asks Bo where she went. Bo explains that she took off, but he can probably catch her or call her to find out what happened. Will shrugs, saying he doesn’t have her number, and besides, she must be crazy to just take off like that, anyway. All they were talking about was his time in Switzerland and his family. Outside, Mia sobs and flashes back to giving birth. She says she never knew giving up her baby would hurt this much and vows to see her again.

Phillip and Stephanie return to the Kiriakis mansion and she hugs him, hoping he isn’t mad she was out looking for him She adds that she was just worried. Phillip says he understands and she hopes he will take Brady’s sound advice. She heads off to the kitchen to find something to eat and Phillip sighs, saying he will try it Brady’s way for now. If Tony doesn’t take the bait though, then it’s on to Plan B.

Agnes asks Rafe to tell her all about Sami and he sings her praises, talking about how smart, tough and beautiful she is. Agnes guesses she really is the one, then. Rafe tells her he doesn’t want to jinx it just yet.

Father Matt asks Lexie if she will help EJ and Nicole fulfill their Christian duty by Sydney. Lexie agrees. He then asks Tony, but he just grins slyly at Nicole. EJ tells him to answer, but Tony just continues to grin. Nicole sweats.


Will tells Caroline, “I can’t believe she would just leave like that, though. Do you think something happened?”

Mia sobs and prays, “I can’t stop thinking I’ve made the worst mistake of my life.”

Sami tells Rafe, “I have to go get her and bring her home!”

Tony tells Nicole, “Your situation is a lot more serious than you think.”

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