Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/17/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/17/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip and Stephanie make out on the couch. Stephanie worries that Victor might come in and interrupt, but Phillip says he isn’t worried about his dad or anyone else that might come by. Stephanie pouts, saying she doesn’t like it when he is so cocky and full of himself, but Phillip thinks she does. He moves in for another kiss.

Outside the Cheatin’ Heart, Melanie calls Tony, who is at the DiMera mansion. She asks if he has her check and he says he does. He asks if she has what he needs and she promises to get it tonight. Tony agrees to meet later to exchange and reminds her that he had no part in this if something goes wrong. Melanie tells him not to worry and to just have her check ready. Tony agrees and she promises to meet with him soon. Melanie hangs up and grins, saying there’s nothing like a big check--and getting to watch Phillip squirm.

Inside, Max serves Bo and Brady a green beer and a green tea, respectively. They thank him and Max heads off. Bo wishes Brady a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, but Brady has other things on his mind. He asks Bo if there have been any leads regarding the computer sabotage at Titan. Bo says he has no idea what he is talking about. Brady can’t believe Phillip didn’t tell him. Bo can’t either, and asks Brady to fill him in.

On a plane, Kate listens as the flight attendant announces they have landed in Las Vegas. She gets up and squeezes past her seatmate, explaining that her son is getting married and that she has to get off quickly. The woman congratulates her, but Kate tells her there’s no room for congratulations just yet. A flight attendant comes over and reminds Kate the captain hasn’t yet turned off the seatbelt sign. Kate protests, but the attendant demands that she sit back down.

In an office, Lucas and Chloe prepare to be married. The justice of the peace tells them that he knows Las Vegas has a reputation for quickie marriages, but the ones he performs in his office are anything but frivolous. He reminds them that a person should only marry for love, not because they feel they have to, or because they think things might work out. He adds that he needs to ask them a few questions to ensure they are really ready. Lucas jokes that he isn’t ready for a test, but the justice of the peace just wants to know if either of them know any reason that they shouldn’t be joined as man and wife. Chloe fidgets.

At the hospital, Daniel looks over a patient’s chart. He sighs, “Chloe.”

The justice of the peace says he senses some hesitation and looks at Chloe, asking if there is any reason at all they shouldn’t be married. Lucas glances at Chloe. She looks away guiltily.

Brady tells Bo about the worm that destroyed most of their files, including the plans for the fuels project. Bo wonders why Phillip didn’t say anything, and Brady guesses he wants to handle it himself before Victor finds out. Bo can’t believe Victor doesn’t already know and Brady divulges that he doesn’t spend as much time in the office as he used to. Bo says he heard that the DiMeras wanted the project, so it makes sense to him that they were behind all of this. Brady agrees just as Max comes over. Bo thinks they must have had help. Max angrily asks the two if they think his sister was behind all of this. Melanie walks in just then and greets the three, but notices the uncomfortable glances they’ve exchanged. She folds her arms and huffs, asking what it is she has done now.

Stephanie and Phillip watch a romantic movie, but neither seem to like it. Stephanie clicks off the television and says she can think of better things to do. She kisses Phillip. Just then, the lights come on. The two turn around to find Victor standing there.

Kate explains that she just wants to wait at the front of the plane, but the flight attendant refuses, saying they are still taxiing to the gate. She insists Kate sit back down and buckle up. Kate groans and complies, grumbling about giving small minds power. She pulls out a list of wedding chapels and explains to the woman next to her that there are 306 of them in Vegas. She starts crossing off ones Lucas wouldn’t go to, like the Liberace and Elvis impersonators, and a chapel dedicated to Harleys. The woman doesn’t understand how Kate doesn’t know where her son is getting married. Kate turns on her fiercely, saying her son isn’t getting married, actually.

The justice of the peace and Lucas stare at Chloe. She stammers, saying she just thought that question was rhetorical and part of the ceremony. She adds that she knows of no reason why they can’t be married. Lucas interrupts, saying there actually is a reason. Chloe sweats.

Hope comes into the hospital and greets Daniel, saying she just finished her first day back on the force, and is here to do her volunteer work. She asks Daniel if he has big plans for the evening, but Daniel says he will probably just grab a beer and head home after work. Hope notes that he looked kind of lost when she came in and she wonders what he was thinking about. Daniel admits that he was wondering how doing the right thing can feel so wrong.

Lucas pulls out the marriage license and ruefully explains that they need two witnesses, but haven’t any. The justice of the peace chuckles and says that is all part of the service he provides. He assures Lucas and Chloe that they don’t need to worry about minor details such as witnesses. He just wanted to make sure the two were ready for a life-long commitment, but he can see that they are by the love in their eyes. He heads off to make some calls for final arrangements, saying that the two of them really remind him why he loves his job so much. Lucas takes Chloe by the hands and tells her that this is really going to happen. She beams.

Kate calls one of the chapels but hangs up after learning Lucas and Chloe aren’t there. Her seatmate doesn’t understand why Kate is so hell-bent on stopping her son’s wedding. Perhaps he is marrying the girl because he loves her. Kate says that he is because he doesn’t really know her. She goes on to explain that Chloe is a money-grubbing whore that drove her first husband to drug use, cheated on Kate’s son with Kate’s boyfriend while she was being treated for cancer, and generally lives her life like a sheep in heat. The woman is taken aback. Kate calls another chapel as the plane taxis to the gate.

The justice of the peace prepares his camcorder to tape the ceremony, telling Lucas and Chloe they’ll enjoy watching it on their golden anniversary. Chloe flashes back to promising God to be the wife Lucas needs and deserves if He will only bring Lucas back to life. Lucas interrupts her reverie, asking if she is still with them. Chloe says she is, and the two smile as the justice of the peace takes a picture.

Melanie grumps, saying a girl likes to catch a few glances when she enters a room, but this is ridiculous. Max explains that Bo wants to ask her a few questions, and Melanie assumes this is about the computer virus at Titan. She sarcastically says that she is guilty as charged. Max tells her to get serious and Bo asks her to sit down. Melanie refuses, saying she wants a fair shot at making a break for it if he decides to slap the cuffs on her. She angrily adds that it was her project that was destroyed, but she is the first one that gets blamed. Bo says no one is blaming anyone right now, but he does want to know if she has had any contact with the DiMeras. Melanie explains that EJ made an offer on the project, but retracted it almost immediately. Brady adds that he knows Max was working with Nick on the project and wonders if he has any documents that might help them reconstruct the blueprints. Max fidgets. Melanie looks at Max fearfully.

Victor apologizes for interrupting Phillip and Stephanie, saying that his conference was cancelled. He tells Stephanie to make herself at home and pretend he isn’t even here. Victor flicks the light off and heads off. Stephanie groans, saying she wishes she could crawl into the floor. Phillip assures her that Victor likes her, and he can tell by the smile on his face. Stephanie says Phillip is just trying to make her feel better, but she forgives him. The two kiss.

The witnesses arrive and the justice of the peace begins Chloe and Lucas’ wedding ceremony, but the phone interrupts. He says he must answer it, but promises to take it off the hook afterwards so that he can perform the ceremony without interruption. It’s Kate, of course, and she says she has misplaced the paper with the name of the chapel her son is getting married at. She is hoping the justice of the peace, Nathan Barnes, can help her. He agrees to try as Chloe and Lucas look on, oblivious to the fact that he is on the phone with Kate.

Max tells Bo and Brady that he doesn’t have anything that can help them. Bo sighs and says he will have to go speak with Phillip. He can’t file a report with the Feds until Phillip makes a formal complaint. Brady agrees to join him so he can try to find Victor and fill him in on what is going on. The two head off as Max wishes them a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Melanie smirks, saying Max is a pretty good liar considering he usually counsels her to tell the truth. Max sighs, saying Nick gave him the blueprints for safe-keeping because he feared that something like this would happen. He eyes Melanie suspiciously, saying people will do crazy things on the basis that the project will make them a lot of money. Melanie eyes the safe, agreeing that you can’t trust anyone.

Stephanie and Phillip kiss. He asks if she needs anything, but she says everything is perfect the way it is. Just then, Victor storms in and flicks the light on, saying Brady just called him and told him about what happened at Titan. He angrily asks Stephanie to excuse them, as he needs to speak with his son alone. Phillip groans.

Hope asks if Daniel is referring to a work problem, but he says he isn’t. Hope assumes he must be talking about a relationship and apologizes for intruding. Daniel says he understands that she is just trying to be nice, and agrees to call her if he wants to talk. He heads off sadly as Hope watches.

Kate tells Nathan that she just needs to know if her son is there getting married. Lucas chuckles in the background and Kate hears him. She demands to know if Lucas Horton is there, but she loses the connection. She curses and tells her seatmate that she heard her son at the justice of the peace. She shouts that she needs to get off this plane--now.

Nathan hangs up, saying the person will just have to call back later. He asks Chloe and Lucas if they are ready to begin. They are, of course, and he begins the ceremony. Lucas and Chloe gaze into one another’s eyes as Nathan tells everyone they’re gathered here to join the two in holy matrimony.

Stephanie listens in the foyer as Victor lays into Phillip, asking him what the hell he was thinking. Brady and Bo have joined the two, and Bo adds that Phillip should have come to him with this sooner. He reminds Phillip that withholding information of a crime is a crime in itself. Victor grumbles that the shareholders will want blood, and Phillip says they can have his. He adds that he hasn’t lost yet, and has no intention on doing so. Victor blames the whole mess on Phillip, saying this never would have happened if Phillip had been minding the store like he was supposed to. Phillip storms out into the foyer. Stephanie puts a hand on his shoulder and tries to comfort him. Victor rages, saying he always knew the DiMeras and the Kiriakis’ were at odds, but this is ridiculous. He demands that Brady make a choice right now. Brady sighs, saying he has never considered himself a DiMera for even a moment. Bo tries to get Victor to calm down, but Victor tells him not to worry. The DiMeras are the ones that should be worried right now.

Melanie apologizes to Max for freaking out about him not letting her see the blueprints. She now understands that they’re better off in the safe. Max says he knows she is planning something and advises her not to do it. Melanie claims she is done with scheming forever, but she still thinks it would be cool to have all of that money. Besides, Max could go back to school without having to work in a bar. Max says he is fine, but Melanie says she worries about him. She asks him if he is sure the blueprints are in the safe and asks him to check. Max guesses she going to try to memorize the combination, but Melanie says she’ll leave. Max agrees to check the moment she walks out the door. She agrees and heads off. Max makes sure she leaves and starts to open the safe. Unbeknownst to him, Melanie has left her cell phone propped against a drink on the bar. It records quietly as Max turns the combination lock. Melanie comes back in a few minutes later, saying her car is having trouble starting. Max takes her keys and heads off to look it over. Melanie waits for him to walk out, then checks the video from her cell phone and gets the safe’s combination. She walks over to the safe, looks around fearfully, and turns the combination lock.

Bo tells Victor and Brady that he will get the Feds on this case immediately. He adds that they would be surprised what they can learn even after so much time has passed since the crime. Victor grumbles that he already knows who was behind this, but Bo warns him not to go out on his own and to let the police handle this. Bo heads off and runs into Phillip and Stephanie in the foyer. He tells Phillip that he will need to know of any contact Titan has had with either the DiMera family or Melanie over the past few weeks. Phillip insists that Melanie had nothing to do with this and that it was solely the fault of the DiMeras. Stephanie prepares to leave, but tells Phillip first that she believes in him and is here to help if he needs it. He thanks her and heads back into the living room. Bo warns Stephanie that Phillip is in a bad place right now and warns her to be careful. She assures him she will and that there is nothing to worry about. She heads off. Bo sighs. Phillip heads into the living room and pours a drink, surprised that Victor isn’t lecturing him. He refuses to apologize for not going to the cops sooner, saying he will handle this on his own. Brady wonders what will happen to the company once Phillip is done with his little fantasy of being in control. Phillip groans, saying he isn’t the first person to be screwed by the DiMeras, but he will be the last. If they want to watch a family crash and burn, then they just need to watch the DiMeras. Just then, Victor gets a call from Kate and he heads out into the foyer to take it. She tells him that she has found the chapel Lucas is getting married at, but she can’t get off the plane. Victor advises her that it may be too late and Lucas may already be a married man. She hangs up in a huff and yells for a flight attendant, saying she needs to get off the plane immediately.

Chloe and Lucas exchange vows and Nathan asks Lucas for the rings. Lucas fumbles in his pocket and gasps. Chloe asks what’s wrong and Lucas tells her he must have left the rings in his other coat pocket--which is back in Salem. Chloe panics, asking what they’re gong to do.

Daniel fantasizes about exchanging rings and vows with Chloe. The two kiss joyfully. Daniel comes back to the present and sighs, telling himself that it is never going to happen. He sighs again as Hope comes over, saying she is surprised he is still here. Daniel admits that he got called back to re-suture a wound, and Hope asks if he has plans for the evening. Daniel says he was just going to go home, but Hope thinks he should get a cup of coffee with her. She knows she is being intrusive and that he probably doesn’t want to discuss his love life, but she thinks it will help to have a friend to talk to. Daniel agrees to join her and the two head off together. Bo comes in just then and sees Hope with Daniel. He seethes.

Lucas curses, saying he can’t believe he forgot the rings. Chloe worriedly asks Nathan if there is a store nearby where they can buy replacements, but the two witnesses step up, offering to lend the two theirs. They add that they have been married 35 years, so perhaps their rings will lend Chloe and Lucas luck. Chloe and Lucas thank them profusely and continue with the ceremony, exchanging vows.

Bo comes over to Hope and Daniel and Hope asks him to join them, but Daniel says Hope and Bo should be spending time alone. He thanks Hope for the offer of coffee and heads off for home. Bo asks what the two were talking about, but she says Daniel hadn’t yet opened up to her. She hopes he isn’t going off to drown his sorrows at the bar. Bo gives her a look and she tells him not to even think of it. He cannot continue to be jealous every time she speaks to another man. Bo sighs, saying he can’t help it. The visions he is having are driving him crazy. Hope says they are driving her crazy too, but he must know that she will never be with another man besides him. She asks if that is clear and Bo says it is, but still looks worried.

Melanie grabs the blueprints out of the safe and stuffs them in her purse just as Max comes back in. He tells her that she just flooded her engine again and reminds her not to press the gas pedal before she starts the car. Melanie thanks him for looking at it and tells him to pour them two drinks. She wants to toast to their future, saying she thinks things are starting to look up. Max eyes her suspiciously.

Now alone, Brady lays into Phillip for going behind his back, trying to make deals. Phillip says that what he does is none of Brady’s business, and reminds him that he is only at Titan as Victor’s spy. Brady retorts that Victor hired him because is the only one that will do a little work, but Phillip thinks he is too busy with Nicole to work much. Brady wags his finger and gets in Phillip’s face, saying he and Nicole are just friends and nothing more. He has no idea where Phillip got the idea the two are having an affair. Phillip shrugs, saying it matters little to him if the two are sleeping together or not. They’re clearly in bed with one another, if Brady gets his meaning. Phillip suggests Brady ask himself where his loyalties really lie. Brady says again that he and Nicole are just fiends, but Phillip doesn’t buy it. If that is so, then why is Nicole allowing him to blackmail her? If she and Brady aren’t sleeping together, then what is the big secret between them?

Melanie shows up at the DiMera mansion and Tony answers the door. She hands over the blueprints and he gives her a check. She asks when she will get more money, but Tony say that will have to wait until he sees results. She asks for her contract, but Tony says it isn’t drawn up yet. He tells her not to worry and that he will be in touch. He shuts the door in her face.

Brady tells Phillip Nicole didn’t let him blackmail her. She didn’t talk EJ into dropping the project; EJ never wanted it in the first place. He just buried it so he could see Phillip scream bloody murder. Phillip vows to make EJ pay and warns Brady that if he is working for the DiMeras they won’t take his back-stabbing so lightly, and Brady will get hurt. Brady insists nothing is going on, but warns Phillip to let Nicole alone, or he is the one that will get hurt.

Hope tells Bo she spoke with the sitter and that they’re all set for a date together tonight. Bo hugs her and gets another vision of Hope in bed with another man. She takes her ring off and pities Bo, saying he had a vision this would happen. She adds that she has never loved anyone besides Bo, but she thinks this was one of her best performances. Bo comes back to the present and gasps.

Kate rushes into the justice of the peace’s office and finds a note saying he will return at eleven. She sees a DVD nearby labeled ‘Horton wedding.’ Kate pops it into the DVD player, praying that something went wrong.

Lucas and Chloe begin to make love in their hotel room. Lucas asks Mrs. Horton if she is happy. She says she is and they kiss.

Kate watches as Nathan pronounces Lucas and Chloe husband and wife. She shakes her head and rewinds to Chloe vowing to love and cherish Lucas until death parts them. Kate grins nastily, saying that death will part them, indeed.


Max yells at Melanie, “What the hell were you thinking? Nice going, sis! I mean this is a new low even for you!”

Stephanie tells Phillip, “Do not trust her.” He replies, “This isn’t about trust; it’s about survival.”

Nicole tells Sami, “I will not let anyone pull my family apart.”

Tony asks Mia, “I’m sorry. Did something happen to your child?”

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