Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole talks to Sydney in the living room, telling her that she’s a gift from heaven, and that biology doesn’t matter. Sydney is hers in every way that counts. Just then, EJ comes in, asking if Sydney is asleep. Nicole says she isn’t yet and asks EJ about the meeting with his father. EJ explains that Stefano is concerned that they haven’t yet christened Sydney. Nicole rolls her eyes, wondering if he is at all concerned about the wedding they haven’t scheduled yet. EJ tries to calm her down, but Nicole grumps, saying that Stefano hates her and insults her every chance he gets. She finally decides not to let it get to her and tells EJ that she has already arranged everything for the baptism. EJ is pleased and tells Sydney what a clever mummy she has. She always seems to be one step ahead.

Tony meets Melanie at the park. She shivers, complaining about the weather, and Tony hands over his coat. He makes small talk about her being new in town and already wheeling and dealing, but Melanie asks him to cut to the chase. He said they could help each other, and she wants to know his pitch. Tony says it has to do with the fuels prototype. He wants to develop it and he has the means to do so.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate angrily speaks to someone on the phone about a plane being fixed in a few days. She says he needs to fly out immediately and hangs up in frustration. Victor walks in just then, asking if she is going somewhere. Kate says she needs to go to Vegas. Chloe and Lucas have decided to elope, and she has to stop them.

On a plane, Chloe tells Lucas she isn’t the best at flying. Lucas kisses her, telling her she needs to focus on other things--like the fact that tonight, she is going to become Mrs. Lucas Horton. Chloe grins. Lucas moves in for another kiss.

Outside the pub, Rafe tells someone over the phone that he has decided not to take the job in New York. He knows it would be a good fit for him, but he wants to stay in Salem. He glances at Sami through the pub window, saying he needs to stay here for a friend.

Inside the pub, Sami calls Sister Teresa, asking about Grace. She says she misses her and stops suddenly as she hears the baby wailing. Sami asks if that is Grace and what’s wrong with her.

Nicole asks EJ if he would like Lexie to be Sydney’s godmother, and he says he would as long as that is ok with Nicole. She says it is, but they still need to think of someone to be the godfather. EJ agrees to discuss it later, but says he has to go pick Johnny up for visitation. He is supposed to meet Sami at the pub. He kisses Nicole, promising to be back soon. He stops on his way out, asking if he should handle the invitations, but Nicole says she will, assuming they will have the ceremony at St. Luke’s. Stefano walks in just then, asking if they are talking about the christening. EJ nods. Stefano wonders why they are having it at St. Luke’s and not at the Convent of the Holy Cross. Nicole sweats.

Sami promises to get to the convent as soon as possible, but suddenly remember she is supposed to meet EJ and tells Teresa she can’t make it. Rafe comes n just then and Sami promises to call her right back. She hangs up as Rafe asks her if everything is alright. Sami says it isn’t. She has a favor to ask of him and it concerns Grace.

Melanie asks Tony if she heard him right, and he says she did. He says that he thinks the fuels idea is revolutionary and would like to develop it provided that she can reproduce the formula. She admits that Nick is a genius and Tony says her father seemed to be one, too. He adds that they have something in common--they’ve both been wronged by family and taken advantage of. He is sure that this project will yield a lot of money--enough to make Melanie independent from her brother and enough to make it possible for him to break away from the DiMera empire. He adds that he would love nothing more than to see his father and pompous brother eat crow. Melanie says she understands and would love to help, but can’t. Tony asks why not and Melanie admits that she doesn’t trust him. Tony chuckles.

Sami explains to Rafe that Teresa called and that Grace has a rash. Sami says it’s no big deal, but she needs a special ointment for her. She can’t take it over herself because she is waiting on EJ. Rafe understands and promises to take it over himself, since he was heading that way anyway. Sami writes the information down for him and thanks him again, hugging him and telling him he’s a lifesaver. Rafe grins and heads off. Sami picks up the phone to call Teresa, but Will walks in. Sami rushes over and hugs him, and Will says he is surprised to see her in such a good mood. She jokes, asking what he has done, but Will says it isn’t him, it’s his dad. He and Chloe have flown to Vegas, intending to elope.

Kate wonders how this could have happened, but Victor says it’s obvious that that Chloe views Lucas as her meal ticket and wants to make sure they get married quickly. Kate vows to stop them, but Victor wonders how she will do so. Kate says she plans on finding Lucas and telling him about Chloe’s affair, but Victor isn’t sure that is a good idea. He warns Kate that hearing the sordid details from her may cause Lucas to resent her for the rest of his life. Kate throws her hands up, asking what Victor suggest she do. He tells her to stay out of it. Kate sighs.

EJ says he has never heard of the convent and asks Nicole if she has. She flashes back to holding Grace and wondering why Sami told everyone she died. She comes back to the present and tells EJ that she has heard of it, but she’s already booked St. Luke’s for the christening. She reminds him he needs to go pick Johnny up and EJ says he will, but must make a quick phone call first. He heads off. Stefano sits down and chuckles, asking Nicole why she didn’t tell EJ the truth. She tries to change the subject, but Stefano is adamant, telling her that not only does he know that she has heard of the Holy Cross convent, he also knows she went there a few days ago. Nicole fidgets.

Lucas can’t believe that a woman as sophisticated as Chloe is has never been to Vegas before. He can’t wait for her to feel the energy of the place and admits that while the city isn’t viewed as particularly romantic, they’ll make it romantic. He’s sure of it. Chloe smiles, then frowns and winces. Lucas asks her if everything is alright, but she says she feels strange all of a sudden. She asks Lucas what it is they’re doing.

Will tells Sami that Lucas asked him to be his best man, but he refused, saying he thinks Chloe and Lucas need some time alone. Sami is surprised Kate isn’t with them and Will divulges that she nearly had a heart attack when she learned of the two eloping. Sami reminds Will that the most important thing is that Lucas is happy. She tells Will that she needs to make a quick phone call, but wants to spend some time talking with him afterwards. Will asks who she is calling, but she claims it isn’t important. He tells her to tell the unimportant person that he said hello. Sami smiles, saying she missed his sense of humor. He asks sarcastically if she also missed hiding things from him. Sami doesn’t understand, but Will says he knows this isn’t just an ordinary phone call. He asks her what the big deal is and who it is she needs to talk to so badly.

Nicole tells Stefano that she would be more than happy to explain her presence at the convent if he explains why he followed her. Stefano retorts that he doesn’t owe her anything and Nicole caves, saying she was doing charity work at the convent. Stefano snorts, saying if that is true, then he is the king of Naples. Nicole huffs, saying she has been working with pregnant teens and that EJ knows all about it. Just then, EJ comes in and Stefano asks him to meet with him after he returns from collecting Johnny. Nicole butts in, telling EJ that she want to go to the pub with him, claiming she has a craving for a burger and fries. EJ reminds her that Sami will be there. In her head, Nicole weighs the options of being alone with either Stefano or Sami. She tells EJ that she can handle Sami and wants to go on a family outing for once. EJ agrees and heads off to get the diaper bag. Stefano calls Nicole clever, but vows to get to the truth of why she was at the convent. She picks up Sydney and brushes past him, telling him to have a good night in Spanish. Stefano chuckles, saying she’s using the wrong language and has made the wrong move to boot.

Melanie asks Tony not to take offense, but she has trusted a DiMera before and it ended badly. After what EJ tried to pull, she has no intention on working with anyone in his family ever again. Tony assures her that he is nothing like his brother, but Melanie isn’t sure she can take his word on that. Tony hopes she will, because his word is all that he has. Melanie says she is sorry, but she has been played before, and she has too much at stake to take that risk again, even if Tony is really an angel in a houseful of devils. He says he understands her reticence and wishes her luck, saying he is sure she has plenty of investors lined up to take advantage of her project. He starts to head off, but Melanie asks him to wait. Tony grins.

Chloe tells Lucas that she thinks they should have invited Kate, considering how excited she has been for the wedding. Lucas says this is about them, not Kate, but Chloe still thinks it was wrong of them not to tell her. She adds that Kate has been thrilled about the wedding plans and has been really supportive of her. She even wanted to go dress shopping with her. Lucas promises that they’ll spend time with Kate once they return, but Chloe isn’t sure that will make up for it. She fears that Kate will be devastated if she learns that they ran off and got married without even telling her.

Kate snatches Victor’s drink, saying he has obviously had too much. He reminds her that she can’t continue to clean up all of Lucas’ messes. He is a grown man, after all. Kate disagrees and reminds Victor that Chloe cheated on Lucas and must pay. Victor says he agreed to help bring Chloe down, not to destroy Lucas. Kate shrugs, saying the only way to expose Chloe and make her suffer is for Lucas to learn the truth about her. There’s no way to avoid him being hurt. Victor tells her to go ahead and destroy both of their lives if she wishes. Kate says she is going to stop this wedding no matter what. If that includes Lucas wanting to kill the messenger, than so be it. She adds that she must move quickly because time is running out. Victor sighs, reminding Kate that he warned her about that slut Chloe months back. Kate isn’t interested in hearing the “I told you so” moment. She says that all that matters now is telling Lucas the truth and stopping the wedding. Victor suggests she take his advice for once, saying there are other, more effective ways of going about this. Kate is all ears.

Will asks Sami what is going on, telling her she is no good at hiding things. Just then, Rafe comes over. He senses that it’s a bad time and tells Sami that he is just going to take care of the errand they spoke about earlier. Sami thanks him and he starts to head off, but sees Nicole and EJ coming in with Sydney. Rafe flashes back to Nicole confronting him in her bedroom while he was pretending to be the local cable guy. Rafe glances at her worriedly.

Lucas tells Chloe that they can do whatever she thinks is best, and she tells him she wants to call Kate and invite her to the wedding as soon as they land. She adds again that Kate has been very supportive of her, and she wouldn’t feel right excluding her. Lucas assures her that Kate will be happy as long as he is happy, and the thought of marrying Chloe tonight is what he wants more than anything. Chloe smiles and says she loves him and can’t wait to get married, either. Just then, a flight attendant announces that the captain has been instructed to return to Salem immediately. Chloe and Lucas exchange worried glances.

Kate asks if Victor is suggesting she let the wedding take place. Victor says he is, and adds that she needs to let Lucas find out about that bitch Chloe all by himself. Kate says she can’t do that. A failed relationship is one thing, but she isn’t sure how Lucas will handle going through another divorce. Victor rolls his eyes, asking if Kate really thinks that her son is that much of a wuss. Kate huffs and grabs her coat, saying she is going to Vegas to stop the wedding. Victor says that is fine by him. He has made his case; now she can do whatever she likes. Kate adds that she wants to borrow the jet. Victor says that will be no problem as long as she doesn’t mind crash landings.

Melanie says she has been burned before, but agrees to work with Tony provided he abide by her terms. Tony tells her to name them and Melanie says he wants a deal in writing. She also wants to remain the sole owner of the patent. Tony agrees and tells her they will have a deal as soon as he sees a copy of the blueprints. Melanie reminds him that all the known copies were destroyed by either fire or computer virus, but Tony is sure a resourceful girl such as herself can get her hands on another copy. Melanie grins, saying she can, and she will get in touch as soon as she has it. She heads off. Tony smiles and whispers, “Yes!”

Rafe turns his back on Nicole and heads off towards the bar. Nicole and EJ greet Sami and Will, and Will heads upstairs to get Johnny from Caroline. Sami thanks EJ for letting her spend so much time with Johnny the past couple of days and says it has meant the world to her. Nicole wonders how she lived all those months in Witness Protection without her children. She says that she gets upset if she is away from Sydney for even a moment. Sami sighs, admitting it was the hardest thing she has ever had to get through. No woman wants to be separated from her children. Nicole agrees and picks Sydney up, promising that they will never be apart. Sami looks on uncomfortably.

Melanie comes into the Cheatin’ Heart and makes small talk with max. She asks how things are going, and he says he is ok, but adds that he knows Melanie is here because she wants something. She protests, saying she is allowed to check on her brother from time to time, but Max insists he knows something else is going on. Melanie caves and admits that she needs some help. She says she wants to see a copy of the blueprints Nick sent Max. Max refuses.

Victor tells Kate that the jet is out if service and won’t be ready for a week. Kate groans, saying she might have to fly commercial. Victor tells her to start worrying about what’s really important here, like the fact that Chloe is going to be her daughter-in-law soon. Kate vows not to let that happen, no matter what.

Chloe can’t believe they are flying back to Salem. Lucas grumbles about flying commercial. Just then, the flight attendant comes back on, telling everyone that their clearance to land has been granted, and that they will continue their flight to Las Vegas. Chloe and Lucas are jubilant, and Lucas vows that h would have found a justice of the peace in Salem if he had had to. He vows that nothing will keep him from marrying the woman of his dreams tonight. The two kiss.

Nicole grumps about Will taking Sydney upstairs to see Caroline. EJ reminds her that Johnny isn’t ready, and it will just be for a moment, but Nicole reminds him Sydney doesn’t do well with strangers. Sami butts in, saying no one is better with kids than her grandmother, but Nicole says that isn’t so when it comes to Sydney. The last time she was at the pub, Sydney shrieked when Caroline tried to hold her. Sami starts to retort, but EJ tells them both to clam down. Just then, Father Matt comes over and greets the three. EJ thanks him for agreeing to perform the christening and he says it’s no problem. He asks if Sami will be attending and the three exchange uncomfortable glances. Father Matt hopes he hasn’t spoken out of turn. EJ assures him he hasn’t and that Sami is more than welcome at the christening if she would like to attend.

Melanie wonders why Max won’t let her see the blueprints when she is the sole owner, and he says he will if she tells him what is going on. Melanie swears that she just wants to make sure the only remaining copy still exists. Max assures her it does. She continues to argue as the other bartender tells Max that he needs some cash from the safe to make change for customers. Max heads over and opens it as Melanie watches, seeing that the blueprints are inside. She abruptly gets up and leaves. Max hands the cash over and sees Melanie head out the door. He wonders what she is up to.

Rafe cuddles Grace and Teresa thanks him for bringing the ointment, saying Grace is much better. Rafe says he is happy to have any excuse to visit her, and adds that he will report back to Sami that she is doing better. Teresa asks how Sami is, and Rafe says she is ok, but misses Grace terribly. He coos and cuddles the baby, telling her how much her mommy misses her.

Father Matt heads off and Sami tells EJ and Nicole not to feel obligated to invite her just because the priest put his foot in his mouth. EJ says he doesn’t feel obligated. Sami is Johnny’s mother, and she has a right to be there. Will comes down just then, telling the three that Caroline will bring the kids down in a few minutes. Nicole tells him that Sydney’s christening is coming up, and at they’ll save a seat for him in the front row. Nicole adds that they are all connected now as a family and they need to start acting like it. EJ agrees that it will be a joyous occasion and that he wants them to be one big happy family. Sami smiles uncomfortably.

Tony runs into Melanie at the pier, startling her. He asks if she has the blueprints, but she says she doesn’t have them yet. Tony’s face falls, saying he is disappointed, but Melanie assures him that she will get them soon.

Chloe and Lucas show up at the justice of the peace in their wedding attire. The man asks what he can do for them, and Lucas says he wants him to make this beautiful woman his wife.

Kate sits on a plane and thumbs through a magazine. The passenger next to her asks if she is visiting Vegas for business or pleasure. Kate eyes her warily, saying the trip is strictly business.

EJ makes small talk with Will about school. Nicole huffs over, saying she needs to get Sydney right away. The separation anxiety is too much for her. She heads off and EJ tells Will and Sami he’ll follow to help her with Johnny. Sami huffs, saying sarcastically that her grandmother is evil, so he’d better hurry. EJ reminds Sami that Nicole is just overprotective and tells the two he will see them at the christening. He heads off. Sami practically bursts into tears and rushes outside. Will watches through the window as she calls Rafe, telling him that she can’t do this anymore. She needs to be with her daughter now. Nicole comes back downstairs with Sydney and smiles, saying she belongs her now, and no one is ever going to take her away.

On a plane, Mia listens as the flight attendant announces they’ll be flying non-stop from Tokyo to Chicago. Mia smiles, saying it’s her baby, not Nicole’s, and she is going to fix this mess.


Hope asks Daniel, “What were you thinking about?” He replies, “I was sort of wondering how doing the right thing feels so wrong.”

Kate tells her seatmate, “I am going to stop him from getting married.”

The justice of the peace says, “We are gathered here to join this couple in holy matrimony.” Chloe and Lucas hold hands and smile.

Phillip asks Victor and Brady, “You want to watch a family crash and burn? Watch the DiMeras.”

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