Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/18/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/18/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip angrily tells someone over the phone to lock all the engineers in a room until they can recreate the project. The doorbell rings and Phillip huffs over and lets Stephanie in. He tells the person on the end of the line to stop calling with excuses or his next move will be to fire them. He hangs up in a fury. Stephanie asks Phillip not to do this. He needs to accept the fact that the project is gone, and there’s no way he can get it back.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max goes to open the safe but finds it unlocked. He opens it hesitantly and finds that the blueprints are gone. Max angrily flips over a chair and curses Melanie.

Melanie catches up with Tony outside the DiMera mansion and he wishes her a good morning. She tells him she cashed her check, but it wasn’t for very much money. She asks him outright when it is that she will receive more.

Inside the DiMera mansion, Brady tells Nicole that he spoke with Phillip and convinced him that they aren’t having an affair. He tells Nicole that Phillip won’t bother her anymore. She thanks Brady, telling him how wonderful he is. She hugs him, adding that this is going to be the most wonderful day of her life, thanks to him. Just then, EJ walks in and Nicole quickly backs away from Brady. He demands to know what he is doing here and Nicole explains that she invited him to the christening. EJ glares, saying he thought that this was a family affair. Nicole snorts that Brady is family, and besides, it isn’t really a family affair anymore, now that Sami is attending.

Sami comes downstairs at the pub and tells Will that Allie is all set with Caroline. She suggests that they had probably better get to the church. Will sighs, saying it sounded cool at first when EJ and Nicole invited him to the christening, but now he has been thinking, and he wonders why Sami even wants to go. She stammers and Will reminds her that Sydney is Nicole’s daughter, not hers, and she hates Nicole anyway. Why would she want to go spend time with someone she hates?

On a plane, Mia listens to an announcement in Japanese and English telling the passengers that they are making their final descent into Chicago. Mia sighs.

Tony tells Melanie that he would love to help her, but he can’t give her any more money until things are up and running. She tells him that she isn’t sure she can make it on ten thousand dollars until that time comes, especially since she is giving half of it to her brother. Tony says he is sorry, but he can’t help her, and besides, he has a christening to get to. Melanie stops him, asking about the contract. Tony explains the lawyers haven’t finished drafting it yet, but she feels that they should have by now. Tony says he appreciates that she trusts him, and promises to reward her amply as soon as the project sees results. Right now, however, there is nothing he can do. Melanie tells him that he and his brother have something in common after all--they’re both liars.

EJ uncomfortably tells Nicole that he didn’t know they had room left in the church for extra people. Brady gets a call just then and heads into the foyer to take it. EJ takes the opportunity to lay into Nicole for not telling him that Brady would be coming to the church with them. She tries to change the subject, asking if Johnny is ready, but EJ says he isn’t feeling well and won’t be coming. He reminds Nicole that since the DiMera and Kiriakis families are at odds, it was even more inappropriate for her to invite Brady. She huffs, saying she doesn’t need permission to invite a friend to her daughter’s christening. After all, Sami is attending, so why can’t Brady? EJ reminds her that Sami is not a friend, she’s Johnny’s mother. Nicole angrily says he is right. Sami isn’t a friend or part of their family--she’s no one. So why the hell is she invited?

Sami says she does hate Nicole, but she doesn’t hate her innocent baby. Besides, Johnny is attending, and it is perfectly reasonable for his mother to attend as well. Will sighs, saying the ‘real’ Sami hates Nicole’s guts and everything about her. She shouldn’t even want to look at that kid, but every time Sydney is in the room, Sami acts weird. Sami stammers, saying this isn’t about Sydney at all. It’s about trying to make peace with EJ, since he is Johnny’s father. It’s a good-will gesture and nothing more. Will says they both know that is a load of bull. Sami protests that it isn’t, but Will gets up and storms over to the bar. Sami checks her watch and sighs, saying that they really have to go.

Stephanie hands over some papers for Phillip to sign, saying they have to be faxed to New York immediately. Philip signs them and hands them over, asking her to give them to Mr. Rinaldi at the office and then to come straight back here. He explains that he isn’t going into work today and needs someone sane around to talk to. He sighs, saying it sounds crazy, but he isn’t ready to give up on the fuels project. Stephanie thinks he just doesn’t want to admit he failed. Phillip says Victor thinks he did. Stephanie retorts that that is ridiculous. Victor is his father, and should be supporting him, not berating him or humiliating him. Phillip says he is used to it. Even as a kid, if his team lost a soccer match, Victor would criticize him. He has learned to tune Victor out. But he also needs to prove to Victor that he is wrong, and that he is a winner. He never should have let things go as far as they did with Melanie and the project. He vows to win in the end. Stephanie assures him that she cares for him no matter what decisions he makes. She fell in love with the human side of Phillip. That Phillip will always be good enough for her. She kisses him. Phillip says he is sorry, but that Phillip isn’t good enough for him and never will be.

Melanie lays into Tony, saying he is just like EJ, Phillip, and her father with his smiles and empty promises. She says she isn’t some weed he can just pick up and throw away, and that she needs more money. Tony says she has a nice smile, but the greed in her eyes is ruining the whole picture. Melanie huffs, saying she wants ten thousand dollars and a contract by tomorrow morning. Tony suggests they revisit this matter in a couple of weeks when she has calmed down a bit. He storms inside the mansion, saying he has a christening to get to. Melanie sighs as her phone rings. It’s Max, and he demands that she get down to the bar right away. He adds that she had better have that envelope with her, too. Melanie hangs up, “Uh-oh.”

EJ asks Nicole if she only invited Brady to avenge herself on EJ for inviting Sami. Just then, Sydney wails and Nicole picks her up and coos, telling EJ that they should be celebrating, not fighting. Just then, Stefano, Tony and Brady head into the living room. Stefano pulls out a digital camera and takes a photo of the “bella famiglia.” He crows over the baby, saying it is a joyous day when a new member of the DiMera family is consecrated in the eyes of God. He adds that Sydney will be a DiMera from now on and until the end of her life. Brady gives Nicole a look and shakes his head.

Sami apologizes to Will for acting so strange, citing the fact that she was on the run for so long that it’s been hard for her to readjust to a normal life. She tells Will that no matter what has happened in the past, she has always loved him, and she hopes he isn’t disappointed in her. Will sighs, saying he isn’t, and that he knows she loves him. He gets up, ready to leave, but Sami says she is going to stop acting weird. She tells Will that she won’t go to the christening. He groans, asking her if they are going or what.

Melanie sobs as Max lays into for stealing the blueprints. She explains quietly that it’s all over. She hands him a check for five grand, saying this is his half. Max groans, saying he can’t believe she sold the blueprints for ten grand. She admits sadly that she didn’t even sign a contract, so now she’s really screwed. Max demands to know who bought them and she says Tony did. Max sighs, wondering why she couldn’t have waited a few months until everything died down. He would have given her the blueprints at that time and she could have done whatever she wanted with them. Melanie cries hysterically, saying Nick gave her the rights to the project so she could make something of her life, but she ruined it like she does everything else. Max groans and hands her his portion of the check, saying he won’t cash it anyway, so she had better use it to get by for the next few months. Melanie suddenly gets an idea and takes out her phone, saying it might not have to be this way. Max warns her not to try to take Tony on, but Melanie says she might not have to do it herself. Max begs her to reconsider whatever plan she has made, but Melanie makes the call anyway. Max storms off.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the church, but no one is there yet. EJ heads off to find Father Matt. Nicole cuddles Sydney, telling her that while Mia’s baby is beautiful, and it was hard to give her up, she knows she made the right decision by bringing EJ’s daughter to him to raise. She sighs, saying that Stefano was right. Today, they will finally claim Sydney as their own.

Tony speaks with Lexie on the phone back at the mansion, telling her she has plenty of time to get to the church and that he will see her shortly. He hangs up just as the doorbell rings. Tony answers it and finds Mia outside.

Melanie calls Phillip, but he says he isn’t interested in hearing her voice ever again. She smirks, asking if he would feel the same way if she told him where he could get a copy of the blueprints. Phillip tells her to get over the mansion immediately and hangs up. Melanie starts to head off, but Max stops her. She explains that she called Phillip and now has an errand to run, but Max says she needs to think things through. Phillip may be dangerous, but Tony DiMera is a whole different story. Melanie promises to be careful, but Max warns her she has no idea what she is getting herself into. Melanie ignores him and heads off. Max sighs.

Stephanie comes back to the mansion and greets Phillip. He tells her about Melanie’s phone call stating she knew where he could get a copy of the blueprints. Stephanie rolls her eyes, telling Phillip not to buy it for one second. Melanie is just trying to pull one over on him again. He can’t trust her. Phillip says this is about survival, not trust.

Nicole cuddles Sydney as Sami walks in behind her, apologizing for being early. She adds that she almost didn’t come and starts to walk off, but Nicole stops her, saying she does want her to stay, even though Father Matt put his foot in his mouth. Sami doesn’t understand why and Nicole tells her that she wants Sami to see that she and EJ are a real family with Sydney, especially since Sami won’t be attending their wedding. Nicole adds that she and EJ are going to live happily ever after and that she won’t let anyone pull them apart, no matter what.

Mia asks Tony if Nicole is at home, but he says she isn’t. She asks if she has the baby with her and Tony says she does, but they won’t be back for several hours. Mia starts to head off, but Tony stops her, remembering that they met a few months back through Nicole’s work at the youth center. He remembers that Mia was pregnant and asks her how her baby is doing. She sighs sadly and Tony apologizes, asking if something happened to her baby.

Melanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion with a document her lawyer has drawn up. It states that if Phillip is able to recover the blueprints because of the information she gives him, he must develop the project and reinstate her at Titan with her full salary and all the benefits she was promised. Phillip agrees and signs the paper, asking Melanie where the blueprints are. Melanie says Nick had an extra copy that he arranged to be hidden. Stephanie says Melanie is lying and tells Phillip she can’t listen to another word coming out of her mouth. Melanie rolls her eyes and tells her that’s fine if she wants to think that, but it’s the truth. Her brother Max received the blueprints and hid them in a safe at the bar. Phillip asks her to call Max and have him bring them over, but Melanie says they were stolen. Phillip demands to know who stole them. Melanie fidgets.

Nicole asks Sami if she has made herself clear, and Sami says she has, but she needs to make herself clear, also. She says that has a very full life with her friends, family, and children, so she has no time to sit around scheming and planning to break up Nicole and EJ. Sami claims she has better things to do with her time, like take care of Johnny, for instance. If EJ thinks he can be happy with Nicole, then that is fine by her. Nicole isn’t so sure Sami’s priorities concerning Johnny are in the right place. All she seems to care about is the fact that Nicole spends time with him. She sarcastically asks Sami if she thinks she is teaching her son about the benefits of boozing it up all the time. Sami scoffs as Will comes in and greets the two. EJ follows shortly after, saying that Nicole and Sydney need to go see Father Matt. Sami asks where Johnny is, and Nicole explains that he had a slight fever, so he stayed home. Sami goes into panic mode, but Nicole reassures her that Johnny is fine and heads off with EJ. Will tells Sami is he going to split since Johnny isn’t here. Sami she is leaving too, but wants to say a prayer first. She heads into the chapel.

Tony remembers that Mia was almost as far along in her pregnancy as Nicole was, and says she must have had her baby by now. He wonders if the baby is alright, and Mia says the baby is fine, but she gave it away. Tony apologizes, saying he was sure she made the right decision. He asks if she had a girl, too, but Mia says she can’t talk anymore. Tony promises to tell Nicole she came by, but Mia doesn’t want him to, stating she never would have rang the bell if she didn’t think Nicole was at home. Tony is confused and asks why it is that Mia doesn’t want Nicole to know she was here.

Melanie explains to Phillip that Tony is the one with the blueprints. She took them from Max because he made her an offer. He’s on the outs with EJ, and was interested in the project for his own company. Phillip asks he if he is working alone and Melanie says he is. Stephanie hangs her head in her hands, saying can’t believe she took the offer, but Melanie says she’s 18. She’s impulsive and he forced her to accept or decline on the spot. She adds that it seemed like a good deal at the time. Plus Tony is weird, so she was sort of afraid to turn him down. Phillip tells her that they’re through here and she heads off glumly. Phillip grins and tell Stephanie that he thinks Tony may be the answer he’s been looking for.

Tony reminds Mia that Nicole was a friend to her during her pregnancy, so it’s odd that she doesn’t want to see her all of a sudden. Mia sighs and tells Tony that Nicole was a friend, but after she gave her baby up, she went to Japan to work on her career. It didn’t end up working out at all. Tony asks Mia if she wants something from Nicole, but Mia says she doesn’t. Tony is confused, asking Mia if Nicole was the one that helped her find a mother for her baby. Is that why she is here? Mia sighs.

Nicole finds Sami in the chapel and says that she is glad that she stayed. She adds that everyone will be here shortly and that she wants Sami to see the christening gown before the guests arrive. Sami agrees uncomfortably and Nicole heads off. She runs into Brady outside, but he tells her he won’t be staying. It would just stir things up with EJ, and he wants this day to be happy for her. Nicole grumps that EJ will just have to get used to it. Brady was more a part of making this day happen than anyone else, so he deserves to be here. He promises be will be, in spirit, and says he hopes that this is one of the happiest days if her life. They hug and Nicole smiles, wondering how it couldn’t be.

Mia tells Tony that in a way, Nicole did help her find a mother for her baby. Tony asks if she wants to see the adoptive mother, and Mia says she doesn’t at first, but then breaks down and admits that she does. Tony sympathizes with her, saying she must be heart-broken and missing her baby. Mia asks if she is here. Tony says that Nicole is gone, as he told her, but Mia says she meant Sydney. Tony is startled, then begins to understand. He asks Mia if Sydney is her baby. Mia bursts into tears and nods, saying Nicole lost her baby, so she gave her hers. She walks off. Tony gasps and sakes his head, saying that Nicole has been a very naughty girl.

At the pier, Will grumbles about his parents and how they both lie all the time. He sees Mia sitting on the stairs and crying. He comes over to her and stares. Mia looks up tearfully.

Phillip starts to call Tony, but hangs up, saying he wont listen ,anyway. Stephanie advises Phillip to get a lawyer, but he says he isn’t about to get drawn into a five-year long legal battle. Stephanie thinks he should at least call Bo, but Phillip refuses, saying he is going to get Titan out of the mess he got them into. Tony is going to be sorry he ever messed with him. He heads off. Stephanie sighs and grabs the phone to make a call.

Sami prays in the chapel, sighing and telling herself she wouldn’t care so much about Sydney if she only had Grace with her. Just then, EJ comes in with Sydney. She promptly spits up on his suit and Sami comes over, offering to help and hold her while EJ cleans up. He smiles at her gratefully.

Stefano shows Nicole the christening gown in the vestibule. He explains that it is a family heirloom that they have used for generations. Nicole thanks him profusely just as he gets a call. He says he must take it, but asks her not to start without him. She promises not to and he heads off. Nicole admires the gown just as she gets a phone call. It’s Tony, saying they need to talk in private. He asks her where she is and she says she is at the church. She thinks they have plenty of time to talk later on, but Tony says this is of the utmost importance. He tells her to stay put and heads out the door of the mansion.

Brady rushes into the Kiriakis mansion and Stephanie tells him she couldn’t stop Phillip. He asks what she means and Stephanie explains that he went after Tony DiMera. She has no idea what he will do.

Phillip storms into the DiMera mansion, screaming for Tony at the top of his lungs.

Sami takes Sydney and coos, saying she knows she didn’t mean to ruin her daddy’s suit for the photos. EJ smiles at Sami and tells her he isn’t sure why, but seeing her with Sydney just seems right.

Tony rushes into the vestibule and Nicole asks what was so important that it couldn’t wait until after the ceremony. Tony is just glad he got here before she stood up in front of God and man and lied. Nicole says icily that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Tony grins and leans in, saying in a low voice that they both know the truth--that Sydney isn’t her daughter. Nicole recoils and gasps.


Will asks Mia, “Where are you from? Are you from out of town?”

Phillip tells Brady and Stephanie, “I will get those damn plans back.”

Rafe tells a nun, “This whole thing with Sami--it is different. What happened before is never going to happen again.”

Sami tells EJ, “She’s so happy--it’s like she knows me.”

Nicole yells, “That baby is mine!” Tony replies, “The truth will come out, Nicole.”

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